8 Tuesday, October 16, 2007




12 Council Chambers

13 Scranton City Hall

14 340 North Washington Avenue

15 Scranton, Pennsylvania






































1 (Moment of reflection observed.)

2 MS. GATELLI: Roll call.

3 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

4 MS. EVANS: Here.

5 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci?

6 MS. FANUCCI: Here.

7 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff?

8 MR. McGOFF: Here.

9 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Minora?

10 MR. MINORA: Here.

11 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Gatelli?

12 MS. GATELLI: Here. Dispense with

13 the reading of the minutes.




17 MS. GATELLI: Are there any

18 comments? If not, received and filed.




22 MS. GATELLI: Are there any

23 comments? If not, received and filed.

24 MS. GARVEY: That's all there is in

25 third order.


1 MS. GATELLI: I didn't get the

2 sign-in sheets, Neil. Before we start, I just

3 have one or two comments. We will see if

4 anyone else has any. As you know, I was not

5 here last week -- and I think Mrs. Fanucci told

6 you I wasn't here. Another thing that I would

7 like to mention this evening was that I missed

8 the opportunity to congratulate the West

9 Scranton High School for taking the bell back.

10 I'll congratulate the coach and all

11 of the members of the West Scranton football

12 team and better luck next year. We wanted it

13 this year, we got it, right, Chrissy? And the

14 only other thing I have is that -- it was

15 brought to my attention today there was a bill

16 in the house of representatives. It's house

17 bill 1490, and it's to promote competition with

18 cable companies. And I thought it was rather

19 important and I should bring it to your

20 attention to call your state representatives

21 and encourage them to pass this bill. There

22 are only a few more years left on the cable

23 contract with the City of Scranton.

24 So if this passes, it will open it

25 up for competition and possibly having some


1 lower rates. I encourage you to call Ken Smith

2 or Frank Shimkus. It's house bill 1490.

3 That's all I have. Anyone else have any

4 announcements? The first speaker is Andy

5 Sbaraglia.

6 MR. SBARAGLIA: Andy Sbaraglia,

7 citizen of Scranton. Fellow Scrantonians, I

8 want to make a little explanation of this. 7

9 D. for adoption, transferring funds from

10 special city accounts, so forth and so on.

11 There's -- they are taking almost 21,000 from

12 our D. P. W. I also noticed in the paper they

13 are putting out bids for tires, gas and the

14 whole bit.

15 How does D. P. W. have 21,000 they

16 don't need? I'm sure they need it at that

17 place because we are -- if they got 21,000

18 extra maybe they can put it on the gas bill or

19 the tire bill or buying anti skid material. If

20 it wasn't that it was going for such a good

21 spot. You know, how can anybody fight police

22 protection? You can't stay against it. I am

23 wondering how they can pull 21,000 from D. P.

24 W. which definitely needs a lot of money to

25 operate. I don't see how they can have 21,000


1 surplus.

2 MS. GATELLI: From 1960. The

3 account was from a 1960 account.

4 MR. SBARAGLIA: I realize that.

5 That money is sitting that. We are buying a

6 lot of stuff putting it all on -- certainly if

7 they have that much money on hand, I think they

8 should be able to buy some of the material we

9 will pay for. And actually by doing that, we

10 can save money, and I'm sure everyone in here

11 is interested in saving money to the taxpayer.

12 Now, I understand it's going to a

13 good cause. That I can't argue with. In fact,

14 I would like to go and collect money for that.

15 If you should do anything and keep $20,000 in

16 the D. P. W.s accounts, I'd be glad to go and

17 raise money for police protection for guns and

18 armor vests and so forth and so on. I believe

19 it's needed. I can't argue with that. But I

20 still think that D. P. W. should have that much

21 extra money for running around. Thank you.

22 MS. GATELLI: Ozzie Quinn.

23 MR. QUINN: Ozzie Quinn, president

24 of the local taxpayers association. Last night

25 I attended the school board meeting, and there


1 was a resolution passed for the construction of

2 the new elementary school over in Tripps Park

3 in regards to the construction costs and the

4 price of the land, approximately $29 million.

5 So you have on here tonight a resolution -- I

6 believe it's 7 H., yeah, 7 -- what is it?

7 What, B.? Yeah. And that's a foregone

8 conclusion. This is a prime example of back

9 room politics.

10 They already know they have that

11 land and you're giving the facade up there --

12 pretense that we have something to say about

13 that land when we don't. We don't have

14 anything to say. It's a done deal. It's like

15 the woman -- the reporter from the Scranton

16 Times said, it's corruption. There's no doubt

17 about it the way this has gone about. What

18 you're doing -- as I said last week you are --

19 de facto increasing the taxes of the city

20 residents taxpayers, okay.

21 It's because of the fact that you're

22 allowing them to build that school, and also

23 you're going to increase the budget according

24 what you said last year -- another 25 percent

25 for the mayor. We cannot afford it. I want to


1 explain something. If I don't, I will at the.

2 The principle for the City of Scranton is now

3 $108 million. That's just principle. For the

4 school district 89 and a half million dollars

5 with another $60 million ready to be executed,

6 okay. We have a principle of $362 million.

7 Now, if you buy a car -- a house at $100,000

8 and you have to pay $5,000 for 20 years, you

9 will be a fool if you thought that was what

10 you're going to -- your monthly premium. You

11 have to add in interest. You have to look at

12 the long term indebtedness, which is all over a

13 half a billion dollars the city taxpayers owe

14 without the county tax put in. We got to stop

15 this and stop this back room politics.

16 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Lori

17 Grudzinski.

18 MS. GRUDZINSKI: Lori Grudzinski,

19 Scranton, here to speak on the property at

20 Cedar Avenue and Locust Street. Since I left

21 the meeting last week, my lawyer and I have not

22 been able to get an accurate total of what

23 taxes are owed on my property at 1212 Cedar

24 Avenue.

25 Furthermore, the account at N. C. C.


1 has been frozen by the city, and they will not

2 accept payments. How does a taxpayer pay their

3 taxes if they won't tell you what you owe and

4 will not accept payments? This entire mess is

5 affecting the most important thing to me in the

6 world, my family. My husband and I always paid

7 our own way through college, marriage owning

8 two homes, and our children are very

9 self-sufficient.

10 We expect nothing from no one. And

11 up until last week, we were very happy. We

12 will not let a parcel of land ruin our lives.

13 However, I must reiterate the land left to us

14 is for our children for their future. Mr.

15 Brozzetti has several months tied up this. I

16 have 18 years invested and my children. My

17 lawyer wasn't able to attend tonight since this

18 whole issue ballooned in under a week.

19 The research she did obtain thus far

20 shows the property had never been up for tax

21 sale or had a municipal lien from the city

22 placed on it since 1995. It is impermissible

23 to sell my property. I've been receiving the

24 tax bills at my same address all the years I

25 owned it. The deed is filed with the recorder


1 of deeds under my name. I never received any

2 notice of a lien or sale.

3 I have a reputable local businessman

4 who will buy the property from me now. Can

5 anyone here find out for what me what the taxes

6 are owed because I cannot? Until it is clear,

7 I cannot see how you can put this issue to vote

8 unless you vote in my favor. You say it's a

9 legal matter and you cannot decide. I was

10 relieved when you passed it to the law office

11 last week because I thought they represented

12 all of the citizens in Scranton.

13 The law office of the City of

14 Scranton, to quote Ms. Setizinger, calls me the

15 woman trying to get the property from Michael

16 Brozzetti. I was under the impression I was

17 the owner. By voting yes you are voting

18 against my children. Did the law office tell

19 you if I should still pay the liability

20 insurance on the property that I've been

21 paying? There's a lot of unanswered questions.

22 You can stop this in its tracks tonight by

23 voting no or taking it off the agenda.

24 Let it be hashed out by the lawyers.

25 That's all I'm asking you. By voting yes you


1 are voting against my children. Please do not

2 just push this along because in the end it will

3 be coming back. Thank you for your time.

4 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr.

5 Dobson.

6 MS. EVANS: Mrs. Grudzinski, we

7 actually did receive information -- I'm sure it

8 had to be today because my mail was picked up

9 yesterday. And I would be happy to give you a

10 copy of this. I think it's all of the

11 information you're looking for.

12 MS. GRUDZINSKI: They won't give it.

13 My lawyer couldn't get it either. They gave

14 her information on properties that my entire

15 family has owned for the last 35 years on all

16 other addresses other than the one pertaining

17 to this issue.

18 MS. EVANS: Well, this does go back

19 -- delinquencies appear to go back to 1982

20 according to the information we received today.

21 But as I said, I would be willing to share this

22 with you.

23 MS. GRUDZINSKI: I would like to

24 have it.

25 MR. MINORA: As a point of


1 information, you can go to the Lackawanna

2 County Tax Claim Bureau. And if a for -- I

3 think it's a five or ten dollar fee -- they

4 will provide you with a tax certificate which

5 shows all delinquent taxes. In fact, generally

6 what is done by title searchers -- it's done

7 that way because they get a certification or an

8 actual -- you know, a form if there's an error

9 in --

10 MS. GRUDZINSKI: Lackawanna County

11 or City of Scranton?

12 MR. MINORA: They will give you both

13 and --

14 MS. GRUDZINSKI: The City of

15 Scranton said they operate separately from

16 Lackawanna County.

17 MR. MINORA: You would get the City

18 of Scranton also. And definitely -- in fact,

19 that's what most abstractors would do.

20 MS. GRUDZINSKI: Why would someone

21 not tell me that in the law offices?

22 MR. MINORA: I don't know. You can

23 go to the city treasurer's office as well,

24 either way. But if you pay a fee at the

25 Lackawanna County tax --


1 MS. GATELLI: Did your lawyer try?

2 MS. GRUDZINSKI: Yes. N. C. C. said

3 to call the city.

4 MR. MINORA: You can get it at the

5 Lackawanna Tax Claim Bureau. Actually that

6 will be better for you because that would also

7 include any county taxes as well.

8 MS. GRUDZINSKI: Thank you.

9 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Dobson was next.

10 MS. KRAKE: He allowed me to go

11 ahead of him. Thank you. Actually this

12 property, you can't get that information from

13 the county. Only the city has those records,

14 and only N. C. C. has those records for the

15 city. And I was contacted as the tax clerk for

16 that information from the title company, and I

17 directed them to N. C. C. They did not give

18 her the information.

19 I am very glad Mrs. Evans had that

20 there to give to them. That's very, very

21 important. Everyone is entitled to that

22 information. The only way you get it is N. C.

23 C. The tax claim bureau only has county taxes.

24 MR. MINORA: I've gotten tax

25 certificates with city taxes --


1 MS. KRAKE: A tax certificate, we do

2 not certify. We never have. The tax claim

3 bureau only certifies the county, school and

4 library portion.

5 MR. MINORA: And I think the city.

6 MS. KRAKE: Absolutely not.

7 MR. MINORA: In any event, that

8 would indicate delinquent taxes on the county

9 portion, which you don't have, correct?

10 MS. KRAKE: The city turns it over

11 April 1st every year to N. C. C.

12 MR. MINORA: You wouldn't have the

13 county portion of it.

14 MS. KRAKE: Not the county. What

15 she's looking for what is sold from quiet title

16 is the city's portion only.

17 MR. MINORA: If you're looking at

18 the delinquent tax picture, you need to look at

19 it all.

20 MS. KRAKE: She needs to pay all

21 portions of her taxes, but when you're talking

22 about the Pittsburgh plan and quiet title,

23 she's distinctly interested in what the city is

24 owed and if it ever through tax sale, which

25 would have been only city taxes, nothing else.


1 MR. MINORA: If the city tax was

2 paid and the county tax wasn't, the county has

3 the same right to go through tax sale, correct?

4 MS. KRAKE: Not with the property in

5 the city.

6 MR. MINORA: Is the county tax is

7 unpaid and the city is, they do.

8 MS. KRAKE: Not with a property in

9 the city for the Pittsburgh plan. That's what

10 she talking about.

11 MR. MINORA: I understand if the

12 city taxes and it's a city sale. The county

13 has a right to collect their tax es in the same

14 fashion.

15 MS. KRAKE: They collect their

16 taxes. I am very glad that counsel is willing

17 to help this woman because no one else has. I

18 absolutely -- and I think Mrs. Gatelli was here

19 when we sold a playground previously. The city

20 sold a playground under the Connor's

21 administration.

22 So I think it's very, very important

23 to keep this off the agenda and make sure all

24 of the avenues are looked at before anyone

25 votes on it.


1 MR. MINORA: I will note for the

2 record that the information that I received

3 from the law department, they do have

4 transcripts of conversations between the woman

5 that just spoke and N. C. C. So apparently --

6 at least from the information that we received

7 from N. C. C. she was aware going back as far

8 as 2004 that there was some --

9 MS. KRAKE: Except she couldn't get

10 a breakdown.

