1              SCRANTON CITY COUNCIL MEETING








            5                          HELD:




            7              Tuesday, November 18, 2008




            9                        LOCATION:


           10                    Council Chambers


           11                 Scranton City Hall


           12              340 North Washington Avenue


           13                Scranton, Pennsylvania











































                MS. JANET E. EVANS



            9   MS. SHERRY FANUCCI



                MR. WILLIAM COURTRIGHT



           12   MS. KAY GARVEY, CITY CLERK






           15   MR. AMIL MINORA, SOLICITOR


























            1   (Pledge of Allegiance recited and moment of reflection


            2   observed.)


            3                      MR. MCGOFF:  Roll call, please?


            4                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Evans.


            5                      MS. EVANS:  Here.


            6                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Gatelli.


            7                      MS. GATELLI:  Here.


            8                      MR. COOLICAN:  Ms. Fanucci.


            9                      MS. FANUCCI:  Here.


           10                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. Courtright.


           11                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Here.


           12                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. McGoff.


           13                      MR. MCGOFF:  Here.  Dispense with


           14              the reading of the minutes.


           15                      MS. GARVEY: 3-A.  MINUTES OF THE




           17              OCTOBER 22, 2008.


           18                      MR. MCGOFF: Are there any comments?


           19              If not, received and filed.


           20                      MR. GARVEY: 3-B.  MINUTES OF THE




           22              22, 2008.


           23                      MR. MCGOFF: Are there any comments?


           24              If not, received and filed.


           25                      MS. GARVEY: 3-C. AGENDA FOR THE








            2              NOVEMBER 12, 2008.


            3                      MR. MCGOFF: Are there any comments?


            4              If not, received and filed.


            5                      MS. GARVEY: 3-D.  MINUTES OF THE




            7              SEPTEMBER 24, 2008.


            8                      MR. MCGOFF: Are there any comments?


            9              If not, received and filed.


           10                      MS. GARVEY: 3-E. SCRANTON POLICE




           12              2008, WAS CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF QUORUM.


           13                      MR. MCGOFF:  Are there any comments?


           14              If not, received and filed.


           15                      MS. GARVEY: That's it for Third


           16              Order.


           17                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mrs. Garvey.


           18              Mr. Courtright, I was to remind you that you


           19              had one announcement.


           20                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Thank you.  I just


           21              have one.  This Saturday from seven to


           22              midnight at the 20th Ward on Pittston Avenue


           23              there is going to be a benefit concert and


           24              the donation is $20 and it benefits the ST.


           25              Damon's Children's Hospital fund.  There






            1              will two local bands there so if you can


            2              support that it's for a good cause and that


            3              would be the 20th Ward from seven to


            4              midnight this Saturday.  Thank you.


            5                      MS. GATELLI:  I just have a few


            6              items.  I would like to announce that West


            7              Scranton High School had Feed a Friend


            8              program and we collected 1,005 cans for


            9              Channel 16 for Feed a Friend.  That's


           10              chaired by Mr. Bressett.


           11                      Charlie Spano asked me to announce


           12              that if anyone is looking for extra money


           13              and a part-time job the census bureau is


           14              looking for people to work in the office and


           15              in the field and you can call 1-866-861-2010


           16              for further information.  I'll give this to


           17              Mrs. Garvey to put on Channel 61.  It would


           18              be a great opportunity for someone that


           19              needs some part-time work.


           20                      The Broadway Theatre League next


           21              week is having their Broadway play Ain't


           22              Misbehavin' with Rubin Studdard.  He is the


           23              2003 American Idol winner.  The play is


           24              Friday, November 28th at 8:00, Saturday


           25              November 29 at 2 and 8 and Sunday






            1              November 30 at 2 and 7 and you can call the


            2              Broadway Theatre or the Cultural Center box


            3              office for tickets.


            4                      The Electric City Theatre Company in


            5              the Hotel Jermyn is having a play called the


            6              Men of Marjong.  It's a delightful show


            7              about four elderly gentlemen and some of


            8              their escapades in starting to play Marjong


            9              which is, of course, a female Jewish woman's


           10              game.  I have been there and it's very


           11              entertaining and I would recommend that you


           12              see it.  It's tomorrow evening at 7:00 and


           13              it's only seven dollars on Wednesdays and


           14              the rest of the week Thursday, Friday, and


           15              Saturday it's at 8:00 and it's $16 and


           16              Sunday it's at 3:00 and it's $16.


           17                      Just one more thing, I received, I


           18              don't know, did anyone do this last week


           19              when I was wasn't able to be here the


           20              exemptions for the smoking?


           21                      MR. MCGOFF: Yes.


           22                      MS. GATELLI: Okay.  Then that's all


           23              I have.  Thank you.


           24                      MR. MCGOFF: Mrs. Evans.


           25                      MS. EVANS: There will be a family






            1              fun night at Friendly's restaurant in


            2              Dunmore tomorrow November 19 from 5 to


            3              8 p.m.  A percentage of the collected food


            4              receipts from all of those eating in or


            5              taking out will benefit St. Francis of


            6              Assisi Food Kitchen.  Remember, the busier


            7              the cash register the greater the donation


            8              to the food kitchen.


            9                      You are cordially invited to attend


           10              the first public viewing of Timothy Walsh's


           11              Photos for a Cure.  Artistic Impressions is


           12              pleased to host this show to benefit the


           13              lung cancer research foundation.  All photos


           14              are the original work of Timothy Walsh.


           15              Please join us on Saturday, December 6, at


           16              Artistic Impressions located at 536


           17              Scranton/ Carbondale Highway, Dickson City,


           18              from 11 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  All proceeds will


           19              be donated to LCRF in honor of Timmy's aunt,


           20              Beverly Kosch, because a cure isn't going to


           21              rain from the sky.


           22                      Also, in an effort to raise funds


           23              for the Susan G. Koman Foundation students


           24              from Scranton High School are holding a


           25              Hoops for Hope faculty versus student






            1              basketball game on November 20 at Scranton


            2              High School.  Tickets are $3 for adults, $2


            3              for students and breast cancer awareness


            4              T-shirts are being sold for $8.  And, again,


            5              all proceeds will be donated to the Susan G.


            6              Koman Foundation.  That's it.


            7                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you.  I would just


            8              like to mention one item, last evening I had


            9              the privilege of attending the inaugural


           10              showing of "William J. Nealon, At the Heart


           11              of it All."  It was the fifth installment of


           12              WVIA's documentaries called Great


           13              Pennsylvanians.  It was, obviously,


           14              dedicated to Judge William Nealon.  It was a


           15              great program and it airs on WVIA at various


           16              times.  If you have an opportunity to see


           17              it, it was a wonderful program about a man


           18              who has brought great honor to the City of


           19              Scranton and to all of Pennsylvania and the


           20              United States, and that's all I have.


           21              Anyone else?  Fourth Order, Citizens,


           22              participation.  Andy Sbaraglia.


           23                      MR. SBARAGLIA: Andy Sbaraglia,


           24              citizen of Scranton, fellow Scrantonians.  I


           25              got before me the audit from the parking






            1              authority and as you know I like to keep


            2              track of them, especially with them building


            3              garages everywhere.  A few notes out of it.


            4              Most of it's pretty boring reading, so I


            5              won't really draw it out too much, but here


            6              is one, penalty abatement.  During 1990 they


            7              entered into an agreement with the City of


            8              Scranton, Lackawanna County, to pay real


            9              estate taxes in the incurred from 1977


           10              through 1989.  This settlement also provided


           11              for the abatement of interest and penalties,


           12              in other words, they just wanted to take


           13              taxes.  The authority paid off the balance


           14              due and all settled amounts during 2006, but


           15              the agreement with the Lackawanna County is


           16              contingent upon the authority staying


           17              current with their annual tax bills.


           18                      With the purchase of the Casey


           19              garage in 2007, the county also has plans to


           20              recoup $67,000 in taxes outstanding and real


           21              estate tax on the Casey property dating back


           22              to 2002.  The authority says they -- well,


           23              the attorney and the legal counsel says that


           24              the potential liability was removed.


           25                      In other words, they are saying they






            1              don't think they owe it, but if they do owe


            2              it and it is reached then they have to pay


            3              all of that penalty and interest back on


            4              that other abatement where they abated it


            5              because they put that stipulation in there.


            6              So if they lose current taxes, in other


            7              words, they don't keep up on their taxes


            8              they can be charged with penalties and


            9              interest dating back to I guess 1977, which


           10              is quite away back.


           11                      So, just that's it's interesting and


           12              the amount is $67,698.43.  In other words,


           13              they are not paying taxes on their


           14              commercial space is what it probably amounts


           15              to and I guess the county is getting a


           16              little stickily with it or maybe the last


           17              administration was stickily with it and


           18              maybe the new administration is more


           19              forgiving, but that's politics.


           20                      But there's another little thing,


           21              that loan that they just took out for the


           22              garage on North Washington Avenue that they


           23              are building now, I'll read the figures out


           24              of it as soon as I locate it here it my


           25              things here.  It's quite revealing.  I






            1              should have marked these pages a little


            2              better, there is a lot of pages to go


            3              through, but I have it marked.  I thought it


            4              would stand right out, but anyway they


            5              borrowed I think it was 32 million some


            6              hundred dollars if I recall that, and I wish


            7              I could find it for you, because it is


            8              something.  Here it is here.  "Required


            9              payment of payment for the terms of the 2007


           10              are as follows:  They borrowed $32,295,000.


           11              Interest alone on that loan is 40,202,662.


           12              In other words, you were paying back in


           13              interest more than we borrowed, and that's


           14              bad.  And if you look at their cash flow, I


           15              don't want to really get into it, but they


           16              have a cash flow stating probably I think it


           17              was something $547,000 at the end of the


           18              year, but most of that money comes from the


           19              city because we have to deal with them and


           20              paying for administration costs plus


           21              15 percent of the money that we received


           22              from our parking meters and we all know


           23              that's a good amount and probably in the


           24              budget when that comes up you can look at it


           25              more closely, but the thing is I'm telling






            1              you is the Parking Authority is close to


            2              being insolvent.  You can't have a cash flow


            3              of that little amount and rely on the city


            4              to keep bailing you out, eventually it's


            5              going to crash, and you look at some of them


            6              payments, and they are 2033 to 2037 which is


            7              four years, the principle they got to pay


            8              back is $11,469,000.  Everything has


            9              ballooned in the last years.


           10                      In other words, when the mayor is


           11              gone then it's going the city is going to


           12              really be in trouble.  Thank you.


