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The Scranton Police Training Division evaluates the needs
and accesses the deficiencies of the Department and creates comprehensive programs to meet those needs in order to
maintain professional levels in all aspects of police work. We
also coordinate with outside agencies seeking specialists in
the community to offer their expertise to department personnel.

The Training Division educates officers in the use of both lethal
and less - than - lethal munitions and are required to demonstrate proficiency in regards to these munitions. Strict training guidelines
are followed in regards to firearms training and certifications.

Some of the training programs offered to officers are:

Handgun Training / Shotgun Training / Patrol Rifle
Less - than - lethal munitions (bean bag) / CPR / First Aid / AED

The dedication to our programs and high training standards has
resulted in the Scranton Police Department becoming a recognized
and respected institution. The Training Unit is responsible for training
of all officers employed by the City of Scranton.

All officers are required to complete annual firearms
qualifications and legal updates.