11 MR. MINORA: In 2004?

12 MS. KRAKE: The abstract company

13 just requested this last week. So unless maybe

14 it's a new abstract company, which is a

15 possibility.

16 MR. MINORA: All I'm pointing out is

17 there was some awareness of this going back

18 several years. That's what the records

19 reflect.

20 MS. KRAKE: I am sure there are, but

21 I think you can ask that for information every

22 day of the week and by law they have to give it

23 to you every day of the week. So thank you.

24 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Dobson?

25 MR. DOBSON: Good evening, counsel,


1 Dave Dobson. I would like to just remark on

2 Ozzie Quinn's statements that deficits have

3 been piling up in virtually all levels of

4 government from local to federal. Six or seven

5 years ago the Euro was valued at about 75

6 cents. Its current value is a dollar forty

7 cents.

8 I think that it certainly would be a

9 help to the American public if all governing

10 bodies would begin to look at the deficits and

11 start to realize that they may be a problem in

12 the future. A $40,000 loan on a house is

13 $102,000 if it's paid back in 30 years. So

14 that's something to consider and hopefully --

15 hopefully we can straighten it out and have a

16 town 20 years from now. Thank you.

17 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Julie

18 Jones?

19 MS. JONES: Julie Jones, south side

20 resident. I am here to speak this evening on

21 item 7 A., which Mrs. Grudzinski was already

22 speaking about. Before I start, as she said,

23 there is nothing more important to her and her

24 husband than her family. All I can tell the

25 five of you is last Friday -- and, yes, this is


1 personal -- all I know as I picked up a 12th

2 grader at the Grudzinski home Friday morning in

3 hysterics, hysterics. I picked my son up after

4 school. I said, where's Katie. That child was

5 so upset by what this council is doing the

6 teacher had to send her home. She couldn't

7 even stay in school that day. You have five

8 children's lives in your hands right now.

9 Think about it if it was your kids. Think and

10 think hard.

11 I would like to know what you as

12 council has to lose. I would like to know what

13 you as council have to lose by voting no to

14 this. Mr. Courtright and Mr. McGoff, you are

15 -- you are up for election here. Are you going

16 to stick up for the little guy here? Are you

17 going to turn your back? Mrs. /TKPWA Gatelli,

18 you're big with the S. S. R. A. Are you going

19 to turn your back on one of our own? I know

20 both of these people are from south side.

21 If you had to choose which one you

22 would pick, I'm sure you would pick Mr.

23 Brozzetti. Please don't call me out of order

24 while -- for what I'm about to say. I have one

25 sentence to say. But the original -- the


1 original owner was Joe Scott, which was Mrs.

2 Grudzinski's father, and you could not stand

3 the man which you told me. So I have to wonder

4 if this possibly can be a conflict of interest

5 which means you should abstain from your vote.

6 MS. GATELLI: I will not abstain.

7 Your time is up. Your time is up. Would

8 anyone else care to speak? Dan?

9 MR. HUBBARD: What's the hurry on

10 this issue with Cedar Avenue? How is this

11 linked to the Cedar Avenue project? I mean,

12 this is being pushed through pretty quick.

13 MS. FANUCCI: It's not.

14 MR. HUBBARD: It's not?

15 MS. FANUCCI: It's not.

16 MR. HUBBARD: It's not?

17 MS. FANUCCI: It was going on since

18 -- when was the last tax payment we had? 1980

19 something. So I don't think that's quick,

20 Daniel.

21 MR. HUBBARD: You mean this recent

22 issue with the city condemning this property

23 and trying to take this property?

24 MS. FANUCCI: It's since 1982. And

25 actually now is when there's a problem. So,


1 Daniel, if you consider since 1982 quick, then

2 I guess it is.

3 MR. HUBBARD: Why was this property

4 -- if this has been in question since 1982, why

5 did Mr. Setizinger just recently condemn it

6 recently?

7 MS. FANUCCI: Have you seen the

8 property?

9 MR. HUBBARD: Recently. I didn't

10 ask that. I asked recently.

11 MS. FANUCCI: Have you seen the

12 property?

13 MR. HUBBARD: I didn't ask that. I

14 asked recently.

15 MS. FANUCCI: I asked you if seen

16 the property.

17 MR. HUBBARD: Why the rush? This is

18 one of your quote, unquote people, Judy. This

19 is one of the people that you represented.

20 MS. GATELLI: Yes, and the people

21 that come to the south side neighborhood have

22 been complaining about that property for 20

23 years, Mr. Hubbard. Thank you very much for

24 your time. Take a ride down there and look at

25 it. Tell me what they all think about it.


1 Next speaker.

2 MR. JACOWITZ: Bill Jacowitz, south

3 Scranton resident. I drive by the property

4 every day, and you're right, it is a mess, but

5 I still think that cool heads should prevail

6 and the right decision should be made. Okay.

7 We are not building a school. What we're doing

8 is -- I am going to talk on 7 B. We are

9 building a school. What we are doing is

10 conveying land for development.

11 Yes, Mr. McGoff, the school board

12 will develop a new school which in turn will

13 convey higher taxes and larger debt on to the

14 backs of the already overburdened taxpayers of

15 Scranton all this for a one dollar price for

16 land in Scranton. The only way Scranton has to

17 raise revenues is taxes and fees.

18 So the solution, give the land away

19 for one dollar and collect no taxes. So city

20 council members, do you want to raise taxes?

21 Vote yes. You want to help the taxpayers?

22 Vote no on the new school and giving the land

23 to the new school. Buildings do not educate

24 children. Teachers do. The number of Scranton

25 taxpayers is shrinking. The amount they pay is


1 rising. The city will raise taxes, so will the

2 school board, result, more taxpayers vacating

3 the city. You milk cows, not taxpayers. They

4 are dry. The taxpayers of Scranton are dry.

5 Vote no one, for the taxpayers. Mr. McGoff,

6 your idea to improve housing and jobs for

7 imgrants, great idea, one exception

8 non-documented illegals do not pay taxes. Most

9 of their money is sent back to their home

10 country. So again, the taxpayers will take it

11 in the shorts, we will get a new school that we

12 don't need. We will give them the land for

13 free for one dollar and we will lose tax

14 revenue off that land. Think about it for

15 once. Think about the taxpayers, please.

16 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Anyone

17 else?

18 MS. SCHUMACHER: Marie Schumacher.

19 I'm here also to speak against 7 B., I think

20 that a swap should be made of anything that the

21 city -- that the school board has. If they

22 really want this property, the property that is

23 adjacent to the administration building would

24 make a lovely parking lot for the Scranton

25 library and would reduce the need for the mayor


1 to go ahead with his grandiose plans to take

2 away our beautiful and useful structure and

3 transfer it someone else for a cigar box some

4 place probably in south side. So also the --

5 the independent -- perhaps the property that

6 they want to sell at the independent -- or the

7 intermediate school up in the hill section,

8 take that and the city would at least have

9 something. Why give it away? It should be a

10 -- it should be a transfer of assets. Thank

11 you.

12 MS. FANUCCI: Mrs. Schumacher, I

13 want to say something on the library since that

14 was brought up a few weeks ago. There was no

15 plans on selling the library. The library will

16 remain open as a city branch of the library.

17 They are planning on eventually -- on putting a

18 library also in south side. But this library

19 is not going anywhere, and nor can anyone sell

20 it. So that is -- that is not a plan. So I

21 don't know where that rumor started, but it

22 certainly is false.

23 MS. EVANS: Mrs. Schumacher, I might

24 add though, I don't know that it can be sold,

25 but it certainly can be transferred.


1 MS. FANUCCI: The plans are not to

2 transfer it at all.

3 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else? Okay.

4 MS. GARVEY: 5 A. motions.

5 MS. EVANS: Tonight I ask for your

6 prayers for a very kind gentleman, Mr.

7 Loughtney, who underwent serious surgery

8 yesterday. I wish him a speedy recovery,

9 particularly so that he can return to his

10 family and his boy scout troop. I ask that you

11 would remember Mr. Joseph George of north

12 Scranton and Mr. Angelo Gervasi in your prayers

13 this week.

14 Both were wonderful husbands and

15 fathers and will be missed by their family and

16 friends. During my travels last week I was

17 asked by a fine gentleman, a senior citizen, to

18 make a request of council speakers. Could each

19 person who addresses council please adjust the

20 microphone appropriately to your height and

21 speak into the microphone. Television viewers

22 cannot hear all of the speakers. The 2006

23 audit of the Scranton Redevelopment Authority

24 was received by city council on October 10th.

25 And to my knowledge, I did not yet receive the


1 weekly update from the Rossi auditoring firm on

2 the independent audit of 2006 for the City of

3 Scranton. According to a letter received from

4 C. Elizabeth Sterner, senior director of the

5 government and community affairs, Comcast will

6 be adjusting some of its service installation

7 and equipment prices effective November 7th or

8 with the first billing statement after that

9 date.

10 For example, you will see an

11 increase in all monthly packages. The Scranton

12 Police Department will be enforcing a 2001 city

13 ordinance requiring all homes to display

14 address numbers for the purposes of public

15 health and safety.

16 Police officers, ambulances and fire

17 fighters increase response time when they

18 cannot readily locate an address. I raised

19 this issue in the spring of 2006 in response to

20 city residents' requests, but rather than

21 police, inspectors were told to enforce the

22 ordinance. So they mailed citations to

23 taxpayers and those who were cited were told

24 that I was responsible for their problems when,

25 in fact, I was not responsible, the ordinance


1 was created and passed years before I took my

2 seat on council.

3 On a somewhat related topic, the

4 union news reports that six fire fighters

5 candidates have successfully passed the written

6 exam and must next undergo testing in the

7 physical aspects of their training. If they

8 pass, they will immediately become fire

9 fighters and will be assigned to one of the

10 city's eight fire stations. In response to a

11 citizen's request, a city inspector spoke to

12 the owner of the old Atlas Glass a week ago.

13 The owner will clear his property as soon as

14 possible, but he is currently experiencing

15 health problems.

16 Also the curb at Snook Street and

17 Seymour Avenue was completed and the potholes

18 on Von Storch were prepared, my thanks to Mr.

19 Brazil and the D. P. W. workers. Finally, just

20 a few citizens' requests, a memo to the

21 inspector's office, Smith Place on the Watson

22 Street side, residents of the neighborhood

23 report that trash and trash containers are left

24 out seven days per week, trees and shrubs are

25 overgrown, cinder blocks are piled up and can


1 possibly fall into the roadway. And one

2 property's fence is held up by sticks and

3 stones. Please investigate these complaints.

4 In addition, the residents of Sloan Street

5 report the constant placement of a dumpster at

6 1147 Sloan. A memo to Mr. Brazil, city

7 residents request the use of the street sweeper

8 following garbage pickup in various sections of

9 the city.

10 Also they report broken glass in the

11 streets following recycling collections.

12 Residents also request a reminder regarding

13 delayed collection because of holidays. It

14 appears that many place garbage curbside for 48

15 hours since they are unsure whether or not the

16 D. P. W. had a scheduled holiday. So I -- I

17 know from time to time in the newspaper we will

18 see very small announcements of trash

19 collections with regard to a holiday. But it

20 doesn't appear that it occurs each time, and

21 perhaps Mr. Brazil could come up with a policy

22 that would regularly notify our city residents.

23 And that's it.

24 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mrs.

25 Fanucci?


1 MS. FANUCCI: I'm just going to

2 speak on the Cedar Avenue. We last week did

3 table this until we found out the information

4 we needed. This is not to be heard here. This

5 is not us to say let -- you know, we're going

6 to stop it, take a side or decide who is right

7 or who is wrong in this department. We had

8 spoken to our attorneys to try to figure out

9 what our role is in this. Our role is not to

10 pick a side. Our role is to do our duty and

11 legislate. I am planning on voting yes, let it

12 go through, let it be battled out where it

13 needs to be in the system.

14 When you look at the information

15 that has been provided -- and, in fact, I

16 worked during the week. I went down to the

17 county to find out about the taxes and called

18 about the taxes here. When you look at what

19 has taken place, it is not easy to figure out

20 for us at least -- as far as I was concerned

21 what she was saying last week that she had paid

22 the taxes. That was my concern that we were --

23 we were all violating something that she had

24 already paid.

25 That was not the case when we found


1 out the county was paid but the city was not.

2 That was the problem. So I will be voting yes,

3 and believe that if it does go litigation it

4 should. As to speak on -- people talking about

5 children, I -- I feel bad for the children. It

6 makes me very sad. But I will tell you I feel

7 bad for everyone. I feel bad for people who

8 would have liked tax moneys since 1980. I feel

9 bad for everyone in this case, but this is not

10 something -- not a court law. A lot of times

11 we believe it is and use that forum for -- its

12 not intended use. So I definitely will be

13 voting for that to continue and to go through.

