5 Held:

6 Thursday, May 3, 2007



9 Time:

10 6:30 p.m.



13 Location:

14 Council Chambers

15 Scranton City Hall

16 340 North Washington Avenue

17 Scranton, Pennsylvania






23 Lisa M. Graff, RMR

24 Court Reporter





























1 MS. GATELLI: Please stand for the

2 Pledge Of Allegiance. Please remain

3 standing for a moment of reflection. Roll

4 call.

5 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans.

6 MS. EVANS: Here.

7 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci.

8 MS. FANUCCI: Here.

9 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff.

10 MR. MCGOFF: Here.

11 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright.


13 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli.

14 MS. GATELLI: Here. Dispense with

15 the reading of the minutes.

16 MS. GARVEY: Third order. 3-A,



19 MS. GATELLI: Are there any

20 comments? If not, received and filed.



23 MARCH 28, 2007.

24 MS. GATELLI: Are there any

25 comments? If not, received and filed.




3 MAY 9, 2007.

4 MS. GATELLI: Are there any

5 comments? If not, received and filed.

6 MS. GARVEY: That's all I have for

7 third order.

8 MS. GATELLI: Just a few

9 announcements before we start the meeting.

10 This evening from six to ten at Rocky's

11 Lounge on Jefferson Avenue, there's a

12 fundraiser for Matt Grendell from six to

13 ten.

14 On Saturday, May 12 at St. Lucy's

15 Church there will be a night at the races at

16 6 p.m. in the church hall.

17 The Armed Forces parade is May 19 at

18 10:30 in Downtown Scranton.

19 This weekend on Saturday and Sunday,

20 there will be a cleanup at The Hill

21 Neighborhood. They will be meeting at 8:30

22 in the morning at 700 North Irving Avenue.

23 Vests and bags and gloves will be provided.

24 I received a notice from

25 Pennsylvania American Gas and Water -- or


1 Pennsylvania American Water Company, excuse

2 me, and they are requesting a 14.73 percent

3 rate increase.

4 As you recall, when the gas company

5 applied for this, Council voted that either

6 one of us would go representing the city or

7 Mrs. Garvey would go, if it was during work

8 hours, so I'd like to make a motion that we

9 do the same, request a public hearing in

10 Scranton from the PUC, and also that one of

11 us or Mrs. Garvey will go represent us.

12 MS. EVANS: Second.

13 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

14 in favor.

15 MS. EVANS: Aye.


17 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


19 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

20 ayes have it and so moved.

21 MS. GATELLI: I received a letter

22 from Jeff Brazil concerning that Pine Brook

23 baseball field that we heard about last

24 week, and they started to aerate the

25 outfield and they ordered 50 tons of infield


1 mix. So, they're well underway to getting

2 the fields ready, and we thank Mr. Brazil

3 for that.

4 I got a complaint, and it happens to

5 be one of my pet peeves, and nothing ever

6 seems to be done about it, so I would ask

7 Kay to contact Ray Hayes.

8 I've contacted him before as a

9 neighborhood president concerning this

10 matter, but for anyone that comes from South

11 Side into Central City, especially in the

12 morning, it's impossible to come over the

13 expressway.

14 The traffic from 81 is coming so

15 fast that you cannot get into the lanes to

16 come into Central City.

17 No one obeys the yield sign. There

18 is a yield sign there at the end of the

19 highway, but you no one pays attention.

20 They're coming 40 to 50 miles an hour. Some

21 of them are tractor-trailers, and there's

22 going to be a catastrophe there. So, if you

23 could please notify Mr. Hayes of that

24 situation.

25 I remember when Jimmy Klee was here,


1 he used to station the police there, you

2 know, stopping them, and then it would curb

3 it for a little while, and then it would

4 start again. But if do it every now and

5 then, it gives people a reason to slow down.

6 Also, the house at 1101 Cedar, we

7 haven't gotten an answer, and I know there's

8 at least three of us who have complained

9 about it. It's the old bistro on Cedar

10 Avenue and East Elm street.

11 The windows are all broken out,

12 there's pigeons in there, so please send a

13 note to Mr. Seitzinger and Mr. Fiorini to

14 have it boarded up, and if we could have a

15 status of what is happening there.

16 And I saved the best for last. I'm

17 very happy to announce that one of our

18 colleagues had a winning team at Scranton

19 High School. Mrs. Evans, the moderator of

20 the scholastic bowl, beat 30 other regional

21 champions to win the state title.

22 Nate Stebbins, Mark Cannon, Michael

23 Garzarella, former Junior Councilman, Rachel

24 Fogley and Lauren Mursch.

25 We're very proud of you, Mrs. Evans,


1 and we want to go to Disney World, too.

2 If you'd like to wait until they

3 come home to give them a proclamation or we

4 could do it before, whatever you prefer.

5 MS. EVANS: I actually was going to

6 ask this evening all of you if you wouldn't

7 mind honoring them with a proclamation,

8 because really all honors and admiration is

9 due to them.

10 They worked very hard and they're a

11 credit to their parents and to our school

12 and to our city, and I think this would go a

13 very long way to encourage that winning

14 attitude.

15 MS. GATELLI: I did see them once

16 about two weeks ago on Channel 44.

17 MS. EVANS: Oh, that's the

18 scholastic scrimmage. They were actually

19 participating in two separate competitions,

20 the scrimmage and the scholastic bowl.

21 The scrimmage is sponsored by the

22 United States Army, and for the second

23 consecutive year, they have won that

24 championship and are the number one group of

25 students in both NEIU 18 and 19, and then


1 the scholastic bowl is the locally sponsored

2 by NEIU 19, and they had won first place

3 there, which is how they qualified to

4 represent this region in state competition,

5 which was magnificent because they competed

6 in the House and Senate Chambers. So, it

7 was most impressive.

8 MS. GATELLI: Well, you make the

9 arrangements, and we will certainly honor

10 them.

11 MS. EVANS: Thank you.

12 MS. GATELLI: That's all I have.

13 Does anyone else have anything?

14 MS. EVANS: Yes, I have one

15 announcement. Attention Scranton and

16 surrounding area Veterans of the Korean and

17 Vietnam Wars. Interviews will be conducted

18 for the Veterans History Project on May 19,

19 2007, which is Armed Forces Day at Scranton

20 High School from 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

21 The goal is to collect and archive

22 personal recollections of wartime Veterans

23 to honor their service and share their

24 stories with current and future generations.

25 All interviews will be conducted by


1 juniors and seniors at Scranton High School

2 from the cold war to the war on terror and

3 journalism classes.

4 Also, any documents, that is,

5 memoirs, letters, journals, military papers,

6 maps, et cetera, and photographs can be

7 included, either the original or high

8 quality copies.

9 Veterans of World War I, World War

10 II, the Persian Gulf War and the current

11 Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts are all

12 welcome.

13 And for information or to schedule

14 an interview on that day, please contact Mr.

15 Sean Curry at 407-2955, or you can E-mail

16 this wonderful social studies teacher at

17 sean.curry@scrsd.org.

18 And James Piazza, who is a Junior

19 Council member, has with him this evening a

20 number of brochures that explain further

21 this project.

22 And if anyone would be interested in

23 participating, I know one of our regular

24 speakers is a Veteran, and perhaps he would

25 consider involving himself in this project,


1 Mr. Jackowitz.

2 MR. JACKOWITZ: I was already asked

3 last week.

4 MS. EVANS: Wonderful. James, you

5 got right on it. Congratulations. So, you

6 can just see James Piazza, if anyone would

7 be interested in participating. He will

8 have that information available, not only

9 tonight, but again at next week's meeting

10 and the following week. Thank you.

11 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. And I just

12 have one more announcement that I forgot.

13 Please offer your prayers. Mr. McGoff's

14 sister-in-law passed away today, Mary

15 Nealon, so please keep her in your prayers,

16 and he will be leaving us after the business

17 portion of the meeting. Mr. Piccolino.

18 MR. PICCOLINO: Giovanni Piccolino,

19 taxpayer, citizen of the City of Scranton.

20 I just had a question on 7-E here. How

21 could we possibly give a business $250,000

22 when they're in litigation with the city for

23 the parking lot across the street next door

24 to us, which is part of their business?

25 And if that's the case, then we have


1 Mr. Doherty saying, We've reached out to

2 them, we set money aside, but no agreement

3 has been reached.

4 Then if you guys are using eminent

5 domain on us, so you guys could still give

6 us a loan because you're using eminent

7 domain on their parking lot but you're

8 giving money to their business.

9 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: The parking lot

10 is a separate piece of property. It has

11 nothing to do with the existing business.

12 MR. PICCOLINO: Yeah, they park

13 there.

14 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Of course they

15 park there.

16 MR. PICCOLINO: That makes them --

17 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: The money --

18 MR. PICCOLINO: -- get business.

19 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Do you want the

20 answer or do you want to talk?



23 money that is being given is for the

24 existing business. It is for all of the

25 equity that's been put in the business


1 already, and it's to expand the business.

2 Also, the owner of the operation has

3 put her own money into the business, almost

4 $2 million of it.

5 There are two different parcels,

6 there are two different issues. And saying

7 eminent domain is taken on that lot, it has

8 nothing to do with the existing business.

9 Also, she would still be responsible for the

10 payback of the loan.

11 MR. PICCOLINO: It definitely has to

12 do with the business, because they park

13 their cars there in order to go get a

14 haircut, of course it does.

15 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: It does not

16 have anything to do with the loan. It has

17 nothing to do with the application of the

18 loan, it has nothing to do with the reason

19 for the loan. It really doesn't. It's a

20 totally separate issue.

21 MR. PICCOLINO: Okay. Thanks for

22 the answer.

23 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr.

24 Sbaraglia.

25 MR. SBARAGLIA: Andy Sbaraglia,


1 citizen of Scranton. Fellow Scrantonians,

2 I'm looking under motions, under B, when

3 we're deleting certain projects and adding

4 certain projects, and under that it has

5 emergency shelter grant.

6 That isn't the money that was denied

7 from Bethel AME Church last year, was it,

8 for their program?

9 If you remember, we promised a lot

10 of money to Bethel AME Church, and then they

11 didn't get it.

12 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: I don't believe

13 that that's the same existing loan or grant.

14 And the reason that Bethel AME -- I believe

15 there was a problem with the way that the

16 application was filed, is the reason they

17 did not receive the money, from what I

18 recall.

19 MR. SBARAGLIA: Well, if you recall,

20 they did a lot of damage, the city

21 constantly does damage, and I believe if

22 they had available money now and you're

23 going to delete it, I think in some way,

24 shape or form funnel it in for the money

25 that they lost out on on that project.



2 believe if the application was filed

3 correctly, they probably again would receive

4 another grant.

5 And from what I recall, that's what

6 this money was reserved for in the beginning

7 was for shelters, but because the

8 application was -- I believe it was tied up

9 because of contractors, from what I recall

10 --

11 MR. SBARAGLIA: I realize that, but

12 also this was a project that was well needed

13 in the city.


15 MR. SBARAGLIA: They should have

16 been there -- these other people seem to get

17 their money because their paperwork is filed

18 real nice.


20 MR. SBARAGLIA: But this one wasn't

21 filed. It went before her. They should

22 have helped her with it. If there was

23 anything done, they should have done it

24 then.



1 MR. SBARAGLIA: So, they pull the

2 money away. Whether they wanted to give it

3 in the first place, I don't know, but I

4 thought that was a very bad deal.

5 Okay. Let's move onto 5-C. We have

6 to buy a used fire truck? We can no longer

7 afford to even get a truck, even if we get

8 the bank to buy it like we leased our pack

9 masters.

10 MR. COURTRIGHT: What it is, Andy,

11 is that we usually have two in reserve in

12 the event that one breaks down, we have two,

13 you know, to replace them.

14 We were short one of the reserve

15 ones, so they're going to -- my

16 understanding is they're going to go out and

17 try to buy a reserve, it's a reserve fire

18 truck, because a regular fire truck could

19 cost $300,000, $400,000.

20 MR. SBARAGLIA: Right. Usually

21 with, like, the pack masters, we go to the

22 bank and cry to them, and they buy them and

23 then we lease it back, as we do with the

24 pack masters.

25 But I think it's something like this


1 could have been done there. I don't know

2 what's involved with fire trucks inside the

3 city, because I'm not privy to that

4 information.

5 I do know that I think the life

6 expectancy of one is 20 years. So,

7 somewhere along the line, maybe with a

8 reserve, you might get one maybe 15 or

9 something.

10 But usually when we do that, we get

11 a beat up one. So, if we're only going to

12 park it in a lot and look at it and say it's

13 pretty, all well and good, but if we really

14 need it and now our primary fire engines are

15 coming up 20 years, maybe we should go cry

16 to the bank again.

17 MR. MINORA: Time.

18 MR. SBARAGLIA: I thank you.

19 MR. MCCLOE: Good evening. My name

20 is Brett McCloe, homeowner, Scranton

21 taxpayer. I don't have a real lot to say,

22 but I would like to talk about that loan to

23 Alexander's and the -- what I believe what

24 should be happening with some of these loans

25 that we give to some of these smaller


1 businesses, and mostly to the larger

2 businesses. It not fair for me to pick on a

3 smaller business like that, but I think

4 sometimes we need a City Council to lobby

5 for the people, instead of the City Council

6 lobbying for businesses.

7 I think that giving this loan to

8 this place might be a good idea. It's not

9 an issue with me, but at what point, like I

10 spoke last week, and I got a little upset,

11 at what point do some of these businesses

12 have a social responsibility to the people?

13 I mean, yes, you're getting a loan,

14 that's great, that's coming out of the

15 people's pockets, but what can you do for

16 the people besides providing a tax base and

17 jobs?

18 There's something more. There has

19 to be something more. In order to restore

20 pride, pride is not a building, pride is

21 something that we carry inside.

22 Like I said, I mentioned free

23 swimming for the kids, and I'm sure all of

24 these folks that got these loans over the

25 past year, these big businesses, even if


1 they came out of their pockets just a little

2 bit, just to make the children laugh, buy

3 ice cream, do whatever it takes. That's

4 pride, not a building. A building is not

5 pride. That's all I got to say.

6 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr.

7 Spindler.

8 MR. SPINDLER: Good evening,

9 Council, Les Spindler. 7-C, the money for

10 the snow removal winter storms, I think we

11 should vote that down, because all that is

12 is repaying campaign contributors to the

13 Doherty campaign. And here's some examples.

14 This is just for plowing and salting

15 of the Scranton Police Department's parking

16 lot, December 7, 2006, $712.50; January 19,

17 '07, $387.50; January 20, '07, $387.50;

18 January 25, '07, $757.50; January 31, '07,

19 $757.50; February 14, '07, $2,973.06;

20 February 16, 2007, $3,297.01, for a total of

21 $9,272.57 by Scartelli Construction, who was

22 a Doherty campaign contributor. Don't we

23 have a DPW department that could have done

24 that for nothing?

25 This is just some of the wasteful


1 spending and why this city is in such

2 terrible debt that we're in, and 7-C should

3 be voted down.

4 Moving on to 7-E, I think this

5 should be tabled, since this might go to

6 litigation. It doesn't make sense to pass

7 it through and then have the courts do

8 something else with it. That's all I have

9 to say on that. Thank you.

10 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr.

11 Jackowitz.

12 MR. JACKOWITZ: Bill Jackowitz,

13 South Scranton. First of all, I would like

14 to offer my condolences to Mr. McGoff and

15 his wife on their loss, and also I'd like to

16 thank City Council for doing away with the

17 security system today. I hope that that's

18 going to continue on for the remainder of

19 this year and each year afterwards.

20 Okay. The $325,000 snow removal

21 bill. If you hire a plumber on the weekend

22 or after hours, he will charge you overtime

23 rates. If the plumber does not repair your

24 problem, do you pay him? No.

25 The same philosophy should apply for


1 snow removal. We all know that the snow was

2 not properly removed after the St.

3 Valentine's Day storm.

4 Instead of asking for the overtime

5 money, Mayor Doherty, Mr. Parker and Mr.

