5 Held:

6 Thursday, June 8, 2006



9 Time:

10 6:30 p.m.



13 Location:

14 Council Chambers

15 Scranton City Hall

16 340 North Washington Avenue

17 Scranton, Pennsylvania






23 Lisa M. Graff, RMR

24 Court Reporter





























1 MS. GATELLI: Okay. Please stand for

2 the Pledge Of Allegiance. Please remain standing for a

3 moment of reflection for our servicemen and women who

4 are fighting for our freedom. Thank you. Roll call.

5 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans.

6 Mrs. Fanucci.

7 MS. FANUCCI: Here.

8 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McTiernan.

9 Mr. Courtright.


11 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli.

12 MS. GATELLI: Here. Dispense with the

13 reading of the minutes.

14 MS. GARVEY: Third order, there's no

15 business at this time, and I have nothing for clerk's

16 notes.

17 MS. GATELLI: I just have a few items.

18 Tomorrow night at The Cultural Center from 5:30 to

19 eight, there will be Cocktails in the City. It's $15,

20 and it benefits The Cultural Center.

21 Also, tomorrow evening at St. Mary's

22 Church in South Scranton at the corner of Pittston

23 Avenue and Hickory Street is their annual summer picnic

24 Friday night from six to 11:30 and Saturday from five

25 to 11:30.


1 I met this week up at Connell Park with

2 Tom McLane. Tom is the architect for the Connell Park

3 revitalization project.

4 I have the plans here, if anyone would

5 care to see them. And I told Tom to leave space for

6 the skate park. I know you haven't chosen a site yet,

7 but Connell Park is available, and there is space there

8 for the skate park.

9 So, if you, Junior Council, are

10 interested in putting it there, there is -- space will

11 be available. And I have Tom McLane's card for you. I

12 will give it to you after the meeting, because he wants

13 you to contact him about the skate park.

14 Some road work was done on the 100 of

15 Bromley, the 700 of Boland Court, 400 and 500 of Burke

16 Street in Minooka.

17 The fire damaged property at 614 River

18 Street will be demolished within the next two weeks.

19 The lot on Ripple Street was cleaned up. The basin on

20 Hemlock and Prospect was repaired. The light at Corey

21 and Oak was fixed.

22 I was concerned about a property at

23 2723 Cedar Avenue. I haven't been able to get an

24 answer on that, so I'd like to have a letter written to

25 the SRA so we can know the status of that particular


1 property. I have tried, but I haven't been able to get

2 the status on that.

3 Also, there's an empty house at 440

4 Birch Street. It's been empty for six years. The

5 eaves are missing, and the pigeons have found a home

6 there. So, we need a letter on that.

7 Next week the meeting will be at noon,

8 just a reminder to everyone. And that's all I have.

9 Do I have a sign-in sheet? Doug Miller.

10 MR. MILLER: Good evening, Council.

11 Doug Miller. It's sad to see Mr. Scopelliti leave his

12 position, but I'm sure Mr. Brazil will be just as

13 cooperative and receptive to the needs presented by the

14 Junior Council and the residents of this city.

15 I would like to set up a meeting with

16 Mr. Brazil to share with him the dates this Council --

17 the Junior Council have selected for cleanups at

18 various parks throughout the city. I will announce

19 those dates rights now.

20 We will start at the Dorothy Street

21 playground on Saturday, July 8 at nine o'clock in the

22 morning. Then on Saturday, August 5 at 9:00 a.m. we

23 will clean the Minooka playground.

24 Saturday August 12 at 9:00 a.m., we

25 will clean the Robinson Park playground, and on Sunday,


1 August 27 at 9:00 a.m. we will clean the Duffy Park.

2 So, we would like to schedule a meeting

3 with Mr. Brazil and share those dates with him and see

4 if we can get some help from, you know, parks and

5 recreation with that cleanup.

6 This summer the Junior Council is

7 planning to visit senior citizens at nursing homes

8 throughout the city, as well as visiting the Veterans

9 Center to visit the Veterans, who seem to be forgotten,

10 and because of them, we are here speaking tonight. So,

11 we are looking forward to these visits.

12 I am glad to hear this August the city

13 will be getting 15 surveillance cameras that are

14 expected to be put in areas with heavy traffic and high

15 pedestrian areas. I feel this is best, because these

16 are areas where a lot of crime could occur.

17 Although I would like to see some put

18 in the Hill Section near the University of Scranton and

19 Marywood University, I think these schools can pay for

20 their cameras and they can line in with the city

21 system. So, I think it's something they should look

22 into.

23 I received a phone call from a resident

24 on East Mountain who informed me that the potholes on

25 Blucher Avenue were patched, and I would like to thank


1 DPW for taking actions.

2 Lastly tonight on behalf of the Junior

3 City Council, I would like to wish all graduates the

4 best of luck. There are three members of the Junior

5 Council who are graduating this evening. They are

6 Matthew Butler, John Gilbride and Kevin Jones.

7 I would like to thank them for their

8 commitment and hard work and I wish them the best of

9 luck in the future. Thank you.

10 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

11 Andy Sbaraglia.

12 MR. SBARAGLIA: Andy Sbaraglia, citizen

13 of Scranton. Fellow Scrantonians, there was an article

14 in the paper tonight about the Scranton Parking

15 Authority being in arrears and some of the money they

16 owe to the city.

17 As you know, I mentioned this many,

18 many times. Scranton Parking Authority invested a lot

19 of money in garages throughout the city. Within, I

20 think, the last two years almost $40 million was put

21 into their coffers. They borrowed for two garages.

22 Well, one from the SRA. I mean, yeah, the SRA for one.

23 They borrowed for the other, and then the

24 redevelopment, they did borrow the $6 million that they

25 want to do some work, and then they got that $4 million


1 grant, which is a lot of money put into parking

2 garages.

3 The question is, as you know, the one

4 at the Casey site is drawing something like $18,000 a

5 month, and they have to come up with $700,000 at the

6 end of the year to pay off the bond. That's not going

7 to make it.

8 There was some talk of using our

9 parking revenue. There was four sources the man said

10 may be used to pay off these bonds, but all of them are

11 coming out of the public pocket.

12 Money that could have been poured into

13 the treasury is now being taken -- sucked out and put

14 into these parking garages.

15 And the question is, they're not going

16 to pay for themselves. No matter what they do, they're

17 not going to pay for them.

18 Even the 500 project on Lackawanna

19 Avenue isn't going to put enough people into them

20 buildings to generate the income to pay off the bonds.

21 Plus the fact is, you got deterioration and so forth

22 and so on going with these garages. I don't know.

23 I just wonder how financially stable is

24 the Parking Authority of Scranton, where they cannot

25 pay even their minimal bills to the city and to the


1 school board.

2 That shows there may be a problem there

3 and it may be a big one. Like I say, I don't know

4 exactly where they're going to draw the money. Even

5 that $4 million they got in that grant, if they use it

6 improperly, we're on the hook for it. That could come

7 back to haunt us.

8 Another subject. As you know, you gave

9 the kids swimming for free throughout the city, which I

10 applaud you for it. We should have done that years and

11 years ago.

12 But I think we can go a step further.

13 We can lease Nay Aug from the Scranton Development

14 Company up there, the Recreational Authority. I see no

15 reason why we can't lease the pool.

16 I don't think the mayor is really

17 interested in the pool, as much as he is contracts that

18 could be given out for bridges and grounds and so forth

19 and so on.

20 So, you may be -- and I don't think the

21 parking -- I mean the Recreational Authority makes that

22 much money off the pool where they may want to hold

23 onto it.

24 And as you know, the section that Nay

25 Aug is there is the whole Hill Section. That's their


1 pool. We gave it to everyone else because we could do

2 it, but no one looked into the possibility of actually

3 lease that pool back.

4 As you know, this mayor has done it

5 many times with our DPW site. We leased that and so

6 forth and so on. And there's no reason why we can't

7 look at it.

8 If you can't do nothing else, you can

9 look into the possibility of leasing the pool at Nay

10 Aug for a nominal fee, maybe for a dollar for 198

11 years, because I think he likes that number.

12 So, I think we should really look into

13 it. And that's what I have to say. I wish you luck on

14 it. Thank you.

15 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Ray Lyman.

16 MR. LYMAN: Raymond Lyman. I want to

17 congratulate Bob Bolus, what he did last week. I

18 thought that was good.

19 I did something that the Wilkes-Barre

20 City Council and Luzerne County Commissioners are going

21 to give me a proclamation.

22 Last Monday at 5:45, I was down there

23 with my friend, because we were getting a printer and a

24 scanner for the computer, and a security guard was

25 trying to restrain a criminal.


1 He was belligerent drunk. I will say

2 the word, he was intoxicated. And he was fighting with

3 him and he couldn't restrain him. He was calling out

4 for help.

5 And I came behind him and I pushed him

6 down to hold him down, and the security guard put the

7 handcuffs on him and they called me a hero.

8 And the mall -- at the Wyoming Valley

9 Mall, they're going to give me some kind of a plaque or

10 something tomorrow. And they -- and they called my

11 house and they said that the -- the Wilkes-Barre

12 Council called my house and they said they're going to

13 give me a proclamation, and then the County

14 Commissioner Skrepenak, I hope I'm saying his name

15 right, his secretary called and they said they're going

16 to give me an award in July, the first available time

17 they could give it to me.

18 And my friend told me you should ask

19 the City Council. I said, I don't know if the City

20 Council would give me one, because it didn't happen in

21 Scranton, because I don't think they would give me a

22 proclamation, because this happened down there.

23 I don't think that they would give me

24 one up here, because it's -- was down in Luzerne

25 County. I mean, if it happened up here, it would be


1 Scranton.

2 So, my friend asked me to, like -- I

3 don't think -- it would be impossible to do that.

4 Maybe, like, Mr. Bolus could get one, but not me up

5 here.

6 Now, I want to find out about, like,

7 you had the cable advisory guy in today, in the

8 meeting. Did you find out anything about the rate --

9 about the senior citizen and the disability for the

10 people who are on disability?

11 MS. GATELLI: No. There is no senior

12 citizen rate.

13 MR. LYMAN: I told you that the cable

14 would do it if you called them -- if you pass a

15 legislation on it. That's what they told me when I

16 went down there and paid on the bill for the neighbor.

17 MS. GATELLI: We can write a letter,

18 but I don't think that they would do that.

19 MR. LYMAN: Well, that's what they said

20 when I went down there.

21 MS. GATELLI: We will write a letter

22 and ask.

23 MR. LYMAN: Okay. Now, about the light

24 on the 300 block of Phelps Street? You guys approved

25 it. I was wondering because the people are asking


1 about when it's going to be installed.

2 MS. GATELLI: Kay, do you have any idea

3 on that?

4 MS. GARVEY: You'd have to check that

5 with DPW.

6 MR. LYMAN: Well, calling the DPW would

7 be hard, because that's all you get is answering

8 machines.

9 MS. GARVEY: We just receive the

10 petitions and pass it to them, and then it's up to them

11 to make that determination.

12 MR. LYMAN: Can you send a letter to

13 George Parker? I mean --

14 MS. GARVEY: You'd have to talk to

15 Mrs. Gatelli.

16 MR. LYMAN: Judy, can you get a hold of

17 George Parker?

18 MS. GARVEY: Sure. We'll send a

19 letter.

