1              SCRANTON CITY COUNCIL MEETING








            5                          HELD:




            7                  Tuesday, January 13, 2009




            9                        LOCATION:


           10                    Council Chambers


           11                 Scranton City Hall


           12              340 North Washington Avenue


           13                Scranton, Pennsylvania











































                MS. JANET E. EVANS



            9   MS. SHERRY FANUCCI



                MR. WILLIAM COURTRIGHT



           12   MS. KAY GARVEY, CITY CLERK






           15   MR. AMIL MINORA, SOLICITOR


























            1                      MR. MCGOFF: Prior to beginning the


            2              meeting, I have a proclamation to present.


            3                      MS. GATELLI: Mr.  McGoff, is giving


            4              me this opportunity to present this


            5              proclamation to Eric Shrive.  Eric Shrive is


            6              one of my students at West Scranton High


            7              School, and I'm very pleased to be able to


            8              give him this proclamation.


            9                      WHEREAS, the COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF


           10              SCRANTON is desirous of honoring 'ERIC


           11              SHRIVE", son of Dennis and Jane Shrive and a


           12              member of the 2009 class of West Scranton


           13              High School;


           14                      WHEREAS, "ERIC" was chosen to the


           15              U.S. Army All American Team, being on ly the


           16              second player from the Scranton/Wilkes Barre


           17              area to earn Army All-American status,


           18              giving him the opportunity to lay in the


           19              most highly regarded high school football


           20              game in the county, the highest honor a high


           21              school football player can receive; and.


           22                      WHEREAS, "ERIC" is two time


           23              Times-Tribune All Region selection, a first


           24              team Lackawanna Football Conference Division


           25              I all Star, received first team All-State






            1              honors from The Associated Press, and was


            2              selected to play in the Big 33 Game; and


            3              WHEREAS "ERIC" having received more than 30


            4              scholarship offers from college football's


            5              finest programs and named as one of the top


            6              recruits in the class of 2009 will be


            7              suiting up for the Penn State Nittany Lions;


            8              and.


            9                      WHEREAS, the teachers, students and


           10              administrators of West Scranton High School


           11              are very proud of "Eric" and all his


           12              accomplishments both on and off the field;


           13              and;


           14                      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that


           15              on Tuesday, January 13, 2009, Scranton City


           16              Council wishes to congratulate "ERIC


           17              SHRIVE", and his Parents, Coaches and


           18              Teachers for their outstanding achievement


           19              and wish him much success in all his future


           20              endeavors.


           21                      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the


           22              Proclamation be made a permanent part of the


           23              Minutes of this Council, as a lasting


           24              tribute to "ERIC SHRIVE".


           25                      MR. MCGOFF:  Roll call, please?






            1                      MS. MAGNOTTA: Mrs. Evans.


            2                      MS. EVANS:  Here.


            3                      MS. MAGNOTTA: Mrs. Gatelli.


            4                      MS. GATELLI.  Here.


            5                      MR. MAGNOTTA:  Ms. Fanucci.


            6                      MS. FANUCCI:  Here.


            7                      MR. MAGNOTTA:  Mr. Courtright.


            8                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Here.


            9                      MR. MAGNOTTA:  Mr. McGoff.


           10                      MR. MCGOFF:  Here.  Prior to


           11              beginning of the meeting, I would like to


           12              address the issue for which I would assume


           13              many of you are here and that has to do with


           14              the proposal to look at raising the salaries


           15              of the mayor, controller, and members of


           16              council.  A little bit of background I think


           17              is necessary to fully understand what has


           18              taken place.  In the Fall of 2008 during a


           19              caucus discussed the possibility of looking


           20              at the salary of the mayor, which most


           21              council people agreed was woefully low in


           22              comparison to other cities of comparable


           23              size in the State of Pennsylvania.  We


           24              discussed it to some extent what we were


           25              going to do, we took a look at the Home Rule






            1              Charter and asked Attorney Minora to give us


            2              an opinion on what needed to be done in


            3              order to look at that possibility.


            4                      Attorney Minora reported to us that


            5              according to the Home Rule Charter the only


            6              time that these salaries can be adjusted


            7              upward is in the election -- prior to


            8              February 1 in the election year of the


            9              mayor, which would put us in 2009.  So, any


           10              consideration of raising the salary of


           11              either the mayor the controller or city


           12              council would have to be done by February 1


           13              of this year.


           14                      With that, when we returned in


           15              January, Attorney Minora was asked to put


           16              together a draft of legislation that would


           17              allow us to discuss the possibility of


           18              raising the salary of the office of the


           19              mayor.  He returned that to us during the


           20              week, this past week.  It included a


           21              consideration of raises for all three


           22              offices with dollar amounts attached.


           23                      Those dollar amounts that were


           24              attached were arbitrary.  We had never


           25              discussed in council amounts for either --






            1              for any of the three positions that were


            2              under consideration.  They were put in there


            3              as arbitrary numbers so that we could then


            4              discuss the possibility of looking at or the


            5              possibility of raises in those three


            6              positions.  There was nothing set in stone,


            7              as I said, we had not asked -- or we had not


            8              asked or we had not given any specific


            9              amounts to either -- to any of those


           10              offices.


           11                      I might also say that at no time was


           12              either the mayor or the controller involved


           13              in these discussions as to the raises.  And


           14              at this time on behalf of Mrs. Novembrino


           15              she asked that this be read into the record


           16              and this would be I guess an appropriate


           17              time:  It says, "Dear council members, it


           18              has recently come to my attention that a


           19              salary increase will be considered for


           20              myself as city controller.  This subject was


           21              never discussed with me and at this point I


           22              would not wish to be considered for any


           23              increase.  I would consider an increase at


           24              some future date, but at a time when the


           25              city's economic climate hasn't improved and






            1              all outstanding union contracts have been


            2              settled.  Respectfully, Rosanne Novembrino."


            3                      (Whereupon the audience applauds.)


            4                      MR. MCGOFF: When I received the


            5              draft from Attorney Minora, I asked Mrs.


            6              Garvey that it be placed on the agenda.  The


            7              intent of placing it on the agenda was that


            8              if, in fact, we wanted to do something with


            9              that we would have enough time for three


           10              readings, give people enough opportunity to


           11              talk on the subject, and if it were going to


           12              be -- if any changes needed to be made they


           13              could be done during the course of that


           14              time.


           15                      The decision to place that item on


           16              the agenda with those dollar amounts was


           17              entirely mine as president of council.  That


           18              is one of the things that I am asked to do,


           19              to determine what goes on the agenda, and so


           20              I thought that given the responsibility that


           21              we have and since this responsibility occurs


           22              only once every four years, that it was


           23              necessary for us to place it on the agenda


           24              to give council an opportunity to discuss


           25              the legislation.






            1                      I think that in many cases there has


            2              been some misinformation.  This has never


            3              been voted on.  It has actually never been


            4              discussed by council dollar amounts.  We


            5              have never actually discussed the idea of


            6              raises for city council.  We have never


            7              discussed raises for the controller, and we


            8              have never discussed a set dollar amount for


            9              any raise for mayor.  This was to be our


           10              opportunity to do that.  It was supposed to


           11              be our responsibility to do that.


           12                      I think that the reaction has been


           13              somewhat misinterpreted in our intent.  I


           14              understand that people have strong feelings


           15              on it and what we had hoped to do was to


           16              discuss in a rational way the possibility or


           17              at least look at what is in the Home Rule


           18              Charter our duty to look at these salaries.


           19                      With that said, at this time I would


           20              like to make a motion to remove, and I don't


           21              know what the item is --


           22                      MR. MINORA: 5-C.


           23                      MR. MCGOFF: I would like to make a


           24              motion to remove Item 5-C from tonight's


           25              agenda.






            1                      MS. GATELLI:  Second.


            2                      MR. MCGOFF: On the question.  All in


            3              favor?


            4                      MS. EVANS: No, we have -- I'm sure


            5              several of us on the question have --


            6                      MR. MCGOFF: That's why I was


            7              waiting.


            8                      MS. EVANS: Mrs. Gatelli first stated


            9              at a council meeting in November 2008 that


           10              she felt the salary of the mayor should be


           11              raised.  When Mrs. Gatelli raised her issue


           12              again in December I listened, but felt it


           13              was not wise.  When a discussion was held in


           14              caucus prior to last week's meeting in which


           15              council members were seriously considering a


           16              pay raise for the mayor, I informed those


           17              present, Mr. Courtright, Mr. McGoff, and


           18              Attorney Minora that I would not be voting


           19              for a salary increase for the mayor.


           20              Additional pay raises, as Mr. McGoff


           21              indicated, were not discussed.


           22                      And now I say to you tonight, I


           23              would not vote for a salary increase for the


           24              office of mayor, controller or city council


           25              and this comes as no surprise since I fought






            1              hard to cut pay increases given by the mayor


            2              and to cut spending each December and my


            3              council colleagues refused my budgets and


            4              amendments.  In fact, I have been the only


            5              council member not only to impose pay raises


            6              even to our own employees, the city clerk,


            7              Mrs. Garvey, and council solicitor, Amil


            8              Minora, but also to propose cutting their


            9              salary.


           10                      Attorney Minora drafted the


           11              amendment, but he did so at the council


           12              president's direction.  I had no knowledge


           13              that city council and the city controller


           14              would be included to receive raises in this


           15              amendment.  I am aware the Home Rule Charter


           16              states that these salaries may be increased


           17              on February 1 of this the year in which an


           18              election will be held to fill any or all of


           19              these positions for a full four-year term,


           20              hence, the opportunity is, in fact,


           21              available every two years.  However, it does


           22              not state that all three salaries must be


           23              increased.


           24                      Since I was never a party to any


           25              discussion of council or controller raises,






            1              either publically or at caucus, I do have a


            2              question, who suggested the arbitrary dollar


            3              amounts as the salary increases?


            4                      MR. MCGOFF: Since we did not discuss


            5              any dollar amounts, I believe it was looked


            6              at -- or cities of comparable size were


            7              looked at and a dollar amount that was


            8              within that those parameters was placed in.


            9              And again, they were --


           10                      MS. EVANS: Who authorized that to be


           11              done?


           12                      MR. MCGOFF: I guess by directing


           13              Attorney Minora to do that --


           14                      MS. EVANS: Yes, but who directed


           15              Attorney Minora?


           16                      MR. MCGOFF: Actually, I would say I


           17              did.


           18                      MS. EVANS: You told him to look at


           19              other cities and plug in these figures.


           20              Thank you.  Anyone involved in this


           21              amendment should be ashamed.  It ranks


           22              close -- (audience applauds.)  It ranks


           23              close to some council members removal TV


           24              cameras from these chambers and locking


           25              citizens out of this building.  38 percent






            1              of Scranton households receive social


            2              security.  Local unemployment is over 7


            3              percent, the second highest in the State of


            4              Pennsylvania.  Employees nationwide are


            5              taking pay cuts and over 20 percent of our


            6              city residents live in poverty.  The police


            7              and firefighters have not received a raise


            8              in approximately eight years and no contract


            9              settlements are in sight.


           10                      Significant spending cuts were never


           11              made by this council, not in past years and


           12              not in December 2008 despite what could be


           13              the worst economic setback since the great


           14              depression, and now some had the audacity to


           15              propose raises.  They state they have the


           16              responsibility to look at these raises in


           17              the Home Rule Charter.  Yet, this topic was


           18              never raised in the years I have sat on this


           19              council or for decades preceding.  In the


           20              grip of a recession and eight years of union


           21              unrest, they suddenly found their


           22              responsibility to raise politician's


           23              salaries.


           24                      In response to this growing


           25              recession in defense of the taxpayers,






            1              police, and firefighters and in good


            2              conscience, I repeat, I would not vote to


            3              increase any salaries.


            4                      Furthermore, I ask my colleagues to


            5              forego our salaries during the 2009 and 2010


            6              August and Christmas recesses until such


            7              time as the recession ends.  We should


            8              demonstrate our unanimous willingness to


            9              exercise fiscal restraint in these troubled


           10              economic times -- (Audience members


           11              applaud.) -- if we expect to exercise


           12              authority over spending taxpayers dollars


           13              for job creations, administrative raises,


           14              garages, greenhouses, etcetera, and that is


           15              all I have to say.


           16                      (Audience members applaud.)


           17                      MS. GATELLI: As far as the pay


           18              raises are concerned, yes, I did bring it up


           19              and, yes, Mrs. Evans, I have an article from


           20              November of '07 where you said in the paper


           21              that you thought the mayor was underpaid.  I


           22              assume that we all agreed that we would


           23              investigate this.


           24                      MS. FANUCCI: Yes, we did.


           25                      MS. GATELLI: So that's what we did.






            1              I had no part at all in what was drafted in


            2              Attorney Minora's order, and as a matter of


            3              fact, Mr. Burton tried to reach my on the


            4              phone and when I called him back he was


            5              gone.  I called him on his cell phone and he


            6              never returned my phone call, that's why


            7              there was no comment in the paper.


            8                      I do realize that there is a


            9              recession and I do realize that the police


           10              and fire have not have a raise in seven


           11              years.  The police and firemen all know


           12              where we stand on that.  They all know that


           13              we want them to have a contract.  No one up


           14              here has ever been against that.


           15                      The chairman, Mr. McGoff, put this


           16              on the agenda.  I did not put this on the


           17              agenda.  I want that to be clear.  I did not


           18              put in on the agenda.  As a matter of fact,


           19              I called him, I believe it was on Friday,


           20              and asked him not to put it on the agenda


           21              because I, too, thought it was a little over


           22              the top.  I do think that the mayor's


           23              office, not Mayor Doherty, this would be for


           24              the next mayor that wins the election, that


           25              is the point of doing it before an election






            1              so that you are not giving it to a


            2              particular person, and I do think when the


            3              time is right and things are better, once we


            4              have a new president hopefully with the


            5              stimulus packages that we can, indeed, give


            6              the elected officials that deserve a raise a


            7              raise.  He is the lowest paid mayor in the


            8              State of Pennsylvania and maybe that's why


            9              we can't get people to run for office.  Only


           10              wealthy people can run that can afford to


           11              take that --


           12                      (Audience members become loud.)


           13                      MR. MCGOFF: Excuse me.


           14                      MS. GATELLI: Excuse me.  Maybe if


           15              the salary were better comparable to other


           16              cities, the Mayor of Wilkes-Barre makes


           17              $80,000, you know, they are lot smaller than


           18              us.  If we had a decent salary maybe people


           19              would be willing to give up their positions.


           20              Including some people I know that are very


           21              close to me up here that I know would be


           22              interested in running, maybe they would be


           23              able to run if the salary was, you know, up


           24              there that they could leave their jobs.


           25                      Right now, a person unless they are






            1              wealthy and have another business can't run


            2              for mayor because the pay just isn't there.


            3                      So I do think it is deserving to


            4              take a look at it at some point in down the


            5              road.  Right now, I am not in favor of it


            6              and I did ask for it to be removed from the


            7              agenda.  It was not removed and so I will be


            8              voting "No" on the pay raises at this time.


            9              Thank you.


           10                      MR. MCGOFF: Anyone else?


           11                      MS. FANUCCI: When we had sat down to


           12              discuss this we actually all unanimously had


           13              said that we thought that the mayor was


           14              underpaid.  I believe that that is not an


           15              issue, we all know that, but I would have


           16              liked -- I actually was for it being on the


           17              agenda, and I'm going to tell you why.  I


           18              thought it was a good idea to put it on so


           19              we can say that we looked into it and we did


           20              our job.  I don't believe the intent


           21              deserves what is happening out here because


           22              I certainly was not going to even vote on


           23              this.  We didn't -- it was on the agenda --


           24              say what you want to say -- (audience


           25              members become loud) This is amazing.  This






            1              was nothing but a wonderful way to grand


            2              stand during election time, and it worked


            3              out, it worked out for everyone involved,


            4              but I can tell you that I know economically,


            5              I know what's going on not only in the


            6              state, but in my own home, in everyone's


            7              homes out there that this is not -- this was


            8              not something that should have been done.


            9                      I had certainly wished that we had


           10              to be able to sit town in caucus and discuss


           11              the matters at hand here, but that does not


           12              happen with this council.  That will never


           13              really happen with this council.


           14              Unfortunately, everything has to be done on


           15              the floor so that the cameras are running


           16              and certain people can say what they need to


           17              say only when the cameras running.  We have


           18              no communication behind the scenes.


           19                      I thought it was a good idea to put


           20              it out so we could discuss it.  Dollar


           21              amounts, really, it wasn't an issue because


           22              it wasn't like we were going to -- if you


           23              put it on for discussion it was in for


           24              discussion.  You had to vote it in to


           25              discuss it.  That's how our policy is.  We






            1              want to put it in to discuss it.  I thought


            2              that was a good idea to do it in front of


            3              all of you, but personally was I worried


            4              about council, I didn't even really realize


            5              that the three were going to on there


            6              either.


            7                      Do I believe that a mayor deservers


            8              a raise?  I eventually do think that the


            9              mayor deserved a raise regardless of who it


           10              is, where it is and how it is.  I believe


           11              that our mayor is very underpaid for our


           12              city.  Do I think that it's the time to do


           13              it now?  Absolutely not.


           14                      When you look in the paper,


           15              especially even today, and you see that


           16              major corporations are taking pay cuts, I


           17              don't think it's feasibly possible, but the


           18              idea needed to be discussed.  It's our job


           19              to discuss it.  Just like it's your job to


           20              show up here with your cameras and all of


           21              you to say what you need to say.  It is not


           22              any different.  This is what it's about.


           23              You can be upset, but we still have our job


           24              and we still have to look at things with


           25              whether we like it or not, whether we agree






            1              or not, but the problem here is that we


            2              should be doing that together.  We shouldn't


            3              be trying to hype everybody up before there


            4              is even a reason to do that.  We should be


            5              able to work as one team so that we can come


            6              it a great solution.  The solution might not


            7              have been any different than all of you here


            8              to talk about, it probably would have been,


            9              but the fact is the hype had to take all of


           10              your time for reasons that weren't really


           11              necessary.


           12                      That is the problem.  That was the


           13              problem.  This was up for discussion between


           14              council.  This is our job.  We want to be


           15              able to do our job, but all of this seems to


           16              me that maybe, I don't know, it just is more


           17              than it was deserved because we weren't even


           18              at the stage where this was even really


           19              something that was an issue.  We are at the


           20              stage of discussion, so I thank you for


           21              showing up.  I thank you for voicing, you


           22              know, obviously your opinion and picketing


           23              and doing all of the things that you did,


           24              but at the end of the day I would have liked


           25              the opportunity to do the right thing and






            1              say no, and have voted no, but that doesn't


            2              matter now.  I believe it's being taken off


            3              the agenda.


            4                      But, next time I will appeal it all


            5              of you talk to us, let us talk to you.


            6              Don't just play with one person.  I mean, to


            7              me, this was a one-person show.  This was a


            8              one-person show and it was not necessary.


            9              It was not necessary, but thank you for your


           10              time.


           11                      (Whereupon the audience became


           12              loud.)


           13                      MR. MCGOFF: Please.  Please.


           14                      MR. COURTRIGHT: All right, I guess


           15              we are all going to give our rendition of


           16              what happened, so I'll give mine.  I believe


           17              twice, and twice that I was there that we


           18              spoke about a raise and the two times was


           19              only the mayor.  I did not receive the


           20              e-mail.  As most people up here know, I


           21              don't get my e-mails at home because when I


           22              first got on council every time I tried to


           23              get my e-mails I got a virus on my computer,


           24              so I come in here every day and get my


           25              e-mails, and I found out from Kay.






            1                      Coincidentally from me, coming in


            2              here help sometimes because Mr. Minora


            3              happened to call on the phone while I was


            4              here and I had no clue that we were in for a


            5              raise and Mrs. Novembrino was in for a raise


            6              and I had no clue the dollar amount, but I


            7              asked Mr. Minora if he would mind being on


            8              the speaker phone, so he and myself and Kay


            9              were on the speaker phone, and I asked


           10              Mr. McGoff not to put it on the agenda, and


           11              he chose to which is his right to do so.


           12                      Jeremy Burke did catch up with me,


           13              he's got my cell phone so he you are


           14              catching me most of the time, and I did tell


           15              him that I couldn't see certainly taking a


           16              raise now for any of us, you know, and we


           17              have such economic problems with they are


           18              cutting back in the federal, state and


           19              county level.


           20                      And then recently, one thing, you


           21              know, when I was a kid by dad with a truck


           22              driver as a Teamster and I used to go down


           23              to the Teamster hall meeting and they had a


           24              sign in there and I believe it said, "We are


           25              not the best because we are the biggest, we






            1              are the biggest because we are the best."


            2                      And then I see in the paper now


            3              where the Teamsters, probably one of the


            4              most powerful unions in the world, take a


            5              pay cut to keep their jobs.


            6                      So I never had the intention of vote


            7              for the raises, as I guess none of us did,


            8              and that's the way it transpired from my


            9              side of it.  What Mrs. Fanucci says, I'm


           10              going to agree with you, do we discuss?  No.


           11              I haven't -- I can't think that I have seen


           12              two productive caucuses in the last two


           13              years.  I was on, you know, a council with a


           14              different group of people, and some people I


           15              say because I was on the three side and not


           16              on the two side or vice versa that I view it


           17              a little differently, but I think we had


           18              quite a few productive caucuses in the past.