           13                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you,


           14              Mr. Sbaraglia.  Ozzie Quinn.


           15                      MR. QUINN: Good evening.  Ozzie


           16              Quinn, president of the Taxpayers'


           17              Association.  Could I just distribute these,


           18              please?  I'm here tonight to speak about


           19              5-B, that's the 2009 budget appropriation.


           20              Mr. Doherty as you know he took office in


           21              2003, and actually his first budget 2003,


           22              actually was $56,321,546.  Last year it was


           23              $84,558,875.  It went up $28,237,329 and he


           24              also took in over 40 million CDBG.  That's a


           25              half a billion dollars that he spent since






            1              he was been in office and he has hired new


            2              employees, 58 employees.  Now, they don't


            3              raise our taxes.  Now it's election year


            4              coming up in 2009 and lo and behold he is


            5              going to lower the budget seven -- decrease


            6              the budget 7 percent.  Now, isn't that nice


            7              of him, you know?


            8                      But all of that debt that's out


            9              there outstanding, well, I just want to


           10              explain, what you have before you tonight is


           11              a budget that I drew up and actually I think


           12              we can pair this down because I know it's


           13              hard times we are going on right now as a


           14              society, but the fact is that we have to and


           15              the quickest way of decreasing a budget is


           16              getting rid of dead weight, people you don't


           17              need and we have people on board we don't


           18              need.


           19                      You have before you, the fact that


           20              I'm asking and I'm recommending that you


           21              eliminate the Department of Safety, Public


           22              Safety, that is Mr. Hayes' job and the


           23              people that go with him.  It's all explained


           24              there, and also the Human Resources, Human


           25              Resources would go in the business






            1              administration as an expenditure under


            2              personnel director, and all the revenue


            3              would increase by decreasing the -- cutting


            4              21 employees you would be able to save


            5              $1,276,577, and that's from salaries and


            6              salary reductions.


            7                      And $400,000 off of professional


            8              services.  It's unbelievable, $800,000 we


            9              are spending a year for a professional


           10              services.  Contracts for cronies, that's


           11              what it is.  That's how it should be in the


           12              line items, contracts for cronies, $800,000.


           13              OECD administrative costs.  We should take


           14              $200,000 from their administrative cost and


           15              convert it over to low and moderate income


           16              expenditure costs.


           17                      In the budget we have $98,000 of


           18              other expenditures, whatever that means,


           19              other expenditures.  And the health


           20              benefits, $210,000, and I have an


           21              expenditure for personnel office of $60,000.


           22              We could save, this budget, if he really


           23              cares about the people we could save


           24              $2,026,577.  Why can't we do it?  All we


           25              need is three votes.  Why don't you stand up






            1              for the people?  We are dwindling.  The


            2              population is going down, there is no doubt


            3              about it.  The people cannot afford it.  You


            4              know there is jobs in the city, all they are


            5              paying is from 8 to 10 dollars.  We just


            6              can't afford it.


            7                      We have so many -- we have seniors


            8              18 percent of the population are senior


            9              citizens, elderly, and 20 percent poverty


           10              and yet we have a debt the last time I saw


           11              it was in that audit, I don't know if you


           12              ever got a new audit yet, did you?  The last


           13              audit was $180 million principle,


           14              $108 million in debt.  That's a lot of,


           15              money okay?


           16                      And we got to start looking at


           17              decreasing that debt and the only way we are


           18              going to do it is keep on cutting these


           19              budgets and paying more on this debt because


           20              if we keep on using money as you people say


           21              refinance, actually you are borrowing money


           22              to pay off a loan that you already have.


           23              You are taking one charge account and you


           24              are paying it with another charge account


           25              card and that don't working.  It's obvious,






            1              it's not going to work, and yet you are


            2              letting the man do it and he is sitting here


            3              and he is sitting there and he wants to get


            4              reelected and he thinks he is fooling the


            5              people by decreasing the budget, but please


            6              look at that budget closely and I appreciate


            7              if you would adhere to it.  Thank you.


            8                      MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Mr. Quinn.


            9              Jim?


           10                      MR. STUCKER:  How you doing?  Jimmy


           11              Stucker.  Okay, can we get some cleaning of


           12              the gutters again or the gutters are all new


           13              on the Market Street?


           14                      MR. COURTRIGHT: I can't hear you.


           15                      MR. STUCKER:  On Market Street, I


           16              was up that way today, they put new drains


           17              in, new lids, they were all full of leaves


           18              again on top and I wonder, a lot of people


           19              asked me why can't we get a raise for the


           20              Scranton police and the fire company?


           21                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  We are trying, Jim.


           22                      MR. STUCKER:  What I heard, I don't


           23              know how true it is, a lot of people told me


           24              they are going to have on the buses the


           25              cops.






            1                      MR. COURTRIGHT: They're going to


            2              have what?


            3                      MR. STUCKER: Cops on the buses.


            4                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  On buses?


            5                      MR. STUCKER: Yeah.


            6                      MR. COURTRIGHT: I don't think so,


            7              Jim, I think they are fooling with you.


            8                      MR. STUCKER:  And the garbage has


            9              been picked up pretty good because I walked


           10              up toward Market Street and there is not


           11              much garbage out there.  Are they still


           12              going to fix that light on Mulberry?


           13                      MR. COURTRIGHT: You know what, he is


           14              right about the light.  I went and looked at


           15              it.


           16                      MR. STUCKER: I went by there today


           17              and the light it out.


           18                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  You are right, and


           19              I went and looked at after last week, and


           20              I'll get on it tomorrow, Jimmy.  You were


           21              right.


           22                      MR. STUCKER: I mean, somebody is


           23              going to get hurt there.  Somebody is going


           24              to get clipped.


           25                      MR. COURTRIGHT: You are right.  I'll






            1              take care of it tomorrow.


            2                      MR. STUCKER: Okay.


            3                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Jim.


            4                      MR. STUCKER: And I got a nice place.


            5              I like it.


            6                      MR. MCGOFF: Very good.


            7                      MR. STUCKER:  To the whole bunch of


            8              yous helping me get it.  I'm happy.


            9                      MR. MCGOFF: All right, Jim.  Thank


           10              you, Mr. Stucker.  Tom Ungvarsky.


           11                      MR. UNGVARSKY:  Good evening, city


           12              council.  I'm Tom Ungvarsky, and I'm a


           13              member of the Scranton/Lackawanna Taxpayers.


           14              Several weeks ago Mrs. Evans asked us to get


           15              involved in a food collection for the food


           16              pantries which our organization eagerly did.


           17              For the last few weeks we have been going


           18              around to different fire houses and city


           19              hall here and we have been collecting all of


           20              the nonperishable foods and we have been


           21              distributing.  In the last three weeks we


           22              have made three distributions to five


           23              different food pantries.  We wish to thank


           24              all of the people who donated all of that


           25              food.  We also had some cash donations which






            1              we are now purchasing food and distributing.


            2              We made one distribution of purchased food


            3              last week and we have a rather large


            4              distribution going out this week.


            5                      What we are going to distribute this


            6              week to five pantries are, and these are


            7              cartons with 24 to a carton, we are going to


            8              distribute five cartons of green beans, five


            9              cartons of peas, five cartons of corn, five


           10              cartons of carrots, five cartons of


           11              spaghetti O's or a facsimile, five cartons


           12              of baked beans, two cartons of peanut


           13              butter, two cartons of tuna fish which are


           14              48 to a carton and two cartons of spaghetti


           15              sauce, one carton of thin spaghetti, one


           16              carton of corn flakes, one carton of


           17              macaroni and cheese and five cartons of


           18              chicken noodle soup.


           19                      I wish to thank Ozzie Quinn, Bob


           20              Jones and Dave Evans for picking up and


           21              delivering the food.  I would like to give a


           22              special thanks to Riccardo's Market who has


           23              been working with us and has been selling us


           24              the food at a reduced price.  If anyone


           25              would like to make a cash distribution or a






            1              check distribution, a monetary distribution,


            2              they can send it to:  Ozzie Quinn at 116


            3              Masters Street, and I'd like to thank all of


            4              the people who donated to such a successful


            5              drive.  Thank you.


            6                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank, Mr. Ungvarsky.


            7              Sam Patilla.


            8                      MR. PATILLA: Good evening, Mr.


            9              Courtright and Ms. Evans.  Ms. Evans, I have


           10              a quick question, has any information been


           11              received from the Single Tax Office in


           12              regard to how that 12 point plus million is


           13              going to be disbursed?


           14                      MS. EVANS: Not at this point, no.


           15              There is nothing definitive.  We are told


           16              that by year's end the city should be


           17              receiving it's share, what the share is


           18              exactly we do not know and the exact date of


           19              distribution we do not know.


           20                      MR. PATILLA: Thank you, so that


           21              answers then, that 5.5 million is a


           22              speculation that they are using to implement


           23              into this year's budget?


           24                      MS. EVANS: At this point I would say


           25              an exact dollar amount, yes, is speculation.






            1              It could be more.  If very well could be


            2              more.


            3                      MR. PATILLA: It could very well be


            4              less as well.


            5                      MS. EVANS: Absolutely.


            6                      MR. PATILLA: I say that because one


            7              of the problems that this nation faces now,


            8              not just Scranton, the entire nation, has


            9              been on the back of speculation.  You know,


           10              we have all of these experts but yet Wall


           11              Street fails.  We have all of these experts,


           12              but yet still the big three auto industry is


           13              on the brink of collapse.  You know, nobody


           14              thinks after the little people, nobody


           15              thinks about the taxpayers or the citizens.


           16                      And I'm glad to see all of these


           17              students out in the audience today because


           18              you guys prove that, yes, we can.  Change


           19              can be made if you get involved, okay?


           20              Change begins and ends on the local level.


           21              Scranton has been a distressed for 17 years


           22              going on, 17 years, okay?  We don't have


           23              enough money to give our police and our fire


           24              rank and file workers a cost of living and


           25              raises, ut, we can get administrative






            1              workers raises every year.


            2                      You know, all around us you see


            3              counties, you see cities, you see states


            4              cutting back, but Scranton is not cutting


            5              back because they are using your future


            6              dollars to make payment on loans of today,


            7              you know, all of this borrowing as we stated


            8              time and time again has to stop, okay?  The


            9              borrowing that they are doing now doesn't


           10              effect the seniors and the taxpayers of


           11              today, it affects you guys, the youth.  You


           12              are the ones and your children are the ones


           13              that are going to pay those bills, all


           14              right?  And we can't afford to allow your


           15              elected officials to speculate on income you


           16              haven't earned yet.  You can't have and


           17              allow them to speculate on your homes


           18              because what they are doing, all right, is


           19              they are, for example, is refinancing your


           20              home two or three or four times over and


           21              after awhile the bank is going to say, no,


           22              I'm not loaning you anymore money to


           23              refinance.  You are not going to get a


           24              second or third or fourth mortgage on this


           25              property, and that's exactly what they had






            1              are doing.  They are taking third, three and


            2              four and five times the amount of your home


            3              and they are mortgaging away your future so


            4              that only a few people can remain


            5              comfortable, only a few people can drive gas


            6              guzzlers.


