1               SCRANTON CITY COUNCIL MEETING




          5                            HELD:


          7                 Tuesday, June 16, 2009


          9                          LOCATION:

         10                      Council Chambers

         11                    Scranton City Hall

         12                 340 North Washington Avenue

         13                   Scranton, Pennsylvania























                MS. JANET E. EVANS


          9     MS. SHERRY FANUCCI

                 (Not present.)


         11     MR. WILLIAM COURTRIGHT

                 (Not present.)


                MS. KAY GARVEY, CITY CLERK




                MR. AMIL MINORA, SOLICITOR












          1                     (Pledge of allegiance recited

          2                and moment of reflection observed.)

          3                     MR. MCGOFF:  Roll call, please.

          4                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Evans.

          5                     MS. EVANS:  Here.

          6                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Gatelli.

          7                     MS. GATELLI:  Here.

          8                     MR. COOLICAN:  Ms. Fanucci.

          9                     (Ms. Fanucci not present.)

         10                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. Courtright.

         11                     (Mr. Courtright not present.)

         12                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. McGoff.

         13                     MR. MCGOFF:  Here.

         14                     MR. MCGOFF:  For the record, Mr.

         15                Courtright and Mrs. Fanucci both

         16                indicated that they could not attend

         17                tonight's meeting.

         18                     Dispense with the reading of the

         19                minutes.  Third order.

         20                     MS. GARVEY:  Third order, 3A.


         22                THE ZONING HEARING BOARD MEETING HELD

         23                ON JUNE 10, 2009.

         24                     MR. MCGOFF:  Are there any

         25                comments?  If not, received and filed.


          1                     MS. GARVEY:  That's it for third

          2                order.

          3                     MR. MCGOFF:  Any announcements

          4                from council?

          5                     MS. EVANS:  Yes.  Please remember

          6                in your prayers this week all those

          7                who have died, particularly Donald

          8                Holmes, a retired school district

          9                teacher.  Our condolences and prayers

         10                go out to his wife, Nancy Kay,

         11                Scranton second councilwoman and my

         12                former colleague at Scranton High

         13                School, for his children and their

         14                entire family.

         15                     Also Mrs. Philbin, a wonderful

         16                woman, wife, mother and grandmother

         17                passed away and our condolences and

         18                prayers are offered to her family as

         19                well.

         20                     And Jane McCarthy, a resident of

         21                Washington West who was loved by her

         22                fellow residents and her sons and

         23                daughter and other family members she

         24                leaves behind.

         25                     Also Mr. Dunkin, my friend will


          1                undergo surgery this week.  In fact, I

          2                believe it was today and I ask that

          3                you remember him in our prayers as

          4                well.

          5                     Scranton pools will open on

          6                Saturday, June 20th, this Saturday.

          7                Donation to the Kids Swim Free Program

          8                are solely needed to help

          9                underprivileged children enjoy the Nay

         10                Aug Swim Complex this summer.  Checks

         11                may be made payable to Kids Swim Free

         12                and cash is also accepted.  Please

         13                mail donations to 1416 South Webster

         14                Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania, 18505.

         15                     I'd like to congratulate members

         16                of the class of 2009, all graduates of

         17                our local high schools, colleges and

         18                universities.  I wish you great

         19                success in all your future endeavors

         20                and I hope you will continue to make

         21                Scranton your home.

         22                     Also a special shout out to

         23                Scranton High, the campus of champions

         24                and it's outstanding class of 2009.

         25                You are a credit to your families, our


          1                school and our community.

          2                     Finally, I'd like to wish Mr.

          3                McGoff, Mr. Courtright who is absent

          4                tonight and all the gentlemen of our

          5                area a very Happy Father's Day.

          6                     I lost my own wonderful father

          7                five years ago, and he was my best

          8                friend.  I hope everyone, most

          9                particularly our young people remember

         10                that you have only one mother and one

         11                father, and no one loves you more than

         12                your parents.  Honor and treasure them

         13                always.  And that's it.  MCGOFF Mrs.

         14                Gatelli.

         15                     MS. GATELLI:  I have nothing.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'd

         17                like to make a motion to appoint Mrs.

         18                Gatelli as the temporary chair for the

         19                committee on community development.

         20                     MS. EVANS:  Second.

         21                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

         22                All in favor, signify by saying aye.

         23                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.

         24                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.

         25                     MR. MCGOFF:  Opposed?  Ayes have


          1                it and so moved.

          2                     Before I forget, one last

          3                reminder for the PCAA Father's Day

          4                five-mile race will be held obviously

          5                on Sunday, June 21st, starting at 9

          6                o'clock.  Registrations can be made

          7                online at active.com for Saturday at

          8                Weston Field.  During packet pickup,

          9                they will be also taking

         10                registrations.  I believe it's from 11

         11                to two.  And for anybody that is

         12                unable to do any of those, there will

         13                be some same day registrations Sunday

         14                morning but be there early if you wish

         15                to register, and also there's no

         16                guarantee for the late registrations

         17                in any of the amenities that went

         18                along with the early registration,

         19                specifically shirts.  If there aren't

         20                enough, late registrations won't get

         21                one.  But it looks like it could be a

         22                really great event and we encourage

         23                any local runners to participate and

         24                we are also interested in volunteers

         25                if anybody wishes to volunteer for


          1                that, especially with traffic control.

          2                Just contact me or Bob Breslin.  You

          3                can go on the pcaanep.org and get the

          4                e-mail address.  But thank you.  And

          5                that is all.

          6                     Citizens participation.  Miss

          7                Franus.

          8                     MS. FRANUS:  Faith Franus.  I'd

          9                just like to say considering Austin

         10                Burke's letter that is in the paper

         11                this morning asking council and the

         12                school board and the county

         13                commissioners to meet with them, you

         14                know, to go over this KOZ situation

         15                and last week Judy asked to meet with

         16                him because she didn't see him the

         17                first time.  So I imagine they would

         18                probably be tabling this Mount

         19                Pleasant situation.  I don't know.  I

         20                personally don't think you should.

         21                You already saw Austin Burke once in

         22                the paper today.  What's he going to

         23                take -- the bottom line is you should

         24                not want KOZs.  But, you know, I'm

         25                talking for nothing because I'm sure


          1                you're going to table it.  Mr. McGoff

          2                will do anything to make sure this

          3                stays alive.  There's no way.  You

          4                would do whatever it takes.  If you

          5                have to go to the state legislator to

          6                get it changed to make the extension

          7                on June 30, I bet you'll do it,

          8                because Mr. Doherty wants it and

          9                you'll do whatever it takes to get

         10                this KOZ passed.

         11                     Well, Judy, everyone is running

         12                for election.  I don't know if it's a

         13                write in or not but if you are, you

         14                better take this into consideration,

         15                because all the voters will be looking

         16                at this vote, and I really don't think

         17                you should table this tonight.  I

         18                think you should stand your ground.

         19                If you don't want them, there's

         20                nothing Austin Burke can tell you that

         21                you don't already know.  He's trying

         22                to give people properties with no

         23                taxes.

         24                     I'd like to know, how do I get to

         25                pay no taxes, and my neighbor and the


          1                neighbor -- one around the corner and

          2                the one in West Side, the one in South

          3                Side, the one on East Mountain, the

          4                one in Pine Brook, the one in Green

          5                Ridge?  How could we, the average

          6                citizen to keep this city alive with

          7                our taxes, how do we go about KOZs?  I

          8                should probably file a discrimination

          9                lawsuit.  How could these people be in

         10                a KOZ like in Tripps Park and then I

         11                see Tripps Park is on there for the

         12                homes that weren't built yet, probably

         13                for -- they should be stopped.  You

         14                wonder why the city is distressed?

         15                Because people like you, Mr. McGoff

         16                and Mrs. Fanucci, that want to push it

         17                up through with no taxes.  You think

         18                it's funny?  You always think it's

         19                funny.  Wait till January.  I

         20                absolutely think this should be put

         21                right down, voted no tonight.  You're

         22                going to get easy and table it,

         23                totally uncalled for.  And all the

         24                other ones, they should all be voting

         25                no.


          1                     You know what, last week you

          2                mentioned about the Scranton School

          3                Board, how they should speak up on

          4                this.  Well you know what, they did

          5                speak up, maybe not through a voice,

          6                but they stood up for what they

          7                believe.  You know how?  They didn't

          8                put it on the agenda.  That tells a

          9                long story, sends a strong message.

         10                It says we don't want these KOZs.

         11                That's what they did by not putting it

         12                on their agenda.  You know what, I

         13                give everyone credit.  Good for those

         14                school directors.  They're working for

         15                the people.  Congratulations to them

         16                for taking a strong stance.  That's

         17                what you should be doing.  Mr. McGoff

         18                is president.  You didn't have to put

         19                it on the agenda either.  You chose

         20                to, you chose to.  You could have

         21                stopped it right dead in the water but

         22                you didn't want to.

         23                     I also asked last week about your

         24                investigation of Ken McDowell, the tax

         25                collector and the tax office.  Nobody


          1                made a motion.  I asked you to.  Mrs.

          2                Fanucci mentioned to me she had to ask

          3                Mr. Minora because she didn't know if

          4                it was legal.  Did anybody find out?

          5                Did anybody ask Mr. Minora during the

          6                week or nobody even to ask it?  Could

          7                somebody -- could you make a motion to

          8                investigate Ken McDowell, the city

          9                council?  Mrs Evans asked one before

         10                but only as a single person.  But as a

         11                body.  If you ask for an investigation

         12                by city council, I believe that Mr.

         13                Jarbola has to investigate it.  Is

         14                anybody going to make a motion?

         15                     Mr. McGoff, are you going to make

         16                a motion tonight since nobody is

         17                answering?

         18                     MR. MCGOFF:  No, I'm not.

         19                     MS. FRANUS:  Mrs. Gatelli, will

         20                you make a motion tonight?

         21                     MS. GATELLI:  I have no problem

         22                making a motion.

         23                     MS. FRANUS:  Pardon me?

         24                     MS. GATELLI:  I'm sorry.  I

         25                didn't know I didn't have it on.  I


          1                don't have any problem making a motion

          2                to ask for an investigation.

          3                     MS. FRANUS:  Mrs. Evans?

          4                     MS. EVANS:  I don't have any

          5                problem with it either and I'd be

          6                happy to second it.

          7                     MS. FRANUS:  Okay.  But now does

          8                anybody know, Mr. Minora, if that's

          9                legal or not that you can investigate

         10                by having council ask.  That's what

         11                Mrs Fanucci stated, you have to ask --

         12                they have to ask you.

         13                     MR. MINORA:  A motion to

         14                investigate by council or by the

         15                District Attorney's Office?

         16                     MS. FRANUS:  Motion from

         17                council --

         18                     MS. GATELLI:  To ask to

         19                investigate.

         20                     MR. MINORA:  Ask the district

         21                attorney?

         22                     MR. EVANS:  To investigate.

         23                     MS. FRANUS:  Ask who?

         24                     MR. MINORA:  You can ask.  You

         25                can ask for anything.  He has the


          1                discretion to -- as a district

          2                attorney, he has the discretion to

          3                prosecute and/or investigate based on

          4                evidence that is before him.  I think

          5                he's already said what he is going to

          6                do.  You're going to do it again, it

          7                doesn't --

          8                     MS. FRANUS:  You've never -- city

          9                council has never asked for an

         10                investigation.  Mrs. Evans may have

         11                but city council as whole has not.

         12                     MR. MINORA:  Well, as I said, it

         13                still remains the discretion of the

         14                district attorney to investigate.

         15                     MS. FRANUS:  But it won't go

         16                anchor unless somebody asked.

         17                     MR. MINORA:  To investigate

         18                and/or prosecute based on evidence

         19                before.

         20                     MS. FRANUS:  Yes, but I think --

         21                     MS. GATELLI:  Yeah, we have the

         22                right to ask.

         23                     MS. FRANUS:  And I would

         24                appreciate very much if city council

         25                would ask Mr. Jarbola to investigate


          1                Ken McDowell who is serving now

          2                illegally.  The Supreme Court said he

          3                can run but he cannot serve.  Right

          4                now he is there illegally and nobody

          5                is doing anything about it.  This, to

          6                me, is horrible.  So -- nobody does

          7                anything about it.  Nothing -- you

          8                know, you want things to stay the

          9                same, stay the way they are, keep

         10                doing what you are doing.  In other

         11                words, somebody has to do something or

         12                nothing will get done.  Please, go

         13                after this investigation with District

         14                Attorney Jarbola on that tax office,

         15                the missing money and Kenny McDowell.

         16                     Also, since these meetings are

         17                going to be 10 o'clock in the morning

         18                next week, could anybody please find

         19                out from Channel 61 or inquire, ask if

         20                they would please make sure they put

         21                this on one night during the week

         22                night instead of every day during the

         23                day because nobody is home during the

         24                day to see this meeting.  People will

         25                not see them if they are not just one


          1                night next week.  And we have to know

          2                what night that would be.  Thank you.

          3                     MR. MCGOFF:  Marie Shumacker.

          4                     MS. EVANS:  Kay, contact ECTV and

          5                find out if that would be possible to

          6                have it rebroadcast during the evening

          7                on a weeknight as well as I think what

          8                they do would be one night and if they

          9                are agreeable, what weeknight it will

         10                be.  Thanks.

         11                     MS. SCHUMACKER:  Marie

         12                Schumacker, resident, member of the

         13                Taxpayers' Association.

         14                     First, I would like to ask you to

         15                vote against the transfer of the

         16                Genesis Wildlife Center $50,000 until

         17                the apparent hole in revenue is

         18                filled.  Also, it would seem to fly in

         19                the face of the purpose of the

         20                Leadership Lackawanna if the recipient

         21                of a gift also pays for the gift.

         22                Moody's has assigned a negative

         23                outlook to the municipal bond market,

         24                so any revenue hole from unfulfilled

         25                expectations and monies from the


          1                single tax office would most likely

          2                result in an increase property tax,

          3                something that cannot be afforded.

          4                     Now, to the KOZ extensions which

          5                I am against as a matter of principle.

          6                It is simply wrong and immoral to

          7                impose a fee on non KOZ businesses and

          8                property owners in the form of

          9                increased taxes so KOZ businesses and

         10                residents may be spared from taxation

         11                of their property, wages and gross

         12                receipts.  Do you comprehend what you

         13                are contemplating giving up?

         14                     Take Mount Pleasant.  I made some

         15                rough calculations based on advertised

         16                information, that is, $30 million of

         17                improvements on the land, land

         18                assessed at $107,850 and 1,000 good

         19                jobs for which I assume the average

         20                wage of $32,000 a year.  Property

         21                taxes would be about 300,000; wage

         22                taxes would be 768,000.  If you assume

         23                salaries are 30 percent of the

         24                company's expenses and revenues match

         25                expenses, then gross sales would be


          1                about 107 million dollars.  I believe

          2                both mercantile and privilege business

          3                taxes are each one percent which would

          4                analyze to one million dollars for

          5                each.  So you are contemplating giving

          6                up over three million dollars or half

          7                of the annual structure of deficit if

          8                you believe PEL every year through

          9                2025.  You do know that these tax

         10                abatements by law may be for ten years

         11                from the date of occupancy.  So if you

         12                assume an occupancy of 2015, then

         13                you're going to have all these tax

         14                abatements out to 2025.

         15                     Now, to another proposed

         16                extension that seems be nothing short

         17                of downright sneaky.  The current

         18                agreement with the Ice Box says the

         19                term of the lease is 99 years,

         20                $600,000 rent is due when the city --

         21                when several conditions are met.  The

         22                resolution to extend the KOZ

         23                incorporates an increase in the term

         24                of the lease -- in the transmittal

         25                letter, it says the terms of the


          1                agreement -- of the lease goes from 99

          2                years to 198 years at one dollar a

          3                year with the $600,000 not due until

          4                the end of the lease.  That

          5                significant change is deceptive and an

          6                outright insult to all taxpayers.

          7                Wait two centuries to collect rent.  I

          8                believe that is preposterous.

          9                     Now, to most of the D&L

         10                properties.  The backup says, quote,

         11                unquote, there are plans to

         12                development.  How does that create

         13                jobs?  Why not be forthright and say,

         14                I don't want to pay tax and please

         15                make that legal.  A true slap in the

         16                face to all taxpayers.

         17                     Now to the Rinaldi 510-512

         18                Lackawanna Avenue property.  Mr.

         19                Rinaldi has already been gifted, yes,

         20                folks, a brand new gift with 26 to 30

         21                million dollars of taxpayer money to

         22                development property from which only

         23                he will gain benefit.  But apparently

         24                that is not enough for Mr. Rinaldi.

         25                He wants to not pay taxes either.


          1                This is nothing short of unadulterated

          2                greed.

          3                     Finally, there are alternatives

          4                to giving away the store with no

          5                guarantee of a return.  That is the

          6                Local Economic Revitalization Tax

          7                Assessment Act or LERTA.  As stated in

          8                the LERTA guidelines, it offers a

          9                potentially vial and effective tool

         10                for local governments to revitalize

         11                the economically deteriorated areas

         12                and to increase job opportunities as

         13                well as increasing the tax revenue

         14                needed to fund local government

         15                services.  So if you want to do

         16                anything to help them, LERTA seems to

         17                be the way to go; definitely not KOZ.

         18                Thank you.

         19                     MR. MCGOFF:  Bob Bolus.

         20                     MR. BOLUS:  Good evening,

         21                council.  Bob Bolus, Scranton.

         22                     To cut through the chase, I'm

         23                here to question the KOZs from 9F

         24                through 5Y.  I don't need to read each

         25                and everyone here to take up time


          1                doing them.  I think we're fully aware

          2                of what they are.  To even consider

          3                allowing these people, this group, the

          4                DeNaples group, Bob Burke at the Ice

          5                Box.  He didn't even pay for the

          6                property he's sitting on down there.

          7                He wants a KOZ to build a bank.  Banks

          8                have money.  They can build their own.

          9                He doesn't have to come here.  And

         10                that's for another free ride.  He's

         11                had a free ride.

         12                     DeNaples' people, Boulevard

         13                Avenue, they just sold the property to

         14                the Reserve Center for millions of

         15                dollars, 30-some million.  Not to

         16                them, but that's what it's costing to

         17                build there.  How many million did

         18                they get for their property?  Plus the

         19                millions of dollars they have made

         20                over the last 15 years or so taking

         21                the silt from the coal lot there.

         22                Nobody has even looked at that.

         23                There's no royalties to the city.

         24                They've been taking millions of

         25                dollars.  Now they want to come in and


          1                take millions more.  They want to go

          2                out here by the old South Side Complex

          3                that we installed, that the "U" owns,

          4                all the abutting land around there, he

          5                wants to take free, KOZ, to profit

          6                more at the expense of the people of

          7                the city.  And let's take his other

          8                place up by the viaduct.  They want to

          9                put a co-gen plant there.  He wants to

         10                keep that KOZ, another free ride.

         11                     These are millionaires, the

         12                Rinaldis on Lackawanna Avenue,

         13                millions of dollars.  We didn't get an

         14                impact fee for all the inconvenience

         15                we had while they were there, because

         16                nobody on council pushed, nor did the

         17                administration.  So where are we

         18                heading here?  We want to give these

         19                multimillionaires millions of dollars

         20                more.  I don't know about the gas

         21                line, Mr. McGoff and others at

         22                council, that ran from it, runs now

         23                from Taylor through Scranton, Dunmore,

         24                and Throop that Mr. DeNaples owns the

         25                railroad line that it goes through,


          1                adding more millions to his pocket.

          2                Not that I begrudge anybody making

          3                millions of dollars.  I'm just sitting

          4                here saying between the university and

          5                all the other ones that put the screws

          6                to the people in this city because the

          7                legislatures here and the

          8                administration won't do anything about

          9                it, including the commissioners.  It's

         10                time now to sit here and look at it.

         11                Tell Austin Burke if he wants to give

         12                something away, let him give his money

         13                away.  He's privatized everything he

         14                could to the people over the years for

         15                giveaways and industry and business,

         16                yet we receive nothing out of it.

         17                     If you want to build a business

         18                and many of us have businesses, many

         19                of us have been in the city a whole

         20                lifetime.  We didn't get a free ride.

         21                We paid our way in the city, so has

         22                every other business; the jewelers,

         23                the butcher, the baker, the

         24                candlestick maker if you want that

         25                route.  That's with Bill Scranton.


          1                Now, you want to sit here and vote to

          2                allow these people who developed

          3                anything over all these years that

          4                they had KOZ, now they come and they

          5                want more time.  They need a KOZ.

          6                They have the money to develop.  They

          7                have the money to weather the storm.

          8                And they continue to weather the

          9                storm, and they continue to buy, and

         10                they continue to grow.  They don't

         11                need another free ride at the expense

         12                of the city.  We paid DeNaples a

         13                garbage fee that pay for the City of

         14                Scranton.  Our garbage should be free.

         15                Yet, we pay a fee to deliver and get

         16                rid of our garbage on top of our

         17                taxes.

         18                     You know, I'm going to cut it

         19                short, because I think now enough is

         20                enough.  We have to wake up to

         21                reality.  You vote for this and

         22                basically you're contributing to

         23                destroy the City of Scranton and give

         24                the city away to those that profiteer

         25                off of us time after time after time.


          1                Learn to say no, let them invest their

          2                money.  They're big boys, we saw the

          3                Southern Union, we've seen with

          4                Connell building, we've seen it with

          5                everything else -- Bewitching -- all

          6                the other places in the city are all

          7                KOZ, tax free, university, huge

          8                footprint, tax free.  It's time to

          9                draw the line, ladies and gentlemen.

         10                It's time to stand up to the people of

         11                this city and say no.  You're going to

         12                drive us into bankruptcy.  We can no

         13                longer support these businesses that

         14                can't go out and do their own job.

