1                 SCRANTON CITY COUNCIL MEETING




          5                            HELD:


          7                 Tuesday, September 30, 2008


          9                          LOCATION:

         10                      Council Chambers

         11                    Scranton City Hall

         12                 340 North Washington Avenue

         13                   Scranton, Pennsylvania























                MS. JANET E. EVANS


          9     MS. SHERRY FANUCCI


                MR. WILLIAM COURTRIGHT


         12     MS. KAY GARVEY, CITY CLERK




         15     MR. AMIL MINORA, SOLICITOR












          1                     (Pledge of Allegiance)

          2                     MR. MCGOFF:  Please stay standing

          3                for a moment of silent reflection for

          4                the service men and women.

          5                     Thank you.

          6                     Roll call, please.

          7                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Evans.

          8                     MS. EVANS:  Here.

          9                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Gatelli.

         10                     MS. GATELLI:  Here.

         11                     MR. COOLICAN:  Ms. Fanucci.

         12                     MS. FANUCCI:  Here.

         13                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. Courtright.

         14                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Here.

         15                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. McGoff.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  Here.

         17                     Dispense with the reading of the

         18                minutes.

         19                     Prior to third order, I would

         20                like to make a motion to table Item 7D

         21                and 7E from tonight's agenda.

         22                     MS. EVANS:  Second.

         23                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question.

         24                     Just an explanation.  The wording

         25                in them was improper.  They had to do


          1                with lights at the corner of Moosic

          2                and Front Street.  The wording in the

          3                legislation that we received was

          4                improper, and we've been asked to

          5                table that until the wording is

          6                corrected.

          7                     All in favor signify by saying

          8                aye?

          9                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.

         10                     MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.

         11                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         12                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.

         13                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The

         14                ayes have it and so moved.

         15                     Third order.

         16                     MS. GARVEY:  3A. MINUTES OF THE

         17                LACKAWANNA HEALTH & WELFARE AUTHORITY

         18                BOARD MEETING HELD ON JULY 17, 2008.

         19                     MR. MCGOFF:  Are there any

         20                comments?  If not, received and filed.

         21                     MS. GARVEY:  3B. MINUTES OF THE


         23                ON JULY 23, 2008.

         24                     MR. MCGOFF:  Are there any

         25                comments?  If not, received and filed.


          1                     MS. GARVEY:  3C. POLICE PENSION

          2                COMMISSION MEETING OF AUGUST 27, 2008

          3                WAS CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF QUORUM.

          4                     MR. MCGOFF:  Are there any

          5                comments?  If not, received and filed.

          6                     MS. GARVEY:  That's it, third

          7                order.

          8                     MS. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Mrs.

          9                Garvey.

         10                     Mrs. Gatelli.

         11                     MS. GATELLI:  The first thing I

         12                have is Mrs. Fanucci brought it up

         13                last week about people going green to

         14                save energy, and they're opening

         15                Scranton's first eco boutique.  It's

         16                called Green Bee.  It's at 344 Adams

         17                Avenue and it will offer

         18                environmentally friendly clothing,

         19                items and handmade items from

         20                Pennsylvania designers.  Their opening

         21                is this Friday, October 3rd, from six

         22                to nine.  And they're going to have

         23                live music and organic food and wine

         24                if anyone is interested.

         25                     MS. FANUCCI:  Thank you for


          1                stealing that.

          2                     MS. GATELLI:  I'm sorry.  The

          3                next thing is that I talked to Mr.

          4                McGoff today and told him that I spoke

          5                with the mayor and we are going to add

          6                $10,000 out of the BLIS demolition

          7                money to hire someone for skunk

          8                removal.  I am in contact with Ken

          9                Smith.  He has a person that has been

         10                doing it that he's aware of, and I'm

         11                in contact with the person, and we're

         12                going to put a request for proposals

         13                out and that money will be coming out

         14                of BLIS -- we call it blight and

         15                skunks.  So we will be allocating

         16                money for the skunks.

         17                     The last thing I have is I had

         18                gotten a memo from Mrs. Schumacher

         19                about the streetlights.  I have been

         20                in touch with Brian Swanson concerning

         21                why the streetlights are taking so

         22                long to be retimed, et cetera.  It has

         23                been since 1998.  I was unaware it was

         24                that long ago that they were done, the

         25                survey was done.  But PennDOT had to


          1                follow new regulations for the

          2                American Disabilities Act.  So there

          3                is a glitch there with all the street

          4                lighting for those 47 streetlights

          5                that were in the original study.  The

          6                funding will be running out in

          7                December of this year, and Mr. Swanson

          8                does have a meeting on October 8th

          9                with PennDOT concerning getting an

         10                extension on that money.  The lights

         11                are fully funded by PennDOT and that's

         12                why PennDOT is in charge.  So that's

         13                what is happening with that, Mrs.

         14                Schumacher.

         15                     MS. EVANS:  Well, I spoke with

         16                Mrs. Schumacher about all of this just

         17                before tonight's meeting, in fact, and

         18                she told me that she had spoken to

         19                Swanson, herself, as well as the

         20                gentleman from PennDOT so she is fully

         21                satisfied.

         22                     MS. GATELLI:  I didn't know that

         23                you talked to Mr. Swanson.  All right.

         24                     MR. MCGOFF:  Any other?

         25                     MS. GATELLI:  That's all I have.


          1                     MR. MCGOFF:  Mrs. Evans.

          2                     MS. EVANS:  Please remember in

          3                your prayers all those have died this

          4                week, particularly Robert P. VanDeusen

          5                whose sisters were dear family

          6                friends; Frank Fritz Locks.  He was a

          7                city Scranton resident.  He was

          8                mortality stabbed while taking his

          9                morning walk, and his niece and nephew

         10                are also dear family friends; and

         11                Thomas Preambo, Sr., whose wife will

         12                always be remembered as one of the

         13                best and kindest waitresses at Glider

         14                Diner and whose son has led the Plot

         15                Neighborhood Association for many

         16                years.  Thank you.

         17                     MR. MCGOFF:  Anyone else?  Fourth

         18                order, Andy Sbaraglia.

         19                     MR. SBARAGLIA:  Andy Sbaraglia,

         20                citizen of Scranton.  Fellow

         21                Scrantonians, 5E, 7F, 7G, I guess

         22                they're all tied to the 500-block of

         23                Lackawanna Avenue.  Does anybody know

         24                why we have to fix the wall for the

         25                federal government?  Yes, they want to


          1                fix the wall behind the 500-block of

          2                Lackawanna Avenue when they put this

          3                mall in.  Okay.  They're asking for

          4                access in behind to the Department of

          5                Public -- No.  The federal -- well

          6                actually the federal -- our Steamtown

          7                Federal Park.  They're asking for

          8                access to get in there and, of course,

          9                I'm not getting into the cost of the

         10                exit because it's not worth

         11                mentioning.  Okay.  But these other

         12                things are.  Well, F isn't too bad.

         13                It's 42 thousand and fifty bucks.  But

         14                G, G poses a problem.  How much do you

         15                think that is going to cost us?  And

         16                you have to come to a conclusion when

         17                is enough enough.  Scranton is not in

         18                a position to give up money for this

         19                or that or whatever even though you're

         20                getting it from a lot of different

         21                places.  As you can see, the country

         22                is falling apart.  And the reason it's

         23                falling apart is because of all these

         24                deals -- what they call earmarks.

         25                Earmarks in some sense are good, but


          1                in a lot of sense, they're bad.  And

          2                when you're figuring on spending 29,

          3                30 or 31 million dollars for one block

          4                of Scranton, when you consider that

          5                all of the taxes for all of real

          6                estate throughout the whole city, it

          7                doesn't even come near that for about

          8                two and a half years, just the money

          9                you're putting in that block.  That's

         10                the equipment on the scale.  If the

         11                citizens of Scranton had that in a

         12                treasury, they wouldn't have to pay

         13                taxes, real estate tax, city real

         14                estate tax on their homes for about

         15                two and a half years.  Now, we come to

         16                the project.  Who is going to mostly

         17                benefit from this project?  The

         18                citizens of Scranton in about

         19                100 years, they would get their money

         20                back or maybe 200 years.  They're not

         21                going to benefit.  This was what is

         22                wrong with the city.  The Lackawanna

         23                Hilton is one of the greatest jokes

         24                that ever was perpetrated by the

         25                citizens of Scranton.  Not only did we


          1                lose millions on the deal, taxes were

          2                forgiven on it and pressed on, they

          3                got all kinds of tax brakes, plus they

          4                got a 100 and some free spaces that

          5                the people who are using the parking

          6                authority has to pay.  And money --

          7                how much money do you think we get

          8                from the Hilton?  It's not even worth

          9                mentioning.  Why is the city in

         10                financial problems?  That's the reason

         11                why.  When he runs, I won't say that,

         12                I don't want to get into politics

         13                here.  It's not worth it.  But the

         14                city is collapsing.  It's collapsing

         15                all around you.  Crime is up.  It's

         16                not safe to walk the streets anymore.

         17                You put more policemen on, but they

         18                can't cover the whole city.  You know,

         19                I've seen it -- that actually do that.

         20                But you've got all kinds of equipment.

         21                The cops are still buying their own

         22                cars.  We have much of our equipment

         23                that the city uses we're paying for.

         24                We don't even own them.  We just rent

         25                them.  All these things are done and


          1                still we've got a huge deficit.  Where

          2                are we going?  You have to look at

          3                that, especially if you want to stay

          4                here.  If you're planning to leave,

          5                fine, just do what you can for

          6                yourself and get out.  But a lot of us

          7                have family ties here for a long, long

          8                time.  We grew up here, we went to

          9                school here, we love our

         10                neighborhoods, we love our people, and

         11                we do love it.  There's many things

         12                that we could have done when we put

         13                out for grants.  This city was known

         14                as the All American City which is a

         15                heck of a lot better than Electric

         16                City.  It was also called the Friendly

         17                City which was a better name than

         18                Electric City.  This is what I mean.

         19                You're all into semantics, this is

         20                that, this is that, that is that.  But

         21                in the end we're going downhill, and I

         22                thank you.

         23                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Mr.

         24                Sbaraglia.

         25                     Ozzie Quinn.


          1                     MR. QUINN:  Thank you.  Ozzie

          2                Quinn, Taypayers Association.

          3                     Under agenda 5F-G-H, you know,

          4                it's the reappointment of five years

          5                of existing members of the Scranton

          6                Housing Authority board, and as you

          7                all know that this year the executive

          8                director fortunately was indicted by

          9                the United States Government for

         10                wrongfully using federal funds and

         11                also for jumping over people on the

         12                waiting list for his friends or

         13                whatever, okay.  Now, I'm on a board,

         14                you know, I should know what is going

         15                on, and until this really plays itself

         16                out in regards to what is going to

         17                happen allegedly with the executive

         18                director, I think that these board

         19                members should be held up until it's

         20                played out because of the fact that

         21                you don't know just what is going to

         22                happen down the line in regards to it,

         23                plus the embarrassment themselves,

         24                too.  I mean, the fact is that if

         25                you're on the board, and if one of


          1                them is a lawyer, you should know when

          2                all that money being spent, you know,

          3                what the financial status is of that

          4                authority, and I can't see how you can

          5                actually approve, you know, given,

          6                again, given them another five-year

          7                term.  It gave a black eye to the City

          8                of Scranton, hurt a lot of people,

          9                there's no doubt about it and it hurts

         10                the taxpayers.

         11                     Also, in regards to that 7C,

         12                again two years ago we had PEL here.

         13                They told us that if we didn't borrow

         14                the 44 million dollars, the future was

         15                grim, we would not be able to pay the

         16                tax anticipation notes, pension

         17                obligation, health insurance,

         18                salaries, you know, doomsday scenario

         19                according to Gerald Cross, best

         20                scenario, let them borrow that -- let

         21                the mayor borrow that 44 million

         22                dollars that he asked for.  Asking for

         23                44 million dollars, can you image

         24                that, without PEL says Scranton would

         25                have the best deficit in 2008 and


          1                15.5 million dollars.  Where does this

          2                PEL come from?  I mean, they're not

          3                even in the ball game here.  Are they

          4                still with -- do they still have a

          5                contract?  Of course, they do.  Of

          6                course it's a distressed city.  This

          7                is a sham that these people can come

          8                in here and Mr. Doherty brings them

          9                in, of course, the 44 million dollars

         10                and the executive director sat right

         11                there, the chairman of the board, not

         12                the executive director and she didn't

         13                mention one word during that

         14                44 million dollar thing.  And yet we

         15                want to approve the 6.1 million

         16                dollars tonight when they're saying 44

         17                million dollars two years ago.  I just

         18                don't understand it.

