6 Thursday, June 1, 2006



9 Council Chambers

10 Scranton City Hall

11 340 North Washington Avenue

12 Scranton, Pennsylvania




































1 MS. GATELLI: Please stand for the

2 Pledge of Allegiance.

3 (Pledge of Allegiance recited.)

4 MS. GATELLI: Please remain standing

5 for a moment of refection for our servicemen

6 and women.

7 (Moment of silence observed.)

8 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Roll call.

9 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

10 MS. EVANS: Here.

11 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci?

12 MS. FANUCCI: Here.

13 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McTiernan?


15 MS. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?


17 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli?

18 MS. GATELLI: Here. Dispense with

19 the reading of the minutes, Mrs. Garvey.

20 MS. GARVEY: Third order, 3-A, AGENDA


22 JUNE 14, 2006.

23 MS. GATELLI: Are there any comments?

24 If not received and filed.

25 MS. GARVEY: For clerk's notes we


1 received a response back from Mr. Parker

2 that the potholes in the 500 block of

3 McKenna Court will be patched in the near

4 future and it is not on the paving list at

5 this time. And the other one, Mrs. Evans,

6 we received a response from John Hazzouri

7 who is the pave cutting specialist at the

8 DPW regarding the request you made to have

9 some verify the situation in the 1700 block

10 of Beaumont Avenue and contact the water

11 company to restore the road to it's previous

12 condition. Mr. Hazzouri said he went out to

13 Saturday and the water restored the cut

14 where it was damaged and that there was

15 nothing wrong with the road. That's all I

16 have.

17 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. 1719

18 Prospect Avenue has been demolished this

19 past week. 1158 Hampton Street was cleaned

20 up, it was also condemned and it will be

21 placed on the demolition list. Ozzie Quinn

22 asked me to announce that the Scranton

23 Lackawanna County Taxpayers meeting on

24 Tuesday, June 6, at 7:00, that Jack Finnerty

25 will be the speaker and he will be there to


1 discuss the future of Channel 61 in 2007, so

2 I'm sure that many of you would like to

3 attend that meeting, it will be here in city

4 council chambers.

5 I'd just like to bring to the

6 attention of the people in the audience that

7 I have noticed that there are a great number

8 of properties where the grass has not been

9 cut. There is an ordinance for grass

10 cutting. The inspectors have been notified

11 in all of the neighborhoods to cite the

12 property owner and I just want the public to

13 be aware that they are going to be cited for

14 the grass that isn't cut. I have seen them

15 on every block two and three properties per

16 block that have not been cut so just a word

17 to the wise that the inspectors will be out

18 to cite the property owners.

19 At the South Side residents meeting

20 on Tuesday they also brought up that people

21 have been cutting trees down on the tree

22 lawn, you know, along the curb. You are not

23 allowed to cut trees on the curb line. It

24 is against the city ordinance. If caught

25 you will be find $1,000. If there is a


1 problem with the tree notify Mr. Santolli of

2 the Shade Tree Commission and he will come

3 out and look at your tree and determine if

4 it needs to be cut, so please do not cut any

5 curb side trees unless you see Mr. Santolli.

6 It was quite a problem in South Scranton,

7 the one block of Cedar someone cut all of

8 the trees down, so we would like to make you

9 aware of that.

10 The street sweeping schedule is on

11 the City of Scranton website. So far I have

12 found two errors and I notified Mr. Parker.

13 There is no day for Elm Street to Rundell

14 Street in West Scranton and there is no

15 dates for Breck Street to Saginaw Street in

16 south Scranton, so if anybody else looks at

17 the website and has a problem with where

18 they live please let us know and we will

19 notify Mr. Parker that it is missing from

20 the schedule.

21 There were numerous potholes filled

22 this week. They are too numerous to

23 mention. There were three houses boarded

24 up, 827 Adams Avenue, 1421 Vine and 1423

25 Vine Street.


1 I don't know how many of you saw in

2 the paper this week that the residents up on

3 Meadow Avenue will not be receiving their

4 sound barriers for another seven to eight

5 years. They were promised the sound

6 barriers several years ago. The money was

7 allocated. There was 2 million dollars in

8 capital budget back in 2000 allocated for

9 that particular neighborhood. Now they are

10 saying they have to wait seven to eight more

11 years, so I find that unconscionable because

12 it's only a matter of about a six block area

13 and if you know anyone that lives down there

14 it's in a gully and you hear all of the

15 noise and you get ought of the fumes from

16 the tractor trailer on the automobiles and

17 it's just unbearable for those residents.