20 MR. LYMAN: Okay.

21 MS. GATELLI: It's on the 300 of

22 Phelps?

23 MR. LYMAN: Yeah. And now I have one

24 more question, Judy. Is Capouse Avenue on the paving

25 list?


1 MS. GATELLI: I'm not sure. I don't

2 remember.

3 MR. LYMAN: Can you find out?

4 MS. GATELLI: We have a copy of it in

5 the office. We'll show it to you after the meeting.

6 MR. LYMAN: Okay. And I wanted to also

7 want to know if you could, you know, give Bob Bolus a

8 proclamation. I think the guy deserves it. He's a guy

9 --

10 MS. GATELLI: I don't know about that.

11 I think he was in Dunmore.

12 MR. LYMAN: Well, Dunmore's part of

13 Scranton. Mayor Doherty says, Scranton and Dunmore are

14 partners now, wants the tax money from them now.

15 MS. GATELLI: Thanks, Mr. Lyman.

16 Julie Jones. Could everyone please turn their cell

17 phones off? Thank you.

18 MS. JONES: Good evening, Council.

19 Julie Jones, resident. I came to last week's meeting

20 to listen, not to speak, but this week I feel I have

21 to. I do have a couple things.

22 Do you know who's doing the work on the

23 banks behind the South Side Bowl all around by the

24 tracks and by the river?

25 MS. GATELLI: Cutting those trees? No,


1 I'm not sure.

2 MS. JONES: Well, whoever's doing it,

3 they're doing a heck of a job. It looks beautiful. I

4 mean, they're taking it all the way down past Mr. Z's,

5 and it looks great.

6 Palm Street and South Webster needs to

7 be cut. It's an overgrown lot. And is there anything

8 we can do, I know this is a Scranton/Moosic problem

9 with paving Corey Street. When you turn off of Cedar

10 Avenue onto Corey, it's a disaster. I know part of the

11 -- one side is the city and one side is Moosic.

12 MS. GATELLI: Yeah, it's half and half.

13 MS. JONES: And I would be interested

14 in looking at the Connell Park plans. Okay. Part of

15 this is from me, and part of this is from somebody that

16 cannot attend the meetings.

17 In my eyes, last week's meeting got out

18 of hand. When we speak at the meetings, we are asked

19 to stick to city business, and I think most of us have

20 tried to do that.

21 We are asked not to fight with Council

22 members, but yet lately there has been fighting between

23 the Council members themselves.

24 Is this the kind of influence you would

25 like the Junior Council to have? I do not believe it


1 is. Is it good for the people here or at home watching

2 it on TV to see this? I don't think so.

3 Instead of people at the podium

4 behaving, I think Council should practice what they

5 preach and also only stick to city business, because

6 last week's fiasco was not city business.

7 Last week we heard a lot about

8 promises. Well, that is funny, because the public is

9 giving promises, also, and they never come true.

10 I've been told in the past that I have

11 been negative. Well, all I hear at these meetings is

12 we can't. Well, if that is not negative, then I do not

13 know what is.

14 I would like to ask, and there's only

15 three of you this evening, I would like to ask all five

16 Council members, What can we do?

17 Maybe it is time to keep saying, What

18 can we do, instead of what we can't, we can't, we

19 can't.

20 I would like all of you to think very

21 hard over the next week, and possibly each one of you

22 come to next week's meeting with one idea we can do to

23 improve the City of Scranton.

24 If that seems like a challenge, well,

25 guess what? It is. We need to start hearing things we


1 can do.

2 So, it would be great next week to have

3 five knew ideas of what we can do to improve the City

4 of Scranton.

5 Also here is something from the past

6 that I brought up to the Council members last summer.

7 I think when we need to bring back something old, and

8 now that the meetings are in the afternoon, I think it

9 would be great for the people who attend these

10 meetings, and also Council members themselves, that we

11 bring back having our parking garage ticket stamped for

12 free parking while we are attending the meetings.

13 You might not think a dollar or two for

14 parking is a lot, but to some city residents it is.

15 And I do not see their being a problem with this. That

16 is a perfect example of what we can do as stated

17 earlier.

18 So many citizens have come to this

19 podium with great ideas to improve the city or to save

20 the city taxpayers money, and it seems like it goes in

21 one ear and out the other.

22 When a citizen asks something or has an

23 idea, be respectful to the citizen by responding to it

24 in fifth order, or think about it and truly think about

25 it and respond to it the following week.


1 Do not make the citizen feel like we

2 are useless. Give us a response and make the people

3 feel that they're helping or that you have at least

4 thought about it.

5 I've come to the podium several times

6 with an idea about the wage tax, and I have yet to get

7 a response. I get stopped when I am out by people and

8 they say it is a good idea, and why is Council not even

9 commenting on it?

10 I think it is about time that Council

11 starts getting along with each other and also it is

12 about time that Council gets along with the speakers

13 and considers their ideas. Thank you.

14 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Bob Bolus.

15 MR. BOLUS: Good evening, Council.

16 Bob Bolus, Scranton. I'd like to thank Ray. It was

17 nice, Ray. Thank you.

18 But it's not the reason you do

19 something. The reason you do something, to protect

20 your property. And that's what our situation was. I

21 think we all have to start taking a stand against the

22 people who think because they're on drugs, we need to

23 support their habits. And they found out the other day

24 the tide is turning.

25 You step on our property, you


1 intimidate our people or threaten them or terrorize

2 them, you are going to pay the consequences. And

3 there's no holds bar on it.

4 People said, Oh, what if he had a gun

5 or what if he had this? Well, think about it. How

6 many businesses in the area, they carry guns, too.

7 They carry maybe Rambo knives or a blow gun or maybe a

8 bow and arrow.

9 But the bottom line is, I think the

10 businesses in this community are sick and tired of

11 being ripped off by people who can't support themselves

12 and think we're going to support their habits.

13 You know, more importantly, you know,

14 people say, like, where are the police, where are this,

15 where are that?

16 Yeah, we're going to put cameras in the

17 city, but if you don't catch the individuals, what good

18 are cameras? We need the presence of the police, but

19 more importantly, you need the assistance of the

20 people.

21 Which, if you have 150 cops, and you

22 got 50,000 citizens, you got one heck of a police

23 force. And the people now have to come forward and

24 help the police do their jobs.

25 You see something going on, don't stand


1 back in the corners and say, Jeez, it's somebody else's

2 problem. Get involved. You know, the businesses here

3 aren't just going to worry about, oh, comments were

4 made, go to your insurance company.

5 Why should I have to pay higher

6 premiums because people get arrested, they get a deal

7 cut with the DA's office, they're back out on the

8 street and they're committing it all over again and

9 again and again?

10 If we start cutting the demand for

11 drugs by a stricter prosecution, we're going to cut the

12 supply coming into the area. It's as simple as that.

13 And it's time we all stand up.

14 I didn't really appreciate what

15 happened the other night, but I reacted to the

16 situation. I didn't know if one of our personnel had

17 been injured or anything. I was outside.

18 But if this man got away in a stolen

19 car, he would be out doing it again tomorrow. Well, he

20 didn't. He's not going to intimidate me or anyone else

21 again.

22 And I tell people who said, you know,

23 why did you do this or why do you that? Each and every

24 person has a right to defend themselves. Someone

25 breaks into your home, you have a right to protect your


1 property.

2 This is America. We have that right.

3 We're not in Iraq, where people are blowing us up and

4 all that because of their past culture. But it's

5 coming to that in this country, and we're letting more

6 and more people get away.

7 And we talk about -- we spend millions

8 of dollars, but we need to support the departments.

9 And I would like to thank the Dunmore Police and the

10 Pennsylvania State Police and the staff of Mercy

11 Hospital that attended to me. And Mercy's in Scranton,

12 and they did one heck of a job. And I'm proud to stand

13 here and say thank you.

14 We can't just continue to let this

15 continue to go on. Mr. Doherty wants to cut police, he

16 wants to argue with everybody over this and over that.

17 Had he been in the situation I was in the other day, I

18 think he'd have a different attitude, that we have a

19 right to be protected.

20 We have a right to more police. We

21 have a right to the money being spent for our

22 protections, not worrying about some things in the park

23 or grandiose deals from people coming from out of the

24 area to buy us because we're cheap.

25 If we maintain a business presence in


1 this area and be progressive and we were making money

2 here, people were making tons of money, they wouldn't

3 be here buying us for nothing. So, that tells us

4 something.

5 Now we're getting people from out of

6 the area. And what do we get out of the area?

7 Absentee landlords, we wind up with people going in

8 there and we wind up with more crime, more problems.

9 Yeah, the cameras are okay, but I'd

10 rather see more people patrolling. We need the dirt

11 bike back on East Mountain that we used to have. Those

12 are the presence that make a difference.

13 The camera doesn't do anything. It

14 just tells you, Hey, there's a guy with a mask that ran

15 down the street and just robbed som senior citizens or

16 some kid was raped or whatever, but we don't know who

17 he is.

18 But when we have the presence of the

19 police and the assistance of the people to the police,

20 we'll catch these people. And then we got to force the

21 prosecution to do their jobs.

22 So, there are a lot of things, Ray.

23 And everybody has to react as they seem and how they

24 feel.

25 Up on Washington Avenue just up past


1 the motor club on the right, and I've noticed it for

2 months, in fact, years. It's turning into a junkyard

3 there. It's a compound. There's junk vehicles that

4 have been there for months and months and months, and I

5 think something needs to be done about it.

6 If we're cleaning up Scranton, let's

7 start cleaning it up. We're cleaning up blighted

8 properties, but we don't need a scrap yard on

9 Washington Avenue.

10 You know, we need to start, and I've

11 talked about it and talked about it, but if we want

12 more police, a better fire department and more

13 assistance, we need a determined and aggressive effort

14 on a fee against KOZs and non-profits.

15 They bring jobs, that's right, but so

16 does everybody else bring jobs, but they've got to pay

17 taxes.

18 So, we need to do that. We cannot just

19 keep coming here year after year, day after day,

20 talking about it. We're getting killed with the

21 economy.

22 The stock market is going down. And

23 what's Scranton doing? We're staying in the same

24 place, and we're being taken advantage of on a day to

25 day basis.


1 If people are going to pay attention to

2 us, let them compare and pay to be here, not take it

3 for nothing. So, we need to do that. We have to pass

4 legislation.

5 The mayor's got to get on board and

6 he's got to forget about friendships and good old buddy

7 shop. You've got to make them pay. I don't care if

8 it's the U or whatever it is.

9 Look at the salaries they get compared

10 to what other people get. And when they want more

11 money, they charge a higher tuition.

12 But the kids in this city don't get a

13 free ride. They have to pay to go to the University of

14 Scranton. And we're supporting it.

15 So, those are some of the other issues.

16 And young Doug talked about cameras. Let the

17 University put cameras in their areas up there and tie

18 it into the police system. It's a bigger presence

19 that's not out of our pocket to do something.

20 And to the kids that are leaving, I

21 think they've done a commendable job, and I hope other

22 people come here and follow your lead. Thank you very

23 much.