            7                      This whole country on the brink of


            8              collapse because of a certain few and they


            9              are looking for the average everyday citizen


           10              to bail them out.  We don't need that type


           11              of leadership anymore, all right?  Your job


           12              isn't done.  When your local elections come


           13              in January --


           14                      MR. MCGOFF: Mr. Patilla --


           15                      MR. PATILLA: -- that's he time for


           16              you guys --


           17                      MR. MCGOFF: You should address


           18              council.


           19                      MR. PATILLA: --that's the time for


           20              you guys to make your voices be heard, okay?


           21              Because, like I said, they are speculating


           22              on your future, the futures of your children


           23              and you don't even have any yet.  Thank you.


           24                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mr. Patilla.


           25              Phyllis.






            1                      MS. HUMPHRIES:  I'm bringing a very


            2              historical book up here.  It's a combination


            3              of the constitution of the United States and


            4              the Commandments.  I didn't vote this year,


            5              I will tell everyone, two wrongs don't make


            6              a right.  I'm not discriminatory, I know the


            7              messages that was sent to me, end abortion,


            8              euthanasia, capital punishment and racism in


            9              all forms.


           10                      What I want to tell everyone is


           11              this, killing one way or the other is a sin.


           12              When we went into Iraq and into these places


           13              and President Bush had good intentions


           14              because what he had found is gullies and


           15              gullies, trenches of murdered people, I'm


           16              sure many of you are aware of.  So the only


           17              thing we could do as a nation is go in and


           18              try to help and in helping we got backlashed


           19              in it.  We don't want to see our soldiers


           20              coming back here with dismemberment, abuse,


           21              post-traumatic stress, which I'm dealing


           22              with post-traumatic stress also in my


           23              endeavors to do the will of God, and I send


           24              my heart out to all of the military, I send


           25              my heart out to everyone, chaplains,






            1              military families, soldiers, the ones that


            2              have lost their life over the years, the


            3              ones that have -- I'm kind of a military


            4              family, seven served in the war at one shot,


            5              Second World War, and my brother got


            6              commendation metals.     What I ask


            7              everybody is in their silence in their heart


            8              we gotta move forward, and I'm asking the


            9              City of Scranton to send me to the White


           10              House.  I want to go face-to-face with our


           11              new president because I sent documents that


           12              were slash hid unheard of.


           13                      Civil rights we fought for and I'm


           14              fighting for.  We are a nation of love and


           15              peace and sometimes I knock my own town, but


           16              I shouldn't it's sin, because I did see a


           17              lot of the beautiful things that have


           18              happened here and I really want to move


           19              forward.  What I have done the last couple


           20              of years, even though I put down the Times,


           21              but I do love them, and I do love the mayor,


           22              I just don't love the sin and the corruption


           23              that's going on in this world.


           24                      I have been saving the newspaper,


           25              digging it out of the garbage.  I am waiting






            1              for the inauguration, so I thought we could


            2              put it on E-bay, sell it to the highest,


            3              highest bidder to get our town out of debt.


            4              That's what was my idea.  I'm still waiting.


            5                   I apologize if I've hurt anybody or did


            6              anything in any way, but I'm fighting for


            7              truth of the poor people.  I'm fitting for


            8              the truth of the unborn.  Slavery has they


            9              said stop, which it isn't, because slavery


           10              is in the womb, terrorism is in the womb,


           11              you are a nurse, you see the repercussions


           12              of the posttraumatic after certain traumatic


           13              things happen with an unborn child rape and


           14              everything, you were there for me at a


           15              certain time that I was attacked, nothing


           16              was done.


           17                      What I want to tell everybody is


           18              this, God is a God of love and we are to be


           19              a person of fear at this point.  When we put


           20              or hands on the Bible up to the White House


           21              we are taking an oath.  All of us are to


           22              follow in our vocations of the commandments


           23              of whether you like it or not you cannot


           24              wipe it out of this world and so I'm asking


           25              everybody to help me to get me to Washington






            1              to sit down.


            2                      I got another set of x-rays and they


            3              are enlarged and what on there is a complete


            4              face of a baby with hair on it for the


            5              unborn and the dove is bigger for peace.


            6              You know what?  The true peace will come


            7              when Jesus will come, I'm not going to deny


            8              know the word of God, so I want peace.


            9                      Now, here is the next thing.  I live


           10              at Mulberry Towers and they always bring it


           11              and it says "No Soliciting" and they think


           12              they are doing well, they bring in papers


           13              for pies, this and that and Coopers sent the


           14              pie, $22 or a pie so I went to Wal-Mart to


           15              check and you could get it for $3.99, the


           16              same size and $10.00.


           17                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Phyllis.


           18                      MS. HUMPHRIES: I like Cooper's food,


           19              I don't have any money to go there, but,


           20              listen, $23 and $20 for a pie is outrageous.


           21                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you.  Phyllis.


           22                      MR. HUMPHRIES: We don't have the


           23              Sheik here buying the pies.


           24                      MR. MCGOFF:  Phyllis, there are


           25              other speakers.






            1                      MS. HUMPHRIES: So I ask to everybody


            2              -- excuse me, just give me one minute to say


            3              it, everybody donate a pie and bring it over


            4              to any of the elderly places, I think that


            5              would be a nice gesture instead of 22, 23


            6              dollars for us elderly people.  Happy


            7              Thanksgiving.


            8                      MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you.  Happy


            9              Thanksgiving.  Mr. Dobson.


           10                      MR. DOBSON: Good evening, Council,


           11              Dave Dobson, member of the Taxpayers'


           12              Association, resident of Scranton.  I'm not


           13              a member of either institution, but in


           14              recent years we have Scranton Today and now


           15              we have ECTV and many of our authorities and


           16              so forth stopped meeting in city hall.  The


           17              whole governmental process has become


           18              totally decentralized and the thought


           19              occurred to me that, and this was a long


           20              time ago, way before the inception of ECTV,


           21              that an awful lot of work is being performed


           22              by these people and volunteers, they have to


           23              have a car, they have to shift cameras


           24              around to various buildings around town and


           25              who knows where else, maybe Dunmore for the






            1              sewer authority meeting or so forth.


            2                      And I'd like to see council try to


            3              influence bringing these meetings back to


            4              council chambers when council chambers is


            5              finally equipped with the equipment then


            6              those people would only have to travel to


            7              city hall and they wouldn't have to drag


            8              tons of equipment around, it don't weigh a


            9              ton, but I would estimate the cameras that I


           10              use for taxpayers and equipment at about 60


           11              to 80 pounds, both of us won't fit on a


           12              scale so I couldn't really tell you, but it


           13              would be interesting because this chambers


           14              is very seldom used actually during the day


           15              and I think with the money that's being


           16              spent on the equipment and so forth it would


           17              be great if a lot of these institutions and


           18              authorities met here and so that people


           19              didn't have to be a great volunteer, they


           20              could just happen to be a good one.  And


           21              it's an interesting concept and I would


           22              really appreciate once we get past the


           23              budget and so forth if it were considered


           24              before council and try to do your best to


           25              get these back because currently, I mean,






            1              it's a lot of work to get something filmed.


            2                    Otherwise, let's try and trim the


            3              budget as much as we can and get the bills


            4              paid.  We can't keep running deficits


            5              forever and it's starting to hurt and people


            6              just won't have the money to repay this in


            7              the future, so do your best at what you can


            8              do to trim this down and maybe some day


            9              things will look up and have a good night.


           10                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mr. Dobson.


           11              Other speakers?


           12                      MR. TALIMINI: Joe Talimini,


           13              Scranton.  Mr. Courtright, I asked you last


           14              week about looking into that police


           15              department and you said you would and you


           16              also said you only got about half of the


           17              information, so I can wait on it, but it is


           18              a common --


           19                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Could I ask you,


           20              you asked about the weekends, correct, and


           21              you asked about cages, correct?


           22                      MR. TALIMINI: Right.  And it is a --


           23              it's a recurring problem.  It goes on again


           24              this weekend.  I'm encouraged by the young


           25              people here tonight because I haven't seen






            1              this kind of a turnout since the 60's when


            2              the young people got involved then and then


            3              they died off after the Kennedy


            4              assassination.  I would hope and pray that


            5              these young people will stay involved, not


            6              just because this is a class assignment, but


            7              because they really do care about what goes


            8              on and I know most of them don't live here


            9              in the city, they live in different areas,


           10              but unless the young people get involved we


           11              are going to run into the same situation


           12              over and over and over again.  As I told


           13              Congressman Kanjorski, we didn't learn


           14              anything in 1941 to '44, we are still


           15              fighting wars which we have no business


           16              being involved in, we are still contending


           17              with political diatribe that we don't need


           18              to listen to and nothing is being done.


           19                      The economic situation now is going


           20              to fall on these kids, I feel sorry for


           21              them, but that's the breaks of the game.  If


           22              you don't get involved you can't make


           23              anything happen and I would hope and pray


           24              that those who are journalism students are


           25              going to learn something tonight because






            1              this is journalism in action.  You are


            2              seeing a governing body, you are seeing


            3              input from the citizenry, don't take it


            4              lightly because it's very, very important.


            5                    In the 1960's you made a difference,


            6              for 40 years it slid backwards.  You got a


            7              chance to do it again now, you did it with


            8              the election this year, whether or not I


            9              agree with the outcome you did one hell of a


           10              job and I'm all for it and I would like to


           11              see you stay involved, and by all means


           12              those of who are going to be make a


           13              profession out of journalism if you doing it


           14              fr the money get out now.  That's all I can


           15              tell you.  Get into something because there


           16              is no money in this business and it's not a


           17              9 to 5 job.  Thank you very much.


           18                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mr. Talimini.


           19                      MS. SCHUMACHER: Good evening.  Marie


           20              Schumacher, resident and member of the


           21              Taxpayers' Association.  I have quite a bit


           22              so if you can hold your answers to my


           23              questions until I finish that would be


           24              appreciated.  On the agenda item 7-B is


           25              there a signed contract between the city and






            1              the Pisano father and son to pay for the


            2              light changes at Moosic Street?


            3                      The Home Rule Charter states that


            4              the budget is to propose capital


            5              expenditures during the ensuing fiscal year


            6              detailed by offices, apartments -- or,


            7              excuse me, departments and agencies when


            8              practicable and the proposed method of


            9              financing capital expenditures.