         19                     The other things I want to know

         20                is there possibly -- you have

         21                contracts for engineering for

         22                Lackawanna Avenue, two separate

         23                contracts.  What's the cost of those

         24                contracts individually.  Do you know?

         25                     MS. FANUCCI:  No, I don't know.


          1                     MR. QUINN:  It seems like we're

          2                spending an awful lot of money with

          3                regard to consultants and contracts on

          4                that Lackawanna Avenue, and I was just

          5                wondering because it is taxpayer's

          6                money, you know.  Let's not forget,

          7                even if it's federal, state or local

          8                money.  Just arguing in Congress about

          9                700 billion dollars.  It's taxpayers'

         10                money.  Let's not forget that, please,

         11                and let's not forget the fact that we

         12                can go without that borrowing, tighten

         13                our belts, cut the budget, cut the

         14                administration.  He's hired so many

         15                people, the mayor did, it's just got

         16                out of hand, so let's tighten the

         17                belts and forget about putting --

         18                strapping the taxpayer again with

         19                another loan, borrowing, borrowing,

         20                borrowing.  Thank you.

         21                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Mr.

         22                Quinn.  Faith Franus.

         23                     MS. FRANUS:  I know before I

         24                mention about borrowing but I'd like

         25                to ask Mr. McGoff, could somebody


          1                possible please answer me now the

          2                motions about if PNC can't loan that

          3                money because of the financial crisis,

          4                could the city go bankrupt.  I have no

          5                idea.  What would happen?

          6                     MS. FANUCCI:  I can answer that.

          7                I've answered that before.  The fact

          8                that we're a distressed city, if we do

          9                declare bankruptcy, all that is going

         10                to do is put it back into court.  The

         11                court order will be again have

         12                another, you know, entity like whose

         13                doing our recovery plan now, come back

         14                in, reevaluate the city and start from

         15                square one again.  Because we are

         16                distressed that is the problem.  If we

         17                do not get out of distress, bankruptcy

         18                will just bring us back in again.

         19                Send one of their team in to

         20                reevaluate.  It probably won't be PEL

         21                but it will someone else.  But they

         22                will have to reevaluate the city from

         23                square one, start over with

         24                everything, go through it, and we'll

         25                end up back where we are.  It's


          1                unfortunately we're in a vicious cycle

          2                even with bankruptcy.

          3                     MR. MCGOFF:  I think Mrs. Franus

          4                was asking not if the city went

          5                bankrupt but if PNC Bank --

          6                     MS. FRANUS:  If PNC didn't get

          7                involved, would we go bankrupt.

          8                     MS. FANUCCI:  Right.  Well, she's

          9                asking would we go bankrupt.  Well,

         10                bankrupt --

         11                     MR. MCGOFF:  I think she was

         12                asking what would happen --

         13                     MS. FRANUS:  Now I'm confused.

         14                But if PNC weren't able to give the

         15                city the money that you want to

         16                borrow, that's my question.  Would you

         17                be go bankrupt if something else

         18                happened?  Would you automatically go

         19                bankrupt, is that it?

         20                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         21                     MS. FANUCCI:  Well, we default on

         22                the loan.  That's defaulting the loan,

         23                right.

         24                     MS. EVANS:  But for each one of

         25                these issues including those obtained


          1                by the municipal authorities, the city

          2                has backed each of these by pledging

          3                its full faith and credit which means

          4                its taxing power.  And so I believe

          5                that any bank would state that all

          6                possibilities have not been depleted

          7                in that taxes could be raised within

          8                the city to make bill payments

          9                annually.

         10                     MS. FANUCCI:  Right.  And that's

         11                actually what could happen right now.

         12                If we default on this loan, this bank

         13                has the power to come to us and say,

         14                no, raise all your taxes, everybody

         15                gets taxed, I want my money, you raise

         16                your taxes.  So that is the

         17                predicament we are in at this moment.

         18                     MS. EVANS:  But only if no cuts

         19                are made --

         20                     MS. FANUCCI:  No.  Only in

         21                default, only in default.

         22                     MS. EVANS:  If, in fact, if you

         23                had money coming in from the Tax

         24                Office and as Mrs. Schumacher stated,

         25                as of August 9th I noticed that


          1                myself, there's certainly a surplus

          2                there and, in addition, the tax

          3                anticipation note is sitting there

          4                untouched.  And so there are many

          5                alternatives to raising taxes.  But

          6                what I am indicating now to you is for

          7                each one of these borrowings through

          8                the parking authority, the

          9                redevelopment authority, the sewer

         10                authority, all of those bond issues

         11                that were run directly for the city

         12                without the circumvention through the

         13                municipal authorities, the people of

         14                Scranton are ultimately responsible to

         15                pay that debt.  If the city fails on

         16                any account to pay any of the enormous

         17                debt that has been amassed, the power

         18                of taxation is what will be exercised.

         19                     MS. FRANUS:  Thank you very much.

         20                Now, this has nothing to do with

         21                anything, but I don't think this can

         22                happen.  But I don't know how you go

         23                about doing this.  I think it's

         24                impossible but it would be nice.

         25                There was a woman, McGuigan, I forget


          1                her first name.  I'm sorry I don't

          2                know it.  She had that thing at Penn

          3                Avenue about the bikes, you know,

          4                everybody --  free people -- by saying

          5                that use bikes instead of cars which I

          6                thought was wonderful.  Well, I've got

          7                a bike, I went around the block and I

          8                nearly ran the mailman over because I

          9                can't go on the road.  I mean, I wish

         10                -- my question is, could we, please,

         11                some day, please, get bike lanes.  I

         12                don't know how it works.  There's not

         13                enough room and you can't go on the

         14                street because you get hit with a car.

         15                There's no way at all you have room.

         16                Because when I drove down the city

         17                with a bike, it's very dangerous.  Why

         18                can't we get bike lanes?

         19                     MS. EVANS:  Well, I think you

         20                should be more worried right now about

         21                the conditions of the roads.

         22                     MS. FRANUS:  That's why I'm on

         23                the sidewalks.

         24                     MS. EVANS:  They all need to be

         25                paved and so you really could be


          1                taking your life in your hands

          2                venturing on into the street these

          3                days on a bicycle.

          4                     MS. FRANUS:  I said I went on a

          5                sidewalk but if there were bike lanes,

          6                I'd love it.

          7                     MR. MCGOFF:  I know in most

          8                places where you find bike lanes, it

          9                takes away parking.  You can't --

         10                     MS. FRANUS:  I know.  Why buy

         11                bikes if you can't ride it anywhere.

         12                     MR. MCGOFF:  I understand.  I'm

         13                just saying that you would have to

         14                give up parking in order to have bike

         15                lanes.

         16                     MS. FRANUS:  I was just hoping if

         17                they build a new road, maybe they

         18                would find room for a bike lane even

         19                in a new development someplace.  Thank

         20                you.

         21                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Mrs.

         22                Franus.  Marie Schumacher.

         23                     MS. SCHUMACHER:  Marie

         24                Schumacher, citizen and member of the

         25                taxpayer's organization.


          1                     Harken back, if you will, to

          2                March 6th, 2006.  It was the evening

          3                the ordinance authorizing the mayor to

          4                spend $577,000 of UDAG, Urban

          5                Development Action Grant loan

          6                repayments.  It was on the agenda for

          7                final passage.  Councilmen McTiernan

          8                asked if the ordinance was approved

          9                and there were worthy projects of

         10                this, do those loans and projects have

         11                to come before council for final

         12                approval.  Mrs. Gatelli answered,

         13                "Yes, they do."  Mr. Minora added,

         14                "They do."  Mr. McTiernan reiterated,

         15                "So there's none of this money will be

         16                spent without our approval down the

         17                road."  Mrs. Gatelli said, "No." And

         18                Mr. Minora said, "That's correct."

         19                Now I come from the school of fool me

         20                once, shame on me; fool me twice --

         21                fool me once, shame on you; fool me

         22                twice, shame on me.  We all know the

         23                mayor spent much of that UDAG money

         24                without the approval from council.

         25                     Now, I'm hearing that Chris


          1                Pisano has said he is paying for the

          2                timing change for the traffic signals

          3                on Moosic and Front Street.  Fine.

          4                That's the way it should be.  So I

          5                say, please table Item 7B until each

          6                council member has seen the signed

          7                agreement between Mr. Pisano and the

          8                city.  The project isn't completed --

          9                     MR. MCGOFF:  Mrs. Schumacher,

         10                it's already been tabled.

         11                     MS. FANUCCI:  We tabled it at the

         12                beginning of the meeting.

         13                     MS. SCHUMACHER:  But it's till

         14                applicable because what I'm asking for

         15                is that you have that agreement in

         16                writing before you pass that ordinance

         17                or even make it part of the ordinance

         18                that the Pisano brothers have to pay

         19                for those time changes, otherwise --

         20                did I mispronounce something?

         21                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  You said 7B.

         22                     MS. SCHUMACHER:  Pardon?

         23                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  I thought you

         24                said 7B.  You said 7D or B?  I thought

         25                you said B.  Do you need to retable?


          1                     MS. SCHUMACHER:  No.  This is D.

          2                The D with traffic signals.  I'm

          3                sorry.  I did say 7B and C.  I'm

          4                sorry.

          5                     But it shouldn't cause any harm

          6                and I say no written agreement on

          7                whose paying for this timing change,

          8                no ordinance.

          9                     Now, 7C, we've talked about the

         10                borrowing, I'm against it.  I think

         11                the surpluses are there to pay for it.

         12                It might mean tightening the belt a

         13                little tougher next year but so be it.

         14                It's time to start paying down the

         15                debt and getting physically frugal.

         16                     Now, let's move to OECD.  OECD

         17                would have been told it's one quarter

         18                in the final year of their three

         19                lease.  It would be nice if council

         20                passed a resolution prohibiting

         21                renewal of the Scranton Life Building

         22                lease and directing that relocation to

         23                City Hall next June.

         24                     I would also like to register a

         25                complaint on the manner in which the


          1                public hearing on OECD's fifth year

          2                action plan was scheduled.  The plan

          3                appeared on Friday, September the

          4                19th, and stated a public hearing to

          5                receive citizen comments on the

          6                proposed plan will be conducted by

          7                city council.  A public notice

          8                regarding the hearing will appear in

          9                the near future.  Well, I've been

         10                looking for that notice ever since,

         11                and I finally called the Clerk's

         12                Office today to find out it had

         13                already been held last Tuesday and the

         14                legal notice ran concurrent with this

         15                big article which, of course, was eye

         16                catching on the 19th.  So the large

         17                OECD ad was misleading and I can't

         18                help wonder if this wasn't intentional

         19                as an early notice for -- an earlier

         20                notice for a meeting relative to the

         21                fifth year action plan was buried in a

         22                special employment section.

         23                     Now, I read one of Mr. Burton's

         24                columns this week and learned the

         25                empty lot at the corner of Lackawanna


          1                County and Washington Avenue have been

          2                sold.  I will have more to say on this

          3                transaction at a later meeting,

          4                however, I did notice both this

          5                property and the Alexander Salon and

          6                Spa building were behind on their

          7                property taxes.  As of the August 22nd

          8                listing, the Alexander's building,

          9                431-435 Lackawanna Avenue owed 2006

         10                and 2007 taxes of fifteen hundred

         11                thousand, seven hundred, eighty-eight

         12                dollars and 17 cents.  May I continue?

         13                     MR. MCGOFF:  Please.

         14                     MS. SCHUMACHER:  Now, please tell

         15                me how Alexander's was able to get a

         16                quarter million dollar loan with such

         17                a large property tax bill outstanding.

         18                I'll save the rest for next week

         19                except I will respond to Mrs. Gatelli.

         20                     On the traffic light timing,

         21                yeah, I finally got a number for Mr.

         22                Swanson, the one that when you call

         23                DPW and it says dial "X" for

         24                engineering was incorrect and he has a

         25                cell phone that he prefers to receive


          1                his calls on, but you can't get into

          2                that unless you call back and ask

          3                specifically.  So hopefully that will

          4                get corrected.  But I would also like

          5                to point out on that loan, I think

          6                that's federal money that is coming

          7                through the state DOT, and that ADA,

          8                had engineering done what they were

          9                supposed to do, that project would

         10                have been completed before the new ADA

         11                regulations went into effect.  It was

         12                their lack of followup with the firm

         13                they hired.