6 Vitras should be apologizing to all the

7 Scranton citizens who were stuck in snow or

8 delayed because of horrible conditions of

9 the city streets. Do not vote yes on this

10 issue tonight.

11 Please, please, take another week or

12 whatever you need to take. If we don't get

13 the invoices, please, I'm asking you, do not

14 vote yes.

15 Mr. Courtright, Mr. McGoff, Mrs.

16 Fanucci, President Gatelli, is a business,

17 I'm talking about the loan now to

18 Alexander's, if a business is $116,000

19 delinquent on their state taxes and they get

20 a loan, are they a viable business -- a

21 viable business?

22 Lackawanna Station was given a loan

23 just six, seven weeks ago. It comes out in

24 the paper they're $116,000 behind on their

25 state taxes. This has happened before with


1 this Council where people were given loans

2 and we come to find out that they don't pay

3 their taxes.

4 I don't want to see this happen with

5 Alexander's. If they got these liens

6 against them right now and judgments against

7 them right now, chances are sooner or later

8 down the road something is going to come up

9 and the taxpayers are going to take it in

10 the shorts again. We really, really need to

11 stop this.

12 Again, if the Radisson got their

13 loan obviously pre-work and the checking out

14 prior to getting a loan was not done because

15 it would have been known that they were

16 $116,000 delinquent in their taxes, and they

17 -- and that wasn't done.

18 So, again, I'm asking you, please

19 look into this. Obviously somebody is not

20 doing their job because we would have known

21 it. And I don't want to see this happen

22 again. I definitely don't want to see this

23 happen with Alexander's.

24 And, again, as far as the free

25 swimming thing goes, we have a campaign


1 going now to raise money for free swimming.

2 I went to four other businesses that we have

3 given loans to of $250,000 or $150,000, and

4 I was denied a $25 donation by all four of

5 them --

6 MR. MINORA: Time.

7 MR. JACKOWITZ: After we gave them

8 $250,000, they couldn't give the kids of

9 Scranton $25. Thank you.

10 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: I'm going to

11 answer some of your questions for you,

12 because it was not any different from the

13 questions I had during the week.

14 As far as the loan for The Radisson,

15 when they had done the investigation, they

16 had received a certificate claiming that

17 their taxes were all up to speed. They have

18 that. They will not close that loan until

19 they settle the tax problem.

20 The tax problem was issued after the

21 loan was applied for. They had their

22 certificate to prove it. No loan can close,

23 unless all your taxes are paid up in full.

24 As far as the business with

25 Alexander's, we have all looked into this as


1 a Council. There's no merit to those

2 claims. It was already decided upon that

3 the owner who applied for the application is

4 the sole owner of the property. She is the

5 one who will be responsible for the loans.

6 The rest of the problems that

7 occurred here unfortunately had to do with

8 some personal problems. I'm hoping that

9 that does not happen again tonight. This is

10 not a place to air dirty laundry, it's a

11 place of business and legislation.

12 Sherry has met all the

13 qualifications for her business and

14 Alexander's. She's a very important part of

15 our downtown. She is expanding her business

16 with tons of employees and making this a

17 really wonderful place for everyone.

18 And I know a lot of us will say, you

19 know, this is somewhere people go. Yeah,

20 Dave is out there feeling his face. Dave

21 likes it.

22 But we -- this is not the issue.

23 She is not -- she has no liens on her, she

24 is clean. Her application has been gone

25 over and gone over, and it is appropriate


1 and fine to be passed, so that is all I have

2 to say on that right now.

3 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. I can't

4 read the last the next one I think it's Matt

5 or Michael.

6 MR. STIVALA: My name is Mark

7 Stivala. I'm here to address the Alexander

8 issue again. I guess I'll just mostly be

9 speaking to Sherry, because she's the one

10 that seems to address everything on this.

11 Did you guys look into any of the

12 allegations that I said last week?

13 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: We certainly

14 did. In fact, we have the letter from

15 Sherry's attorney stating all of the facts

16 that were proved and what was allegations

17 and how they turned out to be.

18 MR. STIVALA: What attorney?

19 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Her attorney.

20 MR. STIVALA: Yeah, who's her

21 attorney?

22 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Well, I can go

23 to Attorney Minora for the details on that.

24 We all received the letter.

25 MR. MINORA: Well, actually the


1 letter we got was from John Cerra, and I

2 also was called by Attorney Bridget Carey,

3 who basically confirmed the things that John

4 Cerra reported to us in those letters.

5 MR. STIVALA: Okay. And last week

6 and this week you referred to that she's

7 putting $2 million into this project, do you

8 have anything to prove that she's doing $2

9 million worth of construction?


11 documented proof on what was done and the

12 appraisal and everything, yes.

13 I mean, she would not qualify for

14 this loan unless she had to come up with

15 some type of collateral. So, yes, that has

16 all been proven.

17 I mean, as far as the loan

18 application, she is fine. As far as what

19 has gone on with you, I can't -- I mean,

20 that has nothing to do with the loan

21 application and the fact she qualifies and

22 the fact it is her business, and the fact if

23 the business fails, she is the one who's

24 responsible for the loan, yes.

25 Unfortunately that is our job,


1 that's all we can go on.

2 MR. STIVALA: That's fine. That's

3 your answer, right?

4 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: That is my

5 answer.

6 MR. STIVALA: Okay. That's fine.

7 And also you said that you had a private

8 meeting with Sherry?

9 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: No, I did not

10 say I had a private meeting with Sherry, I

11 said I had spoken to her. I had called

12 OECD, I had talked to everyone with -- after

13 the allegations, I made several phone calls

14 after your appearance here last week.

15 MR. STIVALA: Well, no, last week

16 after I spoke because you didn't speak to

17 me.

18 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Yes, I spoke to

19 here.

20 MR. STIVALA: No. After I spoke,

21 you addressed everybody here and said that

22 several of you have met with Sherry and

23 talked to her.

24 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: No, I did not

25 say that. I had never met with Sherry.


1 MR. STIVALA: Okay. I'd like to

2 know how Carl Greco is handling the

3 condemnation on the lot across the street,

4 by the way, which you misquoted that.

5 Alexander's, the building

6 Alexander's is housed by, is also owned by M

7 & S Corporation, which stands for Mark and

8 Sherry, okay? And that lot across the

9 street is --

10 MS. GATELLI: Attorney Minora, would

11 you please make a ruling on this?

12 MR. MINORA: I don't know that we

13 want to hear about a divorce proceeding.

14 MR. STIVALA: It's not a divorce

15 proceeding. This is to address -- well, let

16 me just finish speaking a couple other

17 things and then I'll sit down.

18 I want to know how Carl Greco is

19 handling the condemnation and also handling

20 a loan to Sherry and Alexander's.

21 MR. MINORA: Three minutes.

22 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr.

23 Patilla.

24 MR. PATILLA: Sam Patilla, Scranton

25 resident, Scranton taxpayer. I also want to


1 speak about that $250,000 to Alexander's.

2 When you talk about viable

3 businesses, I think 40 years in the City of

4 Scranton is pretty valuable. And to make

5 them pay 25 percent due to the facade of

6 that building and then give somebody who's

7 been in this city for five years or less

8 $250,000, a quarter of a million dollars is

9 ridiculous.

10 Me personally, I just think they're

11 giving that woman that money because she's

12 dating a DeNaples.

13 All right. Now, as far as the snow

14 removal is concerned, okay, I'm glad to see

15 the things were amended from the 13th to the

16 14th to the 15th to now read 16th and 17th,

17 all right?

18 But through my investigation, I

19 found out that roughly 80 percent of these

20 companies are not Scranton businesses. You

21 know, here again you got another DeNaples.

22 There's Clarks Summit, Dunmore, Archbald,

23 Jessup, Sweet Valley, Moscow, you know.

24 And just like was said earlier, you

25 know, this city was plowed -- snowed in for


1 almost a week. I'd love to know how all

2 these people got here, you know, on all

3 those roads from all that snow. It's just

4 playing games.

5 Mrs. Evans, Mr. Courtright, I'd like

6 to find out if any OECD funds were used at

7 that Spanish festival up in Nay Aug Park.

8 All right. I know for a fact that

9 this city isn't marketing those funds to

10 minorities, to the low and moderate income

11 businesses and people in this city, because

12 if they were, that $250,000 they're giving

13 to Alexander's would go to the small barber

14 shops, the beauty parlors, the minority, the

15 Spanish barber shops, the Spanish beauty

16 parlors, the black-owned African

17 American-owned beauty parlors and barber

18 shops. And they're not doing it, all right?

19 This is just -- this stuff really has to

20 stop.

21 I also have a problem with taking

22 money out of that bond fund. I'm all for

23 the police and the fire department, don't

24 get me wrong, I'm all for that, but taking

25 money out of that fund is dead wrong.


1 That's dead wrong.

2 That money shouldn't be touched

3 until its initial purpose comes to play.

4 That's the only reason you dip into that

5 money.

6 If Doherty needs money to go get us

7 another used fire truck, let him get it from

8 one of these people, especially DeNaples.

9 He constantly subcontracts businesses out

10 to. They're constantly giving our money to

11 that man. Let him give some of that back to

12 the city. Let The Times-Tribune, let them

13 give some money back to the city, you know?

14 The non-profits aren't going to give

15 any money to this city as long as Mr.

16 Gatelli and Mr. Doherty are in office in

17 this city. That's a fact, Jack. It's not

18 going to happen.

19 Once we get them out of play, we're

20 fine and dandy. And you can ask that lady

21 who owns Alexander's to save you one of them

22 barber chairs, because we getting you out of

23 here.

24 MS. EVANS: Kay, could we send a

25 letter, please, to OECD asking about -- I


1 think it's what Mr. Patilla addressed

2 originally about a festival at the park on

3 Saturday, what funds would have been used

4 and in what amount, and then we'll report

5 that to Mr. Patilla.

6 MS. GATELLI: All right. Mr.

7 Hubbard.

8 MR. HUBBARD: Good evening, Council.

9 A couple questions, one on 5-B, for the

10 consolidation of the funds. Is that

11 $281,000 floating around in there yet? No?

12 How come?

13 It was designated -- actually that

14 $281,000 was originally designated as part

15 of the $400,000 for the SRA, but then it was

16 switched over to the giant sinkhole on

17 Pittston Avenue.

18 When you first introduced that

19 $281,000 as returning it back to

20 consolidated fund, I was told by Ms. Fanucci

21 that that was actually designated for the

22 East Mountain Flood Project.

23 Well, actually it wasn't. It was

24 originally designated for the hole on

25 Pittston Avenue, then somehow it went up to


1 East Mountain and they didn't use it for

2 flood projects. Now where is it?

3 MS. EVANS: I'm actually -- if --

4 well, I'll wait until you're finished. I

5 don't want to take your time.

6 MR. HUBBARD: Okay. So, we're

7 consolidating these funds and the grants.

8 What are we doing when we're consolidating

9 the money that we didn't use or the money

10 that's out there? What are we doing about

11 the money that we've loaned that we didn't

12 get back, specifically where's the half a

13 million dollars that we gave to LJC to

14 revamp the Scranton Laceworks in April --

15 no, actually in September, September 23, I'm

16 sorry, September -- three days before we got

17 flooded, LJC got a half million dollars to

18 redo the Laceworks. Then we got flooded,

19 then they pulled the plug on the deal.

20 Where is the money? Did we get that back?

21 So, if we can't get $500,000 back

22 from a college that's in our city, how are

23 we going to expect that we're going to get

24 $250,000 back from a business?

25 Because the college is going to be


1 there a lot longer than --

2 MS. EVANS: Mr. Hubbard --

3 MS. GATELLI: They never got that

4 money.

5 MR. HUBBARD: They never got that

6 money?

7 MS. EVANS: No. I think in order to

8 receive the money, you would have seen an

9 ongoing project, and then the funds would be

10 released as that project progressed, but

11 because there has been no movement, it would

12 be my belief that that $500,000 is still in

13 OECD's possession.

14 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: And, Daniel, I

15 had stated before, we had only had two loans

16 in the history of years and years and years

17 of people that have defaulted, and actually

18 we're into one now.

19 MR. HUBBARD: How is The Ice Box

20 doing on their money? They pay that back?

21 Didn't we loan a significant amount of money

22 to The Ice Box?

23 MS. EVANS: They owe us $600,000

24 that they have not yet paid.

25 MR. HUBBARD: Oh, and -- but wait,


1 they don't have to pay that back. That's

2 great. They don't have to. We just gave

3 that money out.

4 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Not this year.

5 MR. HUBBARD: Not this year, oh,

6 okay. So, Alexander's is going to pay the

7 $250,000 in a year?

8 MS. GATELLI: In 20 years.

9 MR. HUBBARD: Twenty years. Okay.

10 MS. GATELLI: Plus interest.

11 MR. HUBBARD: Okay. Plus interest?

12 Okay. That's a good one.

13 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Yes, yes, five

14 percent.

15 MR. HUBBARD: So, where is the

16 $281,000 that was designated for two

17 different flood projects and never got used

18 for either one of them?

19 MR. MINORA: Time.

20 MS. EVANS: That actually, since his

21 time was up, that was my question, because I

22 hope many of you reviewed what was sent to

23 us from OECD in terms of the legislation

24 tonight.

25 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Hubbard was here.


1 MS. EVANS: Right. And I was

2 absent, and I know that the $281,000 is no

3 longer listed among those project that the

4 money seems to be pulled from. And can

5 anyone then fill me in on the status of the

6 $281,000?

7 MS. GATELLI: I believe it's in

8 there, but the $281,000 that was in there

9 was not flood money, it was money that the

10 city set aside in case they needed it for

11 that sinkhole.

12 MS. EVANS: Right. That I

13 understood, because I was on Council when

14 that occurred.

15 MS. GATELLI: It was a match.

16 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: It was a match.

17 MS. GATELLI: And it wasn't needed.

18 MS. EVANS: Yes, and I know that.

19 And I think Mr. Courtright can verify this

20 for me, you had asked and I had asked, as

21 well, in the event that that money would not

22 have been used by the city for that huge

23 hole on Pittston Avenue, how much was

24 remaining, how could it be used in other

25 cases, because there were many projects in


1 which we were interested at the time, and we

2 never -- I shouldn't speak for you -- I

3 never received an answer.

4 MR. COURTRIGHT: Now, recently,

5 though, when they transferred money to the

6 East Mountain project and it was moved from

7 there, I believe they didn't designate it

8 for any specific project.


10 MR. COURTRIGHT: They didn't want us

11 to hold up this legislation, so they pulled

12 it out of legislation, and I guess it's just

13 --

14 MS. GATELLI: It hasn't been used.

15 MR. COURTRIGHT: It's still in the

16 account.

17 MS. EVANS: It's still there?


19 MS. EVANS: And for the East

20 Mountain project, flood project, was that

21 East Mountain Road or East Mountain, because

22 I know that throughout East Mountain, there

23 are many areas that are still badly flooded.

24 MS. GATELLI: I think it was that

25 project. It would have to be for that


1 particular project.

2 MR. COURTRIGHT: And they blighted

3 that area in order to do that, and I know

4 Mr. Hubbard had questions about that in the

5 area.

6 MS. EVANS: Just so I am sure I'm

7 hearing everyone correctly then, the

8 $281,000, regardless of how it's titled, is

9 still available?

10 MS. GATELLI: Yes.

11 MR. COURTRIGHT: That's my

12 understanding, yes.


14 MS. EVANS: And has Mr. Renda

15 expressed a way in which OECD plans --


17 MS. EVANS: -- to spend that?

18 MR. COURTRIGHT: He's not saying.


20 designated.

21 MR. COURTRIGHT: I think --

22 MS. EVANS: If it's not designated,

23 can Council make requests for designations?

24 MR. COURTRIGHT: I think sometimes

25 this money, I hate to keep going back to the


1 UDAG, but I can never --

2 MS. GATELLI: Yeah, but it's not


4 MR. COURTRIGHT: I know it's not

5 UDAG, but it reminds me of it. I could

6 never find out how much UDAG money we have

7 and where it is and when it's available.