           10                      The mayor's transmittal of this 2008


           11              capital budget provides the relationship


           12              between the operating budget and the capital


           13              improvement plan this way:  The capital


           14              improvement plan in contrast usually


           15              includes one-time costs for projects that


           16              may last more than one year.  These projects


           17              will result in the purchase or construction


           18              of major physical assets in the city.  While


           19              fluctuations are expected in capitol


           20              spending year to year depend on the phasing


           21              of the projects and resources available to


           22              fund the project, resources for the capital


           23              improvement plan generally come from the


           24              issuance of bonds or notes, grants,


           25              contributions from the city's operating






            1              budget or other one-time financial sources.


            2                      That mayor's 2008 capital budget has


            3              been described recently as a wish list.


            4              The wish list for the park system included


            5              items at Weston Field, Weston Park, Connell


            6              Park, Capouse Avenue pool, Novembrino Pool


            7              and Nay Aug Park.  No where in the mayor's


            8              budget were these capital projects.


            9                      Now, remember, by the mayor's own


           10              definition capital projects are those that


           11              result in the purchase or construction of


           12              major physical assets with the city.  The


           13              projects are:  Tree planting in South


           14              Scranton, a new city park in South Scranton


           15              and playground honoring former Mayor


           16              Connors.  A $250,000 greenhouse project at


           17              Nay Aug.  Renovations to the Jackson Street


           18              Park.  A half million dollar hero monument


           19              at Nay Aug.


           20                      Recall that Mayor Doherty in his


           21              2005-2009 Office of Economic and Community


           22              Development five-year plan reported, and I


           23              quote:  "Much progress has already been made


           24              at Nay Aug Park since the plan was issued.


           25              Some examples include a restored greenhouse






            1              that place a key educational role in the


            2              Scranton School District's BEST program."


            3                      Now, how we could have done those


            4              renovations prior to 2005 and now need a


            5              brand new one I think there may have been a


            6              little fudging going on there.  I'd love to


            7              know where that $100,000 that he said was


            8              spent was really spent.  Someday maybe.


            9                      In the mean time, here we are with


           10              close to a $1 million of park system


           11              expansion and improvements yet not one was


           12              listed included in a capital budget.  Each


           13              of these should have been listed in the


           14              capital budget with the funding sources


           15              identified.  Shame on you for not insisting


           16              the Home Rule Charter be adhered to.


           17                      Now, I wish to ask Mrs. Fanucci if


           18              she has any updates on OECD loan recipients


           19              that provided the promise to use loans for


           20              specific items such as Fratelli's half a


           21              million dollar building acquisition,


           22              Alexander's Fitness and Medical Center,


           23              etcetera.  I would also like to ask anyone


           24              who may have the answers:  One, where are


           25              the quarter million dollars improvements to






            1              Robinson Park that Mayor Doherty promised


            2              early in his first term?  Where is the East


            3              Elm Street project that Mayor Doherty


            4              promised to accomplish next year when he was


            5              campaigning for a second term?  Whatever


            6              became of Wall Street West and the promise


            7              higher than wait staff salaries?  Whatever


            8              happened to those oversized checks handed


            9              over to Goodwill for their North Scranton


           10              Junior High School project?  Great photo


           11              op's all, but as another little old lady


           12              said, "Where's the beef?"  Thank you.


           13                      MR. JACKOWITZ:  Bill Jackowitz,


           14              South Scranton resident and member of the


           15              Taxpayers' Association.  Toastmasters


           16              International, the person at the podium is


           17              the speaker, everybody else are the


           18              listeners.  November 11, Veteran's Day,


           19              11 month, 11 day, 11 hour, there was a


           20              Veteran's ceremony in front of the county


           21              courthouse at 10:30 a.m. Veteran's Day.


           22              Mayor Doherty was the only elected city


           23              official I observed at the ceremony, but yet


           24              council cancelled a meeting on Veteran's


           25              Day.  I did not observe any council members






            1              at the ceremony at the courthouse.  Possibly


            2              you attended another Veteran's ceremony


            3              within the city limits.  If you did, please


            4              let us know, but yet council got the day off


            5              with pay.


            6                      Amazing.  I understand that there is


            7              more to being a council member than


            8              attending meetings like possibly attending a


            9              Veteran's ceremony in your city?  I do


           10              believe that the council members showed up


           11              for a dedication to Connor's Park in South


           12              Side, the dog park at Connell Park, I guess


           13              everybody has their priorities?


           14                   Furthermore, I did not need read one


           15              story in the Scranton Times-Tribune about


           16              the ceremony on 12, November, 2008.  On the


           17              other hand, a Times Leader Scranton Edition


           18              had a front page picture of Colonel Wolf,


           19              guess speaker, although, for two days the


           20              Scranton Times and stories about First Night


           21              in Scranton.  Again, everybody has their


           22              priorities.  I guess partying ranks higher


           23              in the eyes of the Scranton Times-Tribune


           24              than veterans who fought and died so that


           25              the editors, reporters and council members






            1              could have their jobs.


            2                      It will be interesting to see who


            3              shows up for the dedication of the Veteran's


            4              monument at Nay Aug Park.  It will be a


            5              great time for all of the politicians to


            6              have their picture and story told to the


            7              newspaper and local television stations,


            8              plus it's election year.


            9                      There is old story about a


           10              lieutenant who inspected his marines in the


           11              field and afterwards told the gunnery


           12              sergeant that the men smelled bad.  The


           13              lieutenant suggested that the solution is


           14              that they should change underwear.  The


           15              gunny responded, "Yes, sir, I'll see to it


           16              immediately."


           17                       The gunny went straight to the


           18              squad tent and announced, "The lieutenant


           19              thinks you guys smell bad and he what's you


           20              to change your underwear.  Smith you change


           21              with Jones, McCarthy you change with


           22              Witkowski and Brown you change with Sergeant


           23              Schultz.  Now, get to it."


           24                      The moral of the story, a candidate


           25              may promise change, but don't count on






            1              things smelling any better and we know every


            2              candidate promised change.  Do not hold your


            3              breath, you may expire before the changes


            4              happen.  I have been waiting 60 years for


            5              changes in government.


            6                      Veterans, current military members


            7              sign a blank check up to and including their


            8              life to support and defend the constitution


            9              and the citizens of this United States.


           10              What about politicians?  The Tomb of the


           11              Unknown Soldiers and all it's shores of this


           12              great countries and allies are patrolled and


           13              protected 24/7, 365 or 366 days every year.


           14              On the other hand, politicians cannot take


           15              45 minutes to attend a ceremony honoring


           16              veterans in their own city.


           17                      Changing subjects, welcome to the


           18              Scranton Post, the Times Leader Scranton


           19              Edition, we need you badly.  Keep up the


           20              investigative reporting and reporting all


           21              both sides not just the administration side.


           22                   Finally, surprise, surprise, surprise.


           23              No tax increase for 2009.  Fire and police


           24              contracts close to signing and, most


           25              importantly, a smaller city budget.






            1              Breaking news for an election year, 2009 the


            2              year the City of Scranton losses the


            3              distressed city status.  Now, all we need


            4              are jobs that pay real money so people can


            5              live and survive in this city.  As far as


            6              the 2009 city budget, bring out the red pins


            7              and red line erasers for Ray Hayes and Lisa


            8              Moran.  I understand we have a few people


            9              working in the Southern Union Building.


           10              Congratulations.


           11                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you,


           12              Mr. Jackowitz.


           13                      MR. ANCHERANI: Good evening, Nelson


           14              Ancherani.  The last couple of meetings that


           15              I attended I had been talking about the 2009


           16              city budget.  I had been predicting another


           17              record budget in the $90 million range.  I


           18              was happy to see that the budget was less


           19              than 2008's record budget of $84,558,875.


           20              In fact, if Jeremy Burdyn, reporter of the


           21              slimes is correct the 2009 budget is 7


           22              percent less than this year's record budget.


           23              In fact, it is $6,078,101 less.  I lost one


           24              bet on that.


           25                      No tax increase.  That's another bet






            1              I lost, but on the matter of multi-million


            2              dollar loans I win that bet.  $14,500,000


            3              will be borrowed from TANS for tax


            4              anticipation notes.  A little history, since


            5              2002 the total of this administration's


            6              eight budgets is $556,433,218 well over the


            7              half billion mark.  If we add the loans that


            8              the city made proceeds from sales of city


            9              assets, Connor's last year surplus, we are


           10              in the range of $700 million that could be


           11              called revenue, close to three-quarters of a


           12              billion dollars.  This is money that the


           13              city had and has to spend and we still may


           14              have a deficit.


           15                      Every one of the current


           16              administration budgets, 2002 through 2009,


           17              eight years, is higher than Connors' last


           18              budget.  The difference is or excesses over


           19              Connors' last budget is 110 million or


           20              $110,472,000.  That's the excess over all of


           21              the budgets.  It's a lot of money.


           22                      Now, I have to ask where are the PEL


           23              doomsayers, the bankers, the mayor and the


           24              business administrator who two years ago


           25              were in these chambers begging for a






            1              $44 million loan?  We taxpayers were facing


            2              at least 3 25 percent tax increases.  In


            3              fact, Mrs. Gatelli, Ms. Fanucci and


            4              Mr. McGoff voted on the first of the


            5              25 percent tax increases.  We were


            6              according, to Mr. Cross from PEL, in dire


            7              financial straights.


            8                      Going through the 2009 budget


            9              briefly I have a few questions.  When you


           10              look at the expenditure pie chart on page


           11              five there is a change.  Now it does not say


           12              excluding tax anticipation notes.


           13              Expenditure pie chart, page five again, it


           14              lists expenditures of 24 percent for the


           15              police department, 24 percent of the budget


           16              of $78,480,774 is $18,835,386, but yet when


           17              you look at the budget $13,250,517 is the


           18              actual expenditure for the police


           19              department.  It's a difference of


           20              $5,584,869.  Expenditure again, the pie


           21              chart, page 5 lists expenditures of


           22              25 percent for the fire department,


           23              25 percent of the budget is $19,620,194, but


           24              yet in the budget if you are go to the fire


           25              page in the budget $13,939,348 is the actual






            1              expenditure for the fire department and a


            2              difference of $5,680,845.  Why is there a


            3              $5,680,845 difference?  Between the police


            4              and the fire departments that's $11,265,714


            5              difference.  Why?  Maybe you can check on


            6              that and check the budget when you are


            7              working on it.


            8                      Summary of the 2009 revenue, can I


            9              just finish this one little bit?