14 And what happens from there is certainly in

15 someone else's hands.

16 I also want to say something about

17 our downtown. For the first time -- Ozzie,

18 come on, just go with it. You'll be okay. For

19 the first time in years our downtown does not

20 have one store front property available. And

21 for someone who said that -- I've heard months

22 and months we are not doing well. I walked

23 around today and looked around -- I would like

24 to say come downtown because we are doing very

25 well. I'm happy for all the new businesses and


1 for all the creativity definitely for the arts.

2 A lot of people are really starting to invest

3 in us, and I just want to thank you. And all

4 the people I have spoken to down there and also

5 in the -- in all the neighborhoods -- all the

6 small businesses are popping up. And it seems

7 like my generation is starting to say we're

8 here, we're not going anywhere, we want to live

9 here. And no different than people buying new

10 properties and trying to put businesses up.

11 This is where we should be, and I just want to

12 say that. Also I want to say hello to one of

13 my friends Roxy who had her knee operated on.

14 And I hope she has a speedy recovery. I am

15 sure she won't be too happy about that.

16 MS. GATELLI: Mr. McGoff?

17 MR. McGOFF: Yes, just one very

18 quickly, last Wednesday I spoke to Mr. Brazil

19 regarding the signs. I believe it was on Emily

20 and Hawthorn -- I didn't write it down. And he

21 assured me that the D. P. W. was at that time

22 working on resolving the issue for Mr. Rickard.

23 I called Mrs. Rickard on Thursday, spoke to her

24 husband and then to Mrs. Rickard. And, in

25 fact, the signs that she requested were put in


1 place by the D. P. W., some tree branches

2 removed so that the signs could be seen. And

3 she seemed pleased that the situation had been

4 resolved. That's all. Thank you.

5 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Courtright?

6 MR. COURTRIGHT: Just two items --

7 one is last week Mr. Sbaraglia asked about

8 payment for that project up on Keyser Valley.

9 75 percent -- it was back -- you and I both

10 must have missed it. 75 percent was going from

11 the federal government, I believe 25 from the

12 state according to the paper here -- I will

13 give it to you if you would like. The city is

14 not paying for any of that. I was going to

15 wait until we got on the question, but Mrs.

16 Fanucci opened the door for me. I have to be

17 perfectly honest. I don't know either party.

18 It seem almost daily we are getting information

19 this week on it.

20 And I have to -- decide one way or

21 other a couple different times this week as

22 information keeps coming in. I keep changing

23 my mind to what should be done here. I spoke

24 to Mr. Minora before the meeting and asked him

25 some questions, and it his belief -- I will ask


1 him to explain after I get speaking of the

2 process he explained to me -- I don't know if I

3 can do a good enough job because he's the

4 attorney. I will ask one question of Mr.

5 Minora I did not ask you. Maybe you can

6 explain what you explained to me. I am torn

7 here. I -- I don't know what to do.

8 What would become of if this we were

9 to vote this down this evening? What becomes

10 of this land, and what would the process be if

11 we were to vote it down?

12 MR. MINORA: The sale would not

13 proceed.

14 MR. COURTRIGHT: What would be the

15 steps -- what would become of this property?

16 MR. MINORA: Well, you know, it

17 would remain as remained for the last 20 years

18 there without -- unless the taxes are paid.

19 MR. COURTRIGHT: If this woman

20 didn't pay the taxes, the city couldn't take

21 the land from her or they could?

22 MR. MINORA: Well, it should be done

23 subsequently if that's what you're asking.

24 MR. COURTRIGHT: She claimed here --

25 I'm sorry to interrupt you. She claimed here I


1 believe last week that if, in fact, she had to

2 she would go and take a loan -- I am not saying

3 she would or telling the truth or she's lying

4 -- that she would take a loan and pay off the

5 taxes on this property.

6 If, in fact, she did not -- if we

7 didn't pass this legislation this evening and

8 she did not pay these taxes, would the city be

9 able to take that property from her?

10 MR. MINORA: And proceed -- proceed

11 with the sale precisely as they are doing now,

12 is that your question?


14 MR. MINORA: Yes, yes. I mean they

15 can do it subsequently if -- if, in fact, that

16 was done. However, I would tell you that from

17 the standpoint of the process, okay, council is

18 a legislative body not adjudicatory body. I

19 think -- if I could, please -- I think you're

20 being asked in some respects to judge the

21 merits of whether or not the sale is proper.

22 And there's a process to file objections to the

23 process, you know, in court.

24 That's -- that's why -- you know,

25 the legislation that's passed today doesn't


1 transfer the property to Mr. Brozzetti. It has

2 to be approved by a judge or judges.

3 So that -- all you're doing is

4 moving the process along. And those things

5 that you discuss really with all due respect

6 are more properly discussed with a judge.

7 MS. EVANS: Can I pose a question?

8 MS. GATELLI: It's Mr. Courtright's

9 turn.

10 MS. EVANS: Can I pose a question,

11 Mr. Courtright?


13 MS. EVANS: Thank you for your kind

14 indulgence. Now, Mr. Minora, what would happen

15 if this were tabled?

16 MR. MINORA: Well, I think --

17 MS. EVANS: If it was voted down --

18 MS. GATELLI: Settle down.

19 THE AUDIENCE: We can't hear.

20 MR. MINORA: If it was tabled, you

21 know, it will continue as it has existed for

22 the last 20 years. I don't know if it would be

23 paid or not, but it hasn't been paid since 1982

24 in looking at the records. So in answer to

25 your question, I think it's the same question


1 or similar to the one Mr. Courtright asked

2 which is that, in fact -- if it wasn't paid I

3 guess at some point someone can come and bid on

4 it again and go through the same process. But

5 I think that -- again -- and again, with all

6 due respect to council, you know, and the three

7 branches of government, legislative versus

8 adjudicatory, a judge would determine whether

9 or not the sale was proper and legal, and if it

10 wasn't, they wouldn't approve it. They have an

11 opportunity to present objections and so on.

12 MS. EVANS: I agree with you. I

13 don't think it is our job to weigh the merits.

14 However, as simply an individual who can read,

15 I'm finding discrepancies between -- in two

16 reports sent by N. C. C.

17 One is dated September 21st, 2007,

18 and the amount cited is $18,923. And this

19 particular letter nowhere appears in the log of

20 telephone calls and written correspondences

21 between N. C. C. and the delinquent taxpayer.

22 It -- it simply skips that date.

23 There's nothing listed September 21,

24 2007. However, another letter from N. C. C.

25 indicates on October 11th the total is now


1 $117,185. So I just have to say as -- as a

2 literate individual I'm very confused with the

3 paperwork that I received, and the only thing

4 -- you know, on the one hand, of course, I

5 don't to see that property remain as it is

6 either. Frankly, it's an eyesore, and it

7 shouldn't continue along as it has been for any

8 amount of time more than, you know, everyone

9 suffered with it to this point. But on the

10 other hand, I have to think what if this were

11 me, what if this were any one of you. And I do

12 pay my taxes. But the point is, I have to

13 question N. C. C. send out contradictory

14 letters and then apparently skipping some of

15 those letters in what they list as a complete

16 log, you know.

17 I mean -- I'm sorry, I really can't

18 address the audience. I'm just saying that I

19 guess I have a real concern here about N. C. C.

20 and that what I'm seeing before me here could

21 easily happen to any one of us, and it's a --

22 you know, it's a -- it's not a pretty

23 situation. Yes, I do I allow people to talk,

24 Mrs. Gatelli.

25 MS. GATELLI: Mrs. Evans, you're --


1 you're monopolizing, Mr. Minora wants to give

2 his legal opinion.

3 MS. EVANS: And he should when I

4 stop speaking rather than being interrupted by

5 either one of you. I am an elected council

6 person as well. Mr. Minora is not elected. I

7 asked Mr. Courtright's permission, and that was

8 given. So I would ask you please not to

9 interrupt me. Mr. Minora?

10 MR. MINORA: Yes. I thought you

11 were finished. I didn't mean to interrupt you.

12 That was the only reason -- the only thing I

13 will tell you is if there are discrepancies

14 that's the purpose of the adjudicatory body.

15 That's why -- that's why the statue was written

16 that way. That is why there was a period of

17 time within in which to file objections.

18 That's why a judge either approves or

19 disapproves the sale for precisely these

20 reasons.

21 That's why once this begins there's

22 a process, and I think that sometimes you can

23 lose sight of the fact that -- that, you know,

24 one body is not adjudicatory and another is.

25 MS. EVANS: Yeah.


1 MR. MINORA: The only thing I will

2 tell -- you may be correct, Mrs. Evans. I'm

3 not -- I'm not judging the merits of it. I

4 don't think that's -- that's the process. But

5 the law department recommended proceeding with

6 it. And if you're asking me, I think the

7 purpose of the Pittsburgh Plant and quiet title

8 action at that point to file any objections you

9 may have. And if there are legitimate, she'll

10 have her day in court. She will have her day

11 in court. She may end up with the opportunity

12 to pay whatever the delinquency is if there's a

13 discrepancy and to proceed -- and to continue

14 to own the property, but I think we have to get

15 to that -- that point.

16 MS. EVANS: Believe me I am in no I

17 pleading her case. I'm -- I am simply making

18 an observation about discrepancies that I

19 observed in just a matter of 20 minutes. But

20 it seems no wonder the courts are so

21 overburdened and backed up when, you know, it

22 would appear more prudent to straighten

23 situations out properly, you know, before

24 conducting sales rather than to -- I think back

25 things up in a legal system unnecessarily. But


1 I do understand what you're saying. Thank you.

2 MR. MINORA: Okay.

3 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Minora, don't all

4 tax sales go to quiet title?

5 MR. MINORA: They go through the

6 Pittsburgh Plan.

7 MS. GATELLI: So you have to go to

8 court?

9 MR. MINORA: You have to go to

10 court. There's a petition, and there's either

11 service by publication or personal service on

12 the property owner. And then there's a period

13 of time within which to file objections to go

14 into court and so on. So that -- so that, you

15 know, this process today doesn't digest this

16 woman of her property. There's a whole court

17 approval process. She will have her day in

18 court, and she will have an opportunity to be

19 heard and to file these objections to have a

20 hearing so on and so forth. And so I think

21 maybe we are putting the cart before the horse

22 a little bit. She will have a full opportunity

23 to be heard in court. That's -- that's the

24 only point to make today.

25 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Courtright?


1 MR. COURTRIGHT: All right. The --

2 as far as tabling, I -- the reason -- I spent

3 some time this week -- I spoke with some people

4 from the law office and Mrs. Garvey spoke to

5 Mr. Farrell for me. And we asked some

6 questions. And, you know, I'm -- we are

7 getting information from both sides, and they

8 are conflicting. And I think if we were to

9 table it, we will continue to get information

10 from both sides that probably would be

11 conflicting. So I am thinking somebody needs

12 to gather all this information and decide what

13 is true and what is false, and I don't -- I

14 just don't know if that's us.

15 And I -- I am listening to you and

16 hearing you say when I asked you before and now

17 that if it were to pass through here this woman

18 -- I forgot her name -- she would be able to go

19 to court. She has a lawyer now. And she will

20 be able to go to court. And at that point in

21 time then all information would be -- would

22 have to be given to her, whatever information

23 she's not being handed over now I would imagine

24 would have to be given to her at that time. I

25 actually have -- we all have the information


1 Mrs. Evans had in her hand. I certainly,

2 certainly am not looking to hurt anybody's

3 children. I don't know why we went down that

4 road. I don't think that's anybody's

5 intention. It's a tough decision. It's very

6 tough decision, and that's all I will say. We

7 will have our vote and see what happens.

8 MS. GATELLI: Mrs. Garvey?


10 business at this time. SIXTH ORDER - 6 A -








18 SITE.

19 MS. GATELLI: You've heard reading

20 by title of item 6 A. What is your pleasure?

21 MR. COURTRIGHT: I move that item 6

22 A. Pass reading by title.

23 MS. EVANS: Second?

24 MS. GATELLI: On the question? I

25 believe there was a request done on this to


1 move -- suspend the rules.

2 MS. GARVEY: Yes, after we --

3 MS. GATELLI: All those in favor?

4 MS. EVANS: Aye.

5 MR. McGOFF: Aye.



8 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

9 ayes have it and so moved.

10 MR. McGOFF: At this time I would

11 like to make a motion to move 6 A. into 7th

12 order for a final passage.

13 MS. EVANS: Second.

14 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

15 those in favor?

16 MS. EVANS: Aye.

17 MR. McGOFF: Aye.

18 MS. FANUCCI: Aye.


20 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

21 ayes have it and so moved.