           19                   I think someone had said Mr. Pocius was


           20              on the two side, but he had a lot of


           21              experience, he knew the rules, he certainly


           22              knew how to conduct himself back there so


           23              that we had caucuses, in my opinion, that


           24              mattered, and maybe it would have avoided


           25              some of the, you know, confusion that we






            1              have out here sometimes.  I think I


            2              mentioned one time here we made an amendment


            3              to an amendment to an amendment at one of


            4              our meetings.  How does that make us look;


            5              right?  Very poor, very unprofessional in my


            6              opinion.  And if they want to say that I'm


            7              on one side or the other or I'm the three


            8              side or the two side, you know, that's fine,


            9              you know, I'm a big boy, I can handle that,


           10              but I really think, you know, we need to


           11              discuss everything, and if we don't agree,


           12              we don't agree.  I mean, that's the way it


           13              goes, but there is no communication in my


           14              opinion at this council.  Very little, if


           15              any, and if we are ever shake the reputation


           16              that we have seem to have now we better


           17              start communicating.  And that's all I have.


           18              Thank you.


           19                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you.  The motion


           20              is to remove the item from the agenda.  It


           21              has been seconded.  All in favor signify by


           22              saying aye.


           23                      MS. EVANS:  Aye.


           24                      MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.


           25                      MS. GATELLI:  Aye.






            1                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.


            2                      MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The


            3              ayes have it and so moved.


            4                      (The audience applauds.)


            5                      MR. MCGOFF: Any announcements?


            6                      MS. GATELLI:  I just have a few.


            7              First thing I'd like to say is if we could


            8              please just take a moment of silence, I


            9              probably should have interrupted Mr. McGoff


           10              before, but if we could take a moment of


           11              silence for one of our very, very excellent


           12              city employees has passed away this week,


           13              Mr. Ed Joyce.  He did the weights and


           14              measures up in LIPS and he was truly a very


           15              wonderful person and he has a wonderful


           16              family, and I think that as a city employee


           17              to the best of his ability did his job and


           18              went and above and beyond the call of duty


           19              at all times, and I think we should have a


           20              moment of silence in his memory.  (Moment of


           21              silence observed.)  Thank you.


           22                      The Elm Park Church Youth Group is


           23              having a spaghetti dinner on Sunday,


           24              January 18, at the church at the corner of


           25              Jefferson and Linden from noon to three.






            1              It's $6.00 for adults and $3.00 for children


            2              under ten.


            3                      Also, I was wondering if council


            4              would be in agreement to send a following


            5              Boy Scouts who have achieved Eagle Scout


            6              status from Troop 16 at Hickory Street


            7              Church, if we can send them a congratulatory


            8              letter: James Moran, grade ten, Scranton


            9              Prep; Ryan Caviston, grade ten, Scranton


           10              High; Paul Pigg, Jr., grade ten, Scranton


           11              high; and Frank Jones, grade 11, Scranton


           12              High.  If that's agreeable?


           13                      MR. MCGOFF: Please.


           14                      MS. GATELLI: The Community


           15              Development Police Program will be in effect


           16              in the next two weeks, that was the latest


           17              that we have gotten from the chief.


           18                      And tomorrow evening at Smith's


           19              Restaurant at 6:00 there will be a South


           20              Side Resident's Association meeting and the


           21              start of the Community Justice Program for


           22              the Year 2009, so any South Side residents


           23              that are interested pease attend tomorrow


           24              evening, and I would like to notify everyone


           25              that the city audit, the exit conference is






            1              tomorrow at 11:30, and I would ask Attorney


            2              Minora if he could attend on behalf of


            3              council and maybe Mr. McGoff can attend,


            4              too.  The rest of us will be working, I'm


            5              sure.


            6                      And if you can ask the auditors,


            7              Mr. Minora, if there is something we can do


            8              legislation wise to maybe get in this in an


            9              expeditious manner next year if they have


           10              any discussions on that.


           11                      MR. MINORA:  I'll find out what the


           12              hold up was with the audit and see if there


           13              is something we can do maybe legislatively.


           14                      MS. GATELLI: Yeah, maybe


           15              legislatively.


           16                      MR. MINORA: Yes, I can see --


           17                      MR. GATELLI: I don't think we've


           18              heard from the authorities yet about getting


           19              their audits done earlier.


           20                      MR. MINORA: I'm not sure.  I


           21              understood that there was some problems with


           22              the authorities and they are on a different


           23              fiscal year, so perhaps we can negotiate


           24              with them at best.


           25                      MR. GATELLI:  If you could do that I






            1              would appreciate it.  Thank you.  And that's


            2              all I have.  Thank you.


            3                      MR. MCGOFF: Anyone else?  Mrs.


            4              Evans?


            5                      MS. EVANS: I would like to wish my


            6              mother a very happy birthday.  My mother is


            7              very important to me and I am her caretaker


            8              and she is a greater priority to me than any


            9              job or any elected office that I could ever


           10              seek.  You only have one mother and one


           11              father.  I have lost my father, who was my


           12              best friend, I am blessed to still have my


           13              mother.  And, mom, I love you.  That's it.


           14                      MR. MCGOFF: Anyone else?  I'm sorry,


           15              were you finished?


           16                      MS. EVANS: Oh yeah.  Thank you.


           17                      MS. FANUCCI: Nothing.  Well, maybe I


           18              should something -- maybe I should say


           19              something -- do you want to clear up this


           20              stuff now or do you want to do it later?  I


           21              don't want to take up the time, but they


           22              probably need to go home, so --


           23                      MR. MCGOFF: Fourth order.  Citizens'


           24              participation.  Fay Franus.


           25                      MS. GARVEY: Mr. McGoff, we need to






            1              do Third Order.


            2                      MR. MCGOFF: Third Order, I'm sorry.


            3              Jumping ahead.  I'm sorry, Mrs. Franus.


            4                      MS. GARVEY: THIRD ORDER.  3-A. TAX




            6              TAX OFFICE ON JANUARY 5, 2009.


            7                      MR. MCGOFF: Are there comments?  If


            8              not, received and filed? .


            9                      MS. GARVEY:  That's it for Third


           10              Order.


           11                      MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you.  Mrs.


           12              Franus.


           13                      MS. FRANUS: Fay Franus.  Well,


           14              there's not too much I can talk about right


           15              now, but here is my point, Mr. McGoff, why


           16              would you put in on the agenda if you were


           17              to take it off the agenda?  I mean, don't


           18              you think that you should have contacted the


           19              fellow council members about this?  I mean,


           20              Mrs. Fanucci mentioned about everybody


           21              getting hyper over something, I can


           22              understand what she is saying, but, you


           23              Mr. McGoff, caused all of this for yourself.


           24              I think what happened here is you wanted to


           25              pass this and when Sue Henry brought it on






            1              the radio everyone was going crazy, and


            2              Steve Corbett and all of the negative


            3              response you figured I better not put this


            4              on.  I mean, how do you put something on the


            5              agenda and then turn around and take is off


            6              without consulting the other council


            7              members?


            8                      MR. MCGOFF: Do you want an answer?


            9                      MS. FRANUS:  Yes.


           10                      MR. MCGOFF: Well, sometimes you


           11              don't, that's why I'm just checking.  I was


           12              under the impression that we had agreed that


           13              this would go on the agenda, that it had --


           14              I had talked to other members of council,


           15              also, that when it was received from


           16              Attorney Minora, when the draft was


           17              received, an e-mail of the item was sent to


           18              everyone and --


           19                      MS. FRANUS:  But you never discussed


           20              it with them personally.


           21                      MR. MCGOFF: Yes, I did.


           22                      MS. FRANUS:  Well, Mrs. Gatelli said


           23              she never heard about and Mrs. Evans said


           24              she never talked to you about it.


           25                      MR. MCGOFF:  No, we had -- yes, we






            1              had.


            2                      MS. FRANUS: No, we didn't.  McGoff,


            3              Mrs. Evans said she has never consulted


            4              about this at all.  Mrs. Gatelli said she


            5              had no input whatsoever about this.


            6                      MS. EVANS: About the county


            7              controller and about the city council


            8              raises.


            9                      MS. FRANUS: Right.


           10                      MS. EVANS:  But my concern was I


           11              know now Mrs. Gatelli didn't want it on the


           12              agenda, Mr. Courtright didn't want it on the


           13              agenda, and they voiced that, Mrs. Fanucci


           14              did, Mr. McGoff did, but it would seem then


           15              that they should have looked to the fifth


           16              council member for that opinion which would


           17              have told them then on Friday this would not


           18              go on the agenda, but that didn't happen.


           19                      MR. MCGOFF: At no time -- excuse me,


           20              at no time --


           21                      MS. FRANUS:  You say -- okay, hold


           22              my time.


           23                      MR. MCGOFF: I will hold her time.


           24              Please hold it.  At no time did anyone on


           25              council tell me in our discussions in caucus






            1              that they did not want this to be


            2              considered.


            3                      MS. FRANUS:  I find that very, very


            4              hard to believe, Mr. McGoff.


            5                      MR. MCGOFF: Well, as hard it is to


            6              believe --


            7                      MS. GATELLI:  Excuse me, he is


            8              saying in caucus not --


            9                      MS. FRANUS:  Yes.


           10                      MS. GATELLI: Not after.


           11                      MS. FRANUS:  I understand that, but


           12              I can't even imagine Mrs. Evans in caucus


           13              saying she would agree to a raise for anyone


           14              since the firemen and policemen haven't


           15              gotten one in eight years.  There is no way


           16              you can ever tell me.  Mrs. Evans, did ever


           17              you ever agree to this in caucus?


           18                      MS. EVANS:  No.  What I said was I


           19              would not be voting for an increase for the


           20              mayor because the city unions had not


           21              received a pay increase in a close to eight


           22              years and how could you even look them in


           23              the eyes and at the same time propose a


           24              raise for someone else.


           25                      MS. FRANUS: Mr. McGoff, you really






            1              caused a fire storm here.  I think before


            2              you put anything on the agenda anymore of


            3              such fire dynamics you should pick up a


            4              phone, not through an e-mail from Mrs.


            5              Garvey, pick up a phone and call these


            6              council members and speak with them and get


            7              their opinions.  Had you done that you would


            8              have saved many people a lot of grief


            9              tonight, and you get everybody in an uproar


           10              and now they are against these council


           11              people telling them don't vote for this one,


           12              don't vote for that one, because they are


           13              going to raise your taxes because of the pay


           14              raises when this isn't even true.  I mean,


           15              it's a disgrace what you put people through.


           16              So I think next time you do anything you


           17              better think twice.


           18                      You also said you would like this --


           19              it may come up later.  I hope it never comes


           20              up.  The economy is not going to change for


           21              years.  You said you are going to take it


           22              off the agenda and we could discuss it at


           23              another time.  We haven't had a pay raise in


           24              council in probably 20 years, so why all of


           25              a sudden?  All of a sudden the worst time in






            1              the world you think about giving the people


            2              and council a raise and the controller.  I


            3              mean, something is wrong with your thinking.


            4              I mean, I don't even now you justify it.


            5              It's either stupidity or arrogance, I don't


            6              know which it is.


            7                      But, for your fellow council members


            8              not to know one thing that's going on, that


            9              doesn't speak too highly of your job as


           10              president of this council, and everything


           11              you do any more that appears on the agenda


           12              should be looked at, looked at, and looked


           13              at again and you should discuss things with


           14              your fellow members.


           15                      And how many times have you come


           16              here and Mrs. Evans or and maybe somebody,


           17              maybe Billy Courtright or somebody says they


           18              didn't hear anything about this until right


           19              before they came into council all because


           20              you didn't pick up a phone.  I'm very


           21              ashamed of you.


           22                      MR. MCGOFF: Sam Patilla.


           23                      MR. PATILLA: Sam Patilla, city


           24              resident, taxpayer and member of the


           25              Scranton/Lackawanna Taxpayers' Association.






            1              We need to make up our minds.  This is being


            2              done because the mayor needs a raise or if


            3              you are doing it because the law says this


            4              must be passed before the next mayoral


            5              election or because some members want to


            6              give an unknown, untested person who might


            7              win the mayor's seat $90,000.  Not this


            8              time.


            9                      No longer will the police and fire


           10              unions be cast into the fire as a cause of


           11              this city's problems, economically or


           12              otherwise, especially considering the


           13              mistakes and failures of their immediate


           14              supervisors and members of the city's


           15              administration.  Not this time.


           16                      No longer will shampoo girls,


           17              department store cashiers, bartenders,


           18              landscapers, house painters have crony


           19              administration jobs created for them go


           20              without question before or police and fire


           21              personnel get a raise and/or contract.  Not


           22              this time.


           23                      No longer will the mantra of the


           24              elected appointed officials be what can the


           25              taxpayer, resident and voter do for me, but






            1              what I can I as an elected appointed


            2              official do for the taxpayers, residents and


            3              voters of the City of Scranton.  Not this


            4              time.


            5                      No longer would the city council


            6              take two months off from work and be allowed


            7              to use that tired lame excuse, use it or


            8              lose it, disturb their responsibilities to


            9              the taxpayers and residents and voters of


           10              the City of the Scranton.  Not this time.


           11                      No longer will developers,


           12              solicitors and outside attorneys be used as


           13              a buffer between the city administration and


           14              the taxpayers.  Not this time.


           15                      No longer will audits required by


           16              law be allowed to go months on end without


           17              being completed and submitted in a timely


           18              fashion by all department heads, go without


           19              question.  Not this time.


           20                      No longer will the homes of the


           21              poor, our seniors and minorities be stolen


           22              from underneath them simply so a crony hacks


           23              can turn a buck and go unquestioned.  Not


           24              this time.


           25                      No longer will taxpayer-owned assets






            1              be sold and the proceeds not placed into an


            2              actual public trust.  Not this time.


            3                      No long he will crony hacks be


            4              appointed to long-term positions on their


            5              authorities within the city, go without


            6              question.  Not this time.


            7                      For the word and voices of the


            8              people will not only reverberate throughout


            9              the corridors of this building, but also


           10              upon the very crony pay to play foundations


           11              that the Sewer Authority, Housing Authority,


           12              Parking Authority, DPW, OECD, PEL, and Parks


           13              and Recreation not expand.  Not this time.


           14                      And in closing, Mrs. Evans and


           15              Mr. Courtright, I would like for you to


           16              relay a message to Mr. Doherty and council


           17              persons Gatelli and Fanucci and to all of


           18              their crony appointments and crony hacks,


           19              tick-tock, tick-tock.  The clock is ticking.


           20                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mr. Patilla.


           21              Andy Sbaraglia.


           22                      MR. SBARAGLIA: Andy Sbaraglia,


           23              citizen of Scranton and fellow Scrantonian.


           24              I said at this podium maybe two and a half


           25              years ago and I said the mayor's salary is






            1              very willfully low, two and a half years


            2              ago.  You wait until the worse time in the


            3              economy to bring it up.  You are two and


            4              half years behind the times.  Sometimes I


            5              wonder where your thinking process is.


            6                      Okay, let me go with something


            7              that's more relevant.  The city is putting


            8              out and advertisement for an air filtration


            9              system it says for city hall, fire


           10              department, police department, and the


           11              firemen and public works as per the


           12              specifications.  Now, have any of yous --


           13              have any of you come across a study that


           14              says our air in here is bad or has it been


           15              bad?  But we are about to spend a lot of


           16              money to cure a problem that maybe doesn't


           17              exist.  I don't know.  As you know, election


           18              is coming up, whether this is another job


           19              to-- I don't know, to me it looks like it's


           20              one of these pay for play deals unless there


           21              is written documented telling her air


           22              quality is bad, but look where they are


           23              planning to do it.


           24                      Okay, let's look at the Department


           25              of Public Works.  Do you realize we don't






            1              own the Department of Public Works?  It is


            2              up to the owner to put this filtration


            3              system in if it's so needed, but I doubt it.


            4              You know what?  They figured that when they


            5              designed this project they definitely


            6              realized that people work on vehicles in


            7              there.  They would not allow the quality of


            8              air to drop low enough to cause problems so,


            9              there must be in some kind of an air


           10              filtration system already in there to take


           11              away the carbon monoxide and so forth in


           12              these vehicles.


           13                      If not, then you wouldn't ask the


           14              question why isn't it so?  It is the


           15              architect's fault?  Should we look into the


           16              plans to see if it's the architects fault


           17              and then hold them accountable for some of


           18              these things?  But, no, we all just assume


           19              that when they put out a bid there is a


           20              reason for the bid usually, but this case I


           21              hope it's not political, especially if there


           22              is no study as to air quality.  That's the


           23              premise for any kind of deal with this.


           24                      If you are -- what about the police


           25              department, how old is that building?  Three






            1              years, four years old?  You are telling me


            2              the quality of air has deteriorated so bad


            3              in that building?  Then I would say, let's


            4              go back at the architect again and see what


            5              kind of a filtration system he put into that


            6              building.


            7                      As you know, when you do a building


            8              you put an air circulating system in.  Well,


            9              maybe you are not familiar with it, you


           10              don't work in construction, but when I


           11              worked in construction they always had an


           12              air circulating system in there just to


           13              circulate the air.  Obviously, there must be


           14              one in the police department.  That's a


           15              brand new building, but if there isn't, then


           16              again, you have to go after the architect or


           17              ask questions why or where is?  How are they


           18              getting the assumption that the air is bad


           19              in these buildings.  And you know they


           20              didn't go to OECD because that's down there


           21              in another building, isn't it?


           22                      You didn't run down there and make


           23              an air test because then you would have


           24              stepped on somebody's toes, and you are not


           25              going to step on anybody's toes but the






            1              taxpayers.  Since you have been up there


            2              that's all you have done is stepped on our


            3              toes.  You haven't looked at anything out


            4              further than your knows.  It doesn't stop


            5              here, it goes on.  You allow them to build


            6              all of these garages up, in the end it's


            7              going to come back to haunt us.  I just wish


            8              that we can change the laws down in


            9              Harrisburg that we could hold all of you's


           10              members monetarily responsible for your


           11              decisions.  It should be that way.  I mean,


           12              the Courts should/STHUD be able to say which


           13              is monetary and which is discretionary, it's


           14              just mistake that was made.


           15                      But, I look at what you have done,


           16              the attack on the old people at a part when


           17              we are actually in trouble, the whole --


           18              and it was in trouble.  Them lawyers knew


           19              that when these companies failed.  They knew


           20              that this country was being tanked out.  Why


           21              you didn't know, I don't know.  I don't know


           22              where your eyes and head were, but the


           23              warnings were all around us, but yet you


           24              went and you passed that.


           25                      Now, tax increases, maybe I don't






            1              like them, but I can say some of them are


            2              necessary.  Well, I thank you.


            3                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you,


            4              Mr. Sbaraglia.  Ozzie Quinn.


            5                      MR. QUINN:  Ozzie Quinn, president


            6              of the Scranton Taxpayers' Association.  It


            7              makes me feel good when you say the there is


            8              is lack of communication amongst our elected


            9              officials.  My God.  Geez.  What a way to


           10              run a city.  You know, there is no doubt in


           11              my mind, you know, that was put on the


           12              agenda, that amending the Home Rule Charter


           13              for salaries Friday, it was on the agenda


           14              Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and now


           15              you are saying nobody knew about it, you


           16              took it off.  Well, I think you saw that


           17              crowd out front demonstrating and three of


           18              you changed your mind.


           19                      Now, when mayor Doherty come on


           20              board here in 2002 we were $30 million in


           21              debt.  Now, you people are really bold that


           22              you can now say that the mayor should get a


           23              race.  We are over $100 million in debt.


           24              Now, can you compare him with any mayor in


           25              Pennsylvania and say he is worth the mayor






            1              in Allentown?  Come on.  He knew he was


            2              getting $50,000 and he knew this is on the


            3              agenda, and if he was a leader he would have


            4              told you to take it off the agenda, but he


            5              left it on the agenda.  Shame on him.


            6                      We seen the mayor make a jackass out


            7              of himself with the qualifications, we seen


            8              him continue to do this, we saw him make a


            9              jackass out of himself in regard to the


           10              state funding, not knowing that the state


           11              funding was frozen, and we see Mrs. Fanucci,


           12              who is the chairperson for the Community and


           13              Economic Development Office didn't know


           14              about it?


           15                      MS. FANUCCI: Did I tell you I didn't


           16              know about it?


           17                      MR. QUINN:  I imagine you didn't


           18              tell us.  We are the voters.  We are


           19              taxpayers.


           20                      MS. FANUCCI:  Did you ask me or are


           21              you making another assumption?


           22                      MR. QUINN: You should have made a


           23              report.


           24                      MS. FANUCCI: Ozzie, you are so good


           25              at this, but, as you say, everyone --






            1                      MR. QUINN:  Shame on you.


            2                      MS. FANUCCI: You have no idea what


            3              you are talking about again, but you are


            4              good at that, so keep going.


            5                      MR. QUINN:  Shame on you.  I want to


            6              tell you something, when that bell rings at


            7              fire station and when that patrolman in that


            8              car gets that radio, and it says domestic


            9              problem, okay, their heart and their blood


           10              starts pumping?  You know, in seven years


           11              they get the same paychecks.  They don't


           12              have to look at the God darn paycheck, they


           13              know what they are getting.  The only thing


           14              they got to look at is maybe the stubs to


           15              see if they are getting taxed more.  Shame


           16              on you people to have the boldness to try to


           17              get a raise and then try to wiggle out of it


           18              by saying you didn't know anything about it


           19              or you didn't agree with it.  Three of you.