18 Some of them are elderly and won't be around

19 in seven to eight years to even see the

20 sound barriers, so I'm going to ask -- I'm

21 going to make a motion that we send a letter

22 to representative Belardi, representative

23 elect Ken Smith and Senator Mellow to see

24 what they can do to expedite these sound

25 barriers and the urgency that they are


1 needed.


3 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

4 in favor?

5 MS. EVANS: Aye.




9 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The

10 ayes have it and so moved. Thank you very

11 much. Also, I just have one more thing and

12 it's a nice thing to be able to announce

13 that Tripp Park will be having a police

14 officer. He will there several nights a

15 week and he will patrol between Euclid and

16 Garfield and Dickson and Gibson. Now, he

17 can't go all the way to the playground, but

18 he will certainly be close enough that he

19 can keep his eye on things in that

20 neighborhood because they are having some

21 problems starting in this particular

22 neighborhood, so I'm happy to say that I

23 talked to Chief Elliott and Lenny Newmecca

24 and he will be starting in the Tripp Park

25 area.


1 Is there anyone else on council that

2 would like to speak? . No? Anyone from

3 junior council?

4 MR. MILLER: Good evening, council.

5 Doug Miller, Scranton. Just regarding the

6 newspaper article about the junior counsel,

7 I find the false accusations of being called

8 a Hitler degrading and I don't recall in my

9 young life going out and taking various

10 people of ethnics background in the City of

11 Scranton and executing and torturing them.

12 I strongly suggest this person pick up a

13 history book and see who Hitler really was.

14 I would say to these adults it's time to

15 grow up. I do want to thank though the many

16 people that are supporting us, we have many

17 people on our side.

18 As we have been reading these

19 articles and these editorials about the

20 junior council it's been said that it was

21 Mrs. Gatelli's idea to start the council.

22 With no disrespect to Mrs. Gatelli if you

23 recall back in February I proposed the idea

24 of a junior council and I met with all of

25 the members and we talked it over and we


1 came to an agreement, therefore, we now have

2 the junior council so I just wanted to make

3 that clear.

4 Now to some city business. I

5 received a call from a citizen on East

6 Mountain who informed me that when you go

7 down Elm Street and turn onto Blucher there

8 are trees and bushes growing out in the road

9 and cars are going around that corner and

10 there could be a head on collision.

11 Also, potholes on Blucher and Elm

12 need repair, would you please report this to

13 DPW I would appreciate it. Thank you very

14 much.

15 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Anyone

16 else? First speaker is Andy Sbaraglia.

17 MR. SBARAGLIA: Andy Sbaraglia,

18 citizen of Scranton, fellow Scrantonians. I

19 want to speak a little a motion number C

20 amending resolution NO. 51, '06, authorizing

21 the mayor and other appropriate city

22 officials for the City of Scranton to enter

23 a loan agreement and make a loan from the

24 Urban Development Action Grant Repayment

25 Loan Program, project No. 400-15 in an


1 amount not to exceed $250,000 to Paperless

2 Practice, Inc., to assist in the name of the

3 borrower to Wink Interactive Media.

4 Have you noticed in the paper, I

5 guess you didn't, but apparently they have a

6 lien against -- a federal lien against these

7 people in the amount of $49,968.75 and they

8 want to move into a KOZ. Now, I have

9 nothing against these people, but when you

10 have a federal lien that should set off a

11 few flags, well, maybe not in the mayor's

12 office, but it should set off a few flags

13 when it comes before you. Now, a federal

14 lien is very, very important. They have a

15 right to attach I guess anything that them

16 people have, so I don't see how you can sit

17 there and vote to change this name or

18 anything to do with these people until you

19 find out the status of that lien and the

20 financial ability to pay off these loans.