         14                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you.

         15                     MS. SCHUMACHER:  Thank you.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  Prior to the next

         17                speaker, I would like to just make one

         18                comment.  In the public notices there

         19                is never any attempt to deceive

         20                anyone.  Mrs. Garvey places those

         21                notices when appropriate and without

         22                any direction or I shouldn't say

         23                without any direction, but she places

         24                them at an appropriate time and in a

         25                space where she can -- where she can


          1                find space if I'm not mistaken.

          2                     MS. SCHUMACHER:  It was OECD that

          3                was deceitful.  They --

          4                     MR. MCGOFF:  Well, I'm just

          5                saying that the notices for the public

          6                hearing are placed by Mrs. Garvey in

          7                an appropriate way.

          8                     MS. SCHUMACHER:  I understand

          9                that.

         10                     MS. GARVEY:  I would also like to

         11                comment on that for a minute or two

         12                and just state it was on the 19th I

         13                had talked to OECD about the timeline

         14                that they had for it and we need to

         15                have a public hearing on the 23rd so

         16                that they could comply with

         17                everything.  So I was in contact with

         18                Kevin Mitchell as of that time.  How

         19                their ads got placed with ours, I was

         20                not even aware that it would state in

         21                their ad about our public hearing, so

         22                I'm only responsible for what we can

         23                do.

         24                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you.  Mr.

         25                Dobson.


          1                     MR. DOBSON:  Good evening,

          2                council.  Dave Dobson, resident of

          3                Scranton and a member of the Taxpayers

          4                Association.  On 5B, C and D, perhaps

          5                somebody could explain that later,

          6                that apparently we do cell phones in

          7                businesses for the tax delinquencies

          8                within the city.  On 5E, F and G,

          9                maybe before we start finally pass, we

         10                might ask from law enforcement for a

         11                reference on these people to make sure

         12                that they're clean of any wrongdoings

         13                or any suspected wrongdoings.

         14                     And now on 7C, I would like to

         15                know why we couldn't potentially sue

         16                the Single Tax Office to release this

         17                money and not go after these loans,

         18                they're minimized at the very least.

         19                It seems to me that they've had enough

         20                time to sit on that money and if we

         21                got too much, we can pay a couple

         22                dollars back and if we got too little,

         23                well, we can have a party.  This

         24                borrowing has gone out of hand.  I'd

         25                like to hear some day just like World


          1                War I, the war to end all wars, well,

          2                a loan to end all loans.  That would

          3                be very nice.

          4                     On 7G, Ozzie did make mention of

          5                constantly hiring more and more

          6                consultants and engineers and so forth

          7                but this is in addition to one thing

          8                but hopefully at some point we'll stop

          9                spending huge sums of money on

         10                consultants and just get the job done.

         11                It's been a long time.

         12                     And I'd like to mention also on

         13                that project, last year four days

         14                before Christmas, we finally put up

         15                the fences and started the project.

         16                What did that do to the mall, it made

         17                it a pain in the neck to get into the

         18                Scranton mall, to the Steamtown Mall.

         19                This project sat on the burner for how

         20                long and all of a sudden our mall is

         21                beleaguered and it has all this

         22                competition and it is -- there are

         23                some advantages.  You don't have to

         24                walk through the weather.  You don't

         25                have to have a $150 VCR or something


          1                rained on carrying it across the lot.

          2                You can park down in the parking

          3                garage and it's actually a nice mall.

          4                So if they could do something with

          5                those fences and widen Lackawanna

          6                Avenue somewhere around before

          7                Christmas time, it would be just

          8                great, because the people see the half

          9                hour traffic jam, they're just going

         10                to go up to the Commerce Boulevard.

         11                That would be shame.  We should

         12                support our local business.  I try to

         13                at any rate.

         14                     And on 7H, I'd like to recommend

         15                that we pass this with flying colors.

         16                It's a good idea, and possibly if you

         17                need any references on that coal tax

         18                and so forth, you could refer to

         19                Bernie McGurl.  He's like a walking

         20                computer on the Lackawanna Valley

         21                River Corridor Association, and we

         22                really need the Brownfields and, who

         23                knows, maybe someday we'll come up

         24                with an industrial park that could

         25                start to attract businesses and get


          1                trucks in and out of the city without

          2                running half of us old ladies over or

          3                whatever.  Have a good night.

          4                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Mr.

          5                DOBSON.  Jim Stucker.

          6                     MR. STUCKER:  We need those cross

          7                lines right there on the corner where

          8                the smoke shop is across from the

          9                courthouse.  A guy in a wheelchair got

         10                hit two weeks ago.  I seen him got

         11                hit.  He was -- he was riding a

         12                wheelchair across the street and

         13                somebody ran into him -- with his

         14                wheelchair -- not like -- it was push

         15                type.

         16                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Okay, Joe.

         17                     MR. STUCKER:  And the one on

         18                Mulberry, too, somebody got hit there,

         19                some old lady got hit with a

         20                wheelchair.  That's why we need the

         21                crosswalks, the cross lines.

         22                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Crosswalks,

         23                yeah.

         24                     MR. STUCKER:  And we need a light

         25                right there where they have the army


          1                guys -- what do call that -- I can't

          2                think --

          3                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  The Veterans

          4                Center?

          5                     MR. STUCKER:  Yeah, across the

          6                street right at the corner there.

          7                There's a light -- that light has

          8                never been fixed, that light never got

          9                fixed.

         10                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  The traffic

         11                light, right, Jim.

         12                     MR. STUCKER:  Yeah.

         13                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  We'll tell them

         14                about it.

         15                     MR. STUCKER:  That's the only one

         16                I can think of.

         17                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Okay.

         18                     MR. STUCKER:  And we need to get

         19                our sewer things cleaned out, too,

         20                yeah.  What about Parrot Avenue?  Are

         21                they still going to do the holes up

         22                there --   they are getting bigger and

         23                bigger Pat told me, and I was up there

         24                the other day, that Saturday, there's

         25                a --


          1                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Jim, you've been

          2                asking us for four years and we've

          3                been asking them for three, four years

          4                but we're trying our best.  I don't

          5                know.  They didn't pave Parrot Avenue,

          6                did they?

          7                     MR. STUCKER:  No, they didn't

          8                pave Parrot Avenue.

          9                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  I didn't think

         10                so.  That's a little league right

         11                there.

         12                     MR. STUCKER:  Where the --

         13                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  All right.

         14                That's farther down.

         15                     MR. STUCKER:  All right.

         16                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Okay.

         17                     MR. STUCKER:  And I might be back

         18                in the hospital again.

         19                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Oh, what's

         20                wrong, Jim?

         21                     MR. STUCKER:  I have an operation

         22                on my arteries.

         23                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  I hope you're

         24                okay.

         25                     MR. STUCKER:  Yeah.  I got to go


          1                tomorrow.

          2                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Well, let's hope

          3                everything is all right.

          4                     MR. STUCKER:  Yeah.  Everybody is

          5                telling me about my scooter.

          6                Everybody is "Where is the scooter?"

          7                I said, "Courtright and Janet Evans

          8                got it."

          9                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  We're going to

         10                take it for a drive.

         11                     MR. STUCKER:  Everybody told me,

         12                you know, they have it.  They ride

         13                around the square over here.

         14                     MS. FANUCCI:  Tell him to get you

         15                one --

         16                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  That lady stole

         17                it from you, remember?  That woman

         18                stole it, remember?

         19                     MR. MCGOFF:  She didn't pay you.

         20                     MR. STUCKER:  We need more cops,

         21                too, more cops.

         22                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Jim.

         23                     MR. STUCKER:  Bye.  So long.

         24                     MR. MCGOFF:  Well, that's one way

         25                to go green is everyone to start


          1                riding scooters instead of cars.

          2                     MR. MCGOFF:  Any other speakers?

          3                Thanks, Jim.

          4                     MR LASKE:  Okay.  I came down

          5                because I heard you mentioning that

          6                you have a skunk problem in the city.

          7                Well, I am a licensed trapper.  Now,

          8                the City of Scranton had a lot of

          9                traps.  I don't know if they still

         10                have them.  I called down to DPW, I

         11                spoke to a person.  She was supposed

         12                to get to me.  She never got back to

         13                me.

         14                     Now, what I'm saying is, I don't

         15                mind trapping skunk but I'm not going

         16                to do it on a volunteer basis because

         17                with the price of gas, you've got to

         18                grab them out of the area, everything

         19                costs me.  So if you people want to

         20                hire me or tell Mr. Doherty to hire

         21                me, I'm in the phone book.  Thank you.

         22                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Mr.

         23                Laske.

         24                     MR. LASKE:  I can take them over

         25                to South Side and drop them by Judy's


          1                house.

          2                     MS. GATELLI:  We have enough over

          3                there.

          4                     MR. LASKE:  Oh, well, I'm trying

          5                to be helpful, Judy.  They like to be

          6                petted if you get them when they're

          7                young.

          8                     MR. UNGVARSKY:  Good evening,

          9                city council.  I'm John Ungvarsky and

         10                I'm also a member of the Scranton and

         11                Lackawanna County taxpayers'

         12                Association.  Three weeks ago I went

         13                online to look up city council's

         14                agenda and I saw where we're

         15                refinancing a loan.  Now, I couldn't

         16                understand too much of what was there,

         17                but I do understand the old system of

         18                math and I know that if you have a

         19                loan for 5.5, and you're refinancing

         20                it for 6.1, that's an increase of

         21                $600,000.  That's $200,000 a year

         22                according to the old map system.  So I

         23                would call that a loan.  We have to

         24                pay back an additional four million

         25                dollars on it, and there's no way you


          1                can say it's refinancing when it's

          2                really a loan.

          3                     Mrs. Gatelli, a couple of weeks

          4                ago you asked about people covering

          5                the school board.  Well, at that --

          6                     MS. GATELLI:  That's Mrs.

          7                Fanucci.

          8                     MR. UNGVARSKY:  I thought you

          9                said something that --

         10                     MS. GATELLI:  No.  Mrs. Fanucci

         11                did.  Excuse me, Mrs. Fanucci asked

         12                that question.

         13                     MS. FANUCCI:  It was me.

         14                     MR. UNGVARSKY:  All right.  Mrs.

         15                Fanucci.  It was on a Tuesday night

         16                and we had two people covering that

         17                meeting as most weeks we have people

         18                here, we also have people covering the

         19                county and we cover the Bureau of

         20                Recreation.  So we are not just coming

         21                here.  We are covering --

         22                     MS. FANUCCI:  I just want to tell

         23                you, I'm sure you're not understanding

         24                what I mean.  I didn't mean about

         25                covering and sitting there.  I meant


          1                that nobody spoke about that money,

          2                you know, that taxes were being

          3                raised.

          4                     MR. UNGVARSKY:  We cover all

          5                these meetings and we try to inform

          6                the people of what is going on.

          7                     MS. FANUCCI:  But you didn't mind

          8                the raising of the taxes.

          9                     MR. UNGVARSKY:  About a year ago

         10                a company by the name of Secoast was

         11                given a grant of $270,000 by the state

         12                and $70,000 by the city.  Six months

         13                ago I asked what their position was

         14                and they didn't get a reply.  Three

         15                months ago I asked what their position

         16                was and I didn't get a reply.  Now I'm

         17                not even interested, because I don't

         18                believe they're coming.  But what I am

         19                interested in is the $70,000 that was

         20                allocated to them by the city, do we

         21                have that in a special fund or has

         22                that been spent or is it in a bank

         23                somewhere collecting interest?  Can

         24                someone tell me that?

         25                     MR. MCGOFF:  I don't know that


          1                anyone has an answer for you at this

          2                time but --

          3                     MR. UNGVARSKY:  I mean,

          4                $70,000 -- I mean that's --

          5                     MR. MCGOFF:  Mr. Ungvarsky, I

          6                will look into it and find out for

          7                you.

          8                     MR. UNGVARSKY:  I would

          9                appreciate that.

         10                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you.  Yes, I

         11                will.

         12                     MR. UNGVARSKY:  Although I

         13                inquired twice about it and I never

         14                got an answer.  Thank you.

         15                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Mr.

         16                Ungvarsky.

         17                     MR. MCGOFF:  Anyone else?

         18                     MS. HUBBARD:  Good evening,

         19                council.  Liz Hubbard, Scranton

         20                resident.  I missed the very beginning

         21                of the meeting.  Judy, would you

         22                please restate what you said about the

         23                skunks?