           20              You know who you are.


           21                      I'll tell you what, we are in


           22              serious problems here in Scranton,


           23              Pennsylvania.  Our debt is over 100 million


           24              dollars and I'll bet that the independent


           25              audit will prove me right and that's for the






            1              principle only.  Now, I got to look at the


            2              big picture as president of the Taxpayers',


            3              the county is $222 million in debt and the


            4              school board is some $83 million -- or


            5              $44 million in debt.  We are done for with


            6              the statistics Mrs. Evans told you before


            7              about 30 percent elderly, 21 percent


            8              poverty, 7 percent unemployment and you


            9              people want to get a raise and you are


           10              saying it was for discussion?  Discussion.


           11              It was for introduction.  Shame on you


           12              people.


           13                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mr. Quinn.


           14              Bill Jackowitz.


           15                      MR. JACKOWITZ: Bill Jackowitz, South


           16              Scranton resident and member of the


           17              Taxpayers' Association.  Also, a founder of


           18              the Legion of Doom.  We are doing pretty


           19              good these days.  Firefighters don't choose


           20              fires, police officers don't choose the


           21              crime, warfighters don't choose the wars.


           22              The orders are given or the alarms sounds


           23              they go.  On the other hand, politicians,


           24              who are public servants, make their own


           25              choices.  They create jobs, appoint friends






            1              and family members with no experience or


            2              qualifications, raise their own salaries,


            3              cancel meetings or just do not show up


            4              expecting to be paid by the taxpayers.


            5              Remember, the government cannot give to


            6              anyone anything that it does not first take


            7              from someone else.


            8                      As far as the amending the mayor and


            9              city council and controller's salary, my


           10              hope is that you would reduce them.  With


           11              the amount of meetings that are missed, the


           12              fact that the City of Scranton has been


           13              distressed for 17 years, the fact that the


           14              fire department and police department have


           15              not gotten a raise in seven years going on


           16              eight years, it's a disgrace.  A total


           17              disgrace for a public servant, an elected


           18              public servant to ask for a money.


           19                      We have a school teacher, we have a


           20              school nurse, we have a retired school


           21              teacher, we have a business owner, and we


           22              have a state employee.  We have a


           23              businessman as an owner -- a business owner


           24              as the mayor of this city and you mean to


           25              tell me you need more money to live on while






            1              the median income in this city is $32,000


            2              household?  Per capita income is $17,000 for


            3              citizens of this city.


            4                      You have embarrassed this city.


            5              This whole valley is laughing at Scranton


            6              City Council, and I'm going to tell you


            7              something, it's not because of the Legion on


            8              of Doom.  It's not.  It's because of the


            9              elected officials.  You know, some people


           10              have leadership qualities and some people


           11              don't.  Our last two past presidents and our


           12              mayor -- last two past presidents of city


           13              council have no leadership ability.  They


           14              show that every week.  When you allow


           15              council members to walk out while speakers


           16              are talking, certain speakers, when you


           17              allow people to eat and drink up there even


           18              though a sign on the door says no food or


           19              beverage allowed in here.


           20                      We have council rules, but the only


           21              time council rules apply is when it pertains


           22              to a speaker.  We have had people arrested.


           23              We have had people searched.  We have gone


           24              on and on and on and on.  We have had -- we


           25              just had Mayor Connors' son, Zachary,






            1              appointed to a made-up job.  The job was


            2              made up in last month by Councilwoman


            3              Gatelli, Mayor Connors' son got the job with


            4              no qualifications.  Councilwoman Gatelli is


            5              quoted as saying, "Too much is made of


            6              qualifications.  Qualifications don't


            7              matter."


            8                      Well, you know something, I once


            9              stayed at a Holiday Inn Express so I'm going


           10              to apply for a school nurse position because


           11              qualifications do not matter.  That's why we


           12              have a police chief who got a week without


           13              pay, we have a fire chief who 92 percent of


           14              the firefighters have no confidence in, and


           15              we have a public safety director who was


           16              just reprimanded by the mayor and


           17              qualifications don't count?  We want to


           18              raise salaries so we can get better


           19              qualified people here?


           20                      You want to raise the mayor's


           21              salary, you tell that mayor that Bill


           22              Jackowitz said get rid of the distressed


           23              city status, get the contract for the fire


           24              and police signed and immediately and then


           25              Mr. McGoff, President McGoff, if you want to






            1              give the mayor a raise go right ahead, but


            2              not until then.  Take a pay cut.  Stand up.


            3              Be a leader and take a pay cut or find


            4              yourself another job, but take a pay cut.


            5                      Leaders lead by example.  Set the


            6              example.  Give back $10,000 of that $12,500.


            7                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mr.


            8              Jackowitz.  Jean Suetta.


            9                      MS. SUETTA: How you doing,


           10              everybody?  What an act I'm following.  I'm


           11              telling you.  Last Wednesday I was going up


           12              Greenridge Street, it was raining, you know,


           13              the glare on the street, blah, blah, blah,


           14              thank God I'm not a good -- a fast driver.


           15              I almost killed a person because they cannot


           16              walk on the Greenridge Street bridge, it's


           17              all ice and all snow.  Now, I get nervous,


           18              blah, blah, blah, and I called 911 and I


           19              told them about my situation.  She put me


           20              through to the police department and I


           21              talked to an officer at the desk and he told


           22              me it wasn't an emergency.  I said, "What


           23              did I have to do, kill somebody for it to be


           24              an emergency?"


           25                      Still as of today the bridge isn't






            1              cleaned, but where I'm going with this, I


            2              don't know, I come down here tonight and the


            3              God Damn steps ain't even cleaned on city


            4              hall.  They are not even cleaned.  They are


            5              ice.


            6                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Don't curse.


            7                      MS. SUETTA: I didn't curse, Jiminy


            8              Crickekts is what I wanted to say, but, I


            9              mean, the steps aren't even clean at city


           10              hall.  How am I going to get a bridge


           11              cleaned if we can't clean the steps at city


           12              hall?  Anybody?  Anybody can jump in now,


           13              you know?  What?


           14                      MR. MCGOFF: I'm not responsible for


           15              cleaning them.


           16                      MR. COURTRIGHT: They clean the


           17              center only because it was difficult.


           18                      MS. SUETTA: You only use the center?


           19              You are going to have me cursing in Polish,


           20              Bill.  You know, and I'm glad you took that


           21              other thing off the agenda because our boys


           22              deserve a raise, police and firemen.  I want


           23              to know how to get the bridge cleaned?  Can


           24              you answer me?


           25                      MR. COURTRIGHT: I don't know what to






            1              tell you.  I could call down and ask


            2              somebody.


            3                      MS. SUETTA: Call who?


            4                      MR. COURTRIGHT: I guess you would


            5              call Jeff Brazil.  You got as much clout as


            6              I do, Jean, probably more.


            7                      MS. SUETTA: If call and report an


            8              incident isn't the officer supposed to take


            9              care of the incident?


           10                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  They have no


           11              control.


           12                      MS. SUETTA: Listen to the tape, and


           13              I didn't even say the "F" word.  I was good.


           14                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  I have.


           15                      MS. SUETTA: Really, I'm getting


           16              close to saying it tonight.


           17                      MR. MCGOFF: No.


           18                      MS. SUETTA:  Nobody is responding to


           19              me up there.


           20                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Jean?


           21                      MS. SUETTA: What?


           22                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Let me say this to


           23              you, all right, before you yell at me, all


           24              right?


           25                      MS. SUETTA:  All right before --






            1                      MR. COURTRIGHT: The officer has --


            2              he has nothing to do with cleaning that


            3              bridge.


            4                      MS. SUETTA: Can't he call somebody?


            5              Don't they have more clout than me?


            6                      MR. COURTRIGHT: No, they don't have


            7              more clout more than me, if you listen to


            8              your scanner, and I know you have one,


            9              right?  All the time they are saying the


           10              roads are clean.  This last time they made


           11              an announcement over the air, "DPW knows


           12              that the roads are bad.  All roads will be


           13              cleaned in an hour or two."


           14                      MS. SUETTA: I know.


           15                      MR. COURTRIGHT: So, no, they don't


           16              have anymore clout.


           17                      MS. SUETTA: I'm not talking about


           18              the roads.  I'm talking about the sidewalk


           19              that the people cannot walk on.  They are


           20              walking on the road.  Bill, how do you think


           21              I would feel I killed that person?


           22                      MR. COURTRIGHT: I don't disagree


           23              with you, Jean, but the police department


           24              isn't the place to go.  You have to go to


           25              Mr. Brazil.  He is in charge of --






            1                      MS. SUETTA:  Give me his number.


            2                      MR. COURTRIGHT: I don't have it.


            3              I'll get it for you.  I'll get it for you.


            4              I will get you his number, how is that,


            5              okay?


            6                      MS. SUETTA:  Are you sure?


            7                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Yeah, I'm sure.


            8                      MS. SUETTA: I know you have my


            9              number.


           10                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Jeannie, would I lie


           11              to you?


           12                      MS. SUETTA: Yeah.  At least I broke


           13              the tension in here.


           14                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  I will get you the


           15              number, I promise.


           16                      MS. SUETTA: Because that bridge is


           17              that deep.


           18                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  It's all the


           19              bridges, Jean.  The Linden Street bridge is


           20              the same thing.  Lackawanna Avenue is the


           21              same thing.


           22                      MS. SUETTA: Is it DPW or is it


           23              PennDot?


           24                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  DPW does it.


           25                      MS. SUETTA:  It hasn't been done






            1              since the kid was a minnow.


            2                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  I'm not going to


            3              win here so I'm not --


            4                      MS. SUETTA: No, you are not, not


            5              tonight, no.


            6                      MR. COURTRIGHT: I'll get you the


            7              number.  That's the best I can do for you.


            8                      MS. SUETTA: You know, that's just


            9              like Keen's Floral, they have all the


           10              parking in front, clean for their patrons,


           11              they have the side of the building, they


           12              don't clean their sidewalks.


           13                      MS. FANUCCI: Where is this?


           14                      MS. SUETTA:  Keen's Floral, and it's


           15              been how long since we the storms.


           16                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  We got the tanning


           17              place done for you last year, remember?


           18                      MS. SUETTA:  Oh, they are right up


           19              to it this year.


           20                      MR. COURTRIGHT: See, you don't say


           21              thanks, though.


           22                      MS. SUETTA: Yes, I did.  Oh, yeah.


           23              Keen's Floral don't do nothing, you know,


           24              they are supposed to be fined.  Get


           25              somebody-- pay somebody eight bucks an hour






            1              to walk around and hand these fines out.


            2              You will get a lot of revenue in.  I mean, I


            3              watch kids walk on the street because they


            4              can't walk on the sidewalk going for a


            5              school bus.


            6                      MR. COURTRIGHT: I agree with you,


            7              Jean, I'll get you his number and send him a


            8              letter.  The bell is -- were' done.


            9                      MS. SUETTA:  Am I done?


           10                      MR. COURTRIGHT: You are done.


           11                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you.  Bob Gavern.


           12                      MR. GAVERN:  Good evening, Council.


           13              Bob Gavern, city resident.  I came here to


           14              talk about the raise, but since it was taken


           15              off the table that's sort of kills what I


           16              came here for, but each one of you council


           17              members at one time or another said that the


           18              police and fire should have a contract that


           19              we have had it so long.  Now, stand up, keep


           20              in what you have said, tell the mayor you


           21              will not entertain any of his projects until


           22              he hammers out a contract that's fair to the


           23              city and the police and fire.  That's all


           24              I'm asking you to do.  Stand up and be


           25              accounted for a change.






            1                      My last thing is Comcast.  We need


            2              more than one company in this city to give


            3              us TV, and the problem with Comcast is the


            4              elderly on fixed incomes can't afford it.


            5              Do something to help the elderly in this


            6              town, the taxpayers that pay your salaries.


            7              Thank you very much.


            8                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mr. Gavern


            9              Stephanie Gawel.


           10                      MS. GAWEL: Hi.  Stephanie Gawel,


           11              citizen of Scranton.  I was coming in to


           12              speak about the raises, and obviously, again


           13              we have taken them off the agenda, and


           14              that's fine, but we truly can't do this


           15              until we do take care of our police and


           16              firemen.  I would ask that you all try to


           17              work on the mayor.  He needs to settle this.


           18              I know you know what needs to be done, but


           19              you need to really start pushing him.


           20                      I also want to know what happened


           21              with the grants?  I mean, we lost those


           22              grants.  It's a big headline in the paper.


           23                      MS. FANUCCI: Yeah, we didn't.  Would


           24              you like me to answer that now during your


           25              time?






            1                      MS. GAWEL: Yeah.


            2                      MS. FANUCCI: Are you sure?


            3                      MS. GAWEL: Yeah.


            4                      MS. FANUCCI: Okay.  There was


            5              actually -- there was some mix-ups here.


            6              One of the -- the independent audit was


            7              scheduled by us, city council was in charge


            8              of hiring the person for the independent


            9              audit.  It is being stated in that we are


           10              being red flagged because the independent


           11              audit has not come through.  That is not the


           12              case.  There was not a red flag on our


           13              independent audit.  DCED and the


           14              administration and PEL have been sitting


           15              down weekly, and they are very aware that


           16              the independent audit is not in there, they


           17              did not sanction us for that, and that is a


           18              miss report, so that is not an issue, so


           19              that's number one.


           20                      The other project that we were


           21              supposedly red flagged on was the Connell


           22              Park project.  If you did look on the


           23              website, yes, we were red flagged on them.


           24              The problem was that it was just


           25              miscommunication.  The city did all of the






            1              right --


            2                      MS. GAWEL: Okay.


            3                      MS. FANUCCI: In a timely fashion, it


            4              was -- it was -- the work was done, it was


            5              submitted in time for an extension, only


            6              because you can't work on Connell Park this


            7              time of year.  So, they did file an


            8              extension, that was granted.  When it got to


            9              the state it sat there and didn't come back


           10              in time, so that actually was not correct.


           11              That was actually a miscommunication.  The


           12              state -- so those red flags actually have


           13              been lifted.


           14                      MS. GAWEL:  Okay.


           15                      MS. FANUCCI: The other project was


           16              the project that we actually all have been


           17              aware of that is a problem.  Notification


           18              has been sent, it has been sent a few times


           19              stating that we actually were red flagged


           20              because of this project.  Nothing has


           21              stopped because of it so I was a little -- I


           22              actually was a little worried about the hype


           23              myself, because when you go on, I mean, I do


           24              work for the state.  We deal with all of the


           25              time, this is not a big deal.  Nobody is






            1              suffering, there is no monies that are held


            2              up, nothing has been done.  In fact, it will


            3              probably be a week or two before this is


            4              straightened out, but it was a filing that


            5              was filed.  It was misfiled.  There was a


            6              form that was supposed to be done that was


            7              not done.  The audit was supposed to be done


            8              instead of the form, after $100,000 any


            9              project that's over $100,000 there's a


           10              certain -- there is an audit that has to be


           11              attached.  That was not done with it.


           12                      So it actually was just a miss -- it


           13              could be cleared up within weeks, so we


           14              really are really not suffering.  There is


           15              nothing in the city that's going to stop.


           16              Nothing has been done as far as like, you


           17              know, making sure projects are stopped and


           18              no funding.


           19                      MS. GAWEL: I would also -- I am


           20              under the impression part of the problem


           21              with the settling the contracts is PEL.  Can


           22              you guys start writing PEL?  Can you write


           23              the Governor and tell him to get PEL the


           24              heck out of here because they are killing


           25              us.  I mean, they are--  obviously, they are






            1              not doing their job if it's 17 years later


            2              and we are still having the same issue, and


            3              maybe if we got PEL out of here and we could


            4              then finally settle these negotiations.


            5                      MS. FANUCCI: I could tell you that


            6              we talked about that before, about getting


            7              rid of PEL.  My fear and from I hear on the


            8              state level is they will just bring in


            9              another group and start from scratch, and


           10              that would be awful, so the only way to get


           11              rid of PEL is to actually be -- get out of


           12              distressed city.  In fact, Mr. Jackowitz was


           13              correct.  We need to get out of distressed


           14              city status so we don't have to deal with


           15              this any more.


           16                      MS. GAWEL: Yeah, but how are we


           17              going to do that if we keep doing pet


           18              projects for --


           19                      MS. FANUCCI: Well, that really has


           20              nothing to do with it.  That not part of it.


           21              I mean, the projects on it's own are not


           22              really part of what the Recovery Plan is, so


           23              that's actually not a, you know, a violation


           24              of the Recovery Plan what I'm trying to tell


           25              you.






            1                      MS. GAWEL:  It's not -- I mean, all


            2              of those hires are not part of the --


            3              against --


            4                      MS. FANUCCI: You said the projects.


            5              The pet projects.  That is -- you are on a


            6              different issue.


            7                      MS. GAWEL: The fire and all of that,


            8              but that's what I'm saying.  Why doesn't


            9              call the governor and going, hey, Governor,


           10              like, PEL isn't doing their job because they


           11              are letting the mayor hire people that


           12              shouldn't be there at this point, people


           13              that were supposed to be gone over the


           14              Connors' administration and stuff.  You


           15              know, I mean, can council send a letter, you


           16              know, to the governor on our behalf stating


           17              something that that effect.


           18                      MS. FANUCCI: I would imagine we


           19              could send a letter to the governor, but you


           20              know what the governor is -- it will say


           21              that it's out of his hands --


           22                      MS. GAWEL: I'm going to say against


           23              PEL.


           24                      MS. FANUCCI:  PEL is actually an


           25              independent company supposedly from the






            1              governor, so it would actually be to PEL


            2              that actually communication should go to.


            3              So we certainly can do that.


            4                      MS. GAWEL: Well, I would think, I


            5              mean, two things I have heard.  I mean, I


            6              have heard, you know, that the governor has


            7              quite a little temper so like if you send


            8              him a letter and he gets annoyed he might


            9              get annoyed enough at PEL to tell them to


           10              step in and do their job.


           11                      The other thing is I also have heard


           12              that the local democratic party isn't


           13              thrilled with the boy upstairs and maybe,


           14              you know, he won't get the favoritism he has


           15              been getting lately.  Thank you.


           16                      MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Mrs. Gawel.


           17              Les Spindler.


           18                      MR. SPINDLER: Les Spindler, city


           19              resident and taxpayer, homeowner.


           20              Mr. McGoff, you should be ashamed of


           21              yourself for even entertaining raises at


           22              this time.  The way the economy is in this


           23              country, our firefighters and policemen


           24              haven't had a raise in almost eight years.


           25              We are bailing out banks, we are bailing out






            1              the auto industry and you want more money


            2              for cancelling more meetings than any other


            3              council before you were on there?  You


            4              should be ashamed of yourself.


            5                      And you said you compared to other


            6              cities, obviously, you didn't compare to


            7              Allentown.  Allentown city council, and the


            8              City of Allentown is bigger than ours, their


            9              city council makes approximately half of


           10              what you make.  So I have an idea how to get


           11              the mayor a raise, you take a pay cut down


           12              to the Allentown City Council meeting and


           13              there is the money for the mayor's raise.


           14              Consider that, Mr. McGoff.  No comment?


           15              What you take a $6,000 pay cut, Mr. McGoff,


           16              to give the mayor a raise?


           17                      MR. MCGOFF: No.


           18                      MR. SPINDLER: You said you compared


           19              it to Allentown.


           20                      MR. MCGOFF:  Do you want me to


           21              comment or, you know, because if I do


           22              comment then you yell at me for taking your


           23              time.


           24                      MR. SPINDLER:  You said you compared


           25              to other cities, obviously, you didn't






            1              compare Allentown because their counsel


            2              makes half of what you make and they are a


            3              bigger city, and you should be ashamed of


            4              yourself even for entertaining that.


            5                      Moving on, oh, Mrs. Gatelli, I


            6              wanted to say something to her, but she


            7              walked out.  I'll say it anyway.  Mrs.


            8              Gatelli quoted last week as far as she could


            9              remember city council always recessed for


           10              August and December.  That's not true.  She


           11              must have only remember backed as far as


           12              when she is on council, because the two


           13              councils before her that I have spoken in


           14              front of never dismissed for December.  They


           15              might have dismissed for Christmas week, but


           16              that was it.


           17                      And the council before Mrs. Gatelli


           18              was on Mr. Courtright and Mrs. Evans will


           19              remember that they even worked the whole


           20              summer when the Hilton was in financial


           21              distress they worked all summer to bail out


           22              the Hilton, so this council has canceled


           23              more meetings than any other council before


           24              you, and you should take a pay cut and not a


           25              raise.






            1                      Moving on, Mrs. Gatelli introduced a


            2              position of assistant zoning officer in the


            3              last meeting of the budget.  Attorney


            4              Minora, I have a question for you, is that


            5              legal to introduce something in the last


            6              reading?  Doesn't everything has to be read


            7              three times before it's passed?


            8                      MR. MINORA: The budget can be


            9              amended up until the time it's passes.


           10                      MR. SPINDLER:  So anything can be


           11              introduced up until the last minute?


           12                      MR. MINORA: I don't know how else to


           13              answer you other than items can be amended


           14              up until the budget is passed.