22 MS. GARVEY: 7TH ORDER - 7 A -







3 PENNSYLVANIA, 18505, FOR THE SUM OF $28,000.

4 MS. GATELLI: What is the

5 recommendation for the committee on finance?

6 MS. EVANS: As chair for the

7 committee of finance, I recommend final passage

8 of item 7 A.

9 MS. FANUCCI: Second.

10 MS. GATELLI: On the question?

11 MS. EVANS: Yes, if the only way, in

12 fact, this can be settled fairly -- and I would

13 think that if Mr. Brozzetti receives the

14 property he's going to do a wonderful job and I

15 think add something to south side that south

16 side is lacking. On the other hand, I believe

17 if an individual has been paying delinquencies

18 in any way that was improper or inappropriate,

19 you know, while an agency knew at the same time

20 that a property was being sold, it's my hope

21 that money would be refunded. But again, I'm

22 not the judge. I'm not a member of the jury.

23 And I think particularly in light of the fact

24 that you can't even receive information -- and

25 I do empathize with you on that level --


1 believe me -- the best thing you can do is go

2 to court and let the judge decide. So I will

3 be voting in favor of it.

4 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else on the

5 question?

6 MS. FANUCCI: Yes. It says here in

7 October -- October 29th in 2004 that Mrs. Krake

8 made a -- with the client made need for tax

9 search. So it is in the records that there was

10 a tax search done in 2004. And they wrote back

11 -- on the date of 11/1 is when they gave the

12 information of what that tax search showed. So

13 there was a reach out to find out what the

14 taxes were, and they did respond. So there's

15 records.

16 I know Nancy was having a question

17 about that just so she knows that's it's on

18 record there was a request made then. That's

19 all I have.

20 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else? Roll

21 call.

22 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

23 MS. EVANS: Yes.

24 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Fanucci?

25 MS. FANUCCI: Yes.


1 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff?

2 MR. McGOFF: Yes.

3 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?


5 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Gatelli?

6 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

7 7 A. legally and lawfully adopted.









16 MS. GATELLI: As chair for the

17 committee on rules, I recommend final passage

18 of 7 B.

19 MS. FANUCCI: Second.

20 MS. GATELLI: On the question?

21 MR. COURTRIGHT: On the question,

22 Mrs. Gatelli, I -- there's -- I did a lot of

23 research. I spoke with the solicitor for the

24 school, Mr. McGrath, spoke with the city people

25 on this and spoke with Mr. Florshack. He told


1 me that Mr. McGrath had met with him or at

2 least spoke with him and discussed his

3 questions. This project -- land they were

4 looking to acquire -- project 70 land -- I will

5 read you quickly what it says. It permits the

6 state to issue bonds for purchase of lands for

7 public parks, reservoirs and other

8 conservation, recreation and historical

9 preservation purposes and to coordinate those

10 purposes with local governments.

11 The act also permits acquisition of

12 land by eminent domain. So it's project 70

13 land which will make it extremely difficult for

14 those people to obtain that. I guess that is

15 why Mr. Brozzetti was having trouble for the

16 last six years trying to obtain this land. But

17 it appeared to me by my conversation with Mr.

18 Florshack that Mr. McGrath satisfied his

19 questions, and he understands as -- it's an

20 emergency access road and trees they had in

21 question will not be taken down, it will be a

22 nice buffer zone in between. I just wanted to

23 put that information out there for anybody that

24 had any question on any of that. That's all I

25 have.


1 MS. EVANS: I, too, have spoken with

2 all of those parties with the exception of Mr.

3 McGrath. I -- I never had a phone call

4 returned from him.

5 But I have spoken to the property

6 owners several times over the last week, and I

7 have the same information as you regarding

8 project 70 land, but I do have one request, and

9 that would be that the school district would

10 provide to city council a copy of the deed so

11 that we can see that language was included in

12 that deed, and this was indicated according to

13 the neighbors or the gentleman who had met with

14 Mr. McGrath and the developer, I believe, or

15 the architect, and they indicated that they --

16 the school district would be happy to include

17 language in the deed stating that those project

18 70 lands will not be developed by the district.

19 So I would make a motion that city

20 council would receive a copy of that from the

21 school district at such time as it's drawn up

22 so that we can review it for that language

23 that's been promised.

24 MR. COURTRIGHT: Do we need to --

25 MS. EVANS: It's a motion.


1 MS. FANUCCI: Second.

2 MR. COURTRIGHT: You need to vote on

3 the legislation first before we can do her

4 motion or no?

5 MR. MINORA: Motion first.

6 MS. FANUCCI: Second.

7 MS. GATELLI: All in favor?

8 MS. EVANS: Aye.

9 MR. McGOFF: Aye.

10 MS. FANUCCI: Aye.


12 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Anyone else on

13 the question?

14 MS. FANUCCI: We have a very

15 competent and good planning commission and also

16 zoning which makes sure that our buffer zones

17 are very intact, which is something that is

18 pretty much part of our normal procedure. They

19 make sure we have enough buffer zone between

20 properties and that the zones themselves are

21 taken care of. That's something we need to

22 reiterate. Once it goes past here, this has to

23 go to three other stages before it's actually

24 decided upon, and I just want to say that I

25 know that being on the planning commission and


1 also knowing that our great zoning people are

2 on it, it will be something that we can all be

3 proud of. And I'm sure the neighbors will be

4 happy when this is all done. That's all.

5 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else on the

6 question?

7 MS. EVANS: Yes, I agree with what

8 you said, and I'm -- I'm believing in the

9 school district they are going to keep their

10 word because I do know they are highly

11 overcrowded in their current facilities and

12 something has to be done. On the other hand

13 though I am -- I do have my concerns in that

14 for example, there really is no buffer zone on

15 Dickson Avenue between Daron Northeast and the

16 houses on that street.

17 There exists no buffer zone. There

18 simply is a chain link fence, which is in

19 violation of sections of the zoning codes. So

20 as I said, I'm going to put my faith and trust

21 in the school district because I'm sure that

22 they want to be good neighbors and that they

23 want to create an aesthetic appealing property

24 as well, not to mention the fact that when you

25 eliminate green space, you're asking for


1 flooding problems.

2 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else? Roll

3 call.

4 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

5 MS. EVANS: Yes.

6 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Fanucci?


8 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff?

9 MR. McGOFF: Yes.

10 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?


12 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Gatelli?

13 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

14 7 A. legally and lawfully adopted -- 7 B.

15 sorry.















4 MS. GATELLI: What is the

5 recommendation of the chair on public safety?

6 MR. COURTRIGHT: As chairperson for

7 the committee on public safety I recommend

8 final passage of item 7 C.

9 MS. FANUCCI: Second.

10 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll

11 call.

12 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

13 MS. EVANS: Yes.

14 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Fanucci?

15 MS. FANUCCI: Yes.

16 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff?

17 MR. McGOFF: Yes.

18 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?


20 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Gatelli?

21 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

22 7 C legally and lawfully adopted.











7 MS. GATELLI: What is the

8 recommendation of the chair on finance?

9 MS. EVANS: As chair for the

10 committee on finance, I recommend final passage

11 of item 7 D.

12 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

13 MS. GATELLI: On the question?

14 MS. EVANS: Yes, I had posed a

15 question last week to Solicitor Minora about

16 this particular piece of legislation. I had

17 inquired if these transfers were in compliance

18 with the terms of the original grants and

19 agreements, and he indicated that he would

20 contact Attorney Farrell, city solicitor, for a

21 response, which we did receive and I'll read

22 that. Dear Attorney Minora, the account

23 specified in the ordinance pending before

24 council may be closed and balances transferred.

25 With regard to most of the accounts, there's no


1 granting agency. The funds represent balances

2 from old programs which have been closed out

3 but the funds remain. Other accounts which may

4 have been related to grants consist of the city

5 portion of matching funds for city matching

6 dollars were parked in a fund 02 account. One

7 account PEMA has -- should have been closed in

8 2003 but remains open. It has a balance of two

9 tenths of a cent. Please let me know if you

10 need anything further. So we do have that

11 coverage from the legal department, and I just

12 wanted to provide that update.

13 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else on the

14 question? Roll call.

15 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

16 MS. EVANS: Yes.

17 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Fanucci?

18 MS. FANUCCI: Yes.

19 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff?

20 MR. McGOFF: Yes.

21 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?


23 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Gatelli?

24 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

25 7 D legally and lawfully adopted.









8 MS. GATELLI: What is the

9 recommendation of the chair on finance?

10 MS. EVANS: As chair for the

11 committee on finance, I recommend final passage

12 of item 7 E.

13 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

14 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll

15 call.

16 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

17 MS. EVANS: Yes.

18 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Fanucci?

19 MS. FANUCCI: Yes.

20 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff?

21 MR. McGOFF: Yes.

22 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?


24 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Gatelli?

25 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare


1 7 E legally and lawfully adopted.








9 $1,250.00.

10 MS. GATELLI: What is the

11 recommendation from the chair on finance?

12 MS. EVANS: As chair for the

13 committee on finance, I recommend final passage

14 of item 7 F.

15 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

16 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll

17 call.

18 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

19 MS. EVANS: Yes.

20 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Fanucci?

21 MS. FANUCCI: Yes.

22 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff?

23 MR. McGOFF: Yes.

24 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?



1 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Gatelli?

2 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

3 7 F legally and lawfully adopted.







10 PENNSYLVANIA, 18504, FOR THE SUM OF $3,500.00.

11 MS. GATELLI: What is the

12 recommendation from the chair on finance?

13 MS. EVANS: As chair for the

14 committee on finance, I recommend final passage

15 of item 7 G.

16 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

17 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll

18 call.

19 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

20 MS. EVANS: Yes.

21 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Fanucci?

22 MS. FANUCCI: Yes.

23 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff?

24 MR. McGOFF: Yes.

25 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?



2 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Gatelli?

3 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

4 7 G legally and lawfully adopted.








12 PENNSYLVANIA, 18505, FOR THE SUM OF $1,357.00.

13 MS. GATELLI: What is the

14 recommendation from the chair on finance?

15 MS. EVANS: As chair for the

16 committee on finance, I recommend final passage

17 of item 7 H.

18 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

19 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll

20 call.

21 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

22 MS. EVANS: Yes.

23 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Fanucci?

24 MS. FANUCCI: Yes.

25 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff?


1 MR. McGOFF: Yes.

2 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?


4 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Gatelli?

5 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

6 7 H legally and lawfully adopted.








14 PENNSYLVANIA, 18505 FOR THE SUM OF $1,357.00.

15 MS. GATELLI: What is the

16 recommendation from the chair on finance?

17 MS. EVANS: As chair for the

18 committee on finance, I recommend final passage

19 of item 7 I.

20 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

21 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll

22 call.

23 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

24 MS. EVANS: Yes.

25 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Fanucci?



2 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff?

3 MR. McGOFF: Yes.

4 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?


6 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Gatelli?

7 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

8 7 I legally and lawfully adopted.












20 MS. GATELLI: What is the

21 recommendation from the chair on public works?

22 MR. McGOFF: As chairman for the

23 committee on public works, I recommend final

24 passage of item 7 J.

25 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll


1 call.

2 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

3 MS. EVANS: Yes.

4 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Fanucci?


6 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff?

7 MR. McGOFF: Yes.

8 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?


10 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Gatelli?

11 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

12 7 J legally and lawfully adopted.

13 MS. GARVEY: 7 K. tonight we're

14 moving from 6 A., so there may be some people

15 in the public that would wish to speak on it

16 for one more opportunity.

17 THE COURT: Anyone wish to speak on

18 item 7 K.?

19 MS. GARVEY: Formerly 6 A.

20 MS. GATELLI: It was 6 A., parking

21 on Wyoming Avenue. Let the record reflect

22 there's no speakers. 7 K. FORMERLY 6 A - FOR










6 MS. GATELLI: You've heard reading

7 of item 7 K. What is the recommendation of the

8 chair on public safety?

9 MR. COURTRIGHT: A chairperson for

10 the committee on public safety, I recommend

11 final passage of item 7 K.

12 MS. EVANS: Second.

13 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll

14 call.

15 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

16 MS. EVANS: Yes.

17 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Fanucci?

18 MS. FANUCCI: Yes.

19 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff?

20 MR. McGOFF: Yes.

21 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?


23 MR. COOLICAN: Ms. Gatelli?

24 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

25 7 K legally and lawfully adopted.




3 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Miller.

4 MR. MILLER: Good evening, council.

5 Doug Miller. I would like to begin by

6 commenting on what Mrs. Fanucci stated earlier.

7 It kind of ties in with what I will be

8 addressing tonight. Ms. Fanucci stated the

9 progress in downtown. I couldn't agree with

10 her more.

11 You go downtown, and you see two

12 things, businesses and you see people. You

13 couldn't ask for more. People -- you ask why

14 because people see the progress in Scranton.