8 But I don't know if --

9 MS. GATELLI: Sometimes when it's

10 pulled back, they use it for a project that

11 over runs. Let's say you're doing a little

12 league and you're doing the dugouts and you

13 apply for $30,000, and the dugouts cost

14 $50,000, well, you can use some of that

15 extra money, you know, for projects that are

16 underfunded.

17 MR. COURTRIGHT: I think --

18 MS. GATELLI: Or new projects, if

19 they apply for a new project.

20 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: I could find

21 out if there's a way for us to -- if there's

22 a way for us to designate it or how much we

23 could designate it.

24 MR. COURTRIGHT: We tried.

25 MS. EVANS: Yes, we've been trying


1 for three years, so if you could get that

2 answer, I think it would be very helpful,

3 because I'm sure there are many

4 neighborhoods that would like to use that

5 money immediately.

6 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else? Mrs.

7 Garvey. Mrs. Evans.

8 MS. EVANS: Thank you. Good

9 evening, everyone. As Mrs. Gatelli

10 mentioned earlier, Scranton High School has

11 been very successful over the last week, and

12 the only reason that I again mention that is

13 because, first of all, I see in the audience

14 the grandfather of one of my team members,

15 Mr. Laske, and in addition, I did want to

16 explain my absence from last week's meeting.

17 I was in Harrisburg with the Scholastic Bowl

18 Team.

19 I'm also very pleased that a dog

20 park will be constructed at Connell Park,

21 because many citizens have requested it

22 during my years on Council.

23 I advocated for an enclosed dog

24 park, and I have witnessed in other cities

25 similar measures. They work very well. And


1 so now man's and woman's best friends can

2 safely enjoy exercise and socialization.

3 And citizens who are not dog owners may feel

4 more secure in the outdoor areas.

5 I also wish to thank Chief Elliott

6 for responding so quickly. In fact, he

7 responded in a matter of two days to my

8 questions regarding potential equipment

9 purchases for the motor carrier enforcement

10 detail.

11 So, again, only days I had an

12 answer. And I appreciate such cooperation

13 from a department head. I wish all of our

14 department heads would follow suit.

15 When reading my Council mail this

16 week, I noted that Mrs. Gatelli wished to

17 know when the OECD lease at the Scranton

18 Life Building ends.

19 As I developed my budget in

20 November 2006, I found this information,

21 because I wished to include a potential

22 savings which had been suggested by Mrs.

23 Gatelli in a Council budget.

24 I learned that OECD had already

25 renewed its lease, which was due to expire


1 in July 2006, and the renewal occurred prior

2 to July 2006. It is for a three-year period

3 at an increased monthly rent. This renewal

4 obviously occurred without the knowledge of

5 Scranton City Council.

6 I also noticed that a letter of

7 complaint from Mrs. Davis of the Scranton

8 Women's Softball League, and so I had

9 occasion earlier this week also to speak

10 with Mr. Brazil in person, and I did

11 describe the conditions at Pine Brook and

12 Rockwell to him, and as Mrs. Gatelli noted,

13 he indicated that the work was going to

14 begin shortly on both of those fields.

15 I also reported because of

16 complaints I had received from players, the

17 very poor condition of the parking lot at

18 Pine Brook. And, once again, Mr. Brazil

19 stated that the parking lot would be cleared

20 either by Parks and Rec workers or by

21 juvenile offenders as part of their

22 community service requirements.

23 There have been no responses

24 provided by Mr. Kresefski or Mr. Doherty to

25 the financial questions moved unanimously by


1 Council and due on or before May 2. So,

2 you, the taxpayers, should be aware that

3 Council's questions, once again, were

4 ignored.

5 And, Kay, if you haven't already

6 done so, could you please send a petition

7 for permit parking to Mr. Savage?

8 MS. GARVEY: I know someone was in

9 the office this week, and I think it was he

10 that came in for that.

11 MS. EVANS: Wonderful, wonderful.

12 I'm glad to hear that. I also received an

13 E-mail that has me, well, has me frankly

14 upset. It's from city residents who had

15 questions about the meadow creek project in

16 Green Ridge, and they -- when first they

17 attempted to contact the city, they received

18 the runaround, and I think we've gone

19 through that story over and over in the last

20 three years, but they finally were able to

21 speak with Mr. Parker and other individuals,

22 I'm assuming here within the DPW, and they

23 report that they were treated very rudely

24 and that, in fact, someone came to their

25 house, and I'm going to quote here


1 apparently actually yelling and questioning

2 the project.

3 I do not condone such behavior on

4 the part of city employees, be they

5 management or workers. The people of the

6 city pay their wages, you and I pay those

7 wages, we pay our taxes, and everyone,

8 everyone, deserves to be treated with

9 respect, everyone deserves to be listened

10 to.

11 I don't know if anyone, whether

12 you're running a business or you're in the

13 service industry, as I am, who can treat

14 people in that manner and get away with it.

15 And, so, I really, Kay, I'd like

16 this situation reported to Mr. Parker, and

17 I'd like a response from him. And following

18 the meeting, I'll provide him, you know,

19 with the names of the individuals just to

20 refresh his memory in the unfortunate event

21 that more than these people are treated

22 rudely.

23 I think -- oh, one more thing, I'm

24 sorry. I had requested a good deal of

25 information from Mr. Parker concerning one


1 of the items on this evening's agenda

2 pertaining specifically to snow removal, and

3 I note that today I must have received

4 information, because my mailbox was cleared

5 yesterday and it wasn't there.

6 So, unfortunately, I have not had

7 the opportunity to peruse these

8 sufficiently, and, therefore, when we

9 introduce, well, actually it's not

10 introducing it, I believe it's in seventh

11 order, when we arrive at that piece of

12 legislation on tonight's agenda, I would ask

13 my colleagues to table it until such time as

14 we could all go through the reports from the

15 DPW before approving the payment. And

16 that's it.

17 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mrs.

18 Fanucci.

19 MS. GATELLI: Excuse me. One more.

20 I inadvertently didn't ask if there were any

21 more speakers on the agenda items, and no

22 one else was signed in, but Mr. Morgan would

23 like to speak, so I'm going to go off key

24 here a little bit and give him an

25 opportunity to speak. If there's anyone


1 else that wants to speak on an agenda item,

2 please come up.

3 MR. MORGAN: Thank you. I'm glad

4 I'm really getting an opportunity to speak

5 after Janet tonight, because I agree with

6 her on tabling 7-C, because we just haven't

7 had any opportunity to have any information

8 on this.

9 I mean I know there was an emergency

10 here and we've got -- I've got a list of the

11 contractors, but I really would like to

12 concur with Mrs. Evans that we need to table

13 that until we can have an opportunity to

14 look at this, because I'm really troubled by

15 a lot of this stuff.

16 Because when you go to 5-C and then

17 you're here at 7-C, we're spending money

18 from a debt service, and I don't -- I'm just

19 really troubled by the way the whole

20 scenario is with all this plowing.

21 And then we have Mr. Spindler coming

22 up with a list, and I think that Mr.

23 Spindler and a lot of other people here are

24 on the ball, because I'm wondering what we

25 do have a DPW for if they weren't doing


1 their job.

2 And the other question I have is on

3 5-C, what are the specs of this truck? What

4 type truck is this? Is this a single axle?

5 What year is it? What's its capacities?

6 What's its pumping rate? I mean, do we have

7 any specs on this truck that we're going to

8 buy that's used?

9 MR. COURTRIGHT: No. I don't think

10 we have a specific truck yet. What the

11 truck is going to be used for, if I could

12 explain it, Lee, is that they have to

13 reserve in case one breaks down.

14 MR. MORGAN: Absolutely.

15 MR. COURTRIGHT: We only have one

16 now. Say, for instance, there's a fire and

17 all the trucks are gone and they need to

18 replace maybe one downtown at headquarters,

19 they would use one of those trucks.

20 So, it's for introduction. I only

21 got a limited amount of information on it

22 this week, but for $45,000, I don't even

23 want to say the year, because I don't know

24 it for a fact, but it's in the eighties, the

25 one truck that they might be looking at, and


1 I don't know if that's 100 percent accurate.

2 But for $45,000, my best guess is

3 we're going to probably, and maybe I

4 shouldn't say this, they are probably

5 looking at one of these volunteer fire

6 companies that don't put a lot of miles on

7 their truck.

8 90,000 miles for a fire truck in the

9 City of Scranton is a lot of miles. The

10 police cars are all over that. Now, I will

11 check into it further, but that's my best

12 guess.

13 MR. MORGAN: I think what's

14 important about that, though, is what its

15 capacities are, because if we spend $45,000

16 for a truck that isn't -- doesn't have a

17 capacity that will serve the city well, then

18 why waste $45,000 and let's buy a truck that

19 meets specifications the that we need in the

20 city.

21 And the last thing I have here, on

22 5-I, I really think we need to leave all the

23 zoning fees the same. I can't see any

24 reason to make it any harder for somebody to

25 file for zoning or for hearing fees or


1 anything. I think we need to leave that

2 alone. I mean, this city keeps going back

3 after increases in fees and fees and fees.

4 MR. MINORA: Time.

5 MR. MORGAN: We need to stop that,

6 please.

7 MR. ANCHERANI: Nelson Ancherani.

8 I'm also going to ask that 7-C is tabled. I

9 have here the emergency declaration from the

10 city that was received at City Council's

11 office, and it's authorizing the payment to

12 contractors for the snow removal from the

13 Valentine's Day snow removal fiasco by the

14 city.

15 Mr. Parker said we had 15 trucks

16 out. For approximately three weeks, I saw

17 three, three city trucks with plows, that's

18 all I saw, and I don't recall that any of

19 those trucks had the plows down.

20 There was three days before my

21 street had a plow on it, and approximately

22 ten days after the storm, I had to go to

23 north end, and I was on a street that no

24 snowplow hit. I was driving in the ruts.

25 There's 30 contractors on that list


1 with the declaration, 31 with DPW. And for

2 approximately two to three weeks, the city

3 streets were a disgrace.

4 With this many contractors, those

5 trucks should have been running over each

6 other. The streets should have been

7 cleared, not two to three weeks.

8 Whoever made up the schedule should

9 be redoing their schedules. They should be

10 looking at the maps of the city and planning

11 what they're going to do.

12 I noticed on the list that there

13 were five landscaping businesses. That's

14 what I can figure are landscaping

15 businesses. I wonder if they were there to

16 bring in dirt and plant grass while they

17 were plowing snow.

18 Did anyone up there have the bills

19 itemized before you vote on them? Do you

20 have the itemized bills from the

21 contractors?

22 MS. GATELLI: We just received it

23 tonight.


25 MS. EVANS: Yes. That's why I had


1 requested that we table it this evening so

2 that we all have the opportunity to examine

3 those papers.

4 MR. ANCHERANI: Okay. Anyway, just

5 one small little story. When we moved to

6 the juvenile office from Mulberry Street to

7 over the firehouse, I was given one key. We

8 have five juvenile officers by contract.

9 We're short one, and a grievance was filed

10 on that one.

11 I had to make four keys. I had four

12 made, and the bill was $8.48, which I turned

13 in, and I was reimbursed.

14 My point is, I would questioned

15 about the $8.48, and not getting it okayed

16 to pay me back. They are worried about

17 $8.48. I wonder if they're worried about

18 the $325,000 for the ice removal. And I

19 already asked about the itemized bills.

20 Thank you.

21 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

22 MR. BOLUS: Good evening, Council.

23 Bob Bolus, Scranton. It's been a while

24 since I've been here, and I think people

25 knew the reason why I didn't continue to


1 attend meetings here. It was a question of

2 integrity and credibility.

3 What bought me back here is a lot of

4 things have changed. I gave my word that I

5 wouldn't come back here, but other people

6 have broken their word, so I guess it's okay

7 for me to come back, because I broke my word

8 to myself.

9 What's important in this city is on

10 7-C. To pay this amount of money for rental

11 vehicles and equipment to provide funding to

12 cover snowstorm cleanup, where did they

13 clean the snow?

14 The snow may have been cleaned for

15 the St. Patty's Day Parade or something else

16 downtown. It wasn't cleaned on East

17 Mountain or any other street that stayed

18 there for over a month we had snow in this

19 city.

20 There has to be some serious

21 accountability to this administration before

22 one dime of this money is paid. This is a

23 patronization of the crony system we have

24 here in Scranton.

25 There is no way the taxpayers in


1 this city should have to fund this kind of

2 an expense, when the incompetence in the

3 administration could have equipped every

4 single truck in this town with snowplows.

5 There is no direction there, there is no

6 intelligence there. There is no one there

7 that has the slightest clue about snow

8 removal. And that was evident in this

9 snowstorm.

10 I'm asking this Council tonight to

11 table this and hold this administration

12 accountable. I think every bill here should

13 be brought before the taxpayers to be

14 reviewed.

15 I will be more than glad to give my

16 time to this city and this Council to go

17 over it, because I am an expert in this

18 field. We need to discuss think. So, don't

19 spend one more dime of our money on this

20 administration. Thank you.

21 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Anyone

22 else? Mrs. Fanucci.

23 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: First I want to

24 address some of the comments that were made

25 tonight about the loans that are provided


1 from OECD.

2 Someone got up tonight and saying we

3 should be giving to people who are having

4 small businesses and starting off. They are

5 available, is what they do. In fact, they

6 provide many small businesses to start off

7 their money and finances.

8 So, if you do have an idea and you

9 want to start a business, please go down

10 there and sit with them and see what they

11 can do for you, and, of course, you're going

12 to need to bring your ideas and where you're

13 going to have your business.

14 To claim that that's not what they

15 do, whether or not you like the

16 administration or not, that is not the

17 issue. They have been providing lots of

18 service to everyone in this city who needs

19 the money. That is what it's about. It's

20 about the growth and development of

21 Scranton.

22 Now, to say that we are not

23 providing anything else, if you provide a

24 business, this is just not true. I mean,

25 I've said from day one, to me, economic


1 development is number one in the city.

2 The tax base is enormous. That's

3 what we need. We need more people paying

4 more taxes so that takes the burden off the

5 rest of us. We need lots of employees and

6 lots of buzz downtown.

7 I personally would love to see lots

8 of traffic downtown. I think it would be a

9 great problem to have, to make everyone have

10 to sit in traffic, because that means

11 there's a lot of people going lots of places

12 and spending their money.

13 But as far as the loan for

14 Alexander's, I'm certainly going to pass

15 that tonight. I know it seems like a lot of

16 money, and it is a lot of money, but as I

17 said last week, when you go and get your

18 mortgage for your home, you certainly don't

19 think of it as a gift.

20 You don't think, Oh, isn't this

21 wonderful now, I have to pay back $1,000 a

22 month? Aren't I lucky?

23 You work hard, you build your life,

24 you build your family and you pay back your

25 mortgage. That's what this is all about.


1 And I do struggle with the fact that

2 this is always an issue. We are here to

3 support the people in this city who want to

4 have businesses. That's our job. And we

5 want everyone to come here.

6 And I don't care if you feel that

7 your business is a high-fluent business or

8 if you feel that you're just a little guy

9 selling smokes on the corner. Come here and

10 open a business. It's okay. We all want

11 you here.

12 So, as far as that is concerned --

13 and I have to say, I looked into a lot of

14 concerns we had about the loans and not

15 paying taxes. They are very thorough in

16 that.

17 For three reasons, they have to be.

18 The state wouldn't even release one dime of

19 money unless they prove that the taxes are

20 paid.

21 And now, as we found out from the

22 newest loan, that if your taxes are not paid

23 even in the meantime from the time they

24 investigate you until your closing, they

25 will withhold your cash, and you will not


1 get any money.

2 So, that is something that we seem

3 to all -- in fact, I believe that that was

4 what happened last time also, that they did

5 not check into thoroughly.

6 They do check into it, but if it

7 does occur between the time the money -- the

8 application was given, and they check into

9 it then afterwards, then they have to hold

10 money.

11 I also want to discuss a letter to

12 Mark Seitzinger again on one more issue.

13 We've done this a few times, and it's on

14 1013 South Webster Avenue, which is a vacant

15 property. They've been going for this for a

16 long time now. There is no reason -- tell

17 him we want it taken care of. Summer is

18 coming, and it certainly seems to be a

19 dangerous situation for the neighborhood,

20 the neighbors, and definitely the children.

