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Registration Program for Residential Rental Properties

- Rental Registration Application

- Rental Registration Ordinance

In accordance with File of the Council No. 17, 2012, any person who owns residential rental units in the City of Scranton is required to have the property registered with the City’s Licensing, Inspections & Permits (LIPS) department. 

Rental units must be registered annually, prior to March 31st. Extended through April 30th 2014. An annual rental registration fee of $50.00 per rental unit will be assessed.  Failure to comply with registering the property and rental units may result in closure of the rental unit(s) due to violation of City ordinance.  A late fee of $25.00 may be assessed should a property not be registered by March 31st of each year.

A rental unit in which the owner resides, and in which there are no more than four (4) rental units, is not subject to registration.  Also, elderly multi-dwelling units where 75% or more of the occupants are over the age of sixty-five (65) are also exempt; as well as those that operate under the IRS Code Section 42.

A safety inspection will be conducted by the LIPS department to determine that each unit has an appropriate means of egress; smoke detection, which includes a smoke detector in each bedroom; hot and cold running water; heat and electricity.  Arrangements for scheduling a rental safety inspection can be made by contacting the office at (570) 348-4193 or at