24 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

25 Bill Jackowitz.


1 MR. JACKOWITZ: Bill Jackowitz, city

2 resident and taxpayer, retired United States Air Force.

3 Also, I'd like to say hi to Mrs. Narsavage. She's not

4 feeling good tonight, so I hope she's feeling much

5 better.

6 Being a retired active duty service and

7 non-commission officer of the United States Air Force,

8 which, by the way, does not have a union, I will

9 publicly state that I am not a union member; on the

10 other hand, I will also publicly state that I am in

11 favor of the police department, fire department,

12 clerical workers, DPW workers and all city workers,

13 whether unionized or non-unionized.

14 All city workers should be treated

15 fairly, not just management. As far as Mrs. Evans'

16 campaign ad in slogan, I respect her honesty by

17 standing behind her words.

18 She did not waiver or make excuses or

19 alibis for what she has continually stated, which is

20 more than I can say about other politicians.

21 Hillary Clinton and others have

22 proclaimed that they're going to vote in favor of

23 amnesty. Should they not be allowed to vote because

24 they are in favor of amnesty? Basic Politics 101.

25 As far as campaign contributions, I


1 believe if you take money and then vote in favor of

2 giving something to the person who gave you the money,

3 I find that to be questionable, and I repeat,

4 questionable.

5 Why? Because you physically accepted

6 money for a possible favor. Again, possible favor

7 later. This is also why I'm against lobbyists.

8 Money has a funny way of changing

9 people's opinions and decisions. Again I say, money

10 and power, two five-letter words that go hand and hand.

11 Definition, Scranton politics, pay to play.

12 In my opinion, Scranton government does

13 not govern democratically. Why? We do not have an

14 open forum of government. Far too many deals and

15 discussions behind closed doors, misleading and

16 incomplete information released to the taxpayer, the

17 mayor will not speak to the citizens, city appointed

18 directors are not held accountable, they just ignore

19 City Council, they ignore their invitations to attend

20 the meetings and they ignore the letters.

21 My belief is that some City Council

22 members are not prepared for the meetings. Example, it

23 appears that City Council voted to give a loan to a

24 company that is under investigation by the federal

25 government.


1 On several occasions Council members

2 have stated publicly that they were not knowledgeable

3 on the legislation but voted anyway.

4 Not always aware of citizens concerns.

5 Also, my belief is that some City Council members do

6 not attention.

7 Example, on two separate occasions I

8 have asked questions. The response, I forgot the

9 question, what is the question again, not paying

10 attention.

11 A quote in Saturday 3 June '06

12 newspaper, I wasn't even aware she had said that she

13 would not run again. I was aware of it. I paid

14 attention.

15 I currently have a list of unanswered

16 questions. I will not bore you by asking them again.

17 I researched and found the answers.

18 A couple weeks ago you spent 28 minutes

19 talking about house numbers on houses. Has that been

20 resolved yet? Do they have to have house numbers? You

21 wasted 28 minutes talking about it.

22 I sent a letter to Council and the

23 mayor on 2 May '06. I started off with City Business

24 is No Joking Manner. I meant that. City business is

25 not a joke.


1 Citizens were asked to remain calm.

2 What about Council members? Why don't we leave our

3 personality conflicts and our hatchets and daggers out

4 in the hallway before we come in here? And let's be

5 respectable.

6 You want me to be respectable to you?

7 Then be respectful to each other. If you can't respect

8 each other, how can you expect anybody else to respect

9 you guys?

10 Has anyone ever been indited for

11 pledging a vote? Politicians have been indicted and

12 sentenced for accepting money, including campaign

13 contributions.

14 Also, memorable quotes, and I'm proud

15 of every one of these quotes, Why can we all get along,

16 milk cows, not taxpayers, politicians are like diapers

17 and should be changed regularly for the same reasons,

18 coverups lead to trouble, closed doors meetings,

19 Southern Union, Hollow Avenue, PEL, Rinaldi, HUD money

20 and so on. Closed doors, nothing but coverups.

21 Government for the people by the

22 people, not government for the select few, money,

23 power, Scranton politics, 12 step program, first step

24 admitting there's a problem. Scranton cannot take that

25 first step.


1 Stockholm syndrome, good people become

2 politicians. Third world countries run their

3 government better than Scranton. Sargent Schultz, I

4 know, Nothing, nothing, nothing. Thank you.

5 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

6 Les Spindler.

7 MR. SPINDLER: Good evening, Council.

8 Les Spindler, Scranton resident. I, too, applaud

9 Council for voting on free swimming in all the pools

10 except for Nay Aug.

11 Mrs. Gatelli, you said you couldn't

12 vote on Nay Aug because it's under the Recreation

13 Authority. Why do you bow down to the Recreation

14 Authority? They're appointed officials. They're

15 nothing. They have no power.

16 You are elected officials. You have

17 power to write legislation and pass it. Why can't you

18 write legislation, have your solicitor write

19 legislation and pass it and have free swimming at Nay

20 Aug?

21 MS. GATELLI: We'll have to ask them.

22 MR. SPINDLER: All you need is four

23 votes to override the mayor's veto.

24 If he votes against Southern Union, you

25 have the four votes. You had it last week. That's all


1 you have to do is write new legislation. They can't do

2 anything.

3 The Recreation Authority has no power

4 whatsoever, so why can't you write new legislation to

5 make Nay Aug free swimming?

6 MS. GATELLI: I'll inquire with

7 Attorney Minora for that.

8 MR. SPINDLER: Well, I know it can be

9 done. I've looked into it. Read the Home Rule

10 Charter. You can write legislation. They cannot.

11 They have no power whatsoever. That's all I'm going to

12 say on that matter.

13 Before I get on my next subject, I have

14 stuff to pass out. Okay. For months now Lee Morgan

15 has come and complained about a pit bull attacking a

16 dog. Do you remember him talking about that?

17 And I forget if it either severely

18 injured or killed a dog. And this Council has done

19 nothing about it.

20 Well, now last Thursday that problem

21 came back to bite me. I was out walking my dog, which

22 I just purchased two weeks before, about quarter to

23 ten. I was a little over a block from my house. My

24 dog was attacked by two pit bulls.

25 So, I have no idea what to do. I was


1 kicking at the dogs. I thought my dog was dead.

2 Now, thank God she fought back, and I

3 guess the people that owned the pit bulls came running

4 and got them. Thank God my dog is okay.

5 But I'll give you some history. Pit

6 bulls should not be allowed in this city. Pit bulls

7 are bred to fight. Whether you know it or not, they

8 were bred in England to fight. They'd put them in pits

9 and they would fight in pits until one dog -- the pit

10 bull is not the correct name. It's American

11 Stafurshire Terrier. The name pit bull came from them

12 fighting in the pits.

13 And the people who tell you that

14 they're -- it's the way they're brought up, they don't

15 know what they're talking about, because fighting is in

16 their blood. It's the way they were bred.

17 Anyway, the police came. They filed a

18 report. And he said he would get in touch with the

19 animal control officer to cite the owners.

20 And until today I heard nothing. The

21 officer said he would call me back. He never did. I

22 got in touch with another officer that I know, and he

23 checked into it.

24 He said the animal control officer is

25 so backed up, but he will get in touch with those


1 people and cite them.

2 But I have other ideas. It's under

3 Pennsylvania law that those dogs should be put down.

4 If you want to turn to Page 3 of the papers I gave you,

5 Section 505-A, Public safety and penalties, I have it

6 highlighted, Section B, Attacks by dangerous dogs.

7 If a dangerous dog through the

8 intentional, reckless or negligent conduct of the owner

9 attacks a person or a domestic animal, the dog's owner

10 is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree.

11 In addition, a dangerous dog shall be

12 immediately confiscated, placed in quarantine for the

13 proper length of time and thereafter humanely killed in

14 an expeditious manner, with the cost of quarantine and

15 destruction to be born by the bog's owner.

16 Mr. Courtright, I'm going to give you

17 another copy of this so you can pass it along to the

18 animal control officer.

19 MR. COURTRIGHT: Absolutely. Thank

20 you.

21 MR. SPINDLER: I'm asking you tonight,

22 Mrs. Gatelli, to make a motion to pass an ordinance to

23 have pit bulls banned in this city.

24 MS. GATELLI: I'm not sure if I can do

25 that. Attorney Minora.


1 MR. MINORA: I think we would like to

2 look into it, rather than just make a motion on request

3 of a speaker.

4 MR. SPINDLER: They are banned in other

5 -- they're banned in Denver, Colorado. There was a

6 story on the CBS news last week that a gentleman had 38

7 of them in his house, and they were confiscated.

8 They're going to be put down. And they said they're

9 banned in Denver, Colorado.

10 They're nothing but dangerous animals.

11 They shouldn't be allowed. And, plus, we do have a

12 leash law. And, yeah, the people came. They just

13 said, Oh, we didn't know where they were. I mean, you

14 have two pit bulls and you didn't know where they were?

15 Thank God my dog and I both came out of it okay.

16 Next thing, Mr. Sbaraglia spoke about

17 this, too, the $100,000 that the Scranton Parking

18 Authority owes, and they want their penalties forgiven.

19 If I owed taxes and that penalty, would

20 they forgive my taxes? I don't think so. I think the

21 Parking Authority should pay every penny that they owe.

22 Thank you.

23 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. We will

24 investigate this, Mr. Spindler. Dick Laske.

25 MR. LASKE: Okay. Good evening, ladies


1 and gentlemen. I have a few things I would like to

2 say.

3 My name is Dick Laske. I live in North

4 Scranton at 1082 West Market Street. Just to clarify

5 what Mr. Spindler was saying, there's been a leash law

6 in the State of Pennsylvania for a lot of years.

7 I raised Beagles, and I hate to say it,

8 but if you have the nicest dog in the world and he

9 breaks free and he runs out and a car runs over him,

10 there's nothing you can do about it, because the law

11 states he must be under control at all times.

12 Okay. Sherry, your performance last

13 meeting was anything but ladylike. I hope you

14 impressed your puppeteer, because you only disgusted

15 me. But then again, what's a circus without a clown?

16 Okay. Hollow Avenue, there's been no

17 solution to the problem. When the previous

18 administration was in there, there was some control. I

19 don't know what came about or I don't want anyone to

20 lose their job over this, but I don't think it's right.

21 There has been an injustice there.

22 I've invited everyone up. You're just

23 blowing me away. But the only way I'm going to stop is

24 if I die. I will be back, because I feel 100 percent

25 right, and I want justification.


1 Now, I would like permission to read a

2 little something from the Pennsylvania law, and if we

3 can't get Mr. Parker to come to a meeting and to

4 confront us, we don't carry guns, we don't carry knives

5 we want answers.

6 There has been an injustice done there.

7 And anybody can come to Hollow Avenue, come to

8 1028 West Market Street, and I personally will drive

9 you there. I don't like being taken. I'm sorry, but I

10 don't like being taken.

11 Now, let me read just a little thing

12 from the law here. It's theft of property loss

13 delivered by mistake, okay?

14 Diversion of services, A person is

15 guilty of theft if having control over the disposition

16 of service of others to which he's not entitled, he

17 normally diverts such services to his own benefit or to

18 the benefit of another not entitled thereto.