15 They want to come and invest in our city. We

16 hope continue to do so. During the past week I

17 had been doing some research on how to improve

18 city neighborhoods. While doing my research, I

19 came across the City of Wilkes-Barre's web

20 site. While on the web site I came across

21 information regarding annual contests that the

22 City of Wilkes-Barre conducts each summer. The

23 contest requires any interested Wilkes-Barre

24 resident to show off their yard by making any

25 necessary home improvements. Examples include


1 mowing your lawn, trimming bushes, weeding,

2 planting flowers as well as the overall

3 appearance of your home. The contest is aimed

4 at trying to get Wilkes-Barre residents to take

5 pride in their neighborhood. The title of the

6 contest is, I believe in beautifying my

7 neighborhood. The contest runs during the

8 months of July, August and September.

9 Residents who take part in the

10 contest have the improvements made to their

11 home judged, and one winner is selected each

12 month. Those who win the contest receive gift

13 certificates to local hardware stores. They

14 are also given a proclamation from the city as

15 well as a sign that reads, yard of the month

16 which is placed in the winner's yard. I

17 commend Wilkes-Barre for taking action against

18 blight in neighborhood. I know Mayor Leighton

19 is doing his best to flight blight.

20 I share this with you tonight

21 because I believe this would be a wonderful

22 project in the City of Scranton. We're working

23 hard to restore pride in our neighborhoods.

24 This would be a great way to continue that

25 process. A project like this will become


1 enjoyable for our residents. Neighbors will

2 complete against each other to see who can have

3 a better yard. It would be something positive

4 and fun. This kind of reminds of at Christmas

5 time when your neighbor puts more Christmas

6 lights than you and you go out and buy more so

7 you keep up with your neighbor. It becomes a

8 friendly competition.

9 Many residents would take part in

10 this contest. This will encourage residents to

11 take pride in neighborhoods and fight all

12 blight in the city. Our neighborhood will

13 become a lot stronger if we began just a

14 contest. Tonight I ask council to look at this

15 proposal from junior council. We will continue

16 to do our best to help improve our city as

17 we've done while we've been here over the last

18 year and a half. I ask council tonight to

19 review this plan and make a motion next week to

20 approve this proposal so we can begin planning

21 stages for this project that will begin next

22 summer. Let's join Wilkes-Barre and work hard

23 to improve our quality of life and improve our

24 city neighborhoods. Thank you.

25 MS. GATELLI: Mike Dudek.


1 MR. DUDEK: I am Mike Dudek, 608

2 Depot Street, Scranton, PA. I live in the

3 plot. I'm going to start with what Ms. Fanucci

4 was saying because I have some areas of

5 disagreement. Personal observation in the 100

6 block of Wyoming Avenue in the Semian Gress

7 Building right around the corner from the 100

8 block is a sign over a restaurant that says

9 grand opening. That restaurant opened in March

10 and closed in July and the grand opening sign

11 is still there. That space is vacant. That's

12 one.

13 Another vacant space in downtown

14 Scranton is Mayor Doherty's old campaign

15 headquarters in the Ritz building in the old

16 Ritz theater. You look in the window. You

17 will see still see some of his old campaign

18 signs, restoring the pride signs, collecting

19 dust. Now, when the guys at Semian Gress want

20 to get a hoagie, they go up Subway on Wyoming

21 Avenue, the 200. The space right next to

22 subway is vacancy.

23 MS. FANUCCI: Not anymore. There is

24 a new store coming in.

25 MR. DUDEK: Thank you. I stand


1 corrected on one. We have this Southern Union

2 building four floors looking for people.

3 MS. FANUCCI: I am talking store

4 fronts. I said store front properties.

5 MR. DUDEK: Well, in the sense I

6 will look at this as store fronts. If you go

7 up in the Steamtown Mall into the food court,

8 you will find four boarded up restaurants there

9 that have been boarded up since at least

10 January. So we have some work to do. We also

11 have 350 houses for sale in this city which is

12 a huge housing market for sale.

13 This town is too small to have 350

14 housing units for sale, to have 350 residential

15 homes for sale. You should be thinking about

16 the size of Cincinnati, not Scranton. All you

17 have to do is check with the realtors. They

18 are putting the books out for free to tell you

19 about these 350 properties for sale here in the

20 city. All you have to do is start gathering

21 them, okay.

22 The real reason why I came here

23 today was to ask Mrs. Gatelli please reconsider

24 the lawsuit that she has against Mr. Pilchesky.

25 I will give you a quick reason why you should


1 reconsider.

2 MS. FANUCCI: I am going to ask our

3 attorney please go in on this one. This is not

4 city business, and I certainly don't believe

5 this should be discussed here. So can I have a

6 legal opinion?

7 MR. DUDEK: This is city business.

8 This as to do with Ms. Gatelli acting as city

9 council president.

10 MS. FANUCCI: I will ask the

11 attorney for a legal opinion, please.

12 MR. MINORA: I don't believe any

13 litigation -- I don't believe that any pending

14 litigation should be discussed in a public

15 forum. I don't think it's proper and

16 appropriate at this time.

17 MS. FANUCCI: Thank you. Continue

18 on with something else, please.

19 MR. DUDEK: So she loses her house

20 because Mr. Pilchesky --

21 MS. FANUCCI: Continue with

22 something else.

23 MR. DUDEK: So she can lose her

24 house in a rebuttal suit. Thank you.

25 MS. GATELLI: Reverend Simmons.


1 MS. SIMMONS: Reverend Kathryn

2 Simmons, Florence Midtown Crime Watch, I came

3 tonight to read the following press release.

4 Malik Azzis, the C. E. O. of the highly

5 applauded Exodus Tour the only way out, and

6 more recently on tour with Dr. Bill Cosby with

7 the save our children tour will be in Scranton

8 on Thursday, October 18th at Bethel A. M. E.

9 church. The town hall meeting will begin at 3

10 p.m. and end at 5 p.m. Topics will include

11 gang prevention and intervention.

12 The count me out and let me out gang

13 intervention program rededemption for gangsters

14 and exodus the only way out deals with getting

15 out of the gang and staying out. Community

16 interventions and educational programs will be

17 explained and presented by the exodus tour

18 panel which includes several renowned experts

19 on gang intervention and community solutions to

20 gangs. The exodus tour panel will also meet

21 with law enforcement officials, county

22 correctional officials, hospital and school

23 security officials, educational officials and

24 local clergy. Special invited guests include

25 Ray Hayes, director of public safety, Warden


1 Donati of the Lackawanna County prison, Mike

2 Sheraton, administrator of the public schools

3 in Scranton. Lackawanna County as well as many

4 other counties and cities in Pennsylvania are

5 experiencing an upsurge in youth involved gang

6 activity.

7 This unique conversation with

8 community, city and experts in gang prevention

9 and intervention is the first in this area.

10 The early meeting in the morning is not open to

11 the public, but the town hall meeting at 3:00

12 is open to the public. And I hope we have a

13 great number in attendance.

14 The second thing that I came here

15 tonight to talk about is the support of our

16 police and firemen's union. These men and

17 women are the elite members of this city's

18 public service. Why are so many of us so

19 negative to support these magnificent souls who

20 every day set their lives at risk to protect

21 us? I am asking you as city council members to

22 please support these men and women and let them

23 know that they are blessed with safety and

24 protection from those of us entitled citizens

25 of Scranton. Thank you.


1 MS. COOK: Helen Cook.

2 MS. COOK: Good evening, city

3 council, Helen Cook, Scranton resident. I have

4 some pictures I would like to show you if I can

5 approach council. I will leave them with Mr.

6 McGoff. Friday evening down on Center Street

7 between Washington Avenue and Adams Avenue

8 there was a program put on, and the street was

9 closed. I don't know if you know -- Center

10 Street actually is a street. It's not a court.

11 It's not a place. It's not an alley. I am

12 wondering who gave the authority to close that

13 street because as of today it's still closed.

14 It never came before city council to close, and

15 I thought they were the governing body on

16 closing streets or courts as they always have

17 for the University of Scranton.

18 The extensions that they put up

19 there is blocking Center Street from Washington

20 Avenue to Adams Avenue, which puts a lot of

21 traffic into Lee Court and to Dicks Court with

22 nowhere to go. You can't get out of those

23 courts once you're in there unless you're going

24 the wrong direction.

25 Courts in the city particularly in


1 central city all go northbound. Well, the way

2 this is working now, they can't actually go

3 either way because of the street -- Center

4 Street being closed. So I am just wondering

5 who gave permission to whoever put that program

6 on to close that street. I know if we need a

7 street closed for anything in the city for

8 going on, it's only done for a certain period

9 of time particularly that evening, not a whole

10 week.

11 MS. FANUCCI: I think we vacated

12 that street.

13 MS. COOK: Thank you. I will

14 collect my pictures after a while.

15 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Spindler.

16 MR. SPINDLER: Good evening,

17 council, Les Spindler. I want to continue on

18 the empty store fronts with Mrs. Fanucci. I

19 don't know where you walk downtown. It must

20 have been one block. Off the top of my head,

21 there's three businesses -- I think the 200

22 block of Wyoming Avenue, the Roth old furniture

23 building is empty, near that is the old Abe's

24 Delicatessen. Next to that the old Creedon's

25 florist empty.


1 MS. FANUCCI: Did we get any new

2 business, Les, downtown --

3 MR. SPINDLER: I am talking empty

4 storefronts. Don't interrupt me. And also on

5 the corner of where -- Bewitching used to be,

6 that building has been empty for years. I

7 don't know where you're walking downtown.

8 Okay. The next thing I have to comment on

9 council reneging on its agreement to give

10 $25,000 to channel 61. I was always taught

11 growing up you shouldn't make a promise if you

12 can't keep it. Mrs. Gatelli, you as council

13 president, you should go to the mayor and ask

14 for this money since this city seems to have so

15 much money.

16 We give hundreds of thousands of

17 dollars to high priced consultants, we give

18 $100,000 to Carl Greco. And we pay about a

19 million dollars to fight arbitration appeals

20 that the mayor keeps losing. So we must have

21 $25,000 to give to channel 61. Mr. McGoff,

22 what you had to say in that article, giving

23 them money could open the door for other groups

24 such as W. V. I. A., the local P. B. S.

25 affiliate to seek funds from city council.


1 That might be the dumbest thing you said since

2 you've been on council. W. V. I. A. is not

3 located in the City of Scranton so they

4 couldn't come to city council to ask for money.

5 That would be like me going to Wilkes-Barre

6 city council asking them for help. Although I

7 might get more satisfaction from them than I do

8 with this council. Your silence speaks

9 volumes, Mr. McGoff. Now I will say --

10 MR. McGOFF: Was I supposed to

11 respond to that in some way?

12 MR. SPINDLER: No, maybe your

13 comment was hypothetical. I don't know.

14 MR. McGOFF: I didn't know it was a

15 question. You mentioned my silence. I thought

16 I was supposed to speak.

17 MR. SPINDLER: I will say a couple

18 productive things, Mrs. Fanucci. Maybe you

19 won't laugh about it. Again, on this --

20 MS. FANUCCI: No, I'll laugh.

21 MR. SPINDLER: -- I think a ban on

22 minors for smoking in public places should be

23 looked into by city council and also a ban on

24 cell phones while driving because my wife had a

25 year miss today when a young lady driving


1 talking on a cell phone almost ran into my

2 wife. I think if there is somebody seriously

3 hurt or killed by a cell phone -- somebody

4 driving with a cell phone it will be on this

5 council. Lastly, Mr. Courtright, last week

6 I've brought up maybe putting a sign up on Main

7 Avenue for that railroad bridge. Did you hear

8 anything about that?

9 MR. COURTRIGHT: I have to contact

10 Lieutenant Mackey on that. I didn't get an

11 opportunity. I will get to it.

12 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Sbaraglia.

13 MR. SBARAGLIA: Andy Sbaraglia ,

14 City of Scranton. Fellow Scrantonians, I am

15 glad the city got the audit from the Scranton

16 Redevelopment Authority. But we're still

17 missing the Parking Authority audit. And

18 believe me, I'm going to compare the two to

19 find out why that garage was transferred so

20 many times -- actually once. But there's got

21 to be something going on there and it doesn't

22 smell too good.

23 Now, you point out that the land

24 that you transferred to the school came from

25 project 70. Do you know if the state signed


1 off on it?

2 MS. EVANS: Not to my knowledge.

3 MR. SBARAGLIA: They still have to

4 go through the state. They have to supply

5 another parcel of land equal to the one they

6 are taking. Are they planning to do that?

7 MR. COURTRIGHT: I imagine they are

8 meeting all the qualifications or the state

9 will not allow them to do it.