21 So, if we can please take care of that as

22 quickly as possible, I would appreciate

23 that.

24 And one more thing, you're not going

25 to like it, but Allegheny County, a judge


1 ruled that the smoking ban is upheld. So, I

2 thought I'd throw that in just to let you

3 know that there are two sides to every coin.

4 And that is all I have. Thank you.

5 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr.

6 McGoff.

7 MR. MCGOFF: Thank you. I would --

8 I just want to address one thing that the

9 legislation that was passed last week

10 concerning the discharge limits of the sewer

11 authority, there seemed to be a little bit

12 of confusion, and so I made a number of

13 phone calls just to clarify for myself and

14 to get some better understanding of what we

15 received.

16 The Sewer Authority has been under

17 the EPA administrative ordinance, and

18 working with the EPA, the Sewer Authority

19 was told to have limits in place, I think

20 the date was May 4, but I may be mistaken.

21 Working, again, with the EPA, the

22 legislation was given to us. They

23 recalibrated the limits to stay within the

24 EPA demands and presented to us.

25 What changed was the means by which


1 the discharge -- or the limits that were

2 changed were, in fact, more stringent than

3 before.

4 What did change and what added to

5 the confusion, I believe, is that in 1986,

6 when the original legislation was passed,

7 there were equal limits for all industries.

8 Every industry was -- had an equal limit.

9 In the new legislation, again, a

10 proved by the EPA, it provides for

11 individual limits.

12 So, that the allocations per

13 industry may, a particular industry, may

14 have received a higher limit for a

15 particular substance in the discharge, but

16 in aggregate, the limits are, in fact, lower

17 so that the water that is going into the

18 plant into the pretreatment is, in fact,

19 cleaner, if that's -- there are less

20 pollutants, and the water that is coming out

21 of the treatment plant is, in fact, at least

22 as clean, if not cleaner, than it had been

23 in the past.

24 So, the allegation of the idea that

25 we were by this legislation were polluting


1 the streams is totally -- was totally

2 inaccurate.

3 And, in fact, it was simply an

4 attempt to keep in line with EPA guidelines

5 and with the larger legislation concerning

6 the Chesapeake Bay project and water going

7 into that.

8 If anyone does have any questions

9 about it and needs clarification, the people

10 at the Sewer Authority said that they would

11 be more than happy to explain the

12 legislation and the, you know, the limits to

13 anyone who asks. And that was the only

14 thing that I had. Thank you.

15 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr.

16 Courtright.

17 MR. COURTRIGHT: Yes. I'm happy to

18 say that at Newton Road where it turns into

19 Fawnwood, the DPW has been up there this

20 week trying to rectify the problem there.

21 It's an extensive job. They have to do a

22 lot of digging and put a large pipe in

23 there. Hopefully those people up there are

24 going to get some relief.

25 And, Kay, I can't recall, maybe -- I


1 don't want to give the address on the air,

2 it's on South 9th Avenue, I believe I asked

3 Mr. Seitzinger about this property before,

4 I'll give you the address when the meeting

5 is over, but there has been numerous,

6 numerous police calls to this address, and

7 I'm getting numerous people coming into

8 where I work asking me about it, what we can

9 do with this house. So, when I give you the

10 address, if you could ask Mr. Seitzinger.

11 I believe he answered me once before

12 several months ago, but the problem hasn't

13 gone away. So, maybe if we can ask him

14 again and I will give him the address

15 afterwards. And that's all I have this

16 evening. Thank you.

17 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. I just

18 have a few things based on what other people

19 had to say. I'd like Attorney Minora to

20 look into the legality of renewing the

21 leases of the Scranton Life Building, if the

22 mayor is allowed to do that on his own

23 accord. Could you find that out for us,

24 please?

25 MR. MINORA: Yeah. I need to get a


1 copy of the lease.

2 MS. GATELLI: I would appreciate

3 that. And I think that we need to put

4 another request in for the items that we

5 have sent that Mrs. Evans stated earlier and

6 give them one more week to answer, and then

7 I think that we have to do something.

8 MS. EVANS: Mrs. Gatelli, though,

9 just to provide you with a bit more

10 information in case you want to alter the

11 date, I had thereafter made additional

12 requests and placed a date of May 9 on

13 those, so that would be next week.

14 MS. GATELLI: Okay.

15 MS. EVANS: So, if you want all of

16 them to come by that date, that would be

17 fine.

18 MS. GATELLI: Yeah, Kay. And that's

19 all I have.

20 MS. GARVEY: Fifth order. 5-B, FOR















9 MS. GATELLI: At this time I'll

10 entertain a motion that Item 5-B be

11 introduced.

12 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.


14 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

15 in favor.

16 MS. EVANS: Aye.


18 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


20 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

21 ayes have it and so moved.






1 $45,000.00 FROM ACCOUNT NO.

2 01.401.15313.4299 (DEBT SERVICE OPERATING

3 EXPENSES) TO ACCOUNT NO. 01.011.00078.4550




7 MS. GATELLI: At this time I'll

8 entertain a motion that Item 5-C be

9 introduced.

10 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.


12 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

13 in favor.

14 MS. EVANS: Aye.


16 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


18 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

19 ayes have it and so moved.









2 AND SECTIONS 806.E.1 AND 806.E.3.

3 MS. GATELLI: At this time I'll

4 entertain a motion that 5-D be introduced.

5 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.

6 MR. MCGOFF: Second.

7 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

8 those in favor.

9 MS. EVANS: Aye.


11 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


13 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

14 ayes have it and so moved.

15 MR. MCGOFF: At this time, I'd like

16 to make a motion that we notify the city

17 planning commission and the Lackawanna

18 County regional planning commission of the

19 proposed amendment to the zoning code and

20 ask the city clerk to make all necessary

21 arrangements for a public hearing and

22 advertising of same, and also that Attorney

23 Minora research that all procedures are

24 followed to amend the zoning ordinance.

25 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.


1 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

2 those in favor?

3 MS. EVANS: Aye.


5 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


7 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

8 ayes have it and so moved.






14 PENNSYLVANIA, 18504, FOR THE SUM OF $700.00.

15 MS. GATELLI: At this time I'll

16 entertain a motion that Item 5-E be

17 introduced.

18 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.

19 MR. MCGOFF: Second.

20 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

21 those in favor.

22 MS. EVANS: Aye.


24 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.



1 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

2 ayes have it and so moved.







9 $1,100.00.

10 MS. GATELLI: At this time I'll

11 entertain a motion that Item 5-F be

12 introduced.

13 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.


15 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

16 in favor.

17 MS. EVANS: Aye.


19 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


21 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

22 ayes have it and so moved.







3 18504, FOR THE SUM OF $1,300.00.

4 MS. GATELLI: At this time I'll

5 entertain a motion that Item 5-G be

6 introduced.

7 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.


9 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

10 those in favor.

11 MS. EVANS: Aye.


13 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


15 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

16 ayes have it and so moved.






22 18505, FOR THE SUM OF $5,000.00.

23 MS. GATELLI: At this time I'll

24 entertain a motion that Item 5-H be

25 introduced.


1 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.


3 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

4 those in favor.

5 MS. EVANS: Aye.


7 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


9 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

10 ayes have it and so moved.






16 FEES.

17 MS. GATELLI: At this time I'll

18 entertain a motion that Item 5-I be

19 introduced.

20 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.


22 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

23 those in favor.

24 MS. EVANS: Aye.



1 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


3 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

4 ayes have it and so moved.









13 18503.

14 MS. GATELLI: At this time I'll

15 entertain a motion that Item 5-J be

16 introduced.

17 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.


19 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

20 those in favor.

21 MS. EVANS: Aye.


23 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


25 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The


1 ayes have it and so moved.

2 MS. GARVEY: Sixth order, no

3 business at it time. Seventh order, 7-A,












15 MS. GATELLI: What is the

16 recommendation of the chair on public

17 safety?

18 MR. COURTRIGHT: As chairperson for

19 the committee on public safety, I recommend

20 final passage of Item 7-A.


22 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll

23 call.

24 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans.

25 MS. EVANS: Yes.


1 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci.


3 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff.

4 MR. MCGOFF: Yes.

5 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright.


7 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli.

8 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

9 7-A legally and lawfully adopted.










19 MS. GATELLI: As chairperson for the

20 committee on rules, I recommend final

21 passage of Item 7-B.

22 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

23 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll

24 call.

25 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans.


1 MS. EVANS: Yes.

2 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci.


4 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff.

5 MR. MCGOFF: Yes.

6 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright.


8 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli.

9 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

10 Item 7-B legally and lawfully adopted.

11 MS. EVANS: Kay, perhaps prior to

12 reading it, I move to table Item 7-C.


14 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

15 in favor.

16 MS. EVANS: Aye.


18 MR. MCGOFF: Aye.


20 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

21 ayes have it and so moved.













8 MS. GATELLI: What is the

9 recommendation of the chair on finance?

10 MS. EVANS: As chair for the

11 committee on finance, I recommend final

12 passage of Item 7-D.

13 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

14 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll

15 call.

16 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans.

17 MS. EVANS: Yes.

18 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci.


20 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff.

21 MR. MCGOFF: Yes.

22 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright.


24 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli.

25 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare


1 Item 7-D legally and lawfully adopted.












13 MS. GATELLI: What's the

14 recommendation of the chairperson for the

15 committee on community development?

16 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: As chairperson

17 of the committee on community development, I

18 recommend final passage of Item 7-E.

19 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

20 MS. GATELLI: On the question?

21 MS. EVANS: Yes. I understand in my

22 absence last week there had been a few

23 issues raised about this loan, and as a

24 result, I read very carefully the contract

25 and the prior contract that I believe had


1 been voided, and those issues that had been

2 a concern to you, which certainly were of

3 great concern to me, are no longer part of

4 that agreement. They have been excised from

5 the contract.

6 And, again, having read it fairly

7 carefully during the week, I believe it is

8 more than satisfactory at this point.

9 I also believe, having spoken with

10 Mr. Courtright, in the event that this

11 company, well, I shouldn't call it, business

12 is probably more appropriate, would even

13 relocate, the loan will follow them. It

14 must be paid in full.

15 I think what further should provide

16 some degree of security for all of us is the

17 fact that it is a highly flourishing

18 business and that very often customers wait

19 weeks upon weeks for appointments.

20 And so, it would appear that the

21 ability of this business to repay its loans

22 would be quite high.

23 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else? Roll

24 call.

25 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans.


1 MS. EVANS: Yes.

2 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci.


4 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McGoff.

5 MR. MCGOFF: Yes.

6 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright.


8 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli.

9 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

10 7-E legally and lawfully adopted.

11 MS. GARVEY: Eighth order. Citizens

12 participation II, general city issues.

13 MR. MCGOFF: Prior to our first

14 speaker, I would just like to thank you for

15 your consideration.

16 (WHEREUPON, Councilman McGoff left the meeting.)

17 MR. MILLER: Good evening, Council.

18 Doug Miller, President of Scranton Junior

19 City Council. Just a few announcements

20 here. The first is on Saturday, May 12,

21 2007, the Scranton Taxpayers Association

22 along with Scranton Junior City Council will

23 hold a car wash at Scooter's Hot Dog Hut in

24 Dunmore, which we intend to raise funds to

25 go towards free swimming for our children.


1 We all need to support the children

2 of our city. This is an issue that's going

3 to be raised now that summer is going to be

4 approaching us, and I personally support

5 free swimming. I think Council needs to

6 seriously look into this and we need to do

7 something about it.

8 And the Junior Council, as well as

9 the taxpayers association, and this program

10 led by Mr. Sbaraglia and Mr. Jackowitz, we

11 will fight so the children can swim for

12 free.

13 Also, Mr. Lee Morgan and myself, we

14 will be walking through the neighborhoods

15 soliciting donations. People in the city

16 need to understand how important it is for

17 our children to have free swimming.

18 The second announcement, Frances

19 Willard Elementary will hold a diversity

20 fair on Monday, May 7 from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

21 in the school's gym. Adults and children

22 can enjoy food, games and crafts from their

23 region of the world. Everyone is encouraged

24 to attend.

25 And lastly tonight on behalf of the


1 Junior Council, I would like to thank Tour

2 De Scranton for their generous donation

3 towards our handicapped swingset project for

4 Nay Aug Park.

5 As I will continue to say until we

6 reach our goal, we'll continue to ask for

7 support. We believe this is something the

8 city needs for our handicapped children.

9 In order for this dream to come

10 true, we need your support, and we ask you

11 to send your donation here to City Hall, 340

12 North Washington Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503.

13 Thank you very much.

14 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr.

15 Piccolino.

16 MR. PICCOLINO: September 1, 2006

17 and headline, Buona Pizza looks for way to

18 stay in neighborhood by Stacy Brown.

19 Although not spelled out in a letter

20 received by Buona Pizza, the company could

21 remain in its current location if it agreed

22 to be part of the redevelopment.

23 Finally April 26 of 20007, seven

24 months letter, we received a letter, not an

25 agreement, but an understanding, not us, our


1 attorney.

2 Dear Boyd, it is my understanding

3 that you currently continue to represent the

4 condemnees in the above referenced eminent

5 domain proceeding.

6 It has been brought to my attention

7 that your client has indicated a willingness

8 to have his business remain in the 500 block

9 of Lackawanna Avenue within the proposed

10 project area, and I have been authorized and

11 directed to send this letter regarding the

12 same.

13 Based on your clients'

14 representations, I believe it would be

15 appropriate to have a discussion regarding

16 your clients' intentions and to discuss your

17 clients' requirements with the project.

18 Mayor Doherty has emphasized his

19 support for your client to be part of the

20 project, and, of course, it's my client's

21 hope that the matter can be resolved to

22 allow the project to go forward.

23 I ask that you review the matter

24 with your client and to confirm his

25 willingness to engage in the discussions set


1 forth time thereafter when a formal meeting

2 is set at a mutually convenient time to

3 further discuss the matter.

4 I would ask City Council to write

5 the mayor a letter and join me in this

6 meeting, since Mrs. Fanucci said it's, you

7 know, it's your job to keep businesses and

8 taxpaying businesses in the city.

9 Well, I think you guys should come

10 with us, and, you know, come to this meeting

11 and see what we can do.

12 MS. EVANS: Mr. Piccolino, I think

13 were the five of us to accompany you, we

14 would be in violation of the Sunshine Act,

15 but I know we had spoken earlier this week,

16 and it is my intention to accompany you and

17 address the issue in its entirety with the

18 mayor.

19 So, I still offer that invitation to

20 you, and I'll stand by that, and I'm sure

21 the mayor is going to want to see us.

22 MR. PICCOLINO: Sounds good. How

23 about you, Mrs. Fanucci? You're so adamant

24 about keeping businesses and taxpayers --

25 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Absolutely.


1 And as far as I'm concerned, Mr. Piccolino,

2 it is the state law that you have to be

3 required and asked to stay.

4 I mean, that's part of the deal with

5 eminent domain. That's why I never

6 understood your issue in the first place, to

7 be honest with you, because it's required

8 under eminent domain that you are asked to

9 stay as long as you will provide money

10 toward the project. And I believe it's --

11 it might be 15 percent.

12 MR. PICCOLINO: My issue was we were

13 never asked to stay.

14 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Do you know

15 why? Do you know why you weren't asked to

16 stay? The project has not moved forward

17 since the day all of this has taken place.

18 Nothing has happened.

19 MR. PICCOLINO: Because there is no

20 project.

21 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: As far as

22 anything is concerned on that block, you do

23 not see any -- buildings being torn down or

24 any sidewalks being required.

25 MR. PICCOLINO: They're supposed to


1 start the sidewalks soon. Aren't they

2 supposed to start the sidewalks?

3 MR. MINORA: Time.


5 didn't. So, until that date started, you,

6 probably would have been informed of that.

7 But you should have been informed of

8 that from day one, and your attorney has

9 probably told you. I mean, you have to be

10 part of that project if you want to stay.

11 So, I did find it odd that this was even an

12 issue. It's part of the deal. But as far

13 as coming with you, I also wonder, are you

14 still suing the city?