19 I would like to consult with Mr. Minora

20 privately some time. The man that created this

21 problem, he's trying to ridicule us. He's trying to

22 make me look bad.

23 I've lived in this city for a long

24 time. I don't owe anybody a nickel. And if this man

25 through his political influence had this work done,


1 which he did, and I will testify to that in a court of

2 law, he should be made to pay for it.

3 If you get in an altercation with a

4 gentleman and you duke it out, your nose bleeds a

5 little bit sometimes, and sometimes you win, but if you

6 punch a guy in the wallet, he remembers you.

7 And I want this -- if it's okay with

8 you, Mr. Minora, I'll bring this to your office and you

9 can read it. I'd like your opinion. Thank you.

10 MS. GATELLI: Thank you, Mr. Laske.

11 Ron Elman.

12 MR. ELMAN: Hello, hello, hello.

13 There's one for each of you, I guess. This week I've

14 talked to a dozen, 15 people that were Ronny friendly,

15 I guess I can say. I think I'm catching up with Joe

16 Snedeker as far as talking to people out there.

17 And I had -- these things that I come

18 up with all the time are what people, you know, their

19 comments what they've asked me about or talked about.

20 This week somebody asked where the

21 pothole machine was and that other thing that's

22 supposed to grind the streets that we're supposed to

23 buy and loan out to everybody. They were wondering

24 about it.

25 What happened to the pothole machine?


1 MR. COURTRIGHT: I think it's still

2 beached down at the DPW. I don't know why we're not

3 using it. I agree with those people. I didn't think

4 it was a good purchase when we purchased it. I thought

5 we made a mistake.

6 In my opinion, we seemed to use it one

7 season and one season only. I could be wrong. And I

8 asked many times where it was. Got some answers that

9 there were parts broken on it, then I got answers on

10 it, no, it wasn't parts, that we can only use it in

11 certain weather.

12 I think it's down at DPW. I'll take a

13 ride down tomorrow and take a look and see if it's down

14 there. It's sitting somewhere. It's not being used.

15 MR. ELMAN: It'd sure get a lot of

16 practice around here.

17 MR. COURTRIGHT: My suggestion is this,

18 I think the city should sell it before it becomes rust

19 and it ends in a junkyard. Sell it and get something

20 out of it, because I don't think it's a good piece of

21 equipment for this city. I never did.

22 MR. ELMAN: While I'm thinking of it, I

23 don't think anybody is going to be successful in

24 banning pit bulls, but I saw on television where some

25 community required them to be muzzled in public. That


1 seemed like you could do that very easily.

2 You're not going to get them banned.

3 It would take you forever in court cases and everything

4 else. You know, you watch the animal channel, they

5 have these kind of things.

6 And while I think of it, they were

7 talking about the DA's office, Mr. Bolus, and I had it

8 down. I didn't get it like I usually do from other

9 people.

10 You know, there's so many people in the

11 DA's office, they step on each other's toes, and all

12 they seem -- they just need one person with a rubber

13 stamp saying plea bargain. Every time you read

14 something in the paper they plea bargained it out.

15 But I was wondering why Mr. Gilhooley

16 and Mr. Hilborn hadn't been brought up. Are they

17 waiting for the time element to --

18 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Elman, that would be

19 the county commissioner's meeting. That comes under

20 the county.

21 MR. ELMAN: Okay. I'll drop that. And

22 about tearing down all the houses, why isn't there an

23 order to tear them down, you know, like the way they

24 were burned or condemned or something, instead of just

25 cleaning up South Side?


1 Now, I'm not interested in all the

2 houses in South Side being torn down. My neighborhood

3 is full of them.

4 I even know a house that's been -- they

5 got the condemned signs on it and there's people living

6 in it. Right there, and cars go by it, the police go

7 by it. It's a duplex with people on both sides,

8 because I have the garage in the back that I rent.

9 MS. GATELLI: You need to give us the

10 address of that house.

11 MR. ELMAN: I can tell you where the

12 house is. I know what hundred block it is. I was

13 wondering about the Scranton Housing. There just seems

14 to be such poor lousy management there.

15 You know, there's people living in

16 Scranton Housing for 35 and 40 years. That's uncalled

17 for. I can understand some cases, but this place is

18 full of people that have never paid anything, you know.

19 Then they sue you when you want to

20 clean their house up, and they got money for lawyers.

21 You go through Bangor Heights, there's dishes hanging

22 out all the windows. They don't pay anything. No

23 wonder they can afford dishes and, you know. That's

24 terrible.

25 Our city is full of undesirables, and


1 they come right here. And when you look in the paper,

2 they're always arrested in a Section Eight, not always,

3 but they're arrested in a Section Eight house or the

4 project or they're living with some fool that, you

5 know, that's on the lease and they're not.

6 Why isn't -- there's just nothing done

7 about Scranton Housing. I got a Section Eight house

8 near me. There's a single woman rented it, and she got

9 a 2005 car and work -- has a job. Now, how does she

10 get a Section Eight house that we're paying for?

11 I've complain ed. I'd like to know how

12 many taxable properties there are. Nobody would tell

13 me. What is so secretive about that?

14 MR. COURTRIGHT: Mr. Elman, the Housing

15 Authority, they have a board, and they have meetings.

16 You can go there and ask those questions.

17 MR. ELMAN: I didn't even know that.

18 MR. COURTRIGHT: Yeah, they do. They

19 have a board, they have meetings. I don't think that

20 we're qualified to answer those questions, you know?

21 MR. ELMAN: Yes, sir.

22 MR. COURTRIGHT: But I believe there's

23 five or so members and they meet regularly. I'm sure

24 you're able to go and ask, and they can tell you

25 better. I think better than we could.


1 MR. ELMAN: Is there anything in black

2 and white how we're going to pay back the debt? You

3 know, I know there's, like, $50 million comes in, and,

4 what, we owe another $150 or $75 million?

5 Why doesn't somebody tell us how we're

6 supposed to start paying it back? You got 28 years to

7 do it. There's nothing ever in black and white. And

8 what's in the newspaper is always so distorted, it

9 doesn't make sense, you know?

10 MS. GATELLI: Thanks, Mr. Elman.

11 MR. ELMAN: Well, okay. That means I'm

12 through with the hook when you say that.

13 MS. GATELLI: Wayne Beck.

14 MR. BECK: Good evening, Council.

15 Wayne Beck, city resident. And as you know, my

16 appearances here are few and far between anymore, and

17 when I do plan on coming, it's in advance and entered

18 in a computer. Tonight is spur of the moment, because

19 if I don't say what's on my mind tonight, you go to the

20 noon meetings, it will never be said. It's just been

21 bothering me.

22 But I've come here this evening, and I

23 don't want to be redundant, but to address some events

24 of last week's meeting regarding a request that you all

25 sit back, review some of the actions and comments that


1 emanate from that dais. Remember why you ran for the

2 position and why you were elected to the position, then

3 try to adopt a better or professional working

4 relationship in order to work for what is best for the

5 city.

6 I don't want to single any individual

7 out and I'm not here to defend Janet Evans, because I

8 don't think she needs any defending, however, at that

9 meeting, and it was public, a motion was made by

10 Councilwoman Fanucci to follow Roberts Rules of order

11 in order to attain respect for one another. That's

12 great, except that five minutes later she was speaking

13 other Mrs. Evans, who had the floor, and even chuckling

14 while Mrs. Evans was making her remarks.

15 Both of which are violations of Roberts

16 Rules of order, which state that members shall neither

17 by conversation or otherwise delay nor interrupt the

18 proceedings of the peace of the Council nor disturb any

19 member while speaking.

20 Mrs. Evans explained that her vote in

21 favor of Mellon Bank to serve as trustee for the city's

22 pension plan was cast because it was the lowest

23 responsible bid.

24 I believe that that philosophy

25 represents the best interest of the taxpayers, and if


1 it happens to be in the best interest of unions at the

2 same time, so be it.

3 Mrs. Evans offered her explanation and

4 the motion past on a 4-1 vote, with only Mrs. Fanucci's

5 vote being the only nay vote.

6 I would be interested in hearing

7 Mrs. Fanucci's rationale for the no vote, not that it

8 makes any difference to me, I have no interest in

9 either party, but you can remember when I started my

10 fight to save the complex, all I asked were answers to

11 questions why votes were being made, and I think that's

12 only expected.

13 It's not good enough to say I felt it

14 was best or I thought it was best for the city.

15 There's got to be underlying information that supports

16 it upon which you base your decision.

17 In conclusion, I'd just like to simply

18 once again say that all Council members put forth every

19 effort to work together as best possible in order to

20 represent the taxpayers that elected them and do what

21 is truly best for the City of Scranton. That's what

22 we're all supposed to be here for.

23 And there are times, I think, that

24 there's an intentional lack of communication so that

25 someone doesn't get one leg up on the other. Things


1 aren't discussed until it comes here for fear that

2 someone else will speak it first and get credit for it.

3 That's just the impression I get. I don't know if I'm

4 wrong or not.

5 All I'm asking is that the lines of

6 communication be better, explanations for decisions

7 made be offered and try to work together. Thank you.

8 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Judy Laske.

9 MS. LASKE: Good evening, City Council.

10 I applaud Bob Bolus for what he did. I found myself in

11 the same predicament a week ago tonight.

12 I'm going to back it up two days before

13 that, though. My son had gone to school Tuesday

14 morning and he came in crying because someone had

15 stolen his bike off of our front porch.

16 That's going to happen. Kids do stupid

17 things, you know what I mean? I just tried to make

18 light of it.

19 Then Thursday night my daughter called

20 me frantically. Mom, mom, you've got to come get us,

21 you've got to come get us. I told her calm down. I

22 said, What happened? I thought, you know, the worst.

23 She was walking home with her boyfriend

24 approximately three blocks from my home down in the

25 Weston Field area. She said, We were just robbed and


1 beaten.

2 Now, my daughter is 16-years-old, no,

3 she just turned 17, sorry, Amber, she just turned 17 on

4 Monday, and her boyfriend is 19. All they got off them

5 was her boyfriend's cigarettes, a pack of cigarettes

6 that he just bought and he had $10 on him. Okay. So,

7 was it really worth it for them to go and do that?

8 I was very, very upset. So, I told

9 them, I said, Where are you? They're like, We're

10 running home. I said, Well, where are they? I said,

11 You come home now.

12 As soon as they got to the house, I had

13 her boyfriend call 911. I got in the car with them and

14 I said, You Know what? The cops aren't around, and

15 it's not their fault that they're not around, ti's the

16 mayor's fault, because he keeps pulling them off the

17 beat.

18 Now, maybe if the beat cop was down

19 there on his bike or whatever, maybe he could have

20 caught them in the act.

21 I took it upon myself. I got in the

22 car, and I'll tell you, they're lucky I didn't find

23 them, because if I did, and I told the police this, I

24 will protect my children to the extreme, okay?

25 I have seven children, and believe me,


1 my patience gets tested. I don't hit my kids, never

2 did, never will. I'll take a Game Boy off them,

3 whatever.

4 I told the cops, I said, You better

5 find them before I do, I said, because if I find them

6 before you do, they're going home in a body bag.

7 Nobody hits my daughter, no one. I don't care who the

8 hell they think they are, I'm sorry for putting it that

9 way.

