5 Held:


7 Thursday, June 14, 2007



10 Time:

11 1:00 p.m.



14 Location:

15 Council Chambers

16 Scranton City Hall

17 340 North Washington Avenue

18 Scranton, Pennsylvania



































1 MS. GATELLI: Okay. Please stand

2 for the Pledge Of Allegiance.

3 (Pledge of Allegiance recited and

4 moment of reflection.)

5 MS. GATELLI: Roll call.

6 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans.

7 MS. EVANS: Here.

8 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci.

9 MS. FANUCCI: Here.

10 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff.

11 MR. MCGOFF: Here.

12 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright.


14 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli.

15 MS. GATELLI: Here. Dispense with

16 the reading of the minutes.

17 MS. GARVEY: Third order. No

18 business at this time.

19 MS. GATELLI: Before we start with

20 motions I just have two announcements. On

21 Sunday, June 17, at Nay Aug Park starting at

22 8:30 the Villa Capri Cruisers are having

23 their Car Show and I'd just like to wish a

24 happy 50th anniversary to Tom and Mary

25 Conway and may they have many more. Anyone


1 else?

2 MR. COURTRIGHT: I just have two, if

3 you don't mind. The Marine Corp League this

4 Sunday is going to hold an S.O.S. breakfast

5 Sunday from nine to twelve at the Marine

6 Corp League on East Mountain, that's 1340

7 Alder Street and tickets will be $7 and you

8 can call if you want more information,

9 499-3453 and there's going to be a

10 fundraiser for officer Dan Schossler, he's

11 battling cancer. It's going to be this July

12 8 on Sunday from 1 to 6 at Tink's and the

13 tickets are ten dollars and if you would

14 like to make a donation you could make a

15 donation to Citizen's Bank in care of Dan

16 Schossler, so, again, he's a Scranton police

17 officer that's battling cancer and we would

18 appreciate any help you could give him.

19 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else.

20 MS. EVANS: Yes. This Sunday, June

21 17, there will be free swimming and free use

22 of the water slide for children 15 and

23 under. This day of free swimming is

24 sponsored by the Scranton Lackawanna County

25 Taxpayers' Association, citizens and local


1 businesses. Kids, grab your dads and come

2 out and swim on Father's Day.

3 Also, the Jonathan Clauss fundraiser

4 will be conducted on June 23 from 6 to 9

5 p.m. at Lackawanna College. Tickets are

6 limited and are available for $15 per

7 person. Musical entertainment will be

8 provided by Dan Delrimple and John Ventry.

9 They are a keyboard artist and guitarist and

10 for tickets please see Mr. Joe Talimini or

11 call 961-7476. That's it.

12 MS. GATELLI: That's it. Anyone

13 else? Fourth order, Mrs. Evans.

14 MS. EVANS: Good afternoon, ladies

15 and gentlemen. Today I ask you to remember

16 in your prayers three wonderful individuals

17 who passed away in the last week and their

18 grieving families who suffer their loss.

19 Lorraine "Rainne" Narsavage. Joseph A.

20 Hudacko, and Fredrick Serian, Sr. I'm

21 saddened by the loss of these good people

22 and dear, dear family friends and I offer my

23 deepest sympathy to all of their family

24 members.

25 Because of the questions and serious


1 concerns about Daron Northeast that have

2 continued over the last few years, I move

3 that Mr. Wallace -- actually, let me correct

4 that. I move that Scranton City Council

5 notifies Mr. Wallace that we request his

6 attendance at a caucus meeting in June 2007

7 in order to discuss zoning violations

8 committed by Daron Northeast. Council

9 further requests that Mr. Wallace will

10 provide copies of all zoning and planning

11 commission paperwork and reports which

12 granted Daron Northeast the ability to

13 construct its plant at the Dickson Avenue

14 location and any and all paperwork,

15 including permit applications, written

16 correspondences, and citations issued by the

17 City of Scranton, DEP, etcetera.

18 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

19 MS. GATELLI: On the question?

20 MS. EVANS: Yes. I spoke with

21 Attorney Minora prior to our meeting today

22 about the truck traffic at Daron Northeast

23 and he has an update for all of us.

24 MR. MINORA: A couple of things.

25 First of all, Daron has greed to reopen


1 their main entrance at the bottom of

2 Delaware avenue so that the truck traffic

3 that was creating such a problem in the 17

4 of Dickson will be eliminated at least

5 they're doing that voluntarily for the

6 moment. In order for us to ban truck

7 traffic on 17 we first have to have a

8 traffic study, so we need to have a motion

9 that that be done and I honestly don't know

10 the cost of something like that, but we

11 ought to maybe have Mr. Parker give us some

12 idea of what that would cost and once that's

13 done, if it is -- if it shows what we

14 suspect that it will then we can pass an

15 ordinance that will be enforceable.

16 MS. EVANS: Thank you.

17 MR. MCGOFF: Yeah, I think that we

18 should get Mr. Wallace into speak, that

19 would be a good idea. I'm not sure that

20 maybe after we speak with Mr. Wallace if we

21 feel that all of that paperwork is

22 necessary, that at that time we would move

23 to get all the paperwork done. I just think

24 it's really two different motions that we're

25 looking at, there are two different things


1 involved.

2 MS. EVANS: Well, I know what you're

3 saying, but in order to advance a remedy for

4 the situation, I thought it would be

5 appropriate and helpful if Mr. Wallace came

6 to the caucus with the original paperwork

7 concerning the business because that is one

8 of the issues in question, and were he to

9 have in hand the reports of the planning

10 commission and the zoning commission, I

11 think it would really speed things up and

12 help us to clearly understand immediately

13 how the business was initiated, if it was

14 done properly or improperly. So, it's not

15 that I'm looking for a stack of paperwork,

16 it's only the paperwork pertaining to, you

17 know, those very specific situations and

18 it's only in the hope that we can get a

19 remedy as soon as possible because some of

20 the neighbors are incurring health problems

21 that are increasing as we speak.

22 MS. GATELLI: My only question is

23 why are we not having also Mr. Fiorini?

24 MS. EVANS: Oh, we can add Mr.

25 Fiorini.


1 MS. GATELLI: I think he needs to be

2 here.

3 MS. EVANS: But Mr. Fiorini, I would

4 think, wouldn't have had too much

5 involvement with planning and zoning, but I

6 have no objection to having Mr. Fiorini as

7 well.

8 MS. GATELLI: Well, he was quoted in

9 the paper saying there wasn't a problem

10 there, so I think he needs to be here, too,

11 before he leaves, so we can try to, you

12 know --

13 MS. EVANS: I ask for June.

14 MS. GATELLI: -- amend that motion

15 that we can have them both here next week.

16 MS. EVANS: Um-hum. Would you like

17 me to move that now, Attorney Minora?

18 MR. MINORA: I'm sorry?

19 MS. EVANS: To amend.

20 MR. MINORA: I thought there was a

21 motion to amend and was it agreed to?

22 MS. FANUCCI: Second to amend the

23 motion.

24 MR. MINORA: Second to amend the

25 motion, and not the amended motion would


1 include Bill Fiorini as well as Mr. Wallace

2 and all of the documents you requested.

3 MS. GATELLI: Second. Anyone on the

4 question? All in favor?

5 MS. EVANS: Aye.


7 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


9 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

10 ayes have it and so moved.

11 MS. EVANS: I would also make a

12 motion at this time that a traffic study of

13 Dickson Avenue be conducted by the City of

14 Scranton.

15 MS. GATELLI: Second. On the

16 question?

17 MR. MINORA: On the 17 of Dickson? I

18 don't know if you said that.

19 MS. GATELLI: It might be the 16.

20 MR. MINORA: Or the 17 of Dickson.

21 MS. GATELLI: 16 and 17?

22 MS. EVANS: Yes.

23 MS. GATELLI: 16 and 17 Hundred

24 blocks.

25 MR. MINORA: Okay.


1 MS. EVANS: The two blocks that cover

2 both entrances.

3 MS. GATELLI: 16 and 17. I seconded

4 it, yeah. Anyone on the question?

5 MR. MCGOFF: Do we have any idea

6 what the cost would be and who would conduct

7 that?

8 MS. EVANS: Well, I discussed this

9 with Attorney Minora, also. We don't

10 believe that the state would be involved as

11 they have been on other requests for traffic

12 studies, however, if, you know, we wanted to

13 continue out to Green Ridge Street then, in

14 fact, perhaps PennDOT would conduct it.

15 Otherwise, I would assume it could just be

16 done by our city engineer who has conducted

17 other traffic studies and that's at no cost

18 to the city.

19 MR. COURTRIGHT: And we'll get it

20 done quicker if the city does it.

21 MS. FANUCCI: My problem is now that

22 he's using the entrance that he always used.

23 The traffic study is going to come back

24 saying, you know, there is not much traffic

25 on the street, there's nothing to worry


1 about, that's what happened. He actually

2 did the traffic study now in the summertime

3 and then when it came back saying it's okay

4 we don't need stop signs because there

5 wasn't enough traffic, so my problem with

6 the traffic study is it's going to show now

7 that he's moved the entrance not to be a

8 problem for trucks because there aren't any

9 trucks.

10 MS. EVANS: Well, actually, I

11 understand what you're saying and I agree,

12 but there are a tremendous number of trucks

13 and tractor-trailers coming and going from

14 that business almost daily.

15 MS. FANUCCI: Oh, I know, but what

16 I'm saying is they switched the entrance

17 now. He opened -- I was down there with

18 Daniel this week, they opened the entrance,

19 the original entrance, now they won't be on

20 Dickson they will be going right into where

21 they were before, that's the problem. They

22 will not be traveling on that road.

23 MS. EVANS: Well, they're Still on

24 Dickson. They're at Delaware and Dickson.

25 MS. FANUCCI: That's right on the


1 Delaware and Dickson, but they just take a

2 quick turn. The 17 will be nothing though.

3 MR. HUBBARD: Right, if you do --if

4 the trucks --

5 MS. GATELLI: Please. Please.

6 Nobody from the audience.

7 MS. FANUCCI: My problem is that the

8 17 will show no traffic at all for trucks

9 because now they will be just taking the

10 original entrance, so I don't know, but I'm

11 just saying that that might be a problem.

12 MS. GATELLI: It my alter the study.

13 MS. FANUCCI: Yeah, that's all.

14 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else on the

15 question? All in favor?

16 MS. EVANS: Aye.

17 MS. FANUCCI: Aye.

18 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


20 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

21 ayes have it and so moved.

22 MS. EVANS: Thank you. Typically I

23 don't engage in shameless self-promotion,

24 but I feel compelled to respond to a

25 question posed last week about lower


1 Greenridge. We were asked, "What have you

2 done?" And I think it may have been within

3 the last year and I just wanted to make note

4 of a few of the things I had been involved

5 with. First, I had the dirt built up along

6 the riverbank in the area of the old

7 Laminations building before a storm in

8 September 2006, and I sat and watched the

9 workers conduct that process for two hours

10 after I left work that day.

11 Twice I interceded with the Sewer

12 Authority and, consequently, all flood

13 victims had their sewer rates adjusted. I

14 contacted Mr. Parker and a local news

15 station because I had been in touch with

16 several citizens at the time, and virtually

17 nagged both until the debris was cleared

18 from the bridge area from the river last

19 summer.

20 I served as the contact person

21 between Wal-Mart and the neighbors for

22 clean-up assistance following the flooding.

23 I visited the neighborhood during each of

24 the two last floods to speak to the

25 residents and attended all flood meetings .


1 Consequently, I've always been aware of the

2 problems of lower Green Ridge and I've

3 addressed those which I am able to assist.

4 Because many citizens have expressed to

5 me a desire to speak on agenda items before

6 a vote occurs and because Council meetings

7 have been adjourned unexpectedly, thereby

8 preventing citizens from addressing agenda

9 items prior to a final vote, I move that

10 City Council return citizens participation

11 to Fourth Order prior to the casting of

12 votes.