         24                     MS. GATELLI:  I said that I spoke

         25                with the mayor and he agreed that we


          1                would appropriate $10,000 out of

          2                demolition money that's going to

          3                licensing and inspection, and I'm

          4                working with Kenny Smith, I told you

          5                last week, with the man that they use

          6                to trap skunks.  Now that I noticed

          7                Mr. Laske does them, maybe we can talk

          8                to him about it.  But we are going to

          9                do a program.

         10                     MS. HUBBARD:  When will that be

         11                because pretty soon they're going to

         12                be hibernating.  Can't we do it in the

         13                spring?

         14                     MS. GATELLI:  I hope so.  I mean,

         15                maybe we can use old money until the

         16                new money -- block grant money comes.

         17                     MS. HUBBARD:  Well, how much is

         18                left out of that $177,000?

         19                     MS. GATELLI:  That's UDAG.  I'm

         20                talking about the regular block grant.

         21                But we can investigate the UDAG, too.

         22                We can.

         23                     MS. HUBBARD:  Yeah --

         24                     MS. GATELLI:  But I wanted to

         25                make sure that we appropriate


          1                something so that the program could be

          2                started.

          3                     MR. HUBBARD:  Okay.  Maybe we can

          4                get some money for a flood siren, too,

          5                out of some of this money.  But like I

          6                said, I'm sorry, I wasn't here for the

          7                beginning and I didn't hear what you

          8                said.  And how much are they going

          9                to --

         10                     MS. GATELLI:  I said we could

         11                start with $10,000.  We can always

         12                fund it if it runs out.

         13                     MS. HUBBARD:  Well, I think it's

         14                going to cost you more than a dollar a

         15                skunk because I think there's probably

         16                a 1,000 of skunks in the city.  I

         17                mean, I'm sure they're everywhere and

         18                they're still out there.  Pretty soon

         19                -- I'm not sure when they go into

         20                hibernation but they will certainly do

         21                that.  It would be nice to be able to

         22                find the nests and try to eradicate

         23                them but we'll see.  Thanks anyway.

         24                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Mrs.

         25                Hubbard.


          1                     MS. GATELLI:  Hi, Chris.

          2                     MR. SLEDENZSKI:  Hi, Judge.

          3                     MR. GATELLI:  I'm crying.  We

          4                lost the bell.

          5                     MR. SLEDENZSKI:  Where did it go?

          6                Judy, where did it go?  Once again --

          7                I'm proud of you now, I really am.

          8                Thank you.

          9                     MS. GATELLI:  Thanks, Chris, so

         10                much.

         11                     MR. JACOWITZ:  Good evening, city

         12                council, Bill Jacowitz, South Scranton

         13                resident.

         14                     Again, I don't want to change

         15                anybody's mind.  I know the votes are

         16                three to two for the borrowing or the

         17                refinancing or whatever you want to

         18                call it.  Again all you decided.  If

         19                you want to call it and save Scranton

         20                6.7 percent and rising and it will be

         21                seven percent in my opinion by the end

         22                of the year.  Again, the citizens of

         23                the taxpayers of United States and

         24                which Scranton is part of United

         25                States, we're bailing everybody out.


          1                We've bailed out Fannie Mac, we bailed

          2                out Enron, we bailed out Freddie, we

          3                bailed AIG Insurance, we're bailing

          4                out Wall Street.  Now we're being

          5                asked to bail out Christopher Doherty.

          6                And, you know, we bailed him out three

          7                years ago.  We had a banker who came

          8                to this meeting every week prior to

          9                the election, the last election and

         10                told us how important it was for us to

         11                borrow the money.  He came every

         12                single week and guess what happened,

         13                here we are three years later, now we

         14                have to borrow more money for this

         15                money that we borrowed three years ago

         16                that this banker told us don't worry

         17                about it.

         18                     Last week Councilwoman Gatelli

         19                said she spoke with bankers, she spoke

         20                with accountants, she spoke with

         21                financial experts.  Well, guess who

         22                got the country in the mess that

         23                they're in right now, the bankers, the

         24                financial experts, the people who have

         25                all those letters after their names.


          1                They are the ones who continually

          2                borrow and gave away the money and

          3                gave away the money and gave away the

          4                money now.  Now, the citizens of the

          5                United States have to bail them out

          6                for 700 million dollars or possibly a

          7                trillion dollars.  It's called Wall

          8                Street, bankers, accountants, experts,

          9                financial experts.  They're the ones

         10                who buried this country.  The same

         11                thing happened in the City of

         12                Scranton.  It's borrowing.  If you're

         13                paying back more money than you have

         14                to or than you're paying back

         15                presently, that's called borrowing.

         16                If you want to call it refinancing, go

         17                right ahead, you call it anything you

         18                want.  But the bottom line is the

         19                citizens have to pay for it.  We're

         20                paying for the 500-block of Lackawanna

         21                Avenue.  I saw in the paper where it

         22                said that Mr. Rinaldi paid 14 million

         23                dollars according to the numbers.  The

         24                federal and state, 13.5, the city

         25                500,000, Mr. Rinaldi paid the rest.


          1                I'm asking you, please, during

          2                motions, was that his personal money

          3                or was that the grant money that he

          4                was given?  If it was the grant money

          5                which he thanks Mayor Doherty for in

          6                that same article, then that is not

          7                his personal money.  That is public

          8                money.  That is taxpayers' money.

          9                We're all taxpayers.  I hope the five

         10                of you up there are paying taxes.  I

         11                don't know if you are or if you are

         12                not.  I am paying taxes and I am sick

         13                and tired of bailing everybody out.

         14                I'm sick and tired and listening to

         15                financial experts telling me borrow

         16                the money, borrow the money.  Of

         17                course, they're going to tell you

         18                that, Councilwoman Gatelli because

         19                they get a commission.  They're going

         20                to make money off our city borrowing

         21                money from there.  That's the reason

         22                why they're going to tell you that.

         23                That's the reason why they go to

         24                Congress and they go to senate and

         25                they go to every courthouse, they go


          1                to Harrisburg, borrow, borrow, borrow.

          2                Well, guess what, if you don't have

          3                the money to pay it back, sooner or

          4                later it's going to catch up with you.

          5                     And, you know, Mrs. Fanucci, you

          6                did an excellent job of not answering

          7                the question that Faith Franus asked.

          8                You spun it perfectly.  You were

          9                prepared.  The question that she asked

         10                was, "What if PNC went bankrupt?"  Not

         11                what the city was going to do.  So you

         12                answered it perfectly, Fanucci, you we

         13                were planned, you were planned.  The

         14                spin was perfect.  Just like the

         15                police officers and the firemen are

         16                responsible for a triple B bond

         17                rating.  The Triple B bond rating --

         18                     MR. MCGOFF:  Mr. Jacowitz?

         19                     MR. JACOWITZ:  Yes, Mr.

         20                President.

         21                     MR. MCGOFF:  We asked Mrs. Franus

         22                for a clarification of the question

         23                and Mrs. Fanucci asked for the

         24                clarification --

         25                     MR. JACOWITZ:  After she had been


          1                gone to give us a two-minute response

          2                for something that wasn't even asked.

          3                     MS. FANUCCI:  That was very

          4                correct.  Listen.

          5                     MR. JACOWITZ:  Watch the tape.

          6                     MS. FANUCCI:  A lot of the

          7                problem is you don't listen.

          8                     MR. JACOWITZ:  Watch the tape.

          9                I'm not perfect like you are like you

         10                told us last week.  You've never been

         11                wrong.  That's why we don't have any

         12                empty store fronts in the City of

         13                Scranton, do we?  But, anyway, I

         14                didn't come here to argue with you.  I

         15                didn't come here to argue, I really

         16                didn't.

         17                     MS. FANUCCI:  What else did you

         18                come here for?

         19                     MR. JACOWITZ:  Maybe getting a

         20                vote for once instead a vote for Mayor

         21                Chris Doherty.  It's really funny,

         22                Councilwoman Fanucci.

         23                     MS. FANUCCI:  It is very funny.

         24                     MR. MCGOFF:  All right.  Thank

         25                you.


          1                     Mrs. Evans.

          2                     MS. EVANS:  Good evening.  First,

          3                in response to a citizen's request

          4                made earlier this evening, I move to

          5                draft legislation to return the Office

          6                of Economic and Community Development

          7                to City Hall at the time of renewal

          8                and/or termination of their current

          9                lease.

         10                     MS. GATELLI:  I'll second that.

         11                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question.

         12                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Can she repeat?

         13                I didn't hear the first part.  I'm

         14                sorry.

         15                     MS. EVANS:  I move to draft

         16                legislation to return the Office of

         17                Economic and Community Development to

         18                City Hall at the time renewal and/or

         19                termination of their current lease.

         20                     MR. MCGOFF:  And it was seconded.

         21                On the question.

         22                     MS. GATELLI:  I can only say on

         23                the question, when I was here in City

         24                Hall working with Mike Washo, we set

         25                up a plan with HUD and measured square


          1                footage of the office space that we

          2                took up in City Hall, and we did pay

          3                the city per square foot the going

          4                rate in rent, and I do believe that

          5                that will help the city.  I believe

          6                that OECD does belong in City Hall

          7                where everyone would have access.

          8                     It is very inconvenient to go to

          9                the Scranton Life Building.  I know

         10                because I attended some SRA meetings

         11                over there and it's hard to get up to

         12                the 8th floor, I think.  That's where

         13                it's located.  And the meeting room is

         14                very cramped with not much room for

         15                any visitors when they have a meeting.

         16                So I do believe that they belong in

         17                City Hall and that the city certainly

         18                can use the rent.  So that is why I'm

         19                approving the motion.

         20                     MS. EVANS:  In the past, I know,

         21                city council members had wished for

         22                the relocation of OECD to City Hall

         23                but it was hampered by the leases

         24                entered into by OECD and those leases

         25                basically -- or rather the lease was


          1                renewed without the knowledge or

          2                consent of city council.  However, I

          3                have reviewed the lease, oh, probably

          4                a year ago and that would be my most

          5                recent review of it.  But the renewal

          6                of the original lease included a rent

          7                increase, a monthly rent increase for

          8                OECD.  So I believe it will be very

          9                cost effective and far more efficient

         10                to relocate this integral part of

         11                government right into City Hall.

         12                     MR. MCGOFF:  What specifically

         13                will your motion do?  I guess I'm a

         14                little confused at this point in time.

         15                Will it -- I know you said to draft

         16                legislation.  That legislation would

         17                then come before us again to --

         18                     MS. EVANS:  I'm making a motion

         19                to draft legislation so the

         20                legislation will come before council.

         21                I do know at this time but it was just

         22                mentioned just tonight whether it

         23                would require a resolution or an

         24                ordinance or whatever would be

         25                appropriate.  That can come before


          1                city council for a vote well in

          2                advance of their renewal date so the

          3                office can be prepared to relocate

          4                here.

          5                     MR. MCGOFF:  I understand that.

          6                I guess what my hesitation would be,

          7                I'd be willing to vote for the motion

          8                to draft the legislation.  And in the

          9                meantime, I think what we would need

         10                to do is once again to look into the

         11                feasibility of moving OECD, move to

         12                this building where if it's possible

         13                and just do it again as Mrs. Gatelli

         14                indicated may be a bit of a

         15                feasibility study for office space and

         16                then that could -- in the meantime

         17                legislation could be drafted and then

         18                we could vote on it appropriately.

         19                     Anyone else on the question?

         20                     All those in favor signify by

         21                saying aye.

         22                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.

         23                     MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.

         24                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         25                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.


          1                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The

          2                ayes have it and so moved.

          3                     MS. EVANS:  I only have three

          4                issues tonight.  First is the TV.  The

          5                caucus with Mr. Darcey and Mr.

          6                Migliore was cancelled and will be

          7                rescheduled hopefully next Tuesday at

          8                5:45 p.m.  I believe that this caucus

          9                should be conducted in Council

         10                Chambers and televised.  Great

         11                controversy has surrounded the funding

         12                of this channel operator for the last

         13                several months.  The latest issue once

         14                again involves a $10,000 which was

         15                funneled through the East Scranton

         16                Business Association to ECTV by the

         17                mayor.  The mayor, himself, stated

         18                that the money was urgently needed for

         19                blight elimination in basement of 933

         20                Prescott Avenue where the ECTV is

         21                located.  However, on September 24th

         22                the Scranton Times reported that the

         23                money was mostly spent on a digital

         24                server for TV signals.  Because there

         25                is a pressing need for a public


          1                discussion of these and other matters

          2                related to ECTV, with my colleagues

          3                agreement, I request that Mayor

          4                Doherty attend this caucus as well.

          5                Do you agree?

          6                     MS. GATELLI:  Why not.

          7                     MS. EVANS:  Now, Kay, can we send

          8                the mayor a letter tomorrow requesting

          9                his attendance at this public caucus

         10                next Tuesday at 5:45 p.m.