           10                      MR. MCGOFF: Yes.


           11                      MR. ANCHERANI: Miscellaneous


           12              revenue/  cable TV in the revenue department


           13              budgeted for 2008, $14,601,158, but yet


           14              budgeted for 2009 is 849,000.  That's a


           15              $13,752,000 difference less.  Why such a


           16              difference, and maybe you can check on that


           17              while you are going through the budget.


           18              Thank you.


           19                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you,


           20              Mr. Ancherani.


           21                      MR. SLEDZENSKI:  Hello, Bill.


           22                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Hi, Chris.


           23                      MR. SLEDZENSKI: Up a little, Bill?


           24                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Pick it up, Buddy.


           25                      MR. SLEDZENSKI:  Well, Bill, good






            1              luck next week and I'm going to vote for you


            2              on that, Buddy.


            3                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Thank you.


            4                      MR. SLEDZENSKi: Good luck, Bill.


            5                      MS. EVANS: Chris, what is that hat?


            6                      MS. KRAKE: Good evening, Council.


            7              My name is Nancy Krake.  I would like to say


            8              welcome to the Scranton Post who is here


            9              this evening, and I think that's wonderful.


           10              We are going to have a lot more coverage and


           11              have a lot more newspapers in Scranton, and


           12              I think Jeremy Burdyn is doing a fine job at


           13              the Times, but a little competition doesn't


           14              hurt, so welcome to everyone.


           15                      What I'd like to talk about tonight


           16              isn't the budget really.  There is an


           17              economic melt down nationally and locally.


           18              Many homes are being foreclosed in the past


           19              year, in the past two years actually.  There


           20              has been a very great increase in that and,


           21              therefore, there is also a drastic increase


           22              in the number of sherif's sales.  George


           23              Bush, I mean Mayor Doherty, excuse me, and


           24              three council persons here have passed the


           25              laws that allow Abrahamsen, Moran and






            1              Conaboy to collect outrageous fines and fees


            2              on these already devastating and hurting


            3              people.  One example I have here, the


            4              person's actual tax bill to the city was


            5              $309.00.  Their normal penalty and interest


            6              was $35.59.  NCC put their 25 percent on the


            7              grand total, which it's kind of hard to


            8              figure that out because they incorporated


            9              all of these other fines in here that


           10              council passed, $75 to review confirmation


           11              of lien.  $450.000 to open file and issue


           12              legal demand letter.  We used to have


           13              children doing that in the summer through


           14              CEDA as we watched over them in the


           15              Treasurer's Department.  Lien fee $525.00


           16              and certified mail $7.00.  That's $1,087.00.


           17              That's terrible.  There is no reason for


           18              that.  I think it's down right mean.


           19                      These monies go to the law firm and


           20              the 25 percent goes to the collection


           21              agency, originally that was setup that


           22              Northeast Collection would take their


           23              25 percent out of any monies collected.


           24              When Mayor Doherty came in he allowed them


           25              to charge on top of the monies.  Oh, and by






            1              the way, Northeast Credit is owned by Ned


            2              Abrahamsen.


            3                      We have four lawyers here on the


            4              payroll in the law department, that's


            5              $161,000.00.  Why are city homeowners being


            6              asked to finance a law firm and a collection


            7              agency?  At least the normal interest that


            8              was charged and still is charged goes back


            9              to the city for our own needs.  These monies


           10              do not.  They are not part of your budget,


           11              they are no where expect in these people's


           12              hands.  There is another year coming up


           13              maybe you would even like to try it before


           14              and get rid of this.  Thank you.


           15                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mrs. Krake.


           16              Anyone else?  Mrs. Evans?


           17                      MS. EVANS: Good evening.  My


           18              comments tonight concern only the budget.


           19              You know that I would never lie to you.  I


           20              have always presented the facts and voted


           21              according to the facts.  These are the


           22              economic realities:


           23                      Number one, this budget has nothing


           24              to do with the economic development and


           25              employment increases in the Scranton.  Year






            1              after year I told you that not all wage


            2              taxes were being paid.  Some people were


            3              allowed to get away with it, other people


            4              were allowed to fall delinquent in their


            5              wage taxes.  After the FBI investigation of


            6              the Scranton Single Tax Office wage tax


            7              collections grew by over $3.1 million or


            8              over 20 percent.  Why?  Because these same


            9              people feared getting caught.  They now pay


           10              taxes.


           11                      Number two, the EMS tax has been


           12              changed to the local service tax or LST, but


           13              to avoid confusion let's continue to call it


           14              the EMS tax.  Now, the EMS tax, which is the


           15              $52 paid by every working person who earns


           16              over $12,000 per year is down by over


           17              46 percent.  Although, more dollars will be


           18              collected before year end, since it is a


           19              payroll deduction it appears those dollars


           20              can not make up the difference between the


           21              total collected this year and the previous


           22              year.  Even the mayor's budget shows the


           23              decline, so how can the wage tax have


           24              increased while the EMS tax decreased so


           25              dramatically?  The answer seems to be, that






            1              people are paying their wage taxes since the


            2              tax office scandal occurred.


            3                      Unemployment figures are up and the


            4              EMS tax collections prove that.


            5              Consequently, the wage tax does not reflect


            6              an increased -- or marked increase I should


            7              say in jobs, rather, it reflects the


            8              increased number of people who are finally


            9              paying their fair share.


           10                      Number three, according to the


           11              mayor's budget figures 7,145 jobs will have


           12              been lost between 2008 and 2009 alone.  Let


           13              me say that again, 7,145 jobs.  You need


           14              only divide the loss of EMS revenue


           15              projected for 2009 by $52 to determine the


           16              number of jobs lost.  I do hope, however, to


           17              have a firmer number on the jobs lost by


           18              year's end.


           19                      Number four, in my last budget I had


           20              $3.5 million in delinquent wage tax revenue


           21              which I stated was a very conservative


           22              figure.  The mayor now includes 5.5 million


           23              in his 2009 budget three months before the


           24              great tax office discovery of 12 million,


           25              I'm sure you all recall.  I said the wage






            1              tax figures were sharply down from years


            2              ago, the city hadn't received appropriate


            3              wage tax revenue, therefore, I requested tax


            4              office employees to speak to council on this


            5              issue, but we all know Mr. McDowell forbid


            6              the employees to do so.


            7                      After my budget presentation, some


            8              of the my honorable council colleagues said


            9              I used phantom figures in my budget and that


           10              these numbers were speculation lacking


           11              backup, yet the numbers were present in a


           12              pattern of budgets dating back to the final


           13              year of the Connors' administration and the


           14              supporting diagnosis and prescription were


           15              available through tax office auditor


           16              employees.


           17                      My only mistake was to use the


           18              conservative $3.5 million figure.  Very


           19              likely, the mayor and the previous business


           20              administration also knew the wage tax


           21              figures were too low for several years.


           22              Tonight, one year after I originally


           23              presented it, delinquent wage taxes are


           24              finally in the mayor's budget and at


           25              $5.5 million and who knows possibly it could






            1              be more.


            2                      Five, the budget total figure has


            3              decreased from 84.5 million to 78.4 million.


            4              The decrease is solely due to the borrowing


            5              that occurred several weeks ago.  A 2005


            6              loan which I alone voted against in 2005 was


            7              paid off by new borrowing in September 2008.


            8              Thus, much more than 5.5 million is now owed


            9              over the next 17 years and payments may not


           10              be accurately portrayed in the 2009 budget.


           11                   Number six, once again the mayor made


           12              no noticeable cuts to his budget.  No job


           13              creations were eliminated, no unnecessary


           14              jobs or professional services were cut.  I


           15              know how to chop close to $2 million from


           16              this budget and I will provide a list of


           17              cuts that should be made.  For example, the


           18              Office of Public Safety which was cut over


           19              six years ago by the Pennsylvania Economy


           20              League, but instituted nevertheless by the


           21              mayor totals $188,000 for 2009.  It is


           22              unnecessary to employ Mr. Hayes, his deputy


           23              director of public safety and his secretary


           24              when we employ a police chief and a fire


           25              chief at a total of $122,000 not including






            1              benefits.


            2                      Another job creation is the Deputy


            3              Director of Safety and Conservation at


            4              $34,000.  The management raises that have


            5              been awarded over the last seven years are


            6              astronomical and need to be cut down to


            7              reality.  What I find truly unjust is that


            8              while the police and fire chief receive huge


            9              raises in 2008 and now the public safety


           10              director receives a $10,000 raise in 2009,


           11              the men and woman of the police and fire


           12              departments have received no raises, nothing


           13              in seven years yet it is the police officers


           14              who answer the calls, the firefighters who


           15              battle the blazes, these are the people who


           16              risk their lives to save lives.  They get


           17              nothing.  How do you accept a pay raise when


           18              your men and women get nothing?  How do you


           19              testify against your own employees in Court


           20              and then grab the big bucks for yourself?


           21              It isn't right.


           22                      Number seven, the mayor intends to


           23              increase his spending in the upcoming year,


           24              for example, he awards the Human Resources


           25              director a 20 percent raise of $10,000, and






            1              as I just said, the Public Safety director a


            2              15 percent rise of $10,000.  He will hire a


            3              new attorney for environmental services, and


            4              he fully intends to build a library in South


            5              Scranton having initially allocated $100,000


            6              for purpose in the 2009 budget.


            7                      On the other hand, county government


            8              appears to have a better grasp on economic


            9              reality.  The commissioners would not commit


           10              funds to this library knowing the reality of


           11              their county budget and the people they


           12              serve.


           13                      All of that having been said, this


           14              is the best budget the mayor has produced to


           15              date.  It contains no tax increase and at


           16              this time no borrowing because of the


           17              $5 million in delinquent wage taxes coming


           18              in and the very recent borrowing.  I will


           19              consider voting for this budget if the mayor


           20              cuts the fat from expenditures.  Many of you


           21              cannot afford food, medicine and utilities


           22              at this time.  Many have lost jobs and


           23              senior citizens struggle to keep pace with


           24              the ever increasing costs of living, believe


           25              me, I know.  That's why I worked so hard






            1              with the Taxpayers' Association and God


            2              bless each one of them to stock food


            3              pantries and feed the city's poor.


            4                      I see the lines of people in


            5              downtown Scranton applying for assistance


            6              with home heating and I see the worried


            7              faces of the elderly when I speak to them in


            8              grocery stores, in church and at senior


            9              centers.


           10                      While the little guys of our city


           11              are cutting their spending and doing


           12              without, the mayor continues to spend and


           13              squander your tax dollars.  He doubled some


           14              pensions to eliminate the Indians and


           15              replaced them when too many chiefs.  Then he


           16              froze the worker's pay for seven years while


           17              he awarded heavy raises to management each


           18              year and created new management positions.