13 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

14 MS. GATELLI: On the question?

15 MR. MCGOFF: I am going to

16 respectfully agree.

17 (Unintelligible comments from the

18 audience.)

19 MS. GATELLI: Please. Please. No


21 MR. MCGOFF: I believe that the

22 meetings are -- that we're able to

23 accomplish the business portion of the

24 meeting much easier, which is really what

25 we're supposed to do, and I think that


1 adequate time is provided for speaking on

2 issues, albeit at the end of, you know,

3 after the business part of the meeting.

4 MS. EVANS: Once again, my concern

5 was for particularly those meetings that had

6 been adjourned and any future meetings that

7 for any reason would have to be abruptly

8 adjourned. It prevents citizens then from

9 addressing an agenda item that would be

10 voted on the following week in final order.

11 In addition, I'm also concerned that

12 yet another lawsuit can be filed against

13 City Council and, frankly, I've not seen as

14 many lawsuits as I have in the last year in

15 all my time on Council and it is to prevent

16 such from being filed yet again.

17 MS. FANUCCI: Well, my feeling on the

18 whole entire process is that when we had the

19 three minutes for people to speak on agenda

20 items, they were not happy when we had the

21 minutes -- no, they had the opportunity for

22 the three minutes to speak on the agenda and

23 we listened to them and they were upset

24 about it, they wanted five minutes together,

25 they got it. If they want to go back to


1 three minutes prior to speak on agenda items

2 and another two to three minutes afterwards

3 to speak on the bell or, you know, who signs

4 in and who doesn't, then we can go back to

5 that, but when I hear people repeatedly

6 discussing non-issues and using time and

7 using this city and this forum for

8 non-issues for city business, I am going to

9 decline that vote unless they want to go

10 back to three minutes on agenda items and

11 maybe two minutes afterwards. So that is my

12 answer.

13 MS. EVANS: Well, I'll just clarify

14 that. I understand what you're saying, but

15 I'm not suggesting the three minutes and

16 three minutes, I was merely suggesting or

17 moving that we return to the traditional

18 provision of Council which was the five

19 minutes speaking period during Fourth Order

20 prior to the taking of any votes.

21 MS. FANUCCI: No, I did understand

22 what you were saying, what I was saying is

23 the only thing I would be willing to even

24 consider is to go back to letting them speak

25 on agenda items for the three minutes, but


1 that is all.

2 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else on the

3 question?

4 MR. COURTRIGHT: I guess I need to

5 say something now, I wasn't going to. I'm

6 against the three and three. I didn't like

7 it. I either go for staying the way it is

8 now or going for Mrs. Evans' motion, but the

9 three and three I just didn't think worked

10 out, so I'd prefer to either stay this way

11 or go for whatever motion -- not whatever,

12 the motion that Mrs. Evans made.

13 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else on the

14 question? The motion is to change it? All

15 in favor?


17 MS. EVANS: Aye.

18 MS. GATELLI: Opposed? No.

19 MR. MCGOFF: No.

20 MS. FANUCCI: No. No.

21 MS. GATELLI: Three/two.

22 MS. EVANS: Also, I received a

23 response from Mr. Baker, executive Baker of

24 the Housing Authority to the requests of

25 Park Garden residents and I will read his


1 response for them: "I am in receipt of your

2 correspondence to me regarding requests from

3 residents at Park Gardens. As you know, the

4 Scranton Housing Authority has a public

5 meeting monthly at our main office located

6 at 400 Adams Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania.

7 Everyone is invited to attend the same,

8 especially our tenants which included Park

9 Gardens residents. I would suggest that

10 forum to answer the resident's questions."

11 Now, I would add to that if the

12 residents would care to attend one of those

13 meetings to pose your questions to the

14 housing authority, I would be very happy to

15 attend that meeting with you.

16 Also, I have a response from Chief

17 Elliott regarding the intersection of

18 Division Street and 16th Avenue which I'll

19 read in part: "I have received your request

20 to look into safety concerns at the

21 intersection of Division and Sixteenth

22 Avenue. I will have officers from our

23 patrol division pay close attention to this

24 area and strictly enforce any violations.

25 As for a possible traffic study being


1 conducted at this intersection, you should

2 contact city engineer, George Parker. Until

3 I hear different, the police will do all

4 they can to keep this area safe for all

5 residents."

6 And, finally, I have citizens'

7 requests for the week: 1217 Luzerne Street,

8 the back yard resembles a junk yard littered

9 with garbage, beer bottles, mattresses and

10 garbage. The grass is over a foot high in

11 both the front and back of the property.

12 Across from the corner Grandview Street

13 and Boulevard Avenue is a former gas

14 station. A citizen reports the existence of

15 underground gas tanks. Please send a letter

16 of notification to the Department of

17 Environmental Protection.

18 1217-1219 Division Street, a

19 structure has been condemned for several

20 years. Many boards have been removed and

21 people have been observed entering and

22 exiting the house since last winter. The

23 residents of this block are very concerned

24 for their own safety. When will the

25 structure be demolished?


1 The 3000 block of Division Street in

2 West Mountain, residents report a serious

3 problem with ticks. Several individuals

4 have been treated at area physician's

5 offices and hospitals for tick removal.

6 Residents are infected while mowing lawns

7 and sitting outdoors and children have been

8 infected while playing outdoors. Send a

9 letter to the appropriate agency requesting

10 immediate attention to this health hazard.

11 And that's it.

12 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mrs.

13 Fanucci.

14 MS. FANUCCI: I have nothing at this

15 time.

16 MS. GATELLI: Mr. McGoff?

17 MR. MCGOFF: I'd just like to, we

18 received a note or a letter from Comcast

19 concerning switching of channels. I had a

20 number of people talk to me about the

21 contract that Comcast has and if the

22 switches that they are making are within the

23 rights or within the contract that's as

24 stated. It seems though they're switching

25 over digital cable analog cable and while


1 the rates aren't going up I'm told, since I

2 don't have cable, I'm told that in order to

3 go to the digital cable you need to have

4 some type of box or something that goes

5 along with it and if you need additional

6 boxes for the time house that they are --

7 that they cost so that, in fact, the rates

8 are if you want to keep getting the service

9 that you have as they switch all of these

10 channels and the one here is ESPN classic,

11 you know, that's now going to their digital

12 line up, yeah, you won't get it on the

13 analog and so now you need to go out and buy

14 a box for each of the televisions that you

15 have which really does add to the cost, and

16 whether that is, again, is that within the

17 fee schedule that is, you know, the contract

18 that Comcast has with the city or are they

19 violating the contract by, you know, making

20 all of these switches? It is just a

21 concern, and I thought I would bring it up.

22 MS. EVANS: Mr. McGoff, I somewhere

23 at home in my files have a copy of the

24 contract the original agreement with the

25 Adelphia which I'm sure is still, you know,


1 in use since Comcast bought out Adelphia and

2 I would be very happy to share that with you

3 and we could look that up.

4 MS. GARVEY: Actually, it's in the

5 office. Kay has a copy of it. You can get

6 a copy before you leave.

7 MR. MCGOFF: Thank you. And if there

8 is something, you know, I think that, you

9 know, we probably should look into their

10 compliance with that contract, and that's

11 all. Thank you.

12 MR. COURTRIGHT: I just have one

13 thing, Mrs. Gatelli brought about 5-B on the

14 agenda tonight, the police athletic league

15 account, it has nothing to do with the skate

16 park or the crime watch building on Jackson

17 Street it's just solely to establish an

18 account. The police have received funds for

19 a police athletic league donations and they

20 need to open an account up to put the funds

21 into, so when I asked Dave Elliott about it

22 he said it has absolutely nothing to do with

23 the building or the skate park, it's just an

24 act, and that's all I have.

25 MS. GATELLI: Okay. And the only


1 thing I have is there was an article about

2 Connell Park swimming pool being closed. It

3 is only going to be closed for approximately

4 two weeks. They are up there today putting

5 the roof on and they're fixing the

6 filtration system, so we can expect the park

7 to open in approximately two weeks.

8 Also, I talked to Mike Hanley from

9 United Neighborhood Centers and he said that

10 many of the children from the projects in

11 that particular area have signed up to go to

12 Project Hope up at Camp St. Andrew so they

13 are also being serviced with that. And the

14 South Side Renaissance Center was serving

15 free lunches to children 18 and under. They

16 haven't been very successful at it, they

17 haven't had many customers, so I had the

18 woman call Mike Hanley from United

19 Neighborhoods and they're going try to

20 possible do it in one of the projects where

21 it maybe more successful. So, just so the

22 public knows, there are free lunches for

23 children under 18 years of age and it is now

24 at the South Side Renaissance Center at 705

25 Pittston Avenue and all children are


1 welcome. You need to be 18 and under. And

2 that's all I have. Mrs. Garvey.

3 MS. GARVEY: Fourth Order. 4-B. FOR








11 MS. GATELLI: At this time I'll

12 entertain a motion that 4-B be introduced.

13 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.

14 MS. FANUCCI: Second.

15 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

16 those in favor?

17 MS. EVANS: Aye.

18 MS. FANUCCI: Aye.

19 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


21 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

22 ayes have it and so moved.










6 MS. GATELLI: At this time I'll

7 entertain a motion that 4-C be introduced.

8 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.

9 MS. FANUCCI: Second.

10 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

11 those in favor?

12 MS. EVANS: Aye.

13 MS. FANUCCI: Aye.

14 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


16 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

17 ayes have it and so moved.








25 MS. GATELLI: At this time I'll


1 entertain a motion that 4-D be introduced.

2 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.

3 MS. FANUCCI: Second.

4 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

5 those in favor?

6 MS. EVANS: Aye.


8 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


10 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

11 ayes have it and so moved.

12 MS. GARVEY: Fifth order. 5-A.








20 MS. GATELLI: You have heard Reading

21 by Title of 5-A, what is your pleasure?

22 MR. COURTRIGHT: I move Item 5-A pass

23 Reading by Title.

24 MS. FANUCCI: Second.

25 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All


1 those in favor?

2 MS. EVANS: Aye.


4 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


6 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

7 ayes have it and so moved.









16 MS. GATELLI: You've heard reading by

17 title of 5-B, what is you pleasure?

18 MR. COURTRIGHT: I move Item 5-B pass

19 reading by title.

20 MS. FANUCCI: Second.

21 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

22 those in favor?

23 MS. EVANS: Aye.

24 MS. FANUCCI: Aye.

25 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.



2 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

3 ayes have it and so moved.

4 MS. GARVEY: Sixth order. 6-A. FOR











15 MS. GATELLI: What is the

16 recommendation of the Chair on Community

17 Development?

18 MS. FANUCCI: As Chairperson for the

19 Committee on Community Development I

20 recommended final passage of Item 6-A.

21 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

22 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll

23 call.

24 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans.

25 MRS. EVANS: Yes.


1 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci.


3 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff.

4 MR. MCGOFF: Yes.

5 Mr. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright.


7 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli.

8 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

9 6-A legal and lawfully adopted.

10 MS. GARVEY: Seventh order.

11 Citizens' participation.

12 MS. GATELLI: Douglas Miller.

13 MR. MINORA: Mrs. Gatelli, do you

14 wish to use the bell as the timing device?

15 MS. GATELLI: Do you have the bell?

16 MR. MINORA: We brought it.

17 MS. GATELLI: Okay. Douglas.

18 MR. MILLER: Good afternoon, Council.

19 Doug Miller, Junior Council. An issue has

20 been raised regarding the sign-in sheet out

21 in the hallway and I would like to address

22 this. I don't like to disrespect others,

23 but each week Mrs. Franus and others

24 continue to cross my name off the sign-in

25 sheet. Junior Council has been speaking


1 first for the last year so why it's becoming

2 an issue all of a sudden I don't understand.