10 MR. SBARAGLIA: I remember what

11 happened with the south side complex. You know

12 what I mean. You saw they hired all kinds of

13 people down there to talk to the -- state

14 legislature and all kind of stories about a

15 runed down piece of trash but it wasn't. But

16 you can tell all kinds of stories when you're a

17 politician.

18 It's just hard to tell the truth. I

19 don't know it's so hard to say. Now, through

20 -- we can look at the truth a lot of different

21 ways. Somebody can look at the truth black and

22 white. Other people look at the truth very

23 colorful. They love to color the truth. Them

24 are the people you got to watch. When a person

25 comes up to you and speaks what they think


1 forthright to you, they may be wrong, they may

2 be right. But at least they are honest. When

3 people make into question behind their back --

4 or say things that you didn't say or color this

5 or color that or say this is good for the city

6 or that's good for the city, no, them are

7 people you got to watch. Things that are good

8 for the city is good paying jobs, and they are

9 lacking. Nobody seems to want to bring them

10 in. I told you about we are heading toward a

11 college town where nothing but people saying

12 yes, sir, hot dogs, hamburgers and so forth and

13 so on, but you ain't going to have people

14 living here because they can't afford the

15 taxes.

16 Mrs. Gatelli pointed out that they

17 raised our taxes on our properties just once in

18 so many years, but she neglected to tell you

19 that we had the highest wage tax. That was the

20 whole idea of the high paying wage tax so that

21 elderly in this town wouldn't have to pay -- in

22 other words, if you made money you paid it, if

23 you didn't make money, you to didn't pay it.

24 And this city is going down hill since.

25 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Quinn.


1 MR. QUINN: Ozzie Quinn. Mrs. Cook,

2 you should know by now that's not the way the

3 city goes. It doesn't follow procedures. It

4 goes how the mayor wants it and that's it.

5 They vote. I'm sorry, but that's the facts.

6 As a matter of fact, that project 70 land, if

7 you go back to the archives -- where's she

8 going? She knows she's going to be on the hot

9 seat today.

10 This project 70 Andy speaks of, I

11 know several pieces of land that were conveyed

12 to developers whereby the city had to

13 substitute land for selling it to a private

14 developer, so that should have been researched

15 before you even said approval of that

16 resolution tonight, which by de facto you are

17 giving us an increase in school taxes and also

18 in the budget you're going to increase our

19 taxes again. There's no way you can put a spin

20 on it. There's no way to explain it. You are

21 taxing us by giving them that school which we

22 do not need.

23 Now, the library -- Mrs. Fanucci,

24 first I want to say about downtown, 24-hour

25 city, if you go downtown in the daytime, it's


1 crowded, no doubt about it. Go to Harrisburg

2 you think you're in a big metropolitan area.

3 At night it looks like somebody pulled the

4 shades down. I went to a movie with my wife I

5 explained to you -- right -- they turned on the

6 camera. My wife and I were the only patrons.

7 They played the whole movie. I come out and

8 you could have shot a gun and you wouldn't have

9 hit nobody. I don't know what movie she's

10 watching.

11 Anyway -- regarding the library as a

12 wish list, okay, and that it's not moving, if

13 you read the south side study -- and, Judy, you

14 can support this here, the fact is that in the

15 south side study it says they are going to take

16 the Albright library, which has lost its use

17 because of the high tech and they are going to

18 put it over -- new library over in south side

19 and even go on to explain how libraries are the

20 thing that's going on in the city -- new

21 libraries because of high tech.

22 Even they quote in there that the

23 cost for libraries in five cities run from 7

24 million -- get this -- to 50 million dollars.

25 So that's what we are looking at for south


1 side. That's the same as the plan that -- from

2 the old post office to put a park in. That's

3 part of the south side study. Mr. McGoff knows

4 that. Mr. McGoff knows that that's going over

5 there. He's going to vote on that. There's no

6 doubt about it because he votes on everything

7 the mayor says, and he -- he said he wasn't

8 going to run for mayor if he was appointed.

9 That wasn't one of his desires in life, but he

10 is. So I am very concerned about this. And I

11 hope that we start looking at the sale of the

12 land -- over to the school board, too. We

13 violated again. We didn't go to the C. P. C.

14 for that development. Come on. Let's stop

15 being corrupt.

16 MS. GRUDZINSKI: Do I have to state

17 my name again? Lori Grudzinski, property on

18 Cedar and Locust. First of all, you read the

19 taxes reiterating what is on the N. C. C.

20 report that you all received, I did not own the

21 property since 1982.

22 So why that is an issue against me I

23 don't know. Mr. Brozzetti did not want it then

24 either. Mrs. Gatelli, you know my father had

25 control, he was tough and he had control of


1 everything that was in his name or my name or

2 anyone else in the family for that matter.

3 It's not any news to anyone in all of south

4 side that Mrs. Gatelli and my father did not

5 hit it off, they were not good friends at all.

6 However, I did not plan on him dieing last

7 year. He had his wishes for me to take control

8 of that property.

9 At the time that he died, he said

10 that's what he wanted for me to have for my

11 children. I tried to make good. I immediately

12 went to the treasurer's office, spoke with

13 Mayor Doherty and tried to get an accurate

14 amount of what was owed on the property so I

15 can move forward and empty the building out,

16 clean up everything down there and get it

17 looking nice in south side.

18 Nothing would make my father prouder

19 for me to finally see through something and

20 make it look good. But all I do is hit

21 barricades. No one will give me an accurate

22 amount. My lawyer cannot get the totals. I

23 only looked over these papers -- I got a copy

24 now. Thank you. It's not even -- I mean, I

25 can't begin to say that -- what is wrong on


1 here. First of all, the taxes on here that

2 total that astronomical figure $118,000 go back

3 as far as 1960. If you want to look back at

4 that in the dates, I wasn't even born in 1960.

5 Come on. Where does this end? This is

6 ridiculous. It says right here this is -- law

7 offices downtown -- downstairs is supposed to

8 represent all of us. It says prior owner,

9 Brian Scott. This is what you asked for

10 information on back taxes from Brian Scott, the

11 father of Lori Ann Grudzinski. That's my

12 father's name. Get it straight. There's a lot

13 of problems in this. A lot of these taxes

14 aren't true like I said.

15 I know for a fact there's other

16 people listed in here that paid taxes on it

17 over the years. I know they didn't pay a penny

18 on them. I don't know where they got that

19 from. A couple questions I have -- why did

20 they wait until the day after if came to

21 council last week to the condemn property and

22 building? It's been a mess along time.

23 Everyone can see that. We're not stupid.

24 We're not blind. But, yes, I want to make good

25 for it. Now they are going to condemn it


1 because I am trying to make good for it. What

2 sections under the property maintenance code

3 was this condemned for? I didn't get anything

4 -- I had no information on the condemnation of

5 the property. I got a letter this weekend also

6 indicating that I don't have proper permits to

7 operate a flee market which they noticed me

8 operating on the property. I don't have a flee

9 market going on there. The City of Scranton

10 does not have permits for flee markets anyway.

11 Am I being harassed now? Where does it end?

12 You know, there is a lot of

13 omissions on here of telephone calls that went

14 on between me and N. C. C. But Mr. Dubeck, my

15 representative at N. C. C. now says their notes

16 can only be seen by them and the city. So I'm

17 not ever going to get those notes. Neither is

18 anyone else who doesn't want to show you what

19 was going on all this time. Thank you for your

20 time.

21 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr.

22 Dobson.

23 MR. DOBSON: Good evening, council.

24 Dave Dobson, resident of Scranton. Last week I

25 decided to comment on an article from the


1 Scranton Times about Paul Kanjorski getting $20

2 million for overflows -- stem overflows with

3 local municipalities. Now, our bill is more

4 like $150 million to correct this.

5 And I also cited an editorial with

6 the Scranton Times. People are well aware of

7 that in the area. Not everybody understands

8 it. I have here an article that states that

9 half of the major water treatment plants and

10 industrial facilities in the state discharge

11 more pollutants in the waterways than allowed

12 under the clean water act permits according to

13 a new report.

14 What I'm -- my objective is in

15 discussing this with you is in the future $150

16 million is a lot of money. And if the federal

17 government is going to help other communities,

18 I don't see why they are not offering to help

19 us. And if they don't offer to help us, I feel

20 they can use a little stinging criticism. So

21 if you want to campaign slogan or two or angle,

22 go for it.

23 And so -- just in the future, it

24 would be -- I would recommend that -- that we

25 start to go after these people. I'm going to


1 read a little excerpt of a book I recently read

2 on the federal government. In 1995 a spill

3 from one of those hog farm lagoons, a billion

4 fish in the Noose River in North Carolina --

5 every year since dead fish has continued to

6 wash up on shore by the tens of millions. They

7 are not dieing from the smell. No, these fish

8 are falling prey from a previously unknown life

9 form spawn and pig feces basins carried into

10 the rivers and waterways.

11 The -- the pisteria pieta, this

12 dinoplantiod is a microscopic free swimming

13 single cell organism that can mutate into at

14 least 24 different forms. Depending on its

15 pray, it attacks fish stunning with toxins and

16 then liquifying their flesh with another. I

17 will continue next week.

18 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr.

19 Stucker.

20 MR. DOBSON: This has gone

21 unpunished even though we are being asked to

22 spend $150 million on sewage overflow.

23 MR. STUCKER: On Market Street right

24 there by coming down the laundry mat -- coming

25 up Market Street from the parking lot out, what


1 happens they have a bunch of cars always parked

2 there. Right where you come out of the laundry

3 mat out in the road there's no sign there no

4 parking. They still park there. A white guy

5 -- I don't know who he -- was he had his blue

6 blazer parked out there today, like, for 20

7 minutes, 10, 15 minutes. Maybe one of yous can

8 put a sign up that says no parking there.

9 MR. COURTRIGHT: We have to look at

10 that. They can't just throw up a sign, okay.

11 MR. STUCKER: They told me yesterday

12 or today -- yesterday -- he says, can you look

13 at them lights up there on Market Street they

14 are all out by the shop all the way to the

15 beauty shop on Market.


17 MR. STUCKER: And where the -- where

18 the barber shop is next to the bar, they didn't

19 cut that grass again, that empty lot down

20 there. They didn't cut that. That means we

21 had a guy yesterday volunteer clean up the

22 square. We had a guy clean it yesterday good.

23 MR. COURTRIGHT: Thank you, Jim.

24 MR. STUCKER: What about that light

25 on Church Avenue? Are you still going to get


1 that light put up?

2 MR. COURTRIGHT: You just brought it

3 up last week. It takes some time. Church and

4 Oak, right?

5 MR. STUCKER: Can you still get the

6 blinker put up on Providence Square?

7 MR. COURTRIGHT: They have a traffic

8 light there.

9 MR. STUCKER: They go right through

10 the red light. I seen them today. The light

11 turns so fast they go right through it.

12 MR. COURTRIGHT: All right, Jim.

13 MR. STUCKER: Where were you going

14 that day I seen you going down --

15 MS. GATELLI: I was trying to get

16 your new scooter, Jim.

17 MR. COURTRIGHT: I was looking for

18 you. I was going to Church and Oak to see what

19 you wanted there.

20 MR. STUCKER: All right.

21 MR. COURTRIGHT: Thanks.

22 MR. STUCKER: I am going to vote for

23 you and vote for Janet.

24 MR. COURTRIGHT: Thanks, Jim.

25 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else?


1 MR. PATILLA: Sam Patilla, Scranton

2 resident, homeowner, taxpayer. I was going to

3 talk about the council reneging on their word

4 as far as the $25,000 to channel 61. I said

5 you were going to do it that way. That's

6 nothing new. What caught my call is 7 A.,

7 $28,000 for three parcels of land. Maybe it's

8 time for the citizens of this city to come

9 together and form their own coalition so we can

10 stop this money grab.

11 Maybe we can find out which

12 properties are delinquent, pay off those taxes

13 and then have the homeowner reimburse that

14 organization because we cannot look for council

15 as a whole to watch our back because three of

16 you have shown you don't have our best interest

17 at heart.

18 You are only concerned about

19 yourselves and that mayor. It is a land grab

20 going on in this city. We know it. We can all

21 see it. All right. I don't know if the lady

22 was making payments on her taxes or not. I do

23 know if they were accepting a payment from her

24 be it one penny that that delinquent period

25 stop right there when they accepted that money


1 and it began anew. I do also know that there

2 is a statute of limitations on how far they can

3 go back. I knew this was going to happen with

4 N. C. C. Just like I said, you're going to

5 allow people to come take these senior

6 citizen's homes.