         15                They had the opportunity.  That's what

         16                it was called.  The one going along

         17                the Scranton Expressway, they want

         18                1,000 jobs here, they were going to

         19                come here anyway with or without your

         20                help where they should be building a

         21                project.  Judge with your heart, judge

         22                with your consideration, but put the

         23                people in the city first for a change.

         24                That's your job.  Thank you.

         25                     MR. MCGOFF:  Andy Sbaraglia.


          1                     MR. SBARAGLIA:  Andy Sbaraglia,

          2                citizen of Scranton.  Fellow

          3                Scrantonians, I see A-B, for

          4                introduction, an ordinance to takeover

          5                that land again up there off of Keyser

          6                Valley, the roads again.  We went

          7                through this -- it was two years ago

          8                when we had all these people come in

          9                on these roads telling us, again, you

         10                want to sell it to us for a buck.  You

         11                know what, I don't think we should

         12                take it for a buck.  It's going to

         13                cost us a heck of a lot more to take

         14                care of the roads.  And besides that,

         15                there's all kinds of problems up

         16                there.  That guy that used to come

         17                here and explain with his citizen

         18                group up there.  He had a lot of

         19                complaints about that.  So it's coming

         20                up again.  And I think Billy was

         21                really in on that.  I think he went up

         22                there a few times to talk to people up

         23                there.  So, again, it's coming up.

         24                Well, I guess a lot is going to come

         25                up before November.  Okay.


          1                     I'm not going to get into all the

          2                KOZs.  I'm just saying, you've got

          3                time, you've got to listen to KOZs.

          4                Go out and look at what they have done

          5                in the nine and half years that was

          6                given to them -- I know none of you

          7                voted for that.  That was given to

          8                them.  Go out and look at it.  Most of

          9                it was just a fence.  Scartelli made a

         10                parking lot for his vehicles, put up a

         11                fence around it.  One of the DeNaples

         12                parcels has only a fence around it and

         13                that's where it stood.  Another

         14                parcel, he just -- I guess it's AFCO

         15                is taken out of it.  And there's no

         16                development there either.  That's

         17                where they had that mine fire.  And

         18                just look at these KOZs.  Don't sit

         19                there and say this or that.  Go and

         20                look, examine them.  That's the best

         21                thing you can do and then when you

         22                come and people talk about them, you

         23                have firsthand knowledge of what was

         24                done at them sites.  For me to come up

         25                and talk to you about it, it's like


          1                talking to the wind.  Go out and look.

          2                That's what you're there for.  That's

          3                the best thing you can do.  Don't go

          4                out with what people tell you or this

          5                or that.  You don't look at signed

          6                contracts or their dreams.  I told you

          7                before, my dream was always to build a

          8                dam across the east and west -- Of

          9                course it's a --  but so be it.  But

         10                it's a good deal.  Just electricity.

         11                But this is what I mean.  Don't look

         12                at pipe dreams because really they're

         13                not worth it.  For nine and a half

         14                years we have suffered.  There's no

         15                question about that.  We have gotten

         16                tax increases, they have gotten a free

         17                ride.  God knows how many million of

         18                dollars.  The state itself is, I think

         19                three billion shortfall.  Scranton has

         20                always had a shortfall because of the

         21                give away.  You're already stuck with

         22                the hospitals.  There's nothing you

         23                can do about them and the colleges.

         24                You can't afford anymore burden placed

         25                on the people.  They just can't afford


          1                it, especially this time.  People are

          2                really in trouble.  And you've got to

          3                look at that.  But better yet, go out

          4                and see what they did with the nine

          5                and a half years.  That's the best

          6                thing you can do.  And then you'll be

          7                able to draw your own conclusions and

          8                you don't have to listen to what

          9                people tell you because, believe me,

         10                they'll tell you anything.  But in

         11                nine and a half years, you can look at

         12                the progress that was done with these

         13                KOZ sites, and we said before, you all

         14                were there when we questioned the guy

         15                who oversees that project.  He said

         16                you don't do nothing.  All he did was

         17                the original that was given and then

         18                he keeps recertifying them and that

         19                was it because he could never, never

         20                recertify the finish as being a great

         21                -- I just -- why to keep this KOZ.

         22                You know, every year they sort of send

         23                out a report on it.  And he's supposed

         24                to look at it and see what was done on

         25                it and surely a fence does not


          1                constitute a development of it.  And

          2                the best part about it, they talk

          3                about green space all the time, this,

          4                that and there.  Hey, they made it

          5                that way.  They bought the property.

          6                That's why it's a green space.  If the

          7                city had it, they would have probably

          8                subdivided it and will say, sell it

          9                off.  But the city didn't own it.

         10                They owned it.  And they bought and

         11                they wanted a free ride on it.  Now

         12                that the free ride is getting over,

         13                they're afraid.  They're starting to

         14                shake in their boots because there's a

         15                lot of acreage there and when they go

         16                out on a KOZ, we will not need another

         17                tax raise.  Thank you.

         18                     MR. MCGOFF:  Ozzie Quinn.

         19                     MR. QUINN:  Ozzie Quinn,

         20                president of the Scranton and the

         21                Lackawanna County Taxpayers'

         22                Association.

         23                     Eight years ago Mayor Doherty

         24                said that if elected he would decrease

         25                the wage tax.  There wasn't any


          1                decrease in the wage tax whatsoever.

          2                We're the third highest in the state.

          3                The only thing he did do was increase

          4                the property tax.  We now are in debt

          5                170 million dollars, principle only,

          6                extrapolate that with the interest and

          7                we're talking a half a billion

          8                dollars, the city alone in debt.  Now,

          9                we still are 2.5 million dollars we

         10                owe for the 2009 budget.  Where are we

         11                going to get that?  The firefighters

         12                and the state police, they still

         13                haven't gotten anything in eight

         14                years.  And you have the state trooper

         15                and you have the captain lose their

         16                life.  They walk out everyday, out the

         17                door and do they come back, and yet

         18                they fight against giving them a

         19                raise.  It's a shame.

         20                     Now, I spoke personally on the

         21                phone to Lee Mame who is the

         22                coordinator for the KOZs for the state

         23                and he unequivocally said that there

         24                has to be all three on board in order

         25                to be approved, you know that.  Now, I


          1                don't get it.  The county

          2                commissioners, none of them live in

          3                Scranton.  Austin Burke doesn't live

          4                in Scranton.  I'm not trying to be

          5                provincial, but the fact is how can

          6                they say give these people a ride but

          7                charge Ozzie Quinn a tax.  Holy cow,

          8                it's unbelievable.  I have a

          9                grievance.  According to the

         10                constitution of the Commonwealth,

         11                let's bring that, Article 8, Section

         12                One, "All taxes shall be uniform."

         13                Now, anything against this is

         14                unconstitutional and reaps injustice

         15                to the people.  Now, Rendell --

         16                Governor Rendell today -- what an

         17                oxi-maroon, he -- at a press release

         18                spoke this way -- is going to raise

         19                personal income tax .5 percent, half a

         20                percent.  Okay?  Now, what does that

         21                mean?  That means that there's going

         22                to be 24,000 fewer jobs if the state

         23                income tax is hiked 3.57.  Despite

         24                overwhelming data and consensus from

         25                the congress that raising taxes in a


          1                recession is economically destructive,

          2                Governor Rendell has announced he's

          3                pushing to the general assembly to

          4                raise the state income tax by

          5                16 percent.  This would destroy 24,000

          6                and drastically reduce the paychecks

          7                of those fortunate enough to have a

          8                job in a down economy.  What can you

          9                do about it?  Spending -- two year

         10                terms has increased by more than

         11                double the rate of inflation.  Just

         12                like Mayor Doherty, raising taxes in a

         13                recession is a proven job --  the

         14                Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the

         15                Commonwealth foundation identify

         16                nearly five billion of wasteful state

         17                pending.  Terrible.  Raising the taxes

         18                and yet wasteful spending.

         19                     Now, if you really want to do

         20                something for the people, you know,

         21                there's a House Bill 1275 that's

         22                existing in the house right now and

         23                none of the representatives from

         24                Lackawanna County or the state senator

         25                has supported this.  This would


          1                eliminate the school property tax.

          2                Your school property tax is 58 percent

          3                of your total bill.  I don't hear

          4                anybody coming along and say let's do

          5                it, let's get behind this.  But there

          6                are 32 taxpayers associations that

          7                belong to the Pennsylvania Coalition

          8                Taxpayers' Association that have

          9                endorsed this bill.  Eliminate the

         10                school property tax.  In the house

         11                bill which Senator Rohr from Reading

         12                had introduced, you know, he has ways

         13                and means of getting funding from the

         14                Department of Education right to the

         15                districts and it would be equitable

         16                because some districts are poor, some

         17                are rich.  But we don't do it this,

         18                you know.  So, please, try to think

         19                about the blue collar worker, and

         20                think about at least somebody look

         21                into it, talk to one of the

         22                representatives.

         23                     And the last thing I want to say

         24                is we speak about the University of

         25                Scranton and, you know, I'm a graduate


          1                of the University of Scranton and I

          2                got an annual report that said the

          3                University of Scranton on it --

          4                placing -- gave $500,000 to the City

          5                of Scranton -- $500,000, that's

          6                peanuts to them.

          7                     Now, I would like to recommend --

          8                Mrs. Evans, how about writing a letter

          9                to Father Pilarz and ask him if he

         10                would consider giving five

         11                scholarships to lower income students

         12                that deserve some type of a college

         13                scholarship, okay, at least give

         14                something back to the community.

         15                Thank you.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  Joe Talimin.

         17                     MR. TALIMIN:  Good evening,

         18                council, Joe Talimin, City of

         19                Scranton.

         20                     In regard to KOZs, I was either

         21                mislead or misinformed the fact that

         22                the county commissioners did a blanket

         23                endorsement for the KOZs.  And I was

         24                told today that is absolutely not

         25                true.  This came from the county


          1                commissioners themselves and I have

          2                the e-mail right here.  It says, "Yes,

          3                we did grant KOZ to the Mount Pleasant

          4                project but had no idea about blanket

          5                approval of these about to expire."

          6                Now, that came from the county

          7                commissioners.  You want to call them

          8                a liar, fine.  You want to call me a

          9                liar, fine.  But that's the facts.

         10                Now, if you investigate those facts,

         11                you'll find out the county

         12                commissioners did not give a blanket

         13                endorsement.  The only one they

         14                granted approval to was the Mount

         15                Pleasant project.

         16                     Now, we're looking at 5E, a

         17                resolution authorizing revision of the

         18                existing traffic signal along 7th

         19                Avenue/Providence Road.  Mrs. Evans,

         20                you work down there, you know how that

         21                traffic is with those kids, especially

         22                during school hours and shortly

         23                afterwards.

         24                     Is the Ice Box still in arrears?

         25                Has the Ice Box met their financial


          1                obligation to the city yet?

          2                     MS. EVANS:  No, it has not.

          3                     MR. TALIMIN:  Then why would we

          4                grant them another entryway to build a

          5                bank, et cetera, on that property?

          6                They haven't met the obligations they

          7                have with the city now.  I would hope

          8                that you people would vote absolutely

          9                not, because until these people come

         10                up and pay what they owe, they have no

         11                rights.  They have no right.  You're

         12                willing to foreclose on somebody who

         13                can't afford their taxes or take the

         14                house away from them, and yet you want

         15                to encourage somebody who can't make

         16                their obligations?  It is a profit

         17                making organization.  And if they

         18                can't pay their just due, then they

         19                sure don't deserve any consideration

         20                from this council.

         21                     Now, another fact, and I'm not

         22                even going to go into the rest of the

         23                KOZs but I would go along with what

         24                Mrs.  Schumacher said.  That 50,000

         25                which was designated to the Genesis


          1                Wildlife Center and now is being

          2                diverted to something else, that

          3                should be absolutely a no vote as

          4                well.  That $50,000 could have kept

          5                the Wildlife Center here.  It did not.

          6                     Austin Burke, one of my favorite

          7                subjects.  Austin Burke has been pussy

          8                footing around this city council

          9                chamber for quite some time.  Austin

         10                Burke is supposed to represent the

         11                Chamber of Commerce and the businesses

         12                in this community.  But Austin Burke

         13                is coming to the city council and

         14                wanting this and that.  Why doesn't

         15                Austin Burke come before the citizens

         16                of this city and tell them exactly

         17                what he has in mind.  I'd like to say

         18                right here that I cut out today, Mr.

         19                Burke's statement.  I think it's very

         20                considerate of him to invite the

         21                council.  He is going to invite the

         22                council and the commissioners and the

         23                school board to meet with him.  Well,

         24                Mr. Burke, I suggest that you meet

         25                with the city council who had invited


          1                you to come down and you never showed

          2                your face.  Come on out in the open.

          3                You don't have to pussy foot behind

          4                closed doors.  We're not going to bite

          5                you.

          6                     You know, he talks about a

          7                skilled labor force, he also talks

          8                about quality infrastructure.  And the

          9                best part of it is, he talks about

         10                road maintenance.  Well, Mr. Burke,

         11                you better come off your ivory tower

         12                and take a good look at what's going

         13                on around you because you sure in hell

         14                have no idea what you're talking

         15                about.  You're a snake oil salesman

         16                and that's what you're ever going to

         17                be.  And if you're not willing to face

         18                the people, then don't ask for our

         19                consideration because I, for one, am

         20                not going to give it to you, and I

         21                hope that council won't with this.

         22                Thank you.

         23                     MR. MCGOFF:  Just for point of

         24                information.  We have a resolution

         25                dated May 14th, 2008, signed by all


          1                three county commissioners in which

          2                they give blanket endorsement to all

          3                KOZ, KOEZs.  And I don't need Mr.

          4                Talimin to tell me and I'm not looking

          5                for a response.  It's in a resolution.

          6                     MR. MCGOFF:  Lee Morgan.

          7                     MR. MORGAN:  Good evening,

          8                council.  The first thing I have is

          9                that the Mr. Burke represents business

         10                in this city and council is supposed

         11                to represent the residents.  And, you

         12                know, I'm hopeful tonight that this

         13                will be the end of the KOZ debates.  I

         14                hope that legislation would never have

         15                been introduced -- there have been

         16                numerous speakers who have come to the

         17                podium tonight asking that this be

         18                killed.  And I think the best thing

         19                that could happen to this city is if

         20                we voted no for KOZs.  We have enough

         21                blight in our neighborhoods.  We've

         22                shifted enough of the tax burden to

         23                the residents.  You know, the truth of

         24                the matter is, I think the Scranton

         25                School District has a much firmer


          1                grasp of the realities of the KOZs

          2                because they have to finance the

          3                education of the students who go to

          4                those schools.  And the tax burden

          5                they're putting the residents under is

          6                extreme to say the least.  But they

          7                know that they can't do without this

          8                revenue any longer.  And my opinion

          9                when as I think Ozzie stated, the

         10                governor said today that there's

         11                either going to be a property increase

         12                or a personal tax increase.  And my

         13                opinion is the KOZs spun from the very

         14                top of the political spectrum in

         15                Pennsylvania right from the

         16                legislatures, both branches.  And it

         17                was all to feed political supporters

         18                who give contributions.  Today I went

         19                and picked up the contributions or

         20                whatever for the election this year

         21                and I wasn't surprised to see that the

         22                mayor raised $544,000 for a primary.

         23                And, you know, it's almost obscene the

         24                amount of revenue that people are

         25                spending to be elected, but this


          1                revenue comes from individuals, and I

          2                just think, you know, we're putting a

          3                lot of pressure, I guess, on this

          4                council to vote no to the KOZs but

          5                they were really invented in a layer

          6                of politics much higher than you are.

          7                The only thing is that the paint is

          8                really rolling downhill.  And if we

          9                want to invite in this city, we want

         10                to plug the holes that we have in our

         11                budget, we need the tax revenue, and

         12                we keep going back to the residents in

         13                the neighborhoods, we keep screaming

         14                about blight, we keep screaming about

         15                absentee landlords, we keep screaming

         16                about everything except what is

         17                reality.  And the reality is the

         18                people with the deepest pockets aren't

         19                paying anything, and the people that

         20                don't have pockets left anymore,

         21                they're paying everything.  And we

         22                need to do something about that.

         23                     You know, Mrs. Gatelli, I hope

         24                you vote no.  I mean that.  I hope

         25                that you vote no.  I hope there are


          1                three votes here.  Well, maybe not

          2                tonight but I hope that there are

          3                enough votes here tonight to once and

          4                far all vote no to the KOZs and let

          5                all these people spend the money to

          6                develop their property and let them

          7                pay the taxes and let them keep their

          8                money working, because if we're really

          9                going to create jobs, then we have to

         10                have the people that have the money

         11                continually reinvesting the money to

         12                avoid taxation, not fighting laws to

         13                skirt taxation, but to keep their

         14                money actually working in a cycle so

         15                they can increase the employment

         16                cycle.  And that's the problem we

         17                have.  They're hoarding all their

         18                money.  They're not spending anything.

         19                They've been collecting a lot of

         20                money, and they're padding their nest

         21                for their retirement or for their

         22                families in the future.  And then the

         23                poor everyday Scrantonians, they can't

         24                save any money for their future

         25                because we're taxing it from them.


          1                And I find it really troubling and

          2                tonight, like I said before, should be

          3                the end of the KOZs.

          4                     And, Mrs. Gatelli, I know that

          5                the residents here are paying a lot of

          6                attention to how you vote tonight.

          7                The same with all the council members

          8                but, you know, you did a lot for South

          9                Side and I know there are a lot of

         10                eyes in the city are watching you

         11                tonight, and I think that most

         12                residents of this city realize that

         13                the Scranton School District did the

         14                right thing by not voting for it.  And

         15                the county commissioners didn't vote

         16                for all of them either, and it's --

         17                     MS. GATELLI:  They did.

         18                     MR. MORGAN:  Well, I was led to

         19                believe they didn't okay all.

         20                     MS. GATELLI:  We'll show you the

         21                resolution if you'd like.

         22                     MR. MORGAN:  That will be fine.

         23                But I think it's time just to say no,

         24                and that's all I have.  Thank you.

         25                     MR. MCGOFF:  Jim Stucker.  I'm


          1                sorry, Jim.  Go ahead.

          2                     MR. STUCKER:  I went down by the

          3                stadium coming down the ramp, there's

          4                high grass on each side of that

          5                highway, on the main ramp there coming

          6                down, there's grass about this high,

          7                it's not cut, coming down the ramp,

          8                coming down the --

          9                     MR. MCGOFF:  Off the expressway,

         10                the ramp on the expressway.

         11                     MR. STUCKER:  There's a lot of --

         12                they should get that cut.  This time

         13                of year now, this time of year there

         14                are a lot of snakes in the grass.  You

         15                have a lot of snakes in the grass, up

         16                in the high grass.

         17                     So coming down by Whistles that

         18                road there has a lot of holes, they've

         19                got to fix that, that main road by

         20                Whistles, that's chewed up like that.

         21                     MS. EVANS:  The road at Whistles.

         22                     MR. STUCKER:  Yeah, yeah.  It's

         23                all chopped up, the road is, yeah, the

         24                road, it's on that.

         25                     MR. MCGOFF:  I have the address


          1                and I will pass this along for you.

          2                     MR. STUCKER:  You maybe see about

          3                getting lines drawn on Mulberry.  Same

          4                thing on that Mulberry coming down

          5                that.  There's no -- they need lines

          6                there, crosswalk, crosswalk, too.  I

          7                mean, crosswalk, walk there.

          8                     MR. MCGOFF:  Okay.

          9                     MR. STUCKER:  And up there by the

         10                university, by the school.  The one up

         11                there where I live where I stay at the

         12                high-rise.  There's no lines there

         13                either.

         14                     MR. MCGOFF:  No crosswalk lines?

         15                     MR. STUCKER:  No, no.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  That probably should

         17                be looked at throughout the city.

         18                     MR. STUCKER:  Yeah.  Somebody is

         19                going to get hit there.  A lady was

         20                sitting in the middle of the road

         21                today down by Tink's today, right in

         22                the middle of the road.  People had to

         23                help her off the road and put her on

         24                the sidewalk.  She hit her head on a

         25                curb, so the ambulance came and took


          1                her to the hospital.  She always do

          2                that this time of year now.  Oh, I

          3                don't know, people are stupid sitting

          4                in the middle of the road when the

          5                cars are moving.

          6                     MR. MCGOFF:  And we will look

          7                into all of these problems for you.

          8                     MR. STUCKER:  All right.  Okay.

          9                And what about houses there by the

         10                Mercy Hospital.  There are two

         11                abandoned houses there on top of the

         12                hill going -- there are two empty

         13                houses there, two abandoned houses

         14                there.  There's one --

         15                     MR. MCGOFF:  I'm not sure what

         16                the addresses would be on that, Jim,

         17                so somebody would have to go and look

         18                and get the addresses first.

         19                     MR. STUCKER:  People are sleeping

         20                in there, I know that.

         21                     MR. MCGOFF:  Okay.

         22                     MR.  STUCKER:  I have my number.

         23                Got to give it to Stuckard Demolition.

         24                Stuckard.  I used to work for Stuckard

         25                Demolition, I used to work for the


          1                guy.  He told me to get my number and

          2                give it to him.

          3                     MS. GATELLI:  Don't give your

          4                number.  We're on TV.  Give it to

          5                Neil.  We'll give it to Mr. Stuckard.

          6                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Jim.  Les

          7                Spindler.

          8                     MR. SPINDLER:  Good evening,

          9                council.  Les Spindler, city resident,

         10                taxpayer and homeowner.

         11                     I'm really shocked and

         12                disappointed that Mrs. Fanucci isn't

         13                here tonight because most of what I

         14                have to say is directed towards her

         15                but I'll say it anyway.