15 MR. PICCOLINO: That's my own legal

16 stuff.

17 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Well, right,

18 but it's not, because if you are suing the

19 city, that would have to do with us, and I

20 have to turn to Attorney Minora, would we be

21 able to be there if he's --

22 MR. MINORA: I'm not sure the --

23 there was recently some reports in the

24 newspaper of a lawsuit. I never saw the

25 documents, I don't know whether it was


1 actually filed, and if it was filed, what it

2 contained.

3 MR. PICCOLINO: There's also reports

4 of grievances, too, so I don't think it'd be

5 in the paper.

6 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: It's not for

7 you, it's for us. Like, I wouldn't want to

8 be in violation of anything if we were

9 attending a meeting and he was in litigation

10 with the city. I certainly wouldn't want to

11 leave myself open to that.

12 MS. EVANS: Well, if I could inject

13 at this point, I would be very happy to

14 accompany you, in fact, I made you that

15 offer, yes, earlier this week.

16 This Council passed a motion stating

17 that we would not entertain any projects,

18 any type of movement in the 500 block of

19 Lackawanna Avenue, unless it included Buona

20 Pizza.

21 I think, though, on the other hand,

22 there actually has been movement per se in

23 that the city is attempting to devour your

24 property through eminent domain, and this

25 also, I believe, I don't know if sued would


1 be the correct terminology, but they would

2 like your attorney removed from the case.

3 And in that event, I think it can be

4 very useful for City Council who has taken a

5 public stand on your behalf in the past to

6 try to work this out to your satisfaction

7 with the mayor, and I would like to see us

8 do that as soon as possible.

9 MR. PICCOLINO: You and me both.

10 Thank you.

11 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: I think we'd

12 all love to see you stay. Nobody wants to

13 -- I mean, that's something that we've said

14 from day one. Obviously we want you to be

15 included in the project, if that's what your

16 wish is.

17 MR. PICCOLINO: Thanks.

18 MS. GATELLI: Andy Sbaraglia.

19 MR. SBARAGLIA: Andy Sbaraglia, you

20 know I'm a Scrantonian. The Lackawanna

21 County Taxpayer and Citizen Association, I'm

22 going to read a brochure we're going to be

23 handing out throughout the city, We are

24 conducting a fundraiser in Scranton, PA to

25 raise money so that underprivileged children


1 living in or around the Scranton area can

2 swim for fee at the public pools. Currently

3 they must pay to be able to swim.

4 We would greatly appreciate a cash

5 donation or a donation that can be offered

6 as a door prize. And this was put out by

7 William R. Jackowitz, co-chairman of the

8 project. I am chairman.

9 For years I have come before you. I

10 have watched Mrs. Fanucci shoot it down when

11 we could have had free swim, and there's no

12 other way within the city to get this free

13 swim.

14 You can throw money away everywhere,

15 but on the children of this city. And I

16 find that offensive, and I will continue to

17 fight no matter where I am.

18 That is one thing I'm adamant on

19 that the children have a right to swim free

20 in our pools. We collect $30,000, all we

21 collect on our city pools, and that came out

22 of the audit from the controller.

23 So, that's probably a figure that's

24 there. And for Council to sit up there and

25 spend millions and millions of dollars


1 investing in businesses, some may go, some

2 may not go, but the greatest investment we

3 can make in this city is in the children.

4 And I find it really appalling that

5 every time it comes up, the mayor vetoes it

6 and gets support from Council. At least one

7 member or two members of Council, well,

8 usually two members of Council oppose it.

9 And so, the only thing we can do is

10 go among the citizens of Scranton, collect

11 donations and see what we can actually do to

12 actually pay for the kids to go swimming.

13 And I wish every Scrantonian that watches

14 this, dig into your pockets and help us do

15 this. Council will not, and the mayor will

16 not do it. Their interest is mainly

17 somewhere else, but not with the children of

18 Scranton. And I thank you.

19 MS. GATELLI: Mr. McCloe.

20 MR. MCCLOE: My name is Brett

21 McCloe, homeowner, taxpayer. First off,

22 Mrs. Fanucci, I just want to let you know

23 that there are three sides to every coin.

24 There's the heads, the tales and the edge

25 that holds them together. Without that


1 edge, the coin does not exist, so I just

2 wanted to get that out of the way.

3 As a waiter, I watch people make

4 decisions every day. I see what goes on

5 inside people's heads as they calculate

6 taste, preference, price and health concern.

7 My job is to facilitate and to

8 foster the use of free will and to provide

9 choices. I want to thank this Council for

10 enlightening me last week on my lack of

11 understanding of the city mechanism.

12 I was wrong for trying to inject

13 humanity into a mechanical process. I

14 thought to myself, I'm a silly human. I've

15 never waited on a mechanism before, so what

16 makes me think that I can use the same logic

17 and principles to understand the decisions

18 of this Council?

19 I could not foresee the calculated

20 response of a political device. If we don't

21 spend it this year, we won't get it next

22 year, regardless if there was an actual need

23 to spend taxpayers' money on a business that

24 90 percent could not afford to use.

25 The smoking ban is the law,


1 regardless if State law prohibits such

2 action. Like a computer that freezes, you

3 get silenced when asking questions that only

4 a human being can answer.

5 Silence is the only way to protect a

6 mechanism from human intrusion. What next?

7 Resistance is futile. You will be a

8 assimilated? I guess so, due to the number

9 of people in this city with the high

10 mentality.

11 Respect for the life of the mind and

12 the personal responsibility for the use of

13 free will is no longer needed and therefore

14 must be deleted.

15 The minds of the people of this city

16 are being systematically retrofitted for the

17 use as service drones for the coming of the

18 new creative class, the local wannabees and

19 those too powerful to give a blank.

20 The heart and soul of this city has

21 been replaced by a computer game on a hard

22 drive filled with cold calculated political

23 responses and economic pyramid schemes.

24 Welcome to the collective, welcome to sin

25 city, welcome to the machine.


1 MS. GATELLI: Linda Peratano.

2 MS. PERATANO: Good evening, City

3 Council. I'm Linda Peratano, Scranton

4 resident, and I live in Tripps Park.

5 For 23 years, I have lived on Emmett

6 Street, grew up across from the lot that's

7 now in some kind of controversial aspect of

8 what's going on down there on Emmett Street,

9 the corner of Emmett and Railroad Avenue.

10 I don't know why it came before

11 Council, because twice it went to the zoning

12 board and it was discontinued. What is

13 Council's stance on this issue?

14 MS. EVANS: I can only speak for

15 myself, but I represent the people.

16 MS. PERATANO: Right.

17 MS. EVANS: The people are my boss.

18 MS. PERATANO: Right.

19 MS. EVANS: They pay my salary.

20 These are their homes, their neighborhoods,

21 and if the people tell me that they do not

22 wish to have their neighborhood further

23 disturbed by yet another commercial

24 business, then my vote will go in favor of

25 the people's wishes.


1 And though I have not spoken with

2 all in that area, I have spoken tonight with

3 those who were good enough to attend the

4 caucus meeting, and they have made their

5 wishes known to me, and they insist that

6 there are many more who feel similarly, and

7 so my vote is going to protect them.

8 MS. PERATANO: Well, for 75 years, I

9 know that that lot has been vacant. I lived

10 down there, I know.

11 A couple years ago when it was

12 purchased by the new owners, it's not that

13 the neighbors were against any kind of

14 business going down there, but an ice cream

15 shop and a hoagie shop is different than an

16 all night cleaners.

17 We have a man down there now that

18 lives that would be living right next door

19 to the cleaners with upper respiratory

20 problems. He's a very sick man and to have

21 something like that in a neighborhood where

22 there's a day care two houses away.

23 Now, if they want to build something

24 like that, why don't they just go down on

25 7th Street where all the other commercial


1 businesses are? That would be wonderful,

2 not on the corner of Railroad and Emmett

3 Street.

4 Like I says, we're not against any

5 kind of business down there. My big -- my

6 thing is because I'm representing my mother,

7 she lives down there, and every other

8 neighbor that lives down there. There was

9 over 50 names collected for a petition to

10 stop this. That's my concern.

11 If you want to put something like

12 that, let them put it in their neighborhood

13 and let's see how they'd like to open up

14 their front door or look out their bathroom

15 window and kitchen window and see a big

16 building.

17 Now, if it went twice before the

18 zoning, why now in front of Council when it

19 couldn't get before zoning? Why are they

20 trying to slide it underneath the rug? And

21 we know what's going on. We're not stupid.

22 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Actually we --

23 MS. GATELLI: We met with all the

24 neighbors tonight and the developer, and he

25 was told that it's not going to come before


1 Council. We are not going to entertain

2 that. None of us are interested in changing

3 the zone.

4 MS. EVANS: And in addition, the

5 developer and their attorney, they were

6 directed to meet with the neighbors in order

7 to possibly come up with a solution that is

8 satisfactory to all involved.

9 But once that decision is reached,

10 they will have to go before the zoning

11 board. Because as Mrs. Gatelli said, there

12 are enough members on Council who will not

13 entertain this because it goes against the

14 wishes of the residents of that

15 neighborhood.

16 MS. GATELLI: And of any

17 neighborhood, for that matter.

18 MR. MINORA: Time.

19 MS. GATELLI: Nobody wants the

20 zoning changed in their neighborhood.

21 MS. PARATANO: Thank you very much.

22 MS. GATELLI: You're welcome. Mr.

23 Spindler.

24 MR. SPINDLER: Good evening,

25 Council. Les Spindler. Even though I had


1 to come in the back door tonight, I didn't

2 know the front door was open. I'm glad to

3 see that.

4 I'm glad to see there were no metal

5 detectors around. I was just wondering why

6 when I came in here, and then I remembered.

7 There's an election in 12 days.

8 Mrs. Gatelli, is Mr. McGoff gone for

9 the evening?

10 MS. GATELLI: Yes, he had a death in

11 his family.

12 MR. SPINDLER: Oh, I'm sorry. I had

13 a question for him.

14 MS. GATELLI: Were you here when we

15 said it?

16 MR. SPINDLER: No, I didn't hear it.

17 MS. GATELLI: His sister-in-law

18 passed away.

19 MR. SPINDLER: Oh, I'm sorry about

20 that.

21 MS. GATELLI: If there's anything

22 that you want to ask him, we will get him --

23 MR. SPINDLER: I'll ask him next

24 week.

25 MS. GATELLI: Okay.


1 MR. SPINDLER: A few weeks ago when

2 it was brought up about having the

3 Lackawanna Taxpayers Association having

4 their meetings in here, I think a vote was

5 supposed to have been taken, but you were

6 waiting to see who was in charge of Council

7 chambers, even though I know who it is. Did

8 Council find out? Because you run this

9 chambers.

10 MR. MINORA: I actually did the

11 research, and I never spoke to you about it,

12 but indirectly through the administrative

13 code in the charter, it's clear that the

14 administration controls real property on

15 behalf of the city.

16 MR. SPINDLER: Okay. As far as the

17 smoking ban, I'm 100 percent for the smoking

18 ban, but I was told by an employee that

19 works in this building that people smoke in

20 this building.

21 So -- don't make faces, Mrs.

22 Fanucci. I was told by someone that works

23 in this building. Do you work in this

24 building? No.

25 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: First of all, I


1 didn't make a face. I was shocked that --

2 MR. SPINDLER: Anyway --


4 allowed to be shocked? Is that a --

5 MR. SPINDLER: Before Mr. Seitzinger

6 starts citing places out all around the

7 city, I think he should start policing this

8 building first.

9 MS. GATELLI: You're right, and I

10 think they should be fined if they're

11 smoking in this building. It is a

12 government building, and you're not --

13 MR. SPINDLER: I was told by

14 somebody that works here.

15 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Did they tell

16 you who?

17 MR. SPINDLER: No. That's -- I

18 think that's Mr. Seitzinger's job. Once

19 again, I am going to bring up the line

20 painting I brought up for the last two years

21 on the corner of Spruce Street and Franklin

22 Avenue and the entrance on Lackawanna Avenue

23 and the Steamtown Mall.

24 This is a safety hazard. As I said,

25 it's gotten neglected for two years now, and


1 I'll just mention it one more time and see

2 if something could be done. Thank you.

3 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr. Bolus.

4 Kay, send those letters again on those

5 lines, please.

6 MR. BOLUS: Good evening again,

7 Council. Bob Bolus, Scranton. A lot of

8 people have asked me why I came back here

9 tonight, and I think it's important to let

10 people understand why I'm here again.

11 Mr. McGoff, who had been appointed

12 to the seat here had said that he would only

13 take the appointment and would not run. He

14 elected to change, go back on his word, and

15 he's a candidate.

16 Well, I'm here to inform Council

17 that I, too, am a write-in candidate for

18 Council in the City of Scranton. I was on

19 the ballot, I was taken off by the district

20 attorney who elected to dictate to the

21 people who and how you should vote and who

22 you should vote for.

23 It's been put under appeal and we're

24 moving forward with it. But in the interim,

25 it will be a write-in. I believe strongly


1 in this city and the people here.

2 This Council has to take a hard look

3 at what's gone on here. They need to step

4 back where I've been watching for a while.

5 First of all, I think you need to go

6 back and give us six minutes in fourth order

7 that we could address issues on the agenda,

8 as well as any other business.

9 I'm here, it's 8:30. My morning

10 started at 6:30 this morning, to come here

11 and get three minutes to speak.

12 There are a lot of people in this

13 city who have some wisdom that I think could

14 be shared with this Council. I think you

15 need to do that. I think this audience and

16 the people that come here and Council need

17 to start showing respect for each other.

18 The mockery, the sarcasm, the

19 slamming, the banging on the podium, all

20 that has got to come to a stop.

21 I believe the police officer when

22 you had him here needs to go back down and

23 fight crime. I don't think we need hysteria

24 here, I don't think we need all the

25 innuendos that go on. I think they're


1 intelligent people here.

2 As the gentleman spoke before about

3 putting your brain in and the brain is

4 waste, well, I think we all start putting

5 our brains together and kind of thinking

6 before we speak here, we'll get a heck of a

7 lot more accomplished on both sides.

8 This Council has to look at what

9 happened here in the past. I wouldn't walk

10 in the back door like a criminal coming in

11 here.

12 Tonight I walked through the front

13 door, as it should be. This is our

14 building. It doesn't belong to Chris

15 Doherty, it doesn't belong to this Council,

16 it belongs to the people of this city, and

17 we have to go back knowing 50 years, 100

18 years who built it and why did they build it

19 so people could debate their government.

20 And we have to understand that this is a

21 place of business.

22 It's become disfunctional. Things

23 have happened here that are very depressing.

24 One of the things, our solicitor here should

25 understand that when the attempt at the


1 money from the golf course that we

2 championed, that that money be put in

3 escrow, this Council wanted to take $3

4 million that didn't belong to you.

5 MR. MINORA: Time.

6 MR. BOLUS: I heard you. It didn't

7 belong to anyone else. This Council took

8 $1.5 million of the taxpayers' money that

9 needs to be put back. It was intended to be

10 in trust, and that was the intent.

11 As Mr. Minora knows what intent

12 means, he's a criminal prosecutor, it should

13 never have been paid. It needs to go back.

14 But furthermore, this Council needs

15 to take the other is $1.5 million and put it

16 in a permanent trust and do it now. You

17 cannot give our money away in a frivolous

18 administration and frivolous budgets and

19 take it from the future generations of the

20 kids that were to get this money.

21 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

22 MR. BOLUS: I understand, Mrs.

23 Gatelli.

24 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Bolus, please,

25 don't be contentious.


1 MR. BOLUS: I understand, and I'm

2 going to step down, but I wish you would

3 reconsider the time frame and put a light

4 system here, because I think it's

5 unprofessional to have somebody yelling at

6 you what time it is and your time is up.

7 I'm a professional. Thank you.

8 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Chomko.

9 MR. CHOMKO: Ed Chomko, Scranton.

10 Some of the neighbors over in Bellvue on

11 Railroad and Emmett requested that I remain

12 after the caucus and give our very much

13 appreciated thank you to each and every one

14 of you for supporting us on our request of

15 denying an R-2 property to be changed to

16 commercial, but they also asked me to ask

17 one other thing.