3 I follow the rules for the sign-in sheet and

4 I believe Mrs. Franus and others should do

5 the same. I, as well as any other Junior

6 Council member, have the same right as they

7 do to address this Council.

8 Last Saturday we had a park cleanup

9 at the Dorothy Street playground and if you

10 didn't notice there was a picture in the

11 paper showing our Council cleaning the park.

12 You know, Mrs. Franus and others knew this

13 was taking place and I didn't see any of

14 them there nor did I see them last year and

15 they are the first ones to come here and

16 complain about the parks. I say if you want

17 respect from us, respect us. Respect is

18 earned, not demanded. I believe we here as

19 the Junior Council have been trying very

20 hard to earn the respect from the people of

21 this city.

22 Moving on, on behalf of Junior

23 Council I would lake to thank all of the

24 volunteers who assisted us in cleaning the

25 Dorothy Street playground last Saturday. It


1 was a great day and the park looks wonderful

2 and I ask everyone to continue to support

3 our parks.

4 Again, I'll continue to announce

5 this, Junior Council is raising funds to

6 purchase a children handicapped accessible

7 swingset for Nay Aug Park and we continue to

8 ask for your support by sending a donation

9 here to city hall 340 N. Washington Avenue,

10 Scranton, PA, 18503.

11 Finally, yesterday I had the

12 pleasure of meeting with the West Side Crime

13 Watch Association. The purpose of the

14 meeting was to discuss what could be done to

15 save the Jackson Street playground. The

16 playground is in dire need of an extreme

17 makeover. The skate park has not been

18 repaired in years and the current jumps are

19 eight years old. The pavement is cracking

20 and potholes have formed. A section of the

21 fence has been cut out by kids who sneak in

22 to the skate park and the children have also

23 littered the entire complex. After

24 completing the tour of the complex with the

25 West Side Crime Watch, it appeared to me


1 that park is not safe for children. The

2 city has invested 10 million dollars into

3 city parks and I don't understand why they

4 continue to ignore this playground. The

5 administration has promised the crime watch

6 association that they would invest into the

7 park and they have yet to do that. The

8 children in that neighborhood need a place

9 to go to keep them off the streets and we

10 don't an alternative skate park to offer the

11 children. West Side Crime Watch has been

12 committed to volunteer and supervise the

13 entire complex and they have done a

14 wonderful job and they should be commended

15 for their efforts. Representing Junior

16 Council last night I promised the West Side

17 Crime Watch that we would do everything we

18 could to make sure the park gets a makeover,

19 and we keep our promises.

20 The Junior Council will hold a park

21 cleanup at the Jackson Street playground on

22 Saturday, June 30 at 9 a.m. It will be

23 selling lunch to begin raising money for the

24 park. Today I ask Council to show your

25 concern and begin looking at ways to raise


1 funds to invest into this park. I hope to

2 see all five of you there on June 30th at 9

3 a.m.. Please show your support, and I am

4 asking everyone in the City of Scranton so

5 to show your support for the Jackson Street

6 playground and please come on June 30th.

7 Thank you.

8 MR. MCGOFF: Mrs. Gatelli, may I

9 just respond a second to Mr. Miller's --

10 it's really up to the president and up to

11 Council when people will speak. That's our

12 collective decision and, you know, we have

13 so far, you know, decided that it's

14 appropriate for a representative of Council

15 to speak first. However, I really do think

16 it's inappropriate for members of the

17 council, the Junior Council, to mention the

18 names of other people and to question their

19 actions. I just thought it was

20 inappropriate and I think that maybe in the

21 future you should consider and others of

22 junior council should consider who they're

23 it talking to, address Council and, you

24 know, let us decide what's appropriate.

25 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mrs.


1 Franus.

2 MS. FRANUS: Fay Franus, Scranton.

3 Mrs. Gatelli, I'd like to ask you a

4 question. Could you look at me, please, and

5 stop writing maybe? Okay. Mrs. Gatelli is

6 looking down and not even -- and writing

7 away. I'd like to ask you, Mrs. Gatelli, if

8 you as an individual, not as an elected

9 official, are using taxpayer funds to sue

10 the taxpayers of the City of Scranton in a

11 liable action. Dead silence. Well, I

12 guess, you know, if it was me, if it were me

13 and I was not using taxpayer funds I would

14 be automatically saying, no, I am not using

15 them which only leads me to believe that you

16 probably will be using them so I think that

17 Mrs. Evans, and since that you are in the

18 finance, I would hope you could look into

19 this when the time comes to make sure that

20 Mrs. Gatelli is not using taxpayer funds to

21 finance her legal bills because it's theft,

22 it's out and out theft.

23 Now, another thing, when Chief

24 Elliott was on the radio, I discussed this

25 last week but Mrs. Gatelli wasn't here, I'd


1 like to point this out, Chief Elliott said

2 that if somebody is called out order and if

3 they don't step down and Mrs. Gatelli tells

4 them to the police officer will come if they

5 don't go that they will be -- maybe file

6 criminal charges. I just want to give the

7 people an idea of Mrs. Gatelli's actions,

8 she is still not even looking at me. This

9 is the times, just some of the times that

10 Mrs. Evans -- I'm sorry, Mrs. Gatelli, Mrs.

11 Evans has never called anybody out of order,

12 Mrs. Gatelli has called the people out of

13 action: Dan Hubbard, November 11,2006.

14 February 22, '07. April 19, '07, and there

15 was two other times. Phyllis Humphrey,

16 January 19, 2006. January 26, 2006. April

17 20, 2006. May 4, 2006. July 6, 2006. Bill

18 Jackowitz, March 1, 2007. Ray Lyman, March

19 5, 2007. Julie Jones, February 2, 2006.

20 Jim Davis, February 2, 2006, July 27, 2006,

21 Bob Bolus October 28 2006. Joe Talimini

22 November 30, 2006. Myself, December 14 2006

23 and Mary Ann Wardell.

24 Now, another point I want to make

25 about that is the fact that Mrs. Gatelli


1 only calls certain people out of order and

2 some of these people were called out of

3 order because they spoke over the five

4 minutes or three minutes at the time

5 possibly. Well, other people have spoke

6 over five minutes or three minutes many,

7 many times and Mrs. Gatelli never said one

8 word to them which only leads me to believe

9 that she only saying it to certain people

10 because she does not like what they say to

11 her. She's an elected official and she has

12 to take whatever she has coming. We have a

13 right to our opinion.

14 I want to also make some quotes here

15 that Mrs. Gatelli said because the budget is

16 coming up and I just want to refresh

17 people's mind about Mrs. Gatelli ran on the

18 platform that she was not going to raise the

19 taxes, that's how she supposedly got

20 elected. September 23, 2006, Mrs. Gatelli

21 said, "I do not have all the answers, but I

22 do not think now is the time. The buck will

23 stop here and there will be no more

24 borrowing."

25 November 9, 2006, "We have to forge


1 ahead. I don't like borrowing and I was

2 against $44 million, but I am not against

3 all borrowing."

4 Then she goes on with pictures of

5 her grandchildren in hand. "This is a debt

6 beyond my grandchildren. Now we are talking

7 about my great grandchildren," but yet there

8 she was she when she passed the budget 25

9 percent, and the budget is coming up again,

10 I would like ask Mrs. Gatelli, "Are you

11 going to vote for another 25 percent

12 increase? No answers. I don't know what

13 she comes here for. June 13, 2006, a year

14 ago Mrs. Gatelli stated, "Trash collection

15 taxes and street maintenance are the most

16 important things to the residents."

17 Well, isn't it funny how she hasn't

18 done a thing about it except raise these

19 taxes and cause residents undue hardship.

20 It's outrageous and she's a Council

21 President? That's another thing, she should

22 step down as Council President because, you

23 know, we can't do anything, the citizens,

24 we're certainly not being represented.

25 She's even told me, "I don't represent you."


1 Well, apparently she doesn't because

2 here she is. She picks and chooses who she

3 wants. Well, here's the deal. She spoke --

4 she didn't answer me before, then it came

5 election time then all of a sudden she was

6 answering me, her husband was running for

7 election so she had to appear nice. Now all

8 of a sudden the husband doesn't win, we're

9 back to not answering me again. What does

10 that tell you? I see. Then she goes on

11 about being threatened. I could go on and

12 on and in quotes about, "I'm threatened, I'm

13 afraid, let's have the cops here. People

14 tell me, 'Mrs. Gatelli, I'm going to get

15 you,' that's why I have to have police

16 here."

17 Well, how many times did she say

18 that, she said she's threatened?

19 Is that one minute left?

20 MR. MINORA: That's five minutes.

21 MS. FRANUS: Again, Mrs. Gatelli,

22 you are the worst Council President in the

23 City of Scranton.

24 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Andy

25 Sbaraglia.


1 MS. EVANS: Mr. Sbaraglia, just

2 quickly before you speak, Mrs. Franus jarred

3 my memory on a financial issue. I wanted to

4 announce that the independent auditors have

5 begun the field work on the 2006 independent

6 audit a few weeks ago, so the process is

7 underway, but I'm sure we have to understand

8 that it's going to be fairly late this year.

9 Thank you.

10 MR. SBARAGLIA: Andy Sbaraglia,

11 citizen of Scranton. Fellow Scrantonians,

12 4-D we are going to lease some motorcycles,

13 are we leasing -- we're getting, from what I

14 read, five free motorcycles?

15 MR. COURTRIGHT: Right. We're

16 getting five, we're giving them four back,

17 three which are in use, one which would be

18 the fifth one, I don't know if they are

19 going to take it back, was destroyed in an

20 automobile accident.

21 MR. SBARAGLIA: From what I read on

22 the legislation they own the motorcycles,

23 not the Indians, the five Indians that are

24 used are not ours, but their, right? The

25 company donated them, I believe, to the


1 city. Okay, this is the free ones. Now,

2 they donated to us but we have to lease five

3 brand new ones.

4 MR. COURTRIGHT: The five new ones

5 that we are going get for the first two

6 years we won't pay anything, and then for

7 the second year we will pay 200 and some,

8 it's in here somewhere --

9 MR. SBARAGLIA: You don't have to

10 get into the figures, I read them, too, but

11 we have to pay to have these furnished. Who

12 is doing the furnishing?

13 MR. COURTRIGHT: What do you mean

14 furnished?

15 MR. SBARAGLIA: Well, they have to

16 be brought up to police specs.

17 MR. COURTRIGHT: Well, they have to

18 put a police package on them.

19 MR. SBARAGLIA: Yeah, who is paying

20 for that?

21 MR. COURTRIGHT: I believe the city

22 will be paying, but there's --

23 MR. SBARAGLIA: Yes, the city is.

24 MR. COURTRIGHT: And it will go

25 from--


1 MR. SBARAGLIA: Who is doing the

2 work on it?

3 MR. COURTRIGHT: The company that's

4 giving us the --

5 MR. SBARAGLIA: So we know where

6 they're going to make some money, okay.

7 Let's get onto this -- you already voted on

8 it, but that's okay. Your 6-A, is that a

9 108 loan? Is this one you just voted on for

10 the block grants enter into with this Vida

11 Tapas Bar and Grill, is that a 108 loan?

12 MR. COURTRIGHT: I don't know if it

13 is or not.

14 MR. SBARAGLIA: Okay. Because I

15 don't like to see 108 loans subordinated.

16 MR. COURTRIGHT: I don't think it is,

17 but I'm not sure.

18 MR. SBARAGLIA: These are the

19 patterns that we have with these things. We

20 vote to give them -- we're number one when

21 we vote for them, six months later they're

22 subordinated and now we don't get nothing if

23 they go under. This is the pattern that has

24 come before Council many, many times so

25 there's no -- I'm just telling you now


1 because I'll bring it up probably when it

2 comes up again for subordination that what

3 you're doing you've got to make sure they're

4 not 108 loans. I don't care if they're

5 UDAG, but 108 loans we've got pay back and

6 the more of them loans you subordinate the

7 worse our financial position as a city gets.