         16                     Last week she criticized the

         17                school for not even putting the KOZs

         18                on the agenda.  She said it was

         19                irresponsible by them.  I don't think

         20                it was irresponsible.  I think in good

         21                conscience they couldn't give the

         22                people a six percent tax hike which

         23                they're doing and then give these

         24                billionaires tax-free land.  They have

         25                a conscience.  Something that you


          1                don't have, I guess Mr. McGoff or Mrs.

          2                Fanucci because if she was here

          3                tonight, she would definitely vote for

          4                the KOZs, but she doesn't have a

          5                conscience because she socked it to us

          6                with a 25 percent tax hike and yet

          7                she's all for the KOZs.  That's why I

          8                can't believe she's not here tonight.

          9                     Mayor Doherty must know it's a

         10                dead deal.  They probably told her not

         11                to show up tonight because the school

         12                board is not going to vote on it.  So

         13                this issue is dead in the water.  And

         14                you can have a stack of those papers

         15                from the commissioners, Mr. McGoff,

         16                they won't do you any good, because if

         17                the school board doesn't okay it, it's

         18                a dead issue.       And continuing now

         19                with these KOZs.  There's a couple of

         20                them, Mr. Scartelli, and it's curious

         21                that Scartelli, they are a big donator

         22                to the Doherty campaign.  Smells a

         23                little fishy there that the mayor

         24                wants to give them KOZs.  Just

         25                returning the favor.


          1                     Next, what I've been asking for

          2                the past few weeks, did your solicitor

          3                talk to Attorney Cullen about the two

          4                city employees that were caught

          5                stealing the DiBello signs?

          6                     MR. MINORA:  I did not.

          7                     MR. SPINDLER:  I didn't hear you.

          8                     MR. MINORA:  I did not.

          9                     MR. MCGOFF:  He did not.

         10                     MR. SPINDLER:  Are you going to?

         11                     MR. MINORA:  I beg your pardon?

         12                     MR. SPINDLER:  Are you going to?

         13                Council asked you two weeks ago.

         14                     MR. MINORA:  It will be done in

         15                due time.

         16                     MR. SPINDLER:  Amazing.  Throwing

         17                under the rug just like Ray Hayes and

         18                Chief Elliott.

         19                     Yesterday at the DA's press

         20                conference about the tragedy of Mrs.

         21                Williams death, the city officials

         22                were invited to be there.  Supposedly

         23                Chris Doherty was out of town.  Was

         24                there a basketball game yesterday?

         25                Chief Elliott and Ray Hayes neglected


          1                to show up.  That just shows the

          2                incompetence of our city officials.

          3                This act was done in our city,

          4                tragically a woman died, and none of

          5                our city officials showed up at the

          6                press conference.  The D.A.'s Office

          7                was there, the state police were

          8                represented, nobody from our city

          9                represented us and that's a darn

         10                shame.  Again, honestly, it just

         11                showed the incompetence of our city

         12                officials.

         13                     One more thing.  I'm going to say

         14                how Lackawanna College is taking over

         15                the Genesis Wildlife Center.  This is

         16                illegal according to the deed.  A

         17                private entity cannot go into Nay Aug

         18                Park.  Nay Aug Park is a free and

         19                public park.  It's in the deed.  I

         20                have a copy of the deed, and I think

         21                this council should send a letter to

         22                the mayor asking him not to give that

         23                zoo to Lackawanna College.

         24                     And that's all I have.  It's like

         25                the old saying -- the old song goes,


          1                see you in September.  I can't make

          2                the 10 o'clock meetings.

          3                     MR. MCGOFF:  Carl Kupchunas.

          4                     MR. KUPCHUNAS:  Good evening.  My

          5                name is Carl Kupchunas.  The reason

          6                I'm here this evening is to invite

          7                everyone here and everyone watching on

          8                Channel 61 to our annual block party,

          9                the Catholic community which includes

         10                St. Joseph's, St. Anthony's and Holy

         11                Rosary Parish will be conducting our

         12                annual block party next weekend, June

         13                25th, 26th and 27th at our parish

         14                center which is on West Market Street

         15                by Cole Muffler, the block party

         16                between 6:00 and 11 p.m. on Thursday

         17                and Friday and 5:00 and 11:00 p.m. on

         18                Saturday.  The block party will

         19                include the following light

         20                entertainment.  On Thursday, Picture

         21                Perfect will be featured; on Friday,

         22                Irish Balladeers; and on Saturday,

         23                John Seagrams and Double Shot Polka

         24                Band.  Gifts -- there should be

         25                something for everyone.  We have a


          1                variety of games for adults and

          2                children, such as the Big Six, the

          3                Money Wheel, Black Jack and the poker

          4                tables for the adults as well as our

          5                annual raffle.  For the children, we

          6                have plush animals, WII games, the

          7                kids corner which will include face

          8                painting, pony rides and many more

          9                games and fun.  We can't forget our

         10                annual Diaper Derby which we run

         11                Friday, June 26th at 7 p.m.  all

         12                children up to three years of age

         13                warmly invited to run for the roses.

         14                Prizes will be awarded at the Medal

         15                Stand.  Other feature at our block

         16                party are Treasure Cove -- also

         17                baskets -- ice cream truck, bingo and

         18                many more.  Also, we have some of the

         19                best food around.  In addition to

         20                burgers, hot dogs, fries, pizza,

         21                potato pancakes and the usual block

         22                party food and beverages, we will be

         23                featuring at St. Joseph's stand

         24                homemade pigs in a blanket, homemade

         25                kielbasa, sauerkraut and Assoukes.


          1                Assoukes are Lithuanian homemade

          2                cookies.  At St. Anthony's stand we'll

          3                have homemade Italian cookies and

          4                pastries.  Why wait until September

          5                for La Festa which is many months away

          6                when you can get these delicious food

          7                items next week and right here in

          8                North Scranton.  Everybody see our

          9                block party has something for

         10                everyone.  We hope to see you there

         11                next week, rain or shine, and

         12                sincerely thank everyone who comes.

         13                     In other matters, when I was here

         14                in February, I asked if anyone had an

         15                update on the Albright Avenue flood

         16                control project which is being done by

         17                the Army Corps of Engineers.  I was

         18                informed that the project was

         19                scheduled to be completed to beyond

         20                the Albright Avenue Bridge by the

         21                first quarter of 2010.  It is now the

         22                second quarter of 2009 and the project

         23                has been at a complete standstill for

         24                many months since mid February.  Does

         25                anyone on the council have an update


          1                on the timetable of this project?  Or

          2                would it be possible for council to

          3                write a letter to the Army Corps of

          4                Engineers for a timetable update on

          5                this project?  So far, the summer as

          6                everybody all knows and after going

          7                through three previous floods, the

          8                residents of lower Green Ridge are

          9                very nervous every time it rains.  Any

         10                help in getting this important project

         11                completed will be appreciated.

         12                     I would like to thank you for

         13                your time and I hope everybody have a

         14                great summer and would it be possible

         15                to write a letter to the Army Corps,

         16                get some kind of update?  Like I said,

         17                it been very rainy and, I mean, it's

         18                not good.  Thank you.

         19                     MR. MCGOFF:  I'll take care of

         20                it.

         21                     Roger Leonard.

         22                     MR. LEONARD:  I'm actually in

         23                favor of the KOZ.  I'm here for

         24                myself.  I don't know -- I guess on a

         25                one-on-one basis or doing do it an --


          1                     MR. MCGOFF:  It will been done

          2                individually.

          3                     MR. LEONARD:  Okay.  Well, I

          4                guess July 10th is when Rendell signed

          5                this act into law, and it only

          6                represents properties that were built

          7                on/or still unbuilt as of September

          8                8th, 2008, nine months ago.  It

          9                doesn't apply to people that have had

         10                KOZ tax relief for the last ten years

         11                or so.

         12                     You know, my personal case, I

         13                actually closed on my lot September

         14                8th, 2008, because of the extension of

         15                Governor Rendell.  That's the only

         16                reason I bought the lot to build my

         17                home in Tripps Park.  Now, the whole

         18                reason for this KOZ extensions and

         19                everybody is getting on it, trying to

         20                make all this money.  I make $35,000 a

         21                year.  I'm not a millionaire.  I'm not

         22                trying to get over anybody.  The only

         23                reason that I went this way is because

         24                this is only way I can afford to build

         25                a house being -- having a family of


          1                four and trying to, you know, live the

          2                dream, you know, and build a house

          3                that we got to do in the city.  This

          4                lot -- my lot was one of say 150 at

          5                Tripps Park.  Now out of that, there's

          6                140-some odd houses built.  So

          7                obviously there's a problem with the

          8                last couple lots that were passed

          9                over.  I mean, 140-some people didn't

         10                pick this lot for a reason.  My lot is

         11                adjacent right through the power

         12                lines.  I have power lines running

         13                directly to the side of my lot, then

         14                150 off my lot there is the railroad

         15                tracks and then another 100 feet after

         16                that you have a highway there.  So, I

         17                mean, it's not like it's an excellent

         18                area.  But it's what I can afford and

         19                this situation here, I have enough

         20                money in order to build there.  It

         21                wasn't like, oh, everybody is trying

         22                to make all this money.  The reason

         23                why the governor signed this into

         24                action is get to these properties

         25                sold.  If they're sitting there with a


          1                hole for a house, they're not making

          2                no money.  If this property is going

          3                to sit there, we're going to actually

          4                pay money over the next ten years or

          5                so to keep up this property.  I mean,

          6                the city has a ton of lots that aren't

          7                -- you know, they're just being taken

          8                like DPW, the parks, cutting the trees

          9                down and stuff like that.  That's

         10                going to happen with all these lots

         11                that are sitting.  This lot -- the

         12                extension is going to go through -- I

         13                think 2017 is what it was.  So if I

         14                did get the extension, then I would

         15                have eight years of tax relief.  But

         16                that house is going to be sitting

         17                there for the next 200 and some odd

         18                years which is going to collect -- I'm

         19                going to say five times the amount of

         20                the average household in Scranton,

         21                Pennsylvania.  So, I mean, yeah, you

         22                have relief for a couple years, but

         23                for the next 200 years you're going go

         24                collect probably close to $5,000 a

         25                year, just off of that house and that


          1                makes me a lifer because once you

          2                build in Tripps Park, I mean, I don't

          3                know if you looked at the real estate

          4                markets, the houses aren't selling.

          5                The ones that are up on the market are

          6                sitting for two years.  It's

          7                impossible to get rid of.  I mean,

          8                you're living on the coal dump is what

          9                it was, and you're living next to the

         10                tracks and in my case I live under

         11                high voltage lines.  Nobody says,

         12                well, this is my dream lot, you know,

         13                I can't wait to buy this lot because

         14                it's excellent.  You say, you know

         15                what, if I get this, it's going to

         16                give me enough money to maybe put my

         17                yard in, put my driveway, my sidewalks

         18                and actually maybe realize the dream

         19                of having a home.  That was the whole

         20                reason this happened.  I had no idea I

         21                had to go through county and city

         22                council and through the school board

         23                and all that other stuff.  So I jumped

         24                on it and, like I said, as you see

         25                this paperwork, I set up my closing on


          1                September 8th and the deed right here

          2                is September 8th.  I mean, I made that

          3                for a reason.  I knew that.  I'm just

          4                hoping that you vote in favor of mine.

          5                I don't know if you're going to do it

          6                one-by-one.  I'm not rich.  I'm not

          7                trying to get off with a million

          8                dollars.  I'm just trying to raise my

          9                family here in Scranton, Pennsylvania,

         10                and I'm going to add -- you might have

         11                to defer the payment but like Rome

         12                wasn't built in a day.  I mean, you're

         13                not getting the taxes now but you're

         14                going to get them.  You might not get

         15                them for the next eight years, but

         16                you're going to get them for 208

         17                years, rather than not get them at

         18                all.  I mean, it's a toss-up.  If it's

         19                $5,000 a year for the next nine years

         20                is 40 grand but times that by 200, not

         21                to mention how much taxes are going to

         22                go up, you're talking about a million

         23                -- over that, you're going to receive

         24                it.  I mean, it's kind of common

         25                sense.  I mean, everybody is


          1                downplaying this, but people are

          2                building homes, beautifying lots which

          3                was a dump.  The area was a dump.

          4                Nobody is going to chose to live in

          5                that area unless you give them some

          6                kind of incentive.  I mean, this is

          7                life, this is reality.  That's the

          8                decision I made.  I mean, I seen the

          9                school board said about -- sorry.

         10                Well, I just hope that you guys vote

         11                in favor of me.

         12                     MR. GATELLI:  Sir, what is your

         13                name?

         14                     MR. LEONARD:  Roger Leonard.

         15                Thank you.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  Brian and Kris

         17                Kizer.

         18                     MS. KIZER:  Good evening,

         19                council.  Before I start, I was

         20                wondering if I can approach the bench

         21                with what I'm going to say.  I have it

         22                written down for you.

         23                     MS. GARVEY:  Could you please

         24                state your name for the record.

         25                     MS. KIZER:  Good evening.  My


          1                name is Krissy Kizer and I'm here with

          2                my husband, Brian Kizer.

          3                     Me and my husband are here this

          4                evening in reference to receiving the

          5                KOZ benefit on our lot, No. 120 or

          6                also known as 1508 Euclid Avenue in

          7                the Village of Tripps Park Community

          8                Development.  Our lot is currently

          9                vacant.  We have no date set on when

         10                the construction of our home will

         11                begin.  The development of the land is

         12                a fulfilment of a lifetime dream.  By

         13                having our KOZ application granted

         14                will allow the construction of our

         15                single family home for ourselves and

         16                our children to be fulfilled at a

         17                sooner time than we had hoped.  Me and

         18                my husband have both been raised in

         19                Scranton and also bought our first

         20                home here in Scranton, and we have no

         21                plans of ever leaving this wonderful

         22                city.  We are only asking that we

         23                receive the same benefits that have

         24                been enjoyed by all our neighbors in

         25                the Village of Tripps Park Community


          1                Development.  The KOZ would greatly

          2                benefit our family and by helping us

          3                provide a better life for our

          4                children.  We are an honest,

          5                hardworking family only asking for

          6                your help in these hard economic

          7                times.  Again, we have no home on this

          8                lot and have not received any previous

          9                tax benefits.  It's my understanding

         10                some of the school board members are

         11                not happy that we will be tax-free for

         12                seven years but please note that we

         13                have and will continue paying taxes on

         14                our first home.  Around this past

         15                election time, some of the current

         16                council members campaigned to focus on

         17                putting the people first and making

         18                our neighborhoods better.  Well, we

         19                are the people here tonight, and we

         20                are asking that you put us first and

         21                make our neighborhood better.  Words

         22                cannot describe how much this KOZ

         23                would benefit our family.  We are here

         24                this evening asking for your help, not

         25                only help for our family but to help


          1                make the City of Scranton even a more

          2                wonderful place to live.

          3                     Thank you for your time.

          4                     MR. KIZER:  I just would like to

          5                add that I approve of the KOZ and that

          6                the houses that are actually in the

          7                KOZ now, once their tax time is up,

          8                people are saying that they're losing

          9                money, this and that, but the hundreds

         10                of some houses in there that will

         11                paying four or $5,000 a year, you

         12                know, all of that money that will

         13                added up will be pretty -- but will be

         14                making those substantial lot money for

         15                the city.  Even in the other projects

         16                with the city, all the big businesses,

         17                you don't want to scare them away

         18                because then you are going to scare

         19                jobs away.  And in the beginning

         20                obviously they're going to get tax

         21                relief in the beginning, but you've

         22                got to think about in the long run,

         23                all the money that will be generated

         24                from all that.  Scranton is in a

         25                situation we're in now because of the


          1                taxes and because no business would

          2                want to come here because, you know.

          3                That's all I've got to say.  Thank

          4                you.

          5                     Mr. MCGOFF:  Mr. Kizer, do you

          6                have copies that I could leave for Mr.

          7                Courtright and Mrs. Fanucci?

          8                     MR. KIZER:  Thank you very much.

          9                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you.

         10                     MS. EVANS:  I just wanted to add,

         11                though, that both you and the previous

         12                speaker recognize that because the

         13                school district has not agreed to KOZ

         14                and KOEZ extensions, any vote taken by

         15                city council is irrelevant now because

         16                as it stands today there are no KOZ

         17                extensions.    MR. KIZER:  Thank you.

         18                     MR. MCGOFF:  Brett McCloe.

         19                     MR. MCCLOE:  Good evening.  My

         20                name is Brett McCloe, Scranton

         21                resident, homeowner, taxpayer.

         22                     Location, location, location.

         23                One of the most important principles

         24                of business that seems to have been

         25                misdirected, spun and covered up with


          1                poor analogies that once again is

          2                designed to take the citizens of this

          3                city as far away from their common

          4                sense as possible.  To blur the

          5                distinction between fact and fiction,

          6                hype and reality.  No one is against

          7                jobs being created in this City of

          8                Scranton.  To spin it to say just

          9                because we want businesses to pay

         10                their fair share like everyone else,

         11                that somehow this means we are against

         12                job creation.  This is absolutely

         13                wrong.  You can't make this a black

         14                and white -- you can't make this black

         15                and white, for and all or nothing

         16                situation.  To threaten the city with

         17                the possibility of Mount Pleasant

         18                going to Jessup is silly.  Why?

         19                Because no matter how many board

         20                meetings and negotiations anyone sits

         21                in on, certain business practices will

         22                always remain the same.  Location,

         23                location, location.  If these

         24                buildings are going to house medical

         25                offices or whatever, it would be


          1                logical to assume that they would want

          2                to be closer to where the action is.

          3                Mount Pleasant is just two blocks away

          4                from the future integral commuter

          5                lines, one block away from the

          6                expressway and nearly smack dab in the

          7                middle of the city.  And you want to

          8                make this a KOZ property?  I don't

          9                have a business degree, but it would

         10                seem to me that Mount Pleasant is a

         11                prime piece of property that should

         12                not be given away as a KOZ because

         13                someone wants to build political

         14                legacy by prostituting the city's

         15                assets.  That property is no longer an

         16                eye sore but it is a tax generating

         17                piece of land.  Mr. McGoff and Miss

         18                Fanucci always talking about long

         19                term.  Once again, there's no such

         20                thing as long term when you rush to

         21                get things done before you leave

         22                office.  Sounds like you don't believe

         23                in Mr. Doherty's vision or the people

         24                of Scranton; because if you did, there

         25                would be no problem in holding out for


          1                the bigger and better deal.  Patience

          2                can be a lucrative virtue.  So what's

          3                the advantage of having Mount Pleasant

          4                as opposed to them going to Jessup.

          5                Is it because Scranton people can't

          6                work in Jessup?  Is it because the

          7                fear of long term tax credits will go

          8                to Jessup rather than Scranton.  I'm

          9                sorry.  But I would rather pay but

         10                one-tenth of a percent of a penny per

         11                pay that all the citizens in

         12                Pennsylvania have to pay and send

         13                these folks to Jessup rather than take

         14                prime taxable property off the tax

         15                rolls.  This way we lose nothing.

         16                Keep valuable tax assets, valuable tax

         17                assets and still work, even under KOZ

         18                in Jessup.  This will askew they call

         19                progress in just that.  Again, a

         20                puzzle where they don't want to tell

         21                you where all the pieces are.  Here's

         22                a piece.  University of Scranton, not

         23                going anywhere.  The money invested

         24                and to be made along with school

         25                property has literally made them too


          1                big to fail.  Mount Pleasant, even

          2                without a KOZ, stupid if they go

          3                anywhere else.  Location, location,

          4                location.

          5                     Here's an interesting piece.

          6                Volkswagen, Chattanooga, Tennessee;

          7                Kia, West Point, Georgia; Honda,

          8                Greensburg, Indiana; USA Today,

          9                12-8-08, "While Detroit automakers

         10                close factories -- in the fact of

         11                dramatic dropoff in the U.S. auto

         12                sales, Asian and European rival

         13                continue to add plants in the United

         14                States and Canada."  Question?

         15                Where's ours?  Answer:  Never going to

         16                happen because a lot of --  working

         17                class.  Maybe they think we're

         18                incapable of putting cars together.

         19                Even with the cutbacks in production,

         20                these companies do not lay off.  They

         21                retrain their people, give them a

         22                smaller salary and they retrain their

         23                people.  But I think the people around

         24                here would rather than giving KOZs and

         25                took the rest with those companies


          1                than deal with the purposeful

          2                stagnation of wages that we have

          3                endured for decades.  So let's not

          4                focus on the self-serving legacy of

          5                outgoing politicians, but instead,

          6                encourage and to practice common

          7                sense, selfishness and empathy and by

          8                focusing on the legacy of the 1,000

          9                parents in a 1,000 households who work

         10                everyday fearing and knowing that the

         11                statistics show that children often

         12                end up in the same financial situation

         13                they grew up in.  I'm not quite sure I

         14                feel about these folks' home.  I pay a

         15                lot of taxes myself.  But as far as

         16                this Mount Pleasant thing, I hope you

         17                vote no.  Thank you.

         18                     MR. MCGOFF:  Bill Jackowitz.

         19                     MR. JACKOWITZ:  Bill Jackowitz,

         20                South Scranton resident, member of the

         21                Taxpayers' Association.  Kids swim

         22                free, mail contributions to 416 South

         23                Webster Avenue, Scranton, PA, 18505.

         24                I would like to thank the 2009

         25                contributors and all the past


          1                contributors.  Councilwoman Gatelli

          2                made a considerable contribution for

          3                the money that was leftover for the

          4                junior city council.  Thank you,

          5                Councilwoman Gatelli.  We greatly

          6                appreciate it.  Contributions are

          7                still being accepted.  Note checks

          8                payable to Kids Swim Free, 1416 South

          9                Webster Avenue, Scranton, PA, 18505.

         10                The pool is open on Saturday.

         11                Hopefully the weather will start

         12                warming up.