10 The police did come immediately. They

11 scoured the area. They were fantastic. I have to

12 applaud them. They couldn't get them. They got away

13 by the time they could get there, because, you know, I

14 don't know where they were coming from, but there was a

15 police officer -- a car on every block down in that

16 area trying to find out where they were at.

17 I'll tell you what they -- who they

18 were so that maybe if someone sees them, maybe they can

19 call the police and report them.

20 They were late teens to early twenties.

21 They were black individuals, and I'm not racist by any

22 means, I'm just telling you how it is. I don't care if

23 they're white, black, pink, blue, they shouldn't have

24 did what they did. They did get away.

25 The one is tall. He's skinny, he's


1 black. Like I said, late teens to early twenties with

2 another black individual that was same age, shorter and

3 heavier.

4 The one had one of those, like a, not a

5 bandana, I don't know what they're called, but, like,

6 it looks like a stocking kind of. I don't know what

7 they're called, but they did get away.

8 Now, this mayor claims there's no crime

9 in the area. Within two days, my family was violated,

10 two days. So, where does he get off saying there is no

11 crime?

12 Well, you know why there's crime,

13 because he took all the police away. What are we

14 supposed to do? Well, I'm going to tell you what I'm

15 going to do. I am going to protect my family. I don't

16 care what I have to do. I'm just going to put it that

17 way. I didn't care what I have to do.

18 And I'm going to tell you right now, if

19 somebody breaks into my home, they're not leaving. One

20 way or another, they are not going to leave my home.

21 Because I found out that -- someone

22 told me that, Well, if somebody breaks in your house,

23 if you have a gun, shoot them in the legs. Well,

24 that's fine and dandy, they can't get away, but they

25 can come back and sue you. Where is the justice in


1 that?

2 They could come in, they could violate

3 you, do whatever they want to do to you, and they can

4 sue you and you can lose everything that you have.

5 Where's the justice in that?

6 And I'm telling you, I don't know where

7 the mayor lives, because I'm telling you, it should is

8 hell ain't Scranton.

9 I don't know if he up in the North Pole

10 with Santa Claus, because that's probably the only

11 place in my fantasy land that there's no crime, okay?

12 And I'm just -- I'm -- I don't come

13 down here unless I have a problem, and this is a big

14 problem for me. And they can put as many cameras

15 around as they want to. That's fine. You can wave and

16 say, Hi, I'm robbing you, but I'm getting away with it

17 because there's no police to come and arrest me,

18 because they're over the other end of the city because

19 there's something else going on.

20 We need to bring the police department,

21 not the police department, we need ti bring the police,

22 we need to bring the bike cops back, we need to bring

23 the beat cops back.

24 I pay for two taxes on two homes that I

25 have to pay for. What am I paying for? I'm not


1 getting any protection. Can you answer me that? Where

2 is my protection?

3 I have to protect myself? I have to go

4 out and buy a gun so that if somebody walks in my house

5 and wants to rob me, like, I can protect myself?

6 Because I'm telling you, those guys

7 that robbed my daughter the other night, they're luck I

8 didn't get them.

9 And then today my daughter's boyfriend,

10 I took him over to Cedar Avenue, because he had to go

11 put an application in for a job, I told him, I said,

12 I'm going to drop you off. Fill out the application.

13 I'm going to run down McDonald's real quick, get the

14 kids a Happy Meal. I'll be back for you in, like,

15 five, ten minutes tops.

16 I come back and there's two parole cars

17 on a corner, they have him up against a wall because

18 they said, Oh, well, we saw you here before. You're

19 loitering.

20 He was waiting for me to come pick them

21 up. Now, this is same kid that got assaulted last

22 week. And I'm not blaming the police, because you know

23 what, they told him straight out, this is a high drug

24 traffic area over here, and, you know, you were on one

25 corner and then you were on another corner in, like,


1 you know, within a couple minutes.

2 And this poor kid was the one that got

3 robbed and beat last week, and those people got away,

4 and here this poor kid is trying to go and get a job

5 that I dropped off, and, you know, I -- I can't blame

6 the police either, because apparently they're aware of

7 the situation over there.

8 But what are cameras going to do,

9 unless we have the protection behind it? Well, I can

10 suggest something to people out there, since the bike

11 got stolen off my front porch, I am going to put

12 surveillance on my house. Actually I have it right now

13 and I have it p on my house that I'm selling.

14 And I wish I never moved from my other

15 neighborhood, because I didn't have this kind of

16 problem. You could leave a bike out in the front yard

17 and nothing could get touched, nothing, nothing.

18 You know, my neighbors, we had problems

19 or whatever, but, you know, you're always going to have

20 a problem in a neighborhood. Whatever, you know?

21 But I don't know where, like, I don't

22 know what to do. Like, do I have to go buy a gun? Do

23 I have to have a gun in my home? I don't want to,

24 because I have seven kids. What happens if one of my

25 kids get a hold of the gun?


1 MS. GATELLI: I wouldn't suggest a gun,

2 Mrs. Laske.

3 MS. LASKE: You know? Well, what do

4 you suggest, Judy? I mean, I pay taxes on two homes,

5 and I have to pay taxes on two homes until I can sell.

6 MS. GATELLI: Can you stay until after

7 the meeting?

8 MS. LASKE: I can try to, but I'm

9 afraid to leave -- my daughter is watching my kids at

10 home. What happens if --

11 MS. GATELLI: Because we'll see if

12 you're in a strategy area and if there is a beat cop in

13 your area.

14 MS. LASKE: I don't know. There was a

15 beat cop -- you know, I do have to say something,

16 Tuesday afternoon when the beat cop was there and my

17 son told me, whatever, that his bike was gone, I did go

18 talk to him. He was very, very nice about it, very

19 nice.

20 But, I mean, come on. Where were these

21 cops that, you know, it was in the evening, it was dark

22 out when they were walking home.

23 But they're coming -- innocently coming

24 from a basketball game that they with their buddies,

25 and apparently, even the cop said, they had to be


1 watching them, because when they split up, that's when

2 they were attacked.

3 Now, my daughter, I'm going to tell you

4 right now, the mayor's real lucky my daughter wasn't

5 raped, because I would have sued him. I would have

6 sued the city. And I really don't care.

7 Nobody touches my children. How would

8 he like it if his kids got the crap beat out of them or

9 whatever for no apparent reason?

10 These individuals are coming from out

11 of the area. And you know what, I'm so sick of ads

12 being placed out in North Carolina and Georgia and New

13 Jersey and everything. Come to Scranton, free Welfare,

14 and then the people that live here can't get it,

15 because these people come in and they're taking

16 everything that the people that live here should get.

17 I don't get anything. The only thing I

18 get is medical assistance for my son that's autistic,

19 and I had to fight for that. So, where is the justice

20 in anywhere? Tell me. I want to know. You know, do

21 you guys know?

22 I hope one of my children become a

23 police officer. I have six boys and one girl. I don't

24 know, maybe she'll toughen up a little bit now. But if

25 it wasn't for her boyfriend, I applaud him. I love him


1 to death. He's a good kid.

2 He was in trouble when he was a little

3 younger, but he straightened his act out. And I don't

4 know if that's why they pinpointed him from over in

5 that area, I don't know. But he's a good kid now.

6 I have him on the straight and narrow.

7 And I told him, you screw up, you're not going to be

8 with my daughter. You know, stay on the straight and

9 narrow path and that's it. But, I mean, these cops

10 pulled him, like --

11 MS. GATELLI: We will try to help you

12 the best we can, Mrs. Laske.

13 MS. LASKE: I want cops back on the

14 beat. I want -- that's what we need.

15 MS. GATELLI: Well, they should be over

16 there.

17 MS. LASKE: Why aren't they?

18 MS. GATELLI: They should be in your

19 area.

20 MS. LASKE: Those cameras aren't going

21 to do a thing. And one little suggestion before I go,

22 and I'm sorry for going over my time, but I don't come

23 down here unless there's really a problem.

24 I think they need to put some of these

25 cameras on city parks so that when, you know, the


1 summer's coming. When there's a lot of kids, you're

2 going to have problems.

3 At least if there is a problem with

4 somebody getting beat up or whatever, put it on, like,

5 maybe the pools. Have it on specifically one area.

6 And if the pools are closed or whatever for the season,

7 if they could put them maybe on the soccer fields,

8 baseball fields.

9 We have to have eyes somewhere else

10 besides ourselves, because the police aren't there to

11 do it for us, and it's not their fault. So, I don't

12 want the police to think that I'm down here complaining

13 about them.

14 Because I'll tell you, I've never seen

15 cops come so fast in all my life when they called 911.

16 They came right away and they scoured the whole area,

17 but unfortunately they got away. And they weren't from

18 the area, that they think.

19 MS. GATELLI: Okay. Thank you very

20 much.

21 MS. LASKE: Thank you.

22 MS. GATELLI: Annabelle Fidati.

23 MS. FIDATI ADSIT: Good evening.

24 Annabelle Fidati Adsit, taxpayer in the City of South

25 Scranton. I did want to pose a question to


1 Mr. McTiernan. I forgot it was graduation night.

2 Do I have to call him tomorrow or

3 should I just ask the question now and somebody leave

4 it in his box? Okay.

5 I'd like to ask him when we could

6 expect to get a full and complete report on the

7 financial status of our city and how much more in debt

8 we are.

9 We haven't heard from him since

10 January, when he took over that seat. I think the

11 taxpayers are entitled to know everything.

12 And what can be done about bankruptcy

13 in the city, since we're so much in debt? Can we claim

14 bankruptcy? And what would be involved in doing that?

15 MS. GATELLI: I asked that -- would you

16 like me to answer or I'll wait until later?

17 MS. FIDATI ADSIT: Wait for motions.

18 MS. GATELLI: Go ahead. Take your

19 time. Take your time.

20 MS. FIDATI ADSIT: Unless we need a

21 referendum on the ballot, but we're so much in debt, I

22 don't know how we'll ever get out of it.

23 Let's see. I've been gone away for a

24 couple weeks, so I really haven't seen Council, except

25 that I did see a rerun of Council where I believe Judy


1 Gatelli was making an apology. It was very a sweet

2 apology. I don't know what it was about.

3 But I did catch this Council meeting

4 where Sherry Fanucci stated, I don't want Janet Evans

5 to vote on this motion, you know, and she was selling

6 her vote.

7 This troubled me a lot when you brought

8 that up and the way you said it. So, only an

9 inexperienced, unqualified and ignorant person would

10 even make such a rash person toward a person who has

11 served the people with honor and integrity was totally

12 uncalled for.

13 Your statements, Mrs. Fanucci, were so

14 immature and wicked that many people were greatly

15 disturbed by you, the person creating all the problems.

16 Giggling is a very, very personal thing when you're

17 doing it on Council. You know, Kenneth Lay was

18 convicted on all counts. He giggled, and the jury

19 didn't like that either.

20 So, if you're going to condemn other

21 people when you're not on the same playing field

22 intellectually, I you think you ought to think twice

23 because it, because you come off looking very bad.

24 If you did your homework, maybe you

25 wouldn't be giving such asinine remarks like you do.