8 Okay. As you know, there's a free swim

9 program at the local pools and I know you

10 sent some type of a letter to the Recreation

11 Authority asking them to do something up at

12 Nay Aug. But you know what, you have the

13 power to do it. You don't need to send out

14 letters begging for it, you could just send

15 out legislation to take back the pool. Just

16 take back the pool. The mayor don't care

17 less about the pool, he can do whatever he

18 wants with the park, but you should take

19 back the pool. The pool should be with

20 Parks and Recreation where it is that way

21 they would have free swimming, all you have

22 to do is write legislation on it and oversee

23 a veto in case it happens. But instead of

24 just sitting there begging, we don't have to

25 beg, you're a legislation branch. You don't


1 beg nothing. You order them. And that's

2 all got to do is order it. If you got your

3 four votes to override his veto it's done.

4 The things that happen on this Council

5 aren't the best. That legislation you

6 passed last week with the delinquency is the

7 worst thing I ever saw in my life. How you

8 could even entertain it was beyond me. It's

9 immoral. It's an Immoral piece of

10 legislation. And if the school board goes

11 along with it, it could even be more immoral

12 because, as you know, you did it only on the

13 city part of the taxes. You have no control

14 over the taxes put on by the school board.

15 Now they in turn when we had this little

16 conference with them people earlier said

17 they were talking to the school board. You

18 realize what would happen if they signed a

19 piece of legislation like you did?

20 MS. FANUCCI: The school board

21 already enacted that. They already used

22 that program and have already done that,

23 that's already a done deal. That's already

24 been going through the process.

25 MR. SBARAGLIA: Don't you realize


1 what's going to happen when they go into

2 delinquency for three months if you are

3 going to get a penalty on our taxes and then

4 a penalty on the school board taxes? Both

5 of them on there at the same time? Think

6 about what you're doing.

7 MS. GATELLI: Reverend Simmons.

8 MS. SIMMONS: Good afternoon City

9 Council and Junior Council. My name is

10 Reverend Catherine Simmons, Florence Midtown

11 Crime Watch. I have come here for the past

12 ten years talking off and on about a group

13 called crime watch. We came together in my

14 area in my neighborhood to help and aid all

15 areas of justice whether it be city or

16 county we furnished aid to help clean up our

17 neighborhood and to teach those who were

18 anti-law to turn around and come on back to

19 the true positive and prosperous side of

20 life. Because we have been helped by so

21 many over a period of time, crime watch felt

22 that the city and county should join

23 together and honor those who have worked so

24 hard. But we are a poor, quote, poor

25 financial organization. So, when we do our


1 annual dinner to honor those who struggle so

2 hard during the year, we have to look to

3 others to help us out. So Florence Midtown

4 Crime Watch has to go beg to go help put its

5 dinner on. We don't look all year long for

6 funding because that's not what we're about.

7 We're about keeping our neighborhoods clean,

8 keeping the drugs out and the drug doers

9 straight. Crime Watch was promised

10 donations to pay for the dinner that they

11 put on this year from the political and

12 economic community. Well, the donations

13 never came but the dinner went on. The few

14 dollars which did come in helped cover a

15 very small part of the cost of the dinner.

16 We are in deep, deep debt and there are two

17 ladies that sit on our financial part of our

18 organization who's jobs, as I said last

19 week, are in jeopardy. I was asked recently

20 what I felt about a medical school moving

21 into the midtown area. I didn't give my

22 opinion, but I'm going to give it now. My

23 thought is this, if the business and

24 political community of this area cannot keep

25 a promise to support a simple dinner, why


1 would I listen to them keep promise about a

2 medical school? I believe nothing they say

3 to me. Get the checks in the mail and get

4 this bill paid. That's all I have to say.

5 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr. Davis.

6 MR. DAVIS: Salaam aleikam. The

7 first on the agenda, Item 4-A -- I'm sorry,

8 Item 5-- 6-A, did we ever get any

9 information on who this organization or who

10 this restaurant is and what are their vital

11 statistics?

12 MR. COURTRIGHT: It was all brought

13 up last week, Mr. Davis.

14 MR. DAVIS: All right. And you're

15 satisfied with them? You see, when we ask

16 you to do things like have us talk to you

17 before you vote on these things, it might

18 give you more insight into what we might

19 know about these organizations or what we

20 might have ascertained from other

21 information that you may not have heard.

22 It's impossible for to you learn everything

23 there is about one of these -- even just one

24 of these things and in the period of time

25 that you, from time you get this until the


1 time you sit here and tell us about them.

2 Now, I'm not degrading your abilities or

3 anything like that, but I know as a student

4 there's only so much you could understand

5 with all the information that's is out there

6 about individual or things. And, like, I

7 question that we're going to do the right

8 thing if we don't have all the proper

9 information about these things. If you

10 allowed us to bring forth what knowledge we

11 may have before you vote it seems more

12 American, it seems more Democratic. But

13 we're saying that we are not Democratic.

14 This union, this group, is no longer

15 Democratic. You are going to make the

16 motions, you are going to okay the motions

17 and you're going slam them down our throats.

18 You are going make sure they stand whether

19 we look it or not. We have to go by what

20 you find to be true without our information

21 without information we might have, without

22 questions are question that we might have

23 about these things and I don't think it's

24 very Democratic. It's hard for me to tell

25 the kids down at the progressive center or


1 the Boys Club, "Come to City Council and

2 listen to the City Council you'll learn

3 about Democratic rule before you can go and

4 sit there and before you can speak them."

5 And I keep telling them, "Don't be

6 afraid. They are not going to go bite your

7 head off. They're not going hurt you."

8 But the thing is we have to become a

9 party of -- if we are teaching democracy in

10 our schools and we're saying we're a

11 democratic nation and went our kids to

12 believe in us, and believe in what we say

13 and what we do, then we've got act

14 democratic and you're not in my respect.

15 Because speaking to you now after the thing

16 has been done it's like closing the barn

17 door, you know, you remember that, right?

18 MR. COURTRIGHT: This was the third

19 time we had it though, it's in Sixth Order.

20 We spoke on it two other times.

21 MR. DAVIS: You spoke on it twice?

22 MR. COURTRIGHT: Two times other than

23 today, you weren't here though.

24 MR. DAVIS: No.



1 MR. DAVIS: I sat here last week and

2 I heard it, and I heard it at home because I

3 did listen to it there, but I'm saying that

4 by the time you spoke about it nobody in the

5 audience could speak about it, they could

6 speak on it but very few people -- they had

7 their own agenda when they come here so,

8 therefore, what is on the menu does not get

9 said. Maybe it's our fault. It is, it's

10 our fault. If we don't question like I'm

11 doing now, then we have no right to say

12 anything. But it's late. The barn door is

13 closed. And I'm saying we are stuck with

14 the decisions. Your children, your

15 grandchildren, as was said before, they're

16 going to be stuck with the taxes, these

17 people do not come through. So, I'm telling

18 you like this, if you want us to respect you

19 as a Democratic overseer, legislature for

20 us, then you have to give us the right to

21 question you. When you say up there, "Are

22 there any questions?"

23 You should be asking the audience,

24 "Do you have any questions as well?"

25 That would open it up a little bit


1 more, so if we have no response to you

2 whatsoever then we're in trouble. Excuse

3 me, I heard the bell. Thank you very much.

4 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Don Guzzi.

5 Did I say it correctly?

6 MR. GUZZI: My name is Don Guzzi, I

7 live at 104 Olive Street in Scranton. I'm

8 hear in reference to the mission that's

9 illegally operating. I'm going read a

10 statement that happened to me in the last--

11 over the last two weeks and then I have a

12 few questions as to why.

13 On the weekend of June 3 my wife was

14 sitting out in the yard, I live right next

15 door to the mission. My wife was sitting

16 out in the yard on the swing, three homeless

17 people came down the street, were

18 intoxicated beyond belief, threw a

19 cigarette, a lit cigarette butt and it

20 landed at the feet of my wife while she was

21 sitting in the swing. My wife jumped and

22 apparently they didn't realize she was

23 sitting there and my wife says, "Hey, what

24 are you doing?"

25 The response was, and I've got to be


1 careful here, "Screw you, lady. Who the --"

2 the four letter word, "think you are? You

3 fat," four letter word again, "pig. We can

4 do what went to do," and continued onto the

5 mission. I was around the back of the

6 house, she called me, come to the front, I

7 called the police, "Can you identify the

8 people?"

9 "No."

10 "Well, we can't help you."

11 That's not right. Second thing, it

12 really aggravated me even more because I

13 called Mike Wallace to see if he could do

14 anything or help me and point me in the

15 right direction, I called the law

16 department, no one was there to help me. I

17 finally contacted someone and they told me

18 to go down to the police department. I went

19 down to the police department, it was the

20 exact same thing they told me over the

21 telephone. Unless I can finger the person

22 who said it, there's nothing they could do.

23 Okay. That was on the weekend, two weekends

24 ago. This past weekend on Saturday I was

25 sitting out the front my wife, three or four


1 -- I think it was four people this time

2 came back from the mission and they walked

3 past and all of a sudden I realized the

4 voices weren't going away. I got up off the

5 swing, I turned around, I looked around my

6 house, in front of my house and one of the

7 men were urinating on my house. When I

8 yelled at him he literally turned and

9 continued and did it on his buddies and

10 walked up the street. Again, I called the

11 cops. Well, can you identify them? No,

12 they're not there. Is that right? Now, I'm

13 telling you. It ain't right for them to do

14 that to my wife and me. It's not right.

15 What rights do I have? That mission is

16 operating illegally and nobody is doing

17 nothing about it. The zoning board voted 5

18 to nothing not to grant to that mission. It

19 was appealed. They still opened it. Is

20 that legal? I'll ask you, Mr. Minora, is it

21 legal?

22 MR. MINORA: I don't know the case, I

23 think not, I just can't answer it without

24 seeing everything. I can't --

25 MR. GUZZI: Well, that's what


1 everybody is telling me. I get nothing and

2 I'm getting the abuse, the verbal abuse.

3 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Guzzi.

4 MR. GUZZI: You people mentioned it

5 the last time here, the verbal abuse you

6 get. It isn't nice.

7 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Guzzi, no, it

8 isn't nice.

9 MR. GUZZI: What do I do?

10 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Wallace will be

11 here next Thursday and we will make sure we

12 bring up the mission.

13 MR. GUZZI: Well, let me tell you,

14 I've talked to Mr. Wallace several times,

15 they tore down the notice he put up and he

16 did it on TV. They called Channel 22 and

17 brought them in and he tore it down on TV

18 and he's still operating. Is that right?

19 Can I do that?


21 MR. GUZZI: Why?

22 MS. GATELLI: He shouldn't be allowed

23 to do it either early.

24 MR. GUZZI: Well, then why --isn't

25 against the law not to -- force the law.



2 MS. GUZZI: Well, who is breaking

3 the law here, the city or him?

4 MS. GATELLI: I know we have a

5 problem somewhere else with the a similar

6 situation and they have 30 days to appeal

7 Mr. Wallace's notice to cease and desist.

8 So maybe there's a time frame problem here,

9 but we will check with Mr. Wallace next

10 Thursday.

11 MR. GUZZI: And if this happens

12 again and it starts to get violent and

13 something happens to my wife who do I blame?

14 Would do I come after?

15 MS. GATELLI: You need to continue to

16 call the police and ask who you're speaking

17 with.

18 MR. GUZZI: Yes, and in terms of if

19 I keep calling the police what happens if my

20 wife is injured, who is responsible? Who is

21 both financially, legally and morally

22 responsible for that?

23 MS. GATELLI: I'm not sure, but

24 absolutely call the police whenever you have

25 a problem.


1 MS. GUZZI: The minister that's got

2 money behind him up the kazoo? It's not

3 right.