         13                     I've been asking city council for

         14                years to invite Austin Burke to city

         15                council meetings, only to be ignored.

         16                In today's newspaper Mr. Burke writes

         17                a ridiculous letter that he's

         18                advocating future jobs from the --

         19                Mr. Burke, why the newspaper?  How

         20                about a public meeting where the

         21                citizens can ask questions.  Maybe a

         22                high school auditorium.  Mr. Burke,

         23                the time to talk was 28 years ago, and

         24                every year since then when you were

         25                supposedly working to bring jobs into


          1                Scranton as the Chamber of Commerce

          2                member and President of the Chamber.

          3                But, instead, you choose to ignore the

          4                citizens of Scranton, not speak with

          5                the citizens of Scranton and you do

          6                not bring any jobs into the city with

          7                the exception of telemarketing jobs

          8                which are all gone.  I cannot recall

          9                any good paying professional jobs as

         10                you, the Chamber of Commerce president

         11                have brought into the City of

         12                Scranton.  You never appeared publicly

         13                at city council, and for that matter,

         14                anywhere to talk to the taxpayers,

         15                residents of Scranton.  Although you

         16                did you use the newspaper to blame for

         17                every speaker of city council for

         18                scaring potential business away from

         19                the city, again, ridiculous.  As far

         20                as I know, you as an individual are

         21                not a resident of Scranton.  So you do

         22                not pay Scranton taxes.  Mr. Burke,

         23                give the citizens of Scranton

         24                specifics not generalities.  How many

         25                jobs?  What would the pay scale be,


          1                the benefits package be for the

          2                workers, not the developers.  Would a

          3                job be here after the KOZ expires?

          4                Would the developers and all the and

          5                owners pledge to make yearly

          6                contribution to the city so that the

          7                city can provide services to all

          8                residents of the City of Scranton?

          9                Mr. Burke, you and Mayor Doherty, come

         10                out of the hiding and address the

         11                residents of the City of Scranton.  By

         12                the way, bring the rich developers

         13                with you.  I have some questions for

         14                them also.  We do not need KOZ or Mr.

         15                Austin Burke for that matter.  We need

         16                business who are willing to pay taxes.

         17                Mr. Burke's story in the newspaper

         18                ending in the thin bridge behind the

         19                story ended.  In other words, a fairy

         20                tale.  Why is he not here at the

         21                council meeting?  KOZs are not the

         22                answer.  They have never created high

         23                paying jobs to justify their

         24                existence.  If KOZs were the answer,

         25                then the City of Scranton would not be


          1                financial distressed for 17 years.

          2                The word 'job' is nothing more than

          3                code word used by the politicians and

          4                chamber members.  The word 'wages'

          5                should be used.  Just because you have

          6                jobs does not mean you can pay your

          7                bills and live comfortably.  If you

          8                work 40 hours a week and still cannot

          9                provide for yourself and your family,

         10                or work two or three jobs, what has

         11                the Chamber of Commerce done.  I say

         12                very little.  If the risk of the

         13                developers or business owners get a

         14                free ride and pay no taxes, then they

         15                walk away, what does that

         16                accomplished?  Who really benefits and

         17                who did not?  Think about the city

         18                council member before casting your

         19                vote.  Look around and see how many of

         20                your fellow residents are suffering

         21                financial hardship and still working

         22                full-time, then look at the names of

         23                the developers who are asking for a

         24                free ride and see how they live their

         25                lives, what kind of houses they live


          1                in, how many vacations do they go on?

          2                Are struggling day-to-day?  I doubt

          3                it.  Why has the work started on the

          4                KOZ site before the approvals.  The

          5                developers are going nowhere.  Too

          6                much money is invested already.

          7                They're not going to pack up and

          8                leave.  I urge you to vote no.

          9                History shows that it takes three

         10                years for a business to be successful

         11                or a failure.  Why expand tax-free

         12                status after ten years.  Fill up the

         13                empty office spaces in the city first.

         14                We have plenty of office space.  Just

         15                look around here.  Carbondale passed

         16                three KOZs last night, voted down four

         17                KOZs.  Looking out for their

         18                taxpayers.  The Single Tax Office,

         19                money missing, bad management, no

         20                accountability, wage tax is not be

         21                collected, real estate tax is not

         22                being collected, state law being

         23                violated, single tax law 19 --

         24                correction -- single tax law 1929.

         25                Certain people have been exempt for


          1                paying taxes because of friendships or

          2                business association.  Just not right.

          3                I am having a very hard time accepting

          4                these facts especially what appears to

          5                me nothing is going to be done about

          6                this.  Again, the honest taxpayers are

          7                taking in -- when nonpaying taxpayers

          8                walk away along with an elected tax

          9                collector who is supposed to protect

         10                and serve the people in the community.

         11                     And, Mr. McGoff, in regards to

         12                Mr. Spindler's comment about

         13                basketball, that was when Mayor

         14                Doherty chose to go to the Syracuse

         15                basketball game when the 109th

         16                Infantry returned from Iraq after

         17                sustaining seven causalities.  He

         18                chose to go to a basketball game.

         19                     MR. MCGOFF:  David Dobrzyn.

         20                     MR. DOBRZYN:  David Dobrzyn,

         21                resident of Scranton and a member of

         22                the Taxpayers' Association.

         23                     Please consider the need for tax

         24                revenues that are fair to all parties

         25                concerned.  We still haven't settled


          1                anything with our public safety

          2                contracts.  These people really need

          3                to have a contract and know where they

          4                stand.  Do we need new business?  Yes.

          5                However, no one wants a free ride.

          6                Furthermore, the new business model

          7                for this country is sorely needed.

          8                Undoubtedly the car and trade partners

          9                are doing similar to KOZ.  One example

         10                was a lady in China, I see on the news

         11                had her house torn down to provide

         12                space for the Olympics.  She got to

         13                walk around homeless after that,

         14                uncompensated.  Please contact federal

         15                congressmen and ask for a new deal for

         16                American industrial development.  If a

         17                industry exists in your neighborhood,

         18                please consider the value as a private

         19                sector employer and provider of wages.

         20                Try to resolve differences through the

         21                neighborhood association.

         22                     Back to KOZs, much more time for

         23                real consideration for the merit of

         24                these KOZ applications is needed.  I

         25                feel we should have Austin Burke


          1                petitioning companies with green

          2                energy, green and energy producing

          3                manufacturers to locate in this area.

          4                Brownfield development can produce

          5                land and that's only then should tax

          6                subsidies and tax holidays be

          7                considered.

          8                     A few weeks ago I actually got a

          9                little giggle out of my

         10                ultraconservative friend, Marie, and I

         11                point that in the 1970s their welfare

         12                state was cheaper than -- right now

         13                the federal government alone is with

         14                ten trillion dollars of debt and back

         15                then it was only about one trillion.

         16                It's only food for thought.  By the

         17                way, shame on our state legislature

         18                governor saddling the poor people on

         19                city council and school boards with

         20                this issue.

         21                     Finally, please work to prevent

         22                further swallowing up the ball parks

         23                at Nay Aug forever by a local college.

         24                Ask them to build up and not out.

         25                Thank you and have a good night.


          1                     MR. MCGOFF:  Any other speakers?

          2                Chris?

          3                     MR. SLEDNESZSKI:  Listen, have a

          4                great summer.  Thank you.

          5                     MS. GATELLI:  Thank you.

          6                     MS. HUMPHRIES:  I want to say

          7                hello to everybody and I know Bishop

          8                Martino is watching and a lot of

          9                people is watching.

         10                     MS. GATELLI:  If he's watching,

         11                could you tell him to please keep St.

         12                Francis Church open.

         13                     MS. HUMPHRIES:  Yes, I will ask

         14                him that and I will -- The reason

         15                documents is very -- and I invite to

         16                listen.

         17                     Secretary of state, First General

         18                Affairs, the Vatican, "Dear Mrs.

         19                Humphries:  I am directed to announce

         20                a letter enclosed which you sent to

         21                the Holy Father.  I already assured

         22                you that -- have been noted.  His

         23                Holiness will remember you in his

         24                prayers with good wishes -- Sincerely,

         25                Monsignor Sipi, Vatican."  1991, April


          1                30.

          2                     1994, "To whom it may concern:  I

          3                read the statement from Phillis

          4                Humphries on June 26, 1991.  There

          5                were definitely principal figures that

          6                could be easily seen.  I personally do

          7                not have any medical training to see

          8                distinct figures within it, in some

          9                cases were profiled figures and

         10                distinct hair could be distinguished.

         11                Any --  these figures are of

         12                supernatural cause.  It appears --

         13                rules out the possibility of

         14                coincidence.  Yours very truly, Dr.

         15                Musla Manna," medical report, it was

         16                recorded in '94, 1994, and it was --

         17                they sent people to examine

         18                scientifically --  this, you know, is

         19                a picture of the miracle of my X-ray.

         20                This right here, your social worker

         21                has the following additional

         22                instructions for you.  The patient was

         23                charged by the judge's court order,

         24                the 4-29-08.  I have been

         25                misdiagnosed.  I'm speaking for the


          1                mentally ill, the down trodden and for

          2                the girl that was shot.  Someone I

          3                know I went to school with, Grace --

          4                it was her daughter's sister-in-law.

          5                Over the years due to this miracle and

          6                prior to that I have been afraid by

          7                numerous people.  I was taken out of

          8                church, I was fingerprinted like a

          9                criminal, wherever I would go, I would

         10                take my documents or going to seek

         11                some help.  I have a grandchildren

         12                child that disappeared after birth.  I

         13                left and went to New Jersey and in the

         14                process this had me waiting, they

         15                said, Mrs. Humphries, we got to take

         16                you to some place.  So I didn't know

         17                if the child had died, if it was

         18                adopted, but they took me to the

         19                Muhlenberg Psychiatric Hospital.

         20                After the five days, I was cleared of

         21                any mental illness.  I would have had

         22                post traumatic stress due to not

         23                getting the proper -- the police

         24                department.  Then I go -- that's one,

         25                that's one.  Then I go see the Holy


          1                Father.  My daughter got lost on the

          2                way home.  In the process, I ended up

          3                in a homeless shelter.  I asked them

          4                that I need to go for special surgery

          5                because after seeing the Pope, I had

          6                special surgery.  The fire, police

          7                department, ambulance came.  They took

          8                me, pushed me sideways, instead of the

          9                proper way, and they held for 11 days

         10                against my will.  They wouldn't give

         11                me my change to make a telephone call.

         12                If I called to the community room to

         13                the administrator, they would rip out

         14                the phone to see that other people

         15                were being held.  People came and

         16                there was one, that is a nurse, seeing

         17                what was happening, she gave me change

         18                and I made a telephone call and I got

         19                a lawyer.  And this was a superior

         20                judge lawyer that I was evaluated by

         21                and doctors and this is serious, your

         22                social worker has the following

         23                instructions for you.  Patient was

         24                discharged by a judge's court order

         25                4-9-08.  What they actually did with


          1                the City of Scranton was, instead of

          2                trying to protect me, they tried to

          3                protect themselves with the corruption

          4                here.  Many of my medical records, the

          5                tax and everything has shown

          6                unfounded.  You know, that's exactly

          7                what they did tell Brenda, unfounded.

          8                I called constantly the church, and I

          9                called the numerous people to help.  I

         10                called 17 times, I called 1,000 times

         11                for help, not in the mental help, to

         12                give messages -- to get this proper.

         13                The FBI had been so kind to me.  They

         14                have been my sounding board.

         15                     MR. MCGOFF:  Phillis, you need to

         16                finish.

         17                     MS. HUMPHRIES:  The finishing

         18                part is this.  There's corruption in

         19                the City of Scranton.  Mr. Jarbola

         20                justified a shooting and I would like

         21                to know how come he didn't come to

         22                speak with me with the corruption with

         23                what has happened here and this is

         24                wrong.

         25                     MR. MCGOFF:  Phillis, stop.


          1                     MS. HUMPHRIES:  Yes.

          2                     MR. MCGOFF:  Stop.

          3                     MS. HUMPHRIES:  Stop telling the

          4                truth?

          5                     MR. MCGOFF:  Stop.  Thank you.

          6                     MS. HUMPHRIES:  I hope you all

          7                take this into consideration.  This is

          8                a sad situation in the City of

          9                Scranton.

         10                     MR. MCGOFF:  Stop.

         11                     MS. HUMPHRIES:  I will not stop

         12                and I will not be silenced, Mr.

         13                McGoff, and I want you to know I'm

         14                going to do the best I could to fight

         15                for the victims that have been abused,

         16                used, poverty stricken --

         17                     MR. MCGOFF:  You're out of time.

         18                Thank you.

         19                     MS. HUMPHRIES:  Yeah.  No, I'm

         20                not out of time.  I kind of just

         21                started, Mr. McGoff.

         22                     MR. MCGOFF:  Okay.  Anyone else

         23                want to speak?

         24                     MS. GALLAGHER:  Good evening,

         25                council.  Thank you so much for


          1                providing us the opportunity to say

          2                what we feel about the KOZ situation.

          3                I was there when the school board

          4                signed on this many years ago, and I

          5                followed it along and I'm afraid that

          6                in many instance is hasn't lived to

          7                the parameters set by whoever thought

          8                it a good idea to begin with.  The

          9                original concept was wonderful, to

         10                take dilapidated buildings and update

         11                it and restore or build something new

         12                or to take properties that are

         13                blighted and make something worthwhile

         14                from them.  Let's hope some of it will

         15                continue to -- the recommendations and

         16                do decide to abide by it.  Everyone

         17                who has gotten into the KOZ situation

         18                knows that there's ten-year limit.

         19                They also know what their obligations

         20                are and I'm afraid that some of the

         21                people who have applied for an

         22                extension are not willing to abide by

         23                these original precepts.  And I'm

         24                asking you to really stiffen your

         25                spine and despite of the fact that a


          1                lot of these people are well known and

          2                they are community people and so on, a

          3                lot of the people have done a lot of

          4                good for the community, they really

          5                have to abide by what the KOZ expects.

          6                And this is one of the those

          7                situations where if you give into one

          8                group, you have to give into another.

          9                And it will get to the point where

         10                anybody can do anything and that's

         11                absolutely wrong.  I don't mind giving

         12                ten years of tax abatements or

         13                forgiveness to these people.

         14                Ultimately what they're going to do

         15                will benefit the community.  But in

         16                the long one, the real beneficiaries

         17                will be themselves, and the more taxes

         18                we abate for other people, the more

         19                the rest of us have to increase our

         20                taxes and good only knows, we are over

         21                taxed as it and we're being promised

         22                from the federal level down that our

         23                taxes will be increased.  We have no

         24                recourse.  We have to pay our taxes.

         25                We have no one to turn to say you


          1                know, I can't manage this year.  We

          2                felt, you know, we're here on our own

          3                and if you're really interested in

          4                knowing how people feel about this tax

          5                situation, just go up and down the

          6                streets and see how many homes are for

          7                sale.  People simply cannot bear the

          8                tax burden.  They're conscientious

          9                people, they pay their taxes all these

         10                years, and they don't default on them.

         11                So rather than do that, they are

         12                selling their properties.  And that is

         13                not a good situation.  It used to be

         14                that the business community sustained

         15                the city.  That is no longer the case.

         16                Residential taxpayers are the ones who

         17                support the city and we cannot

         18                continue to be imposed upon.  I just

         19                hope that you will really stand by the

         20                intentions of KOZ and not allow -- not

         21                approve these extensions.  They knew

         22                what they were getting into and I

         23                think some of them have dragged their

         24                heels because they wanted -- they

         25                figured, well, they'll so well known


          1                and they've got friends in the right

          2                places and this theory expediency is

          3                so prevalent that when the time came

          4                to start paying taxes, they would

          5                reapply for it.  I know I was trying

          6                to commit somebody to take a property

          7                that was terrible and I said, "Come

          8                on.  You're such you good developer.

          9                Why don't you buy that?"  And I was

         10                telling him about the KOZ.  He said

         11                you know what I would do if I bought

         12                that and built something on it.  The

         13                next day I'd sell it.  As soon as the

         14                cost started costing me money, I would

         15                sell it.  And I said, "Don't say that

         16                too loud, please.  We don't want it to

         17                happen."  So they are being given a

         18                wonderful privilege, I think, and they

         19                should not take advantage of it.  So I

         20                hope as so many people, you know, you

         21                are only the advocates that we have

         22                and if we can't count on you to

         23                advocate for us and help us to stay in

         24                our homes and help us to be viable

         25                citizens in every way, shape and form.


          1                We don't have anybody else, and I

          2                think we are the people that you

          3                really have to consider.  All these

          4                developments are very well known.  I

          5                only know two of them myself.  But

          6                they are very well known.  They are

          7                very capable.  They are very

          8                successful businessmen and if they

          9                cannot get this extension, they'll

         10                find a way to make money somehow,

         11                because they have loads of other

         12                involvements and they are all very

         13                successful.  So I hope you will be

         14                concerned about the greater good and

         15                think of us instead of just them, and

         16                that's all I have to say.  Thank you

         17                very much for opportunity.

         18                     MR. MCGOFF:  Excuse me.  Would

         19                you just please state your name for

         20                the record.

         21                     MS. GALLAGHER:  I'm Rosemary

         22                Gallagher and I'm a citizen of the

         23                city and I surely am a taxpayer.

         24                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you very much.

         25                     MR. ELLMAN:  President McGoff,


          1                how are you?

          2                     MR. MCGOFF:  I'm doing well.

          3                     MR. ELLMAN:  You said last week

          4                we got safeguards to keep these people

          5                from coming out of the woodwork like

          6                happening on that KOZ, another bite of

          7                the apple.  I bought a house around

          8                Thanksgiving '94, and we moved in

          9                around the first of the year, and I

         10                don't know when my first note was,

         11                maybe February, March, but the first

         12                time I got a note it was $66 for taxes

         13                on there and I've been paying them

         14                ever since.  Nobody gave me a break on

         15                it.  I had nobody in school for 35

         16                years.  You know, they needed to go

         17                but they didn't.  I bought a new car

         18                last week where they didn't give me 15

         19                or 20 years credit to pay on my taxes

         20                on it.  They wanted it right then and

         21                there.  You just can't keep giving it

         22                everybody.  Who is going to be left

         23                here to pay?  A fourth of the city

         24                doesn't pay nothing now.  The other

         25                fourth are people, the senior


          1                citizens, the people in the projects

          2                and all, it's half the people

          3                supporting the other half in the city.

          4                You know, this is senseless.  I'm just

          5                infuriated.  I told Miss Rosie I'm

          6                coming down here.  She said, "Don't

          7                make a fool of yourself."  Like I

          8                usually do.  But these KOZs are a

          9                failure.  These people don't know why

         10                that property was vacant for 75 years.

         11                Do you know why?  No one ever told

         12                you?  It's over a mine void.  If they

         13                don't have some good mine subsidence

         14                insurance, they better get some quick

         15                and 200 years from now, your house

         16                won't be there.  You're over a mine

         17                void for crying out loud.  Ask the

         18                people that live in the neighborhood

         19                why their property was vacant for 75

         20                years.

         21                     MR. MCGOFF:  Please, please, let

         22                him speak.

         23                     MR. ELLMAN:  I'm not trying to be

         24                an alarmist.  But that's why no one

         25                built there.  I've been -- in '68 or


          1                something, a boy name Glenn Barry took

          2                me out there.  He wanted to buy some

          3                property where there was a mine shaft

          4                and he was in.  It still had the

          5                cranes and stuff down there, right

          6                there where these people live now.

          7                That's like that property in Dunmore,

          8                they built on all that coal slag and

          9                they started getting cracks and

         10                everything in the houses, they sued

         11                the state.  The same thing is going to

         12                happen here.  The builder won't be

         13                around.  He won't even take care of

         14                the sewers and the basins right now.

         15                You know, they let us to do it.  If

         16                those people pay taxes starting

         17                20 years from now for 200 years, they

         18                pay for one or two children to go to

         19                school, like I said, last week.  It's

         20                just simple arithmetic.  There's so

         21                many kids there, you want to build a

         22                new school.  Then they don't want to

         23                pay for nothing.  They want people

         24                like me and people like these out here

         25                that are retired and don't have big


          1                incomes, they want us to keep paying

          2                for them.  They're working.  I'm not

          3                working no more.  Why should I keep

          4                paying for children in school and for

          5                their stoplights and, you know,

          6                streets and sidewalks?  Let them start

          7                paying.

          8                     And Rinaldi doesn't deserve

          9                another bite.  He got A million dollar

         10                sidewalk down there.  Let him start

         11                paying taxes like the rest of us.

         12                Like I said, as soon as I moved into

         13                our house -- my first house bill had a

         14                payment and I've been paying it since

         15                '95.  You know, they've gone up.  It

         16                used to be $66 a month.  Now I pay

         17                just a fraction less than a $1,000 in

         18                January so I'm going to have a fee.

         19                Last year I paid 1,300 and some.

         20                There's just not enough people to keep

         21                paying these taxes and carrying all

         22                these dead weight on these people.

         23                They don't deserve a second bite of

         24                the apple.  It's just not fair to

         25                people that have been working and want


          1                to retire and everything and in their

          2                houses.  You ought to talk to some of

          3                these guys that are working at bagging

          4                groceries at the Price Chopper or

          5                working at McDonald's trying to

          6                support people that are working and

          7                don't want to pay taxes anymore.  They

          8                gave you -- and they decide what is

          9                going on.  Thank you.

         10                     MR. ANCHERANI:  Nelson Ancherani.

         11                KOZs, you know, the school district

         12                isn't going to address the KOZs but

         13                stranger things have happened.  There

         14                are many extensions and new KOZs on

         15                the agenda.  What I'm going to ask is

         16                to have mercy on the taxpayers.  I'm

         17                talking about the taxpayers who have

         18                endured the past approximately nine

         19                years of continuing to pay their

         20                taxes.  The taxpayers who have not had

         21                a break over the last nine years and

         22                who have continued to pay their taxes

         23                even while some lost their homes while

         24                trying to do so.  The non KOZs even

         25                endured a 25 percent tax increase.