           19                   In light of our struggling economy and


           20              it's impact on the people, the mayor must


           21              take the next step, he must cut his top


           22              heavy budget, only then will I approve it.


           23                   Finally, I have citizens requests for


           24              the week.  There are a number of catch


           25              basins circled in orange paint in Tripp's






            1              Park, obviously, awaiting work.  At 1524 and


            2              1519 Thackery Street there are two catch


            3              basins in which the openings have grown


            4              smaller and appear to be caving in.  Soon


            5              storm water will be unable to flow into


            6              these basins.  Please notify the sewer


            7              authority and the city that both require


            8              repair work.


            9                      For Mr. Brazil, the branches of a


           10              tree at 1514-1517 Thackery Street are


           11              hanging very low over the street.  Truck


           12              traffic knocks branches off onto the street


           13              creating a traffic hazard.  Although


           14              residents have reported this to the DPW


           15              several times, nothing has been done.


           16              Please trim the tree as son as possible.


           17                      In the 900 to 1200 blocks of North


           18              Rebecca Avenue there are no stop signe.


           19              Residents of the area report increased


           20              traffic and speeding in these blocks and


           21              request the installation of stop signs.


           22                      And, Mr. Seitzinger, what is the


           23              date of demolition for the structure located


           24              at the corner of East Elm and Cedar Avenue?


           25              Citizens believed it would have been razed






            1              by now and inquire about a firm date.


            2                   A resident inquires as to whether the


            3              city has an ordinance regarding posting of


            4              signs for yard sales, concerts, loss


            5              animals, etcetera.  She states that signs


            6              are never removed following events which


            7              adds liter to city streets as weather


            8              destroys them.  What, if anything, can be


            9              done to avoid this time of liter?


           10                      And a letter to the University of


           11              Scranton, motorists report that U of S


           12              students are jaywalking on both Jefferson


           13              Avenue and Mulberry Street when changing


           14              classes.  This creates hazardous conditions


           15              for motorists and pedestrians.  Please


           16              remind students to cross at street corners


           17              on the appropriate signals.


           18                      And, lastly, here's a shout out to


           19              the Webelo's at Hickory Street Presbyterian


           20              Church, you guys know who you are.  And


           21              that's it.


           22                      MR. MCGOFF: Mrs. Gatelli.


           23                      MS. GATELLI: The first thing I would


           24              like to say is that maybe the trees aren't


           25              being cut because the machine is being






            1              repaired.  I just talked to Mr. Brazil today


            2              on a matter of the tree on Crown Avenue and


            3              the tree machine is being repaired at the


            4              time, present time.


            5                      Talk about politics, I guess it's


            6              all going to start right now.  Everybody has


            7              their agenda, everybody comes here every


            8              week and tries to discredit other people, so


            9              it works both ways that politics that


           10              everyone is talking about.


           11                      I have looked at the budget just


           12              very briefly, and I was happy to see that


           13              it's 7 percent lower.  There is no


           14              borrowing.  There is no tax increase, and


           15              the tax increase when we did vote on it was


           16              because of a short fall from the Single Tax


           17              Office.  We all know what that fiasco has


           18              lead up to.  There has already been


           19              $3 million more taken in from the tax office


           20              this year in addition to the 5.5, so the


           21              total is $8.5 million that -- or possibly


           22              more once the issue has settled, but


           23              $3 million has come in from the tax office


           24              this year alone.


           25                      Mrs. Evans talked about the






            1              borrowing in 2005 and that she was the only


            2              one that didn't vote for it.  Just for the


            3              record, three of us weren't here in 2005,


            4              myself, Mr. McGoff and Ms. Fanucci.  We were


            5              not here in 2005 for that borrowing, a


            6              previous council was here for that.


            7                      The NCC, I don't believe that there


            8              has been any properties sold by the city


            9              through NCC.  The only calls I have gotten


           10              were from -- two parties have called me


           11              since that ordinance was enacted both have


           12              of which were resolved in a positive manner,


           13              so I don't know what they are talking about


           14              when they are saying we sold houses because


           15              I'm not aware of any.  Several weeks ago or


           16              maybe several months ago the county was


           17              selling properties for taxes, so maybe they


           18              are confused as to which party has been


           19              selling the properties, but the county was


           20              selling properties for taxes, back taxes.


           21                   The TANS, I believe that every


           22              governmental agency in the United States has


           23              tax anticipation notes.  You would not be


           24              able to function for the first several


           25              months of the new year if you didn't have






            1              tax anticipation notes, so to use that and


            2              say that we are borrowing is not true.  We


            3              are borrowing, but it's to replace the


            4              revenue that we won't get for the first


            5              several months of the new year.  So, it's


            6              not really a loan, a borrowing with a


            7              deficit.  We will replace those funds when


            8              the tax dollars come in.


            9                      Mr. Jackowitz talked about the


           10              Veteran's ceremony at the courthouse square.


           11              I find it interesting that he noticed that


           12              no one was there this year when I know and I


           13              know several others were there every year


           14              and nothing was ever said about us being


           15              there.  Many of us are at the Memorial Day


           16              ceremony, many of us are in the Veteran's


           17              parade, we walk in it, but as soon as you


           18              are not there everyone is there to


           19              criticize.  We all have families, some of us


           20              have medical conditions that you have


           21              doctor's appointments that you schedule on


           22              your day off from work, some of us were off


           23              from work that day so you try to do some of


           24              those things when you were off, so I don't


           25              think it was intentional that no one was






            1              there.  We all respect the veterans, we say


            2              a moment of reflection for them every week


            3              and we have since I have been here and I


            4              know they did it before I came on council,


            5              the previous council did that, so on behalf


            6              of this whole council I'm going to say that


            7              we do respect the veterans and I find it


            8              rather insulting that someone would get up


            9              and notice that we weren't there this one


           10              time.  We have been there, I have seen other


           11              members there, and I just wanted to clarify


           12              that.


           13                      As far as the library, yes, I am in


           14              favor of the library in South Scranton.  Our


           15              library on Vine Street is very insufficient.


           16              If any of you have gone there the books are


           17              in racks in front of the stacks, you can't


           18              even get a book because there is no room,


           19              there is just trays of books in front of the


           20              racks, it has outgrown itself.  There are


           21              other libraries that are being built in our


           22              county.  Abington has a brand new library,


           23              Carbondale has a brand new library and North


           24              Pocono is getting a brand new library.  We


           25              are the seat of the Lackawanna County






            1              library system and we deserve to have the


            2              best state of the art library, too.  So, I


            3              am going to continue to fight for that new


            4              library.  The other library will not close.


            5              It will just be an ancillary library, so I


            6              wanted to be upfront about being for that


            7              particular project.


            8                      The Pisanos that Mrs. Schumacher


            9              brought up, I believe that the wording is


           10              now the same as it was for the Jay's


           11              Common's project, and we had sent that back


           12              to the city solicitor to revise it to


           13              reflect it to be the way that the Jay's


           14              Common's project was.  I met with Mr. Pisano


           15              and his son and I towered the new facility.


           16              I was anxious to see what was happening


           17              there because we were getting different


           18              stories from people as to what was going to


           19              happen there.  It is going to be a


           20              restaurant on the one half, the other side


           21              is going to be office space.  It is nearly


           22              finished.  I noticed that they have since


           23              paved the parking lot and I don't imagine it


           24              will be much longer before they are


           25              operating.  It looks like it's going to be a






            1              wonderful full facility and I'm very happy


            2              that this council voted for that project


            3              because it looks like it's going to be very


            4              nice and it is going to be a restaurant, and


            5              I think that's all I have.  Thank you.


            6                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you, Mrs. Gatelli.


            7              Mrs. Fannuci?


            8                      MS. FANUCCI:  I only have a few


            9              things I want to speak on the economic


           10              development comments that are made here.  I


           11              believe that the citizens of Scranton and


           12              the taxpayers are certainly very


           13              well-informed on what economic development


           14              has taken place.  You can't drive through


           15              the streets of our neighborhoods or our city


           16              without seeing what is going on.  A medical


           17              school coming, science center at the


           18              University, the Connell building being


           19              redone, it is constantly happening and


           20              changing.  That is what we are doing.  That


           21              is the difference here in the City of


           22              Scranton.


           23                      Look around the state, look around


           24              the country, you are not seeing that type of


           25              development happening.  You are here.  That






            1              is amazing.  We should be grateful and


            2              thankful, but to sit here and talk that it


            3              is not happening while it's all going on


            4              with construction trucks everywhere, people


            5              going to work, I mean, contractors,


            6              construction people all doing their jobs and


            7              act like it's not happening is quite amusing


            8              to me.  You don't have to like it, but we


            9              are progressing and we are progressing in a


           10              wonderful way and I for one am thrilled when


           11              I go downtown or when I go to the little


           12              coffee shop on the corner that used to be


           13              just a coffee shop who is now distributing


           14              all over the place to see people making


           15              things like soaps and now selling them not


           16              just to us, but you to people all over the


           17              place.  This is what we are about.  So to


           18              sit here week after week and here how things


           19              aren't happening it's almost -- it's almost


           20              appalling.


           21                      So when you see the Connell building


           22              going under construction think, that was not


           23              economic development.  Certainly make sure


           24              that when you go by and you are looking at


           25              the 500 block of Lackawanna and the progress






            1              there think, well, this is definitely not


            2              development in our city.  It just baffles me


            3              every single week.


            4                      Also, as far as the budget is


            5              concerned, isn't it amazing how we get


            6              knocked for not raising taxes?  You really


            7              can't win in this place.  No, we are not


            8              raising taxes.  I'm thrilled to death we


            9              don't have to do that.  Was I thrilled to do


           10              it last time when we had to raise taxes?


           11              No.  This is not something anybody likes to


           12              do.  These are tough decisions.  To sit here


           13              week after week and talk about the what if's


           14              and if we and why can't we and what happened


           15              in the past is not changing our future.


           16                      To actively change our future we


           17              have to make difficult decisions.  Luckily


           18              this time we don't.  I'm thrilled to death


           19              that we decided to refinance the loan so


           20              that we didn't have to raise taxes.  I'm


           21              thankful that the tax office made their


           22              problems known so they don't have to raise


           23              taxes.  This is not a bad thing.  It's a


           24              very good thing for us.  I want nothing more


           25              than the contracts to be settled, to us fall






            1              into this windfall of money that people


            2              think seems to be up there, going through


            3              the budget I don't see it.  People want to


            4              eliminate offices that are required by the


            5              state to be here.  It's ironic to me how you


            6              think you can just pull people out of a


            7              budget and say, "Well, you are not


            8              important."