4 MS. GATELLI: No, it isn't.

5 MR. GUZZI: It is not right. I have

6 rights, too, and I'm getting screwed royally

7 and something should be done.

8 MS. GATELLI: We will ask Mr. Wallace

9 next week.

10 MS. EVANS: Sir, I know that --

11 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Jackowitz.

12 MS. EVANS: If I just might, I know

13 that letters were sent to the individual who

14 is in charge of that mission from Mr.

15 Wallace and the law department telling him

16 to cease and desist operations. Now, I

17 would think since he's continuing that the

18 law department can and should do something

19 about him immediately . As for the police,

20 I agree with Mrs. Gatelli you need to call

21 them every time so that you have

22 documentation of complaints that are being

23 registered.

24 MR. GUZZI: (Untranscrible comments.)

25 MS. GATELLI: You ask for their NAME


1 and you keep a log yourself of what time you

2 called and who you talked to.

3 MR. GUZZI: (Untranscrible comments.)

4 MS. GATELLI: It's a disgrace.

5 MS. EVANS: And there have been many,

6 many complaints.

7 MR. GUZZI: It's wrong.

8 MS. EVANS: It is wrong.

9 MR. GUZZI: And no one is doing

10 anything about it.

11 MS. GATELLI: We will investigate it,

12 I promise you, we will investigate it.

13 MS. EVANS: Yes, we will look into

14 it, but I have just one more question, you

15 said the first time this happened the three

16 individuals went into the mission, why

17 didn't the police go into the mission then?

18 MR. GUZZI: No. What happened was I

19 called them and I said, "They went into the

20 mission."

21 "Can you identify them?" She

22 couldn't identify them. She was very

23 emotional, you know.

24 MS. EVANS: I know. I agree with

25 you. This is very wrong.


1 MS. GATELLI: We will check it out

2 for you, Mr. Guzzi.

3 MR. GUZZI: (Untranscribable


5 MS. GATELLI: Thanks, Mr. Guzzi.

6 Bill Jackowitz.

7 MR. JACKOWITZ: Bill Jackowitz,

8 South Scranton resident, retired United

9 States Air Force. I'm going to read you a

10 letter which you all have copies of, also

11 Mayor Doherty has a copy of it and Mr.

12 Minora, I'm going to delete some of the

13 words naturally. This letter was sent to me

14 in the mail yesterday, I received this in

15 the mail yesterday.

16 "Dear Bill, I'm sure you are the

17 same Pollock piece of," it's a four letter

18 word that starts with "S" and ends with "T",

19 "That goes to City Council meetings. Who

20 the," another four letter word that starts

21 with "F" and ends with "K", "do you think

22 you are and who gives," again begins with an

23 "S" and ends in "T", "if you are in the

24 service?" I want all veterans to listen to

25 this one, "Lots of people were in the


1 service and most of them were morons who

2 could not go to school or get a job. You

3 are nothing but a big dumb hate filled

4 Pollock would got screwed your whole life

5 because you were such a loser. I'll bet a

6 million bucks your Pollock kids are losers,

7 too. You couldn't shine Doherty's shoes and

8 he wouldn't --" it starts with a "P" and

9 ends with an "S", four letter words, he

10 loves four letters words, "On you if you

11 were on fire. You and your other Pollock

12 friends like the Pilcheskys lunatic hate the

13 Irish because they are smarter, more

14 educated, more sociable, richer, more

15 connected," that's a key phrase right there,

16 "And way more successful than you will ever

17 be. Next time you go to the podium please

18 don't think we give a," again, four letter

19 word begins with an "S" ends with a "T", "If

20 you were in the Army, and be assured that we

21 all are laughing our," starts with an "A",

22 two "SS's" off as you spew your hate and

23 ignorance. Sincerely yours, Jack off, the

24 Southsiders."

25 First of all, was a crime committed?


1 Probably not. Should the person who wrote

2 this sick letter be identified? Probably

3 so. But the most important part is the

4 person was kind enough to leave his

5 fingerprints, nice clear fingerprints on the

6 envelope. The envelope has, will be turned

7 over to authorities, hopefully I can get

8 assistance, the mayor said he will help.

9 Hopefully the county district attorney so on

10 and so forth will because this person needs

11 to be found and needs to be found

12 immediately. You want to talk about me,

13 talk about me to my face. I got thick skin,

14 I could care -- I've been through so much in

15 my life that you can't believe it, but don't

16 talk about my brothers and sisters in the

17 military. Don't call them morons, and I

18 hope every one in this city who just heard

19 what I just said agrees with me. This

20 person needs to be found and needs to be

21 found immediately.

22 First of all, Jackowitz is Slovak,

23 it's not Pollock. Second of all, I was

24 never in the Army, 20 years in the Air

25 Force. 97 percent of the military members


1 have a high school education. 78 percent of

2 military personnel either have a college

3 degree or two or more years of college

4 education, the highest percentage of any

5 career in the nation so they are far from

6 being dumb. I have no children. I would

7 never shine Doherty's shoes and I never

8 expect him to shine mine. My father's name

9 appears on the back of two monuments in

10 courthouse square, General Pulaski's and

11 General Casheskell's, check it out. It says

12 William Jackowitz on the back of both of

13 those monuments. I know many people of

14 Irish dissent, mostly good people including

15 my brother-in-law of 42 years. I probably

16 served with many airmen, soldiers, sailors

17 and Marines who are Irish. How about you,

18 Southsider? I do not believe you are a

19 Southsider, we have no cowards living in

20 South Side. The FBI and postal inspectors

21 will be very interested in the fingerprints,

22 hopefully, the D.A. will also and the

23 Scranton Police Department. It was nice of

24 you to leave those nice prints for us. If

25 you intend to intimidate me, you didn't. I


1 had no intentions of being here today, this

2 afternoon, the only reason I'm here is

3 because of this letter. I think it needs to

4 be made public. I took another day off from

5 work to be here. So anyway, I'm not going

6 to be intimidated.

7 And Sunday, 17 June '07, Father's

8 Day, free swim and slide, at Nay Aug Park

9 sponsored by the Scranton Lackawanna

10 Taxpayers' Association, all children under

11 15 are invited to participate. Paid for by

12 citizens and contributors, which all five of

13 you on City Council did contribute . You

14 know, this swim thing, in actuality we only

15 have 8 to 12 good swimming days of the year,

16 think about it.

17 MS. GATELLI: Thank you, Mr.

18 Jackowitz.

19 MR. JACKOWITZ: This envelope is

20 perfectly preserved.

21 MS. GATELLI: Mr. McCloe.

22 MR. MCCLOE: Good afternoon. My name

23 is Brett McCloe, Scranton resident taxpayer.

24 Today I want to talk about a few things that

25 seem to cross my mind over the past week.


1 First off, as a private citizen I want to

2 welcome those will be attending I believe it

3 is the 108th Pennsylvania League of Cities

4 and Municipalities next week at the Hilton

5 June 20 through June 22. As a private

6 citizen I hope those who attend will choose

7 to get off the yellow brick road, I'm sure

8 some of them have laid for them and actually

9 get off the beaten path and immerse

10 yourselves into the city. If there is an

11 itinerary of places to go and see, by all

12 means check it out, but also take the time

13 to just stop the car and get out and talk to

14 the people wherever they may be. I'm not

15 sure what the schedule is, but at some point

16 leave the cocktail party atmosphere and

17 spread out and head off into the city on

18 your own. I think you will find us a very

19 interesting and hospitable people. Be

20 spontaneous and avoid the horse and pony

21 show.

22 I also want to mention and highlight

23 the success of a failed attempt at a stable

24 smoking ban. A lot of money was lost and

25 gained elsewhere during that period. I say


1 it was a success because it seemed that it

2 improved one important thing, and I said it

3 before, people still use free will and

4 choice to determine where they want to eat

5 and what kind of atmosphere they want to eat

6 in. There was never a need for a smoking

7 ban in this city. Both restaurants with and

8 without smoking sections are doing just fine

9 now. Free will has prevailed. I say it

10 before and I'll say it again, defense of

11 free will and the responsible use of choice

12 should always remain paramount when passing

13 legislation. All this plan proved was this

14 Council could pass anything off as law and

15 threaten to impose unjust punishment which

16 is why the people in all of the cities of

17 Pennsylvania and municipalities need to take

18 a better look at their elected officials in

19 respect to their unchecked use of the Home

20 Rule Charter. It's time for the people to

21 reexamine their system of local government.

22 I would like to see a more representative

23 government in Scranton.

24 Due to the fact that I heard

25 something that was said last week or the


1 week before, "I represent those who put me

2 in office," which totally excludes and

3 disenfranchises everyone else who didn't

4 vote to put this person in office or wasn't

5 at the cocktail party where grants and loans

6 are passed out like our hor'd'eovers. Lack

7 of public trust would naturally follow from

8 such a statement, a better more ethical city

9 government official might have said, "I

10 represent those who are put me in office and

11 would redouble my efforts to represent those

12 who haven't," instead of complaining I think

13 it's time for the people of this city to re

14 shape its government not by voting in new

15 people but voting ourselves in as a new

16 branch of government. The technology and

17 rapid access of information is here and now.

18 Let us use it to move this city forward.

19 Let's examine how the people could vote on

20 some of -- some, but not all of these city

21 business.

22 I believe there was a system at one

23 time, the ward system, I believe, let's

24 modify some neighborhood associations and

25 encourage the population to become more


1 aware, knowledgeable and active in affairs

2 of the city. Let's find a way to give the

3 average citizen a means to influence

4 legislation. I'm not saying get rid of the

5 City Council, I'm saying let's find a way to

6 tip the scales in favor of the wishes of all

7 the people. One second, of course, this

8 might be an expensive undertaking, but as

9 the saying goes, freedom is not free. Thank

10 you.

11 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr. Quinn.

12 MR. QUINN: Ozzie Quinn, president

13 of Lackawanna County Taxpayers and Citizens

14 Association, Incorporated. First I want to

15 address the fact that the 3/2 vote that was

16 turned down on Mrs. Evans' motion to have

17 the speakers address the city business prior

18 to it being enacted, the fact is that a

19 couple years ago there was a city -- I think

20 it was Judge Minora, not Judge Minora,

21 excuse me, Judge Mazzoni ruled on that and,

22 in fact, a decision came down that the

23 citizens have to speak before the Council

24 addressed the city business. Now, the

25 Taxpayers Association is going to meet next


1 week or the week after and we're going to

2 consider a mandamus filed with the court

3 that would be a legal action against the

4 City Council here to make the City Council

5 follow through with the decision of judge --

6 okay? So if you want legal action, we will

7 take legal action and I'm sorry we have to

8 do this because it costs us money, and it

9 costs us money again when you fight us.

10 Okay, the second thing is, Mr. Courtright,

11 you asked for -- last week I requested the

12 zoning and the development planner, the CPC,

13 did we get any response from that?

14 MR. COURTRIGHT: I don't know if we

15 even -- I don't know if we got out yet,

16 there was a lot of things to be sent out.

17 We didn't send it out yet, did we, Kay?

18 MS. GARVEY: Is he asking for

19 minutes and everything, we don't have the --

20 MR. QUINN: No, we're asking -- he

21 was asking for you to write a letter to the

22 zoning and the planning commission for the

23 minutes they approved the development plan

24 and they approved the zoning.

25 MS. GARVEY: No, I didn't --


1 MR. COURTRIGHT: We'll look it up in

2 the minutes, they had an awful lot to do

3 last --

4 MS. QUINN: Fine. I think Mrs. Evans

5 is following through on that anyway.

6 MS. GARVEY: Their minutes aren't

7 like ours.

8 MS. COURTRIGHT: It should be on the

9 tape; right.