          1                The non KOZs are looking at another 25

          2                percent or more tax increase because

          3                money from the tax office is not

          4                likely to materialize.  Please think

          5                about who is going to get hurt by

          6                extending the KOZ status, poor people

          7                who can't pay their taxes or rich

          8                people get richer.  Money goes to

          9                money, and that money has to come from

         10                somewhere.

         11                     And Austin Burke, what does he

         12                care about the taxpayers for the City

         13                of Scranton who don't got a free ride.

         14                He doesn't even live in Scranton.

         15                     Since this is the last evening

         16                meeting until September I'm going to

         17                hit upon some questions or observance

         18                or just make a comments.  When you

         19                return in September, you will have

         20                approximately six weeks before you

         21                have to approve the 2010 budget.

         22                That's a very short time span.  The

         23                possibility of not getting the money

         24                from the tax office looms large.

         25                There's a big probability that no law


          1                enforcement agency will see fit to do

          2                their job and initiate an

          3                investigation into tax office of the

          4                past even though state laws have been

          5                broken.  There's a huge probability

          6                that we will be seeing a tax increase

          7                of 25 percent or higher.  I know that

          8                Miss Evans and Mr. Courtright will not

          9                vote for that tax increase.  Huge

         10                loans also loom on the horizon.  I

         11                believe the tax paying residents

         12                should take a deep breath for the

         13                record budget coming down the pike.  I

         14                hope this year that three rubber stamp

         15                council members read the budget before

         16                it's voted on.  Don't be like our

         17                Washington senators and

         18                representatives who pass hundredths of

         19                billions in budgets that not even read

         20                what they were passing.  We're going

         21                to be trillions in debt nationally.

         22                This is shameful.  We will be

         23                trillions in debt from that national

         24                level, 300 million in debt on the

         25                local level.  Three hundred


          1                300 million people in the country as

          2                opposed commercially the 71,000 people

          3                in the city.  Our grand kids will

          4                never be out of debt.  Prove to

          5                council members are lame duck members.

          6                Please have mercy on the taxpayers.

          7                Please ask questions about the budget

          8                like why is 879,000 needed to Scranton

          9                Parking Authority citation issuance

         10                and who are they.  That can't be for

         11                salaries or persons trying to give

         12                jobs, could it?  On this real agenda

         13                question for Miss Gatelli about her

         14                paying Attorney Reihner for her

         15                personal litigation against the web

         16                site owner.  Miss Gatelli, she's going

         17                to pay $38,704 back.  Did you pay that

         18                back, Mrs. Gatelli?

         19                     MS. GATELLI:  I said I was going

         20                to pay what the attorney bills for the

         21                personal part of the lawsuit.

         22                     MR. ANCHERANI:  Okay.  You didn't

         23                pay --

         24                     MS. GATELLI:  I have an agreement

         25                with the attorney.  That is


          1                attorney/client privilege that you are

          2                not privy to.  It's my personal part

          3                of my lawsuit.  I'm sorry.  But that's

          4                the answer.  I can't answer what my

          5                personal agreement is.

          6                     MR. ANCHERANI:  I ask why non

          7                determinable expenses are not

          8                reflected in the expenditure --

          9                they're listed in the budget pages as

         10                24 million.  Is it because it was

         11                reflected and showed that the city

         12                employees salaries for citizens are

         13                not what the pie chart reflects.  That

         14                way 20 salaries percentages could be

         15                inflated and they could like the city

         16                pays more in employee salaries than it

         17                does.  And I ask whose interest would

         18                that satisfy.  Would that be even make

         19                us keep us looking like the distressed

         20                and it's all the fault of union or

         21                inflation.  Thank you.

         22                     MR. MCGOFF:  Anyone else?

         23                     MR. MCGUIRE:  William McGuire,

         24                resident taxpayer.

         25                     As it has been explained, I would


          1                like to speak on KOZs.  Although you

          2                don't have all the information in

          3                front of you at this time, I do

          4                understand this great reduction.  Over

          5                the next couple weeks, after two weeks

          6                after -- come to the 10 o'clock

          7                meeting will be on Tuesdays then to

          8                get all the information needed to

          9                state the case.  I believe there's a

         10                lot of animosity where somebody -- as

         11                a homeowner I pay a great deal of

         12                taxes to the city.  Because I work in

         13                the city, I pay a great deal of wage

         14                taxes.  As a business owner, pay a

         15                great deal of mercantile tax.  So you

         16                understand what people are saying.

         17                The KOZ is a stimulus package.  I feel

         18                that it's wrong that the state

         19                legislatures did what they day and the

         20                governor.  They should do what council

         21                should do, the school director and the

         22                county commissioners should weigh in

         23                -- link in with other elected

         24                officials across the state so the

         25                state representatives, senators and


          1                Congress to come up with a

          2                comprehensive plan of KOZs to give a

          3                blanket ten years -- annoys a lot of

          4                people -- they -- I didn't get nothing

          5                for free.  If these people have an

          6                opportunity to get tax -- to get what

          7                they need to build a home, to open a

          8                business, to give jobs, more power to

          9                them.  It doesn't aggravate me at all.

         10                But it does to a lot of people.  So I

         11                think maybe what they should do is

         12                come up with a plan you pay two years

         13                to get two years; you pay two years,

         14                you get two years.  You have ten

         15                years, it takes you 20.  You've got a

         16                ten-year spread.  And also, probably

         17                write into a lottery system where if

         18                you had on an average of 120 KOZ

         19                properties, 50 would share -- would

         20                get tax exempt.  The other 50 would

         21                have to pay those first two years.  So

         22                it would be a balancing act.  So we

         23                are never going to give 100 KOZs away

         24                at one time.  There's a little less

         25                animosity, I believe.  Maybe it's just


          1                my interpretation of it.  But I'm just

          2                trying to do the math and I listen to

          3                everybody speaking so I kind of get

          4                into their thoughts and their feeling

          5                as they're speaking, and I hear them.

          6                If you look -- I'm not a big fan of

          7                residential KOZs, never was, never

          8                will be.  The point of the matter is,

          9                the Tripp Park development is already

         10                a KOZs development.  You can't say no

         11                if we already said yes.  We already

         12                did it.  There was an opportunity to

         13                put a business in that development, I

         14                believe, many years ago.  It was shot

         15                down.  Therefore, the last was KOZ.

         16                What else do you do with it?  We made

         17                residential.  So we should watch what

         18                we complain about now.  We were

         19                complaining about the business going

         20                there, now we're complaining there's

         21                residence in KOZ.  So maybe you should

         22                kind of understand what really goes on

         23                sometimes.  But to those particular

         24                homes there, I believe they're up

         25                January of 2010, approximately 150 I


          1                heard a gentlemen say, homes up to 200

          2                homes there, well, those 200 homes,

          3                average tax is $4,500, $5,000.  Do the

          4                math.  A million dollars, 2010.  So

          5                wouldn't it be -- so if we give it ten

          6                years, for ten years, we have made a

          7                lost of a million dollars.  But after

          8                those ten years, in three years, we're

          9                going to gain -- how many of the lots,

         10                all those properties over ten years.

         11                It's a win/win situation.

         12                     And the businesses, people say

         13                there's jobs.  I don't know if the

         14                wage tax for the employees are

         15                forgiven, I believe not.  The latest

         16                business, the mercantile, business

         17                privilege, the property, that's all

         18                forgiven, correct?  The wage for all

         19                the employees are forgiven, too?

         20                     MR. MCGOFF:  Yes.

         21                     MR. MCGUIRE:  That doesn't say

         22                this in the introduction.  It says

         23                real property, earned income tax,

         24                meaning the business, the net profits,

         25                mercantile tax and business privilege


          1                tax.  It doesn't say employees wage

          2                tax are forgiven.  But, you know,

          3                we're talking -- they can be someplace

          4                else.  This vacant property, this is

          5                an extended KOZ, from existing KOZ.

          6                They're not getting ten more years.

          7                These are new entities that are

          8                getting onto the -- so therefore, they

          9                are running new construction jobs from

         10                them, landscaping, to, you know, to

         11                the plumbing, to electrical.  There's

         12                a lot of jobs that are coming to the

         13                forefront before them, even after they

         14                had at this time.  It's a very rough

         15                economic time and I don't have to tell

         16                anybody here.  I'm not trying to

         17                preach to the choir so-to-speak.  I

         18                know it's a tough decision situation

         19                but to not vote on an issue as the

         20                Scranton School District did is a

         21                total disgrace.  You should vote on

         22                any issue whether you are for or

         23                against.  Give your position now, and

         24                I urge this to council to introduce

         25                this piece of legislation, continue


          1                this road through and pass it in the

          2                end, and say, yes, to extend these

          3                properties to KOZ.  Thank you.

          4                     THE COURT:  Anyone else?  Mrs.

          5                Evans.

          6                     MS. EVANS:  Good evening.  At

          7                last week's council meeting I

          8                addressed the attention of Lackawanna

          9                County Junior College to renovate the

         10                former Genesis Wildlife Center into an

         11                environmental energy center at Nay Aug

         12                Park.  As I requested, a letter was

         13                sent to Mr. Angeli and the Board of

         14                Lackawanna College requesting a

         15                contribution in leu of taxes to

         16                support free swimming for children at

         17                the Nay Aug Swim Complex.  I am hoping

         18                that Lackawanna will choose to be a

         19                good neighbor and to help

         20                underprivileged children.  It was not

         21                long afterward that I read of

         22                Lackawanna's attention to take over

         23                another part of the facility, Pine

         24                Brook's Chip Feldman Field.  I can

         25                certainly understand the residents


          1                outrage and concern as this appears to

          2                be a case of déjà' vu with only one

          3                great difference, the South Side

          4                Complex was sold by this

          5                administration to the University of

          6                Scranton and to this day remains in

          7                litigation because a public park

          8                cannot and should not be sold.

          9                Apparently Lackawanna College

         10                recognizes this cannot be done without

         11                a great legal and financial battle.

         12                And this latest takeover begs

         13                questions will the city lease the park

         14                for a dollar or give it away to

         15                Lackawanna.  Much else appears

         16                alarming similar.  We, the public may

         17                use the field when it is not in use by

         18                the school.  Such use requires a

         19                permission of the school.  It does not

         20                offer unfettered access to the fields.

         21                Further, there will arise financial

         22                issue of insurance for the use of the

         23                fields.  Unlike the University of

         24                Scranton who insisted City residents

         25                take it at its word, will Lackawanna


          1                College commit to writing their

          2                agreement that the fields are open to

          3                the public.  Remember, this is a

          4                neighborhood park created and

          5                maintained largely by a neighborhood

          6                whereas college students can and do

          7                transport themselves to any location

          8                of an athletic facility.  Pine Brook's

          9                children can hardly do the same.

         10                Children have already been pushed out

         11                of the central city area just as

         12                softball games were long ago shut down

         13                at the South Side Complex.  Although

         14                replacement field for the South Side

         15                Complex was promised by the mayor

         16                several years ago, he has failed to

         17                keep that promise.  Residents continue

         18                to wait an ASA regulation sized

         19                licensed softball field, walking trail

         20                and other athletic courts including at

         21                the South Side Complex which were

         22                promised by the mayor and to be funded

         23                in part by the U of S.  Providing this

         24                replacement complex or renovating and

         25                maintaining our South Side Complex


          1                should be the priority of this

          2                administration, not giving away

          3                another publicly owned asset.  Perhaps

          4                Lackawanna College will build a

          5                beautiful baseball field or football

          6                stadium on it's own property which

          7                certainly would be a highly beneficial

          8                addition to that area of the city.

          9                However, it should refrain from taking

         10                a public neighborhood park for its

         11                use.  Equally important, Lackawanna

         12                should actively seek and listen to the

         13                input of Pine Brook residents and

         14                cooperate with their wishes since it's

         15                not just their field, it's their

         16                neighborhood, their home.  Further, as

         17                a council person, I will stand by and

         18                support Pine Brook residents and their

         19                decisions.

         20                     As you are well aware, there are

         21                numerous KOZs extensions on tonight's

         22                agenda.  Last week I stated that Mount

         23                Pleasant Corporate Center's request

         24                for a KOZ had opened the flood gates

         25                and indeed it has.  Everyone from the


          1                Ice Box who to date never paid

          2                $600,000 it owes the city for the

          3                property on which it sits to Hanover

          4                Homes of the Village of Tripp Park

          5                where streets have not been ordained

          6                and flooding and water runoff have

          7                caused Court to stop construction, to

          8                is owners of Daron Northeast who

          9                arguably have diminished the quality

         10                of the life for lower Green Ridge

         11                residents to the 500 block of

         12                Lackawanna Avenue which was built on

         13                state and local taxes to faceless,

         14                nameless businesses are shopping the

         15                Mount Pleasant Corporate Park, where

         16                have they been for the last ten years

         17                when the KOZ status was acted, and who

         18                can guarantee that KOZs won't again be

         19                extended when this new round expires.

         20                Is this economic and community

         21                development or corporate welfare?  The

         22                truth be told, it is both.  In this

         23                overall community and in our local

         24                financial straights where county

         25                raised taxes by 48 percent and the


          1                city by 25 percent while both continue

          2                to run a deficit and the school board

          3                may entertain a six percent tax height

          4                and, again, so many of you have said

          5                it as of this afternoon, Governor

          6                Rendell has announced a guaranteed tax

          7                increase for the residents of the

          8                Commonwealth Pennsylvania.  We can't

          9                ill afford to grant tax restatus to

         10                businesses.  The city is already

         11                devoured by approximately 25 percent

         12                of tax-free properties.  And when

         13                tax-free status is given to the select

         14                wealthy few, it serves to increase as

         15                so many of you have said tonight, it

         16                serves to increase the tax burden on

         17                many poor and middle class.  It also,

         18                however, unfairly contributes to

         19                driving their tax paying competitors

         20                out of the business.  Apparently the

         21                school district has decided wisely

         22                against KOZ extensions.  I applaud

         23                their decision and concur, because

         24                they did not consider such

         25                legislation, they, indeed, have made


          1                their decision publicly and that

          2                decision causes council's vote to be

          3                irrelevant.  Nevertheless, some remain

          4                hellbent on providing benefits for the

          5                few on the backs of many.

          6                     Regarding Mr. Burke's letter,

          7                it's tone is decidedly different from

          8                his previous public references to city

          9                council as an embarrassment and

         10                deterrent to local business

         11                development.  Now Mr. Burke pleads

         12                with hat in hand to council to help

         13                save the chambers multi million dollar

         14                investment.  Furthermore, I am bemused

         15                by his analogy comparing the locating

         16                of business to the purchase of a new

         17                car.  First, how many people are able

         18                to buy a brand new vehicle today?  And

         19                second, how many people can drive out

         20                of the showroom with no payments for

         21                ten years?  It seems that Mr. Burke

         22                published his letter to stir up or

         23                sway public against Scranton City

         24                Council and the school board

         25                directors, although his tenure as


          1                president of the Chamber of Commerce

          2                has been considerable, what has he

          3                done for the average Scranton worker?

          4                Has the chamber substantially boosted

          5                the low wages?  Has the chamber

          6                attracted substantial family

          7                sustaining jobs to Scranton?  Did the

          8                chamber work to prevent the closing of

          9                local business or industry such as

         10                Anemostat.  Most importantly, is Mr.

         11                Burke looking out for the taxpayer or

         12                is he protecting SLIPCO's multi

         13                million dollar investment.

         14                     In his president's message Mr.

         15                Burke states that the Chamber serves

         16                the best interest of business and that

         17                there is no better example of the

         18                dedication, hard work and leadership

         19                within our region than our between

         20                2,200 members of Greater Scranton

         21                Chamber of Commerce.  On the other

         22                hand as an elected officials, I serve

         23                the best interest of the people.

         24                Corporate welfare will not help the

         25                grandmother from South Side who stands


          1                in line with Farmers' Market food

          2                vouchers or the elderly man in West

          3                Side who struggles to walk to the

          4                drugstore because he has no car.

          5                Corporate welfare will not help the

          6                hardworking families of Scranton pay

          7                their taxes and mortgages.  I believe

          8                there is no greater example of

          9                dedication, hard work and leadership

         10                within Scranton than our countless men

         11                and women, mothers and fathers who

         12                work oftentimes more than one job to

         13                feed their families and pay their

         14                bills.  It is these men and women who

         15                cause me to believe that Scranton can

         16                and should do with the KOZ giveaways.

         17                I believe in our city's resilience,

         18                its workforce, its school district,

         19                its geographical location.  What holds

         20                it back are its wage and business

         21                taxes.  When they are lowered and

         22                unnecessary spending and borrowing is

         23                curved, Scranton will grow even more

         24                attractive to business and new

         25                residents because it will then become


          1                truly competitive with neighboring

          2                municipalities.  Until then, giveaways

          3                are not the answer, and the loss of

          4                tax revenue from KOZs makes its much

          5                more difficult to lower these

          6                oppressive taxes.  And like Mr.

          7                Rinaldi, the developer of the

          8                magnificent 500-block of Lackawanna

          9                County, I believe new business can

         10                bring in more new business, but not

         11                through KOZ or KOEZ extensions.

         12                Government tax dollars have rebuilt

         13                that lot, it's buildings, park,

         14                sidewalks, streetlights, et cetera,

         15                with the Coney Island and Buona Pizza

         16                who are eliminated from this project.

         17                One fights to remain in the downtown,

         18                while the other business owner pays

         19                for his own renovations, and yet both

         20                of those businesses have paid taxes to

         21                this city for over 40 years.  If

         22                anyone deserves help, it is they.

         23                Ladies and gentlemen, our taxes built

         24                that beautiful project.  We should not

         25                have pay their taxes now as well.  We


          1                should not have to pay taxes for

          2                businesses who move so that they can

          3                stop paying taxes.  No one -- no one

          4                here opposes economic development.  We

          5                welcome and encourage all new business

          6                to locate in our great city.  However,

          7                you do not support corporate welfare.

          8                     And finally, if a meeting occurs

          9                among the school district, county

         10                commissioners, city council, SLIPCO

         11                and Mr. Burke, I will be happy to

         12                attend if all the businesses and

         13                individuals asking KOZ and KOEZ

         14                extensions will also attend and

         15                explain to the public who will be

         16                paying their taxes why they need

         17                tax-free status at a town meeting.

         18                And although we have been invited to

         19                such a meeting on Thursday afternoon

         20                at the Chamber of Commerce, I do not

         21                believe such a meeting is frankly

         22                possible unless it becomes an open

         23                public meeting.  It will occur in

         24                violation of the Sunshine Law.

         25                     And finally I have two citizens


          1                request.  The first chunks of pavement

          2                have lifted up in the road in the 100

          3                and 200 blocks of Mary Lane in East

          4                Mountain.  According to residents some

          5                pieces are in their driveways and

          6                others are lying in the street.  This

          7                was already reported to Mr. Brazil,

          8                DPW director, but I wanted to make

          9                sure that East Mountain residents know

         10                that Mr. Brazil was notified about

         11                your problem, and I'm sure he will

         12                want to take care of it for you

         13                promptly.

         14                     And also a memo to Mr. Brazil,

         15                please send an update on the flooding

         16                stormwater runoff property on North

         17                Cameron Avenue to city council as soon

         18                as possible and that's it.

         19                     MS. GARVEY:  Mr. McGoff, I would

         20                like to say something about the Pine

         21                Brook Field.  Mrs. Evans, I spoke to

         22                Mark Dougher today about that because

         23                I was asked to find something out.  He

         24                is saying it is not being sold to

         25                Lackawanna and it is staying as it is.


          1                However, the land that they do own,

          2                they plan to construct a practice

          3                football field, a soccer field and

          4                maybe a baseball field and that was

          5                their plans as far as he was stating

          6                today.

          7                     MS. EVANS:  Thank you, Kay.

          8                That's very good to know.  I have no

          9                objection to their building any

         10                facilities that are on land and that

         11                they have purchased.  I simply did not

         12                believe that they should in anyway

         13                touch a public park.  Thanks.

         14                     MR. MCGOFF:  Miss Gatelli.

         15                     MS. GATELLI:  Well, first, I'd

         16                like to say that I got a response

         17                about the railroad cars from a person

         18                at the transportation board in

         19                Washington for Congressman Kanjorski d

         20                and they say there that they are going

         21                to move the locomotive and they are

         22                will be cleaning up the property.  So

         23                that is the latest that I have

         24                received from Congressman Kanjorski.

         25                     Also, there's a condemned


          1                property at 541 East Elm Street that

          2                the neighbors have complained about

          3                for many years and I would just like

          4                to announce that Lackawanna Neighbors

          5                has executed a contractor and they

          6                will be rebuilding that property and

          7                then they will sell it.  So the

          8                property will be rehabilitated at 531

          9                East Elm Street.    Also, Kay, if you

         10                could please get me the addresses,

         11                someone mentioned about going to see

         12                the KOZs and I think that's a good

         13                idea.  Some of them -- I'm not sure

         14                where they are or what they are.  So

         15                if you can get the addresses of

         16                exactly where they're located so we

         17                can go and visually observe

         18                properties.

         19                     I will be attending the meeting

         20                Thursday at the Chamber of Commerce.

         21                Last week I did ask that all of the

         22                bodies get together to have a meeting.

         23                I wasn't sure where it was going to

         24                happen.  I had assumed it would happen

         25                here, but apparently Mr. Burke is


          1                going to have it there.  I will be

          2                attending.  I talked to Attorney

          3                Minora about the Sunshine Law and if

          4                all of council would be able to attend

          5                a meeting, and he said that it would

          6                be fine for us to attend, and it would

          7                not be a violation of the Sunshine

          8                Law.

          9                     Secondly, we will be having our

         10                own meeting here.  I'm not sure what

         11                time it will be, but it will be next

         12                Monday and we are going to invite all

         13                the applicants that applied for KOZ to

         14                speak before council and that will be

         15                happening next Monday but I'm not sure

         16                about what time.