1 You're not one to speak about ethics, because it's been

2 established that you are a liar and you were told to

3 leave your seat by the people. Now, if you do have a

4 vendetta --

5 MS. GATELLI: Mrs. Adsit, hold it, hold

6 it. Please let's try to refrain from name calling. I

7 know you have some very emotional feelings about this,

8 but we're going to try not to call anyone any names.

9 MS. FIDATI ADSIT: I'm making a

10 complaint about the name calling, that's the reason why

11 I'm here tonight.

12 So, if we have vendettas, we just

13 should not have people on Council in this forum. There

14 is no place for vendettas, and that's what it appeared

15 to be.

16 And I think that's all I have written

17 down about that situation. I certainly don't have to

18 come here and defend Janet Evans. She's totally

19 capable of doing that on her own, as she has proven for

20 several years here.

21 But the attitude and the wickedness and

22 the vendetta should stop and it should stop now or

23 leave your seat. Thank you.

24 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mike Dudek.

25 Mr. Dudek, could you hold your comments for a few


1 minutes? We're just going to recess for about three

2 minutes, okay?


4 MR. DUDEK: Mike Dudek, 608 Depot

5 Street, Scranton. Four point in, I hope, five minutes

6 or less. First of all, Siemens Company is not a

7 company from Illinois. The Scranton Times had them

8 from some small town in Illinois. Try Switzerland.

9 Siemens Company was the company that

10 laid the Atlantic Cable in the 1880s that connected New

11 York City to London, so we're dealing with really a

12 wonderful company. It's a multinational, but we have

13 to ask ourselves if the City of Scranton puts our

14 police officers in Mercedes Benz police cars as police

15 cruisers.

16 We do the best we can with Fords, with

17 Chevy Impalas, with whatever. If you're going to be

18 getting something from Siemens, you are going to be

19 getting the Rolls Royce product of whatever's on the

20 market.

21 I think we can find cameras suitable

22 for the job that can be done in the city for probably

23 half the price that Siemens would charge you.

24 Siemens, among other things, connected

25 Germany's cable systems and phone systems so well, it


1 fought a two front war in World War I and enabled

2 Hitler to do quite a bit of damage in World War II.

3 So, they are a good company, but they

4 are a huge multinational. They're not the little

5 outfit in Illinois that The Times would lead you to

6 think that they are. They're a big company.

7 I think we have American big companies

8 that could do well. I might even think we might even

9 have a contractor in the City of Scranton who can

10 provide those cameras, and I think we should try to

11 look at that way.

12 Second point, with the skateboard park,

13 guys, I wish you all the best in the world and I hope

14 you come up with a world class project on that.

15 Think of the Steamtown Marathon which

16 started small and is now a feeder marathon for both

17 Boston and New York.

18 If you build the right kind of skating

19 park, you will be able to draw national competitions to

20 it, you know, for your skateboarding.

21 Look into it. Make sure you get the

22 right kind of project and you just might be able to do

23 something really special for the city if you design it

24 the right way.

25 The next suggestion I want to make to


1 you is that when you're designing projects, you don't

2 only think in terms of now or the next three months.

3 I'd like you to put something in the

4 pipeline that may take three years to do. I think it

5 would be interesting if some of you go to Harrisburg,

6 take Interstate 81, get off at Front Street, take Front

7 Street into Harrisburg, and as soon as you get into

8 Harrisburg, park the car.

9 Then start where Front Street and the

10 boarder of Harrisburg begin along the river, you will

11 enter a city park that's five miles long, and along

12 this city park are sculptures.

13 Some of them are bronze, some of them

14 are wood, some of them are stone, some of them are a

15 combination of materials, but each and every one of

16 these sculptures are also exercise apparatus for people

17 to do, everything from stretching to pull-ups to

18 chin-ups to whatever, a magnificent series of

19 structures running the whole length of Harrisburg five

20 miles long.

21 Now, if you saw what you guys did, you

22 performed a little miracle up there, you know, with the

23 islands in Green Ridge, you know, back on May 6. Those

24 islands would be a perfect spot to put, say, three or

25 four sculptures like that connected with a path.


1 Also, if you get, you know, lights,

2 like the University of Scranton installed going up

3 towards St. Thomas Hall, something like that would be

4 an interesting project, not say for now, but something

5 in the pipeline in a two to three-year stretch.

6 Get city businesses to donate a

7 sculpture. Perhaps get a city business to donate a

8 running track, and I think you could have something

9 really nice in that park.

10 There are other parks in the City of

11 Scranton where perhaps maybe one little piece of

12 apparatus could do.

13 And I can tell you this, people in

14 Harrisburg use that park like crazy. It is a wonderful

15 addition to the City of Harrisburg.

16 Like I said, it runs the whole length

17 of the city five miles long. It's really something to

18 see. It's been written up in Architectural Digest and

19 in other magazines, both architectural and in art.

20 Something that would be worth looking at.

21 And, again, please do a good job on the

22 skateboard, there's some wonderful things that could

23 come out of that. Especially if it's done right, you

24 could get international or national competitions here.

25 Thank you.


1 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Does anyone

2 else care to speak?

3 MS. FRANUS: Fay Franus, Scranton. I

4 didn't see last week's meeting until later. My friends

5 Wayne and Danny had seen it and they had called me and

6 spoke to me about it, and I caught an episode of it,

7 and I really have to address this.

8 Everybody is saying that things

9 shouldn't be the way they are up here. Well, as far as

10 I could see, things are always going to be the way they

11 are up here. Everybody comes to the podium and says,

12 Will this please stop?

13 I don't see it stopping. You know why

14 I don't see it stopping? Because your motives are

15 completely different. There's always going to be

16 battles up here. I mean, I can't even comprehend how

17 they're not going to be.

18 There's going to be certain things that

19 certain Council people want that you don't, and there's

20 going to be big bickering and there's going to be

21 arguing.

22 And Mr. McTiernan said, it doesn't stop

23 -- it interferes with city business. No, it doesn't,

24 because this is city business. What's you're

25 discussing up there is city business.


1 You were talking about the bidding.

2 Mrs. Fanucci wanted the highest bidder, Mrs. Evans

3 wanted the lower bidder. There's where your conflict

4 comes in.

5 I'll never understand why anybody wants

6 a higher bidder. I guess there's an ulterior motive,

7 but nobody's going to say that. Like Mr. Beck said,

8 we'd like the truth. We're never going to get the

9 truth.

10 But in the meantime, the same thing

11 with you, Mrs. Gatelli, a couple of weeks ago when you

12 said it was a big battle. You wanted West Scranton

13 High School to have a year lease or have the little

14 league for a year lease, one has to wonder why we have

15 to fight so hard for the school district, unless

16 there's something -- some ulterior motive here, and we

17 don't know what it is, because nobody is going to tell

18 us. Maybe a year from now we'll find out what it was

19 when deals were made here.

20 I can't even comprehend letting West

21 Scranton High School use a little league.

22 MS. GATELLI: It's a teener league

23 field.

24 MS. FRANUS: That doesn't matter. It's

25 for the kids. Why can't West Scranton --


1 MS. GATELLI: Well, what's wrong with

2 the West Scranton High School kids?

3 MS. FRANUS: Nothing, but they're still

4 using it now, are they not?

5 MS. GATELLI: No, they're not.

6 MS. FRANUS: No. But where do they

7 play?

8 MS. GATELLI: I think they play

9 sometimes at Battaglia, if there's no one else there.

10 MS. FRANUS: Okay. Well, they've been

11 doing that very well. Can't they share Sloan? Did you

12 want this --

13 MS. GATELLI: Yeah, they could share

14 Sloan.

15 MS. FRANUS: Well, why did you want one

16 year lease instead of three years?

17 MS. GATELLI: Because they're in

18 negotiation with the Sloan Little League.

19 MS. FRANUS: But it makes no sense.

20 MS. GATELLI: Well, you know, that's my

21 opinion, Mrs. Franus.

22 MS. FRANUS: Well, but I think there's

23 more to it than meets the eye.

24 MS. GATELLI: No, there isn't more to

25 it than meets the eye. You people want to make it more


1 --

2 MS. FRANUS: You people, you people.

3 MS. GATELLI: You want to make it more

4 than --

5 MS. FRANUS: You people.

6 MS. GATELLI: -- meets the eye. It's

7 not more than what meets the eye.

8 MS. FRANUS: We're going to find out in

9 time.

10 MS. GATELLI: Yes, you will.

11 MS. FRANUS: Yes, we will. But all I

12 know is I trust Mrs. Evans, I really do.

13 MS. GATELLI: Well, I'm sorry that you

14 don't trust me.

15 MS. FRANUS: Well, the same thing with

16 Mrs. Fanucci, okay? Let's get --

17 MS. GATELLI: Everyone has their own

18 opinion up here, and we all vote the way we want to.

19 MS. FRANUS: There are certain facts

20 that we don't know. Why would you fight so hard to do

21 this?

22 MS. GATELLI: Because I work at West

23 Scranton and I see the kids that they don't have a

24 place to practice every day.

25 MS. FRANUS: What was wrong with


1 Battaglia where they went?

2 MS. GATELLI: They can't get on there

3 every day.

4 MS. FRANUS: All I know is there's more

5 than meets the eye.

6 MS. GATELLI: They don't a home field.

7 MS. FRANUS: There's more to this than

8 meets the eye. Now I want to move on a little bit

9 here.

10 I said there's going to be arguments up

11 there. Mrs. Fanucci said, you know, she doesn't like

12 personal attacks. She's the one that's giving the

13 personal attacks.

14 You know what this is like? When I was

15 reading meters and I saw these little kids in a

16 playground, there was like five boys against this one

17 little girl and they were picking on her and they had

18 her against the wall. I'm thinking, Ut-oh, what's

19 going to happen here? Should I step in or just wait

20 and see?

21 Well, this little girl started running

22 after these little boys and the five of them took off

23 like a bat out of hell. So, there's Mrs. Evans.

24 You're ganging up on her. Now, you might

25 not say this, trying to gang up on her, but you're


1 going against the wrong person.

2 This happened years ago when she was on

3 the school board. She was one of nine. They all

4 crucified her, because they were all corrupt. They all

5 wanted to get their little deals in. She was trying to

6 get things done right. It was eight against one, but

7 she stood up to them. Now we have the same thing.

8 It's like bullies up here.

9 MS. GATELLI: Well, all I know is I

10 apologized for my behavior and I will apologize again.

11 I don't think that we should be acting like that up

12 here. We're all adults, and we all have the same goals

13 in mind, to make the city better.

14 MS. FRANUS: No you don't all have the

15 same goals in mind.

16 MS. GATELLI: We don't always have to

17 vote the same as everyone else.

18 MS. FRANUS: No, you're fighting very

19 hard to get what you want pushed in, and there's where

20 your arguments come in.

21 MS. GATELLI: And I've always fought

22 very hard for my convictions.

23 MS. FRANUS: Does Mrs. Fanucci feel

24 like she owes Mrs. Evans an apology or no, or you don't

25 think you were wrong at all last week? Mrs. Fanucci,


1 you don't feel you owe Mrs. Evans an apology?

2 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: No, I don't.

3 MS. FRANUS: No. I rest my case.

4 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: What case is that?

