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Citizen Participation plan

The Consolidated Plan is the City’s application to participate in the formula grant programs and its strategic plan for these programs’ funds. Neighborhood boundaries are set by the City; a determination of which neig.borhoods are predominantly
low- and moderate-income is based upon data provided by the United States Census Bureau. Before adopting a Consolidated Plan, the OECD conducts a public hearing to disseminate information about the programs, including: the amounts of assistance that are expected to be received; the amounts that are to be allocated to activities that benefit low- and moderate-income persons; and plans to minimize the displacement of persons and a result of the activities to be undertaken. At a minimum, OECD will conduct two public hearings at two different stages of the program year to obtain citizens’ views and to respond to proposals
and questions; the places and times of these hearings will be published in The Scranton Times and The Tribune at least fifteen days in advance. When the CAPER has been completed, OECD will publish notice in The Scranton Times and The Tribune that
it is available for review by citizens, who may then provide comment; it will be submitted to HUD after consideration of any comments, but not before fifteen days from the date of public notice have elapsed (a summary of any comments will be included
in the final version of the CAPER). A summary of citizen comments, received during the Consolidated Planning process and the reasons for nonacceptance of any of these comments, is included in the final version of the Consolidated Plan.