7 The only way we will stop this is to

8 vote you out of office. That's the only way we

9 are going to stop this because when that

10 council becomes three to two for the people

11 instead of three to two against the people,

12 it's the only way we are going to get any

13 regress. It's the only way we will get any

14 relief. We know there's a 25 percent property

15 tax coming. We know it. We know that you're

16 selling everything the taxpayers own in this

17 city. You're giving it away. You're not

18 selling it. You're giving it away. Maybe we

19 should also form a coalition so when you try to

20 give our land away to somebody we can outbid

21 them and put a stop to that behind closed door

22 scenes that's going on taking our property.

23 We also know that you're talking

24 about getting rid of blight. You knock down a

25 building but you don't maintain it. Six months


1 later the weeds are 7 feet, 8 feet high. So

2 you're not getting rid of blight, you're

3 creasing blight. I'm not going to ask you to

4 change your vote. I'm not going to ask you to

5 look out for the citizens in this city. I know

6 in the bottom of my heart you're not going to

7 do it. Just like I explained to these people

8 year after year and day after day, the only way

9 they are going to make change is to stand up

10 and be recognized and do it themselves by

11 voting those of you who are against the

12 taxpayers out of office.

13 You -- you lie one and lie twice.

14 You vote on issues that you don't have backup

15 for. You still pass it by. And time and time

16 again, people come to this podium and they

17 explain to you that you have the wrong

18 information or you're lacking information and

19 you still pass these things.

20 MS. GATELLI: Thank you, Mr.

21 Patilla.

22 MR. HUBBARD: Good evening, council,

23 Daniel Hubbard. After reading the article in

24 today's paper, Mr. McGoff, I think it was funny

25 after you voted for a 25 percent tax increase


1 that now you seem to think three weeks before

2 an election we're able to make cuts in the city

3 and streamline our city employees. You stated

4 you have to look where we are top heavy and get

5 away with two people instead of four. I can

6 start with two departments right off the bat,

7 public safety and the flood control office. We

8 didn't need the office before. We certainly

9 don't need Mr. Setizinger, Mr. Mitchell, Mr.

10 Hayes and their adjoining secretaries. We also

11 don't need the flood office because there's

12 pretty much no buyouts left for the flood

13 project. That office can be disbanded right

14 off the bat.

15 You also stated you dispelled the

16 long held belief in Scranton that those seeking

17 office must not seek -- you don't need the

18 union votes. Are you saying the city doesn't

19 need the unions, that they are not important?

20 I mean, this article is -- is -- everything in

21 this article is slated towards an election yet

22 you voted for a 25 percent increase. Now

23 you're willing to make cuts. You want to look

24 where we're top heavy. Ten million in new

25 hires and consultants and educate them and do


1 their jobs and after you vote in a 25 percent

2 tax increase on the residents of the city,

3 three weeks before an election you're willing

4 to make cuts. Those cuts could have been made

5 long before that tax increase was voted for.

6 You could have been easily streamlined this

7 city without making a 25 percent tax increase.

8 You certainly didn't have to vote

9 for the increase. You could have made

10 suggestions to streamline the city then. You

11 could have made suggestions to cutting our top

12 heavy management in the city that's chock full

13 of uneducated, unqualified new hires that the

14 residents are breaking their backs to pay the

15 taxes to cover their asses, excuse my language,

16 buts it's true. Ten million new hires,

17 millions of dollars in consultants to give them

18 an education in their jobs they had nothing and

19 no idea what to do when they got them. Yet you

20 slam us with a 25 percent tax increase and now

21 before an election you're saying you're willing

22 to streamline the city and make cuts.

23 It just -- it just shows you really

24 don't care for the residents because when you

25 should have cared for the residents you voted


1 for a tax increase instead of not voting for a

2 tax increase. You could have voted to

3 streamline and made cuts like everybody came to

4 this podium ask -- make cuts. There's cuts to

5 be made. There's places cuts can be made. No.

6 Instead you voted to increase. Now, you're

7 running for an office you said you would not

8 run for if you were appointed -- you decided

9 it's okay to start making cuts within the city.

10 I think if you make cuts you start with

11 management, and let's cut down some of that ten

12 million in unqualified people that we have

13 running this city that are making illegal

14 condemnations all over the city.

15 You're talking about bringing

16 immigrants here and welcome them with open

17 arms. Right now there is a demolition

18 initiative in the city instead of a rehab

19 initiative. You're tearing down every house

20 you can. Where are these people going to live?

21 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr. Rogan?

22 MR. ROGAN: Pat Rogan, West Scranton

23 resident. Mr. McGoff, in today's paper you

24 stated we should welcome imgrants with open

25 arms. Were you referring to legal imgrants or


1 illegal imgrants or both?

2 MR. McGOFF: Mr. Rogan, I am not

3 going to engage in a debate tonight. This is

4 -- this is not the venue for it.

5 MR. ROGAN: Are you saying you

6 support illegal immigrants in our

7 neighborhoods?

8 MR. McGOFF: Mr. Rogan, this is not

9 the venue.

10 MR. ROGAN: I am a citizen. I am

11 just asking you a question.

12 MS. GATELLI: Excuse me, but this is

13 out of order. You're a candidate.

14 MR. ROGAN: I am just asking

15 questions.

16 MS. GATELLI: You're asking it of

17 your opponent, and this is not a political

18 venue.

19 MR. ROGAN: Moving on, if you do

20 support illegal immigrants, which you won't

21 take a stance on, I cannot understand why you

22 would want to get jobs for illegal immigrants

23 when Scrantonians or hard working Americans

24 can't get job in this area. Scranton has

25 become a service industry service city. That's


1 not a good thing. We need manufacturing jobs

2 in this area for people. Our union workers in

3 this city have been taken advantage of by this

4 administration. We need to embrace them. They

5 are good hard working people by and large. You

6 stated we need to make cuts. You're right.

7 Cuts need to start from the top down. We need

8 more police in our neighbors, and we need to

9 get rid of illegal immigrants, not embrace

10 them. Thank you.

11 MR. DAVIS: Salaam aleikam. I

12 complained to Sam who was here before about my

13 making a statement about not voting to the

14 minorities out there. It was a mistake I made.

15 I've been fighting for voting rights for 40

16 years. I started fighting for voting rights

17 back in the 60s. I fought to get people to

18 register to vote. I fought to get people down

19 to the polls. And now for me to come here and

20 say you shouldn't vote, I must have been very

21 disappointed. Because of the results, I voted

22 for this group of people that are on this right

23 now except for Mr. McGoff. And other people I

24 voted for, only one still remains. I only

25 voted for two. And the ones that remain are a


1 tremendous disappointment in my eyesight. But

2 Scranton has known many, many politicians to

3 come through here. They've allowed us to vote

4 for all these people, and they very seldom ever

5 do the job you hope for them to do. We have

6 western -- Washington West, a development that

7 has been closed down for reasons you never

8 investigated.

9 You never actually took part in

10 discussion. The only one was Ms. Evans.

11 Everybody else -- nobody else ever said

12 anything about it here at council nor in the

13 street nor in your interviews with different

14 people. And I don't -- here's a part of the

15 city -- that's right. This is a poor part of

16 the city. This is a city of the -- of those

17 that are on -- delinquent or those that are

18 compensation or whatever means, Social Security

19 or whatever. But you never said anything about

20 them reopening that place up. You crowded them

21 into all the other places. But you never

22 opened this place up for them to be moved back.

23 Eviction plays a tremendous role on the kids.

24 It really does. You don't believe it, but the

25 -- if you go through, those kids that were in


1 that -- in the development prior to your --

2 prior to them being evicted and find out what

3 has happened to them since then, you will find

4 that the -- you say you care about kids. You

5 find out their averages have dropped. You find

6 out they have more problems with the police.

7 You find out -- this is dangerous --

8 dangerous for the community. So if you -- if

9 you would, please, have a heart and do

10 something that's going to help the city instead

11 of yourselves because I see -- I see too much

12 selfishness after all these years. And I am

13 glad. Please go out and vote.

14 MR. JACOWITZ: Bill Jacowicz, south

15 Scranton resident. When Mrs. Fanucci was

16 stating there was no empty store fronts in the

17 downtown Scranton, I don't know if she was

18 talking about Scranton, North Carolina,

19 Scranton North Dakota or Scranton, New Mexico

20 because there are numerous empty store fronts

21 including the Southern Union building. Please

22 do not interrupt me. Council members making

23 votes without any knowledge on what they are

24 voting on -- Mr. Courtright stated this past

25 week, I thought we had the money, you mean that


1 you do not know for sure that we had the 25

2 thousand. It must have been too much research

3 on that. Mr. McGoff stated, giving them the

4 money could open door for other groups such as

5 W. V. I. A., the local P. B.S. affiliates to

6 seek funds from city council. You stated

7 publically you do not deal with hypothetical

8 questions. Then why do you use hypothetical

9 examples to explain the reason for reneging on

10 your commitment of 25,000 for channel 61? Or

11 were you also unaware of the fact that the City

12 of Scranton is broke? Too broke, two broken

13 promises on one votes in month.

14 Mr. Courtright, you used as

15 justification for not giving the 25,000 to

16 channel 61 that we cannot pay our bills. It

17 has been suggest that the city file bankruptcy.

18 This is the normal procedures when you cannot

19 pay your bills. 16 years distressed city, no

20 contracts police or fire or clerical. The city

21 situation has worsened as time goes on.

22 Somebody in Scranton government must sell

23 leadership not loyalty. Mr. McGoff, are you

24 aware of any service industry jobs that are

25 family sustaining? And what is family


1 sustaining? To me it's $40,000 plus net, not

2 gross. I know of no service jobs. Hopefully

3 when I am finished, Mr. McGoff, you can tell me

4 what service jobs you know that will pay that

5 money along with benefits.

6 Finally, illegal immigrants in

7 Scranton can get jobs. Scranton cannot find

8 ways for American citizens to get jobs. 5.1

9 percent unemployment. Scranton has had the

10 highest unemployment, lowest hourly wage,

11 lowest per capita income in the state for years

12 and years and years. Mr. McGoff, are you

13 speaking about real solutions or hypothetical

14 solutions?

15 Mr. McGoff, instead of hypothetical

16 maybe, you mean hysterical. Definition of

17 hypothetical, highly conjectural, not well

18 supported by available evidence -- sounds like

19 hypothetical to me when service jobs are going

20 to be family sustaining, maybe a family of one.

21 MR. McGOFF: I will clarify. I was

22 not here when the vote to give money to channel

23 61 was made.

24 MR. COURTRIGHT: If I may, I -- I

25 don't think there's anybody sitting up here


1 that is supporting channel 61 more than me. I

2 suggest you go and ask Mr. Finnerty who is

3 running channel 61 at the time I tried my very

4 best. I sent a letter to the mayor asking for

5 $25,000 in UDAG money. We didn't get it. So I

6 don't know what you're thinking when you say I

7 don't support channel 61, I -- I believe you

8 couldn't be more wrong if you tried. Thank

9 you.

10 MS. GATELLI: Come on up, Phyllis.

11 MS. HUMPHREY: I will cheer everyone

12 up. I want to say hello to everyone, my

13 bishops, my priest, all the military that are

14 serving, all my council women and councilmen.

15 No matter what goes on and how mad you get,

16 just put springs in your rear end pop right up

17 and we're going to be okay. Saint Rosalie

18 church had a 175th anniversary few months ago.

19 I got this book yesterday, and I want to salute

20 Monsignor Quinn and our forefathers and

21 predecessors but also our military that's in

22 this book general -- Aloicious Casey, General

23 Jerome O'Malley, but somebody very special to

24 my heart, John F. Malone. I have ties with his

25 family in a very special way. When you look


1 all the way around here in presidents of the

2 history in the City of Scranton, everybody is

3 kind of knocking but they are not in their

4 shoes. They got to look and back and see what

5 happened past that brought us to the present.

6 And they can't be battling and

7 verbally abusing the way they are. They got to

8 sit down in a private place before we come on

9 and discuss everything. I give my heart and my

10 love to channel 61 because without channel 61 I

11 would never be able to express my faith, my

12 love or my concerns for this city. The mayor

13 or whoever is holding -- I think it's not him

14 -- whoever is holding the money back -- and I

15 know somewhere we're going to be blessed --

16 cough up the money, scrape it up, get on your

17 knees and pray because we are going to turn

18 this place around.

19 Right now I have -- I am working on

20 something. And what is holding me back is my

21 financial. I will say it. I am not ashamed to

22 say it. This is kind of a message to the whole

23 world no matter how much you're going to try to

24 destroy us, we're going to come back and we're

25 going to build bigger, better with a strong


1 message. I love everyone of yous, and I hope

2 to God that peace comes to this world. And

3 about the immigration, we all came over here.

4 The true people is God and the American

5 Indians. And in a special way, I am a Cherokee

6 Indian. We have room for the people here, but

7 we have to make sure that we really check them

8 out. And the people that are here that are

9 doing crimes, I think we should send them back

10 on the boat and teach them a lesson. God bless

11 you.