18 Maybe you don't know it, but on

19 approximately April 24 there was a large

20 fuel spill on that property. They claimed

21 it was cleaned up. Come on over. It's not.

22 They tried to cover it over with

23 some type of modified fill, and it all

24 leaked back out.

25 There were a lot of gallons. I


1 can't say there were 100 gallons, but there

2 were more than 50. It ran all the way down

3 to Metro Window.

4 MS. EVANS: Kay, could we send a

5 letter to Mr. Parker or a memo just, you

6 know, if we can get that out quickly and if

7 we can contact him tomorrow to go back over

8 there and correct the situation, because I

9 understand from you and your neighbors that

10 the odor is intolerable.

11 MR. CHOMKO: Yes, yes. We thank you

12 again.

13 MS. GATELLI: You're welcome.

14 James.

15 MR. PIAZZA: James Piazza, Scranton

16 High School. I just wanted to get up and

17 speak and tell you that the Tour De Scranton

18 had occurred on April 22. I volunteered my

19 time because it was a good cause, and I

20 volunteered my time. Ms. Morkem was the one

21 that looked me up and asked for my help.

22 She gave us a $100 donation for the

23 swingset project, like Douglas just said

24 earlier. So, I just want to get up here and

25 tell her thanks for giving us that donation,


1 because we appreciate it, and all the other

2 organizations that gave money to us for the

3 project.

4 I just wanted to ask Council, do you

5 guys know anything about that medical

6 school, what's going on about it?

7 MS. EVANS: I think a decision is,

8 according to newspaper, forthcoming within a

9 month, I believe, to two months maximum. An

10 announcement should be made.

11 MR. PIAZZA: Is it coming here, Mrs.

12 Evans?

13 MS. EVANS: Oh, it better be.

14 MR. PIAZZA: That's it.

15 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Jackowitz.

16 MR. JACKOWITZ: Bill Jackowitz,

17 South Scranton resident. Thirty-three

18 businesses contacted in two days to donate

19 for free swimming. Twenty-nine donated.

20 Like I said earlier, four people who got

21 loans from this city did not donate.

22 President Gatelli, the names will be

23 coming further on who these businesses are.

24 I'm holding back.

25 President Gatelli, we have people


1 violating the occupancy law and ordinances

2 in the city. You ask why. Possibly because

3 Mayor Doherty has every invited every

4 non-documented illegal immigrant to reside

5 in Scranton.

6 The city still is last in the state

7 for hourly wages. It has the highest

8 unemployment rate in the state, 4.2 percent

9 wage figure, and since 1994, the lowest

10 yearly earning power in the state.

11 Family sustaining wages are are

12 nonexistent to the city, except for a few

13 jobs for the elitists. So, now after the

14 Latinos have arrived, we're complaining

15 about how they live their lives.

16 Scranton currently has 9,000 Latinos

17 residing in the city with a population of

18 67,000, and declining rapidly.

19 Most Latinos will combine their

20 wages, which are low, and move into a

21 residence with a family and/or friends

22 sending their remaining money back to their

23 home country. This is their way of life.

24 The fact that Mrs. Fanucci, Mr.

25 McGoff and President Gatelli voted for


1 higher taxes just made it that much harder

2 because rents went out, property taxes went

3 up making it harder to purchase a house on

4 Scranton salaries. Boarding house rooms

5 also went up.

6 So, as you can see, this is a very

7 difficult situation to resolve, unless you

8 start putting people out on the street to

9 live.

10 I really do not believe that is a

11 good solution. This situation will become

12 worse before it becomes better. I lived it

13 20 years ago. It is what it is.

14 This situation affects all workers

15 who are working low to moderate income jobs

16 in Scranton, which is approximately

17 75 percent of the residents.

18 Jobs are not the solution. Family

19 sustaining jobs and wages must be created.

20 Gas, $2.89 a gallon, water bill going up

21 15.36 percent, an increase. Those are just

22 two examples.

23 Public transportation in this city

24 is below standards. I've stated several

25 times from this podium bad economy, bad


1 economic conditions will lead to the

2 collapse of a city, county, state and

3 country.

4 Scranton's economy is the lowest of

5 the low and has been for five decades.

6 Anybody who does not believe that needs to

7 get out and talk with the residents, not

8 just the Doherty real people and the Fanucci

9 my people. They have no financial problems.

10 Ms. Fanucci, still waiting for

11 Austin Burke and the Southern Union tenants.

12 Coming up on one year since you made your

13 public statements, Mrs. Fanucci.

14 MR. MINORA: Time.

15 MR. JACKOWITZ: Nay Aug Park, dog

16 park, hair salons will not solve Scranton's

17 economic problems, neither will raising

18 taxes or fees.

19 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr.

20 Patilla.

21 MR. PATILLA: Sam Patilla, city

22 resident, taxpayer. Scranton is more than

23 downtown, it's more than the 400 or the 700

24 block of Lackawanna Avenue. It's the senior

25 citizens, it's the kids that you won't let


1 swim free, it's the small mom and pop

2 pizzerias, it's the small mom and pop barber

3 shops, it's the small mom and pop beauty

4 parlors, the small mom and pop corner

5 stores, all right? That's where that money

6 is supposed to be going to.

7 You want to create jobs, you want to

8 bring people into this city, all right, you

9 take care of the ones that are here.

10 Everything that comes out of your

11 mouth has to do with Downtown Scranton or I

12 want people to come here. And I told you

13 before, and you could see it every time you

14 walk the streets, nobody is coming here, all

15 right?

16 Those people are not going to let

17 you rip them off the way you're ripping us

18 off. It's not going to happen, all right?

19 For once in your life, stand up, do

20 what's right. Start looking out towards

21 these citizens, start looking out for the

22 taxpayers.

23 Like I said, it's not just a

24 downtown area, all right? That beauty

25 parlor, for example, it costs $300 for a


1 men's day. I guess that's some time of

2 sauna, $115 for executive break, $110 for

3 rest and relaxation.

4 On the women's side, ultimate day at

5 the spa, $380, Alexander's day at the spa,

6 $325. Then going back to the men's, a

7 color, highlighting and foil, that ain't

8 nothing men get, not where I'm coming from.

9 That's some really shaky stuff there, okay?

10 But that's $35 and above, okay?

11 You want to inject life into this

12 city, inject it into the people whose back

13 it's been built upon. Cut the bull crap out

14 about giving these people -- all these --

15 the Rinaldis, the DeNaples, stop giving them

16 our money, stop giving them our money.

17 Every bill, every invoice --

18 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Let me ask you

19 one question --

20 MR. PATILLA: -- that you look for

21 -- that you look at, every invoice that you

22 --

23 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Can I ask you

24 one --

25 MR. PATILLA: -- has one of those


1 names on it. Every single one of them has

2 one of them names on it.

3 Start giving back to these people

4 here. It's our money. Give it back to us,

5 you know. You need a snow plowed, give it

6 to a Scrantonian. You need your law mowed,

7 give it to a Scrantonian.

8 Stop giving our money to these

9 people that's not giving anything back.

10 You're just taking, taking, taking. And

11 every time you agree to it, you become more

12 and more of the problem. You sink deeper

13 and deeper into that cronyism. Put a stop

14 to it. Don't do it because it's election

15 time, do it because it's the right thing to

16 do.

17 MS. GATELLI: Jose Rojas. Mr.

18 Rojas, is he here? Mr. Laske.

19 MS. EVANS: Welcome back.

20 MR. LASKE: I'm like the walking

21 wounded. Okay. Dick Laske, North Scranton.

22 I want to congratulate you, Janet, and I'm

23 very proud of our grandson. He takes after

24 his grandmother more than his grandfather or

25 he wouldn't have been part of that.


1 MS. EVANS: Actually I think he gets

2 his good looks from you.

3 MR. LASKE: Hay, Dave, look out,

4 Buddy. No, on a more serious note, Janet

5 has been fighting for the people of Scranton

6 since she has been up there on Council.

7 Now, she requested records and she

8 receives static from a couple Council

9 people, and all of a sudden Ms. Fanucci got

10 her picture in the paper where she

11 discovered records. Now, even a blind

12 squirrel finds an acorn at times. I mean,

13 let's be realistic.

14 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: What did I ever

15 do to you, Mr. Laske?

16 MS. LASKE: You didn't do nothing to

17 me, but, I mean, you look like you want to

18 be on the administration --

19 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: That was four

20 months ago.

21 MR. LASKE: Hey, I'm not dead yet.

22 The mind's still working. I can remember

23 back six months, six years, ten years, okay?

24 You resent what I say to you, that's too

25 bad, because you're getting paid to listen


1 to me, and the little bit of time I have

2 here, you're making a damn good buck. You

3 were bought and paid for by the

4 administration, it's a simple as that.

5 Now, the $10 million that Judy

6 Gatelli okayed, that is adding to debt of

7 the city. I don't think I'm going to live

8 long enough to see the city in the black,

9 okay?

10 Now, another thing, I've been trying

11 for years to get the city to come to Weston

12 Park to cut down the trees. I've got a lot

13 of static, I've busy. I didn't expect them

14 to come open when it was two foot of snow on

15 the ground, but there's no snow in Weston

16 Park now. It has become a safety hazard.

17 ARC is going in there with children.

18 God forbid if a limb falls down on a kid's

19 head and kills him. Is the mayor going to

20 carry the kid home to his parents and say,

21 Oh, there was an unfortunate accident in

22 Weston Park?

23 Let Mr. Parker get off his duff, do

24 the work he's being paid for. Tell him to

25 send that crew up there. I know there's


1 only one crew. There was only one crew when

2 they went to Hollow Avenue to do a political

3 favor --

4 MR. MINORA: Time.

5 MR. LASKE: -- for one of Mr.

6 Doherty's --

7 MS. EVANS: Mr. Laske, actually I'm

8 going to ask Kay to, while she's speaking

9 with Mr. Parker tomorrow, to also remind him

10 to get on those trees, because I know you've

11 been talking about it. I've heard it I

12 don't know how many times at the North

13 Scranton neighborhood meetings.

14 MR. LASKE: It's like whipping a

15 dead horse.

16 MS. EVANS: I know. But Mr. Doherty

17 is going to attend the next meeting.

18 MR. LASKE: I'll be there.

19 MS. EVANS: It will be this Monday,

20 so you will have your prime opportunity to

21 remind him about the trees.

22 MR. LASKE: Oh, I don't think it's

23 going to work.

24 MS. EVANS: Yes, Tom McLane will be

25 with him.


1 MR. LASKE: Mr. Santolli went up an

2 marked the trees.

3 MS. EVANS: I know.

4 MR. LASKE: They should have took

5 the trees down and left the firewood there.

6 People'd carry it away.

7 MS. GATELLI: I think they're going

8 to talk about the park.

9 MR. LASKE: What's the problem?

10 MS. EVANS: Yes. They're going to

11 address the group, but I would imagine, Mr.

12 Laske, the markings are long gone away.

13 MR. LASKE: Well, have a good night.

14 I'm sorry if I ruined your evening.

15 MS. EVANS: We'll cut down the

16 trees.

17 MS. GATELLI: Jim Stucker.

18 MR. STUCKER: How are you doing, Mr.

19 Courtright? How are you doing?

20 MR. COURTRIGHT: Good. How are you?

21 MR. STUCKER: Good. I gave her that

22 number, that lady, that address. We got to

23 get a light there on the pole on the corner

24 of our building. Somebody is going to fall

25 and twist their ankle.


1 The lady next door to us, she's been

2 calling up the state inspector, calling up

3 and check our wall. Our brick wall fell

4 down. Our cinder block wall fell down. She

5 has been calling. She has been calling

6 again every day calling the city inspector

7 to come over and check it. So, she has been

8 giving us a lot of trouble.

9 MS. GATELLI: Okay. We will check

10 on that, Jim.

11 MR. STUCKER: And the guy that has

12 -- his name is -- he used to cut hair. He

13 used to be a cop -- firemen, Jonesy, Mr.

14 Jones, today, right I was going to help him.

15 I had a tooth filled, I couldn't help, so

16 the guy came down today, came down the other

17 day and told him he had to move his

18 dumpster. It's on his property. They

19 always -- Mr. Jones is always have

20 complaints on little tiny things.

21 And I was talking to Kay the other

22 day up at the Grocery Store on Keyser. She

23 said you got my -- I asked about the money.

24 She said you -- I don't know, you have it.

25 MR. COURTRIGHT: I have your money?


1 MR. STUCKER: Yeah.

2 MR. COURTRIGHT: Kay told you that?

3 MR. STUCKER: Yeah.

4 MS. GATELLI: Is that the money to

5 cut the bushes?

6 MR. STUCKER: Yeah, yeah.

7 MS. GATELLI: We're going to get you

8 that money.

9 MR. COURTRIGHT: I don't have your

10 money, Jimmy. Thanks, Kay.

11 MR. STUCKER: And our garbage has

12 been picked up a lot, okay? So, that's good

13 for us.

14 MS. GATELLI: Thanks, Jim. Mr.

15 Dobrzyn.

16 MR. DOBRZYN: Good evening, Council.

17 I'd just like to get it out on public camera

18 that we need to continue to address Bob

19 Mellow and lobby him to keep the medical

20 school in Scranton, and I would appreciate

21 if Janet could give the number, I don't have

22 it with me tonight for --

23 MS. EVANS: I'm so sorry. I don't

24 either, but I'll make sure that I have it

25 next week and again every week, because I


1 absolutely agree with you. The calls can't

2 stop.

3 MR. DOBRYZN: No, no. I got a

4 really nice letter from him, but I felt that

5 the language in it was a little ambivalent

6 as to whether or not the target was Scranton

7 for our medical school, so we have three

8 hospitals that we support and give massive

9 tax breaks to, people from all over the area

10 get their lives saved in our town, and we

11 really need to keep the pressure on, keep it

12 -- the original project on track.

13 MS. EVANS: Absolutely.

14 MR. DOBRZYN: And anything that we

15 could possibly do to support the taxpayers

16 association and their bid to promote free

17 swimming this year would be greatly

18 appreciated. Thank you and have a good

19 night.

20 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr.

21 Hubbard.

22 MR. HUBBARD: Good evening again,

23 Council. A couple quick points. Please let

24 me get through my three minutes without

25 interrupting.


1 The Allegheny smoking ban, actually

2 when the injunction was lifted to allow that

3 ban to go through, 14 hours after the

4 injunction was lifted to allow the ban to go

5 through, the Commonwealth Court of

6 Pennsylvania banned the ban. The Allegheny

7 smoking ban doesn't exist, it's dead, just

8 so you have that.

9 Fourteen hours after they lifted the

10 injunction was lifted, Commonwealth Court

11 removed the ban. So, it doesn't exist.

12 Okay. A couple things. Mr. McGoff

13 is not here, but you and Mr. McGoff made

14 several comments, I guess, about the smoking

15 ban affecting the long-term health effects

16 of the residents of Scranton. And I

17 appreciate that, you know, you looking out

18 for the long-term health effects of the

19 residents, but by allowing the chemical

20 levels to be increased on certain chemicals

21 to flow into our CSO systems that are out of

22 date, not up to date, and when we get heavy

23 rains, and believe me, I can tell you

24 firsthand what happens when we get heavy

25 rains, it doesn't get treated, because our


1 systems aren't separated yet. Because the

2 Sewer Authority is 15 years behind its

3 schedule with the EPA getting updated on a

4 combined sewer system separating.

5 So, those chemicals that are put in

6 the sewage system that don't make it to the

7 treatment plant end up in my house and every

8 other house in lower Green Ridge every time

9 it floods and our storm drains fill our

10 neighborhood, as well as any of the

11 residents, Keyser Valley or any other part

12 of Scranton that's has problems with runoff.

13 Those chemicals don't necessarily

14 make it into the sewage treatment plant

15 because the systems are so out of date.

16 So, by allowing the increase in

17 chemical levels into the system now before

18 it is updated is really in essence you're

19 polluting the environment. If not, you're

20 at least putting residents in danger because

21 those chemicals are going to come back up

22 the sewer systems when they do backup.