           15                      MR. SPINDLER:  Thank you.  I have a


           16              quote from that Doherty newsletter from last


           17              from you, Mrs. Gatelli.


           18                      MS. GATELLI: Don't believe what you


           19              read in there, Les.


           20                      MR. SPINDLER: Well, I'm going to ask


           21              you, "I don't know that qualifications


           22              necessarily make you a best person for the


           23              job."


           24                      Did you say that?


           25                      MS. GATELLI:  Would you like me to






            1              explain or wait until motions?


            2                      MR. SPINDLER:  No.  I want a yes or


            3              no, did you say it?


            4                      MS. GATELLI: Not in that context.


            5                      MR. SPINDLER: What other context is


            6              there?


            7                      MS. GATELLI:  I'll tell you later.


            8                      MR. SPINDLER:  Anyway, if you just


            9              said that I'm torn because I don't know


           10              whether I should put my application in for


           11              brain surgeon at CMC or rocket science at


           12              NASA.  I'm not qualified for any of them,


           13              but what you said I should get the job.


           14                      Oh, I have a question, why was


           15              Scartelli plowing the DPW parking lot early


           16              Sunday morning?  Why couldn't our own DPW


           17              plow their own parking lot?


           18                      MS. GATELLI: You want that answer?


           19                      MR. SPINDLER: Yes.


           20                      MS. GATELLI: Because I believe we


           21              were under an emergency and they hired


           22              private contractors.


           23                      MR. SPINDLER: Three and a half


           24              inches of snow we were under an emergency?


           25              Wow.






            1                      MS. GATELLI:  They hired a


            2              contractor.


            3                      MR. SPINDLER: God help us if we get


            4              a blizzard.  Something else, three of you


            5              passed a budget before seeing the audit and


            6              Stu Renda said they were blindsided.  How


            7              were they blindsided?  We knew that the


            8              audit was due in May.  People were talking


            9              about it since May.  How does he have the


           10              nerve to say we were blindsided?  I don't


           11              know what he is talking about.  And I don't


           12              know how you people could have passed the


           13              budget without seeing the audit.


           14              It's incomprehensibly.


           15                      Lastly, people constantly come up to


           16              me and say how terrible the quality of the


           17              sound is on CDTV, and I've spoken about it


           18              myself, I have to put my TV up to 100 just


           19              to hear what's going on there and other


           20              people have had the same sentiments to me,


           21              so I said in the past, Scranton Today ran


           22              this place, ran Channel 61 on a shoestring


           23              budget, did a much better job, we have a


           24              microphone up to a speaker here.  Great


           25              equipment.  I guess that's why nobody can






            1              hear it on the television, and I think we


            2              should make changes and get people in here


            3              that know what we are doing.  Thank you.


            4                      THE COURT:  Peg Paris.


            5                      MS. PARIS:  Good evening, everyone,


            6              folks on council.  I hope all of you have


            7              had a happy holidays, and I'd like to before


            8              I go into what I would like to say to have


            9              the audience one more time give a round of


           10              applause to Mrs. Novembrino who is a true


           11              patriot.  (Audience members applaud.)


           12                      Members of council, my friends and


           13              neighbors are all here, not because we are


           14              against something, it's what we are for.  We


           15              are for what I refer to always as


           16              fundamental fairness.  It has to be that


           17              way.  It can't be all of these privileges


           18              for certain few at the expense of all of the


           19              rest of us.  At election time signs are put


           20              on residential lawns and homes for democrat


           21              or republican candidates, and after the


           22              election the signs for the candidates are


           23              removed.  Unfortunately, all over this town


           24              signs on many more lawns and homes remain


           25              and these signs say "For Sale."






            1                      So when they are lost to the


            2              taxpayers that have to leave these homes, we


            3              have to pick up where they leave off.  There


            4              is no income taxes coming from those homes.


            5              The rest of us have to some way they will


            6              find somehow to help make us, bring up taxes


            7              to pay for those taxes that are lost.


            8                      Many of these homes are owned by


            9              residents who can no longer maintain it and


           10              who are in grave danger of foreclosure.


           11              These families simply can't afford the


           12              rising cost of fuel, mortgage payments,


           13              maintenance, food and insurance, and


           14              everything else.  How do we get out of that


           15              distressed -- how do we get out of this


           16              distressed situation that we are in if we


           17              continue to think about giving people


           18              enormous raises.


           19                      Now council wants to ask for pay


           20              raises.  The entire country is in a terrible


           21              financial turmoil and you are requesting pay


           22              raises or thinking about it.  Three members


           23              of council, Mrs. Gatelli, Mr. McGoff, Ms.


           24              Fanucci, are predictably going to vote for


           25              this pay raise because they usually, almost






            1              always, vote in the self-serving agendas


            2              that they are presented with, never giving


            3              any consideration to the common sense


            4              budgets that are often proposed by Ms. Janet


            5              Evans and giving raises for higher taxes,


            6              pay raises, and consultation fees, always to


            7              benefit themselves.


            8                      Members of Council, I ask you most


            9              humbly do you really need a raise?  This is


           10              the people's money.  We are the bank, you


           11              are the employees, and I believe that the


           12              bank must and should have an important say


           13              in this matter and that you listen carefully


           14              to what we have to say.  Money is tight in


           15              the Scranton area, and for a city still very


           16              distressed, all of you have other jobs that


           17              I'm sure provide good incomes for those of


           18              you, and you live comfortably.  Many of us


           19              in this city do not.  I suggest that you


           20              forget about the raise, this very untimely


           21              request.  I don't think you need it.  Make


           22              due with what you have like the rest of us


           23              have to do.


           24                      If you pursue these raises, the


           25              person who will be up for election this year






            1              will, I guarantee you, have a very hard time


            2              convincing my neighbors, these wonderful


            3              people, that they are working for them, and


            4              if the firemen and policemen ask for a


            5              raise, I ask you this, will you give it to


            6              them?  Thank you.


            7                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mrs. Paris.


            8              Marie Schumacher.


            9                      MS. SCHUMACHER: Marie Schumacher,


           10              city resident and member of the Taxpayers'


           11              Association.  I'm going to pick up where I


           12              left off last week.  At the December 2


           13              meeting I noted that the Impanema Gill had a


           14              federal tax lien imposed and asked whether


           15              the $40,000 loan to them would be recalled.


           16              Is there an answer available?


           17                      Over your extended December


           18              vacation, Rejuvenescence was also in the


           19              paper with a tax lien.  What impact will


           20              this have on their loan?  Yanni's Bistro


           21              doesn't answer their phone and it appears


           22              that the business has closed.  Has there


           23              $36,000 loan been repaid?


           24                      Now, I would like clarification on


           25              why the administrative code wasn't followed






            1              in the hiring of the zoning officer?


            2              Section 445-10 under zoning officer


            3              appointment says:  "The zoning officer shall


            4              appointed by the mayor.  Any full-time


            5              zoning officer appointed after the adoption


            6              of this chapter, shall require confirmation


            7              by the city council."


            8                      So, I would like an answer on why


            9              that did not happen.


           10                      Regarding Boscov's, on the eighth


           11              the sales figures for December retail were


           12              well-advertised.  They were not healthy, but


           13              since Boscov's is a privately held company


           14              they don't have to report their sales, but


           15              since they owe us $3 million, I would like


           16              to know whether we are going to get regular


           17              reports on how their sales stack up starting


           18              with December '08 compared to '07 so we know


           19              whether or not to have a good warm feeling


           20              that are loans are going to be repaid or


           21              whether we are going to have to eat that


           22              money.


           23                      Now, just for a minute on pay


           24              scales, there is a website called pay scale.


           25              It's an on-line leader in compensation that






            1              has been featured on a major television


            2              networks and in newspapers across the


            3              country.  As of 8 January the typical salary


            4              for city mayor in the United States ranged


            5              from $37,751 to $74,647 with an average of


            6              $62,000.  When the distressed city status is


            7              removed, the firefighters and police have a


            8              negotiated contract and executed contract


            9              and a percent of our population living below


           10              the poverty line is less than 10 percent,


           11              might be a better time to increase


           12              compensation.  Better yet, the mayor's


           13              salary should remain at the present level


           14              until and unless the wage tax is lowered.


           15                      While I am unable to quote the


           16              figure provided by Mrs. Gatelli during the


           17              2009 budget discussions because minutes


           18              haven't been posted for over a month, I


           19              believe it was about $40,000 in the budget


           20              for the solicitation of the programs to


           21              increase the number of registered rental


           22              properties, and I would like to know when


           23              that solicitation will be advertised.


           24                      I would also like to know what steps


           25              Mrs. Gatelli has taken to advance her






            1              proposal for a Home Rule Charter review.


            2                      I would also like to request city


            3              council set a caucus to receive public


            4              comments on the proposed stimulus projects


            5              before they are submitted to the NEPA


            6              Alliance.


            7                      New subject, back in 2002


            8              Mr. Doherty announced his intention to buy


            9              three portable ice skating rinks for $8,000


           10              with money left over from $15,000 the parks


           11              department received through the state.  The


           12              park's director, Mr. Scopelliti, said each


           13              43 by 75 foot ring would accommodate about


           14              32 skaters.  The tentative plan was to place


           15              the rinks in crowded parks, Tripp Park and


           16              Hartman Field.  My question, where are these


           17              rinks in 2009 and why aren't they being


           18              used?


           19                      Now, Mr. Doherty is recorded in the


           20              Times-Tribune as dismissing favoritism in


           21              the hiring of Zachary Connors, and defended


           22              the hiring as consistent with past


           23              administrative practices.  I would dearly


           24              love to see the list of all unqualified


           25              employees hired at the top of the salary






            1              range, perhaps, you could ask the mayor to


            2              provide this list during motions tonight.


            3                      And then I'll close by noting that


            4              the room access by the door to the left of


            5              the dais is now being utilized by ECTV.


            6              When Scranton Today was carrying council


            7              meetings, they were evicted from that room


            8              as it was needed for HVAC equipment.


            9              Strange how times change.  Now I know for


           10              sure I'm back in Scranton where everything


           11              depends on who you know.


           12                      MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Mrs.


           13              Schumacher.  Joe Talimini.


           14                      MR. TALIMINI: Good evening, Council,


           15              Joe Talimini, City of Scranton.  First of


           16              all, I'd like to wish a happy birthday to


           17              Mrs. Tomko, she is very gracious and a very


           18              nice lady, and I wish her many, many more.


           19                      MS. EVANS: Thank you.


           20                      MS. TALIMINI: I find it ludicrous


           21              that you people even make comparisons to the


           22              City of Allentown.  They are twice as large


           23              as we are, far more progressive than we are,


           24              they have a Home Rule Charter as well, but


           25              never occurred to anybody, and especially to






            1              the mayor, obviously, that Allentown has


            2              something Scranton is lacking terribly, they


            3              have commerce and they have industry.  So,


            4              make all of the comparisons you want about


            5              who is worth what, but until we get commerce


            6              and industry in this town, there is nobody


            7              worth a dime in this city.  Not a one of


            8              you.


            9                      Now, you talk about a possibility of


           10              a raise, okay, this is tabled.  Are you


           11              willing to give back for every meeting you


           12              miss or for every vacation time you take,


           13              and I don't want to hear the stories about,


           14              oh, this such a difficult job.  If it's so


           15              damn difficult why do you want it?


           16                      MS. FANUCCI: Oh, you don't?


           17                      MR. TALIMINI: I just don't


           18              understand it.  You know, don't tell me how


           19              great, you know, and how dedicated you are


           20              to the public.  Mr. McGoff, you know, you


           21              insult my intelligence when you make a


           22              comment about responsibility.  Do you know


           23              what responsibility means?  Your


           24              responsibility is to the taxpayers of this


           25              city, and you people had better learn that,






            1              because election time is coming up and I


            2              guarantee you there is it song that goes


            3              around that says, "Another one bites the


            4              dust," and I'm hopeful that quite a few of


            5              will bite the dust in the very near future


            6              because you not doing with the job you are


            7              paid for -- excuse me, underpaid for.


            8                      MR. MCGOFF: Underpaid.


            9                      MR. TALIMINI: Now, I'll agree with


           10              you, the mayor's salary is not up the par,


           11              but the mayor is far from being up to par as


           12              well.  My question to you is a very simple


           13              thing, politics is a very interesting game.


           14              You are all involved or you wouldn't be


           15              sitting up there.  We have candidates up


           16              there, we have candidates in the audience.


           17              If this job is so bad and it pays so low why


           18              in the hell would you want it?  It makes no


           19              sense at all.  I'd just love an explanation


           20              for that?


           21                      MS. FANUCCI: I'd love you to give


           22              you an explanation.


           23                      MR. TALIMINI: Oh, I'd love to hear


           24              your version.


           25                      MS. FANUCCI: I'd love to tell you.






            1              I'd love to tell you.  If you seriously


            2              think that we get in this business because


            3              for whatever reason besides the fact we are


            4              trying to better the city, whether it's my


            5              version, whether it's Mrs. Evans' version --


            6                      MR. TALIMINI: Oh, please.


            7                      MS. FANUCCI: All right.  Is that


            8              Mrs. Evans' version?  But if you think that


            9              it's different for any of us for our reasons


           10              for being here you obviously you have no


           11              idea what you are speaking about.  You can


           12              come here week after week, we do not -- do


           13              you think that any of us would do it for the


           14              fun of it?  I mean, really you have to be


           15              kidding mea?


           16                      MR. TALIMINI: Lady --


           17                      MS. FANUCCI: Wait.  Wait.  Did you


           18              ask me a question?


           19                      MR. TALIMINI: You are on my time.


           20                      MS. FANUCCI: Did you ask me a


           21              question?  Oh, so, you don't want an answer.


           22                      MR. TALIMINI: No, not from you.


           23                      MS. FANUCCI: Of course you don't.


           24                      MR. TALIMINI: Not from you


           25              especially, please.






            1                      MS. FANUCCI:  You want to just keep


            2              spewing all your propaganda.


            3                      MR. TALIMINI: Well, let me tell you


            4              something --


            5                      MS. FANUCCI:  Enjoy.  Enjoy.  You


            6              are doing well.


            7                      MR. TALIMINI: Shut up.  It's my


            8              turn.


            9                      MS. FANUCCI: That's right.  You are


           10              doing well?


           11                      MR. TALIMINI: Now, enough of you.


           12              Every one of you is up there because you are


           13              elected.  Most of you want to be reelected.


           14                      MS. FANUCCI: Exactly.


           15                      MR. TALIMINI: Don't give me this bit


           16              that you are so dedicated to this city,


           17              because you are certainly not.  If you were


           18              you would be taking care of the citizens of


           19              this city and not your own mayor and your


           20              own agendas.  Now, there is another little


           21              aspect it here --


           22                      MS. FANUCCI: Wrong again.  You are


           23              wrong again.  I just want to state for the


           24              record you are wrong again, but you are used


           25              to that and you are good at it, so continue,






            1              please.


            2                      MR. TALIMINI: Okay, mouth, get back


            3              to your hairdressing and your Irish


            4              attitude--


            5                      MR. MCGOFF: Excuse me --


            6                      MS. FANUCCI: --and to all of you


            7              people out there who are hairdressers and


            8              actually stay-at-home mom and actually have


            9              other jobs that I guess besides journalism


           10              you are not allowed to run for office.  This


           11              isn't your city.  It's not your city.  You


           12              have no place to be here.  It's only for


           13              people like him, so please --


           14                      MR. MCGOFF: Please.


           15                      MS. FANUCCI: -- don't run.  Please,


           16              don't tell me --


           17                      MR. MCGOFF:  I understand.


           18              Mr. Talimini is out of order.


           19                      MR. TALIMINI: Don't say Mr.


           20              Talimimi, say Mrs. Fanucci.


           21                      MR. MCGOFF:  You were out of order.


           22                      MR. TALIMINI: I was not out of


           23              order.  You are out of order, sir.  Now,


           24              let's get back to this thing.  If this job


           25              is so bad and it's so lousy why do you want






            1              to run again and why are these people here


            2              who want to run for this office in this


            3              city?  This dedication nonsense, no.  There


            4              has got to be an awful lot of aside.


            5              Holding office, obviously, has many fringe


            6              benefits that the public doesn't know about


            7              it or you sure in hell wouldn't be up there,


            8              and most of you don't deserve to be up


            9              there.


           10                      MR. MCGOFF:  Charlie Newcomb.


           11                      MR. NEWCOMB: Good evening, Council.


           12              I just would like to speak on a few things.


           13              I also am very glad that the raises were


           14              taken off the agenda and I hope that they


           15              are not put on because the country is in


           16              serious trouble and I believe everybody


           17              knows a circumstances of the taxpayers and


           18              the citizens of this city.  I would just


           19              like to talk about a few different things.


           20              Also, in the mayor's budget, I believe,


           21              there was supposed to be a $10,000, correct


           22              me if I'm wrong with these two people, but I


           23              think a $10,000 increase in the salary and I


           24              believe it was Mr. Hayes and was it Mrs.


           25              Moran or who it was?






            1                      MS. FANUCCI: No.


            2                      MR. NEWCOMB: Wasn't there a $10,000


            3              raise that you wanted to give?


            4                      MS. GATELLI: It didn't pass.


            5                      MR. NEWCOMB: I know that, but, I


            6              mean, those were the two positions I mean,


            7              right?


            8                      MS. FANUCCI: Yeah.


            9                      MR. NEWCOMB: Well, that's what I was


           10              going to say, just like I'm glad that those


           11              weren't given, but I would like to make


           12              something clear.  I know it was the past


           13              council, but if you remember, and I had a


           14              conversation on the phone with a few of you


           15              council people, the chief of police was


           16              given a $10,000 raise -- oh, 13, I'm sorry,


           17              and it was the fire chief, too.  That's


           18              right, I'm sorry, but what we did, when I


           19              mean "we" is the people what a lot didn't


           20              realize is that for every retired chief of


           21              police and firemen if they got, I just use


           22              ten, if we -- they would get half of the


           23              raise.  So these -- I use these things as


           24              stupid things that we do, meaning we as


           25              people running businesses in the city, so






            1              for every year that goes by that Mr. Elliott


            2              and I believe it's Mr. Davis got the


            3              increase in their pay, every retired fire


            4              chief that is it alive today and every


            5              retired police chief is getting half.  So,


            6              if they got ten you gave everybody five, so


            7              add that up what that's going to cost off


            8              the next, you know, hopefully these


            9              gentlemen will live a long time, just think


           10              how much that would cost us for two raises.


           11                      MS. GATELLI:  Charlie, I just have a


           12              question, if the police and fire get a new


           13              contract and they get a raise do all of the


           14              retired police and firemen get a raise, too?


           15                      MR. NEWCOMB: I believe they get


           16              50 percent.  They would get half of any


           17              increases later on down the road.  That's


           18              the way I think it works.  I could be wrong


           19              but --


           20                      MS. GATELLI: Thank you.


           21                      MR. NEWCOMB: -- I believe they would


           22              get 50 percent if it goes down the road.


           23                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Based on when they


           24              were hired, I think, right?


           25                      MR. NEWCOMB: It goes back to their






            1              years, I'm sure it does.  Like, after a


            2              certain year when they get hired their


            3              health care doesn't go with them, but hired


            4              through a certain year their health care


            5              goes with them and their spouses, I believe,


            6              when they retire.


            7                      And just for another knowledge is


            8              that I know I hear a lot of talk about the


            9              mayor, you know, what $50,000, I don't know


           10              what my opinion if that is --  in todays'


           11              day and age a lot of people I'm sure would


           12              be happy to make $50,000 with the economy,


           13              but here is what we also have to look at


           14              what's happened in the city, and I think


           15              it's a terrible thing.  I don't know the


           16              gentleman from Adam from eve, so this is not


           17              a personal attack, but we had a position of


           18              our business administrator, which


           19              Mr. Krushefski when he left his salary was


           20              $85,000.  Mr. Renda had a job in the city


           21              that was making I believe in the low 30's,


           22              now he makes $85,000 and what Mr. -- the


           23              other gentleman's salary was.  Does it make


           24              sense that we pay our business administrator


           25              $35,000 more than the mayor who should be






            1              quote/unquote whoever the mayor is the CEO


            2              of the city?  So, if anybody thinks of


            3              raising a mayor's salary, what I think


            4              should be done is adjusting our business


            5              administrator's salary, because I'm sure he


            6              doesn't have as many job duties as the mayor


            7              doesn't answer to everybody, that's an


            8              appointed position, as a matter of fact, you


            9              don't run for business administrator, even


           10              if you reduced his salary by 20,000 he would


           11              still be making 65,000 which is more than


           12              anybody in this city makes now of the


           13              administration, the mayor's administration.


           14              I believe the fire chief and the police


           15              chief are close to that, but even if you


           16              reschedule it, that would bring the mayor's


           17              salary to 70, bottom line is if you


           18              restructured those salaries it's not costing


           19              the taxpayers a dollar more than it does


           20              now.


           21                      But, these police and firemen in


           22              this city, and what Mr. Courtright said


           23              about the Teamster's unions taking pay cuts,


           24              these men and woman could never, ever make


           25              up, that's why we are losing them left and






            1              right, could never make up for what they


            2              lost in this years.  No matter what their


            3              raise they took a pay cut that nobody should


            4              be asked to take, so I say before anything


            5              goes on the table about more raises or


            6              anything else, or raise for the mayor, think


            7              of the people that go to work every day and,


            8              unfortunately, as we seen some of them do


            9              lose their life in the line of duty, I


           10              believe that they are more important and


           11              should be getting a raise, I know there is a


           12              lot of union headaches and the mayor I think


           13              is a person -- he is a union buster, but I


           14              will tell you what, a gentleman sitting in


           15              an office making $85,000 a year does not


           16              have to worry about going through a domestic


           17              and not coming home.  Thank you.