         17                     As far as the residential KOZ

         18                zones, I didn't approve of them, and I

         19                wasn't sitting here when the KOZs were

         20                approved.  But I do remember when the

         21                gentleman came to the KOZ over there

         22                on Euclid Avenue and he wanted to put

         23                a business I don't remember what the

         24                business was, but the neighbors had an

         25                aversion to that business and they


          1                didn't want it there.  I do remember

          2                that.  I don't remember the nature of

          3                the business but they had a lot of

          4                neighborhood meetings and decided not

          5                to allow that business to go in that

          6                particular neighborhood and that's why

          7                it did turn into a residential.

          8                     For the record, when you do build

          9                a home in Scranton, there is a

         10                two-year property tax incentive.  You

         11                do not have to pay property tax for

         12                two years, and that's an ordinance

         13                within the City of Scranton.  So even

         14                if you don't have a KOZ, you can file

         15                with the city and your property tax is

         16                abated for two years.  So we do have

         17                some type of an incentive for new home

         18                building.

         19                     Also, there seems to be a problem

         20                at Tom and Jerry's.  It's supposed to

         21                be a restaurant.  From what I

         22                understand from the neighbors, it was

         23                opened this past weekend and it is a

         24                dance club, something that violates

         25                our zoning law.  I know Mr. Seitzinger


          1                was there when they were remodeling

          2                and all the inspectors and they were

          3                told that it had to be restaurant.

          4                It's only zoned for a restaurant, not

          5                for a tavern.  So I would like a

          6                letter to go to the mayor and Mr.

          7                Seitzinger and the law department.  I

          8                think they are aware of it, but I want

          9                to be on the record, sending that

         10                letter opposing that being open as a

         11                tavern.  We certainly have enough

         12                problems on Pittston Avenue without

         13                adding one more bar to the mix.  We

         14                are in the process of trying to close

         15                one of the bars on Pittston Avenue

         16                right now.  We already closed Tony and

         17                Mary's.  As you know it's a wonderful

         18                restaurant and pizza shop right now

         19                and there is one more that is in the

         20                works for being closed.  So we don't

         21                want another one to take its place.

         22                We will be very fervent in our

         23                opposition to whoever is running that

         24                dance club on Pittston Avenue.

         25                     I would like to make a motion


          1                that we send a letter to Andy Jarbola

          2                and have him if he cannot do an

          3                investigation of the Tax Office, to

          4                advise us where we can find someone

          5                that will.  I do agree with the

          6                people.  We don't have anymore

          7                information than we had last January.

          8                I know for one thing they are not

          9                supposed to have their own solicitor.

         10                That's the one violation and yet they

         11                still have him, he's still there, he's

         12                still the spokesman.  So I don't know

         13                what the whole deal is up there but it

         14                certainly warrants someone looking

         15                into something.  I'm also very

         16                concerned, as I said last week, that

         17                we don't have the money yet.  They

         18                said that we would.  I believed them

         19                and the money is not coming.  So I'm

         20                very upset about that.  So I do think

         21                that we do need to ask Andy to please

         22                do some type of investigation or to

         23                advise us as to steps we need to take

         24                as a municipality to have the place

         25                investigated and find out exactly


          1                what's what.  So I'll make that.

          2                     MS. EVANS:  Second.

          3                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question.

          4                     MS. EVANS:  Yes.  I would just

          5                ask, though, that perhaps we can

          6                modify the motion to state that we are

          7                requesting his investigation as

          8                District Attorney of Lackawanna County

          9                into this office, because I think at

         10                least from my prospective, it's

         11                important to know whether he accepts

         12                or declines and that is his

         13                prerogative.  Should he decline,

         14                however, that provides council then or

         15                then even one individual member like

         16                myself to then seek the assistance of

         17                the state into an investigation.  So

         18                it's very important that Attorney

         19                Jarbola answer yes or no and then as

         20                she said advise us on what he feels

         21                would be the most effective route

         22                thereafter, yes.

         23                     MR. MCGOFF:  Are we asking for or

         24                this motion for investigation of Mr.

         25                McDowell as tax collector or is the


          1                motion for investigation of the Single

          2                Tax Office in general or both?

          3                     MS. GATELLI:  Well, I'd say the

          4                Tax Office in general.  If he was the

          5                collector at the time, I'm sure he is

          6                going to be part of it.  You know, if

          7                they investigate the office and what

          8                happened and laws are being violated,

          9                I'm sure they're going to have to

         10                question him and the workers.

         11                     MS. EVANS:  Well, state laws were

         12                violated during those particular

         13                years.

         14                     MS. GATELLI:  As I mentioned, the

         15                solicitor is there and that's not in

         16                our purview to have a solicitor at the

         17                Tax Office.

         18                     MS. EVANS:  But, for example, are

         19                you aware that for all of those years

         20                that the City of Scranton did not

         21                receive monthly reports from the Tax

         22                Office, the city can actually fine the

         23                tax collector in the Tax Office and we

         24                were to do that, I would think that we

         25                would be `somewhere between 50 and


          1                $100,000 that would have been owed

          2                from Mr. McDowell's tenure to the city

          3                for his violation of state law.  And

          4                that's just one example of several.

          5                     MS. GATELLI:  Yes.  So, I mean, I

          6                think he'll be brought into it

          7                regardless if we say we want him

          8                investigated.

          9                     MS. EVANS:  Well, I don't see any

         10                issue with making the statement.

         11                     MS. GATELLI:  Yeah, I don't

         12                either.

         13                     MR. MCGOFF:  Well, I guess I'm

         14                just trying to determine what it is

         15                that we're actually voting on.  You're

         16                asking -- I don't mean to put words in

         17                your mouth -- but to conduct a

         18                criminal investigation of the Single

         19                Tax Office and it's operations during

         20                the tenure of Tax Collector Ken

         21                McDowell.

         22                     MS. EVANS:  Well, I can't --

         23                     MS. GATELLI:  And to the present

         24                because the solicitor is still there.

         25                The state law is still being violated


          1                as we speak here.

          2                     MS. EVANS:  But I believe we're

          3                also looking for the investigation of

          4                the office and Mr. McDowell as former

          5                tax collector for the years he's

          6                served in office.

          7                     MR. MCGOFF:  Wait.  I guess I'm

          8                trying to stick by which Mrs. Garvey

          9                can put it into a motion.

         10                     MS. EVAN:  There was something

         11                else Mrs. Franus said about Mr.

         12                McDowell serving as county controller

         13                that the state had ruled that he as a

         14                Scranton tax collector could actively

         15                seek the office of county controller,

         16                but if elected, could not serve.  And

         17                I think she is also asking for an

         18                investigation into that as well which

         19                is another possible --  I frankly -- I

         20                cannot downplay any --

         21                     MS. GATELLI:  Why don't we say

         22                investigate any state law and what

         23                they are and what were broken and it

         24                covers all of them.

         25                     MR. MCGOFF:  Conduct a criminal


          1                investigation to the Single Tax Office

          2                and its operations during the tenure

          3                of Tax Collector Ken McDowell and any

          4                current violations of state law.

          5                     MS. EVANS:  Correct.

          6                     MS. GATELLI:  Some are still

          7                being violated.

          8                     MR. MCGOFF:  Would that be

          9                acceptable as a motion?

         10                     MS. EVANS:  Yes.  With the

         11                exception if we change the word

         12                'under' to 'and.'

         13                     MR. MCGOFF:  I think I did.  And

         14                any current violations of state law.

         15                Conduct a criminal investigation of

         16                the Single Tax Office and its

         17                operations.

         18                     MS. EVANS:  And it operations and

         19                Mr. McDowell --

         20                     MR. MCGOFF:  During the tenure

         21                off --

         22                     MS. EVANS:  I'm sorry.  I

         23                inserted a word 'under.'  Okay.

         24                Conduct A criminal investigation of

         25                the Single Tax Office and its


          1                operations and Tax Collector McDowell

          2                during the tenure of Tax Collector Ken

          3                McDowell and any current violations of

          4                state law.

          5                     MS. EVANS:  Yes.

          6                     MR. MCGOFF:  That's the motion

          7                and that's what you said?

          8                     MS. EVANS:  Yes.

          9                     MR. MCGOFF:  Okay.  Just trying

         10                to make it clear.  Are we good?

         11                Anyone else on the question?  All in

         12                favor signify by saying aye.

         13                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.

         14                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         15                     MR. MCGOFF:  Opposed?

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  No.  Ayes have it

         17                and so moved.

         18                     MS. GATELLI:  I'm going to make

         19                another motion.  Good night for

         20                motions.  And this also has to do with

         21                the Single Tax Office.  And I'm not

         22                sure -- probably have to ask Attorney

         23                Minora and his opinion on this but I'm

         24                hoping he is going to give me the one

         25                I want to hear.  I've been talking


          1                about for months and months about the

          2                declaratory judgment.  I said last

          3                week, you weren't here, Amil, that I

          4                had gone to a meeting with the school

          5                board, the county and I was there

          6                representing the city as a finance

          7                chair, and I brought up the idea of

          8                the declaratory judgment.  All of them

          9                were in favor of it.  That has to be

         10                two months ago.  They were all going

         11                to go back to their attorneys and all

         12                of the attorneys were supposed to talk

         13                to each other and file it together,

         14                and I haven't heard anything since --

         15                     MR. MINORA:  I have.

         16                     MS. GATELLI:  Have you?

         17                     MR. MINORA:  I talked to Attorney

         18                Patterson -- I guess I want to say two

         19                weeks ago, maybe a little longer.  And

         20                we discussed that and her question to

         21                me was or her thought to me was it

         22                might be better if we could just get

         23                the lawyers in the room and come to an

         24                agreement.  That would expedite

         25                everything and rather than go through


          1                the procedure, it would be longer

          2                than, you, say an agreement, and she

          3                was going to contact the other

          4                solicitor, the other lawyers and see

          5                if that was something that they were

          6                in favor of and proceed that way, if

          7                possible.  So that was the last I

          8                heard from her on that.  I don't think

          9                she opposed the idea of declaratory

         10                judgment.  Actually she just wants to

         11                go as quickly as possible.  And, of

         12                course, an agreement would be the

         13                quickest way.

         14                     MS. GATELLI:  Well, maybe instead

         15                of making the motion, we can wait one

         16                more week.  If you could, please.

         17                     MR. MINORA:  I will be glad to

         18                call Attorney Patterson.

         19                     MS. GATELLI:  Because it's

         20                getting, you know, near the end of

         21                June.

         22                     MR. MINORA:  Yeah, I'll be glad

         23                to call her.

         24                     MS. GATELLI:  If not, then I

         25                would like you to investigate the


          1                possibility of city council filing a

          2                declaratory judgment.  If we can

          3                make --

          4                     MR. MINORA:  No, we can't.

          5                     MS. GATELLI:  No.

          6                     MR. MINORA:  No.  That's an

          7                administrative function, not an

          8                legislative function.

          9                     MS. GATELLI:  Okay.  I didn't

         10                want to hear that answer.  All right.

         11                Just a few more things.  I also would

         12                like to give my condolences to the

         13                family of Donnie Holmes.  Nancy Kay

         14                and I were fellow neighborhood leaders

         15                for many years together.  She helped

         16                with many projects in South Side when

         17                it needed help, and I certainly

         18                appreciate all she did for the

         19                neighbors and when she was on city

         20                council and her husband was a teacher

         21                at West Scranton High School along

         22                with my husband.  They both taught in

         23                the Science Department.  So they were

         24                very friendly also.  So I would like

         25                to give condolences to the Holmes


          1                family.

          2                     I would like to congratulate the

          3                Class of 2009 at West Scranton High

          4                School.  We will be graduating

          5                Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m.

          6                     And last I also would like to

          7                wish everyone a Happy Father's Day,

          8                Amil and Bob, Neil.  Thank you.  And

          9                like Janet, my dad is also not here

         10                anymore.  But we'll try to remember

         11                him in our thoughts and the many kind

         12                things that he always did for us.

         13                     MS. HUMPHRIES:  Mrs. Gatelli, I

         14                would like to ask to offer sympathy to

         15                my Uncle Patsy that passed away last

         16                Sunday.  Patrick Fidela.

         17                     MS. GATELLI:  Patrick Fidela,

         18                also keep him in your thoughts.

         19                     And Happy Father's Day to you, my

         20                husband who is very good to his

         21                children and his grandchildren and my

         22                son-in-law, Jerry, who is an excellent

         23                father with his two children.

         24                     And that's all I have.  Thank

         25                you.


          1                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you.  A couple

          2                things, first asking to ask ECTV to

          3                rebroadcast the daytime meetings.  I

          4                believe the most appropriate time to

          5                rebroadcast would be Tuesday nights at

          6                6:30.  The time slot is already there.

          7                People are already conditioned to

          8                turning on at that time.  So I believe

          9                that would be the most appropriate

         10                thing to do.  I don't see why they

         11                would have any objection to that.  I

         12                don't think it would compete with any

         13                of the other programming that they may

         14                have.  So I will make that request for

         15                Tuesday night rebroadcast of the

         16                summer meetings.

         17                     Also I will, Mr.  Kupchunas, ask

         18                about the flood control.  Rather than

         19                writing a letter, I will attempt to

         20                get in touch with or I will get in

         21                touch with flood control project and

         22                personally find out what the status of

         23                that may be.   And as far as the -- I

         24                guess the biggest topic of the night

         25                or the tone of the night is the KOZ


          1                extensions and I'm not sure if the

          2                hellbent comment was meant for me, but

          3                that's okay.  I have said that I'm in

          4                favor of KOZ extensions, not all of

          5                them, but I have made it a point that

          6                I am in favor of looking at them and

          7                to making a decision as to the value

          8                of them individually.  It is by my

          9                action that there are 20-some

         10                extensions on the agenda.  I ask that

         11                they be dealt with individually

         12                because I don't think you can make, as

         13                someone said, before a black and white

         14                decision on these.  I think that some

         15                of them have value, I think that some

         16                of them are somewhat dubious in their

         17                value to the community.

         18                     With that said, I have asked or I

         19                would like to move all of them into

         20                seventh order this evening.  It would

         21                simply be for to vote them all for

         22                introduction and then as Mrs. Gatelli

         23                indicated before, that we would then

         24                conduct it at an executive meeting at

         25                which time we invite interested


          1                parties to speak, and then after

          2                hearing what people had to say as far

          3                as the extensions were concerned, then

          4                we would be able to make a hopefully

          5                more educated decision.  I think there

          6                were some suggestions made tonight

          7                that are very valid.  I think Mr.

          8                Sbaraglia's suggestion to take a look

          9                at, you know, some of the properties

         10                is a good idea.  I have not had -- I

         11                am familiar with some of the requests,

         12                certainly not with all of them.

         13                Another week would allow all council

         14                to take a better look at the -- what's

         15                before us and then make a valued

         16                decision as to whether they would

         17                offer our approval or not.  And

         18                remember, we are not granting these

         19                extensions.  All we are doing is

         20                offering a support to them, a letter

         21                of support saying that, yes, we find

         22                this particular piece of legislation

         23                to be of value.

         24                     As far as the school board, I

         25                spoke with members of the school board


          1                and they felt that they not putting it

          2                on the agenda acting as a vote, that

          3                was their interpretation.  I believe

          4                that we operate differently.

          5                Legislation was placed before us.  I

          6                believe it is our obligation to vote

          7                on that legislation.  Whether we vote

          8                yes or no is important, but I believe

          9                that we are all obligated to vote and

         10                that is why they are on our agenda.

         11                If the school board has decided not to

         12                place it on their agenda, that's their

         13                decision.  But it is my decision to

         14                have these on the agenda and to ask

         15                for each and everyone of us to vote.

         16                No matter what that vote may be, once

         17                it's decided that will be the decision

         18                and it is irrespective of whatever the

         19                school board would do.  And we'll,

         20                again, we will see how the vote goes

         21                on these this evening.  And as I said,

         22                if there are a substantial number that

         23                are voted into for introduction, then

         24                I will make a motion to have a special

         25                meeting, an executive meeting next


          1                Monday at which time we will hear

          2                information about each of the

          3                applications.  And as Mrs. -- there is

          4                a meeting scheduled for Thursday and

          5                Attorney Minora did say that as long

          6                as we could not deliberate, as long as

          7                we do not consult on extensions or act

          8                as a legislative body during that

          9                meeting, then we are in violation of

         10                the Sunshine Act.  As long as it is

         11                for information gathering only, then

         12                three or more members may attend and

         13                hopefully as many members of council

         14                as possible will be there.  Hopefully

         15                members of the school board will

         16                attend, hopefully some of the people

         17                who have applied have been invited to

         18                attend.  I know it has specifically to

         19                do with the Mount Pleasant project but

         20                obviously there are others overriding.

         21                You know, it's great that it's just

         22                the Mount Pleasant issue.  There are

         23                many more as Mrs. Evans said, the

         24                flood gates did open and it was

         25                anticipated and so we are now more


          1                than just one project, and hopefully

          2                we can look at them individually and

          3                make value decisions on each and every

          4                one of them.

          5                     And with that, let's move to

          6                fifth order, if you please.

          7                     MS. EVANS:  Mr. McGoff, just one

          8                concern, however.  Since I've been

          9                seated on council and I know even on

         10                your tenure on council, there have

         11                been meetings conducted to which

         12                council was invited, and we have

         13                discussions during our caucus as to

         14                which members of city council would

         15                attend because we recognize that we

         16                were not all able to attend under the

         17                Sunshine Law.  So this has happened

         18                before and I'm just wondering why now

         19                since, you know, I do know that

         20                discussions of personnel issues are

         21                protected under the Sunshine Law.  But

         22                anything beyond that -- you know,

         23                council has never appeared all five

         24                simultaneously at any meeting since

         25                I've been seated on council, and I


          1                think we might be get into some

          2                dangerous territory there.  Unless we

          3                can open this up to everyone.  You

          4                know, if the public is invited to the

          5                chamber and --

          6                     MR. MCGOFF:  I'm not making the

          7                invite.  I can't extend an invitation

          8                on behalf of the chamber.  But I would

          9                ask Attorney Minora if he would please

         10                just investigate the alleged

         11                violation --

         12                     MR. MINORA:  I did look at the

         13                statute.

         14                     MR. MCGOFF:  And if so, then we

         15                will ask that only two members attend

         16                the meeting.

         17                     MR. MINORA:  I did take a look at

         18                the statute before I spoke to you.  I

         19                will look at some cases and double

         20                check and I'll feel comfortable that

         21                that is correct but I'll look again.

         22                               MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you.

         23                And I'm sorry.  Something came up

         24                before, someone mentioned about the

         25                county and I forgot, I was going to


          1                read this.  The county as far as the

          2                KOZ extensions, just very quickly.

          3                This was a resolution that was adopted

          4                May 14, 2008, some of the more

          5                pertinent wording:  "Whereas the

          6                County of Lackawanna County desires to

          7                extend its approval of the tax

          8                deductions made into credits as

          9                authorized by the act, the act being

         10                the extensions, consisted with the

         11                final provisions of House Bill No.

         12                2297, be it resolved the Board of

         13                Commissioners of Lackawanna County

         14                does hereby grant and accept the

         15                extension of KOZ, KOEZ.  Said approval

         16                to cover all undeveloped and

         17                unoccupied buildings currently

         18                designated KOZ and KOEZ."  All right.

         19                I think that's pretty straight forward

         20                as to what their intent was.  And it's

         21                signed by all three commissioners and

         22                attested to by their chief of staff

         23                and their solicitor.  Fifth order.

         24                     MS. GATELLI:  I just want --

         25                     MR. MCGOFF:  I'm sorry.


          1                     MS. GATELLI:  I just have one

          2                thing.  I made a faux pas tonight and

          3                I want to correct it before people at

          4                531 East Elm get too excited about

          5                what I said.  Because the rest of the

          6                letter says that Lackawanna Neighbors

          7                is not purchasing the home located at

          8                531 East Elm.  There were major

          9                problems with the title.  It's

         10                unfortunate, because they told me that

         11                it was going to happen when we went

         12                into an open house on another property

         13                on Hickory Street.  So I'm very

         14                saddened that is going to stay the way

         15                it is, and if Kay would please send a

         16                letter to Mr. Seitzinger to please put

         17                it on the demolition list.  Thank you.

         18                The money is going back into the

         19                program so it will be used for another

         20                house that they'll rehabilitate.

         21                They've done several in our

         22                neighborhood and they do a wonderful

         23                job.  So I trust in all the work that

         24                they do.  And I'm sure they'll find

         25                another home to use the money for, but


          1                it's unfortunate because the house

          2                really needed to be rehabilitated or

          3                have something done with it.  It's

          4                been in a deplorable condition for

          5                many years.  So I'm sorry for that

          6                mistake.  Thank you.

          7                     MS. GARVEY:  Fifth order, 5B. FOR


          9                FOR THE ACCEPTANCE AND DEDICATION AS

         10                PUBLIC ROADS WILLIAMSBURG LANE,

         11                NORFOLK WAY, ROANOKE LANE, ARLINGTON

         12                WAY, CHESTERFIELD LANE AND HUNTINGTON

         13                WAY, AS WELL AS ALL THE STORM DRAINAGE

         14                SYSTEM UNDERLYING SAID STREETS AND

         15                RIGHTS-OF-WAY; ALL OF THE


         17                LOCATED IN THE KEYSER TERRACE

         18                SUBDIVISION IN THE CITY OF

         19                SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA; ALSO

         20                AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR AND OTHER


         22                FOR THE SUM OF ONE DOLLAR ($1.00) AND

         23                TO RECORD IN THE OFFICIAL RECORDS

         24                AT THE OFFICE OF THE RECORDER OF DEEDS

         25                FOR LACKAWANNA COUNTY A DEED FOR THE


          1                AFORESAID PUBLIC STREETS AND

          2                IMPROVEMENTS.

          3                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

          4                entertain a motion that Item 5-B be

          5                introduced into its proper committee.