23 Second, if you are so concerned

24 about airborne pollutants like smoke, why

25 has this Council done nothing to tame or at


1 least quiet down or control Daron Northeast?

2 Now, there was a resident on the

3 1600 block of Dixon Avenue that came here

4 for a long time complaining about Daron

5 until she was threatened.

6 That is a KOZ, they are contributors

7 to the mayor's campaign. There are airborne

8 aggregate pollutants that flow all over the

9 1600 to 1700 blocks of Dixon Avenue, not to

10 mention all of lower Green Ridge and lower

11 upper Green Ridge and Electric Street, and

12 those people are subjected to dust and

13 airborne aggregates every time the wind

14 blows when it's hot.

15 Now, I went by there this afternoon

16 and they were supposed to have a water

17 truck. Well, the water truck is not really

18 working too well, so they didn't water much

19 of the property, so there was dust flying

20 everywhere.

21 So, if you're really concerned about

22 the long-term health effects, maybe you

23 should talk to the residents on Dixon Avenue

24 that are suffering from long-term lung

25 damage due to the airborne aggregates from a


1 contributor and a KOZ.

2 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Now that you

3 brought it up, I certainly will.

4 MR. HUBBARD: It's been brought up

5 before, Mrs. Fanucci. A resident has come

6 before this Council several times until she

7 was threatened to back off this personally.

8 Still, but it's not the first time this has

9 been brought before Council.

10 Daron Northeast has been a problem

11 since it opened. It is an airborne

12 pollutant. DEP has been there countless

13 times, but coincidentally they show up when

14 it rains. That really -- big help there.

15 Also, what about the sewer lines on

16 Nay Aug Avenue for the flood project being

17 moved? I understand the Sewer Authority

18 doesn't have the funding right now to do

19 that. And if they can't move the sewer

20 lines, the Army Corps can't put our

21 riverbank in. So, we need to get that taken

22 care of.

23 And for next week, I'd like to know

24 if for any chance the city was going to be

25 hiring a new director of OECD any time in


1 the future, what would the qualifications be

2 for that job?

3 And if we were just say

4 hypothetically going to hire a new human

5 resource director, what would the

6 qualifications be required for that job?

7 Because I'm going to tell you, I

8 printed off some jobs on Monster, and I'm

9 going to tell you the two directors of other

10 apartments do not meet the qualifications

11 for an HR director for any corporation on

12 the east coast of the United States.

13 So, a degree from Baylor University

14 in fashion merchandising does not qualify

15 you to be an HR director, when most of the

16 companies on the east coast require at least

17 ten years in HR for an HR director, as well

18 as either a Masters or a B.A. in human

19 resources.

20 So, the fact that we're going to

21 farm out our human resource Workman's Comp.

22 to a third party, I know we did stop that,

23 but the fact that our human resource

24 department can't handle the job it has and

25 that we have to pay I'm thinking between


1 OECD and human resources we're probably

2 close to a million in consultants since

3 they've taken those positions, not to

4 mention the salary increases.

5 If we had -- if the mayor had hired

6 or appointed two qualified people to handle

7 those positions, we could have saved the

8 city almost $1.3 million dollars.

9 MR. MINORA: Five minutes.

10 MS. GATELLI: Oh, I'm sorry. I

11 didn't hear you.

12 MR. HUBBARD: So, qualified

13 candidates for those positions would have

14 saved us $1.3 million.

15 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

16 MS. EVANS: If I could just respond

17 to Mr. Hubbard regarding Daron Northeast. I

18 know the situation that you're describing.

19 I've been down there many times. I drive by

20 there almost daily.

21 I know that the Department of Health

22 had actually cited Daron Northeast a number

23 of times through the years. I had contacted

24 the Department of Health and spoken with

25 their representatives on two different


1 occasions. They would not come down to the

2 site. They were the ones who informed me

3 that they had already been there and cited

4 them and the ball was in the city's court

5 now.

6 Now, Mr. Fiorini, I know, has been

7 there many times and sent many letters, but

8 I had a question when you said you saw water

9 trucks, are they the trucks of Daron

10 Northeast or --

11 MR. HUBBARD: Yes.

12 MS. EVANS: Because originally if we

13 go back maybe two years, it actually would

14 have been DPW trucks who were wetting down

15 that property. So, I am pleased to hear if

16 Daron has at least invested that much in it.

17 MR. HUBBARD: I'm assuming it's

18 their truck, because it just has black spray

19 paint on it that says water, but they're not

20 doing very much watering to water the

21 property to keep the dust down.

22 MS. EVANS: I know -- yes, I agree

23 with you. I was well aware of that

24 situation, and in addition to that, there

25 was an issue involving the level of decibels


1 coming from that property late at night,

2 early morning, yes, and I am aware of the

3 threats that were made.

4 MR. HUBBARD: It's a serious health

5 problem for people with lung disease with

6 lung problems that are in that neighborhood.

7 MS. EVANS: Yes, it is. Yes, it is.

8 There are a number of individuals who reside

9 there with very serious health problems.

10 MR. HUBBARD: The 1600 and 1700

11 block of residents of Dixon Avenue were told

12 by the Green Ridge Neighborhood Association

13 they won't help them because they're

14 considered lower Green Ridge.

15 So, we gladly adjusted our bylaws

16 and allowed the residents of the 1600 and

17 1700 blocks of Dixon Avenue, as well as any

18 residents around Daron who feel that they

19 need to have a voice to speak for them to

20 join our neighborhood association because

21 they're getting no help since Daron opened

22 from anybody in the city.

23 MS. EVANS: Well, I appreciate

24 that, and I'm sure they do too. That's very

25 good of you. I think --


1 MR. HUBBARD: I spend more time at

2 home than I do in bars, so I would rather

3 have the dust cleared up than the smoke. I

4 mean, really that's what it comes down to.

5 I mean, I'm home more than I'm in a bar, so

6 it might help and be more effective than in

7 would be in a bar.

8 MS. EVANS: I guess what I don't

9 understand, and then we're going to move on,

10 is that I can't imagine how that business

11 was allowed to locate in that area across

12 the street from home after home after home

13 and how, you know, at least it was my

14 understanding that they had never gone

15 before the zoning board.

16 MR. HUBBARD: No. No residents in

17 that area were aware of the type of

18 business. It was supposed to be an enclosed

19 concrete block facility, but all the piles

20 of aggregate and sand are open exposed and

21 sitting out in the lot.

22 MS. EVANS: Yes, they are.

23 MR. HUBBARD: They did not live up

24 to what they said the business was going to

25 be. They lied to the residents of the


1 neighborhood. They proceeded to build the

2 business anyway.

3 MS. EVANS: Thank you.

4 MS. GATELLI: Mrs. Franus.

5 MS. FRANUS: Fay Franus, Scranton.

6 This is basically going to be an

7 informercial for the people of the city

8 here.

9 What I've seen here in the last

10 couple weeks has been like Jekyll and Hyde

11 here. Mrs. Gatelli, you went from doing

12 everything drastically, taking the cameras

13 out, closing the balcony, coming in the back

14 door.

15 Now we're in the front door, the

16 balcony is open, the cameras are in, there's

17 no more scanning. I mean, all of this was

18 needless.

19 But now that it is election time,

20 and this is what I want the people to know,

21 this is a ploy for votes for Joe Gatelli.

22 MS. GATELLI: Mrs. Franus, please.

23 MS. FRANUS: No, no. This is the

24 truth. It's election time. All of a sudden

25 everybody is nicey nicey. This is how I


1 feel, this is how many people feel.

2 And I say to the people in the city,

3 if they vote for Joe Gatelli, they better

4 know that his wife is his wife and the apple

5 doesn't fall far from the tree.

6 So, I say a vote for Joe Gatelli is

7 a vote for Judy Gatelli. If they want to

8 get what do you call it over the coals

9 again, then -- let's put it this way, if

10 they vote for Joe Gatelli, they get what

11 they ask for. God help them.

12 Now, I met this woman in this

13 restaurant, this very nice lady, Bernadette,

14 I met her in a restaurant in Montage, and

15 she came up to me and she more or less

16 speaks like the rest of the people in the

17 city, so I'm not just speaking for myself.

18 I'm speaking for Bernadette, I'm speaking

19 for others that have come up to me and say

20 hot you have been really rotten to the

21 people. It's not just me. Everybody.

22 You know what my son said, my boy,

23 he's in New York, and called me, he said,

24 Mom, because he's been following this, he

25 said, You know what happened to you? He


1 said, You've been Gatellied. I mean, that's

2 a good -- he said I should get a sweatshirt

3 and say Taxes Up 25 percent, and then you

4 turn around and it says -- put it on the

5 back, you've been Gatellied. I said,

6 Franco, I said, Honey, I said you have to

7 you've been Fanuccied and you've been

8 McGoffed too. Because this is just

9 ridiculous.

10 I mean, let's put it this way, after

11 the election, I could bet the real Judy

12 Gatelli is going to stand up and be right

13 back to her ways again.

14 Now, I'll give you an example.

15 Bobby Bolus spoke here. He spoke well over

16 three minutes and you said nothing. Now,

17 when I spoke over three minutes or Mary Ann

18 Wardell last week, you immediately called

19 the next person right over while we were

20 still here.

21 You cannot, I told you this before,

22 you cannot pick and choose who can speak

23 over three minutes. It's either it's

24 somebody or I'm going to sit here and I'll

25 talk as long as I want. You won't have a


1 right to stop me. You don't have that

2 right.

3 And you let somebody -- last week a

4 man spoke, and he just went on and on and

5 on. You said nothing to him. Now, that's

6 not right.

7 Mrs. Gatelli, if you care so much

8 about the people all of a sudden, would you

9 consider having the five minutes brought

10 back to the speaking?

11 MS. GATELLI: Yes, I would consider

12 that.

13 MS. FRANUS: Would you make a motion

14 to have this next week then possibly?

15 MS. GATELLI: Possibly.

16 MS. FRANUS: But possibly -- you say

17 absolutely? Could you promise me this? Not

18 possibly. Would you say that you will bring

19 a motion -- let's put it this, I'm not going

20 to guess. Would you bring a motion next

21 week to bring the five minutes back?

22 MR. MINORA: Three minutes.

23 MS. GATELLI: If it's at the end of

24 the meeting, yes.

25 MS. FRANUS: What do you mean at the


1 end of the meeting?

2 MS. GATELLI: If the five minutes is

3 at the end of the business part --

4 MR. MINORA: Three minutes.

5 MS. FRANUS: Like now. Okay. I'll

6 hold you to that. Should I now should ask

7 your permission to speak a little bit longer

8 or should I just stand here and see if you

9 call the next person while I'm still here?

10 MS. GATELLI: You can do whatever

11 you'd like, Mrs. Franus. You want an extra

12 minute, you can have it. I didn't know Mr.

13 Hubbard went over, and then --

14 MS. FRANUS: No. We're not talking

15 about Mr. Hubbard. I understand that --

16 MS. GATELLI: Mrs. Evans engaged him

17 and he did speak --

18 MS. FRANUS: I know that you didn't

19 know, But Bob Bolus spoke well over.

20 MS. GATELLI: I told Mr. Bolus twice

21 that his time was up.

22 MS. FRANUS: Thank you.

23 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else?

24 MR. TORRES: Hello. My name is

25 William Torres, West Side resident,


1 registered voter. It's been a while since

2 I've been here, but I just want to update

3 everyone, City Council, and everyone in

4 Scranton on what the Latin Cultural

5 Diversity Center has been doing with the

6 youth programs, celebrations and

7 fundraisers.

8 Where should I start? Youth

9 programs, that's what we hold dearly to our

10 heart. You know, we have -- the youth

11 program is growing. We started out with

12 four kids. We have 25 to 35 kids already in

13 the youth program. We teach these kids

14 theater arts and dancing.

15 And we don't have our own facility

16 by now, but somewhere in the future we hope

17 to have. Right now we're working out of

18 different places.

19 Uno Fitness, they were more than

20 happy to give us space. I want to thank

21 them. I want to thank the United

22 Neighborhood Centers, Mr. Handley, Miss

23 Drobach, Jim, Natalie, the whole staff

24 there. They opened their doors so we can

25 come in there and teach these kids the


1 theater arts that we've been trying to

2 provide them.

3 Dave Ragnacci, he opened his studio,

4 and we're so thankful for these people that

5 opened these doors for us.

6 And, you know, we hope to grow. We

7 keep growing and growing. This is for the

8 youth and our future here in Scranton.

9 And the celebration we have. We

10 have a celebration coming this Saturday, and

11 that's one of the things that we do so we

12 can create funds for these programs so we

13 can provide these programs free for the

14 kids.

15 And we have Cinco De Mayo this

16 Saturday. I wanted to leave some fliers

17 here with you guys, if I can.

18 But this is one of the ways we try

19 to raise funds to keep these programs open

20 for these kids so we can have somewhere to

21 come and not, you know -- we'd like them to

22 stay out of the street and get other

23 negative things that the street brings to

24 them.

25 And, of course, we wish we can do


1 more, and we will be doing more, but I want

2 to please invite City Council and everyone

3 here in Scranton and all the communities to

4 come down May 5. We will have food, music,

5 entertainment for the kids, for the adults.

6 It's going to be a great day. It's going to

7 be a great day. We're going to have a whole

8 lot of things for people to do, Cinco De

9 Mayo.

10 And, again, all the money we raise

11 here is going to the kids, to our youth

12 program that we're so proud of, and we're

13 going to continue to make this grow.

14 Because, again, once again, I can't

15 say this enough, the kids are our future.

16 If we put them on the right path and keep

17 them there --

18 MR. MINORA: Time.

19 MR. TORRES: My God, my time

20 already? You're the man. Thank you.

21 MS. GATELLI: Thank you very much.

22 MS. HUBBARD: I must have signed

23 the wrong list.

24 MS. GATELLI: You signed the wrong

25 list. That's okay.


1 MS. HUBBARD: Sorry about that. I

2 just have --

3 MS. GATELLI: Elizabeth Hubbard,

4 Scranton resident. A question about what

5 happened to the security?

6 MS. GATELLI: It's a long story.

7 MS. HUBBARD: I'd be interested to

8 hear. Maybe you can tell me after the

9 meeting.

10 MS. GATELLI: I'll tell you after

11 the meeting.

12 MS. HUBBARD: And the handicapped

13 accessibility, that's the back door, that

14 was locked tonight. If somebody me here

15 like Mary Ann Wardell who walks with two

16 canes, she would not have been able to get

17 in.

18 So, if you're going to have the door

19 open, the front door, you should make sure

20 that back door is open, also, because it

21 always was before.

22 MS. GATELLI: Well, as Mr. Minora

23 said, we are not in charge of the building,

24 the mayor is.

25 MS. HUBBARD: What happened to the


1 separate but equal branches of government?


3 MS. HUBBARD: Isn't that The

4 Constitution?


6 MS. HUBBARD: I mean, Bush can't go

7 into Congress and tell them what they can do

8 in The House chamber, so how come he can

9 come in here and tell you guys what to do?

10 MS. GATELLI: I don't know. You'll

11 have to ge that from Mr. Minora, because

12 that's what he says. We're not in charge of

13 the locks of the doors.

14 MS. HUBBARD: Well then, you know,

15 you should look for the city to buy City

16 Council a building that you are in charge of

17 and not the mayor, because you guys are

18 separate from him. You're not part of the

19 administration.

20 Anyway, if I have time for a quick,

21 where Albright Avenue and Nay Aug come

22 together by the Albright Avenue bridge,

23 there was a big pile of modified, and I'm

24 not sure where it came from, but it happened

25 when they were working on the levy project


1 over in The Plot. So, I'm thinking maybe it

2 was the contractors storing excess modified.

3 All of a sudden in the last day or

4 two, there are piles of cement slabs, pipes,

5 dirt, rock, all piled on that lot. It looks

6 disgusting, and it looks like somebody bet

7 up the street, because one of the slabs of

8 cement has manhole in it, you know, the

9 manhole. And it looks disgusting down

10 there.

11 And I think we have to wait for this

12 flood project, I don't see why we have to

13 live in a third world slum while we're

14 waiting for it. I mean, they're not even

15 working on it, but yet we're dealing with

16 all this trash being dumped there.