           18                      MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Mr. Newcomb.


           19              Brett McCloe, did want to speak?


           20                      MR. DIBILEO: Good evening, City


           21              Council.  Gary Dibileo from Scranton.  I


           22              jumped ahead of Brett.  I have to pick up my


           23              daughter.  I wanted to briefly comment on


           24              the pay raises that was going to be


           25              introduced this evening, and first let me






            1              say that I'm very happy that it has been


            2              taken off the agenda, but I must say that I


            3              think it's highly irresponsible to have that


            4              even be considered.  I'm sure you know,


            5              possibly you don't, that we are in the midst


            6              of a global economic crisis, and families


            7              and businesses and cities and counties and


            8              states are making serious cost cutting


            9              measures, but apparently this administration


           10              hasn't become aware of the situation with


           11              the economy because of some of the $10,000


           12              raises that have been mentioned, newly


           13              created jobs that have been put in place


           14              over the last few years, and then apparently


           15              the majority of the council hasn't gotten


           16              that message either because the legislation


           17              was being considered.


           18                      And I just wanted to say that I'm


           19              not here to say that the jobs aren't worthy


           20              of some additional money, but what I'm here


           21              to say is that people are struggling and now


           22              is not the right time for a distressed city


           23              to be considering given an 80 percent raise


           24              to the mayor in a 60 percent raise to city


           25              council, and I don't know what percent the






            1              other position was supposed to be.  I do


            2              understand that Mrs. Novembrino knew nothing


            3              about the raise, so she wasn't apparently


            4              familiar with where that came from, but I


            5              just want to say that I'm glad it's off the


            6              agenda, and please in the future until


            7              things turn around, and Lord knows when that


            8              might be, please keep it off the agenda.


            9              Thank you very much.


           10                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mr. DiBileo.


           11                      MR. MCCLOE: Good evening.  My name


           12              is Brett McCloe, Scranton taxpayer.  I


           13              wasn't going to actually speak this evening,


           14              and actually I didn't speak most of last


           15              year.  I preferred to stay home and throw


           16              dinner rolls at the TV and yell at you guys


           17              from the other side, one of the things that


           18              struck me is that there is a new word that


           19              came into my head, I'm trying to sum


           20              everything up here and everything I have


           21              heard in the one word, and the word is


           22              ignorance.  There is no such word as it, and


           23              it sounds like a little bit like ignorance


           24              so it's not, so I'm not calling anybody


           25              ignorant, ignorance.  That means -- ignorant






            1              means when you have lack of knowledge or


            2              ability, ignorance in my mind means you have


            3              full knowledge, you have the ability, you


            4              have the wherewithal to do something, but


            5              yet you ignore it, and that word just kept


            6              on sticking in my head and I tried in the


            7              Webster dictionary to find out if there was


            8              such a word as ignorance.  You are the


            9              English teacher, is there a word?


           10                      MS. EVANS: I really don't know.  I'm


           11              learning from you tonight, Mr. McCloe.


           12                      MR. MCCLOE: Well, it just came into


           13              my head.  Well, a lot of the legislation and


           14              everything that is being put forward or


           15              suggested shows a certain amount of


           16              ignorance, ignoring the fact of the


           17              20 percent poverty level which, in fact,


           18              many of the single mothers in this city are


           19              suffering from this 20 percent poverty


           20              level.  A lot of this poverty level comes


           21              from an ideology of progress at any cost.


           22                      I mean, I have even heard a council


           23              member say to a speaker, "You have a job,


           24              you pay your bills, I don't see what your


           25              problem is."






            1                      That cost is 20 percent poverty


            2              levels.  That idea, that ideology causes


            3              that.  So when I'm hearing a little bit


            4              about the mayor getting a raise and


            5              everybody is talking about Allentown and


            6              those things, yes, the mayor over there gets


            7              paid quite a bit, but we have quite a bit of


            8              a debt that probably Allentown, even


            9              Philadelphia might not have.


           10                      When I go to work at my one job, I


           11              have two jobs because you have to anymore,


           12              at my one job I get a chance to see a lot of


           13              people, people who are new to the city and


           14              they come in and they look at our buildings,


           15              and I love showing off different things in


           16              our architectural heritage, but the


           17              conversations quickly turns into, "Well,


           18              what's the economy like?"


           19                      Woah.  Woah.  I'm sorry, I can't get


           20              on the bandwagon like everybody else and,


           21              oh, it's great, we are going to tap dance


           22              around a few things and -- no.  The 500 Of


           23              Lackawanna Avenue that looks nice.  Yes.


           24              Yes, but they will be probably be putting a


           25              lot of shops in there where the people who






            1              actually sell the goods cannot afford to buy


            2              the goods that they are selling.


            3                      This has to change.  I don't know


            4              how it's going to.  You know?  Well, you


            5              guys seem to be doing so well?  Well, I say,


            6              that's what I call municipal welfare.  We


            7              don't have the money to do the things, we


            8              get that from the state or federal.  Thanks.


            9              I mean, it looks good.  It looks great.  I


           10              don't know, citizens' concerns are not hype


           11              when it comes to giving away money, when


           12              it's not earned.


           13                      I don't know what else I can say,


           14              but this word just keeps on sticking in my


           15              head, ignorance.  Thank you.


           16                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mr. McCloe.


           17              Liz Hubbard.


           18                      MS. HUBBARD: Good evening, Council,


           19              Liz Hubbard, Scranton resident, taxpayer.


           20              You know, I spent the whole entire day out


           21              searching for ruby slippers because I wanted


           22              to come in here tonight and click my heels


           23              and just fly out of the Land of Oz when I


           24              heard about these raises, so I'm very glad


           25              to see that you have tabled it.






            1                      Last week I asked about the parking


            2              fees, did you find anything out on that,


            3              Judy?


            4                      MS. GATELLI: I got a list that Kay


            5              had gotten for me, but it's really not what


            6              I wanted, so I'm going to ask her to get me


            7              something for -- these are just invoices,


            8              but it doesn't say they were paid.


            9                      MR. HUBBARD: On the Forum there was


           10              a lawsuit that had been filed with -- or the


           11              city was suing them or something.


           12                      MS. GATELLI:  Yes.  Kay wasn't able


           13              to get that for me.  She got this packet and


           14              that's not included, so she is going to get


           15              that, you know, try to get that for me, but


           16              these are all of the invoices and, yes, the


           17              Forum is here.  They are sent a bill.


           18                      MR. HUBBARD: Do they pay?


           19                      MS. GATELLI:  I don't know.  She


           20              obtained the unpaid invoices.


           21                      MR. HUBBARD: I mean, we could


           22              probably use the money.  What about the


           23              University, what did you find out about


           24              them?


           25                      MS. GATELLI:  The University I don't






            1              see that on here at all.


            2                      MR. HUBBARD: Well, they should be


            3              paying.


            4                      MS. GATELLI: All the hospitals are


            5              on here.


            6                      MR. HUBBARD: If they are charging


            7              they should be paying.


            8                      MS. GATELLI:  Genova House, the


            9              Forum is $4,755.  That's what they owe.


           10                      MR. HUBBARD: Well, last I heard it


           11              was $68,000 that the city was suing for.  I


           12              wonder if the city ever got it.


           13                      MS. GATELLI:  Maybe.  Their bill is


           14              $4,755 a year.


           15                      MR. HUBBARD: Okay.  I heard


           16              something on the news tonight about the


           17              Connell building and how the cost of all


           18              that renovation is going to be public and


           19              private, kind of evenly split, what's going


           20              to happen when the federal dollars stop


           21              flowing into the state so the state can pass


           22              them onto these developers who really don't


           23              seem to want to put any of their own money


           24              into the project, you know, the federal


           25              government in bad shape and it's not going






            1              to get any better for a long-term time.


            2              Sooner or later all of these frivolous


            3              expenditures for pie in the sky pork are


            4              going to dry up then what's going to happen


            5              to these projects that are started or in the


            6              planning stage?  You know, I just would be


            7              interested in anybody's comment on that.


            8                      And talking about executive


            9              salaries, I see in the morning paper that


           10              the executives at the Mohegan Sun from the


           11              CEO down to the managers are all taking a


           12              pay cut in light of the recession that we


           13              are in.  So maybe it wouldn't hurt some


           14              other people to take pay cuts.  I guess that


           15              was all.


           16                      And it came up last week about cell


           17              phones, I think instead of cell phones being


           18              a citywide ban it should be a statewide.


           19              Other states have it, and it should be.


           20              They are very dangerous.  I mean, I'm so


           21              confused trying to -- I pull over.  I can't


           22              even deal with dialing it while I'm driving.


           23                      MS. GATELLI:  There was a teacher in


           24              our school that was recently in an accident


           25              and she was testing on her telephone.






            1                      MR. HUBBARD: Oh, well, I wouldn't


            2              know how to text.


            3                      MS. GATELLI: It broke her wrist, so


            4              it is dangerous.


            5                      MS. HUBBARD: Okay.  I guess that was


            6              all I had.  I guess that was all the notes I


            7              had.  Thank you.


            8                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mr. Hubbard.


            9              Daniel Hubbard?


           10                      MS. HUBBARD: He went home to take


           11              care of his father so I could be here.


           12              David Bergerhoff.


           13                      MR. BERGERHOFF: How is everybody


           14              doing?  Like they said, I'm David


           15              Bergerhoff. I didn't want to speak here


           16              tonight like a lot of people, we don't


           17              necessarily want to be in the public eye,


           18              unfortunately, I'm compelled to and


           19              apparently it's my job.  I don't know if any


           20              of you realized, it's all our jobs to be


           21              here.  I thought it was our right, maybe a


           22              privilege, possibly, you know, even our


           23              duty, but not our job as Mrs. Fanucci would


           24              have you believe.  I don't realize it was


           25              our job.  I mean, none of us are getting






            1              paid by this city and I make a motion right


            2              now that we continue to receive no money.  I


            3              hope everybody would second that.


            4                      As I said, I'm David Bergerhoff, and


            5              I did come here prepared to speak about the


            6              raise, but being a good student of politics


            7              I knew what we could expect, so I have


            8              another speech ready.  I'm a Scranton


            9              resident.  With the exception of a few


           10              years, I have lived in Scranton for the


           11              better part of 35 years of my life.  I


           12              currently reside in the home of my


           13              grandmother, and I choose to do so because I


           14              wanted my son to grow up where I did.  I


           15              have fond memories of small adventures with


           16              friends at the Viewmont Mall or downtown for


           17              lunch.  We played baseball and basketball in


           18              the parks and streets.  We were large in


           19              number and small statutory.  We traveled in


           20              parks without parents in packs without


           21              parental supervision, and we were safe and


           22              we were always home for dinner.


           23                      The Scranton I speak of no longer


           24              exists.  Like many cities, it has lot the


           25              secure neighbor of the environment we as






            1              parents knew as children.  No longer do I


            2              see large groups of children playing in the


            3              streets or even at our smaller parks.  Short


            4              of little league and our organized events,


            5              you may see some of the bigger kids, but


            6              where is the independence we once had as


            7              children?  We did not only leave our houses


            8              when we were scheduled to, we left because


            9              we were allowed and excepted to.  Hell, our


           10              parents didn't want us that.


           11                      That is why I'm here today.  The


           12              first few months I took ownership of the


           13              home I had running disputes, battles even


           14              with the DPW and Scranton Sewer Authority,


           15              apparently, I'm not the only one.  I


           16              addressed my concerns at city hall and the


           17              treatment I received was abhorrent.  When I


           18              advised one individual she works for the


           19              public, I was partially surprised and even


           20              corrected.  Her attitude and response was


           21              atrocious, but after watching several city


           22              council meetings, Googling, Scranton,


           23              talking on radio shows and watching the news


           24              networks, it become apparent she was just


           25              echoing the sentiments of the mayor and






            1              others in the position of power.


            2                      I cannot believe how this council


            3              takes every statement of criticism as an


            4              opportunity to verbally attack citizens


            5              raising the point.  That's directed towards


            6              someone up there.


            7                      As the late US Senator Margaret


            8              Chase Smith said, "My creed is that public


            9              service must be more than doing a job


           10              sufficiently and honest.  It must be a


           11              complete dedication to the people and to the


           12              nation with full recognition that every


           13              human being is entitled courtesy and


           14              consideration.  That constructive criticism


           15              is not only to be expected, but sought.


           16              That smears are not only to be expected, but


           17              fought, and that honor is to be earned not


           18              bought."


           19                      You as council and we as citizens


           20              have an obligation to work together to


           21              return the things of the past that are worth


           22              returning to, and to correct and improve our


           23              only city and the things that wish as goals


           24              for our children, not to dispute and


           25              disregard the will of the people.






            1                      As Thomas Jefferson said, "If once


            2              the people become inattentive to public


            3              affairs, you and I and Congress and


            4              Assemblies, judges and governors, shall


            5              becomes wolves.  Experience has shown that


            6              even under the best forms much government


            7              those entrusted with power have in time by


            8              slow operations perversed and deteriorated."


            9                      And finally he was quoted in saying,


           10              "Be polite to all, but intimate with few."


           11                      I would suggest you all take that


           12              into consideration as well as the other


           13              statements I have made.  They should all


           14              reflect the minimum of what is to be


           15              reflected, no, demanded of our elected


           16              servants, perhaps if this were the case we,


           17              as citizens, would respect our officials.


           18                      Moreover, if this officials would


           19              work to promote the common good and not


           20              their own selfish desires, we would not be


           21              in this position today.  It is time to


           22              return the power to the people and that can


           23              only be done when those who are elected to


           24              serve the people actually serve the people.


           25                      In conclusion, I would like to quote






            1              Senator Smith one time, "Moral cowardice


            2              that keeps us from speaking our minds is as


            3              dangerous to this country as irresponsible


            4              talk.  The right way is not always the


            5              popular and easy way.  Standing for right


            6              when it is unpopular is a true test of moral


            7              character."


            8                      And finally, if those of you on


            9              Council and all others currently in power


           10              whom believe they are special and above


           11              those they swore to serve, I want to remind


           12              you, I want to quote Daniel 2:19 to 2:22,


           13              "Praise be to the name of God for ever and


           14              ever.  Wisdom and power are his.  He changes


           15              times and seasons, he demotes his kings and


           16              raises others.  He gives wisdom to the wise


           17              and knowledge to the discerning."


           18                      I would suggest before we would ever


           19              have considered raises we would consider


           20              raising the bar of our politicians here in


           21              Scranton.  Moreover, I would like to address


           22              Ms. Gatelli even though she is not here and


           23              the statement that you need to be rich to


           24              run for mayor, I think she is confusing that


           25              withe the fact that people question why a






            1              mayor with $7 million is looking to get a


            2              $50,000 a year job.  A lot of us look at


            3              public service as a calling, not a career,


            4              so that would be my response to a $50,000


            5              opportunity.  Thank you.


            6                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you,


            7              Mr. Bergerhoff.  Jim Stucker.


            8                      MR. STUCKER:  She tried to run ahead


            9              of me.  Okay, I talked to a guy this morning


           10              on the phone, I don't know who he was.  He


           11              said he had something to do with tax forms


           12              to be mailed out.  I talked to guy he says


           13              Courtright is supposed to have something to


           14              do with that, asked me to be a mailman and


           15              passing them out to people, tax forms.


           16                      MR. COURTRIGHT: I didn't get you


           17              there, Jim.  I was supposed to have


           18              something to do with what, passing out tax


           19              forms?


           20                      MR. STUCKER: Yeah.  Yeah.  I was


           21              supposed to be a mailman or something and


           22              pass them house to house.


           23                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  You need a tax


           24              form?


           25                      MR. STUCKER:  No.  They told me to






            1              pass them out to people's houses, some guy


            2              told me.


            3                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Oh, you were going


            4              to pass them out?


            5                      MR. STUCKER: Yes.


            6                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  I don't have any


            7              tax forms for you to pass out, Jim, I don't


            8              know what he is saying, Buddy.


            9                      MR. STUCKER: And he said I was


           10              supposed to get a scooter from you.  Yeah,


           11              that's what the guy said.


           12                      MR. COURTRIGHT: The scooter is gone,


           13              Jim.  No more scooter, Buddy.  You can't --


           14                      MR. STUCKER: He told me -- I don't


           15              know who the guy was, he called me this


           16              morning and says I'm supposed to be riding


           17              the scooter and taking out mail forms,


           18              application forms to be a mailman.


           19                      MR. COURTRIGHT: I think he was


           20              teasing you, Jim, I don't think you will be


           21              passing out any forms on a scooter.


           22                      MR. STUCKER: Okay.  I went by


           23              Wendy's, I was talking to a guy from the


           24              bar, the lady in the bar by the fire


           25              station, they are having problems down there






            1              at the school.  They can't -- people can't


            2              get out on account of the school buses


            3              parked alongside of them, and the buses


            4              won't move and there is other people that


            5              want to get out and they can't with the


            6              kids.  They have to back up to get to go


            7              ahead, that school down there.


            8                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Okay, Jim.  We'll


            9              look into that for you, okay?


           10                      MR. STUCKER: Okay, what about that


           11              house on Moosic Street, that red house


           12              across from McGinty's, are they going to


           13              tear that town?


           14                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  You know what, Jim,


           15              you are right about that.  The police were


           16              there, I think that's on the list to be torn


           17              down.  It is bad.  You are right.  That one


           18              you are right about.


           19                      MR. STUCKER: And I have the name of


           20              the guy at the bar, he told me to give it to


           21              you.


           22                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Give it to Sue, she


           23              will give it to me.  Who is it, Herbie?


           24                      MR. STUCKER: No.  So this guy's name


           25              is Herbie, he works there.  He is the boss.






            1                      MR. COURTRIGHT: I know who you mean


            2              now, Jim.  I didn't understand you at the


            3              last meeting.  I know who he is.


            4                      MR. STUCKER: Right next to the fire


            5              station.


            6                      MR. COURTRIGHT: I was thinking the


            7              fire station -- you're talking about the one


            8              near Prep.


            9                      MR. STUCKER: Yeah.


           10                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Right.  I got you


           11              now.


           12                      MR. STUCKER: Next door to Wendy's.


           13                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Right.


           14                      MR. STUCKER:  I was there tonight so


           15              Herbie gave me the name of the bar.


           16                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Jim.  Pedro


           17              Gonzalez.


           18                      MR. STUCKER:  What about the


           19              skateboards again?  The skateboards again.


           20              They are out in the wintertime running out


           21              the middle of the street with them.


           22                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Downtown here, Jim?


           23              We'll tell with the police about it.


           24                      MR. STUCKER: Yeah. They're riding up


           25              and down again.  I seen them the other day.






            1                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Jim.


            2                      MR. STUCKER: There will be a lot of


            3              wrecks.  Are you going to see about those


            4              cell phones like Carbondale?


            5                      MS. GATELLI:  We are working on it.


            6                      MR. MCGOFF: We'll look into it.


            7              Thank you.


            8                      MR. GONZALEZ: Greetings, Council,


            9              and all in attendance.  My name is Pedro


           10              Gonzalez, South Side resident and taxpayer.


           11              As usual, I am here to give thanks for past


           12              events and announce future events.  I have a


           13              couple of flyers here for something that's


           14              up and coming, I'll leave these here for


           15              council, but I would like to give thanks to


           16              all who anticipated in the Three King's


           17              event, Three King's festival.  It was a


           18              tremendous success.  LIFE, Latino's Inspired


           19              For Empowerment, a nonprofit organization


           20              who is dedicated to the preservation of the


           21              Latino heritage.  I would like to thank all


           22              community leaders, organizations and people


           23              who came together January 2, 2009, at the


           24              senior citizen's center on Jackson Street in


           25              the West Side of Scranton and made The Three






            1              King's festival possible.  We are able to


            2              give 32 children a better Christmas,


            3              presents, and feed 70 people for free.


            4                      We would like to thank the


            5              Pennsylvania National Guard, the Northeast


            6              Pennsylvania United Neighborhood Centers,


            7              the store downtown, Outrageous, the Scranton


            8              University, the Abington Lion's Club, the


            9              Craftsman Club, the Cancer Institute, TCMC


           10              Medical College, the Red Cross, the Latin


           11              Cultural Diversity Center, the Everhart


           12              Museum, and this one is going to be a tough


           13              one, it's a Spanish Church, La Gracia


           14              Mushedo Manada (phonetic.)  WNEP 16, the


           15              Times-Tribune, the Times Leader, the


           16              Abington Journal and Lajos Latina, who are


           17              out and were present for that event.  Thank


           18              you all so, so much, we God bless you all.


           19                      And for future events we are part of


           20              the MLK Commission, as some of you already


           21              know.  Martin Luther King's birthday is


           22              coming up this coming weekend.  January 17


           23              through the 19, the MLK Commission is adding


           24              a series of events through the entire city.