         11                     Second, at last week's meeting I

         12                requested an explanation for a

         13                $300,000 CDBG allocation proceeds for

         14                downtown sidewalks.  I wish to know

         15                the locations and owners of these

         16                downtown sidewalks.  Mr. DeAngelo of

         17                the OCD Community Planning Director,

         18                since responded that the funds were

         19                not approved yet.  Thus, no

         20                determination of the streets had been

         21                made.  I, therefore, find this

         22                allocation inappropriate and

         23                unacceptable, and I recommended that

         24                this $300,000 be allocated to street

         25                pavement before the final vote on the


          1                2009 CDBG allocations.  In a

          2                compromise with my colleagues tonight,

          3                I agree to an additional $200,000 for

          4                paving and $100,000 for downtown

          5                sidewalks.  I'm making this

          6                recommendation in addition to other

          7                cuts and subsequent increased funding

          8                that Mrs. Gatelli and I developed and

          9                recommended the last week, one of

         10                which was to increase neighborhood

         11                police patrol funding to its maximum

         12                limit.

         13                     Third, the 2008 borrowing arises

         14                at its final vote this evening.  I've

         15                spoken against this borrowing during

         16                council's two meetings.  I have

         17                explained the financial background and

         18                current terms of the new agreement.

         19                Mr. Doherty made no effort to cut the

         20                fat from a morbidly obese

         21                administration in operating budget for

         22                the past seven years.  Rather, he

         23                continued to feed his insatiable

         24                pay-to-play appetite and loosed his

         25                belt to the very last notch.


          1                     Also I find it utterly incredible

          2                that in the current economic crises

          3                and volatile condition of the stock

          4                and bond market, PNC Bank would extend

          5                yet another financial agreement to

          6                this mayor based on a vision of the

          7                future.

          8                     Finally, I have a few citizens'

          9                requests for the week.  A letter to

         10                Mr. Oleski and Mr. Seitzinger, was the

         11                demolition program in West Scranton

         12                fully and successfully completed

         13                during the Summer of 2008?  Please

         14                provide city council with a written

         15                update of the properties that have

         16                been demolished and those that have

         17                not on/or before October 20th, 2008.

         18                     Attorney Minora has made progress

         19                on the council resolution in support

         20                of House Bill 1768, and I understand

         21                that it will be included on next

         22                week's agenda.

         23                     Also, I would ask Attorney Minora

         24                what is your progress on an ordinance

         25                to change the zoning at the area of


          1                Daron Northeast.

          2                     MR. MINORA:  My concern with that

          3                is it may be considered spot zoning

          4                when you take one piece of property

          5                and try and rezone it.  It can be

          6                considered regulatory taking which

          7                would trigger compensation under the

          8                Eminent Domain Act.  So I've got a

          9                real concern about that and it may be

         10                something we would like to talk about

         11                in caucus because there's alternatives

         12                in doing that that don't expose the

         13                city to liability under the Eminent

         14                Domain Act.

         15                     MS. EVANS:  I'm certainly open to

         16                discussion.  My concern is that I

         17                understand they're in the moving

         18                process and that relocation is dated

         19                for completion in December, and as I

         20                stated last week, we were advised by

         21                DEP to change the zoning in that area

         22                before any other business of that

         23                particular toxic nature would be able

         24                to purchase and locate themselves

         25                50 feet from a residence home.


          1                     MR. MINORA:  Yeah.  You know,

          2                I've sat here through the issues.  I

          3                understand the issue.  What you've

          4                asked me with is another concern and

          5                that's what I was looking at, I think,

          6                rather talk and caucus about some of

          7                the alternatives.

          8                     MS. EVANS:  That's fine.  And as

          9                I said, I'm open to discussion.  I

         10                just want to insure that there will be

         11                firm movement as soon as possible in

         12                order to protect the residents of that

         13                neighborhood.

         14                     MR. MINORA:  Is there someone

         15                prepared to go in there after Daron

         16                vacates?

         17                     MS. EVANS:  Not to my knowledge.

         18                     MR. MINORA:  I thought maybe I'm

         19                missing something.  Okay.  Thank you.

         20                     MS. EVANS:  Thank you.  Also 1543

         21                Von Storch Avenue, the property is

         22                condemned and vandals are stripping

         23                the aluminium from the house.  Two

         24                weeks ago the house was broken into

         25                through a window in the rear.  The


          1                open window continues to provide

          2                access to this condemned structure.

          3                The neighbors report it's a safety

          4                hazard and requests that Mr. Oleski

          5                arrange to board up this window as

          6                soon as possible.

          7                     Also please pave Cooper Avenue.

          8                I've requested this on behalf of

          9                residents for four years, and I'm

         10                certainly hoping that this may be the

         11                lucky year, particularly since we were

         12                able to increase the allocation for

         13                street paving and still minimal in my

         14                opinion, we need millions to pave

         15                streets but hopefully streets that

         16                haven't been addressed in four years

         17                are going to see some tar.

         18                     Anyway, there's one more.  If we

         19                could send a memo, Kay, please, to

         20                Robert Rossi and Sons.  What is the

         21                date that the exit conference for the

         22                2007 audit will be conducted?  My

         23                concern is that this audit is taking

         24                as much time as the 2006 audit which

         25                was delayed by the selection of an


          1                independent auditor by city council

          2                and so I would want to know from Mr.

          3                Rossi or his representatives

          4                specifically who is responsible for

          5                this delay.  And that's it.

          6                     MS. GARVEY:  Mrs. Evans, the last

          7                time I spoke to Mr. Shawn Rossi, he

          8                was in to give some information to me.

          9                He was waiting at that time for the

         10                Scranton Parking Authority's audit to

         11                be completed before he can go any

         12                further.  So at that time he had no

         13                clue as to when they would be able to

         14                set up an exit conference.  That was

         15                just about a week ago I spoke with

         16                him.

         17                     MS. EVANS:  Okay.  Thank you very

         18                much for that update.  Maybe you could

         19                indicate in the memo that it would be

         20                much appreciated if he would contact

         21                you as soon as that date has been

         22                scheduled.

         23                     MS. GARVEY:  Okay.

         24                     MS. EVANS:  Thank you.

         25                     MS. GATELLI:  I would first like


          1                to thank Mr. Matthews from DPW for

          2                boarding up a property at 1220 Rock

          3                Street across from West Scranton High

          4                School.  It was opened and it was

          5                condemned and students were going in

          6                and out of there, and I wanted to

          7                thank him publicly for doing that in

          8                such an expeditious manner.

          9                     Someone talked tonight about -- I

         10                think it was Alexander's that we had

         11                given a loan to, and I would like to

         12                update our list, Mrs. Garvey, if you

         13                could send OECD a letter and have them

         14                send us a list of anyone who is

         15                delinquent on their loan payments.  I

         16                know they talked about taxes, but I

         17                want to know if these businesses are

         18                doing good on their loans.  The last

         19                time we got them, the only one was

         20                Whistles and, please, ask for the

         21                status of the Whistles loan payments.

         22                     MS. EVANS:  I can say to my

         23                knowledge but this, of course, would

         24                have been a few months ago that that

         25                particular loan was in very good


          1                shape.

          2                     MS. GATELLI:  Oh, good.  That's

          3                good news.

          4                     The next thing is I had sent a

          5                letter sometime ago to Mike Wallace

          6                asking him to notify city council when

          7                zoning matters were appealed to court.

          8                They, indeed, sent them to us, but I

          9                would ask that we please tell Mr.

         10                Wallace that when he states the

         11                applicant's name that is appealing,

         12                that he also put a description of the

         13                zoning variance, because I have two of

         14                them here for this month from

         15                August 13th, and it says DR Realty and

         16                GAR, and I don't know what issues they

         17                involved.  So if he can include what

         18                they were here representing, it would

         19                help us.  Also, if he could notify at

         20                least council members when the appeal

         21                hearing is to be held, the date and

         22                time it is to be heard in court,

         23                because many of these people want to

         24                go to those hearings and they're never

         25                notified of the date.  So if we can


          1                get that from Mr. Wallace, I would

          2                appreciate that.

          3                     1101 Cedar Avenue, someone called

          4                the office to state that the property

          5                was opened.  I have called the

          6                realtor, and he is going to inspect

          7                the property and make sure that it is

          8                not accessible.  He did have someone

          9                looking at the property, and he was

         10                going to keep me informed of the

         11                progress.  It is a very unsightly

         12                building on a main street and near a

         13                school and we're very concerned about

         14                that.

         15                     There's also another property at

         16                521 Maple that I'm getting some

         17                complaints on.  I did go by and it is

         18                condemned and boarded up, but I will

         19                try to get an answer on that.  And

         20                that's all I have.  Thank you.

         21                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Mrs.

         22                Gatelli.  Mrs. Fanucci.

         23                     MS. FANUCCI:  I have two things

         24                tonight, maybe three.  Last week I

         25                spoke to you about going green and I


          1                did get tons of e-mails and I want to

          2                thank everyone for all the e-mails and

          3                all the input that people have about

          4                this.  I believe that we are on a very

          5                good track here, and one of the

          6                wonderful ideas was to talk about --

          7                to send a letter -- I would like to

          8                make this motion -- I want to send a

          9                letter to DPW about recycling

         10                cardboard and that.  I mean, how would

         11                we go about that, what we would do, if

         12                refuse would actually help us increase

         13                some revenue which I believe that we

         14                can do that in that department.  Do we

         15                need special containers, special

         16                trucks?  How would we go about that?

         17                How fast can we implement?  So if we

         18                can send them a letter out, I will

         19                also make some phone calls on this,

         20                and I just want to see if I have the

         21                support of my council on that.

         22                     MS. GATELLI:  Yes.

         23                     MS. EVANS:  Yes.

         24                     MS. FANUCCI:  Thank you.  Also I

         25                want to speak on the Scranton Housing


          1                appointments and the investigation.

          2                The investigation was already in

          3                existence -- actually before even the

          4                last administration.  But you cannot

          5                blame the board members.  It would

          6                be -- you know, Ozzie, you had your

          7                taxpayers' association but if someone

          8                there who is actually not paying their

          9                taxes -- I'm not saying they're not.

         10                I'm saying that someone there, you

         11                would not be held responsible for

         12                that.  You know, that is not your job

         13                as a leader.  So I think that would be

         14                the same thing.  I think as a holding

         15                board member and almost in contempt of

         16                not knowing would be good idea not to

         17                reappointment because it's something

         18                that was going on actually, you know,

         19                in a long period of time.  So that's

         20                my feeling on that.

         21                     I also want to make statements

         22                and, Mr. Jacowitz, you got me good

         23                tonight.  You knew I was going to say

         24                something.  The recovery plan, I never

         25                stated that the fire and police were


          1                to blame.  What I said was they were

          2                part of the reason for the recovery

          3                plan.  What they were doing --

          4                demanding the insurance -- everything

          5                was part of the recovery plan.  This

          6                is not anything new.  This is fact.

          7                I'm not blaming anyone.  Quite frankly

          8                it takes two to tango.  I'm very aware

          9                of that.  And if I'm going to blame

         10                anyone, it will be both sides, because

         11                as sitting up here as we've stated on

         12                numerous cases, we want them to come

         13                to an agreement.  Sit down, come to an

         14                agreement.  That's the only way to

         15                move forward.  And I am sorry that for

         16                some reason you're not understanding

         17                that.  Sometimes when you state facts,

         18                you don't have to like them.  I don't

         19                have to like them.  Most of the time I

         20                don't like facts to be honest with

         21                you.  But that is not what I stated.

         22                I certainly wasn't blaming the fire

         23                and police or anything.

         24                     Also I just want to state that

         25                you and I have to start to very much


          1                agree to disagree because that is

          2                something that has been going on here

          3                and probably will continue.  And I

          4                have to say at the end of the day,

          5                your sarcasm will always, always make

          6                me laugh.  And that's all I have.

          7                Thank you.

          8                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you, Mrs.

          9                Fanucci.

         10                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  I lost my train

         11                of thought after that.  Give me a

         12                second.