            9                      We are all in this, we are all


           10              important, everybody who works in this city


           11              is very important.  Received that bit of


           12              information from Mr. Quinn tonight, deciding


           13              that the janitor doesn't deserve his money,


           14              deciding that people who work in offices


           15              don't deserve what they do, when you don't


           16              know what they actually do on a daily basis.


           17              It is amazing to me.  That's not what we are


           18              about in this city, we are about working


           19              together to get further to make our city


           20              better not just complaining week after week,


           21              that's very easy, very easy way out.  Let's


           22              just complain, I'll complain for 20 years


           23              and see what happens.  Nothing.  Absolutely


           24              nothing.


           25                      So, yes, I'm thrilled to death that






            1              we don't have to borrow the budget this


            2              year.  I am very happy that we made some


            3              progress and that the budget is better than


            4              it was last year.  Hopefully next year we


            5              can hope for the same, but don't sit here


            6              week after week and come up here and talk


            7              about what you think could be possibly cut


            8              by other people's positions.  You don't know


            9              what it takes to make that city work.  You


           10              don't understand and I know you think you do


           11              and I think that's wonderful, and I


           12              definitely will look at all of this paper


           13              that I got tonight, I have sat here tonight


           14              and I have already looked at a lot of it and


           15              I'm glad that you think all of these cuts


           16              can happen.


           17                      I'm lucky that, you know, you put


           18              all of this work into it, but I don't see


           19              how that is realistic, but I certainly will


           20              look over more of the budget and obviously I


           21              will study it further like everyone else


           22              does and we will see what happens.  I mean,


           23              we all have ideas and what we want to cut


           24              ourselves, but, I mean, departments and


           25              departments and departments aren't certainly






            1              going to make our city a better place.


            2                      Also, I do want to speak about the


            3              Veteran's Day comments that were made.  I


            4              have to say that I find it again appalling.


            5              No one knows what my family has done as far


            6              as war is concerned or who has done what,


            7              but to get up here because you didn't see


            8              someone somewhere without knowing or caring


            9              what goes on in their life makes me wonder


           10              what your motive could possibly be.  Don't


           11              ever, ever come up and say I don't care


           12              about who braves this country to where we


           13              are because you have no clue and I can


           14              honestly say I spend everyday thankful,


           15              scared of war, thankful that people are out


           16              there able to do what they do for us, but


           17              because you decided that you think this is


           18              proper to get up here and bash people just


           19              for a political disgusting motive, don't


           20              ever, ever bring my name up in that regard


           21              again.  Ever.  And I honestly mean that.  I


           22              find that the most insulting thing -- you


           23              are very insulting, believe me, you are good


           24              at it, but that is the most insulting thing


           25              you have ever done in these chambers, and






            1              that is all I have.


            2                      MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you.


            3              Mr. Courtright.


            4                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  I don't have that


            5              much this evening.  Just as we are sitting


            6              here I did go over some of the things that


            7              Mr. Quinn has here and I think some of them


            8              are possible.  I think some of them are not


            9              possible.  I know there is as far as


           10              reducing the janitor's salary I don't think


           11              that's possible because he is an unionized


           12              employee and they have a contract and you


           13              need to go by that, but I think some of them


           14              in there are feasible.  I will reserve my


           15              comments on the budget until we vote on it


           16              this week and then in upcoming weeks.


           17                      I don't want to get into the


           18              Veteran's things, I mean, I have always


           19              supported veterans, I think everybody around


           20              here knows that and I think there has been


           21              enough said on that this evening and I'll


           22              just let it go at that.


           23                      I do have a bit of information,


           24              Mr. Hubbard is not here this week, last week


           25              he asked about a beat cop down in lower






            1              Greenridge that was checking out his boat


            2              being parked on the street, I believe, or


            3              his dad's boat and he had said that his area


            4              was not eligible for CDBG money because it


            5              wasn't a low to moderate income area because


            6              it was attached to upper Greenridge, and I


            7              spoke to the person in charge of COM-D, yes,


            8              there was an officer down there, he dug out


            9              maps and on the maps it shows the


           10              jurisdiction for COM-D officers in that


           11              section of the city is eligible for a COM-D


           12              officer.  Why you are not eligible for COM-D


           13              funds that I don't know.  He goes by the


           14              maps that he has.  I believe the maps that


           15              he had he said were from early 2002 or


           16              something to that effect, so I think


           17              Mr. Hubbard what we need to do is either


           18              yourself or I can do it for you we can talk


           19              to OECD and ask how come you are eligible


           20              for a beat cop, but you are not eligible for


           21              OECD funds, but the officer in charge


           22              guaranteed me that according to his maps


           23              they are eligible down there.


           24                      I didn't get into it whether he is


           25              able to check on your boat or not, I believe






            1              you are correct and I believe they know you


            2              are correct they have no jurisdiction over


            3              your boat.  The trailer your boat maybe, but


            4              not the boat itself, and that's all I have.


            5              Mr. McGoff.  Thank you.


            6                      MS. GATELLI: Excuse me just for one


            7              minute, as far as the OECD funds, if they


            8              are eligible for a police officer then they


            9              are eligible for the funds.  Either you are


           10              in the block group are you are not.  It's


           11              very simple.


           12                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  And I don't know


           13              why they are not eligible for the funds, but


           14              they are officers, and he had taken out


           15              maps, you know, showing where their


           16              jurisdiction is and that area falls into


           17              where it is.


           18                      MS. GATELLI:  Kay, would you get us


           19              a map from Linda Aebli of eligible areas


           20              because if they are eligible for the officer


           21              then they are eligible for the funds.


           22                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Right, and I


           23              obviously couldn't ask the officer why, you


           24              know, he doesn't know a thing about OECD as


           25              far as the funds, he is pretty efficient






            1              though, I'll give him that.  When it comes


            2              to these COM-D cops he seemed to be pretty


            3              efficient.  He was taken all kinds of maps


            4              there, so --


            5                      MS. GATELLI:  And the boat, since I


            6              mentioned the boats, the two that I was


            7              referring to are gone in my neighborhood.


            8              They are both gone.  It's funny.  They had


            9              the registration on them, but they are both


           10              gone so I'm very happy about that, but the


           11              boat cannot be on the street unless it's on


           12              a trailer that has a license on it.


           13                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Right.


           14                      MS. GATELLI: You know, a current


           15              license.


           16                      MR. COURTRIGHT: And a police


           17              department would have jurisdiction over the


           18              trailer.


           19                      MS. GATELLI: Right, with the boat on


           20              it.


           21                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Why he was lifting


           22              up the tarp I have no idea.


           23                      MS. GATELLI: Probably to see if the


           24              registration was there.


           25                      MR. COURTRIGHT: But, anyway, we will






            1              look into it for Mr. Hubbard and ask why


            2              they are eligible for a police officers but


            3              not for funds.  Something is not right


            4              there.


            5                      MS. GATELLI: Yes, that's just not


            6              right.


            7                      MR. COURTRIGHT: And we're going to


            8              keep on that and if you are watching


            9              tomorrow when this is aired, Mr. Hubbard,


           10              give us a call.  That's all I have.  Thank


           11              you.


           12                      MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you.  Just a


           13              couple of brief comments on the budget that


           14              we'll be looking at tonight, a couple of


           15              things that I thought were in the budget,


           16              number one, the budget as presented to us no


           17              jobs were lost and week after week we hear


           18              about the number of jobs being lost in the


           19              area and here we have a budget in which no


           20              government jobs, well, there is one position


           21              being cut, but it's not going to result in a


           22              loss of a person and yet I look at


           23              Mr. Quinn's proposal to us and 21 people


           24              would lose their jobs.  I don't see how at


           25              this time in our economic life that we can






            1              suggest that anyone look at unemployment.


            2              If we can pass a budget in which people keep


            3              their jobs I would be very happy.


            4                      Also, the budget contains money


            5              available funds for raises for municipal


            6              employees if and when the contracts are


            7              settled, I think that's a positive thing,


            8              and hopefully those contracts are settled


            9              and that money is allocated to firefighters


           10              and policemen at this time.  And also,


           11              Mr. Ancherani, I think we are going to need


           12              an arbitrator on whether the TANS count as


           13              borrowing, we'll have to hire someone to


           14              arbitrate on that issue, but that's all I


           15              have.  Thank you.


           16                      MR. ANCHERANI: I'll answer that next


           17              week.


           18                      MS. GARVEY: FIFTH ORDER.  FOR




           20              FUNDS FOR THE EXPENSES OF THE CITY




           22              FIRST DAY OF JANUARY 2009 TO AND INCLUDING


           23              DECEMBER 31, 2009 BY THE ADOPTION OF THE




           25              2009.






            1                      MR. MCGOFF: At this time I'll


            2              entertain a motion that Item 5-B be


            3              introduced into it's proper committee.


            4                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.


            5                      MS. FANUCCI:  So moved.


            6                      MR. MCGOFF: Did somebody move?  On


            7              the question?


            8                      MR. COURTRIGHT: On the question,


            9              Mr. McGoff, I reserved my comments until now


           10              and they will still be brief, as I have done


           11              in the past, you know, we have three


           12              readings on a lot of things and there will


           13              be three readings on this, I will vote to


           14              move this forward tonight, I will vote in


           15              the affirmative, that doesn't mean that I'm


           16              in favor of everything in this budget.


           17              Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Gatelli spoke quite


           18              extensively on it, and there is some things


           19              in there that would prevent me from voting


           20              for this budget and I'd like to see changed.


           21              If they are changed maybe I'll vote for it,


           22              if not I probably won't, but I'm going to


           23              vote to pass it this evening to move it


           24              ahead.  I took a look and I saw an article


           25              in the county where they, the county






            1              commissioners, were holding back on giving


            2              raises to any of their management because of


            3              the financial situation here and I think we


            4              need to do that here.  I was opposed to and


            5              nothing against either gentleman or their


            6              office personally or the office itself, but


            7              when the police and fire chief got $13,000 a


            8              year raises I was deadset against that.  Do


            9              I think that they were underpaid for their


           10              jobs, I absolutely do, but I was against


           11              giving them raises when their rank and file


           12              are suffering the way they are, and I'm


           13              against giving the raises that we have in


           14              the budget this time.  It just doesn't seem


           15              right to me.


           16                      And as far as the library in South


           17              Side, I'm not against the library itself per


           18              se, but I'm against it at this time spending


           19              money and I just don't think we have extra


           20              money to be spending, so that's one thing


           21              this troubles me.