           25              I left flyers there for the press if they






            1              are interested in checking out the events,


            2              but all three days from Saturday until


            3              Monday there will be events throughout the


            4              entire city, educational events, funpacked


            5              events, a lot of events that will include a


            6              lot of education for the kids, food,


            7              entertainment, drinks, not that kind of


            8              drink though, but juice and cakes and hot


            9              chocolate, things to that effect, all free


           10              for the entire community.


           11                      So, we urge all to come on out and


           12              embrace what Martin Luther King stood for,


           13              equality among men, and especially with


           14              these hard times, again, this is a free


           15              event sponsored by the MLK Commission and


           16              the people of this city.  We would


           17              appreciate the support of the people and I


           18              guarantee you, you will have a lot of fun


           19              and you will learn something and you will


           20              get to know your neighbors a lot better.


           21                      As always, thank you for letting me


           22              express.  Myself name is Pedro Gonzalez.


           23              God bless you all.  I do have flyers here


           24              for everybody who is interested in finding


           25              out what is going on all three days.  Once






            1              again, I wish everybody a good year and I


            2              hope everybody everyone had a great


            3              Christmas and holiday.  Thank you and God


            4              bless you all.


            5                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mr. Gonzalez.


            6              Lee Morgan.


            7                      MR. MORGAN: Good evening, Council.


            8              It's been rather a long night.  The first


            9              thing I have here is I'd like to make a


           10              brief comment on Dunmore, and I think that


           11              maybe you should follow their example and


           12              hopefully they won't be conned into going


           13              into distress status because I really think,


           14              as I said at this podium for more than a


           15              decade, I think our only true solution is to


           16              file bankruptcy because we are wasting our


           17              time.  This city is just were falling


           18              further and further into poverty and you can


           19              see that by the agenda today on raises, and


           20              there is more than just me who feels that


           21              this city has been mismanaged, and I think


           22              that it should all come home to you today.


           23                      The other thing I have is, you know,


           24              I really appreciate Mrs. Peg Paris coming


           25              here today.  She has always come forward






            1              when the city, in my opinion, needed her to


            2              come forward and I really appreciate her


            3              coming here today and speaking probably in a


            4              manner that council is not really used to


            5              hearing, in a very soft spoken and


            6              respectful manner, and in my opinion, you


            7              know, very strong comments that nobody can


            8              take as being argumentative in any context


            9              whatsoever because they were all the truth,


           10              and I really appreciate her coming here


           11              today.


           12                      The other person I would like to


           13              talk to, as you know, we watch proclamations


           14              being given by council, and a lot of people


           15              in this city are invisible, we don't know


           16              the good deeds they do, and I would just


           17              like to say that, you know, I had the


           18              opportunity to meet an elderly woman from


           19              Grenridge.  Her name is Annie Young.  She is


           20              working at -- volunteer, she is not working.


           21              She is volunteering at the Lackawanna County


           22              Prison for over 35 years going in there and


           23              working, and not just the women's unit


           24              because there is male and female units


           25              there, you know, and she goes there and






            1              teaches religious classes and she goes there


            2              and gives people gifts at Christmas and


            3              Easter and she is basically there any time


            4              the prison calls her to come forward and


            5              maybe they are having trouble with somebody


            6              that needs somebody to talk to you and, you


            7              know, that maybe somebody on this council


            8              should try to find this woman and maybe this


            9              a person that we should really say that we


           10              appreciate the invisible job that she does.


           11                      Now, I assume, I don't know how hold


           12              she is, I'd assume she is maybe 70's, maybe


           13              more, I don't know, but I can just say that


           14              she is somebody we should really notice


           15              here, and I was impressed because, you know,


           16              I didn't know that she was out there and


           17              finally I had the opportunity to meet this


           18              woman and I just have to say that she is


           19              very religious and she is committed to the


           20              things she does, and you have to respect


           21              that no matter what you think.


           22                      MS. GATELLI:  Mr. Morgan, just for


           23              the record, you might be able to tell Jeremy


           24              if you can find out her name maybe she can


           25              be a Northeast Woman.






            1                      MR. MORGAN: Well, that would be good


            2              thing.


            3                      MS. GATELLI: That's a good


            4              possibility.


            5                      MR. MORGAN: She belongs there.  I


            6              really do think that.  And as far as Comcast


            7              is concerned, I mean, we all -- I want to


            8              say that we all want a contract for the fire


            9              and police, we all want that.  That's


           10              something that we all want.  That's


           11              something that.  Like I have said from the


           12              podium here many times, I think somebody


           13              needs to really present this argument to the


           14              mayor, and it really shouldn't be an


           15              argument.  We are wasting a lot of money and


           16              I just hope that somebody could sit down


           17              with these individuals because I think they


           18              only want what's just, and I wouldn't want


           19              to work for that long without a raise, and


           20              in my opinion, my opinion only, I feel they


           21              have been mistreated by this city


           22              administration, but that's only by opinion.


           23                      But, on the Comcast issue, you know,


           24              we need to come up with a package, and I'm


           25              sure it's going to come before council, we






            1              need to come up with a package that costs


            2              maybe ten dollars a month for seniors and


            3              for the disadvantaged, because with this


            4              franchise Comcast has locked in -- a


            5              locked-in customer base, and it's not like


            6              any other cable company is going to come in


            7              here and try to push them out, I don't see


            8              that really happening because I don't see


            9              people investing that kind of money to build


           10              an infrastructure, so somebody has to speak


           11              for the people who have no voice, and like


           12              many people who have come here and said, we


           13              are in tough economic times and, yes, the


           14              city is going to get a fee for this


           15              franchise and they are going to receive


           16              payments, but, you know, maybe it's time to


           17              look at seniors.  I mean, you know, I had an


           18              opportunity to sit when 61 was being


           19              discussed with the panel for Comcast, and I


           20              just think that a $10 package would be


           21              extremely suitable that had local channels


           22              and a couple of other channels like PCN and


           23              the some of the other educational channels,


           24              and maybe like, I don't know, some


           25              children's entertainment and I think maybe,






            1              Mr. McGoff, you should bring that up.


            2                      MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Mr. Morgan.


            3                      MR. MORGAN: Yes, sir.


            4                      MS. EVANS: Mr. Morgan, just one


            5              thing I wanted to add about that, because I


            6              do agree with what you are saying, the city


            7              receives a 5 percent franchise fee from


            8              Comcast, that is the maximum amount by law


            9              that can be received.  The city, however,


           10              could opt to take less, a 1 percent or


           11              2 percent franchise the fee, but the point


           12              of this statement is bottom line, the


           13              greater the percentage of franchise fee that


           14              a municipality receives, the greater the


           15              rates that are paid drives up the cost of


           16              the rates, so I just wanted you to


           17              understand that as well, what we are looking


           18              at.


           19                      MR. MORGAN: Can I say one thing?


           20              It's very brief, when I sat there Comcast,


           21              their representatives said that they would


           22              be willing to entertain a package like this,


           23              and I'm just saying that if you gentlemen,


           24              ladies and gentlemen that are here on


           25              council, would try to present something






            1              maybe we could help some people here.


            2                      MS. EVANS: Well, we have asked them


            3              to come in and speak with us.


            4                      MR. MORGAN: Thank you.


            5                      MS. GATELLI:  And I believe Mrs.


            6              Evans, that we did send a letter to them


            7              about seniors and packets for disadvantaged


            8              people and the reply was not in the


            9              positive, unfortunately.  I myself am


           10              investigating Direct TV because I have had


           11              it, and I'll say that out loud.  I'm not


           12              happy with Comcast at all and the prices.


           13              It's ridiculous.


           14                      MR. MCGOFF: Any other speakers?


           15                      MR. GERVASI: Good evening, city


           16              council.  My name is Dave Gervasi, I'm a


           17              proud firefighter in the City of Scranton.


           18              Tonight I'd like to talk a little bit about


           19              fairness.  Number one, I am glad you took


           20              that off the agenda, but, Mr. McGoff, I have


           21              a few questions on some of the comments you


           22              made.  Once again, you were very capable of


           23              eloquently diffusing a bad situation, you


           24              did it quite well again tonight, but a few


           25              things that you said I was like questioned






            1              on it.  First you said that -- you said that


            2              you had Attorney Minora do comparables with


            3              mayors and councils across the state in


            4              comparable cities; is that accurate?


            5                      MR. MCGOFF: Yes.


            6                      MS. GATELLI:  Well, I don't know if


            7              you checked Mr. Minora's numbers, but


            8              $90,000 is way over the average of a mayor's


            9              salary.  I have the comparables because we


           10              do comparables for our operations and --


           11                      MR. MCGOFF: I understand, and I'm


           12              not saying -- I didn't say that they were


           13              averages, I just said it was looked at as


           14              other cities and numbered -- an arbitrary


           15              number was --


           16                      MR. GERVASI:  Well, I just assure


           17              you factually they are not.  These numbers


           18              were very high.  That's all.


           19                      MR. MCGOFF:  I thought so, too, but


           20              that was fine.


           21                      MR. GERVASI:  And when you are


           22              talking about comparables, and I understand


           23              what you are saying, you know, it's only


           24              fair you do comparables and you try to bring


           25              different situations up, you know, payroll






            1              up to par with the comparable cities, I just


            2              want to make another accurate statement that


            3              the firefighters in the City of Scranton


            4              make $15,000 on average less than other


            5              comparable cities.  We don't compare


            6              ourselves with Philadelphia, we don't


            7              compare ourselves with Pittsburgh, we


            8              compare ourselves with populations from


            9              which I think starts at Johnstown to I


           10              believe Erie or Allentown with 109,000


           11              population and we are $15,000 less.


           12                      I don't want to speak on behalf of


           13              the police officers, but they relationship


           14              at this time $17,000 on average less than


           15              their counterparts.  Even in little borough


           16              with five and six man departments, local,


           17              regional, so if we are going to be fair


           18              let's be fair across the board.


           19                      Mrs. Fanucci, there was a young lady


           20              here speaking and you said something about


           21              she was talking about the consultants and


           22              the hires and, you know, and you thought she


           23              was talking about the pet projects that the


           24              mayor does, and that has nothing to do with


           25              recovery; right?






            1                      MS. FANUCCI: No, she said pet


            2              projects first, that's what I was answering


            3              the question to, then she went onto


            4              consultants after that so I was actually


            5              answering her pet project question which was


            6              --


            7                      MR. GERVASI: And you said that had


            8              nothing to do with city budgets.


            9                      MS. FANUCCI: No, I didn't say it was


           10              nothing and the same business, I said that


           11              it was not included in the Recovery Plan.


           12              The projects are not part of the Recovery


           13              Plan.


           14                      MR. GERVASI: Okay, well, I just want


           15              to make you aware that the mayor has


           16              borrowed $120 million for his pet projects


           17              and we do make those payments back.


           18                      MS. FANUCCI: Well, I understand


           19              that, but that's not the question she was


           20              asking me, Dave, so I was answering her


           21              question.


           22                      MR. GERVASI:  Okay, I was just


           23              trying to clarify in case you misinformed


           24              about --


           25                      MS. FANUCCI: No, I was not






            1              misinformed, but thank you.


            2                      MR. GERVASI:  Thank you, because the


            3              long-term debt payments from the day


            4              Mr. Doherty took office were at 3.5 million


            5              a year and they are now over $16 million a


            6              year, so his pet projects have everything to


            7              do with the recovery of the city, so it's


            8              just a point I want to make.


            9                      MS. FANUCCI:  But not the Recovery


           10              Plan though.


           11                      MR. GERVASI: No.


           12                      MS. FANUCCI:  Right.  And that's


           13              what we were discussing.  We were discussing


           14              the plan itself and if that was the part of


           15              the plan, but it is not; am I correct?


           16                      MR. GERVASI:  Then I apologize.  I


           17              was misinformed.


           18                      MS. FANUCCI: That's okay.


           19                      MR. GERVASI:  Mrs. Gatelli, I hate


           20              to put the focus on you, but you were the


           21              one, I believe, I was here at the meetings,


           22              you were the one that brought up the mayor's


           23              raises --


           24                      MS. GATELLI: Yeah, I did.


           25                      MR. GERVASI: -- on two different






            1              occasions.


            2                      MS. GATELLI:  Yes, I did, but other


            3              members always thought the mayor was


            4              underpaid.  I read you some quotes.


            5                      MR. GERVASI: Well, we had a


            6              discussion the last couple of days about how


            7              this was going to play out and we realized


            8              that somebody was going to take a hit for


            9              this, so I just thought, this is my opinion,


           10              you know, and call me a bad guy, it's just


           11              my opinion but I'm going to need to take Mr.


           12              McGoff out for coffee to comfort him since


           13              the two people who are running for election


           14              threw him under the bus tonight and make him


           15              eat whole thing.


           16                      MS. GATELLI:  We figured you would


           17              say that.


           18                      MS. FANUCCI: Dave --


           19                      MS. GATELLI: I'm not a bit


           20              surprised.


           21                      MR. GERVASI:  It's just my opinion.


           22              Just my opinion.


           23                      MS. GATELLI: Not a bit surprised.


           24                      MS. FANUCCI:  So far there is only


           25              two people up here that stated they're






            1              running, so you must be talking about


            2              someone else.


            3                      MR. GERVASI:  Yes.


            4                      MS. FANUCCI:  Okay, thank you.  I


            5              didn't realize that it was Mrs. Evans


            6              because I certainly didn't say I was


            7              running.


            8                      MR. MCGOFF: Please.


            9                      MS. EVANS: It must be Bill and Judy.


           10                      MS. FANUCCI: Bill is not running.


           11                      MS. GATELLI:  Yes, he is.  We didn't


           12              put the tax collector in there, Bill, is


           13              that why you didn't vote for it?


           14                      MR. MCGOFF: Anything else?


           15                      MR. GERVASI:  I want to quickly wrap


           16              it up, I want to quickly give you my


           17              personal opinion, not the position of my


           18              membership or the firefighters or anything


           19              else, my opinion, I think everyone, everyone


           20              is entitled, everyone, the mayor, city


           21              council, all of the cabinet heads, all


           22              nonunion employees and the union employees


           23              are entitled to at least a cost of living


           24              adjustment every year to keep of with


           25              inflation.  A $35,000 raise, a $10,000






            1              raise, an $8,000 raise, last year $13,000


            2              raises for the two chiefs when our members


            3              received nothing, they sat at desks, we run


            4              into burning buildings and chase down bad


            5              guys and we got nothing in our eighth year


            6              that's what I'm talking about with fairness.


            7              Thank you.


            8                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mr. Gervasi.


            9                      MS. EVANS: Mr. Gervasi, just one


           10              quick thing going back to very beginning


           11              there about those statements concerning the


           12              Recovery Plan, actually everything does


           13              impact in that you will not lift a


           14              distressed status until a city is


           15              financially solvent which we means it does


           16              not carry this amount of debt.  We are


           17              upside down, so I would say we are worse off


           18              today than we were when that was -- when


           19              that status was declared.


           20                      MR. GERVASI: It's funny you should


           21              say that.  In the transcript of our


           22              arbitration hearing --


           23                      MR. MCGOFF: Please --


           24                      MR. GERVASI: Where Harry Miller from


           25              PEL said at our arbitration on the record






            1              under sworn testimony that we are worse off


            2              now than we were put on this distress in


            3              1992.


            4                      MS. FANUCCI: I would agree with


            5              myself.  I mean, I don't think any of us


            6              don't understand that.


            7                      MR. GERVASI:  Just keep in mind we


            8              didn't get any of it.  Nothing.  Zero.


            9                      MR. MCGOFF: Okay.  Thank you.


           10                      MS. STULGIS: I'm Ann Marie Stulgis,


           11              and I have to correct my esteemed colleague,


           12              Dave said that the police officers are


           13              $17,000 below comparable cities, and it's


           14              actually seventeen five, and to all of us


           15              that $500 bucks is a whole lot of money.


           16                      Just as a reminder, January of 1992


           17              this city went distressed.  Since that time,


           18              firefighters have lost over 50 firefighters,


           19              police have been cut, wages have been


           20              frozen, health care has been cut, payroll


           21              deductions are taken for health care, there


           22              is copays, the list is endless, and you know


           23              what?  They still keep going to work and


           24              they still keep doing what they are paid to


           25              do, so imagine, just imagine the outrage






            1              when that was put on the agenda to give


            2              somebody a $40,000 pay raise?  Are you


            3              kidding me?  Firemen in the city do not make


            4              $40,000 a year and you are going to give him


            5              a pay raise greater than they earn in a


            6              whole year?  I can't believe you would even


            7              consider such a thing.  It's insulting.


            8              It's absolutely insulting to every single


            9              resident of this city that that was ever


           10              even put on an agenda.  It's disgusting and


           11              it's shameful.


           12                      And for all of these years,


           13              17 years, we have had Recovery Plan shoved


           14              down our throats, and anywhere else they


           15              could shove it to be quite honest with you,


           16              all we hear about is the Recovery Plan, we


           17              have to follow the Recover Plan.  It's very


           18              important to follow the Recovery Plan.  I


           19              don't know how many of you have read it, but


           20              I'm going to quote something here, it's on


           21              page 64 of the Recovery Plan, for those of


           22              you who don't have it you can download it


           23              from the Scranton Times webpage as I have.


           24                      Right at the top of the page, page


           25              64, the first line, "The base hourly wages






            1              and salaries of all," that is it A-L-L, all,


            2              "city employees shall not exceed the 2002


            3              raise."


            4                      So putting that on the agenda


            5              violated the Recovery Plan.  Considering


            6              giving the mayor a raise is a violation of


            7              the Recovery Plan because he happens to be a


            8              city employee just as every single solitary


            9              raise that's been in every single budget


           10              that you people have approved you are guilty


           11              of violating the Recovery Plan, so don't


           12              slam union people about the Recovery Plan,


           13              recovery of the city as if they are


           14              responsible for the debt in this city.  It's


           15              you people who passed these budgets that


           16              violated the Recovery Plan.  You are the


           17              ones that are guilty, we are not.  You are


           18              violating the Recovery Plan.


           19                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mrs. Stulgis.


           20                      MS. HUMPRHIES: I have a better idea,


           21              clear up the garbage.  Did you see that


           22              picture in the paper, Mayor Doherty going


           23              (indicating.)  Well, I have something to


           24              tell everybody in the City of Scranton.  I


           25              have pictures here.  See that picture?






            1              Well, that's how everybody looked as they


            2              were not doing their jobs.  How are we going


            3              to get her out of Scranton?  I'm not


            4              leaving.  Seven relatives in the service,


            5              World War II with my mother.  This girl is


            6              an EMT, worked for the fire department, I


            7              paid her two weeks before -- two years


            8              before, she died of cancer, so her and


            9              Robeson are going in a pure white casket


           10              right to the United Nations and they are


           11              going to go to Washington.  There she is


           12              miraculously with a light.  Her name is


           13              Shirley Sweeney from St. Patrick's Church.


           14              That's a miracle.


           15                      What has happened is since 1992 --


           16              1992 -- 1999 to the present I have called


           17              everybody, I intervened to everybody,


           18              documents are given, which you are not going


           19              to like, Mr. West.  Mr. West said he give


           20              them to somebody else.  My house been


           21              pillaged, violations against my chastity,


           22              and me and my Bishop and the City of


           23              Scranton and the people that believe in the


           24              God don't want corruption.


           25                      I have registered letters that I






            1              sent and signatures to Mr. Casey, President


            2              Bush, and also to the Hillary Clinton.  Now,


            3              if Hillary Clinton wants to run our country


            4              and help, and she is pretty educated, but


            5              when it comes to me calling and saying what


            6              happened and calling CNN to find out why I


            7              couldn't get on CNN, because Mayor Doherty's


            8              relative works there, it was what I would


            9              consider corruption.  Yes, corruption.


           10                      So, guess what?  We are going to get


           11              of the documents, we are going to get all


           12              the telephone numbers, and I got a lawyer,


           13              and we are going in for force.  They brought


           14              Scranton Counseling Center, I have been


           15              misdiagnosed, I have went to scientists and


           16              psychiatrists that are going to tell that


           17              I'm just posttraumatic stress.  I'm not


           18              delusional, I'm not psychotic, I'm not


           19              psychiatric or whatever you want to call it,


           20              but guess what, the Luzerne Police


           21              Department even told me they are afraid of


           22              saying what happened here and losing their


           23              jobs or getting killed.  They are doing


           24              their job, but it doesn't --  it's called


           25              negligence on the City of Scranton because a






            1              girl from our area was going to run for


            2              president.


            3                      Mrs. Fanucci, I was at one hotel


            4              waiting, and she asked me who am I waiting


            5              for, and I says, "Abdulla," because I'm not


            6              going to go there, I'm going to go


            7              one-on-one.


            8                      She says, you know, God Bless you,


            9              right?  That was at the Radisson.  Were you


           10              aware when he was located?  You wasn't?


           11              Well, I did meet him and now it's outside of


           12              the country, and I am not a violent person


           13              but I'm not going to stand for rights.  We


           14              are not having no garbage or corruption into


           15              our United States no more.  We are going to


           16              stand up and have protection and Mayor


           17              Doherty, whatever he is running for I will


           18              never vote for him ever again.  He has


           19              really corrupt high class people, and let


           20              the poor people, the firemen and the


           21              policeman, not what was properly theirs.


           22              This is a wrong.  He is more for the rich


           23              and he is not for the poor.


           24                      And when I got hurt I think anybody


           25              should came over my house compassionately






            1              and talk to me, I didn't see one person


            2              there, only the one that was helping me,


            3              would come to talk to me was Mrs. Evans.