10 MR. QUINN: Okay, I got my time, the

11 clock is tick here, I'm sorry, okay? The

12 other thing is that in regards to that

13 development plan down there, if that was

14 approved as such and they were using the

15 Dickson Avenue entrance or exit, okay, then

16 that probably, and Mr. Minora said, Attorney

17 Minora said, they're now using the right

18 entrance that they --the development plan

19 approved, so they're illegally through all

20 of these years operating illegally down

21 there in regards to the development plan

22 that they submitted.

23 MR. COURTRIGHT: That was only a

24 couple of weeks, Oz, they only did that for

25 a couple of weeks.


1 MR. QUINN: It doesn't matter. If

2 they are going to change again they have to

3 come back before the planning commission

4 with this development plan, not just the --

5 not to the City Council it has to start a

6 process. Okay, the other thing is this

7 here, I'm going speak about this resolution

8 on Vida Tapas Bar and it's not singling out

9 anybody, okay, the fact is that it's a

10 two-way treat for economic development, one

11 is the employer and one is the employee.

12 They're spin off, okay, by the employer and

13 by the employee, but when an employee, and I

14 spoke to an employee, not that specific

15 tavern this week and it's all across the

16 nation, they get $2.83 an hour, okay? So,

17 hopefully that person will be able to

18 maintain enough tips, okay, to meet the

19 minimum wage, okay, but I will condemn the

20 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban

21 Development, the OECD, for filing this

22 application and ultimately the Council for

23 approving it because you are perpetuating

24 poverty in the City of Scranton with these

25 low income jobs. Now, why don't we give


1 these people the health benefits, not the

2 four -- these people that are waiting on

3 tables and waitresses and waiting on tables,

4 help them along because every time if they

5 break an arm and go to CMC emergency it

6 costs them $300 and that's a shame and when

7 you're only getting $2.83 an hour you have

8 to make up over $100 in order just to make

9 the minimum wage. If you don't have a good

10 boss that's going give you something at the

11 end of the day you are really suffering and

12 that's a shame. In regards to this we go a

13 along, we have a service industry, that's

14 what Scranton is, economic development in

15 regards to manufacturing it's not there,

16 there isn't job. Now, there's a two-way

17 street, as I said, and we are in debt. Now

18 we have the county, which we have 70 million

19 of the 191 million in the city all coming

20 out of the same taxpayer's pocket, we have

21 the city which is the quoted about 300

22 million of the Doherty debt, okay, and we

23 also have the school board which is $152,

24 500 at the end of 2006. Now, we have a 25

25 percent tax coming up on us next year and


1 also I want to let you know that the school

2 teachers the S.F.T. contract expires in

3 August, and that's going to be an increase,

4 okay? They're looking for the best teachers

5 and it's going to be an increase so I want

6 to you keep this many mind so we're talking

7 now over a half a billion dollars just of

8 the city's taxpayers coming out of the same

9 pocket. Thank you very much.

10 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Lee Morgan.

11 Not here ? How about Mr. Patilla, is he

12 here? Is Lee in the hall? No? You can get

13 him for the next --

14 MR. PATILLA: Good afternoon. Mrs.

15 Evans and Mr. Courtright. Last week before

16 I entered Council chambers a young lady, one

17 of the Scranton residents by the name of

18 Yvonne from Dickerson Street approached me

19 in tears and she explained to me she just

20 come from the doctor's and he advised her

21 she lost 40 percent of her breathing

22 capacity. And you know this really bothered

23 me. All the way up until right now, I tried

24 to lie down, it would pop into my head. I

25 tried to do something else, it would pop


1 into my head. I actually have one of my

2 computers at the house with nothing but

3 Daron Northern, nothing but Daron Northeast,

4 corporate searches, you name it, I'm running

5 it, and I want the people out there to know

6 that, you know, Psillocosis isn't nothing to

7 play with, you know? The employees who work

8 at this the company the dust gets in your

9 clothes, it gets in your mustache, it gets

10 in your eyebrows, it gets in your hair, you

11 transport that to your house. There is

12 schools in that area when the wind blows

13 it's covering the kids. I believe it was

14 Tuesday or whenever the day before the

15 thunderstorms that area was covered in --

16 covered in that dust, I mean, literally

17 covered in that dust. And I want the people

18 out there to know you have to contact the

19 Secretary of the Department of Health Calvin

20 B. Johnson, M.D., MTH, you have to contact

21 Lieutenant Governor Catherine Baker-Knoll.

22 You have to contact Estelle Richmond,

23 Secretary of Public Welfare. You have to

24 contact Kathleen McGinney, Secretary of

25 Environmental Protection, those of you who


1 know me I have a list and I'll make the

2 numbers available to you, but our time here

3 is short so I wouldn't provide that you with

4 you now, but I have it and you can just go

5 the PA Gov home page and you can get it from

6 there. All right.

7 Back to that subordination

8 agreement, those of you who have parents and

9 grandparents in this city you need to stand

10 up and really recognize what's going on.

11 You know, people who pay their mortgages via

12 their banks don't have to worry about it

13 because their taxes are going to come you

14 via escrow or whatever, the bank will pay it

15 for you, but those who own their homes,

16 especially senior citizens, will all the tax

17 increases, with all the fees, increases in

18 the fees that this city is now undertaking,

19 you know, your parents, your grandparents,

20 your great-grandparents are at risk of these

21 people taking your homes because they will.

22 They're in it for net profit, they're in it

23 for the money, they're not in it to be nice,

24 okay, and you really have to get on the ball

25 and understand what is going on here because


1 they will take your home. I worked in

2 collections years ago and I will tell I will

3 take your home, that's my job, and that's

4 what they're going to do, they are going to

5 take your home.

6 All right, next week we have the

7 League of Cities here, plenty of mayors from

8 all over the country will be in this area,

9 some of which I know, some of which I will

10 be speaking to once I pull them to the side

11 and let them know exactly what's going on

12 around here because, you know, it's one

13 thing to want to run a business, it's

14 another thing to run a business that you're

15 bankrupting and the mayor of this city is

16 doing just that. He's bankrupting this city

17 because there aren't any revenues coming in.

18 The medical school, from what I understand

19 the owner the property kept jacking up his

20 price, kept jacking up their price, and I

21 said it before when it was first mentioned,

22 that medical school is not coming here.

23 Just like I stated before, an honest

24 employer is not going to move his business

25 here because they care about their


1 employees, something this administration --

2 not all, some of the people in this

3 administration don't care about the citizens

4 of this city. All right? They're not going

5 to bring their employees here because of the

6 taxes, because of the increases in the fees

7 and because you cannot survive here. I've

8 spoken to people outside this area and I've

9 made theme aware of what is going on, I'm

10 talking people all over this country and

11 letting them know exactly what is going on

12 because I'm not going anywhere. I'm not

13 turning my back on the senior citizens. I'm

14 not turning my back on the kids, because

15 surely they found the money, $10,000 or

16 whatever to fix Connolly Pool, that's

17 because the mayors are coming here next

18 week. Talk to me six months down the line

19 when your job or when the news media isn't

20 on the line and everything goes back to

21 normal and all of a sudden the money is no

22 longer there, all right? And my main pet

23 peeve I want you kids to get down to 135

24 Jefferson and register to vote because come

25 November there will be changes made, come --


1 prior to November there will be changes

2 made. I don't care who says they're not

3 going anywhere, things are going change

4 around here because some of us actually care

5 for the City of Scranton. We care for the

6 for the residents, we care for one another.

7 This is one happy family, all right? The

8 pay to play politics is done. You think

9 you're going leave here and go another place

10 in the state, it's not going happen because

11 I'm going to follow you.

12 MS. GATELLI: Mike Battle.

13 MR. BATTLE: Mike Battle, Scranton

14 resident, first I want to thank council for

15 the concern they showed for my neighbor, my

16 neighbor, Mr. Guzzi. I'm lucky enough to be

17 around the corner from the mission so I

18 don't have the same impact, although, I'm

19 certainly concerned. Just to review, this

20 is a faith based drug and alcohol

21 rehabilitation program for homeless men that

22 was denied it's claim to be entitled to a

23 variance as a house of worship by both the

24 zoning board, the Court of Common Pleas,

25 Commonwealth Court. We just found out


1 they're know appealing to the Pennsylvania

2 State Supreme Court. I don't think it's

3 likely they're going to get allocuter --

4 authorization for the appeal, but they're

5 trying it, because it is clear there is a

6 lost money, I presume, behind this effort.

7 I mean, they have a 4 by 6 foot sign on this

8 building now, permits said the sign cost

9 $3,300, so, I mean, they have money to

10 spend, they are very well financed. My

11 presumption is that at some point it will be

12 a cash cow if they get it in they'll get

13 drug and alcohol rehab money for these men

14 and they'll make it pay. The reverend is

15 associated with a number of other rescue

16 missions.

17 As I said, I was very glad to see

18 the concern Council showed and I hope you'll

19 make sure that the city does take every step

20 because I think even if they're denied the

21 appeal at the Supreme Court, there's federal

22 legislation that impacts zoning decisions on

23 area groups that claim to be religiously

24 oriented so there maybe federal appeals.

25 So, I think we have to make a real effort to


1 make sure that while they're appealing they

2 don't get a free ride. I think the normal

3 course is that if you lose the appeal you're

4 closed down until you win the appeal. These

5 people are acting as if they can proceed

6 until every appeal has been lost and it

7 takes a very great toll on the neighborhood,

8 as you can see from Mr. Guzzi, and I

9 appreciate the concern you showed and I hope

10 that you'll make sure the city law

11 department is taking every step. I think at

12 some point fairly soon they should be

13 accruing fines if they stay open because

14 they haven't won once yet, they have been

15 denied every time yet they persist. And I

16 also hope, you know, that other people who

17 are listening to this realize that this

18 could happen to other neighbors, other

19 people in Scranton and I hope, too, I mean,

20 we've seen some people from Baptist Bible

21 College come down in vans and everything, I

22 hope this is ostensibly a Christian

23 organization and yet it persists trying to

24 shove this down the throats of people who

25 don't want it, they're not legally entitled


1 and I hope some of the supporters would

2 consider that and just think how Christian

3 is this to keep doing this? I mean, it's

4 interesting their website used to list

5 churches. At one point I thought of going

6 to those churches and picketing or --

7 churches aren't listed anymore as far as I

8 know so we don't quite know who is

9 associated with them, but I know we've seen

10 some Baptist bible students. Again, they're

11 not even local, they're from out of the

12 area. It's kind of like we -- I mean, we

13 know, we're the city we get to be the cat's

14 Madeira for a lot of social problems, we

15 have the services and I don't even this is

16 possibly a useful program though from the

17 way they act, I doubt it, I think it's a s

18 cash cow, I could be wrong, but two blocks

19 up there's lots of available real estate in

20 Scranton. Lord knows we have no problem in

21 finding buildings that could be purchased

22 and rented that these people would persist

23 against all of this opposition and I really

24 thank you for your support on that.

25 And I am going to address one more


1 thing very quickly, I was surprised, a

2 co-worker told me they went to swim at Nay

3 Aug and apparently it is $3 to swim and $3

4 to use the slide. And, I mean, it seems to

5 me that that's just in simple economics, I

6 mean, I have a daughter, if I take her to

7 use the slide I'm going go and waddle around

8 in the water a little bit and I'm going

9 spend $6. It seems to me that even in terms

10 of the total amount of money made a dollar

11 to swim would get more swimmers and parents

12 with kids, I don't know if you -- I know you

13 don't have the standing because it's the

14 recreational authority, but maybe somebody

15 could talk to them about that. It seems to

16 be simple economics that $3 is possibly

17 correct for the slide and the cost, but it's

18 too much just to swim and you'd probably

19 make more money by going down to a dollar

20 and getting swimmers not even to mention the

21 kids on -- the kid on Madison Avenue who

22 can't walk up to the pool now because he and

23 his two brothers have to have $9 to go for a

24 swim. I mean, I don't know if you have to

25 go so far as taking the pool a way from the


1 authority, I think maybe if the Scranton

2 Recreation Authority thought about what was

3 involved in their decision to price it that

4 way, I mean, it's just obviously it's not

5 worth $3 and it makes it hard for someone to

6 go with a child who wants to use the slide

7 for $3. It would seem to be common sense to

8 get it down to a dollar, but thank you for

9 Mr. Guzzi and for all of us.

10 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Dobson.