           22                      But the raises at a time when I look


           23              at the county they have cut jobs, all right,


           24              and I know it's difficult.  It's very


           25              difficult to cut somebody's jobs.  I had my






            1              job cut, the whole place I worked got cut,


            2              but when there is tough economic times


            3              sometimes there has to be tough measures and


            4              I don't want to sound cruel, but I don't


            5              think it's the city's responsibility to


            6              employ everybody, all right?


            7                      If we could trim some of the fat I


            8              think we need to do that, and it seems like


            9              the fat -- or I don't want to call it the


           10              fat, it seems like the trimming always comes


           11              from the unionized end of it and never from


           12              the management end and I believe that's


           13              wrong and I believe Mrs. Evans' comments was


           14              the chiefs and Indians and that I certainly


           15              agree with it.


           16                      So, again, I will be voting as to


           17              pass it forward, but I'll reserve my


           18              comments for next week after I lock at the


           19              budget more extensively and we speak in


           20              caucus and see what can be changed and what


           21              cannot be changed.  That's all I have.


           22              Thank you:


           23                      MS. EVANS: I just wanted to clarify


           24              something because I don't want anyone to


           25              misunderstand my intent, there certainly is






            1              economic development in the City of


            2              Scranton, yes, there have been many


            3              wonderful developments.  I'm talking about


            4              jobs.  Now, granted, these developments are


            5              produced by developers who have received


            6              multiple millions in our local, state and


            7              federal tax dollars to renovate or construct


            8              their buildings and, of course, many of them


            9              are KOZ's or KOEZ's, but the fact of the


           10              matter is the facts and the figures don't


           11              lie.  They are coming from the mayor's


           12              budget, they are coming from the tax office,


           13              it's there in black and white whether we


           14              like that or not.


           15                      MR. MCGOFF: Anyone else on the


           16              question?  All those in favor signify by


           17              saying aye?


           18                      MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.


           19                      MS. GATELLI:  Aye.


           20                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.


           21                      MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?


           22                      MS. EVANS: No.


           23                      MR. MCGOFF: The ayes have it and so


           24              moved.


           25                      MS. GARVEY: We need a motion.






            1                      MR. MCGOFF:  I'm sorry, yes, we do.


            2              I'd like to make a motion that a public


            3              hearing be held November 5 in council


            4              chambers at 6:00 p.m.


            5                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Second.


            6                      MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?  All


            7              those in favor signify by saying aye.


            8                      MS. EVANS:  Aye.


            9                      MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.


           10                      MS. GATELLI:  Aye.


           11                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.


           12                      MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The


           13              ayes have it and so moved.  Could I just


           14              interject for a moment, the public hearing


           15              on the budget will be the 6:00 next week.


           16              If people wish to speak, with the


           17              possibility of a number of speakers on the


           18              budget I would ask that people do sign in so


           19              that we have an idea of how many people will


           20              be speaking so that we can allot, you know,


           21              the proper amount of time to that just so


           22              everyone has an equal opportunity to speak


           23              on the budget.  Thank you.  I'm sorry, Mrs.


           24              Garvey.


           25                      MS. GARVEY: 5-C. FOR INTRODUCTION -






            1              A RESOLUTION - AMENDING RESOLUTION NO. 80,


            2              2008 ENTITLED "ACCEPTING THE RECOMMENDATION




            4              ("HARB") AND APPROVING THE CERTIFICATE OF




            6              CONTRACTORS, 802 NORTH WASHINGTON AVENUE,




            8              NEW ROOF WITH ARCHITECTURAL SHINGLES,






           11              SIGNS AT 225 VINE STREET, SCRANTON,




           13              AS 802 NORTH WEBSTER AVENUE, SCRANTON,


           14              PENNSYLVANIA.


           15                      MR. MCGOFF: At this time I'll


           16              entertain a motion that Item 5-C be


           17              introduced into it's proper committee.


           18                      MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.


           19                      MS. FANUCCI: Second.


           20                      MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?  All


           21              in favor signify by saying aye.


           22                      MS. EVANS:  Aye.


           23                      MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.


           24                      MS. GATELLI:  Aye.


           25                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.






            1                      MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The


            2              ayes have it and so moved.


            3                      MS. GARVEY: SIXTH ORDER.  READING BY


            4              TITLE - FILE OF COUNCIL NO. 48, 2008 - AN






            7              NO. 13420-020-027, SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA,


            8              TO CARMEN SAITA, 517 GREENBUSH STREET,


            9              SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA, 18508, FOR THE


           10              CONSIDERATION OF $7,000.00.


           11                      MR. MCGOFF: You have heard Reading


           12              by Title of Item 6-A, what is your pleasure?


           13                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  I move that Item


           14              6-A pass Reading by Title.


           15                      MS. FANUCCI: Second.


           16                      MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?  All


           17              in favor signify by saying aye.


           18                      MS. EVANS:  Aye.


           19                      MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.


           20                      MS. GATELLI:  Aye.


           21                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.


           22                      MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The


           23              ayes have it and so moved.


           24                      MS. GARVEY: SEVENTH ORDER.  7-A.


           25              FOR CONSIDERATION BY THE COMMITTEE ON






            1              COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT - FOR ADOPTION - FILE


            2              OF COUNCIL NO. 45, 2008 - AUTHORIZING THE




            4              OF THE CITY OF SCRANTON TO ACCEPT AND






            7              DEVELOPMENT ("DCED") THROUGH THE ECONOMIC


            8              ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM.


            9                      MR. MCGOFF: What is the


           10              recommendation of the Chairperson for the


           11              Committee on Community Development?


           12                      MS. FANUCCI:  As Chairperson for the


           13              Committee on Community Development, I


           14              recommend final passage of Item 7-A.


           15                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.


           16                      MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?  Roll


           17              call, please.


           18                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Evans.


           19                      MS. EVANS:  Yes.


           20                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Gatelli.


           21                      MS. GATELLI.  Yes.


           22                      MR. COOLICAN:  Ms. Fanucci.


           23                      MS. FANUCCI:  Yes.


           24                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. Courtright.


           25                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Yes.






            1                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. McGoff.


            2                      MR. MCGOFF:  Yes.  I hereby declare


            3              Item 7-A legally and lawfully adopted.


            4                      MS. GARVEY: 7-B. FOR CONSIDERATION -




            6              FOR ADOPTION - FILE OF COUNCIL NO. 46, 2008


            7              - AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR AND OTHER






           10              FROM THE PENNSYLVANIA DEPARTMENT OF


           11              COMMUNITY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ("DCED")




           13                      MR. MCGOFF: What is the


           14              recommendation of the Chairperson for the


           15              Committee on Community Development?


           16                      MS. FANUCCI:  As Chairperson for the


           17              Committee on Community Development, I


           18              recommend final passage of Item 7-B.


           19                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.


           20                      MR. MCGOFF: On the question?  Roll


           21              call, please.


           22                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Evans.


           23                      MS. EVANS:  Yes.


           24                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Gatelli.


           25                      MS. GATELLI.  Yes.






            1                      MR. COOLICAN:  Ms. Fanucci.


            2                      MS. FANUCCI:  Yes.


            3                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. Courtright.


            4                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Yes.


            5                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. McGoff.


            6                      MR. MCGOFF:  Yes.  I hereby declare


            7              Item 7-B legally and lawfully adopted.


            8                      MS. GARVEY: 7-C. FOR CONSIDERATION




           10              FOR ADOPTION - FILE OF COUNCIL NO. 47, 2008


           11              - AMENDING FILE OF COUNCIL NO. 92, 1991,




           13              CITY OF SCRANTON IN THE OFFICE OF ECONOMIC &






           16              GRANTS (UDAGS) #91-400" FOR THE PURPOSE OF




           18              UDAG REPAYMENTS."


           19                      MR. MCGOFF: What is the


           20              recommendation of the Chairperson for the


           21              Committee on Community Development?


           22                      MS. FANUCCI: As chair for the


           23              Committee on Community Development, I


           24              recommend final passage of Item 7-C.


           25                      MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.






            1                      MR. MCGOFF: On the question?


            2                      MS. EVANS: I'm very happy that this


            3              legislation was created by council and


            4              passed by council.  It will protect and


            5              provide accountability for UDAG funds in the


            6              future.  The dollar amount in the account


            7              I'm sure at present is quite low, but UDAG


            8              loan repayments continue to come in from a


            9              variety of sources to whom that money has


           10              been given, and it's very important no


           11              matter how much, no matter how little that


           12              all of your dollars are watched and


           13              accounted for very carefully, particularly


           14              in this economy.


           15                      MR. MCGOFF: Roll call, please.


           16                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Evans.


           17                      MS. EVANS:  Yes.


           18                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Gatelli.


           19                      MS. GATELLI.  Yes.


           20                      MR. COOLICAN:   Ms. Fanucci.


           21                      MS. FANUCCI:  Yes.


           22                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. Courtright.


           23                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Yes.


           24                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. McGoff.


           25                      MR. MCGOFF:  Yes.  I hereby declare






            1              Item 7-C legally and lawfully adopted.


            2                      MS. GARVEY: 7-D.  FOR CONSIDERATION


            3              BY THE COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC SAFETY - FOR


            4              ADOPTION - RESOLUTION NO. 83, 2008 -










            9              ON MOOSIC STREET.


           10                      MR. MCGOFF: What is the


           11              recommendation of the Chairperson for the


           12              Committee on the Public Safety?


           13                      MR. COURTRIGHT: As Chairperson for


           14              the Committee on Public Safety I recommend


           15              final passage of Item 7-D.


           16                      MS. EVANS: Second.


           17                      MR. MCGOFF: On the question?  Roll


           18              call, please?


           19                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Evans.


           20                      MS. EVANS:  Yes.


           21                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Gatelli.


           22                      MS. GATELLI.  Yes.


           23                      MR. COOLICAN:  Ms. Fanucci.


           24                      MS. FANUCCI:  Yes.


           25                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. Courtright.






            1                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  Yes.


            2                      MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. McGoff.


            3                      MR. MCGOFF:  Yes.  I hereby declare


            4              Item 7-D legally and lawfully adopted.


            5              Motion to adjourn?


            6                      MR. COURTRIGHT:  So moved.


            7                      MR. MCGOFF: Thank you and a special


            8              thank you to students from Marywood and the


            9              University of Scranton that are here this


           10              evening, and hope to see you here again.


           11              Thank you.




































            2                     C E R T I F I C A T E




            4        I hereby certify that the proceedings and


            5   evidence are contained fully and accurately in the


            6   notes of testimony taken by me at the hearing of the


            7   above-captioned matter and that the foregoing is a true


            8   and correct transcript of the same to the best of my


            9   ability.







                                    CATHENE S. NARDOZZI, RPR

           13                       OFFICIAL COURT REPORTER