17 So, maybe the DPW or whoever could

18 take a look and see, maybe find out where

19 that stuff is.

20 MS. EVANS: Yeah. I think we need

21 to know why that area is being made a

22 depository.

23 MS. HUBBARD: Right. And they cut

24 trees down and they just left all the big

25 logs there. I saw people taking smaller


1 limbs and stuff for fire wood.

2 But, I mean, there's -- some of

3 those trees that they cut had to be 50 years

4 old or more, and they just left whole

5 sections of the trunk laying there.

6 MR. MINORA: Time.

7 MS. HUBBARD: So, I mean, I think

8 the city needs to look into it.

9 MS. EVANS: Yes.

10 MS. HUBBARD: Well, that's all.

11 Thank you.

12 MR. DAVIS: Assalaam Alaikum, peace

13 and blessings of Allah be with you. I've

14 watched you on television, I've tried to

15 keep up with what you're saying, what you've

16 done.

17 And the thing that got me up out of

18 my chair today was Mrs. Saboda talked about

19 the Bethel AME Church.

20 I would like very much, Mrs.

21 Fanucci, since you work so well with OECD,

22 could you get me a report on just what has

23 been done with that grant and what its

24 failures are, what is needed? I'll take it

25 to a professional grants person and we'll


1 see what we can do about that. That's

2 number one.

3 Number two, Mr. Courtright, you did

4 such a great job up in West Side and all the

5 parks and everything, would you please get

6 the lines painted on Washington Avenue,

7 please, sir?

8 MR. COURTRIGHT: Mr. Davis, I asked

9 for lines to be painted all over this city.

10 I got no clout.

11 MR. DAVIS: Where do you --

12 MR. COURTRIGHT: They need to be

13 painted right outside of here.

14 MR. DAVIS: I know. That's what I'm

15 saying.

16 MS. EVANS: Well, even in front of

17 those beautiful -- I mean, it's a beautiful

18 area in the city now, The Radisson, The

19 Hilton, this new garage, those lines in the

20 street are worn away.

21 MR. DAVIS: The thing is, why can't

22 --

23 MR. COURTRIGHT: They need two more

24 people there, or at least one more person in

25 that department. They don't have enough


1 manpower. For some reason they don't have

2 any manpower. I think that's the problem.

3 MR. DAVIS: But they spent billions

4 of dollars?

5 MR. COURTRIGHT: I understand, and I

6 agree with you. I don't know --

7 MR. DAVIS: And they can't hire two

8 kids out of high school or two kids out of

9 college or something to work with them and

10 get the job done?

11 And it's so -- I mean, it's really

12 -- it gets dangerous out here for the senior

13 citizens, it really does, because that light

14 can flash yellow or it can flash white and

15 they can walk, but the people that come

16 around that corner, they don't know to stop

17 if there's no lines there. You know that.

18 MR. COURTRIGHT: I don't dispute

19 anything you're saying, and I've tried many

20 times, and I haven't been successful. I

21 truly believe they need more people.

22 MR. DAVIS: Okay. Go back to them

23 again, please.

24 MR. COURTRIGHT: I absolutely will.

25 MR. DAVIS: Thank you very much.


1 MR. COURTRIGHT: You're welcome.

2 MR. DAVIS: Now, Miss Evans, you did

3 such a great thing with Mr. Brazil --

4 MS. EVANS: Pardon?

5 MR. DAVIS: I thought I heard you on

6 television, I was watching on television,

7 you had -- they had worked some sort of a

8 system out where they were doing Connell

9 Park, they were redoing the ground up there

10 or something like that.

11 Would you please, I asked this of

12 you four years ago, three years ago, to talk

13 to the school board and find out how you can

14 work together with them with your department

15 of recreation and redo that field over at

16 Scranton High.

17 MR. MINORA: Time.

18 MS. EVANS: Yes.

19 MR. DAVIS: Would you please?

20 MS. EVANS: Yes.

21 MR. DAVIS: I really appreciate

22 that. We need --

23 MS. EVANS: I can't guarantee

24 success, but I will certainly address it

25 with him.


1 MR. DAVIS: Just please come back

2 and tell me what they said this time, that's

3 all. I know last time you tried it and I

4 never heard anything more about it. Please

5 let me have the response that they give you.

6 Let me take it from there.

7 MS. EVANS: Okay.

8 MR. DAVIS: Please.

9 MS. EVANS: Yes.

10 MR. DAVIS: Because it's unfair.

11 You're really treating our kids in our

12 community badly.

13 MS. EVANS: Now, are you talking

14 about the --

15 MR. DAVIS: Central City, old Tech

16 High School.

17 MS. EVANS: Right, right, Northeast

18 Intermediate. Are you talking about the

19 tennis courts, the basketball courts?

20 MR. DAVIS: No, the field.

21 MS. EVANS: The field that's there.

22 MR. DAVIS: Yeah, it's horrible.

23 It's rutted. It's, you know, they had done

24 nothing to upkeep it. I don't know why.

25 MS. EVANS: Okay.


1 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

2 MR. DAVIS: We've been putting up

3 with that for four years and nobody will

4 come over and do anything about it. But you

5 let me know, please.

6 MS. EVANS: Yes, I will.

7 MR. DAVIS: Because something can be

8 done. I'm quite sure. There's a Department

9 of Recreation in the state that will come in

10 here and close it down if they don't take

11 care of it properly.

12 MR. GONZALES: Ladies and gentlemen,

13 how have you been? My name is Pedro

14 Gonzales, South Side resident and registered

15 voter. Hello, Lisa.


17 MR. GONZALES: I want to add to what

18 Mr. William Torres was speaking about, the

19 Cinco De Mayo celebration. The location, it

20 is Scranton High School. It's going to be

21 in the parking lot of Scranton High School

22 this Saturday.

23 The event is going to run from 1

24 p.m. to 7 p.m. We have tons of

25 entertainment, a lot of entertainment from


1 our own youth, our kids from this very city,

2 from Scranton High School, from Scranton

3 University, our own Latin Culture Diversity

4 Center South Side dancers.

5 These kids are terrific. They're

6 fabulous. We have so many sponsors and

7 volunteers, again, from The University. We

8 have sponsors from the microeducational

9 program, we have sponsors from the juvenile

10 probation program.

11 These are programs that we've

12 started with juvenile probation to help

13 these kids develop in some shape or form.

14 We invite you all to come down

15 there. Please come enjoy, eat, dance, you

16 know how the Latin people do, and the food

17 we present and show to the community.

18 I want to thank guys, and I want to

19 wish you all luck. I know this is an

20 election year, and as usual we always try to

21 stay away from all of that. We like to stay

22 neutral.

23 We know all of you, we know all the

24 other candidates, so God bless you all and

25 good luck to you all. My name is Pedro


1 Gonzales, and thank you for letting me

2 express myself. God bless.

3 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

4 MR. STIVALA: Hello. I'm Mark

5 Stivala. I just want to address some things

6 that I didn't get to address before.

7 When I asked you if you did an

8 investigation on my allegations last week,

9 you said yeah, you called Sherry's attorney.

10 I'm sure you called my attorney,

11 too, so that they could say the other half

12 of the story, or did you just leave that

13 unattended?

14 And then I also wanted to address

15 how Carl Greco is doing the redevelopment

16 and the condemnation on Lackawanna Avenue

17 and also lending money out to the same

18 corporation and Alexander's.

19 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: The first part

20 of your question, the only concern I had was

21 did you have any rights to the business or

22 to the property. And once that was

23 answered, I had not to go any further. So,

24 that was --

25 MR. STIVALA: But --


1 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Did you want me

2 to answer.

3 MR. STIVALA: Yeah.

4 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Okay. So, all

5 I wanted to know was was that settled, and

6 it was. I did not get into the specifics of

7 your divorce or of what was going on, nor

8 did I get stories or non-stories. I only

9 was asking what pertained to this

10 legislation.

11 MR. STIVALA: And you had only asked

12 one side, right?

13 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Well, there was

14 only -- it was a yes or no question.

15 MR. STIVALA: You didn't check the

16 records yourself. You didn't check the

17 records or anything like I told you at the

18 courthouse, right? You just called her

19 attorney, took his word for it and that's

20 it, right?

21 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Well, he's an

22 attorney.

23 MR. STIVALA: I could get attorneys

24 to come in and say the opposite thing.

25 That's why we have the lawyers.


1 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Listen, you now

2 have to go and do what you have to do. This

3 has nothing to do with -- I'm not going to

4 sit here be grilled about this.

5 This legislation has been passed.

6 It is now -- you know, you had no rights to

7 the business from --

8 MR. STIVALA: I'm just asking you a

9 question. I just asked you a simple

10 question, you only asked one side, one

11 attorney, right?


13 have no rights to the business, that was the

14 answer.

15 MR. STIVALA: From her attorney.


17 MR. STIVALA: Because that has never

18 been decided in court.


20 your tax records in the past, the past one,

21 two, three, four tax claims, yes. That was

22 what OECD has provided.

23 MR. STIVALA: Okay. What about Carl

24 Greco doing both?

25 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: That's his job.


1 He's employed by both.

2 MR. STIVALA: Okay. So, he

3 condemned the one and the same company and

4 also lent money to the same company?

5 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Well, he's

6 employed by both, yes.

7 MR. STIVALA: Okay. Thank you.

8 MR. MORGAN: Good evening. The

9 first thing I'd like to do is remind people

10 of Riverfest on May 12, and it's going to be

11 by The Ice box.

12 I'd also like to say that, you know,

13 Mr. Hubbard got up and spoke about Daron and

14 a couple other issues, and that did come

15 through Council a long time ago, as a matter

16 of fact, the previous Council, and there has

17 been a lot of problems with them, and I

18 really think that that needs to really be

19 settled once and for all.

20 And I do know that Mr. Fiorini came

21 here and he spoke about it and talked about

22 what he was going to do, they were going to

23 cover the piles, they were going to control

24 the dust, and I just don't seem to think

25 it's happening.


1 And Mr. Laske, I was really glad to

2 see him today, and I really think that all

3 five Council members should do something

4 about the things he brought up about those

5 trees and make sure it gets done.

6 The other thing I have here is

7 Junior Council, you know, Junior Council

8 seems to be in a pathetic way at this point,

9 and I'd like to say that, you know, I don't

10 think that Junior Council has lived up to

11 all its expectations, because I really think

12 that every one of the Council members should

13 have took one of those Junior Councilmen

14 under their wing and educated them to the

15 way the city functioned.

16 And I really think it's time to have

17 an election and refill these seats and then

18 get Council members to take one or two of

19 them under your wing and teach them about

20 this city and give them some real

21 responsibilities.

22 And, I mean, it's going to give us

23 dividends later on in the future, and I hope

24 you'd really consider that.

25 And the last thing I have is,


1 everybody here is talking about economic

2 development, well, they seem to be, but

3 there is no real economic development.

4 If you go through the neighborhoods

5 and just take a look at all the double units

6 that are on the market for sale, you'll see

7 that the tax rates, the sewer fees, are just

8 eating it up.

9 You can't get enough money out of a

10 double in this city to justify owning one,

11 which tells you that the tax base has eroded

12 to the point where people can't invest on

13 that level.

14 And, I mean, then you got people

15 that go out there try to, I don't know, I

16 really don't know what you're trying to do,

17 because, you know what, if you really want

18 to spur economic development, you have to do

19 something.

20 And, I mean, you suck a lot of

21 people in here from New York and New Jersey,

22 they stay here for a year or two, they lose

23 their shirt, and then they drag themselves

24 out of here and they can't believe how beat

25 up they got, because they're coming from a


1 place where home values have five times the

2 value the city has, and they think they're

3 going to get decent rents.

4 The average rent in this country is

5 $936 a month. You don't even have a wage

6 base that can sustain anything near that.

7 And now you got the Scranton Sewer

8 Authority talking about big projects they're

9 going to do. Everybody is borrowing a ton

10 of money, everybody is speaking out of both

11 sides of their mouth --

12 MR. MINORA: Time.

13 MR. MORGAN: -- talking about

14 economic development, and there is none.

15 So, how about some answers?

16 MR. COURTRIGHT: Thank you. Anyone

17 else? Chrissy.

18 MR. SLEDZINSKI: Bill, Richard

19 Clifford got hit in the head with a

20 baseball. He was in the hospital. It's

21 very, very serious.

22 MR. COURTRIGHT: Is he okay?

23 MR. SLEDZINSKI: Well, I heard from

24 his father, I spoke to him today, but the

25 reason why, I'll tell you right now, that


1 kid is the best human being in the world.

2 One thing, good luck with the

3 election, Bill. Win, will you for me, Bill?

4 Let's get it back to Scranton where it

5 belongs, buddy.

6 MR. COURTRIGHT: Thanks, Chris.

7 MR. ANCHERANI: Good evening.

8 Nelson Ancherani, resident, taxpayer, city

9 employee, financial secretary of the FOP

10 exercising my First Amendment rights.

11 I'm going to talk about some issues.

12 We want to forget them, and I know I will

13 never cover them in the three minutes, so

14 I'm going to echo Ms. Franus' question, and

15 I'm going to ask if Council would introduce

16 the five-minute limit again for eighth

17 order.

18 An issue I will never forget, these

19 following issues, and neither will most city

20 taxpayers. A 25 percent tax increase this

21 year, and more coming; a record $77 and a

22 half million budget, $14 and a half million

23 TANS, and I still don't have an answer why

24 they were included in the budget.

25 The $10 million loan. We know they


1 were voted for by Mr. McGoff, Ms. Fanucci

2 and Ms. Gatelli.

3 Another issue, the arbitration

4 losses, one being to American Anglican to

5 the tune of $5.5 million creating a 56 and a

6 half rate increase and the other loses to

7 the city unions. And they're all results of

8 no-bid contracts, not by us, by the mayor.

9 Issue Nay Aug, the tree house is

10 almost finished, from what I understand, the

11 bridge over the gorge, that's nice also.

12 Where does it lead to?

13 Hundreds of thousand of dollars for

14 those two items, but to get to those two

15 attractions, visitors have to pass the $1.2

16 million green fish pond.

17 We took 10 plus acres of prime land

18 of South Side Complex and we got a green

19 fish pond.

20 The $250,000 undersized bath house,

21 the zoo with no water for the winter that

22 happened -- that managed to dump raw sewage

23 onto the Davis Trail, millions spent on

24 landscaping.

25 Another question, was the raw sewage


1 problem created on the Davis Trail? Where

2 is the fence around the rose garden and the

3 greenhouse repairs?

4 Free swimming, we're coming up on

5 the swim season. The fees haven't been

6 brought up by Council yet. The kids should

7 swim for free. Adults can pay, but the kids

8 should swim for free. Millions were spent

9 at Nay Aug. Let's spend a little on the

10 kids. We also pay for the electricity for

11 the Christmas lights.

12 We gave free demolition costs to the

13 properties on Bryn Mawr Street and the

14 former Holiday Manor.

15 Another issue is the $300 million

16 long-term debt by the city coupled with a

17 $200 million debt by the county.

18 The soldiers, there's a moment at

19 the beginning of the meetings that --

20 MR. MINORA: Time.

21 MR. ANCHERANI: -- we do for the

22 soldiers. Nothing has been done for them --

23 for them returning soldiers to make them

24 whole. Wouldn't it be nice if we can do

25 something for them before Veteran's Day?


1 Thanks. Anyone else?

2 MS. EVANS: Yes. Thanks to James

3 Piazza, would I think is going to be my new

4 CA, council assistant, I have the telephone

5 number of Senator Mellow. Please call his

6 office concerning the location of the

7 medical school within the City of Scranton.

8 The number is 346-5721, 346-5721.

9 Please don't let up. If you've

10 called before, call again. Let's keep the

11 pressure on until we receive a positive

12 response. Thank you.

13 MS. GATELLI: Motion to adjourn?

14 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.













1 C E R T I F I C A T E


3 I hereby certify that the proceedings and

4 evidence are contained fully and accurately in the

5 notes taken by me on the hearing of the above cause and

6 that this copy is a correct transcript of the same

7 to the best of my ability.



11 Official Court Reporter