11 MS. EVANS: Kay, could we get an

12 update before we meet with Mr. Wallace from

13 Attorney Farrell on the Scranton Rescue

14 Mission? If you could please notify him of

15 what Council speakers have described today,

16 the problems that they've encountered in the

17 last two weeks and, as I said, if he could

18 update us on where that situation stands or

19 what further measures he would take in light

20 of recent developments.

21 MR. DOBSON: Good afternoon,

22 Council. Dave Dobson, resident of South

23 Scranton. I'd like to discuss today a

24 potential for modifying our June 7 6-A

25 passing of the legislation. I basically


1 agree with Andy Sbaraglia and Ozzie Quinn on

2 this, especially for old people. It's one

3 thing if it's an absentee landlord that's

4 racking off or running a slum house and not

5 paying his taxes as they're due and taking

6 advantage of city services, but in a case

7 where somebody is nearly destitute,

8 especially senior citizens and so forth

9 where possibly a wife passed away or a

10 husband passed away, if at all possible, and

11 I don't know if it's possible legally, we'd

12 probably have to ask Mr. Minora if it would

13 be legal to differentiate between these

14 people. I'm not exactly certain whether the

15 government can do that, but I feel it's

16 really important that we develop a different

17 strategy other than to hit these people with

18 a ton of extra fees and it's down to the

19 wire. People are getting hit with

20 everything from energy. The federal

21 government stripped energy and food costs

22 off of our -- Mr. Bush was quoted in saying,

23 I'll quote him, "That energy and food costs

24 have nothing to do with the inflation rate."

25 I mean, is that mindless? If I was


1 the president of Yale I'd lift his diploma.

2 I'd lift his diploma. Shame on him. Shame

3 on him. And a lot of these problems that

4 get discussed here are not always Council's

5 doings, but if we get a grass roots movement

6 going maybe we can work together and make it

7 a little bit of a better world in our own

8 little way, but I'd really like to see

9 someday that soon that before this gets too

10 far gone that people that are behind on

11 their taxes if there's a very good reason

12 and they don't have any foreseeable funds

13 such as a miser sitting on a $500,000 CD

14 that he doesn't want to cash in or some

15 nonsense like that, I would like to see

16 where older people could be -- retirees and

17 so forth could be helped into a reverse

18 mortgage or even a homeowner that's maybe

19 sick or something like that and owns his own

20 home or their own home possibly helped in or

21 a reverse mortgage or whatever and possibly

22 Mr. Minora could comment on that at some

23 time in the future, he's not present right

24 now, he's off, but, thank you, and have a

25 good afternoon.


1 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Anyone

2 else?

3 MR. HUBBARD: Good afternoon,

4 Council. Daniel Hubbard. Just a couple of

5 quick points today, Scranton Rescue Mission

6 just kind of falls under that whole area of

7 not being able to enforce our zoning laws

8 for the violation of the zoning laws and I

9 think that you carries across the board to a

10 multitude of companies in this city, one

11 which would be Daron that we have zoning

12 violations and this -- the rescue mission as

13 well has been shut down, I mean, they

14 received their order to decease, they are

15 not. It's really kind of appalling that we

16 can't enforce our own laws. We have these

17 zoning ordinances, we have a zoning board,

18 we have all of this in place to protect the

19 residents of this city, that's why we have

20 building inspections and zoning ordinances

21 and all of that is to protect us, but yet

22 when someone is in violation of these we are

23 absolutely helpless to enforce those

24 ordinances. One, probably because we have

25 an unqualified zoning officer; two, I don't


1 think that Council has much power to enforce

2 these when Mr. Wallace states that he only

3 answers to the mayor, repeatedly he only

4 answers to the mayor. Well, then maybe the

5 five of you should go downstairs to Mr.

6 Doherty's office and have Mr. Doherty tell

7 Mr. Wallace to enforce the zoning laws on

8 the rescue mission because that in itself if

9 it was in my neighborhood I certainly

10 wouldn't be as calm as I am just on the

11 Daron issue. That's appalling. And the

12 fact that children have to walk by that

13 facility during the school year is even more

14 insulting to the residents of the city that

15 they can't get that place shut down so, you

16 know, I'd like to see some enforcement of

17 our zoning ordinances would be nice in the

18 city.

19 I have a couple of questions, you

20 know, recently in the paper Mr. Doherty said

21 that he moving people around in the city to

22 protect them. Well, who's going protect us

23 from Mr. Brazil when he's running the DPW?

24 I mean, at least Mr. Parke was remotely

25 qualified to be a city engineer and the


1 director of the DPW. I think that the

2 director of park and recreations, a lateral

3 move for him to the DPW director is kind of

4 like putting Mickey Mouse in charge of a

5 ship, I really don't think that there's the

6 -- I'm not going to argue with what he does

7 with the parks and recreation, but let's

8 face it, a director of parks and recreation,

9 some of the parks are in disrepair, Nay Aug

10 is a mess, but what the hell is going to

11 happen when that guy, who can't even keep

12 Nay Aug clean, is running the DPW? Is our

13 trash going to stop getting picked up? Who

14 am I going to go to for help with storm

15 drains and flooding and things like that?

16 Are we going to have to hire more

17 consultants? Is this just one of those

18 situations?

19 MS. EVANS: Mr. Hubbard, that's A

20 perfect time to interrupt, I really don't

21 know that this is absolutely true, but I

22 have heard that Mr. Parker will be hired --

23 I'm sure that wasn't five minutes -- Mr.

24 Parker will be hired as a consultant to Mr.

25 Brazil.


1 MR. HUBBARD: He will be a

2 consultant to Mr. Brazil while he works for

3 a private firm.

4 MS. GATELLI: No, no .

5 MS. EVANS: I have heard that.

6 MS. GATELLI:No, that's not true.

7 MR. HUBBARD: So if Mr. Brazil has

8 problems running his department then he will

9 obviously be hiring --

10 MS. GATELLI: There was always two

11 people. There was a DPW director and there

12 was a city engineer.

13 MR. HUBBARD: But in the paper it

14 said he is going to be the DPW director and

15 the new city engineer.

16 MS. GATELLI: No, that was a mistake.

17 MR. HUBBARD: I should have known.

18 MS. GATELLI: You don't believe

19 everything you read in their, do you,

20 Daniel?

21 MR. HUBBARD: I'm sorry, you're

22 right. The skateboard park, what happened

23 to it? What happened to the skateboard

24 park? Back to Mr. Brazil, the skateboard

25 park was supposed to be done at Weston


1 Field, it was supposed to be concrete, there

2 was designers called in, they were applying

3 for the grants, what happened?

4 MS. GATELLI: You were on that

5 committee, weren't you?

6 MR. HUBBARD: No, I was never called.

7 I was a little too outspoken against the

8 administration to be called to get involved

9 in that, Judy, I tried. Sandy Olshenski

10 stopped returning my calls I'm sure under

11 the order of Mr. Brazil.

12 MS. GATELLI: Well, let's ask Jackson

13 to look into it.

14 MR. HUBBARD: I think that instead of

15 putting money into the disrepair of parks

16 that we have we would probably just to get

17 the park that we were planning on building

18 for the kids in this city finished. Now,

19 let's touch on Daron a little bit. As of

20 1:30 this afternoon there were 60 trucks in

21 and out of Daron Northeast today, 60 trucks.

22 Now, let's talk about the traffic study. If

23 the site plan review was correct and done

24 per procedure, the traffic study should have

25 been part of that because they need to make


1 sure that they have a viable ingress and

2 egress for their trucks and their traffic

3 for the business, so if the site plan review

4 was filed correctly and procedure was

5 followed with that it was reviewed but site

6 plan -- site planning commission that we,

7 I'm pretty sure it wasn't, but the traffic

8 study should be in there because they would

9 have had to met the criteria for a viable

10 ingress and egress for the amount of trucks

11 that they would have stated in the site plan

12 review that they would be receiving on

13 average 100 trucks per day every day of the

14 week included Saturdays. And if you do a

15 traffic study on Dickson Avenue there is no

16 way that traffic study is going to say that

17 any block of Dickson, Delaware or Sanderson

18 was ever intended or designed to handle 100

19 full-size, fully loaded 18 wheelers a day.

20 This company is skirting the issues in this

21 city and they are being protected by

22 somebody in this administration because

23 nothing can get done to slow them down, stop

24 them or get them to obey the laws that they

25 are required to follow, so somebody in this


1 city is benefiting from Daron Northeast.

2 Somebody somewhere is getting money from

3 this company for them to be protected like

4 this and it's a shame that the residents

5 have to suffer from long-term lung damage

6 that they will never recover from so that

7 somebody can line their pockets. It's

8 appalling.

9 Now, let's get to Daron real quick

10 because I know I'm running out of time, 2004

11 Daron Northeast received $84,805 from

12 Governor Rendell to rehabilitate the tracks

13 at their masonry facility so that they could

14 continue to receive or ship raw material and

15 finished product by rail. They've done

16 nothing with the tracks, where is the

17 $84,000 that they got to do this work with,

18 they never did the work, if they would

19 actually live up to what they said and use

20 the rail system that they said was part of

21 the reason they moved there then maybe we

22 can cut down on some of the truck traffic in

23 and out of there, but that would probably

24 cost them money and we know not that's not

25 profitable.


1 Onto the flood issues, two flood

2 control relocation specialists at $30,000 a

3 year. The Army Corp project stops at Olive

4 Street. There's nobody left to relocate.

5 That's $60,000 a year we're spending on two

6 people that have no job because there is no

7 one left to relocate. So why are we paying

8 two flood relocation specialists 60 grand a

9 year to do nothing but sit in the flood

10 control office because there's nobody left

11 to relocate. We have a flood control

12 project coordinator, who is this gentleman

13 or woman? Do they have a name? Do they

14 exist? Do they actually leave the little

15 trailer that's parked down in the Plot that

16 they call the flood control office. Flood

17 control engineer, another one, where the

18 hell is this guy? I could use some flood

19 control engineering in lower Greenridge,

20 maybe he can come down and help Mr. Parker

21 fill the spots on the river bank that he

22 said he would do which I hope he would

23 before he leaves in July but we know he

24 won't.

25 One more thing, we have an assistant


1 flood control engineer at $35,000 a year so,

2 you know, we're looking at almost $200,000 a

3 year in salaries to people that really

4 aren't involved in any of the flood

5 projects. So they all have titles for it

6 and they all have jobs and we're all paying

7 their salaries and they do nothing.

8 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

9 MS. EVANS: Mr. Hubbard, I

10 eliminated a number of those positions in my

11 budget.

12 MS. KRAKE: Good afternoon, Council.

13 My name is Nancy Krake. First I would like

14 Council perhaps to request, and I'm also

15 requesting personally, that the Council

16 meeting be replayed Thursday evenings at

17 6:30, it's normal time, since we are having

18 it at 1:00. I'm hoping 61 can accommodate

19 us because I know that's when people are

20 used to watching it.

21 MS. GATELLI: They maybe watching it

22 then again.

23 MS. KRAKE: Yes, all the better.

24 MS. GATELLI: Very shortly.

25 MS. KRAKE: I would like to say that


1 I feel that the speakers have to do the

2 Scranton Times' work for them since the

3 Scranton Times never portrays any side on

4 any issue except the mayor's. Stacy Brown,

5 the reporter for the Times, just called me

6 out in the hallway to tell me that they're

7 doing an article on Council speakers.

8 They're not doing an article as they should

9 have been for the past six years on anything

10 that the mayor has done that maybe

11 uncomplimentary. This is fascinating to me.