          6                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

          7                     MS. EVANS:  Second.

          8                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

          9                All those in favor signify by saying

         10                aye.

         11                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.

         12                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         13                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The

         14                ayes have it and so moved.

         15                     MS. GATELLI:  I'd like before we

         16                go on, I'd like to make a motion that

         17                we have a public hearing on June 30th

         18                at 9:45 in the morning on that

         19                particular ordinance.

         20                     MS. EVANS:  Second.

         21                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

         22                All in favor signify by saying aye.

         23                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         24                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.

         25                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.


          1                     MR. MCGOFF:  Opposed?  Ayes have

          2                it and so moved.

          3                     MS. GARVEY:  5C. FOR INTRODUCTION

          4                A RESOLUTION  AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR


          6                TO EXECUTE AND ENTER INTO AN


          8                ASSIGNMENT OF ALL RIGHTS AND


         10                CRUISER LEASE OF OFFICER RICHARD

         11                IANNUZZO TO OFFICER ROBERT HEGEDUS.

         12                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

         13                entertain a motion that Item 5-C be

         14                introduced into its proper committee.

         15                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

         16                     MS. EVANS:  Second.

         17                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

         18                All those in favor signify by saying

         19                aye.

         20                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         21                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.

         22                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?   The

         23                ayes have it and so moved.

         24                     MS. GARVEY:  5D. FOR INTRODUCTION

         25                A RESOLUTION  RE-APPOINTMENT OF


          1                MICHAEL C. SALERNO, 1200 BRYN MAWR

          2                STREET, SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA, 18504,

          3                AS A MEMBER OF THE SCRANTON PARKING

          4                AUTHORITY FOR A TERM OF FIVE (5)

          5                YEARS.  MR. SALERNO'S CURRENT TERM

          6                EXPIRED ON JUNE 1, 2009 AND HIS NEW

          7                TERM WILL EXPIRE ON JUNE 1, 2014.

          8                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

          9                entertain a motion that Item 5-D be

         10                introduced into its proper committee.

         11                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

         12                     MS. EVANS:  Second.

         13                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

         14                All those in favor signify by saying

         15                aye.

         16                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         17                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.

         18                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The

         19                ayes have it and so moved.

         20                     MS. GARVEY:  5E. FOR INTRODUCTION

         21                - A RESOLUTION  AUTHORIZING REVISION

         22                OF THE EXISTING TRAFFIC SIGNAL ALONG

         23                7TH AVENUE/PROVIDENCE ROAD (SR 3029)

         24                AT THE INTERSECTION WITH MUNCHAK WAY

         25                AND OLIVE STREET TO INCLUDE A NEW


          1                DRIVEWAY APPROACH FOR THE SCRANTON

          2                RECREATIONAL COMPLEX WHICH IS

          3                PRESENTLY REFERRED TO AS THE ICE BOX

          4                COMPLEX.

          5                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

          6                entertain a motion that Item 5-E be

          7                introduced into its proper committee.

          8                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

          9                     MS. EVANS:  Second.

         10                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

         11                All those in favor signify by saying

         12                aye.

         13                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         14                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.

         15                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The

         16                ayes have it and so moved.

         17                     MS. GARVEY:  5F. FOR INTRODUCTION

         18                A RESOLUTION  A RESOLUTION EXTENDING

         19                THE TERM OF REAL PROPERTY, EARNED

         20                INCOME TAX, NET PROFITS, MERCANTILE

         21                TAX, AND BUSINESS PRIVILEGE TAXES


         23                COMMONLY KNOWN AS 2800 BOULEVARD

         24                AVENUE, SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA,



          1                ZONE, IN ORDER TO FOSTER ECONOMIC


          3                COMMERCIAL, AND RESIDENTIAL



          6                THE ABOVE DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY

          7                OF SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

          8                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

          9                CONDITIONS.

         10                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

         11                entertain a motion that Item 5-F be

         12                introduced into its proper committee.

         13                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

         14                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.

         15                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

         16                All those in favor signify by saying

         17                aye.

         18                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         19                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

         20                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         21                     MR. MCGOFF:  The ayes have it and

         22                so moved.

         23                     MS. GARVEY:  5G. FOR INTRODUCTION

         24                A RESOLUTION  EXTENDING THE TERM OF

         25                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET


          1                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND BUSINESS

          2                PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A SPECIFIC


          4                510-512 LACKAWANNA AVENUE, SCRANTON,

          5                PENNSYLVANIA, WHICH WAS CONVEYED TO

          6                500 LACKAWANNA AVENUE DEVELOPMENT

          7                COMPANY BY DEED DATED JUNE 30, 2008,

          8                RECORDED IN THE LACKAWANNA COUNTY

          9                RECORDER OF DEEDS OFFICE AS

         10                INSTRUMENTAL NUMBER 200830707 AND

         11                ASSIGNED TAX MAP NUMBER 15643-010-001,


         13                ZONE IN ORDER TO FOSTER ECONOMIC


         15                COMMERCIAL, AND RESIDENTIAL



         18                THE ABOVE DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY

         19                OF SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

         20                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

         21                CONDITIONS.

         22                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

         23                entertain a motion that Item 5-G be

         24                introduced into its proper committee.

         25                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.


          1                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

          2                question?  All those in favor signify

          3                by saying aye.

          4                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

          5                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

          6                     MS. EVANS:  No.

          7                     MR. MCGOFF:  The ayes have it and

          8                so moved.

          9                     MS. GARVEY:  5H. FOR INTRODUCTION

         10                A RESOLUTION  EXTENDING THE TERM OF

         11                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

         12                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND BUSINESS

         13                PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A SPECIFIC

         14                GEOGRAPHIC AREA OWNED BY DDRC REALTY

         15                COMPANY, LOCATED AT WEST MERIDIAN AND

         16                NORTH 9TH STREETS, SCRANTON,

         17                PENNSYLVANIA, MORE FULLY DESCRIBED IN

         18                DEED DATED JUNE 12, 2000, RECORDED IN

         19                LACKAWANNA COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS

         20                OFFICE AT RECORD BOOK 265, PAGE 265 ET

         21                SEQ. AND ASSIGNED TAX MAP NUMBER

         22                14518-080-0034 DESIGNATED AS A

         23                KEYSTONE OPPORTUNITY ZONE, IN ORDER TO

         24                FOSTER ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES,

         25                STIMULATE INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, AND



          2                PHYSICAL AND INFRASTRUCTURE

          3                DETERIORATION WITHIN THE ABOVE

          4                DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY OF

          5                SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

          6                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

          7                CONDITIONS.

          8                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

          9                entertain a motion that Item 5-H be

         10                introduced into its proper committee.

         11                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

         12                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

         13                question?  All those in favor signify

         14                by saying aye.

         15                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

         17                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         18                     MR. MCGOFF:  The ayes have it and

         19                so moved.

         20                     MS. GARVEY:  5I. FOR INTRODUCTION

         21                A RESOLUTION - EXTENDING THE TERM OF

         22                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

         23                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND

         24                BUSINESS PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A



          1                THREE PARCELS OF LAND AND

          2                LOCATED AT ELECTRIC AND DELAWARE

          3                STREETS AND DICKSON AVENUE, SCRANTON,

          4                PENNSYLVANIA, WHICH WERE CONVEYED TO

          5                KC REALTY, L.P., BY DEED DATED

          6                FEBRUARY 13, 2002 AND RECORDED IN

          7                LACKAWANNA COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS

          8                OFFICE AS DEED BOOK 0604 PAGE 5563 ET

          9                SEQ., DESIGNATED AS A KEYSTONE

         10                OPPORTUNITY ZONE IN ORDER TO FOSTER

         11                ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES, STIMULATE

         12                INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, AND


         14                PHYSICAL AND INFRASTRUCTURE

         15                DETERIORATION WITHIN THE ABOVE

         16                DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY OF

         17                SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

         18                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

         19                CONDITIONS.

         20                       MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

         21                entertain a motion that Item 5-I be

         22                introduced into its proper committee.

         23                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

         24                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.

         25                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?


          1                All in favor signify by saying aye.

          2                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

          3                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

          4                     MS. EVANS:  No.

          5                     MR. MCGOFF:  The ayes have it and

          6                so moved.

          7                     MS. GARVEY:  5J. FOR INTRODUCTION

          8                A RESOLUTION - EXTENDING THE TERM OF

          9                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

         10                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND BUSINESS

         11                PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A SPECIFIC

         12                GEOGRAPHIC AREA CONSISTING OF THREE

         13                TRACTS OF LAND AND LOCATED AT

         14                PROVIDENCE ROAD AND WEST OLIVE STREET,

         15                SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA, WHICH WAS

         16                LEASED BY THE CITY OF SCRANTON TO BRT

         17                ICE, L.P., A MEMORANDUM OF WHICH WAS

         18                RECORDED ON AUGUST 14, 2006 IN

         19                LACKAWANNA COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS

         20                OFFICE AS INSTRUMENT NUMBER 200622930,


         22                ZONE IN ORDER TO FOSTER ECONOMIC


         24                COMMERCIAL, AND RESIDENTIAL




          2                THE ABOVE DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY

          3                OF SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

          4                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

          5                CONDITIONS.

          6                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time

          7                I'll entertain a motion that Item 5-J

          8                be introduced into its proper

          9                committee.

         10                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

         11                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

         12                question?  All those in favor signify

         13                by saying aye.

         14                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         15                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

         16                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         17                     MR. MCGOFF:  The ayes have it and

         18                so moved.

         19                     MS. GARVEY:  5K. FOR INTRODUCTION

         20                A RESOLUTION - EXTENDING THE TERM OF

         21                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

         22                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND BUSINESS

         23                PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A SPECIFIC


         25                A PORTION OF BAKER COLLIERY, SCRANTON,


          1                PENNSYLVANIA, WHICH WAS CONVEYED TO

          2                CSY, INC. BY DEED DATED FEBRUARY 25,

          3                1998 AND RECORDED IN LACKAWANNA COUNTY

          4                RECORDER OF DEEDS OFFICE AS DEED BOOK

          5                1617, PAGE 483 ET SEQ., AND

          6                ASSIGNED TAX MAP NUMBER 15618-

          7                020-001, DESIGNATED AS A KEYSTONE

          8                OPPORTUNITY EXPANSION ZONE, IN ORDER

          9                TO FOSTER ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES,

         10                STIMULATE INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, AND

         11                RESIDENTIAL IMPROVEMENTS AND


         13                DETERIORATION WITHIN THE ABOVE

         14                DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY OF

         15                SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

         16                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

         17                CONDITIONS.

         18                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

         19                entertain a motion that Item 5-K be

         20                introduced.

         21                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

         22                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

         23                question?  All those in favor signify

         24                by saying aye.

         25                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.


          1                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

          2                     MS. EVANS:  No.

          3                     MR. MCGOFF:  The ayes have it and

          4                so moved.

          5                     MS. GARVEY:  5L. FOR INTRODUCTION

          6                A RESOLUTION - EXTENDING THE TERM OF

          7                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

          8                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND BUSINESS

          9                PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A SPECIFIC


         11                A PORTION OF BAKER COLLIERY, SCRANTON,

         12                PENNSYLVANIA, WHICH WAS CONVEYED TO

         13                CSY, INC. BY DEED DATED FEBRUARY 23,

         14                1998 AND RECORDED IN LACKAWANNA COUNTY

         15                RECORDER OF DEEDS OFFICE AS DEED BOOK

         16                1617, PAGE 494 ET SEQ., AND ASSIGNED

         17                TAX MAP NUMBER 15614-040-001,


         19                EXPANSION ZONE, IN ORDER TO FOSTER

         20                ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES, STIMULATE

         21                INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, AND

         22                RESIDENTIAL IMPROVEMENTS AND


         24                DETERIORATION WITHIN THE ABOVE

         25                DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY OF


          1                SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

          2                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

          3                CONDITIONS.

          4                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

          5                entertain a motion that Item 5-L be

          6                introduced into its proper committee.

          7                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

          8                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

          9                question?  All those in favor signify

         10                by saying aye.

         11                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         12                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

         13                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         14                     MR. MCGOFF:  The ayes have it and

         15                so moved.

         16                     MS. GARVEY:  5M. FOR INTRODUCTION

         17                A RESOLUTION - EXTENDING THE TERM OF

         18                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

         19                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND BUSINESS

         20                PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A SPECIFIC


         22                820 SOUTH WASHINGTON AVENUE, SCRANTON,

         23                PENNSYLVANIA, WHICH WAS CONVEYED TO

         24                D&L REALTY BY DEED DATED JULY 3, 1997

         25                AND RECORDED IN LACKAWANNA COUNTY


          1                RECORDER OF DEEDS OFFICE AS DEED BOOK

          2                1593, PAGE 98 ET SEQ., AND ASSIGNED

          3                TAX MAP NUMBER 15657-020-003,


          5                EXPANSION ZONE, IN ORDER TO FOSTER

          6                ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES, STIMULATE

          7                INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, AND


          9                PHYSICAL AND INFRASTRUCTURE

         10                DETERIORATION WITHIN THE ABOVE

         11                DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY OF

         12                SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

         13                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

         14                CONDITIONS.

         15                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

         16                entertain a motion that Item 5-M be

         17                introduced into its proper committee.

         18                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

         19                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

         20                question?  All in favor signify by

         21                saying aye.

         22                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         23                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

         24                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         25                     MR. MCGOFF:  The ayes have it and


          1                so moved.

          2                     MS. GARVEY:  5N. FOR INTRODUCTION

          3                A RESOLUTION - EXTENDING THE TERM OF

          4                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

          5                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND BUSINESS

          6                PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A SPECIFIC

          7                GEOGRAPHIC AREA LOCATED ON MICA &

          8                SILEX AND MINERAL AVENUE, SCRANTON,

          9                PENNSYLVANIA, WHICH PROPERTY WAS

         10                CONVEYED TO D & L REALTY ON APRIL 28,

         11                1997 BY DEED BOOK 1593 AT PAGE 480

         12                ACCORDING TO THE LACKAWANNA COUNTY

         13                ASSESSOR'S OFFICE, AND ASSIGNED TAX

         14                MAP NUMBER 14516-030-002, DESIGNATED

         15                AS A KEYSTONE OPPORTUNITY EXPANSION

         16                ZONE, IN ORDER TO FOSTER ECONOMIC

         17                OPPORTUNITIES, STIMULATE

         18                INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, AND

         19                RESIDENTIAL IMPROVEMENTS AND


         21                DETERIORATION WITHIN THE ABOVE

         22                DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY OF

         23                SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

         24                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

         25                CONDITIONS.


          1                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

          2                entertain a motion that Item 5-N be

          3                introduced into its proper committee.

          4                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

          5                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

          6                question?  All those in favor signify

          7                     by saying aye.

          8                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

          9                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

         10                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         11                     MR. MCGOFF:  The ayes have it and

         12                so moved.

         13                     MS. GARVEY: 5-O. FOR INTRODUCTION

         14                A RESOLUTION - EXTENDING THE TERM OF

         15                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

         16                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND BUSINESS

         17                PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A SPECIFIC


         19                A PORTION OF DL & W & D-MINERAL

         20                AVENUE, SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA, WHICH

         21                WAS CONVEYED TO D & L REALTY ON APRIL

         22                28, 1997 AS DEED BOOK 1593 AT PAGE 480

         23                ACCORDING TO THE LACKAWANNA COUNTY

         24                ASSESSOR'S OFFICE, AND ASSIGNED TAX

         25                MAP NUMBER 14516-030-047, DESIGNATED


          1                AS A KEYSTONE OPPORTUNITY EXPANSION

          2                ZONE, IN ORDER TO FOSTER ECONOMIC

          3                OPPORTUNITIES, STIMULATE

          4                INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, AND

          5                RESIDENTIAL IMPROVEMENTS AND


          7                DETERIORATION WITHIN THE ABOVE

          8                DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY OF

          9                SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

         10                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

         11                CONDITIONS.

         12                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

         13                entertain a motion that Item 5-O be

         14                introduced into its proper committee.

         15                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

         17                question?  All those in favor signify

         18                by saying aye.

         19                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         20                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

         21                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         22                     MR. MCGOFF:  The ayes have it and

         23                     so moved.

         24                     MS. GARVEY:  5P. FOR INTRODUCTION

         25                A RESOLUTION - EXTENDING THE TERM OF


          1                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

          2                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND BUSINESS

          3                PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A SPECIFIC


          5                A PORTION OF NW SIDE BLVD AVE MARVINE

          6                BRIDGE, SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA,

          7                WHICH WAS ACQUIRED BY LOUIS AND

          8                DOMINICK DENAPLES ON AUGUST 19, 1987

          9                AS MORE FULLY DESCRIBED ACCORDING TO

         10                THE LACKAWANNA COUNTY ASSESSOR'S

         11                OFFICE AS DEED BOOK 606 AT PAGE 389,

         12                AND ASSIGNED TAX MAP NUMBER

         13                12403-040-008, DESIGNATED AS A


         15                IN ORDER TO FOSTER ECONOMIC

         16                OPPORTUNITIES, STIMULATE

         17                INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, AND

         18                RESIDENTIAL IMPROVEMENTS AND


         20                DETERIORATION WITHIN THE ABOVE

         21                DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY OF

         22                SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

         23                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

         24                CONDITIONS.

         25                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll


          1                entertain a motion that Item 5-P be

          2                introduced into its proper committee.

          3                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

          4                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

          5                question?  All those in favor signify

          6                by saying aye.

          7                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

          8                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

          9                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         10                     MR. MCGOFF:  The ayes have it and

         11                so moved.

         12                     MS. GARVEY:  5Q. FOR INTRODUCTION

         13                A RESOLUTION - EXTENDING THE TERM OF

         14                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

         15                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND BUSINESS

         16                PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A SPECIFIC

         17                GEOGRAPHIC AREA OWNED BY LACKAWANNA

         18                ENERGY, LTD., LOCATED AT NASSAU AND

         19                BROWN STREET AND THE TRIPP TRACT,

         20                SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA, WHICH IS A

         21                PORTION OF THE PROPERTY CONVEYED

         22                TO LACKAWANNA ENERGY, LTD. BY DEED

         23                DATED MARCH 8, 1979, RECORDED IN

         24                LACKAWANNA COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS

         25                OFFICE AT DEED BOOK 969, PAGE 766 ET


          1                SEQ., CONSISTING OF NASSAU

          2                BROWN TRACT A , ASSIGNED TAX MAP

          3                NUMBER 13410-010-01801; TRIPP TRACT,

          4                ASSIGNED TAX MAP NUMBER 13414-020-002;

          5                AND NASSAU BROWN TRACT B, ASSIGNED TAX

          6                MAP NUMBER 13414-020-003, DESIGNATED

          7                AS A KEYSTONE OPPORTUNITY ZONE, IN

          8                ORDER TO FOSTER ECONOMIC

          9                OPPORTUNITIES, STIMULATE

         10                INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, AND

         11                RESIDENTIAL IMPROVEMENTS AND


         13                DETERIORATION WITHIN THE ABOVE

         14                DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY OF

         15                SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

         16                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

         17                CONDITIONS.

         18                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

         19                entertain a motion that Item 5-Q be

         20                introduced into its proper committee.

         21                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

         22                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

         23                question?  All those in favor signify

         24                     by saying aye.

         25                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.


          1                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

          2                     MS. EVANS:  No.

          3                     MR. MCGOFF:  The ayes have it and

          4                so moved.

          5                     MS. GARVEY:  5R. FOR INTRODUCTION

          6                A RESOLUTION - EXTENDING THE TERM OF

          7                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

          8                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND BUSINESS

          9                PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A SPECIFIC


         11                LOT 103 OF “THE VILLAGE AT TRIPP

         12                PARK”, WHICH WAS CONVEYED TO HANOVER

         13                HOMES NORTH CORPORATION BY DEED DATED

         14                DECEMBER 14, 2005, RECORDED IN THE

         15                LACKAWANNA COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS

         16                OFFICE AS INSTRUMENT NUMBER 200536830

         17                AND ASSIGNED TAX MAP NUMBER

         18                13415-040-001 103, DESIGNATED AS A

         19                KEYSTONE OPPORTUNITY ZONE IN ORDER TO

         20                FOSTER ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES,

         21                STIMULATE INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, AND

         22                RESIDENTIAL IMPROVEMENTS AND


         24                DETERIORATION WITHIN THE ABOVE

         25                DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY OF


          1                SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

          2                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

          3                CONDITIONS.

          4                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

          5                entertain a motion that Item 5-R be

          6                introduced into its proper committee.

          7                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

          8                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

          9                question?  All those in favor signify

         10                by saying aye.

         11                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         12                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

         13                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         14                     MR. MCGOFF:  The ayes have it and

         15                so moved.

         16                     MS. GARVEY:  5S. FOR INTRODUCTION

         17                A RESOLUTION - EXTENDING THE TERM OF

         18                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

         19                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND BUSINESS

         20                PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A SPECIFIC


         22                LOT 105 OF “THE VILLAGE AT TRIPP

         23                PARK”, WHICH WAS CONVEYED TO HANOVER

         24                HOMES NORTH CORPORATION BY DEED DATED

         25                DECEMBER 14, 2005, RECORDED IN THE


          1                LACKAWANNA COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS

          2                OFFICE AS INSTRUMENT NUMBER 200536831

          3                AND ASSIGNED TAX MAP NUMBER

          4                13415-040-001 105, DESIGNATED AS A

          5                KEYSTONE OPPORTUNITY ZONE IN ORDER TO

          6                FOSTER ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES,

          7                STIMULATE INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, AND

          8                RESIDENTIAL IMPROVEMENTS AND


         10                DETERIORATION WITHIN THE ABOVE

         11                DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY OF

         12                SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

         13                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

         14                CONDITIONS.

         15                      MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

         16                entertain a motion that Item 5-S be

         17                introduced into its proper committee.