         13                     MS. FANUCCI:  I'm sorry.

         14                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  I wanted to talk

         15                about ECTV.  You know, I think it's an

         16                important issue, and every so often an

         17                issue will come up that that's what

         18                you called about the most, so most

         19                recently this is one of the biggest

         20                things that I've been getting calls

         21                about.  I thought it was so important,

         22                I actually made arrangements to take

         23                off work today so that I could be here

         24                for the caucus.  I didn't want to miss

         25                the caucus and that didn't happen so I


          1                have to make arrangements next week so

          2                I can be here.  I think it's important

          3                not just to the City of Scranton but

          4                to the residents of Lackawanna County.

          5                The county does, you know, pitch in

          6                financially to help out.  I'm

          7                disappointed the way things went.  You

          8                know, the mayor appointed a board to

          9                pick someone to run Channel 61, and

         10                that board chose ECTV which was their

         11                right to do.  But I believe they chose

         12                them after Mr. Balton came in and

         13                presented a plan.  They get the

         14                agreement, Mr. Balton leaves, and I

         15                still don't know to this day why he

         16                left.  But I don't think they followed

         17                through on what they said they were

         18                going to do.  Whose fault it is, I

         19                don't know.  But we're once down the

         20                road here, and we're not any better.

         21                Mr. Darcy has taken over, I've never

         22                met him.  I don't know what his skills

         23                are or qualification are as far as

         24                running the TV station.  I know Mr.

         25                Migliore, you know, worked for Channel


          1                61 or Scranton Today when they were

          2                running Channel 61.  But my thought is

          3                this.  If Mr. Darcey comes in next

          4                week and Mr. Minora and we have

          5                questions to be asked and answered,

          6                and they don't answer satisfactorily

          7                as far as when we're going to be able

          8                to be up and running the way they said

          9                they were going to be up and running

         10                when they originally gave their plan

         11                to this panel that chose them and I

         12                think at that time, we should just

         13                turn it back to Scranton Today

         14                temporarily.  I'm not saying taking it

         15                away from them.  I'm saying

         16                temporarily until what time they could

         17                be up and running the way they're

         18                supposed be.  Because I'm telling you,

         19                people aren't happy with the way

         20                things are going, not just Scranton,

         21                in Lackawanna County.  And if, in

         22                fact, it's a week, it's two weeks, a

         23                month, you know, that they're up and

         24                running, then certainly, you know,

         25                they have the -- Scranton Today would


          1                have to forfeit it back over to them.

          2                But what is going on now isn't

          3                satisfactory to anybody.  I'm going to

          4                ask them when they come next week,

          5                that they do play council more than

          6                what they do -- And here's what I'm

          7                going -- more than one person told me

          8                this.  They work -- two people

          9                actually told me they work from seven

         10                to 3:30 so they missed two of the

         11                times that its aired.  If they happen

         12                to miss the time at 6:30 when it's

         13                aired, then they don't get to see it.

         14                I had a guy yell out the window to me,

         15                I was on Main Avenue, he said, "When

         16                are going to go back on TV?"  I said,

         17                "Well, we're back on TV."  All right.

         18                But they're not seeing it.  So that's

         19                just my thought.  Maybe they'll come

         20                next week and we'll have all the

         21                answers, and we'll all be happy.  But

         22                if they're not, I think we need to do

         23                something.  Moving on.

         24                     You know, Mrs. Gatelli spoke last

         25                week about when we were talking about


          1                the loan or the borrowing or

          2                refinancing, whatever name you want to

          3                give it, that the Tax Office

          4                didn't -- I'm trying to be nice --

          5                proceed ahead with the audit as

          6                expeditiously as they should have.

          7                And if they had, then possibly we

          8                would be getting the money or when we

          9                most certainly needed it and then that

         10                might have changed the way she should

         11                be voting.  So it got me thinking.

         12                And I spoke to two different

         13                individuals that are in the financial

         14                word.  I know Mr. Jacowitz was just

         15                stating that he doesn't care for those

         16                people.  But anyway, I spoke to two

         17                different individuals in the financial

         18                world that deal in taxes on a daily

         19                basis, and I asked him a question, I

         20                asked him out of this 12 million

         21                dollars that is supposedly in this

         22                account, how much do they think would

         23                be coming to the City of Scranton.

         24                And they told me about the data, about

         25                the data that they couldn't give me,


          1                you know, an exact answer.  I said

          2                with information you have, what do you

          3                think?  And they both were around the

          4                same -- they said that they believed

          5                six to eight million dollars is coming

          6                to the City of Scranton.  Now, that's

          7                a lot of money, a lot of money.  And

          8                even if they're wrong, even if it's

          9                three or four million, it's still a

         10                lot of money.  And I can't help but

         11                think that the mayor has some type of

         12                plans for whatever the dollar amount

         13                is that we're getting -- what he's

         14                going to do with this money, whether

         15                he's going to use it to plug up a hole

         16                in next year's budget or pay down the

         17                debt or maybe buy the fire trucks or

         18                police cars we need, the vehicles,

         19                whatever, I'm sure he has some kind of

         20                idea.  They're all -- I would like to

         21                make a motion that we send a letter to

         22                the mayor asking him to respond in

         23                writing by next week's meeting what

         24                plans he has for the money that is

         25                going to be coming to the Tax Office,


          1                whatever the dollar amount is, and I

          2                do have a form of a motion.

          3                     MS. FANUCCI:  I'll second that.

          4                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question.

          5                     MS. EVANS:  Mr. Courtright, I

          6                invited the mayor to attend the caucus

          7                concerning ECTV next week, so it's

          8                very possible that you can ask him

          9                that question in person.

         10                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Maybe if we send

         11                him a letter, he'll have a handwritten

         12                thing -- he'll hand it to me if we're

         13                lucky.

         14                     MS. EVANS:  We'll do that.

         15                     MR. MCGOFF:  Anyone else on the

         16                question.  All those in favor signify

         17                by saying aye.

         18                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.

         19                     MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.

         20                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         21                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.

         22                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The

         23                ayes have it and so moved.

         24                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  And lastly on a

         25                good note, I'd like to send a


          1                congratulations on and thanks to

          2                Officer Connelly.  I got two phone

          3                calls.  Evidently he removed vehicles

          4                in a neighbor, three of them had been

          5                there for a long time, and people were

          6                so happy about it, they actually

          7                called me and wanted me to thank him.

          8                So, Officer Connelly, thank you very

          9                much.  And that's all I have.

         10                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you.  First

         11                thing I would like to again reiterate

         12                that Mrs. Garvey is most diligent in

         13                doing the work of advertising the

         14                meetings and all of the hearings and

         15                whatever, and it seemed by implication

         16                there was some question as to how she

         17                had done that, and I would just like

         18                to say that I think that we are all

         19                grateful for the diligence that she

         20                puts in her job, and I would hate to

         21                think that anyone would question that.

         22                So I just wanted to make sure that we

         23                were clear.

         24                     In speaking on the Single Tax

         25                Office, I would like to formally again


          1                send something to the Single Tax

          2                Office asking the progress of the

          3                forensic audit, and I would also make

          4                a phone call to the Single Tax Office

          5                to see if we can receive an answer as

          6                to what the status of that is.

          7                     Also, I questioned Attorney

          8                Minora prior to our meeting about the

          9                subpoena of Mr. McDowell.  Attorney

         10                Minora, would you just update the

         11                status of that?

         12                     MR. MINORA:  Yes.  The court

         13                upheld our petition enforcing the

         14                subpoena, so that was a favorable

         15                decision for the city.

         16                     In response to that, counsel for

         17                Mr. McDowell asked the court to

         18                clarify the order by making it a final

         19                order, and I'll explain that in a

         20                minute and issue an opinion.  By

         21                asking for a final order, he is

         22                essentially saying we want to take an

         23                appeal, because you can only take an

         24                appeal from a final order.  So it's

         25                not speculation to say that they


          1                intend to appeal Judge Thomson's

          2                order.  Judge Thomson hasn't written

          3                an opinion yet, nor has he made it a

          4                final order but there's no reason why

          5                he wouldn't.  The decision essentially

          6                answers all the questions that were

          7                raised by all the litigation.

          8                     MR. MCGOFF:  So there is nothing

          9                that council needs to do at this time

         10                to --

         11                     MR. MINORA:  I think anything

         12                that we do would just be a waste of

         13                our time.  I mean, we can issue

         14                another subpoena but there's still a

         15                motion pending before the court and

         16                that would make that moot.  I think we

         17                just need to let it play out the way

         18                it's supposed to.

         19                     MR. MCGOFF:  Thank you.  Two

         20                things I'd like also if we could

         21                contact -- I don't know if at this

         22                point in time Mr. Oleski or DPW

         23                concerning the O'Connell Place which

         24                had been demolished this past year.

         25                Residents in that area have asked that


          1                if some of the -- much of the debris

          2                has been removed but they're claiming

          3                there is some debris there and there

          4                is still a need to level part of it

          5                and I'd like to send a letter -- I

          6                guess it would be going to Mr. Oleski

          7                first concerning the -- you know,

          8                removal of the debris and the

          9                levelling of O'Connell's Place.

         10                     MS. GATELLI:  I'm just going to

         11                interrupt for one minute.  I know

         12                you're retired and you have the time.

         13                Thursday there will be a community

         14                justice meeting.  Mr. Oleski will be

         15                there and, if you can, stop in and

         16                maybe you can just take him right over

         17                there.

         18                     MR. MCGOFF:  I remind you, I did

         19                get a part-time job, so.

         20                     MS. GATELLI:  Oh, dear, I didn't

         21                know that.  I'll remind him.

         22                     MR. MCGOFF:  And also to end on a

         23                favorable note, while O'Connell Place

         24                has maybe been neglected a little bit,

         25                progress is being made at what I guess


          1                is going to be Connor's Park, the old

          2                post office, the progress on the park

          3                is moving forward.  It's actually

          4                starting to look like a park, a

          5                defined area, the curbs and trees and

          6                some landscaping.  Hopefully that will

          7                be completed soon and I know for many

          8                of the residents of that area that

          9                they are quite pleased with what has

         10                been done and what will continue to be

         11                done.  And also the areas that were

         12                once hidden by the post office, the

         13                homes in the back of it, those people

         14                are now able to see out onto Orchard

         15                Street and it is a much better.  It

         16                just looks much better, and I'm sure

         17                the future will be a valuable asset to

         18                the --

         19                     MS. FANUCCI:  I know one person

         20                who is really happy with that park.

         21                     MR. MCGOFF:  What's that?

         22                     MS. FANUCCI:  I think I know one

         23                person who is really happy with the

         24                park.

         25                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  And that will be


          1                all that I have.

          2                     MR. GATELLI:  I just have one

          3                more announcement, if I may.

          4                     MR. MCGOFF:  Go right ahead.

          5                     MS. GATELLI:  There are several

          6                voting districts in Scranton that are

          7                going to be relocated for the upcoming

          8                election.  It was in the paper, but it

          9                was just in the briefs and I know a

         10                lot of people didn't see it.  A lot of

         11                people have been calling me about the

         12                Kennedy School.  They are renovating

         13                the school, so we can't vote there.

         14                And 20-3 Kennedy School will be voting

         15                at St. John the Evangelist Hall, 517

         16                Fig Street; Scranton 12-1, 12-2 which

         17                voted at Possibilities Bookstore at

         18                231 Pittston Avenue will now be voting

         19                at the Clarion Hotel, 300 Meadow

         20                Avenue; 10-1 East Scranton Little

         21                League will be voting at the Myrtle

         22                Street Methodist Church, 840 Harrison

         23                Avenue; and 10-2, Immaculate

         24                Conception Church will be voting at

         25                the Myrtle Street Methodist Church,


          1                840 Harrison Avenue.  We can see if we

          2                can ask ECTV to run these on their

          3                screen.  I'll give these to Kay and

          4                maybe she can give them to the camera

          5                man and he can tell Mr. Migliore if

          6                they could run these on the

          7                television.  It is a very important

          8                election and we wouldn't want people

          9                to be going to the wrong polling

         10                place.  I've been there when that's

         11                happened, and they get frustrated and

         12                they just go home.  So I think it's

         13                incumbent upon us as public officials

         14                to make sure people know where to go

         15                to vote.  Thank you.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  I'm sorry.  One last

         17                thing I did want to mention.  Last

         18                week, I think it was last week or

         19                maybe the week before someone read the

         20                CDBG proposals from the podium.  I

         21                would just like people know that

         22                council, as Mrs. Evans has indicated,

         23                council has worked on amending those

         24                and we are now in the process of

         25                taking these back to OECD for possible


          1                further revision pending upon some of

          2                the regulations that are needed and

          3                the 30 -- once the 30-day period is

          4                over, we'll have a final listing of

          5                the grants and many of them have been

          6                changed from what was read last week.