5 Fay, I find it almost amusing --

6 MS. FRANUS: Do you?

7 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: -- to sit here and

8 listen to this, when a few months ago you were up here

9 asking me to resign over a contract for $10,000, which

10 you felt I was doing wrong and I took campaign

11 contributions.

12 It's almost amusing to me that I see

13 the same people coming up doing the same thing on the

14 opposite time.

15 MS. FRANUS: Same people.

16 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: I understand --

17 I'm glad you have your own opinions, but as if you want

18 me to respect those opinions, I probably am just going

19 to take them for your words, just like you're going to

20 have to take my words for my words.

21 You have to realize, I represent a lot

22 of people up here. I am here because I was put here.

23 And maybe you don't agree with me, and that is

24 wonderful, you don't have to agree with me, but I also

25 do not have to agree with you.


1 MS. FRANUS: No, you don't.


3 MS. FRANUS: But you said to Mrs. Evans

4 about the campaign contributions and like she owes

5 them. Well, one has to wonder. You're all of a sudden

6 working for the governor. I mean, Dah. Does anybody

7 have to figure this out? But you can't understand that

8 one, can you? You shake your head like this has

9 nothing to do with anything. All of a sudden before

10 the campaign you're not working for the governor.

11 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: It certainly has

12 nothing to do with city business, Fay, I'll tell you

13 that much.

14 MS. FRANUS: Oh, but did Mrs. Evans

15 have anything to do with city business when you

16 referred to campaign contributions?

17 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: It certainly did,

18 just like you refer -- every week I listen to you guys

19 get up here --

20 MS. FRANUS: You guys. I love it.

21 Mrs. Gatelli, you people, you guys.

22 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: I said you guys,

23 right, get up here --

24 MS. FRANUS: What are we a certain

25 breed of people?


1 MS. GATELLI: Please, please, please.

2 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Would you like me

3 to answer the question or not?

4 MS. FRANUS: Go ahead.

5 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Every week you get

6 up here and claim that this whole place is bought and

7 paid for. That's all I hear.

8 Now, I took your lead on that. You

9 have always said that people, this is a play to pay

10 deal. So, when I go and I investigate, and something

11 that was actually disturbing to me --

12 MS. FRANUS: But you were wrong.

13 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Well, does it

14 matter when you're wrong?

15 MS. FRANUS: I'm not wrong about this.

16 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Well, then that's

17 the difference.

18 MS. FRANUS: No. You were wrong. You

19 were proven wrong by the lawyer.

20 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: I wasn't proven

21 wrong by anyone. I asked her to abstain from voting.

22 She said no. It was over. It was over. You're the

23 people who are keeping this going. It was over.

24 MS. FRANUS: She did not have any

25 reason to say no, she wouldn't vote. She just told the


1 union, just like any other person in the City of

2 Scranton, that she was going to be fighting for what

3 hey thought was right.

4 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Well, is it okay

5 when I fight for what I'm doing? Is it okay? I was

6 the only one who did this and you're badgering the rest

7 of the Council for it. This is my deal.

8 MS. FRANUS: Badgering?


10 MS. FRANUS: Why? Because there's more

11 of you than there is of her, so you think it's

12 badgering? And we're us people?

13 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: This was my deal.

14 What are you talking about? This was me. You're

15 including everyone else in this category. This is me.

16 MS. FRANUS: I talked to you separately

17 last week, then the week before was Judy, and now you

18 ave Mr. McTiernan saying this is distracting from city

19 --

20 MS. GATELLI: All right. I'm going to

21 call this out of order.

22 MS. FRANUS: Why, Judy, because it cuts

23 too close to the truth?

24 MS. GATELLI: No, because it's just

25 harassment.


1 MS. FRANUS: Harassment? That's what

2 I'm here for. I'm trying to tell you that you're

3 harassing Mrs. Evans. The two of you, you just can't

4 wait to gang up on her.

5 MS. GATELLI: I'm not harassing Mrs.

6 Evans.

7 MS. FRANUS: Well, that's a matter of

8 interpretation.

9 MS. GATELLI: Yes, it is.

10 MS. FRANUS: But she can certainly

11 stand up for herself. Thank God she has a brain.

12 MS. GATELLI: And I can stand up for

13 myself, too. Thank you very much.

14 MS. FRANUS: We've seen that.

15 MS. GATELLI: The next speaker, please.

16 MS. FRANUS: What happened to freedom

17 of speech in America? Amazing.

18 MS. HUDACHEK: My name is

19 Frances Hudachek, I'm a taxpayer from Scranton. This

20 past year I paid over $8,000 in taxes between

21 occupation tax and homeowner's tax.

22 Recently I had knee surgery, knee

23 replacement surgery. Driving on these city streets was

24 absolute hell. The pain that I suffered hitting all

25 the potholes on all these city streets is a disgrace.


1 Everybody's who's collecting my

2 taxpayer dollars and has those streets in the condition

3 they are in should be ashamed of themselves. They are

4 horrendous.

5 I have never in any city that I've ever

6 lived in, and I've lived in plenty of cities, have ever

7 seen streets in such condition.

8 I'd like to know where my $8,000-plus

9 dollars went. I'd like a list of the city streets that

10 you have planned to pave and fix, and especially South

11 Scranton, where I live, where I reside. I would like

12 to see that list.

13 Also, they talk about police

14 protection. I know for a fact that in city subways in

15 New York, in New Jersey, bus stations, as far away as

16 Staten Island there are posters, posters, that state,

17 Come to Scranton. Receive free food, free housing.

18 Now, who do you think came here? Yes,

19 I came here, but I'm a high-paying taxpayer. I

20 contribute. I work hard, my husband works hard. We

21 pay.

22 But what about the people who are

23 riding those subways who weren't hard working people?

24 That's what you asked for.

25 Most people who are hard working didn't


1 leave the city. They're still there. They didn't

2 leave New Jersey. They're still there.

3 The people that came to the city are

4 the drug addicts, drug pushers, corrupt people,

5 criminals. That's what you got. When you say free

6 food, free housing, hard working people aren't coming

7 here.

8 So, you know, you can't complain. Now

9 you've got to fix the problem, and we need more police

10 protection, a lot more. I see it every day.

11 The other day I was leaving Mercy

12 Hospital, and by accident I left Washington Avenue

13 going down to Wyoming Avenue. And there's a project on

14 one of those streets. I don't know the names of the

15 streets. And I swear to God, there were three parked

16 cars. You could not get around them.

17 They were parked with their blinkers

18 going, and three different people came out of those

19 projects and handed something to those three cars and

20 exchanged something else. I don't know what it was.

21 You can only suspect what that was. And I was

22 mortified. Where am I? I was scared to death.

23 Now I have to stay on the main roads

24 not -- I dare not go down any side streets because I

25 suspect it was drugs. There was actual drug dealing in


1 broad daylight. There were children playing right

2 outside those projects, and there was drug dealing

3 going on between the cars and the people living in

4 there. What is that about? That's what I'm paying

5 $8,000 a year for? And I'm only one. I'm one person.

6 I'm one family. I'm one homeowner. How much are the

7 other people paying? Where are our tax dollars going?

8 That's all I have to say. Thank you.

9 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

10 MS. HUDACHECK: And I would like that

11 list.

12 MS. GATELLI: Is there anyone else?

13 MS. KRAKE: Good evening, Council. My

14 name is Nancy Krake. I have some questions for

15 Mrs. Fanucci. I would like to know when the next

16 Pennsylvania Economy League meeting is.

17 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: They did not

18 schedule the next meeting. One of the men who conduct

19 the meeting had trouble, his wife had passed away, so

20 they cancelled the meetings for -- I didn't get the

21 rescheduling.

22 MS. KRAKE: Okay. I would ask that you

23 bring the question that I posed at the last meeting to

24 the next PEL meeting.

25 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Mrs. Krake, what I


1 did was I put all of that in a letter and I'm composing

2 that so that they have the information for when they

3 come in for the meeting, so that maybe we can get ahead

4 of that and they can be prepared when they arrive here.

5 MS. KRAKE: Thank you. And I would

6 also like to know if you know who the governor of

7 Pennsylvania is.


9 MS. KRAKE: Okay. Have you ever met

10 him?


12 MS. KRAKE: Would you consider him your

13 boss?

14 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: I certainly would.

15 MS. KRAKE: Are you Civil Service in

16 your job?

17 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: I certainly am

18 not.

19 MS. KRAKE: Okay. Then I would suggest

20 you sit at the pleasure of the Governor of Pennsylvania

21 who is Ed Rendell, who, by the way, is also ultimately

22 in control of the Pennsylvania Economy League.

23 That is a conflict of interest, your

24 state job, and your interaction with the Pennsylvania

25 Economy League, and it is not in the best interest of


1 the citizens of Scranton that you have to answer to

2 Ed Rendell to deep your day job.

3 We know where your allegiance will lie

4 when the tough decisions have to be made. Thank you.

5 MR. ANCHERANI: Good evening, Council.

6 I'm Nelson Ancherani, resident, taxpayer, financial

7 secretary of the FOP.

8 I came here to give my opinions by

9 exercising my First Amendment Rights and Freedom of

10 Speech.

11 Last week Council speakers were labeled

12 the legion of doom by the newspaper editorialists. The

13 speakers for the most part are here because they have

14 legitimate problems and can't get them solved through

15 the normal channels, so, therefore, they come to

16 Council looking for help.

17 Never before have answers been provided

18 like they have been with this Council in the last

19 Council. The Legion of Doom by their tireless and

20 relentless presence at City Council meetings have

21 helped provide answers and solutions to speakers,

22 residents and taxpayers' problems.

23 They also show that you can fight City

24 Hall. Answers and solutions to problems may be slow in

25 coming, but they slowly but surely do come.


1 We can say people don't like change,

2 but the other side of that coin is City Hall, but we're

3 not going to use the word politicians, don't like

4 change either.

5 City Hall and the newspapers would

6 prefer if the Legion of Doom and the masses of people

7 don't know what is going on.

8 Without the Legion of Doom, we will be

9 forced to eat the slop that they feed us. We can now

10 say that the people want to know what is going on in

11 the city, they want to know where their hard-earned tax

12 dollars are going, they want to know what their elected

13 officials are doing for them.

14 But tonight, Council, you saw the

15 Legion of Doom come before you. I certainly didn't see

16 any barbarians get up to this podium, although I'm not

17 so sure about myself.

18 I know one thing for sure, I certainly

19 have been called a lot worse than a barbarian, but I

20 can't be a barbarian, because I don't have a

21 Capital One card.

22 But anyway, the people who got up to

23 this podium and spoke, they're all citizens, they're

24 all residents, they're all taxpayers in this city.

25 They have a right to come here and air their views.


1 Maybe these speakers are making too

2 much noise. Maybe the public will be educated by these

3 speakers. Maybe the newspaper is afraid that these

4 speakers will become too educated and also the people

5 will become too educated and they won't be fooled

6 anymore. They will be feeding themselves and not

7 eating what we are fed from the newspapers.

8 The Legion of Doom are waking up the

9 area. If one Legion of Doom member falls, there are

10 two or three to take their place.

11 More people should be coming to these

12 meetings and speaking. We know there is more out there

13 that people need help on. Come on, residents, citizens

14 and taxpayers, join the Legion of Doom.