            4              Mrs. Evans, I hope to God you become the


            5              mayor.  The corruption I found and the


            6              pictures I have and the documents I have is


            7              going to look like Watergate, it's going to


            8              look like a little ant, and the scandal with


            9              Lewinski, Monica Lewinski, well, people will


           10              be getting down on their knees, I think


           11              they'll be saying the rosary.


           12                      MR. MCGOFF: Phyllis -


           13                      MS. HUMPHRIES:  God bless you.


           14              Enough is enough.  Give our firemen and


           15              policemen what they deserve.


           16                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you.  I agree.


           17              Mr. Ancherani.


           18                      MR. ANCHERANI: Okay.  Good evening,


           19              Nelson Ancherani.  By taking the raise off


           20              the agenda you shut me half up.  I was


           21              against the raises.  Anyway, I just wanted


           22              to say I work for the city since 1976, and I


           23              started working full-time under the CETA


           24              program.  Since that time and until 2002,


           25              the first year of this administration, three






            1              police officers left the police department


            2              for better jobs, that's three that I can


            3              remember, 27 years, three officers leaving.


            4              Since 2002, 12 have left or are leaving, in


            5              the process.  That's 12 in seven years.


            6              They are not leaving because they are -- or


            7              they are leaving because they are not


            8              respected or treated fairly.


            9                      Also, they are going where they can


           10              make more money for their families.


           11              Scranton was once the highest paid


           12              department in the area and drew many police


           13              officers in their ranks from other area


           14              departments and all too often at the


           15              disappointment of the area police chiefs who


           16              were losing good police officers.  The tide


           17              has changed and our police officers are now


           18              leaving Scranton and going to the outlying


           19              area departments.  We are losing good police


           20              officers and new applicants are not coming


           21              to Scranton like they used to.  There will


           22              be more.


           23                      Now, the council meetings, it should


           24              be noted that I checked the city website,


           25              Scrantonpa.com, and in 2005, the last year






            1              before the Judy Gatelli and subsequent Bob


            2              McGoff council presidencies, there was one,


            3              and again only one, cancelled city council


            4              meeting and there were no August or December


            5              recess meetings.


            6                      MS. GATELLI: I'm at fault, right?


            7                      MR. ANCHERANI:  The first year of


            8              the Gatelli presidency, that's 2006, there


            9              were ten cancelled meetings.  This included


           10              five recessed August meetings.  2007 there


           11              were 13 cancelled meetings.  This included


           12              six August and September recessed meetings.


           13              2008 there were 14 cancelled meetings.  This


           14              included five recessed August meetings.


           15              Maybe an ordinance should be drawn up where


           16              the council members only get paid for the


           17              meetings they attend.


           18                      Now, the Ray Hayes reprimand.


           19              Mr. Doherty dismissed the incident as a


           20              mistake by an extremely valuable employee.


           21              He has gotten that rate.  That office was


           22              eliminated prior to 2002 by PEL's


           23              recommendation, but brought back by this


           24              administration.  The Public Safety Office


           25              has cost the city since 2002 approximately






            1              $950,000.


            2                      The mayor also said something to the


            3              effect that the police union is out to


            4              embarrass the city.  What about the


            5              information about Tim Mayo given to the


            6              press by the director?  Doesn't the mayor


            7              think that Tim Mayo might have been


            8              embarrassed by the information given out by


            9              the director?


           10                      And just to speak a little bit about


           11              what Les Spindler spoke about, Scartelli


           12              paving the DPW lot, I was wondering if there


           13              an emergency declaration, emergency


           14              certificate signed somewhere that would show


           15              that there was an emergency?


           16                      MS. EVANS: Not yet.


           17                      MR. ANCHERANI: Mr. Gervasi spoke


           18              about comparable salaries for the police and


           19              fire, $15,000 less for our fire department


           20              than comparable fire departments, police


           21              department 17,500 less than comparable


           22              police departments.  The way the economy is


           23              now our police and fire departments are now


           24              where the rest of the country is coming.  It


           25              took us eight years to get where we are now






            1              and the rest of the country it only took


            2              three months to get there.  Thank you.


            3                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you,


            4              Mr. Ancherani.  Anyone else?


            5                      MR. ELLMAN: Ronnie Ellman.  Hello,


            6              Council.  I wasn't going to speak tonight


            7              that's not why I didn't sign your sheet, but


            8              I remembered something.  I don't know, a


            9              couple of months ago at the grocery store I


           10              had some -- a couple of people come over


           11              that I had great difficulty in understanding


           12              them, but evidently they were acquainted


           13              somehow with a fellow that got run over by


           14              the car by the mall last summer walking his


           15              bicycle or something, and they feel that


           16              this is a complete coverup.  Now, I don't --


           17              all I know is what I read in the paper, but


           18              they said that the woman evidently was going


           19              two or three times the speed limit downtown


           20              and then went a block up the street before


           21              she stopped after hitting the brakes and so


           22              on, and I think there ought to be an


           23              investigation.  This shouldn't be a coverup


           24              on this.  Nothing has ever been done about


           25              it.






            1                      You know, I'm not an advocator for


            2              the poor, I guess, but a quarter of the city


            3              is in poverty, you know, as far as the


            4              financials go, and poverty is a great


            5              invocator.  It's going to be make people


            6              vote this year.  It's going to make -- there


            7              is a lot of people registering to vote that


            8              never even thought of it before.  You know,


            9              I know it's not easy being Mr. Doherty and


           10              he has done things that I've agreed with,


           11              but he sees the city with rose-colored


           12              glasses.  These come from Mr. Rosetti, you


           13              know, they show me how things are, I guess,


           14              but I got these at the Dollar Store.  They


           15              are rose-colored and everything is distorted


           16              in them, you know, that's how Chris Doherty


           17              sees the place.


           18                      I was reading a book a couple of


           19              days ago and there was a little note in


           20              there about Chris Cuomo.  He said, "Not


           21              everybody in this city is sharing in it's


           22              pleasure and glory," when he was first


           23              elected to office.  I don't know what year


           24              that was, I guess about 15 years ago, but


           25              that's how Scranton is.  It's very few






            1              people sharing in it's pleasure and glory.


            2              It just seems like if you are not in the


            3              county and the city payroll you have got


            4              problems.


            5                      Three or four days ago, you will


            6              like this Mr. Courtright, in the men's, room


            7              of course, a fellow told me his son is going


            8              to vote for the first time this year.  I


            9              mean, it's gotten where people have just got


           10              to get out and vote and change things.  The


           11              city is just bad, you know.  The lady before


           12              was taking about people losing their homes,


           13              so many people have lived outside of their


           14              income I just can't feel sorry for them.


           15              It's like I've said a couple of times, I


           16              feel sorry for some of these woman if they


           17              have houses that are paid for and couldn't


           18              afford to stay in them, that's the terrible


           19              part.


           20                      When I wanted I house, I think in


           21              '95, I went to see Mr. DeNaples, and he said


           22              you have to find a house where one week


           23              salary will go towards your note.  He said


           24              that was the rule of thumb then, and I still


           25              have my house, I'm still paying notes and






            1              I'm not in any difficulty following that.


            2              On television you see people with $1,000,


            3              $1,500 a month notes and, you know, then


            4              they have car notes and this note and that


            5              note, no wonder they can't -- but I've had a


            6              couple of little ladies that live across the


            7              street on Adams, I delivered some dinners


            8              for Mr. Bolus last year, my son and I, and


            9              one lady was telling us, I have mentioned


           10              it, her house was paid for and she couldn't


           11              afford to live in.  So said, "I thought I


           12              would be there forever."


           13                      That's the kind of person that


           14              should be taken care of.  That shouldn't


           15              happen in this country.  Thank you.


           16                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Thank you, Mr.


           17              Ellman.  Mrs. Evans?


           18                      MS. EVANS: Good evening.  I want to


           19              address four issues:  First, the City of


           20              Scranton's state funding was frozen by DCED


           21              as of January 1 for failure to submit it's


           22              annual audit report.  I announced this


           23              information at last week's council meeting.


           24              I knew about the forthcoming suspension


           25              since before Christmas and you, the public,






            1              knew about it last Tuesday, January 6, the


            2              first meeting of council since December 9.


            3              Yet, the mayor and top officials claim to


            4              have known nothing.


            5                      Now, Mrs. Garvey is not here this


            6              evening, but there were some questions that


            7              I wished to ask her about that.  I recalled


            8              some statements that she made at last week's


            9              meeting that when the letter was received by


           10              council's office she went to the mayor's


           11              office immediately about it, in fact, she


           12              visited the offices of several departments


           13              heads to discuss the letter and to deliver


           14              the appropriate forms.


           15                      Now, I don't doubt that the city has


           16              been in trouble with the state for failure


           17              to file late project reports in the last


           18              several years, however, this is the first


           19              time DCED has suspended funding for failure


           20              to file an audit report since the practice


           21              of freezing funds apparently was only


           22              instituted on January 1, 2009, a little less


           23              than two weeks ago.  I wouldn't call this a


           24              hiccup.  I would say this is a dangerous


           25              pattern of failing to file reports as






            1              required and as confirmed by representative


            2              of the DCED.


            3                      If you think the auditor is to


            4              blame, think again.  It's very clear that


            5              the administration drags it's feet when


            6              required and asked to submit information.


            7              If the state can't get the information in a


            8              timely manner, and my reference here is not


            9              to Connell Park, why would anyone believe


           10              that the auditing firm could?  The 2007


           11              audit of Scranton has taken one year,


           12              January 2008 through January 2009.  This


           13              administration work and excuses doesn't pass


           14              the smell test.


           15                      Next, when Mrs. Gatelli's amendments


           16              were incorporated into the mayor's 2009


           17              budget, the salary of the deputy city


           18              controller was cut incorrectly.  The $486


           19              raise should have been eliminated.  However,


           20              the remaining $4,814 increase is paid and is


           21              earned by working the increased daily hours


           22              created by the lengthening of city hall


           23              daily hours.  It will be paid at regular


           24              salary intervals as it occurs with other


           25              city employees.  I propose this amendment to






            1              correct the salary of the deputy controller


            2              because I believe in fairness and


            3              uniformity.  When an individual works a


            4              longer day he or she should be paid to do


            5              so.  However, the deputy controller will not


            6              receive a raise.


            7                      Third, in the Saturday edition of


            8              the Scranton Times my name was linked with


            9              that of Mr. Tom Charles.  For the record, I


           10              don't know Mr. Charles and have never met or


           11              spoken with him, therefore, I wish to


           12              correct any misleading perception provided


           13              by the newspaper article.  I am not running


           14              for office with Mr. Charles.  He is likely a


           15              very nice person, and I wish him good luck


           16              if, indeed, he is running.


           17                      Fourth, at last week's council


           18              meeting Mrs. Gatelli voiced her concern for


           19              residents who could lose their homes to


           20              mortgage foreclosures or needed help with


           21              renovations to homes in this economy.  I


           22              agree as I am certain do all of my


           23              colleagues.  In fact, there is a specific


           24              way in which council can help to prevent


           25              city residents from losing their homes.  If






            1              it is genuine in it's concern, council can


            2              amend the 2007 ordinance approving penalty,


            3              interest and fee schedules for collection of


            4              delinquent real estate taxes which includes


            5              23 costly and punitive financial measures


            6              and culminates in the judicial or sherif


            7              sale of homes, and I'm not going to make the


            8              motion tonight, however, I am going to make


            9              it next week, but what I'm going to do is


           10              provide a copy of the motion before we leave


           11              tonight, if everyone could wait just a


           12              minute and get that and, as I said, I'll


           13              move it at the following week's meeting.


           14                      Finally, I have some citizen's


           15              request for the night.  Attorney Minora, you


           16              are back, can you research what legal


           17              safeguards may be needed by the PEG Channel


           18              Oversight Committee and present your results


           19              to council next week, please?  The Oversight


           20              Committee asked for assistance, I don't


           21              know, several weeks ago and is awaiting a


           22              response.


           23                      City residents report that several


           24              businesses throughout Scranton do not clear


           25              their walkways following the snow events in






            1              December and January.  Can inspectors keep


            2              their eyes open on their daily travels, and


            3              speak to business owners in violation of the


            4              2000 ordinance.  Residents list the


            5              following businesses, and I'm not going to


            6              name them all, but just for example the


            7              Olive Street sidewalks owned by the Ice Box,


            8              the Gibson Street sidewalks at Coopers.


            9              Someone had mentioned Keen's Floral earlier.


           10              The corner of Gibson and Capouse Avenue.


           11                      Next, if any resident of the Keyser


           12              Terrace Development is interested in a copy


           13              of the response I'll be happy to provide


           14              that.


           15                      A letter to Chief Elliott, residents


           16              of the block report suspicions of drug


           17              activity.  They have witnessed unfamiliar


           18              vehicles coming and going frequently.  I'm


           19              not announcing the address publically, but


           20              it will be given to the police chief.


           21                      And then finally, in honor of Ms.


           22              Suetta, please clear the Greendrige Street


           23              bridge of ice and snow as soon as possible


           24              and keep your eye on that throughout the


           25              upcoming winter weeks, and that's it.






            1                      MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Mrs. Evans.


            2              Mrs. Gatelli?


            3                      MS. GATELLI:  Can you just add the


            4              rest of the bridges to your letter, please?


            5                      MS. EVANS: Add the rest of the


            6              bridges.  Done.


            7                      MS. GATELLI:  I know I got one on


            8              Washburn Street, and the one coming up by


            9              the Radisson from South Side.


           10                      MS. EVANS: Oh, yes.


           11                      MS. GATELLI: That's pretty bad, too.


           12              First, I'd like to make sure that Kay sends


           13              the letter about the parking lots, who paid


           14              for 2008, and the question of the lawsuit


           15              with the Forum.  By the way, Mrs.


           16              Schumacher, that lawsuit was filed when I


           17              was the director there, so that's how long


           18              ago that lawsuit was filed.


           19                      As far as the reference that


           20              Mr. Spindler made when I said that


           21              qualifications do not matter, that is


           22              absolutely ludicrous to think I would make


           23              such a statement, and it is ludicrous


           24              because I didn't make that statement.  That


           25              was only part of the statement that I made.






            1              After the meeting last week Mr. Burton


            2              followed us into the elevator and it was a


            3              long meeting and it was contentious, and I


            4              said I didn't care to comment on that


            5              particular situation.  I would have spoken


            6              the next day, but I didn't want to speak


            7              after the meeting.  He continued to question


            8              me about, "Oh, well, what do you think the


            9              mayor with the qualifications," and "Don't


           10              think you should have qualifications?"


           11                      Well, there are qualifications for


           12              any position in city hall, and the ones that


           13              we put in the budget for this year they all


           14              have qualifications already because they are


           15              all positions that people are holding at the


           16              present time, and I got annoyed and I said,


           17              "Well, you know, qualifications aren't the


           18              only thing that matter when you are hiring a


           19              person."  I said, "Sometimes it matters the


           20              passion they have for the position and the


           21              concern they have and the drive," and part


           22              of Mr. Kellys' story, if you read it in the


           23              beginning, was that he did get a job because


           24              he knew somebody because he did a damn good


           25              job and he wanted to prove himself, so that






            1              was more or less my point to Mr. Burton was


            2              that, yes, qualifications are important, of


            3              course they are, but also motivation and


            4              drive, and you all know that because I'm


            5              sure you have all been motivated to do


            6              certain things a little better, things that


            7              you enjoy.  So that is what I meant by that


            8              particular statement.


            9                      And Mr. Connors, as far as I knew


           10              had attended college for three years.  Now,


           11              I didn't see his transcript, but he did


           12              attend college for three years.  I don't


           13              think any of our zoning officers have


           14              attended college for three years and, you


           15              know, I wasn't averse to that.  I guess it


           16              looks like patronage, but I would think that


           17              people should have a chance in life, and the


           18              kid never had a mother.  His mother died


           19              when he was a young boy.  I was friends with


           20              the family for my whole life, and I knew


           21              Tina Connors when she was pregnant with


           22              Zachary, so if you don't know the whole


           23              situation I think it's very unfair for


           24              people to make judgments about that,


           25              especially people that have their own






            1              children.  We all have problems with our


            2              children and if you say you don't you are


            3              lying, and then you have problems with your


            4              grandchildren.  It's all part of life, and I


            5              would hope that someone wouldn't disparage


            6              my child the way that boy was disparaged in


            7              the paper.  It was shameful.  Yes, maybe it


            8              was patronage, but enough was enough, and I


            9              don't think that it should have been carried


           10              as far as it was carried.  No one knows the


           11              baggage that anyone else carries and


           12              sometimes giving a kid a chance makes the


           13              whole difference in the world.


           14                      Foreclosures.  If you saw in today's


           15              paper they have about the $3 million amount


           16              of money that OECD applied for, I think


           17              that's a positive thing and I think it's


           18              going to help with some of the foreclosures,


           19              some of the rehabs that we will be working


           20              with.


           21                      Home Rule Charter.  I did ask that


           22              question, Amil, if you would have you and


           23              Kay investigate that a little further, it is


           24              time for the Home Rule Charter, I am saying


           25              it.  They can probably -- Kay can probably






            1              find out from Jay Saunders how they went


            2              about it the last time, so we can get that


            3              started for a committee to be formed.


            4                      Also, if we can see, Kay, have Kay


            5              send the mayor a letter about the RFP's for


            6              the rental registration program.


            7                      And I would entertain your motion,


            8              Mrs. Evans, about NCC and I'd like to ask


            9              them some questions about how many houses


           10              were taken during their time period, what


           11              the city has made in delinquent taxes


           12              because my only concern about that is that I


           13              think I have gotten two phone calls in the


           14              whole period of time since NCC has been here


           15              and both issues were resolved to my


           16              satisfaction with the people that


           17              complained.


           18                      My concern there was the slum lords


           19              who have to be dealt with who never pay


           20              their city tax, they pay their county tax,


           21              they pay their school tax because they have


           22              sheriff's sales, the city didn't have a sale


           23              and they would always let their city tax


           24              lapse.  I knew a slum lord in South Scranton


           25              that didn't pay city tax for 20 years, and






            1              that was my concern about NCC.  I thought,


            2              go get them, it's not to hurt the little old


            3              lady that can't afford her house or her


            4              garbage bill, my intent for NCC was for the


            5              slum lords who have prayed on this community


            6              for a long time, so that's where I was


            7              coming from when I voted for that.


            8                      As far as cancelled meetings, I do


            9              have the list here, but I can't put my hands


           10              on it right now so I will ask Mr. McGoff if


           11              I can have a chance later once I find the


           12              sheet.  Thank you.


           13                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mrs. Gatelli.


           14              Mrs. Fanucci?


           15                      MS. FANUCCI: First, I'd like to say,


           16              sorry that we are going you so much to do


           17              tonight because Kay is not here.  We just


           18              keep making you writing, sorry.  I want to


           19              send a letter to the business administrator


           20              to ask him for all of the employees'


           21              earnings for last year in the city, an


           22              entire list of everyone and what they made.


           23              We had some discussion in the back room


           24              about trying to find out about our beat cops


           25              and I think that it might be a good idea,






            1              you maybe should track that ourselves and


            2              see where we are with that, so I think that


            3              that would help, so I would like an entire


            4              list.  Sorry.  Sorry about that one.


            5                      I do want to speak on DCED, and I


            6              did state this earlier and I'm sorry,


            7              because of last week's meeting and some of


            8              the statements were made I did call to find


            9              out if, in fact, we had been red flagged


           10              because of our audit, are independent audit,


           11              and partially because I felt a little bit


           12              responsibile.  We had held up the audit


           13              ourselves as a council because we had put it


           14              out to bid and we had had some issues there


           15              and then put it back out to bid, so I wanted


           16              to make sure that even though it's been a


           17              very long time and our audit was still due


           18              that it was not partially, you know, I


           19              didn't want to be red flagged on the audit,


           20              and found out we are not red flagged on our


           21              independent audit.  We absolutely are not.


           22                      In fact, we were sent a letter, and


           23              all of us had received that, stating from


           24              DCED that on January 1 a red flag could be


           25              imposed, so they did warn us.  We did get a






            1              warning letter from them.  But, in fact,


            2              because they were working with the


            3              administration PEL and DCED were sitting


            4              down at our weekly meeting they did not red


            5              flag us on the audit because they have known


            6              and kept in touch with the fact that our


            7              audit has been delayed, so they did -- you


            8              know, they have been tracking our progress,


            9              they have been talking to Rossi, they have


           10              been waiting for the audit, but as of to


           11              this date we are not red flagged for our


           12              audit, which is a very great thing.


           13                      I know there were two other issues,


           14              and I had talked about them earlier, and I


           15              will do that again if it's necessary.  One


           16              we are red flagged on.  We are definitely


           17              red flagged on one, but it is not our audit.


           18              That should be, from what I am gathering


           19              right now, cleared up within the next week


           20              or two.  This is not unusual.  The process


           21              in which the state has changed and went


           22              after following any type of loans or grants


           23              or anything has changed the whole process.


           24              So, I mean, this is not unusual.  I found it


           25              to be almost, and I'm not trying to bash the






            1              Times, but a little bit odd that it was made


            2              to be such a big thing because it's a very


            3              common thing.  We are not losing any money.