12 So he asked me if I would make a comment.

13 He asked me if I thought that people who

14 don't have much to say, basically this is

15 the way he put it, or maybe don't know as

16 much about this city shouldn't be talking at

17 Council. I thought that was horrendous. If

18 this is going to be the gist of that article

19 this is even sadder -- this newspaper has

20 reached a new low. My remark to him was

21 that everyone's issue is important to them.

22 I'm making sure I'm saying it at the podium

23 because Lord knows what will appear in the

24 newspaper. I personally don't purchase it,

25 but if anyone's reading it that is the


1 remark I gave to him, and apparently there

2 was also a gentleman here today taking

3 photographs of speakers. How very sad. Why

4 aren't they out reporting on the real news?

5 I would also like to say, Mrs. Evans,

6 thank you very much for trying to put

7 speaking back in Fourth Order and at five

8 minutes and thank you, Mr. Courtright, for

9 affirming that. Two Council people

10 apparently care and take into consideration

11 what everyone has to say before they vote.

12 What I say and what everyone says should

13 have a direct effect on the business part of

14 the meeting. I think we are we already

15 proved a few weeks ago that what anyone says

16 apparently can't be remembered to the next

17 week. That's understandable. That's why it

18 was in Fourth Order before the voting.

19 I also feel that Council people

20 should not try and differentiate between

21 what they feel is an issue or a non-issue.

22 Everyone's issues are important to them. I

23 would lake to make a suggestion. Maybe

24 Council if you feel I'm wording this

25 correctly or if you would like to change it


1 would make a motion that a Council person

2 cannot vote unless they stay for the entire

3 meeting. I feel that would give us somewhat

4 of a level playing ground. Not totally, but

5 somewhat. Mrs. Gatelli did not stay last

6 week, we had the vote on these outrageous

7 fines and fees which people have already

8 approached me and are very, very frightened

9 about how they're going to make these

10 payments. I can't believe anyone felt they

11 were reasonable. I know for a fact you

12 could not possibly, and if you did it's even

13 worse, have understood what all these fines

14 and fees are. I would like to know when

15 they will be implemented because I'm sure

16 everyone has researched that.

17 How much money -- or, Mrs. Evans, I

18 know you indicated to me once that you met

19 with the mayor and that he felt this money,

20 the monies from these fines were already

21 plugged into the budget somehow?

22 MS. EVANS: I don't believe he said

23 that. He felt that the amount of money

24 missing from the budgeted figure as compared

25 to what MRS would provide the city, he felt


1 that that missing piece would be provided

2 through NCC.

3 MS. KRAKE: Then that's part of my

4 one of my questions since I will be asking

5 on this every week. Well, I'll continue it

6 next week. Thank you.

7 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else?

8 MS. HUBBARD: Good afternoon,

9 Council, Elizabeth Hubbard, Scranton

10 resident. I have a question, is there a

11 noise ordinance in the City of Scranton?

12 MS. EVANS: Yes.

13 MRS. HUBBARD: Okay. There's a bar

14 on Greenridge Street Cosgrove's they have an

15 outdoor patio, they're three blocks away

16 from where I live and on Friday and Saturday

17 night at 1:30 in the morning I can still

18 hear their music. I called the COM Center

19 or whatever, three times. Once two Fridays

20 ago and then this last Friday and Saturday,

21 and they said they were going to send a car

22 to my house first, it never came, and I

23 finally called them and told them don't

24 bother because it was like after 2:00 and I

25 wanted to go to bed. I understand they did


1 send a car there last Saturday night, but

2 then it filtered back to me by somebody that

3 is familiar with the place or whatever that

4 I better get myself a pair of earplugs

5 because the mayor was there dancing on

6 Saturday night and there's no way they're

7 going to have to turn that music off. Now,

8 I mean, I don't care who dances there on

9 Saturday night I shouldn't have to listen to

10 their band from three blocks away. And it's

11 not that I'm not a music lover, and the one

12 night I was on the second floor of my house

13 with the windows closed and the air

14 conditioners on and I still heard the music

15 three blocks away. So, I don't know what to

16 do about.

17 MS. EVANS: I would continue to call

18 the police and document --

19 MR. HUBBARD: But I get a 911 person.

20 Is there a number for the police themselves?

21 MR. COURTRIGHT: You can call 911 or

22 if you call 348-4141 it still goes to the

23 Com Center.

24 MS. HUBBARD: Right, and that's what

25 I called.


1 MR. COURTRIGHT: And they'll send it

2 over to the police department.

3 MS. EVANS: But, as I said, we do

4 have a noise ordinance and there is certain

5 hours during which you cannot play music or

6 create any type of noise.

7 MS. HUBBARD: This is 1:30 in the

8 morning, I mean, the noise ordinance should

9 be well before that.

10 MS. EVANS: It is.

11 MR. HUBBARD: Anyway, Sherry, did

12 you find out about that Northern Lights

13 loans, what we're owed on them? You said

14 you were going to do that.

15 MS. FANNUCI: I didn't hear what she

16 said.

17 MS. GATELLI: I can't hear her

18 either.

19 MS. HUBBARD: The loans, Northern

20 Lights.

21 MS. FANUCCI: I didn't find how

22 much, but I did find out that it was -- it

23 was -- he -- it's been taken care of.

24 MS. HUBBARD: Oh, okay.

25 MS. FANUCCI: But I didn't find the


1 amount out, I'm sorry. I can find out what

2 did he pay back or if you want to know that.

3 How much the loan was for in the beginning,

4 I don't recall what the loan was for in the

5 beginning and how much it was.

6 MS. HUBBARD: Well, I thought it was

7 125 and another 50 or something, I have it

8 written here. I just wondered if they were

9 -- you were going see how much of it had

10 been paid back. Really that's it, but I

11 want to thank you, Janet, for all of the

12 help that you gave us during the two flood

13 emergencies and the bank that was done down

14 by Laminations and whatever, but that still

15 doesn't --

16 MS. EVANS: I agree.

17 MS. HUBBARD: Parker promised that

18 they would fix the bank and they still

19 haven't done it. They're down there cutting

20 the weeds along the street. So, I don't

21 know why they can't just dump some dirt in

22 the holes that the river created.

23 MS. EVANS: Nor do I.

24 MS. HUBBARD: So, that's it.

25 MS. EVANS: Well, maybe when the new


1 DPW director takes over hopefully he's going

2 to be more amenable to the people's needs.

3 That's at least one avenue that we can

4 consider, but I agree with you, we get a lot

5 of lip service and very little action.

6 MS. HUBBARD: Another thing, I heard

7 something on the news last night about

8 Mahanoy City where they were doing some --

9 the city was doing some sort of a project to

10 alleviate the degree that was coming from

11 this creek and creating flooding and here's

12 a city doing something new to help people

13 with a flooding problem and we can't even

14 get the City of Scranton to repair the

15 damage done from two floods ago.

16 MS. EVANS: I know.

17 MR. HUBBARD: So, I mean, it's sad.

18 It really is sad especially when you look at

19 all of the other things that are done in the

20 city, you know, I don't know, I guess we

21 don't count down in lower Greenridge.

22 MS. EVANS: You count to me.

23 MS. HUBBARD: But anyway, we really

24 appreciate all of your help, we really do.

25 MS. EVANS: Thank you, but that's my


1 job, I work for you, I'm just doing my job.

2 MS. HUBBARD: I know. Very good,

3 too.

4 MR. STUCKER: Hi, Mr. Courtright.

5 We have a little problem. Mrs. Fanucci,

6 what about that note I give you last two

7 weeks, three weeks ago for that light on the

8 pole down there where I live on that Church

9 Avenue, Church Street?

10 MR. COURTRIGHT: Who are you talking

11 to Jim?

12 MR. STUCKER: Her.

13 MR. COURTRIGHT: Mrs. Gatelli?

14 MR. STUCKER: Yeah, Mrs. Gatelli,

15 yeah, I'm sorry.

16 MS. GATELLI: Did you give me the

17 number?

18 MR. STUCKER: Yeah, I give you the

19 number where I live.

20 MS. GATELLI: I sent them in.

21 MR. STUCKER: We didn't get no

22 light.

23 MS. GATELLI: We will send it again.

24 MR. STUCKER: And they took the sign,

25 the city took the sign down that says "No


1 Parking", it is all rusty. What they did,

2 the took it down, the city took it down, it

3 says, "No Parking" they didn't put another

4 sign up. Is there a reason -- do they have

5 a right to take the sign off and don't put

6 one up where it says "No Parking" next to

7 the restaurant down that one way street? I

8 can't think of the name of it. Yeah,

9 Makowitz, that's it, Makowitz.

10 MR. COURTRIGHT: The north Scranton

11 people know all of this. We will talk to

12 them, Jim, we will get it up for you, Jim.

13 MR. STUCKER: We have another one,

14 the TV shop, how could the city pick up the

15 TV's and they wouldn't pick up our garbage

16 on the same -- around the corner next to the

17 restaurant, that one way street? We put our

18 garbage out on Monday and, I mean, some of

19 it they won't take it. How can they take

20 TV's in a garbage truck, the city picks them

21 up, puts them in the truck to take them

22 away, the garbage truck? Is that right for

23 them to do that? And that TV shop,

24 everybody want to get it closed down. I

25 heard a lot of people put petitions up to


1 get closed and that Ross, the TV guy, he's

2 not doing his job. There's a lot of people

3 going down them steps everyday, 11, 12:00 at

4 night, 2:00 in the morning they go up and

5 down them steps in the front and they hang

6 in front of the TV shop and they hang in

7 front of the barber shop in front of Mike

8 Murphy's Bar.

9 MS. GATELLI: We will find out for

10 you.

11 MR. STUCKER: We need the police over

12 there all the time. I would like to get

13 that place closed down, that TV shop,

14 they're getting out of hand. I would.

15 Everybody else would like to get it closed.

16 Okay, what about Parrot Avenue about the

17 holes again? Did you see about that again

18 for me?

19 MR. COURTRIGHT: When we close the

20 TV shop we will get the hole done. We're

21 looking at it, Jim.

22 MS. GATELLI: You are supposed to

23 take care of west side, Bill.

24 MR. COURTRIGHT: All right.

25 MR. STUCKER: Okay, we have school


1 kids running across the roads on Parrot

2 Avenue and there are cars going down through

3 there pretty fast, Pat, my buddy, told me to

4 tell about you it, I'm afraid somebody is

5 going to get hit by a car, Pat, too.

6 MR. COURTRIGHT: Okay, Jim.

7 MR. STUCKER: On Main Avenue,

8 Wyoming Avenue on Main Avenue that new

9 hoagie place, the other day you seen a

10 wreck, a brand new blazer, the whole hood

11 got smashed. We need a light there by that

12 pizza shop, donut shop, hoagie place on

13 Wyoming Avenue. There's two ways that goes

14 across, two roads. There's Wyoming Avenue,

15 we need a light there, we just seen the

16 people got a wreck there last week. We need

17 the police there for something.

18 MR. COURTRIGHT: Thanks, Jim.

19 MR. STUCKER: All right?


21 MR. STUCKER: All right. Thank you.

22 Have a good vacation all of you.

23 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else?

24 MS. EVANS: Kay, could we also talk

25 to 61 about the request made by Mrs. Krake


1 if they could possibly run the meetings at

2 6:30 or seven, whatever the normal time was

3 on Thursday evenings, so that those who are

4 accustomed to tuning in will find it?

5 MS. GATELLI: Motion to adjourn.

6 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.

7 MS. EVANS: Second.

8 MS. GATELLI: All in favor?

9 MS. EVANS: Aye.

10 MS. FANUCCI: Aye.

11 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


13 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

14 ayes have it and so moved.













1 C E R T I F I C A T E


3 I hereby certify that the proceedings and

4 evidence are contained fully and accurately in the

5 notes taken by me on the hearing of the above cause and

6 that this copy is a correct transcript of the same

7 to the best of my ability.