12 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else?

13 MS. HUBBARD: Elizabeth Hubbard,

14 Scranton resident, taxpayer. I have to pick up

15 where she left off about the $25,000. I think

16 it's apalling this city council and city cannot

17 come up with $25,000 for channel 61. We have

18 money for everything else for all kind of pie

19 in the sky businesses, coffee shops and

20 whatever. We couldn't come up with $25,000.

21 That's a disgrace. Second issue, one of my

22 neighbors Jean asked me to mention this when

23 you come down the Albright Avenue bridge, you

24 go around the corner, you know, stay on

25 Albright, that lace company lot there, I know


1 they are not going to do anything with the lace

2 company until the flood situation is resolved,

3 but there's all kind of bushes and brush

4 growing all over. It's not nice looking. It

5 also impedes your view because there's a stop

6 sign there when you come off the bridge that

7 you can't see around to see if there's anybody

8 coming down Albright. If you can get whoever

9 to clean that up.

10 And I also read the article in the

11 morning paper, Mr. McGoff. And I was a little

12 bit puzzled by the imgrant issue. Do you mean

13 legal or illegal immigrants that we should

14 embrace?

15 MR. McGOFF: I think we should

16 embrace anyone who is living in this city.

17 MS. HUBBARD: Even though they don't

18 pay taxes and take advantage of social programs

19 that I finance, you finance, everybody

20 finances, and you think we should embrace

21 illegal immigrants? Is that what you're

22 saying?

23 MR. McGOFF: I don't want to turn

24 this into a campaign --

25 MS. HUBBARD: I'm not running for


1 office.

2 MR. McGOFF: But I am, and you're

3 referring to an article that had to do with

4 things that I said concerning the election

5 campaign.

6 MS. HUBBARD: I'm a voter, too. I

7 mean --

8 MR. McGOFF: Understood.

9 MS. HUBBARD: So by your silence

10 you're telling me you embrace illegal

11 immigrants?

12 MR. McGOFF: No. What I'm trying to

13 say is I avoided trying to make campaign

14 speeches or trying to avoid -- trying to say

15 things that would appear to be campaign

16 related. You're asking me to do that.

17 MS. HUBBARD: To clarify a statement

18 you made in the newspaper.

19 MR. McGOFF: Yes. It has to do with

20 the campaign, and I guess in this venue I feel

21 uneasy.

22 MS. HUBBARD: What if I saw you on

23 the street and asked you the same question?

24 MR. McGOFF: Then I would answer

25 you.


1 MS. HUBBARD: I will see in the hall

2 after.

3 MR. McGOFF: Thank you. Have a good

4 evening.

5 MR. COURTRIGHT: Anyone else ?

6 MS. SCHUMACHER: Marie Schumacher,

7 resident. I come tonight because I'm very

8 frustrated. I have written four right to know

9 letters to the law department and -- as

10 directed by the business administration office.

11 I have written one letter -- two of those

12 letters are eight weeks old and with no

13 response. Two are six weeks old with no

14 response, and I have written a follow-up letter

15 that is now two weeks old.

16 They are questions I asked of you.

17 Mr. Courtright and Mrs. Evans, you can take a

18 three minute siesta because I am directing

19 these to these -- the rest of my comments to

20 Mrs. Fanucci and Mr. McGoff and the missing

21 Judy Gatelli.

22 Tomorrow morning I'm going to drop

23 off copies of these letters to the three of you

24 to your in baskets because you have said you

25 can get answers from the mayor, and I want to


1 know if it's really true. I am sending copies

2 to Mr. Smith and Mr. Andrew Shimkus to let them

3 know why we need stronger right to know laws,

4 and I am sending a letter to the governor's

5 office for that same reason. And if necessary,

6 I will go to court to get my answers. The

7 answers are simple.

8 They are related predominantly to

9 the operating budget. But I will finish with

10 the rest of me three minutes by reading some of

11 them. Regarding the wage tax, what accounts

12 for the $220,000 reduction from the 2007

13 operating budget?

14 What percentage of the 19.5 million

15 is collected from city residents working

16 outside the city? The 2007 revenue budgeted

17 for the emergency and municipal service tax is

18 $191,385 lower than the previous year's budget.

19 Why are 3,680 wage earners not paying the tax

20 in 2007 that paid in 2006?

21 Why are capital costs, parking

22 meters, comingled in the Scranton Parking

23 Authority citation issuers account with wages

24 and fringe benefits? Real estate tax revenue

25 in the 2007 budget increased 6 percent over the


1 2006 amount.

2 But the taxes were raised 25

3 percent. Why isn't the 2007 budgeted revenue

4 125 percent of 2006? Why has revenue from the

5 theater licenses gone from $3,000 in 2006 to

6 zero in 2007? What accounts for the budgeted

7 interest earnings increase of $286,601 over

8 2006? In what accounts and in what amounts and

9 at what interest rate is the principle amounts

10 which produces the $436,601 interest? Does the

11 City of Scranton have a revenue manual that

12 documents each source of revenues, its legal

13 basis and limitations in history?

14 If so, if a copy available at the

15 Albright library? If not available at the

16 library, what would be the cost for

17 reproduction? There's one more I will read

18 next week, and I will explain where they came

19 from, which is another travesty. Thank you for

20 your time.

21 MR. ANCHERANI: Good evening, Nelson

22 Ancherani, resident and taxpayer, city

23 employee, financial secretary of the FOP, First

24 Amendment rights . Ms. Fanucci, I left the

25 house right after you spoke. I drove


1 Lackawanna Avenue in the 100 and 300 of the

2 avenues, Adams, Wyoming, et cetera. There are

3 no less than ten empty store fronts that I can

4 see in the dark, the most prominent being the

5 southern union building.

6 Now, the budget, in four weeks the

7 mayor will present his budget. I am betting it

8 will be more than 78 million. The county will

9 have a 2008 budget with approximately 87

10 million, the difference 9 million more for the

11 county and the population of the county is

12 higher than the city. I'm still going to say

13 that Ms. Gatelli, Ms. Fanucci and Mr. McGoff

14 will vote for a tax increase and -- and budget.

15 MS. GATELLI: Nelson.

16 MR. ANCHERANI: Can I speak?

17 MS. GATELLI: I will give you your

18 time back. I just want to make a little bet

19 with you. We bet lunch on that?


21 MS. GATELLI: It's a deal.

22 MR. ANCHERANI: We'll see. How

23 about the Times? They advocate in their

24 editorials stronger right to know laws in

25 Pennsylvania. Where are their complaints


1 against the parties who don't give Ms. Evans

2 the information she requested from the S. R. A.

3 and O. E. C. D.? Where is the newspaper

4 complaining when we don't get answers to the

5 questions we ask every week like answers to Ms.

6 Schumacher's questions?

7 Newspapers are hypocritical. How

8 about council's vote to give channel 61 $25,000

9 and then channel 61 gets nothing? Did you

10 forget that council can write its own

11 legislation? It was the unanimous vote of

12 council. Wright in your legislation. Use your

13 solicitor to do it, pass it, and you'll be able

14 to sustain a veto. Show some fortitude here.

15 After all, look at the amount of money

16 involved, 25,000. Evidently we forgot the city

17 collected 500 million or will collect 500

18 million by the end of this year. That's a half

19 a billion dollars.

20 The city took in revenues from 2002

21 to 2006, and that does not include federal and

22 state grants. We're paying over 100,000 a year

23 for public safety office that PEL didn't

24 approve, went against the recovery plan. I am

25 sure we can come up with the money if they want


1 to.

2 Mr. McGoff, you have the mayor's

3 ear. I am sure would you like to see channel

4 61 stay on the air although you're the one that

5 introduced the legislation or the motions to

6 limit our time -- our speaking time. See if

7 you can get that money. Thank you.

8 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

9 MS. JONES: Julie Jones, Scranton

10 resident. I have to agree with some of the

11 other speakers. We tear down blight as far as

12 houses go and up grows the grass. There's --

13 there's a house in the 500 block of Genet

14 Street. The grass is probably higher than the

15 convenient store. Maybe we should sell that

16 property because it's not taken care of. Let's

17 do some back tax sale on that. There's a

18 property on the top of Pittston Avenue, went

19 before zoning, got turned down. Now it's

20 blight. Mr. Brazil owns it, interesting.

21 Mr. Courtright knows that, E. mailed

22 him. I will say the property was taken care

23 of. There's so many properties out there that

24 are so overgrown that can be taken care of.

25 There's revenue right there for the city, fine


1 these people, give them their allotted amount

2 of days to clean it up, collect the fees. Now,

3 Mrs. Gatelli and Ms. Fanucci, there's been

4 times in council that different things will

5 come up and you have the right to say, I wasn't

6 here when that was passed, which is true.

7 Somebody might complain about something and you

8 will say, I wasn't on council then so don't

9 blame me for it.

10 Well, don't blame Mrs. Grudzinski

11 for 18 to 20 years. She didn't have the house

12 for 18 to 20 years. I know it's blighted.

13 It's an eyesore. I will not disagree with

14 that. But they were trying to clean it up.

15 But you can't blame them for 18 to 20 years. I

16 felt bad once she came up and spoke because the

17 stuff she said it seemed like you guys didn't

18 know about, and you already voted -- like,

19 Brian Scott listed as her father. That's not

20 her father.

21 Do we have our facts straight before

22 we vote? If you guys legally can't do anything

23 about that and you pass it to go to the next

24 department and battle it out with the courts,

25 why does it come before you then? If there's


1 nothing you can do about it, why does it come

2 before you? Why doesn't it go directly to a

3 legal department?

4 I don't understand. I don't know

5 why it comes to you if you guys can't do

6 anything about it. It's a waste of your time,

7 which I'm sure you know. And it's a waste of

8 the people's time.

9 MS. FANUCCI: It came here from the

10 legal department. It goes to the legal

11 department first. I want you understand the

12 procedure. It goes to the legal department.

13 They are the ones who sent up the legislation,

14 and then it comes here. So it does go to the

15 legal department first.

16 MS. JONES: I guess what I'm saying

17 is I would just hope in the future facts are

18 really straight before you hurt somebody. And

19 one very quick thing, did you hear there's a

20 new saying in town? It's not called pass the

21 buck anymore in the City of Scranton, it's

22 called pass the lawsuit.

23 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else?

24 MS. KRAKE: Evening council, my name

25 is Nancy Krake. This November we have a chance


1 to restore the checks and balances to council

2 that should have happen a year ago. I'm sorry

3 -- I thought someone else was speaking. We

4 have a chance to restore checks and balances

5 that should have happened last week -- I would

6 like to say that is the volunteer from channel

7 61. She's here all of the time. She's a very

8 lovely person. I hope whatever happened is

9 okay for her family, okay. Would you mind if

10 my time started over again?

11 MR. McGOFF: Go ahead.

12 MS. KRAKE: Thank you very much. We

13 have a chance to restore checks and balances.

14 Last year this council appointed Mr. McGoff

15 with the blessing of the mayor, basically was

16 the mayor's decision in the final -- and it was

17 done so because Mr. McGoff said he would not

18 run for office again. Obviously, he's doing

19 that.

20 And I would like to say that he

21 feels to me as if Chris Doherty is running for

22 office again. People out there really feel

23 that they want another four years of a Chris

24 Doherty council, then that's the person they

25 should vote for. He has agreed with


1 everything, all of the legislation that came

2 down. I researched every single vote, and he's

3 been stellar on supporting the mayor. His

4 article in the newspaper I think drove all that

5 home, and he's proud of it. So if you're happy

6 with your tax increase and you're happy with

7 the way your city is going, absolutely vote for

8 Mr. McGoff.

9 And as far as -- I have to make one

10 comment about his newspaper article. As far as

11 cutting costs, the only thing this

12 administration knows how to cut is jobs, and

13 they don't cut costs when they cut jobs. They

14 give it back to themselves. We've seen that

15 over the past six years. They give it to

16 themselves in additional jobs, additional

17 raises and every sort of perk you can imagine.

18 If you took a look at Mrs. Evans' budget you

19 would have seen what true cuts were. Mr.

20 Courtright voted for that budget. You had an

21 opportunity to support that, and you

22 disappointed all of us as did other two council

23 people who did not bother to work on it with

24 her.

25 Once again, I just want everyone to


1 realize who is really running for reelection is

2 Mr. Doherty.

3 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Anyone

4 else? Motion to adjourn?

5 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.

6 MS. FANUCCI: Second.

7 MS. GATELLI: See you next Tuesday.





















2 C E R T I F I C A T E


4 I hereby certify that the proceedings and

5 evidence are contained fully and accurately in the

6 council meeting taken by me on the hearing of the above

7 cause and that this copy is a correct transcript of the

8 same.




Laura Boyanowski, RPR
13 Official Court Reporter