         18                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

         19                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

         20                question?  All those in favor signify

         21                by saying aye.

         22                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         23                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

         24                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         25                     MR. MCGOFF:  The ayes have it and


          1                so moved.

          2                     MS. GARVEY:  5T. FOR INTRODUCTION

          3                A RESOLUTION - EXTENDING THE TERM OF

          4                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

          5                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND BUSINESS

          6                PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A SPECIFIC


          8                101 GIRARD AVENUE, SCRANTON,

          9                PENNSYLVANIA, ALSO KNOWN AS LOT 107 OF

         10                “THE VILLAGE OF TRIPP PARK”, WHICH WAS

         11                CONVEYED TO ROGER LEONARD BY DEED

         12                DATED SEPTEMBER 8, 2008 AND ASSIGNED

         13                TAX MAP NUMBER 13415-040-01107,

         14                DESIGNATED AS A KEYSTONE

         15                OPPORTUNITY ZONE, IN ORDER TO FOSTER

         16                ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES, STIMULATE

         17                INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, AND


         19                PHYSICAL AND INFRASTRUCTURE

         20                DETERIORATION WITHIN THE ABOVE

         21                DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY OF

         22                SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

         23                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

         24                CONDITIONS.

         25                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time


          1                I'll entertain a motion that Item 5-T

          2                be introduced into its proper

          3                committee.

          4                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

          5                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

          6                question?  All those in favor signify

          7                by saying aye.

          8                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

          9                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

         10                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         11                     MR. MCGOFF:  The ayes have it and

         12                so moved.

         13                     MS. GARVEY:  5U. FOR INTRODUCTION

         14                A RESOLUTION - EXTENDING THE TERM OF

         15                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

         16                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND BUSINESS

         17                PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A SPECIFIC


         19                LOT 112 OF “THE VILLAGE AT TRIPP

         20                PARK”, WHICH WAS CONVEYED TO HANOVER

         21                HOMES NORTH CORPORATION BY DEED DATED

         22                DECEMBER 14, 2005, RECORDED IN THE

         23                LACKAWANNA COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS

         24                OFFICE AS INSTRUMENT NUMBER 200536832

         25                AND ASSIGNED TAX MAP NUMBER


          1                13415-040-001 112, DESIGNATED AS A

          2                KEYSTONE OPPORTUNITY ZONE IN ORDER TO

          3                FOSTER ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES,

          4                STIMULATE INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, AND

          5                RESIDENTIAL IMPROVEMENTS AND


          7                DETERIORATION WITHIN THE ABOVE

          8                DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY OF

          9                SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

         10                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

         11                CONDITIONS.

         12                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time

         13                I'll entertain a motion that Item 5-U

         14                be introduced into its proper

         15                committee.

         16                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

         17                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

         18                question?  All those in favor signify

         19                by saying aye.

         20                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         21                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

         22                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         23                     MR. MCGOFF:  The ayes have it and

         24                so moved.

         25                     MS. GARVEY:  5V. FOR INTRODUCTION


          1                A RESOLUTION - EXTENDING THE TERM OF

          2                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

          3                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND

          4                BUSINESS PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A


          6                KNOWN AS LOT 114 OF “THE

          7                VILLAGE AT TRIPP PARK”, WHICH WAS

          8                CONVEYED TO HANOVER HOMES NORTH

          9                CORPORATION BY DEED DATED DECEMBER 14,

         10                2005, RECORDED IN THE LACKAWANNA

         11                COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS OFFICE AS

         12                INSTRUMENT NUMBER 200536834 AND

         13                ASSIGNED TAX MAP NUMBER

         14                13415-040-001 114, DESIGNATED AS A

         15                KEYSTONE OPPORTUNITY ZONE IN ORDER TO

         16                FOSTER ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES,

         17                STIMULATE INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, AND

         18                RESIDENTIAL IMPROVEMENTS AND


         20                DETERIORATION WITHIN THE ABOVE

         21                DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY OF

         22                SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

         23                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

         24                CONDITIONS.

         25                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll


          1                entertain a motion that Item 5-V be

          2                introduced into its proper committee.

          3                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

          4                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

          5                question?  All those in favor signify

          6                by saying aye.

          7                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

          8                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

          9                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         10                     MR. MCGOFF:  Ayes have it and

         11           so moved.

         12                     MS. GARVEY:  5W. FOR INTRODUCTION

         13                A RESOLUTION - EXTENDING THE TERM OF

         14                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

         15                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND BUSINESS

         16                PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A SPECIFIC


         18                1508 EUCLID AVENUE, SCRANTON,

         19                PENNSYLVANIA, 18504 ALSO KNOWN AS LOT

         20                120 OF “THE VILLAGE OF TRIPP PARK”,

         21                WHICH WAS CONVEYED TO BRIAN KIZER AND

         22                KRIS KIZER, HIS WIFE, BY DEED DATED

         23                JUNE 4, 2009, AND ASSIGNED TAX MAP

         24                NUMBER 13415-040-001.120, DESIGNATED

         25                AS A KEYSTONE OPPORTUNITY ZONE, IN


          1                ORDER TO FOSTER ECONOMIC


          3                COMMERCIAL, AND RESIDENTIAL



          6                THE ABOVE DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY

          7                OF SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

          8                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

          9                CONDITIONS.

         10                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

         11                entertain a motion that Item 5-W be

         12                introduced into its proper committee.

         13                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

         14                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

         15                     question?  All those in favor

         16                signify by saying aye.

         17                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         18                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

         19                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         20                     MR. MCGOFF:  Ayes have it and

         21           so moved.

         22                     MS. GARVEY:  5X. FOR INTRODUCTION

         23                A RESOLUTION - EXTENDING THE TERM OF

         24                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

         25                PROFITS, MERCANTILE TAX, AND BUSINESS


          1                PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A SPECIFIC


          3                LOT 121 OF “THE VILLAGE AT TRIPP

          4                PARK”, WHICH WAS CONVEYED TO HANOVER

          5                HOMES NORTH CORPORATION BY DEED DATED

          6                DECEMBER 14, 2005, RECORDED IN THE

          7                LACKAWANNA COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS

          8                OFFICE AS INSTRUMENT NUMBER 200536827

          9                AND ASSIGNED TAX MAP NUMBER

         10                13415-040-001 121, DESIGNATED AS A

         11                KEYSTONE OPPORTUNITY ZONE IN ORDER TO

         12                FOSTER ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES,

         13                STIMULATE INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, AND

         14                RESIDENTIAL IMPROVEMENTS AND


         16                DETERIORATION WITHIN THE ABOVE

         17                DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY OF

         18                SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

         19                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

         20                CONDITIONS.

         21                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

         22                entertain a motion that Item 5-X be

         23                introduced into its proper committee.

         24                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

         25                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the


          1                question?  All those in favor signify

          2                by saying aye.

          3                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

          4                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

          5                     MS. EVANS:  No.

          6                     MR. MCGOFF:  Ayes have it and

          7                so moved.

          8                     MS. GARVEY:  5Y. FOR INTRODUCTION

          9                A RESOLUTION - EXTENDING THE TERM OF

         10                REAL PROPERTY, EARNED INCOME TAX, NET

         11                PROFITS, MERCANTILE     TAX, AND

         12                BUSINESS PRIVILEGE TAXES WITHIN A


         14                KNOWN AS LOT 122 OF “THE

         15                VILLAGE AT TRIPP PARK”, WHICH WAS

         16                CONVEYED TO HANOVER HOMES NORTH

         17                CORPORATION BY DEED DATED DECEMBER 14,

         18                2005, RECORDED IN THE LACKAWANNA

         19                COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS OFFICE AS

         20                INSTRUMENT NUMBER 200536828 AND

         21                ASSIGNED TAX MAP NUMBER

         22                13415-040-001 122, DESIGNATED AS A

         23                KEYSTONE OPPORTUNITY ZONE IN ORDER TO

         24                FOSTER ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES,

         25                STIMULATE INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, AND


          1                RESIDENTIAL IMPROVEMENTS AND


          3                DETERIORATION WITHIN THE ABOVE

          4                DESCRIBED AREA OF THE CITY OF

          5                SCRANTON, COMMONWEALTH OF

          6                PENNSYLVANIA, UPON CERTAIN TERMS AND

          7                CONDITIONS.

          8                      MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

          9                entertain a motion that Item 5-Y be

         10                introduced into its proper committee.

         11                     MS. GATELLI:  So moved.

         12                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

         13                question?  All those in favor signify

         14                by saying aye.

         15                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

         17                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         18                     MR. MCGOFF:  Ayes have it and

         19           so moved.

         20                     Prior to sixth order, I would

         21                just like to point out that the

         22                decision to move these forward is not

         23                a final decision, that these items

         24                will be on the agenda at the next

         25                scheduled meeting for final vote.


          1                     MS. GARVEY:  Sixth order, 6A.


          3                BY TITLE: A. READING BY TITLE  FILE OF

          4                COUNCIL NO. 69, 2009  AN ORDINANCE -


          6                THE USE OF COMMERCIAL VEHICLE BRAKE

          7                RETARDERS (I.E. JAKE BRAKES) ON


          9                CITY OF SCRANTON.

         10                     MR. MCGOFF:  You have heard

         11                reading by title of Item 6-A, what is

         12                your pleasure.

         13                     MS. GATELLI:  I move that Item

         14                6-A pass reading by title.

         15                     MS. EVANS:  Second.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

         17                All those in favor signify by saying

         18                aye.

         19                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.

         20                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         21                     Mr. McGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  Ayes

         22                have it and so moved.

         23                     MS. GARVEY:  6B. READING BY TITLE

         24                FILE OF COUNCIL NO. 70, 2009  AN

         25                ORDINANCE - AMENDING FILE OF COUNCIL


          1                NO. 49, 2008, AN ORDINANCE ENTITLED

          2                “GENERAL CITY OPERATING BUDGET 2009”

          3                BY TRANSFERRING $50,000.00 FROM

          4                ACCOUNT NO. 01.401.10070.4299

          5                (GENESIS WILDLIFE REFUGE) TO ACCOUNT

          6                NO. 01.100.00000.4550     (DEPARTMENT

          7                OF PARKS AND RECREATION-CAPITAL

          8                EXPENDITURES) TO SUBSIDIZE THE

          9                RECONSTRUCTION OF HANLON'S GROVE AT

         10                NAY AUG PARK.

         11                     MR. MCGOFF:  You have heard

         12                reading by title of Item 6-B, what is

         13                your pleasure.

         14                     MS. GATELLI:  I move that Item

         15                6-B pass reading by title.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the

         17                question?

         18                     MS. EVANS:  Again, we were told

         19                the city didn't have $50,000 to

         20                contribute toward Genesis Wildlife

         21                Center.  As a result, they were sent

         22                packing.  Now we have the same $50,000

         23                to put into a different park project.

         24                But at the same time as Mrs. Gatelli

         25                indicated earlier this evening, we are


          1                running currently a huge budget

          2                deficit with no guarantee that that's

          3                going to be filled, not to mention the

          4                fact, you know, you've all been

          5                forewarned that another 50 percent in

          6                tax increases are going to be coming

          7                your way.  Now, I have a problem that

          8                the city can't afford such a

          9                lackadaisical attitude.  Well, 50,000,

         10                what's that?  I didn't use it here,

         11                hey, no problem, I'll just it throw it

         12                over there in the park.  Why don't we

         13                throw it right back into the operating

         14                budget where it belongs so we can

         15                start closing deficits and paying our

         16                bills.

         17                     MR. MCGOFF:  Anyone else?  All

         18                those in favor signify by saying aye.

         19                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         20                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

         21                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         22                     MR. MCGOFF:  Ayes have it and so

         23                moved.

         24                     MS. GARVEY:  6C. READING BY TITLE

         25                FILE OF COUNCIL NO. 71, 2009  AN


          1                ORDINANCE - CREATING AND ESTABLISHING

          2                SPECIAL CITY ACCOUNT NO. 02.229593

          3                ENTITLED “DEP FLOOD PROTECTION GRANT

          4                PROGRAM” FOR THE RECEIPT AND

          5                DISBURSEMENT OF GRANT FUNDS FROM THE


          7                (DEP)FLOOD PROTECTION GRANT PROGRAM

          8                FOR THE PURCHASE OF A

          9                VEGETATIVE SPRAYER AND TWO (2) PUMPS.

         10                     MR. MCGOFF:  You have heard

         11                reading by title of Item 6-C, what is

         12                your pleasure.

         13                     MS. GATELLI:  I move that Item

         14                6-C pass reading by title.

         15                     MS. EVANS:  Second.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

         17                     All those in favor signify by

         18                saying aye.

         19                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.

         20                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         21                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  Ayes

         22                have it and so moved.

         23                     MS. GATELLI:  I'd like to make a

         24                motion that we table 7-A.

         25                     MR. MCGOFF:  Second.  On the


          1                question.

          2                     MS. EVANS:  I am shocked that

          3                council would table this issue for the

          4                second time after criticizing the

          5                school board for not voting on the

          6                same issue when, in fact, city council

          7                tonight is doing the same thing,

          8                pushing this along yet again to next

          9                Tuesday.  So I say vote tonight.

         10                Settle it one way or the other.

         11                     MS. GATELLI:  Well, I am not

         12                willing to let Mrs. Fanucci and Mr.

         13                Courtright off the hook.  I think they

         14                have an obligation, too, to vote here

         15                and they will be here next week and if

         16                they're not, we'll wait the week after

         17                because I want all council members and

         18                accounted for.  That's what we were

         19                elected for.  Like it or lump it, we

         20                were elected to take a stand and

         21                that's why people were elected and

         22                reelected, et cetera.  So I'm going to

         23                wait for them to come back.

         24                     MS. EVANS:  June 3rd, we will

         25                take it next week, if not, then the


          1                following week, you're into June 3rd,

          2                so that's, you know, a bit of a

          3                stretch.  But I believe -- I'm going

          4                back to what I said before, I believe

          5                the school district made its decision.

          6                I had a conversation with President

          7                Gilbride and I know that a letter went

          8                out to each and every school director

          9                asking if any of the nine of them

         10                would like any KOZs placed in the form

         11                of a resolution on the school district

         12                agenda at its last meeting.  No one

         13                responded to that letter which is a

         14                response.  They decided they do not

         15                approve, and I don't know whose

         16                promised what here, but I don't know

         17                why city council is still pushing,

         18                pushing, pushing this ahead when

         19                you're missing the third guy and

         20                unless something radically

         21                questionable happens between now and

         22                next week, I don't see the school

         23                board moving on that one inch.

         24                     MR. MCGOFF:  Personally I don't

         25                care what the school board does.  We


          1                have an obligation to vote on

          2                legislation, we will vote on it.  It

          3                is on our agenda.  It will be on our

          4                agenda next week.  All of the KOZs

          5                will be on our agenda next week and we

          6                will vote.  And I don't see how that's

          7                abrogating my responsibilities.  I

          8                think it's accepting our

          9                responsibilities.

         10                     MS. EVANS:  I think it's nothing

         11                more than a symbolic gesture that

         12                satisfies promises to certain

         13                individuals.

         14                     MR. MCGOFF:  Be that as it may,

         15                we will vote on it.

         16                     MS. GATELLI:  The vote is to

         17                table the vote next week.

         18                     MR. MCGOFF:  Motion to table this

         19                by this as it may.  All those in favor

         20                signify by saying aye.

         21                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         22                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

         23                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         24                     MR. MCGOFF:  Item 7-A is tabled.

         25                     MS. GARVEY:  7B. FOR


          1                CONSIDERATION BY THE COMMITTEE ON

          2                FINANCE  FOR ADOPTION  RESOLUTION NO.

          3                129, 2009  AUTHORIZING THE

          4                MAYOR AND OTHER APPROPRIATE CITY

          5                OFFICIALS TO EXECUTE AND ENTER INTO A


          7                OF PENNSYLVANIA, DEPARTMENT OF

          8                ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION

          9                (“DEP”) FLOOD PROTECTION GRANT PROGRAM

         10                TO ACCEPT GRANT FUNDS IN THE AMOUNT OF

         11                $50,133.00 TO PURCHASE A VEGETATIVE

         12                SPRAYER AND TWO (2) PUMPS.

         13                     MR. MCGOFF:   What is the

         14                recommendation for the chairperson for

         15                the Committee on Finance?

         16                     MS. GATELLI:  As chair for the

         17                Committee of Finance, I recommended

         18                final passage of 7-b.

         19                     MS. EVANS:  Second.

         20                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question.

         21                Roll call, please.

         22                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Evans.

         23                     MS. EVANS:  Yes.

         24                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Gatelli.

         25                     MS. GATELLI:  Yes.


          1                     MR. COOLICAN:  Ms. Fanucci.

          2                     (No response.)

          3                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. Courtright.

          4                     (No response.)

          5                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. McGoff.

          6                     MR. MCGOFF:  Yes.  I hereby

          7                declare Item 7-B legally and lawfully

          8                adopted.

          9                     MS. GARVEY:  7C. FOR

         10                CONSIDERATION BY THE COMMITTEE ON

         11                RULES  FOR ADOPTION RESOLUTION NO.

         12                130, 2009 - RATIFYING THE PROVISIONS


         14                BETWEEN THE TAX COLLECTOR OF THE

         15                SCRANTON SINGLE TAX OFFICE ON BEHALF

         16                OF THE SCHOOL DISTRICT OF THE CITY OF

         17                SCRANTON, THE CITY OF SCRANTON, AND

         18                THE COUNTY OF LACKAWANNA,

         19                PENNSYLVANIA, HEREIN REFERRED TO AS

         20                “EMPLOYER” OR “TAX COLLECTOR” AND

         21                REPRESENTATIVES OF LODGE 2462,

         22                AFFILIATED WITH DISTRICT 1 OF THE

         23                INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF

         24                MACHINISTS AND AEROSPACE WORKERS,

         25                AFL-CIO HEREINAFTER REFERRED TO AS


          1                “UNION”.

          2                     MR. MCGOFF:  As Chairperson for

          3                the Committee on rules, I recommend

          4                final passage of Item 7-C.

          5                     MS. GATELLI:  Second.

          6                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

          7                Roll call, please.

          8                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Evans.

          9                     MS. EVANS:  Yes.

         10                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Gatelli.

         11                     MS. GATELLI:  Yes.

         12                     MR. COOLICAN:  Ms. Fanucci.

         13                     (No response.)

         14                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. Courtright.

         15                     (No response.)

         16                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. McGoff.

         17                     MR. MCGOFF:  Yes.  I hereby

         18                declare Item 7-C legally and lawfully

         19                adopted.

         20                     MS. GARVEY:  7D.FOR CONSIDERATION

         21                BY THE COMMITTEE ON COMMUNITY


         23                NO. 131, 2009 - AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR


         25                TO EXECUTE AND ENTER INTO A LOAN


          1                AGREEMENT IN THE AMOUNT OF $85,000.00

          2                BY AND BETWEEN THE CITY OF SCRANTON

          3                AND LOCAL FOCAL, INC., A PENNSYLVANIA


          5                REVOLVING LOAN FUND PROGRAM.

          6                     MR. MCGOFF:  What is the

          7                recommendation of the temporary chair

          8                for the Committee on Community

          9                Development?

         10                     MS. GATELLI:  I recommended final

         11                passage of 7-D.

         12                     MS. EVANS:  Second.

         13                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

         14                Roll call, please.

         15                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Evans.

         16                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         17                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Gatelli.

         18                     MS. GATELLI:  Yes.

         19                     MR. COOLICAN:  Ms. Fanucci.

         20                     (No response.)

         21                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. Courtright.

         22                     (No response.)

         23                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. McGoff.

         24                     MR. MCGOFF:  Yes.

         25                     MR. MCGOFF:  I hereby declare


          1                Item 7-D legally and lawfully adopted.

          2                     Before we adjourn, I'd like to

          3                make a motion to conduct an executive

          4                session on Monday June 22nd, 2009,

          5                tentatively at 10 a.m. with the

          6                purpose to discuss KOZ extensions.

          7                     MS. GATELLI:  Second.

          8                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

          9                     MS. EVANS:  I have know -- I'm

         10                sorry, Mr. McGoff, I have no objection

         11                to such meeting being held on Monday,

         12                but I don't know that I'm going to be

         13                able to attend at that time.  Like I

         14                said, if it's later in the day, I can

         15                make sure I attend.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  The specific time

         17                will be in the public announcement.

         18                     MS. GATELLI:  Motion to adjourn.

         19                     MR. MCGOFF:  We have to vote on

         20                that motion.

         21                     MS. GATELLI:  Sorry.

         22                     MR. MCGOFF:  All those in favor

         23                signify by saying aye.

         24                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         25                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.


          1                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  Ayes

          2                have it and so moved.

          3                     MS. GATELLI:  Motion to adjourn.

          4                     MS. EVANS:  Second.

          5                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you for your

          6                participation at this late hour.

          7                     (Proceedings adjourned at 9:54

          8                p.m.)




















          2                   C E R T I F I C A T E


          4           I hereby certify that the proceedings and

          5     evidence are contained fully and accurately in

          6     the notes taken by me of the above-cause and that

          7     this copy is a correct transcript of the same to

          8     the best of my ability.




                                     Amelia Nicol

         12                          Official Court Reporter