          7                Just so people know that.  Thank you.

          8                     MS. EVANS:  Can I add one last

          9                thing I forgot.  The old Atlas Glass

         10                building on Providence Road, I know I

         11                had requested last year that that

         12                property be cleaned up, and it was,

         13                and it was brought to my attention

         14                again this summer by residents of the

         15                area, and I've spoken with a city

         16                inspector about this.  The owner of

         17                the property can't be located,

         18                however, the property is for sale.

         19                The realtor was contacted and asked to

         20                clear the property, however, that

         21                never occurred.  So that's where we

         22                stand on the old Atlas Glass property.

         23                We're at a stalemate with the realtor.

         24                     MS. GARVEY:  5B. FOR INTRODUCTION

         25                AN ORDINANCE SALE OF TAX DELINQUENT


          1                PROPERTY MORE COMMONLY KNOWN AS

          2                902-908 NORTH WASHINGTON AVENUE,

          3                SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA, TO ALFRED D.

          4                PANTUSO, SR., RD #2, BOX 2165, MOSCOW,

          5                PENNSYLVANIA, 18444, FOR THE

          6                CONSIDERATION OF $8,000.00.

          7                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

          8                entertain a motion that Item 5B be

          9                introduced into its proper committee.

         10                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  So moved.

         11                     MS. FANUCCI:  Second.

         12                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

         13                All those in favor signify by saying

         14                aye.

         15                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.

         16                     MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.

         17                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         18                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.

         19                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The

         20                ayes have it and so moved.

         21                     MS. GARVEY:  5C. FOR INTRODUCTION

         22                AN ORDINANCE SALE OF TAX DELINQUENT

         23                PROPERTY MORE COMMONLY KNOWN AS 2110

         24                CAPOUSE AVENUE, SCRANTON,

         25                PENNSYLVANIA, TO MARK F. AND CHRISTINE


          1                L. FRYER, 902 WOODLAWN STREET,

          2                SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA, 18444, FOR THE

          3                CONSIDERATION OF $2,000.00.

          4                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

          5                entertain a motion that Item 5C be

          6                introduced into its proper committee.

          7                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  So moved.

          8                     MS. FANUCCI:  Second.

          9                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

         10                All those in favor signify by saying

         11                aye.

         12                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.

         13                     MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.

         14                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         15                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The

         17                ayes have it and so moved.

         18                     MS. GARVEY:  5D. FOR INTRODUCTION

         19                AN ORDINANCE SALE OF TAX DELINQUENT

         20                PROPERTY MORE COMMONLY KNOWN AS

         21                902-904 MADISON AVENUE, SCRANTON,

         22                PENNSYLVANIA, TO STEVEN ANDERS AND

         23                WILIM NG, RR 2, BOX 2051, STROUDSBURG,

         24                PENNSYLVANIA, 18360, FOR THE

         25                CONSIDERATION OF $5,000.00.


          1                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

          2                entertain a motion that Item 5D be

          3                introduced into its proper committee.

          4                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  So moved.

          5                     MS. FANUCCI:  Second.

          6                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

          7                All those in favor signify by saying

          8                aye.

          9                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.

         10                     MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.

         11                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         12                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.

         13                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The

         14                ayes have it and so moved.

         15                     MS. GARVEY:  5E. FOR INTRODUCTION


         17                OTHER APPROPRIATE CITY OFFICIALS TO

         18                EXECUTE AND ENTER INTO A RIGHT OF




         22                RAILROAD COMPANY, INC. ("PNRRA/DL")

         23                CONCERNING THE 500 BLOCK OF LACKAWANNA

         24                AVENUE PROJECT ENTITLED "PARK, PLAZA

         25                AND PEDESTRIAN COURT".


          1                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

          2                entertain a motion that Item 5E be

          3                introduced into its proper committee.

          4                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  So moved.

          5                     MS. FANUCCI:  Second.

          6                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

          7                     MS. EVANS:  Again, this project

          8                does not include two anchor

          9                businesses, Coney Island and Buona

         10                Pizza, so I will be voting no for

         11                that.

         12                     MR. MCGOFF:  All those in favor

         13                signify by saying aye.

         14                     MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.

         15                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         16                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.

         17                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?

         18                     MS. EVAN:  No.

         19                     MR. MCGOFF:  The ayes have it and

         20                so moved.

         21                     MS. GARVEY:  5F. FOR INTRODUCTION

         22                A RESOLUTION  RE-APPOINTMENT OF

         23                WILLIAM J. EGAN, JR., 901 ELECTRIC

         24                STREET, SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA, 18509,

         25                AS A MEMBER OF THE BOARD OF THE


          1                SCRANTON HOUSING AUTHORITY FOR A TERM

          2                OF FIVE (5) YEARS. MR. EGAN'S NEW TERM

          3                WILL EXPIRE ON SEPTEMBER 27, 2011.

          4                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

          5                entertain a motion that Item 5F be

          6                introduced into its proper committee.

          7                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  So moved.

          8                     MS. FANUCCI:  Second.

          9                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

         10                All those in favor signify by saying

         11                aye.

         12                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.

         13                     MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.

         14                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         15                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The

         17                ayes have it and so moved.

         18                     MS. GARVEY:  5G. FOR INTRODUCTION

         19                – A RESOLUTION – RE-APPOINTMENT OF

         20                JANE MCCARTHY, 537 NORTH WASHINGTON

         21                AVENUE APARTMENT 303, SCRANTON,

         22                PENNSYLVANIA, 18503, AS A MEMBER OF

         23                THE BOARD OF THE SCRANTON HOUSING

         24                AUTHORITY FOR A TERM OF FIVE (5)

         25                YEARS.  MS. MCCARTHY’S CURRENT TERM


          1                EXPIRED ON SEPTEMBER 27, 2008, AND HER

          2                NEW TERM WILL EXPIRE ON SEPTEMBER 27,

          3                2013.

          4                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

          5                entertain a motion that Item 5G be

          6                introduced into its proper committee.

          7                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  So moved.

          8                     MS. FANUCCI:  Second.

          9                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

         10                All those in favor signify by saying

         11                aye.

         12                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.

         13                     MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.

         14                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         15                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The

         17                ayes have it and so moved.

         18                     MS. GARVEY:  5H. FOR INTRODUCTION

         19                A RESOLUTION RE-APPOINTMENT OF

         20                TERRENCE V. GALLAGHER, ESQUIRE, 1320

         21                ORAM STREET, SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA,

         22                18504, AS A MEMBER OF THE BOARD OF THE

         23                SCRANTON HOUSING AUTHORITY FOR A TERM

         24                OF FIVE (5) YEARS.  MR. GALLAGHER'S

         25                CURRENT TERM EXPIRED ON SEPTEMBER 27,


          1                2008 AND HIS NEW TERM WILL EXPIRE ON

          2                SEPTEMBER 27, 2013.

          3                     MR. MCGOFF:  At this time I'll

          4                entertain a motion that Item 5H be

          5                introduced into its proper committee.

          6                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  So moved.

          7                     MS. FANUCCI:  Second.

          8                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question?

          9                All those in favor signify by saying

         10                aye.

         11                     MS. EVANS:  Aye.

         12                     MS. FANUCCI:  Aye.

         13                     MS. GATELLI:  Aye.

         14                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Aye.

         15                     MR. MCGOFF:  Aye.  Opposed?  The

         16                ayes have it and so moved.

         17                     MS. GARVEY:  Sixth order, no

         18                business at this time.

         19                     Seventh order, 7A. FOR

         20                CONSIDERATION BY THE COMMITTEE ON

         21                FINANCE – FOR ADOPTION – FILE OF

         22                COUNCIL NO. 37, 2008 – APPROVING AND


         24                CAPITAL BUDGET FOR THE YEAR 2009 THE

         25                FIRST-YEAR REVISION AND EXTENSION OF


          1                THE 2008 FIVE-YEAR PLAN.

          2                     MR. MCGOFF:  What is the

          3                recommendation of the Chairperson for

          4                the Committee on Finance.

          5                     MS. GATELLI:  As Chair for

          6                Finance, I would recommend final

          7                passage of 7A.

          8                     MS. FANUCCI:  Second.

          9                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question.

         10                     MS. EVANS:  The document is not

         11                in compliance with the requirements of

         12                the Home Rule Charter, therefore, I

         13                will be voting no.

         14                     MR. MCGOFF:  Roll call, please.

         15                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Evans.

         16                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         17                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Gatelli.

         18                     MS. GATELLI:  Yes.

         19                     MR. COOLICAN:  Ms. Fanucci.

         20                     MS. FANUCCI:  Yes.

         21                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. Courtright.

         22                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  No.

         23                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. McGoff.

         24                     MR. MCGOFF:  Yes.  I hereby

         25                declare Item 7A legally and lawfully


          1                adopted.

          2                     MS. GARVEY:  7B. FOR

          3                CONSIDERATION BY THE COMMITTEE ON

          4                FINANCE – FOR ADOPTION – FILE OF

          5                COUNCIL NO. 39, 2008 – AUTHORIZING THE

          6                MAYOR AND OTHER APPROPRIATE CITY

          7                OFFICIALS TO EXECUTE AND ENTER INTO AN


          9                AND OCWEN LOAN SERVICING, LLC FOR THE

         10                TRANSFER OF TITLE TO A PARCEL OF LAND

         11                COMMONLY KNOWN AS 810 HERTZ COURT TO

         12                THE CITY OF SCRANTON AND FOR

         13                ACCEPTANCE OF PAYMENT IN FULL FOR THE

         14                DEMOLITION LIEN ON SAID PROPERTY AND

         15                SATISFACTION OF THE DEMOLITION LIEN.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  What is the

         17                recommendation for the Chairperson for

         18                the Committee on Finance.

         19                     MS. GATELLI:  As Chair for the

         20                Committee of Finance, I recommended

         21                final passage of 7B.

         22                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Second.

         23                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question.

         24                Roll call, please.

         25                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Evans.


          1                     MS. EVANS:  Yes.

          2                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Gatelli.

          3                     MS. GATELLI:  Yes.

          4                     MR. COOLICAN:  Ms. Fanucci.

          5                     MS. FANUCCI:  Yes.

          6                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. Courtright.

          7                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Yes.

          8                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. McGoff.