            4              Not any of our projects are stopped.


            5              Nothing has changed since yesterday or the


            6              day before.


            7                      The red flag simply is we were


            8              supposed to file a paper, it was not filed


            9              and we need to file it, so, you know, I did


           10              find that odd, but we are not red flagged


           11              for an audit which is good.  Hopefully, from


           12              what we are hearing, by Wednesday or


           13              Thursday our audit should be done, finished,


           14              thank God, and then they can submit it, so


           15              hopefully we will not later on be sanctioned


           16              for that are which see still can be.  That


           17              is one thing I have to say, so that's good


           18              news.


           19                      I want to speak about some of the


           20              speakers tonight, which I love to do


           21              because, you know, we haven't been here long


           22              enough tonight I don't think, have we?


           23              Bill, poor Bill always rolls his eyes at me


           24              when we I get going.  Let's talk about the


           25              fact that, yeah, people come up here tonight






            1              and said, "You were a hairstylist, or you're


            2              a bartender, or you were a --" yeah, I was a


            3              hairstylist, I was a bartender, I was in


            4              sales.  I'm a mom, I'm a daughter, I'm a


            5              council person because people put me here.


            6              They voted for me.  What gives me the right?


            7              They put me here.  My family has been in


            8              business, they started their business in


            9              Scranton I believe in the city 80 years ago.


           10              80 years they opened their business and it


           11              was a small business, and it was a very mom


           12              and pop, Scatino's Market was a very small


           13              business, and the reason I have my sense of


           14              community and the reason I earned being here


           15              is because of them.  I saw what it means to


           16              be part of a city and that when one person


           17              suffers people suffer and how to make it


           18              better and how to pull together.


           19                      I also have another family who has


           20              been in small business here, but oddly for


           21              some reason because of what I did for a


           22              living doesn't earn me the right to be here.


           23              But the funny part is the reason I got here


           24              was because of the bartenders, the


           25              hairstylists, the small business owners, the






            1              big business owners, the people without


            2              money, the people with money, elderly,


            3              young, kids just starting out, they are the


            4              reason I'm here, so to come in here and say


            5              under any circumstances that no one has the


            6              right to be here, up here, do not ever -- if


            7              you are home do not ever listen to that.


            8              You have the right to be here, you earned it


            9              for being part of this community, and this


           10              community is wonderful community and it's


           11              not just for one type of person, it's for


           12              all of us.  And it is not only hurtful to


           13              believe that people think that this is their


           14              own forum, and this is theirs and they are


           15              entitled to have what they want in this


           16              chamber it's not right.  It's your chamber.


           17              It's not theirs.  It's not theirs.  It's not


           18              15 people's place, it's the entire City of


           19              Scranton's place to be, and I am honored to


           20              be here and I will stay as long as I can and


           21              I love it.  Even the abuse.


           22                      So, when someone says to me at the


           23              end of the day, "What makes you want a job


           24              that's so difficult," that's it.  That's my


           25              answer, and I felt obligated to answer why I






            1              want a job that's difficult.  Do you know


            2              why?  It's a very easy to be the no person.


            3              I want the job of the no person because you


            4              don't have to do any work, all you have to


            5              do is complain, point your finger and


            6              complain.  That would be the easy job.  The


            7              tough job is actually dealing with all of


            8              these problems and facing them head on


            9              whether you like them or not, that's what we


           10              are here for.


           11                      So, I want to thank Mr. Talimini, I


           12              believe also Les Spindler, and someone else,


           13              who else?  Mr. Patilla.  Oh, it was not


           14              Mr. Spindler, so, Les, I'm sorry,


           15              Mr. Patilla and Mr. Quinn for giving me the


           16              opportunity to say why I like being here,


           17              and that's all I have.  Thank you.


           18                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mrs. Fanucci.


           19              Mr. Courtright.


           20                      MS. EVANS: Mr. Courtright, I know


           21              you are going to kill me, just one quick


           22              thing, I think Mrs. Fanucci had said that


           23              the audit was late because it was council's


           24              fault and it took us awhile to hire an


           25              auditing firm.






            1                      MS. FANUCCI: People to --


            2                      MS. EVANS: But that's doesn't apply


            3              to this audit.  That was prior to the audit


            4              we are talking about, that would have been


            5              for the 2006 audit.


            6                      MS. FANUCCI: Exactly.  That's why I


            7              was -- when I went back and I looked into


            8              it, that's why I did it because I was


            9              wondering if that was our audit we were


           10              still worried about when I looked at it you


           11              are absolutely correct.


           12                      MS. EVANS: Right, so it's not --


           13                      MS. FANUCCI:  It's not -- if I gave


           14              that impression that was my reasoning for


           15              looking into it, but that was -- you are


           16              connect.


           17                      MS. EVANS: Right.  It's the 2007


           18              audit that's been worked on since a year ago


           19              this month.


           20                      MS. FANUCCI: Right.


           21                      MS. EVANS: No reason for it to be


           22              that late.


           23                      MS. FANUCCI: Actually, thank you for


           24              putting that out there, because would have


           25              ended up being a mess later on.  I was






            1              trying to explain why I was looking into it


            2              in the first place, but thank you.


            3                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you.


            4              Mr. Courtright?


            5                      MR. COURTRIGHT: I'll try to be as


            6              brief as possible.


            7                      MS. GATELLI:  We do that to the men.


            8                      MS. FANUCCI: We do.  God bless them.


            9                      MR. COURTRIGHT: That's fine.  As far


           10              as Rossi & Rossi goes, you know, about this


           11              year that we are going to talk about it is I


           12              believe, you know, we can't blame them.


           13              They have to receive the information in


           14              order to do the audit.  So, like I said, the


           15              tax office and the parking authority were


           16              the ones dragging their feet this time, I


           17              believe.


           18                      MS. FANUCCI: Yeah.


           19                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  And so if you don't


           20              give them the information you can't expect


           21              them to perform the audit, so in all


           22              fairness to them.  I don't know why but this


           23              week, maybe the computer here in city hall


           24              has been extremely slow so I hope everybody


           25              I responded to I hope you got the responses,






            1              but this week I seem to be getting a lot


            2              more letters than e-mails, and too many for


            3              me to read them all, but I assure all of you


            4              whatever you wrote to me in letters I will


            5              do my best to take care of.  There is two in


            6              particular though, if are you watching, West


            7              Parker Street if somebody hasn't already


            8              taken care of that I'll see what I can do


            9              for them at 127-129.


           10                      I'll just read this letter, I'll


           11              make it quick, because I don't want people


           12              to disillusioned we were not trying to help


           13              them and if they spot a wrong and they tell


           14              us about it they are going to be taken to


           15              task for it by someone.  "We live in the


           16              South Side area.  This past week there was a


           17              large number of police at the intersection


           18              of Breck and South Webster Avenue around a


           19              van at 10:00 p.m. at night.  We watched the


           20              activity from our window.  We think this


           21              happened during the early part of the week.


           22                      Last Thursday night we were


           23              returning from work when there was a swarm


           24              of police in the area, Hilltop development,


           25              and this activity went on for awhile as we






            1              could see police cars coming and going.


            2                      Also, last week our cousin who lives


            3              in Greenridge Street called to tell us there


            4              was a house surrounded by police then


            5              someone was taken from the house.  Why


            6              aren't these items addressed in the paper?


            7              Why is the public kept in the dark?  Do the


            8              leaders of the community don't think we


            9              don't know what's going on?  How can we


           10              protect ourselves if everyone thinks we are


           11              safe?  How can these police keep up such a


           12              hard shift?


           13                      I cannot sign my name as last year


           14              after I called and complained about the lack


           15              of police in our area the drug activity


           16              going on, needles were found in our yard


           17              when we cut our grass, our garage door was


           18              sprayed with paintballs, I think it would be


           19              safer to move from the city."


           20                      I really don't want to see you move


           21              from the city, it seems like you have been


           22              here for awhile.  If by some chance you find


           23              something in your neighborhood and you want


           24              to report it, you can report it to the


           25              police anonymously.  They won't, you know,






            1              give out your name, and if you are not


            2              comfortable doing that I would be happy to


            3              do it for you if you want to call me.  Why


            4              the paper doesn't report everything, I don't


            5              know.  I can't answer that.  Does everybody


            6              believe they are safe?  I don't think so.  I


            7              think as time goes on less people are


            8              thinking they are safe.  But again, don't


            9              move out of the city on us, you know.  We


           10              will try to help you.


           11                      And the properties that we tear down


           12              in the city that we have for many years, and


           13              now we seem to be tearing down a lot more, I


           14              know this past summer some of them, the DPW,


           15              I don't know if they had kids working for


           16              the summer that went out there and tried to


           17              cut the grass or do whatever needed to be


           18              done with them, and I'm wondering because


           19              there is a large number of properties that


           20              this city has torn down over the years, I


           21              can't say that we are responsible, but is


           22              the DPW going to be doing and taking care of


           23              the sidewalks as far as snow removal,


           24              because every time they tear down a property


           25              that sidewalk doesn't get taken care of and






            1              there is so many in the city.  Now, I know,


            2              again, they did some of the empty lots were


            3              torn down as far as grooming them in the


            4              summertime, and I don't know if they did


            5              that just to make it look better or out of


            6              obligation, I don't believe we are


            7              obligated.  I believe the person that owns


            8              the property is still obligated, but if they


            9              didn't care much about the property as to


           10              let it go in disrepair and the city had to


           11              tear it down, I don't think they're going to


           12              be too concerned about taking care of it, so


           13              I think we need to develop some kind of a


           14              plan as far as getting the sidewalks


           15              cleaned.  There is so many of them, I don't


           16              know how you would do it or I would suggest,


           17              you know, hire a contractor and then go


           18              after the people that own the property, but


           19              I don't think that's ever going to work, but


           20              I don't know what we do, but we have got to


           21              do something because there is a lot of


           22              properties torn down this past summer and I


           23              imagine, my understanding is several more


           24              this summer coming, and so something, we got


           25              to figure out something and I don't know the






            1              answer to that.


            2                      MS. EVANS: Mr. Courtright, maybe


            3              this may be not answer everything, but each


            4              high school requires community service hours


            5              of it's students for graduation and the


            6              students are always actively seeking


            7              opportunities to gain those hours, and if we


            8              were able to generate a list, let's say in


            9              West Scranton, South Scranton, Pinebrook,


           10              etcetera, and make that available to the


           11              schools I think you would get a number of


           12              students from those sections of the city who


           13              would say, gee, you know, I can get all of


           14              my hours just by shoveling some snow.


           15                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Maybe Mr. Seitzinger


           16              can give us a list of which ones that are


           17              available.  I know when I first got on this


           18              council Magistrate Kennedy and Magistrate


           19              Russell both told me that they were in favor


           20              of the program, you know, when they get some


           21              kids in there with minors violations for


           22              them to go out and do cleanups and


           23              throughout the city and this and that, they


           24              were really in favor of that.  The problem


           25              was to get somebody to supervise those






            1              children when they did it like if it would


            2              be on the weekend, and at the time I said I


            3              would volunteer to do it one Saturday if


            4              they were going to come out, but as their


            5              punishment.  I know they send them down --


            6              some people get sent to the St. Assisi


            7              kitchen to work, but that's a possibility


            8              what Mrs. Evans or what I'm saying is


            9              possible, but I think we need to do


           10              something because we have a growing number


           11              of properties that have been torn down and


           12              nobody maintaining them in the wintertime,


           13              and God knows how many properties that are


           14              just abandoned them and people just -- that


           15              aren't torn down and they don't take care of


           16              the sidewalks.


           17                      MS. GATELLI:  Then there is people


           18              that don't shovel them, believe me, they


           19              don't shovel them.


           20                      MR. COURTRIGHT: I believe it's


           21              24 hours you have.  As far as the bridges I


           22              think, because I didn't want to get in with


           23              it Jeannie too much there, is I think what


           24              happens is when they do plowing and sidewalk


           25              cleaning they go and they have a list of






            1              priority, and evidently the bridges are low


            2              on the priority list.  I know what happens


            3              is when the plows come over these bridges,


            4              and a lot of times they are state plows, all


            5              the snow gets thrown up onto the sidewalk.


            6              By the time the city gets their guys out


            7              there that stuff is like rock, I have seen


            8              them there with Bobcats trying to break it


            9              up before, so I think the only answer there


           10              is if you could possibly get to those a


           11              little bit sooner, and I'll leave it at that


           12              so we can move on here.  Thank you.


           13                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you,


           14              Mr. Courtright.  Again, a couple of brief


           15              comments.  First, we received a


           16              notification, I'll just read what it says,


           17              "Kindly find the following the check


           18              received from Covenant Presbyterian Church,


           19              which represents payment in lieu of taxes


           20              for 2008, and a check for $1,000."


           21                      I would like it thank Covenant


           22              Presbyterian Church for their payment, and


           23              hopefully others will following suit.


           24                      Second, I would like to commend Mr.


           25              Morgan for his comment for trying to guess a






            1              woman's age and I thought that was a very


            2              brave thing to do publically, but --


            3                      MS. GATELLI:  Glad he didn't mention


            4              any of us.


            5                      MR. MCGOFF: And lastly, Mr. Gervasi


            6              made, you know, a statement of being thrown


            7              under the bus.  I don't think that that


            8              occurred.  There were three things that I


            9              thought just needed to be restated.  Number


           10              one, when I placed that item on the agenda I


           11              was under the impression that other members


           12              of council were in favor of doing that for


           13              discussion.


           14                      Number two, the amounts that were


           15              placed there honestly were never meant to be


           16              final, they were simply, again, points of


           17              departure for discussion.


           18                      And, third, the intent of placing it


           19              on the agenda I honestly thought was to give


           20              us an opportunity to discuss it and the


           21              likelihood being that maybe everyone would


           22              vote "No" on them, but at least I thought we


           23              all wanted the opportunity to discuss.


           24              Apparently I was mistaken, and I will take


           25              responsibility for that, and thank you.  And






            1              let's move to fifth order.


            2                      MS. GATELLI:  I just wanted to


            3              address that one comment about the meetings,


            4              that were missed, you know, August and


            5              December.  It seem to be the hot topic.  As


            6              far back as 1999 they recessed on August 10;


            7              2000, July 24, of which there would have


            8              been a meeting the next week because there


            9              is another week after the 24th; 2001 was


           10              July 23 where there was another week also in


           11              July plus all of August; 2002, 8-14; 2003


           12              8-4; 2004, July 30; 2005 went to August 25,


           13              and guess what, that was the election?  That


           14              was the mayor's election so they had


           15              meetings all of August.  Well, isn't that


           16              coincidental?  2006, the last of July, the


           17              27th; 2007, July 26th; and 2008, July 29th.


           18                      As far as the December meetings,


           19              1999, 12-13; 2000, 12-22; 2001, 12-28; 2002,


           20              12-16; 2003, 12- 29; 2004, 12-15; 2005,


           21              12-12; 2006, 12- 14; 2007, 12-11; and 2008,


           22              12-9.  So, as you can see, there is a


           23              pattern that they took August off and they


           24              took most of December off.


           25                      And just for the record, I gave back






            1              my salary last year 5 percent of my salary.


            2              Don't make a face, Mr. Jackowitz, you said


            3              you always like to credit people.


            4                      MR. JACKOWITZ: I do.


            5                      MS. GATELLI:  Well, you never credit


            6              me.  I'm the only council person that gave 5


            7              percent of my salary back.


            8                      MR. JACKOWITZ: Thank you very much,


            9              Mrs. Gatelli.


           10                      MS. GATELLI: You are welcome.


           11                      MR. JACKOWITZ: You got the credit


           12              you deserved.


           13                      MR. MCGOFF: Excuse me.


           14                      MS. GATELLI:  Thank you.  I


           15              appreciate that, Mr. Jackowitz.


           16                      MR. JACKOWITZ: You're welcome.


           17                      MS. GATELLI: I always liked you for


           18              your honesty.


           19                      MR. JACKOWITZ: I think Mr. McGoff,


           20              Mrs. Fanucci, Mr. Courtright, and Mrs. Evans


           21              should do the same.


           22                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mr.


           23              Jackowtiz.


           24                      MR. JACKOWITZ: Your colleagues


           25              should do the same.






            1                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you.


            2                      MR. JACKOWITZ: You are welcome.


            3                      MR. MCGOFF: Fifth order, please.


            4                      MR. MINORA: 5-B.  FOR INTRODUCTION -


            5              AN ORDINANCE - AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR AND










           10              $4,814.00 TO BE PAID AT REGULAR SALARY


           11              INTERVALS BEGINNING JANUARY 1, 2009.


           12                      MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll


           13              entertain a motion that Item 5-B be


           14              introduced into it's proper committee.


           15                      MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.


           16                      MS. FANUCCI:  Second.


           17                      MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?  All


           18              in favor signify by saying aye.


           19                      MS. EVANS:  Aye.


           20                      MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.


           21                      MS. GATELLI:  Aye.


           22                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.


           23                      MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The


           24              ayes have it and so moved.


           25                      MR. MINORA: 5-C has been removed






            1              from the agenda.  5-D.  FOR INTRODUCTION - A




            3              EXISTING TRAFFIC SIGNAL ALONG 7TH


            4              AVENUE/PROVIDENCE ROAD (SR 3029) AT THE






            7              FOR THE ICE BOX DRIVEWAY.


            8                      MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll


            9              entertain a motion that Item 5-D be


           10              introduced into it's proper committee.


           11                      MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.


           12                      MS. FANUCCI:  Second.


           13                      MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?


           14                      MS. EVANS: Yes.  This is an


           15              extremely busy intersection particularly


           16              when Scranton High School opens and closes


           17              daily and during various school and athletic


           18              activities in the evening, so before I could


           19              cast a vote on this I would like more time


           20              to review the legislation, therefore, I move


           21              that council table Item 5-D.


           22                      MS. GATELLI:  Is it just for


           23              introduction?


           24                      MR. MCGOFF: Can we just introduce it


           25              and look into, you know, whatever questions






            1              you have for next week?


            2                      MS. EVANS: Well, I made a motion and


            3              it's not seconded, so it died.


            4                      MR. MCGOFF: Okay.  I'm just, you


            5              know, the formality of it, but certainly if


            6              there are questions we can at least look


            7              into what's revisions they do want to make


            8              and how they are going to be made.


            9                      MS. GATELLI:  Is it PennDot?  We're


           10              still on the questions; right?  Is it


           11              PennDot?


           12                      MR. MCGOFF: Yes.


           13                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Yes.


           14                      MS. EVANS: I wasn't able to see.


           15                      MR. MCGOFF: Project pursuant to a


           16              PennDOT requirement.


           17                      MS. GATELLI: Yes, it is PennDot.


           18              Maybe it will work out better.


           19                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  I think that's the


           20              intent.


           21                      MS. GATELLI:  I think that's


           22              probably the intent what it is.


           23                      MR. MCGOFF: But anyone else on the


           24              question?  All those this favor of


           25              introduction signify by saying aye?






            1                      MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.


            2                      MS. GATELLI:  Aye.


            3                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.


            4                      MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?


            5                      MS. EVANS: I'll say, no, for now


            6              until I read it over.


            7                      MR. MCGOFF: The ayes have it and so


            8              moved.


            9                      MR. MINORA:  SIXTH.  READING BY


           10              TITLE.  6-A. READING BY TITLE - FILE OF


           11              COUNCIL NO. 52, 2009 - AN ORDINANCE -


           12              AMENDING FILE OF THE COUNCIL NO. 8, 1976,


           13              ENTITLED "AN ORDINANCE (AS AMENDED)


           14              PROVIDING FOR THE GENERAL REVENUE BY


           15              IMPOSING A TAX AT THE RATE OF TWO (2) MILLS


           16              UPON THE PRIVILEGE OF OPERATING OR










           21              BUSINESS; PROVIDING FOR THE LEVY AND




           23              REQUIREMENTS FOR RETURNS AND RECORDS;




           25              COLLECTOR; AND IMPOSING PENALTIES", BY








            2              RATE OF ONE (1) MILL FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009.


            3                      MR. MCGOFF: You have heard reading


            4              by title of Item 6-A, what is your pleasure?


            5                      MR. COURTRIGHT: I move that Item 6-A


            6              pass reading by title.


            7                      MS. FANUCCI: Second.


            8                      MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?  All


            9              those in favor signify by saying aye.


           10                      MS. EVANS:  Aye.


           11                      MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.


           12                      MS. GATELLI:  Aye.


           13                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.


           14                      MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The


           15              ayes have it and so moved.


           16                      MR. MINORA: 6-B.  READING BY TITLE -


           17              FILE OF COUNCIL NO. 53, 2009 - AN ORDINANCE


           18              AMENDING FILE OF THE COUNCIL NO. 17, 1994


           19              ENTITLED "AN ORDINANCE (AS AMENDED)




           21              OF SCRANTON TO ENACT 'A WASTE DISPOSAL AND




           23              REVENUE TO COVER THE WASTE DISPOSAL AND




           25              SCRANTON FOR THE DISPOSAL OF REFUSE", BY








            2              OF $178.00 FOR THE CALENDAR YEAR 2009.


            3                      MR. MCGOFF: You have heard reading


            4              by title of Item 6-B, what is your pleasure?


            5                      MR. COURTRIGHT: I move that Item 6-B


            6              pass reading by title.


            7                      MS. FANUCCI: Second.


            8                      MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?  All


            9              those in favor sign