15 On a personal note, there was a person

16 who was a good friend of mine, and between the two of

17 us, we were known as gloom and doom, But to this day,

18 we never found out who was who.

19 I don't know what happened at the paper

20 yesterday, but the editorial was against the city in

21 its surveillance camera idea. I just wonder if that

22 editorialist is still working with the paper today.

23 And I loved that one.

24 Since the Council meeting will be at

25 noon, I'll see you all in September. Thank you. Oh,


1 and thanks to Channel 61 and to the Council, thank you

2 for letting us come here and express our First

3 Amendment Rights, our Freedom of Speech. Thank you

4 very much.

5 MR. JONES: Good evening, Council.

6 Corey Jones, taxpayer and dog owner. Mr. Spindler

7 brought up an idea before about an ordinance that would

8 stop pit bulls from being in the city anymore, and I'm

9 totally against this idea, because I honestly think

10 it's stereotyping. And when you stereotype a human,

11 what happens? I don't see a difference between that

12 and a dog.

13 I know down in Virginia, I have a

14 relative that lives down there, and they own a pit

15 bull, and they ended up moving. They wanted to move

16 into an apartment. They had to get rid of the dog. I

17 mean, they were heartbroken and it was hard to see.

18 I've seen black labs and rot weilers

19 and dashunds, German shepherds, they were meaner than

20 pit bulls at most times.

21 But when you compare the number of nice

22 pit bulls and the number of dogs that have been

23 attacked, there's a lot more pit bulls that are nicer

24 than those dogs that have been attacked.

25 And I think it would be better if we


1 would keep them in the city. And I just wanted to say

2 that, because I wanted to try to toast this bagel

3 before it goes bad. And I just -- I don't think it's

4 right.

5 And in closing, people complain about

6 their First Amendment Rights, but people have Fifth

7 Amendment Rights, too, which says that you have a right

8 to your property. Thank you.

9 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Anyone else?

10 Mrs. Garvey.

11 MS. GARVEY: 5-A, motions.

12 MS. GATELLI: Mrs. Fanucci.

13 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Well, obviously

14 I'm going to have to respond to a few comments that

15 were made tonight, even though I didn't want to.

16 First let's attack the governor's job.

17 I am dealing with constituent inquiries. I help people

18 get the information they need.

19 As much as I'd like to wish I was very,

20 very important and could help the governor decide some

21 really important things, I'm really not that important.

22 I pretty do administrative work, and that's pretty much

23 about it. But as we stated tonight, I guess I might

24 not be smart enough to get the big job.

25 Anyway, on the other issue that is so


1 not on the mark, I have to respond to something that

2 was said, which was the fact that I wanted the highest

3 bidder for the pension, which is just ludicrous, absurd

4 and obviously said out of someone who really has not

5 done their homework.

6 My deal with the pension had nothing to

7 do with, first of all, being against the unions. It

8 has nothing to do with that.

9 I wanted to keep the money in our city.

10 It was $80 million, and, to me, it was a very important

11 to try to keep $80 million in our city. That was my

12 only issue.

13 I had not an issue with anyone else.

14 That is why I voted no. Somebody wanted to know, and I

15 believe that that was important. I would like to see

16 some of that money stay here and maybe the people

17 making money off this issue could have spent some money

18 in our restaurants and in our businesses and helped our

19 economic development. That was my only reasoning

20 against that.

21 And for being maybe not so abrasive

22 about it, I might have been able to help someone,

23 another speaker, get the answer she deserved, but let

24 me explain to you something, my decision to do what I

25 had to do was because of something I felt was right.


1 Whether or not you agree or disagree,

2 is really not the issue. To come here and keep it

3 going and going is not the issue either.

4 It's amazing to me when I do see the

5 same speakers actually tip their hand. They say one

6 thing one week against someone, and the next week the

7 same rule does not apply. It's amazing to me. That's

8 okay, too.

9 I understand people's passion for their

10 people, and that's what this is about. My passion for

11 my people are just as strong, and my passion for this

12 city is just as strong.

13 I know that it has been a constant

14 theme here to try to get me, trip me up. It's almost

15 been a little bit amusing. Every week I have to find

16 out, like, two days before today, here is the theme.

17 This is what they're going to go after. Next week it's

18 going to be the computer, next week it's going to be

19 where you work. First it's that you don't work, then

20 it's that you work. Whatever.

21 This is not productive, and it won't be

22 productive. It's certainly not going to get me to

23 change. It is not going to get me to do anything

24 differently.

25 I am here for four years to work for


1 the people who put me here. I am sorry if you don't

2 like my views, I am sorry if you don't agree with me

3 all the time, but it will not change what I am here

4 for. And that is all that I have. Thank you.

5 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr.

6 Courtright.

7 MR. COURTRIGHT: Yes. One announcement

8 that I'd like to make. This Sunday, June 11, there's a

9 nun, Sister Elizabeth Samitis, who's retiring from St.

10 Ann's after being a teacher in this area for 31 years.

11 It's this Sunday at 11:30 at St. Ann's Basilica, and

12 anybody's invited, former students of hers or

13 colleagues of hers.

14 And I have a personal interest in this

15 woman. She taught my three children, and one of the

16 best teachers that I've ever seen in my life.

17 I believe she's in her eighties now and

18 still very, very sharp and still capable of teaching.

19 I believe she's being transferred back to her

20 sisterhood in Boston or in the Boston area.

21 But it's this Sunday at 11:30 at St.

22 Ann's Basilica. It's a mass for Sister Elizabeth, if

23 you're interested.

24 Kay, I went to the 2600 Block of Frink

25 Street, because I had some neighbors asking about


1 trees. What's happened is th e trees have grown so

2 much, they've formed almost like a tunnel on this

3 street. And some of them are dead and the roots are

4 exposed.

5 And I know we have limited funds, but

6 if Mr. Santolli can take a look at it, and even if we

7 don't have the funds, if it's deemed that it's a safety

8 hazard, then maybe we can get those down there. If he

9 would take a look, I'd appreciate it. That's the 2600

10 block of Frink.

11 Dale Avenue, I know that you're busy,

12 Mr. Parker, but Dale Avenue and Luzerne still is not

13 done, still those big potholes there. So, I will make

14 a personal call tomorrow morning and try to get that

15 fixed hopefully tomorrow if it doesn't rain.

16 The young lady asked this evening as we

17 were coming in about Decker Court, and I did not get

18 the block range, but it's Decker Court in West Scranton

19 on Main Avenue behind the Wendy's asking if it's on the

20 paving list.

21 I don't think it is. If we can check

22 that, and if it isn't, if we can at least send somebody

23 there to address those potholes.

24 The dirt bike on East Mountain, I'm not

25 quire sure where they're storing it these days. And


1 I've talked to Dave Elliott about this.

2 And it comes up more often in the

3 summertime than any other time because of the fact that

4 we have some drinking parties up there in the

5 summertime.

6 And what I had been told more than one

7 time in the past, the bike was not put up there to, you

8 know, chasing people having parties, and I understand

9 that, but the people of the East Mountain would like to

10 see that bike utilized up there again.

11 So, I'll find out where it is and see

12 if there's any way we can get it back up there. Even

13 though it wasn't used to chase people through the woods

14 with beer parties, I think it really served a good

15 purpose, and I think the people would really like to

16 see it up there.

17 So, I'll find out where they're storing

18 it, and if there's any possibility at all that we can

19 get an officer up there on that bike, at least for some

20 of the hours out of the day. So, I won't put that one

21 on you, Kay. I'll do that one on my own.

22 And I hope I'm allowed to do one more

23 thing here. A gentleman that comes a lot to these

24 meetings, and I think many people here know him, he

25 took ill this week, and I'm guessing he's still in the


1 hospital, and maybe he's watching us, Danny Corby. So,

2 we wish you a speedy recovery, Dan. I hope everything

3 goes okay.

4 And one last item, I've been on this

5 South Side Steelers for their football field, and I did

6 get a letter from Sara Hailstone this week directing me

7 how we might be able to get that project funded.

8 So, I'll forward that to the members of

9 the South Side Steelers. If you're watching, if you

10 want to give me a call. If not, I will track you down.

11 I think we're going to be able to get your project

12 funded up there. And that's all I have. Thank you.

13 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. I just would

14 like to tell Mrs. Jones that her idea was sent to the

15 business manager, and I'm awaiting his reply.

16 The Parking Authority did pay in full

17 today what they owed, including tax and penalties and

18 interest.

19 Mr. Bolus is gone, but maybe, Kay, you

20 can call him and we can meet with Amil and discuss fees

21 for the KOZs. That is worthwhile, but I need to know a

22 little more information about it.

23 I'd like to also send a letter to the

24 graduates of the Junior Council congratulating them for

25 their service here, and good luck in their future


1 endeavors. And I'll make that in the form of a motion.


3 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All in

4 favor.



7 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The ayes

8 have it and so moved. And I just have one last thing.

9 I read in the paper either yesterday or today that the

10 United Neighborhood Centers is having a real struggle

11 getting their money for Camp St. Andrew, and with the

12 University not having their sports program this year,

13 they may have to cut back considerably.

14 I know we do have some extra money, and

15 I would make a motion that we donate $10,000 to

16 United Neighborhood Centers so that they can have their

17 project this summer at Camp St. Andrew. It benefits a

18 great, great number of children in our community, many

19 of them being underprivileged.

20 And I think that we as a Council and we

21 as citizens of this community have an obligation to

22 take care of these children, especially in the

23 summertime, so I make that in the form of a motion.


25 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All in


1 favor.



4 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The ayes

5 have it and so moved. Thank you very much.







12 JUNE 16, 2006.

13 MS. GATELLI: At this I'll entertain a

14 motion that 5-B be introduced.

15 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.


17 MS. GATELLI: On the question?

18 MR. COURTRIGHT: On the question. I'd

19 just like to congratulate Mr. Brazil, and I look

20 forward to working with him.

21 MS. GATELLI: I second that, although I

22 did have a good relationship with Mr. Scopelliti, and

23 he always addressed any issue that I had to talk to him

24 about, and I wish him the best in his new job. Anyone

25 else on the question? All in favor.




3 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The ayes

4 have it and so moved.

5 MS. GARVEY: Sixth order. No business

6 at this time. Seventh order. 7-A, FOR CONSIDERATION







13 $50,000.00 TO D & S AUTO SALES, INC. TO ASSIST AN


15 MS. GATELLI: What is the

16 recommendation of the chairperson on community

17 development?

18 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: As chairperson for

19 the committee on community development, I recommend

20 final passage of Item 7-A.

21 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

22 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll

23 call, please.

24 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans.

25 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci.



2 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McTiernan.

3 Mr. Courtright.


5 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli.

6 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

7 Item 7-A legally and lawfully adopted. Can I have a

8 motion to adjourn?

9 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.


11 MS. GATELLI: All in favor. Aye.

12 Meeting adjourned. Thank you. Have a nice week

13 everyone.











24 C E R T I F I C A T E



1 I hereby certify that the proceedings and

2 evidence are contained fully and accurately in the

3 notes taken by me on the hearing of the above cause and

4 that this copy is a correct transcript of the same

5 to the best of my ability.



9 Official Court Reporter