          9                     MR. MCGOFF:  Yes.

         10                     MR. MCGOFF:  I hereby declare

         11                Item 7B legally and lawfully adopted.

         12                     MS. GARVEY:  7C.  FOR

         13                CONSIDERATION BY THE COMMITTEE ON

         14                FINANCE  FOR ADOPTION  FILE OF COUNCIL

         15                NO. 40, 2008  AUTHORIZING THE LEASE OF

         16                CERTAIN REAL PROPERTY TO THE


         18                SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA (THE

         19                "AUTHORITY") PURSUANT TO A LEASE


         21                THE INCURRENCE OF LEASE RENTAL DEBT IN

         22                THE MAXIMUM PRINCIPAL AMOUNT OF SIX


         24                ($6,100,000), PURSUANT TO THE ACT OF

         25                THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE


          1                COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA, 53

          2                PA.C.S, CHAPTERS 80-82, AS AMENDED,

          3                KNOWN AS THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNIT

          4                DEBT ACT; DETERMINING THAT SUCH DEBT

          5                SHALL BE INCURRED UNDER THE DEBT ACT

          6                AS LEASE RENTAL DEBT TO BE EVIDENCED

          7                BY A CERTAIN SUBLEASE AND GUARANTY

          8                AGREEMENT OF THE CITY SECURING A

          9                GUARANTEED LEASE REVENUE BOND TO BE

         10                EXECUTED BY THE AUTHORITY TO FINANCE A


         12                OF ALL OR ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: (1)

         13                ACQUIRING THE AUTHORITY'S LEASEHOLD


         15                TO THE LEASE AGREEMENT FROM THE CITY


         17                REFUNDING THE SEWER AUTHORITY OF THE

         18                CITY OF SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA'S


         20                OF 2005; AND (2) PAYING THE COSTS AND

         21                EXPENSES OF FINANCING SUCH PROJECT;

         22                BRIEFLY DESCRIBING SUCH PROJECT FOR

         23                WHICH SUCH DEBT IS TO BE INCURRED;

         24                DECLARING THE GUARANTY OF SAID



          1                BONDS TO BE A PROJECT OF THE CITY FOR

          2                WHICH LEASE RENTAL DEBT IS TO BE

          3                INCURRED; AUTHORIZING CERTAIN CITY

          4                OFFICERS TO PREPARE, CERTIFY AND FILE

          5                WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY AND

          6                ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT THE DEBT

          7                STATEMENT REQUIRED BY SECTION 8110 OF

          8                THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNIT DEBT ACT AND

          9                AUTHORIZING THE PREPARATION OF A DEBT

         10                STATEMENT AND BORROWING BASE

         11                CERTIFICATE; APPROVING THE FORM OF,

         12                AND AUTHORIZING, SUBJECT TO CERTAIN

         13                CONDITIONS, EXECUTION AND DELIVERY OF

         14                THE AFORESAID LEASE AGREEMENT AND

         15                SUBLEASE AND GUARANTY AGREEMENT;

         16                SPECIFYING THE AMOUNT OF THE GUARANTY

         17                OBLIGATION OF THE CITY PURSUANT TO


         19                AND THE SOURCES OF PAYMENT OF SUCH

         20                GUARANTY OBLIGATION; REPEALING


         22                FORTH CERTAIN CONDITIONS TO THE

         23                EXECUTION AND DELIVERY OF THE


         25                AND GUARANTY AGREEMENT; AUTHORIZING


          1                THE PROPER OFFICERS OF THE CITY TO

          2                TAKE ALL REQUIRED, NECESSARY OR

          3                DESIRABLE RELATED ACTION IN

          4                CONNECTION WITH SUCH PROJECT AND THE

          5                EXECUTION AND DELIVERY OF THE LEASE

          6                AGREEMENT AND SUBLEASE AND GUARANTY

          7                AGREEMENT; APPROVING THE FORM AND


          9                STATEMENT AND AN OFFICIAL STATEMENT

         10                WITH REGARD TO THE GUARANTEED LEASE

         11                REVENUE BONDS; APPOINTING VARIOUS

         12                PROFESSIONALS; PROVIDING FOR THE

         13                EFFECTIVENESS OF THIS ORDINANCE; AND


         15                THE HEALTH, SAFETY AND WELFARE OF THE

         16                RESIDENTS OF THE CITY.

         17                     MR. MCGOFF:  What is the

         18                recommendation for the Chairperson for

         19                the Committee on Finance.

         20                     MS. GATELLI:  As Chair for the

         21                Committee of Finance, I recommended

         22                final passage of 7C.

         23                     MS. FANUCCI:  I'll second it.

         24                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question.  I

         25                think I would like to say two things


          1                or two reasons for voting for this.

          2                     No. 1, I do not see anything

          3                gained by defaulting on the loan.

          4                     And No. 2, that by refinancing

          5                and extending the payments over the

          6                course of time, it reduces the yearly

          7                amount that the city pays in

          8                indebtedness and hopefully prevents or

          9                at least contributes to no tax

         10                increase for the coming year budget.

         11                     MS. FANUCCI:  I'd like to say

         12                something, too.  This is not something

         13                as I said this last week that we are

         14                happy to have to do.  It is the lesser

         15                of the two evils.  Defaulting is not

         16                an option which should never be an

         17                option.  We would actually just create

         18                more and more problems with the

         19                default.  It is the responsible thing

         20                to do.  It is not the easy thing to

         21                do.  That is what I believe and did

         22                know that this was coming.  This was

         23                not a surprise to any of us.  When we

         24                passed our budget, we knew that this

         25                day would be coming.  Anyone who had a


          1                balloon mortgage or any circumstance

          2                on a loan payment knows that it is a

          3                better thing to at least try to

          4                refinance.  So I am going to say that

          5                I'm happy that at least we are

          6                refinancing and not defaulting.

          7                Unfortunately as you know being out

          8                there, we were all in the same

          9                situation.  It's the whole country is

         10                in the same situation.  Your city is

         11                not any different.  It is sad.  It is

         12                not a case that we want to be in but

         13                it is a situation that we are faced

         14                with and I will be voting yes

         15                obviously.

         16                     MR. MCGOFF:  Anyone else?

         17                     MS. EVANS:  Yes.  I just want to

         18                add, we're in this situation because

         19                members of council and not just this

         20                council, prior members of council

         21                could never say no to more borrowing.

         22                And I see no end in sight.  I ask why

         23                is there never any cutting.  Why is

         24                there only continual growth within the

         25                administration?  And so I am saying as


          1                I have said for four years and for the

          2                fifth year, enough, no more BS

          3                policies.

          4                     MR. MCGOFF:  Roll call.

          5                     MS. GATELLI:  I guess I'm going

          6                to have to say something since

          7                everyone else did.  Well, you know, as

          8                much as everyone calls it borrowing

          9                and I'm still going to call it

         10                refinancing.  We don't have a payment

         11                to make in December.  I am going to

         12                say that we don't have it because of

         13                the Tax Office.  That is going to be

         14                my reason, and I will always believe

         15                it's the reason.  We couldn't get the

         16                information from Mr. McDowell and the

         17                audit was not started until well, well

         18                past the time when we knew the money

         19                was up there.  I don't know the reason

         20                for that.  I'd like to know the reason

         21                for that.  And I believe that is the

         22                reason why we don't have the money to

         23                pay for this.  I would like to follow

         24                Mr. Ungvarsky's idea of suing them but

         25                I don't know that that would get us


          1                the money in a timely fashion.  I

          2                think maybe we can try to do it at

          3                another time.  I don't know to what

          4                benefit it would be.  But he had the

          5                right idea to sue him for the money.

          6                Our money is up there.  It's been up

          7                there, and I don't know what took so

          8                long for us to get the money.  But I

          9                will not see the city default on a

         10                loan.  It would put the city in a very

         11                precarious position.  There were

         12                people here.  This borrowing was not a

         13                borrowing that I approved of.  Some

         14                council members have approved of

         15                several borrowings.  So to point

         16                fingers at any one particular person

         17                is unfair because other people have

         18                borrowed also.  Sometimes you feel

         19                like that's the only way you can help

         20                the city.  It's not being done because

         21                we want to do it, because I have to

         22                pay, too.  I have to pay the taxes,

         23                too, and so do my kids or my one

         24                daughter.  She has a home.  But no one

         25                wants to do it, and that's the way


          1                everyone feels.  But sometimes I think

          2                you're doing the right thing and you

          3                are merely trying to help your city

          4                instead of hurting them and find a way

          5                out of it.  So I hope we get the Tax

          6                Office money, and I'll be interested

          7                to see how the mayor is going to spend

          8                that for next year.  But for right

          9                now, I don't want to see the city

         10                default on the loan and that's why I'm

         11                voting yes.

         12                     MR. MCGOFF:  Roll call, please.

         13                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Evans.

         14                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         15                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Gatelli.

         16                     MS. GATELLI:  Yes.

         17                     MR. COOLICAN:  Ms. Fanucci.

         18                     MS. FANUCCI:  Yes.

         19                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. Courtright.

         20                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  No.

         21                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. McGoff.

         22                     MR. MCGOFF:  Yes.  I hereby

         23                declare Item 7C legally and lawfully

         24                adopted.

         25                     MS. GARVEY:  7D and E have been


          1                tabled.

          2                     7F. FOR CONSIDERATION BY THE

          3                COMMITTEE ON COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT –

          4                FOR ADOPTION – RESOLUTION NO. 64, 2008

          5                - AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR AND OTHER



          8                AGREEMENT WITH CLOUGH HARBOUR &

          9                ASSOCIATES LLP FOR ADDITIONAL


         11                THE LACKAWANNA AVENUE STREETSCAPE

         12                PROJECT.

         13                     MR. MCGOFF:  What is the

         14                recommendation with the Chairperson

         15                for the Committee on Community

         16                Development.

         17                     MS. FANUCCI:  As Chair for the

         18                Committee of Community Development, I

         19                recommended final passage of Item 7F.

         20                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Second.

         21                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question.

         22                     MS. EVANS:  I'll be voting no on

         23                this for the same reasons I have on

         24                related pieces of legislation.  The

         25                two anchor businesses of Lackawanna


          1                Avenue who have been paying taxes to

          2                this city for 40 years, Coney Island,

          3                Buona Pizza, they're not included in

          4                streetscape project, and I think it's

          5                most unfair to them, and I think it's

          6                esthetically not an appealing vision.

          7                     MR. MCGOFF:  Roll call, please.

          8                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Evans.

          9                     MS. EVANS:  No.

         10                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Gatelli.

         11                     MS. GATELLI:  Yes.

         12                     MR. COOLICAN:  Ms. Fanucci.

         13                     MS. FANUCCI:  Yes.

         14                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. Courtright.

         15                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Yes.

         16                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. McGoff.

         17                     MR. MCGOFF:  Yes.

         18                     MR. MCGOFF:  I hereby declare

         19                Item 7F legally and lawfully adopted.

         20                     MS. GARVEY:  7G. FOR

         21                CONSIDERATION BY THE COMMITTEE ON

         22                COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT  FOR ADOPTION

         23                RESOLUTION NO. 65, 2008 -

         24                AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR AND OTHER



          1                AND ENTER INTO A CONTRACT WITH MICHAEL

          2                J. PASONICK, JR., INC., CONSULTING

          3                ENGINEERS & SURVEYORS, 165 NORTH

          4                WILKES BARRE BOULEVARD, WILKES BARRE,

          5                PENNSYLVANIA 18702 TO INSPECT THE


          7                THE 500 BLOCK OF LACKAWANNA AVENUE

          8                PROJECT ENTITLED PARK PLAZA AND

          9                PEDESTRIAN COURT.

         10                     MR. MCGOFF:  What is the

         11                recommendation with the Chairperson

         12                for the Committee on Community

         13                development.

         14                     MS. FANUCCI:  As Chair for

         15                Committee on Community Development, I

         16                recommend final passage of Item 7G.

         17                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Second.

         18                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question.

         19                     MS. EVANS:  Again I'll be voting

         20                no because the Lackawanna Avenue

         21                project omits two prime city

         22                businesses.

         23                     MR. MCGOFF:  Roll call, please.

         24                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Evans.

         25                     MS. EVANS:  No.


          1                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Gatelli.

          2                     MS. GATELLI:  Yes.

          3                     MR. COOLICAN:  Ms. Fanucci.

          4                     MS. FANUCCI:  Yes.

          5                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. Courtright.

          6                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Yes.

          7                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. McGoff.

          8                     MR. MCGOFF:  Yes.

          9                     MR. MCGOFF:  I hereby declare

         10                Item 7G legally and lawfully adopted.

         11                     MS. GARVEY:  7H.  FOR

         12                CONSIDERATION BY THE COMMITTEE ON

         13                COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT  FOR ADOPTION

         14                RESOLUTION NO. 66, 2008 -

         15                AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR AND OTHER

         16                APPROPRIATE CITY OFFICIALS TO ACCEPT,

         17                EXECUTE AND ENTER INTO A BROWNFIELD


         19                AGREEMENT WITH THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF

         20                ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (EPA)

         21                IN THE AMOUNT OF $200,000.00. THE

         22                "PROJECT" WILL BE CALLED THE


         24                ASSESSMENT GRANT FOR THE CITY OF

         25                SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA.


          1                     MR. MCGOFF:  What is the

          2                recommendation with the Chairperson

          3                for the Committee on Community

          4                Development.

          5                     MS. FANUCCI:  As Chair for the

          6                Committee on Community Development, I

          7                recommended final passage of 7H.

          8                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Second.

          9                     MR. MCGOFF:  On the question.

         10                Roll call, please.

         11                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Evans.

         12                     MS. EVANS:  Yes.

         13                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mrs. Gatelli.

         14                     MS. GATELLI:  Yes.

         15                     MR. COOLICAN:  Ms. Fanucci.

         16                     MS. FANUCCI:  Yes.

         17                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. Courtright.

         18                     MR. COURTRIGHT:  Yes.

         19                     MR. COOLICAN:  Mr. McGoff.

         20                     MR. MCGOFF:  Yes.  I hereby

         21                declare Item 7H legally and lawfully

         22                adopted.

         23                     Thank you for your patience and

         24                your cooperation.

         25                     Motion to adjourn.


          1                     MS. GATELLI:  Motion.

          2                     (Proceedings concluded at 8:34

          3                p.m.)
























          1                     C E R T I F I C A T I O N



          4           I HERBY CERTIFY that the proceedings and

          5     evidence are contained fully and accurately in

          6     the notes taken by me at the hearing of the

          7     above-captioned matter and that the foregoing is

          8     a true and correct transcript to the best of my

          9     ability.




         12                            Amelia Nicol

                                       Official Court Reporter