21 You don't loan people money when they can't

22 pay it off and if you want to see it, I

23 don't have -- I can give you the copy of the

24 lien because it's not important it me, but

25 the only trouble is when I cut it off I did


1 cut off the date of the newspaper, but you

2 can look at it under federal liens and then

3 you why they are changing the name. I don't

4 know if they informed you, but obviously the

5 mayor must have known this. This couldn't

6 have been brought just out of the blue.

7 When the federal government is involved it

8 usually takes awhile to do it. So, hence,

9 the mayor had to know before you propose

10 this loan and that leaves you out on a limb.

11 You approve the loan for people that are

12 having trouble meeting financial obligations

13 and how could you protect the city at all if

14 you have vote for a loan where people have

15 liens against them?

16 Now, I don't know what kind of a

17 business this man has, I don't know the man

18 from Adam, I'm only interested in protecting

19 the City money, that's the only thing that

20 ever interests me and that's the only thing

21 I really speak about other than the children

22 and I assume the kids ain't going to get

23 free swimming this year either. For some

24 reason or another you can spend $250,000 for

25 artists, but you cannot give the kids free


1 swimming at the city owned pools which I

2 find deplorable. There is no reason for

3 that. Why do we figure the artists are more

4 important than the kids of this city I will

5 never know. People that can't afford to pay

6 even this dollar fare with four or five kids

7 if we have a summer like we had last year,

8 it's a bad summer, and then you wonder why

9 there is so much graffiti going around the

10 city, kids doing this and kids doing that,

11 well, you have no program for the kids. The

12 school program that you said had one flaw in

13 it, you had to go to a school. I don't know

14 where you grew up, but believe me in the

15 summer you would not find me in a school. I

16 want to be up at a playground and that's

17 where you should have the programs, they

18 should be at the playgrounds, somewhere

19 along the line you should give help with

20 that. There is no reason why we can't have

21 a supervisor or something up at some of

22 these playgrounds in the city and give them

23 a summer program like we used to have for

24 the kids. I don't know how many of you

25 remember when we had that program, it's sort


1 of a long time ago, but my son was there and

2 he is 41 now so it's like 41 years ago, but

3 we did have programs for the children. We

4 had little swimming pools and we also had

5 supervision at these places, they did

6 lanyards and little things, but they kept

7 the kids busy, and that's where our emphasis

8 should be put in now. I mean, we can find

9 money for everything in this city but the

10 kids and that's bad. I mean, to take money

11 from, like, the Boys Club gave us money

12 because they are nonprofit, but that's

13 counterproductive. We pour money into the

14 Boys Club. They ain't happy with the folks

15 in the west side now, and I'm not going to

16 get into anymore on this, so, thank you.

17 MR. GATELLI: Mr. Sbaraglia, I just

18 have a question, this was recent because I

19 saw this several days ago.

20 MR. SBARAGLIA: It is recent.

21 MS. GATELLI: I'm not sure, Attorney

22 Minora, whether you can advise us on this

23 because we did vote on this already, we did

24 vote to approve this loan maybe a month ago

25 or two months ago. This particular piece of


1 legislation is only to change the name, so I

2 don't know if we can vote against this when

3 we already voted for it, you know?

4 MR. MINORA: I don't have the notice

5 in the paper of the tax thing, what's the

6 name of the tax claim?

7 MS. GATELLI: The name is Paperless

8 Practice, COM, Inc., 201 Lackawanna Avenue.

9 See, the ordinance is to change the name.

10 We already voted. We already gave them the

11 money under this name Paperless Practice so

12 can we know vote against it?

13 MR. MINORA: All we did is authorize

14 the mayor to enter into an agreement. He

15 doesn't have to do it, so this is an

16 amendment, amending it from Paperless

17 Practice to Wink Interactive Media, you can

18 vote that up or down and then any mortgage

19 or any loan that the city gave to this

20 company would be second, at least second to

21 a federal tax lien already filed, and I

22 assume that the mayor would discuss that

23 with the solicitor to determine whether or

24 not that was an economically viable thing to

25 do.


1 MS. GATELLI: So we can vote against

2 this tonight?

3 MR. MINORA: Sure.

4 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Ron Elman.

5 MR. ELMAN: How is everybody tonight?

6 You look like a bunch of happy campers. I'm

7 going to put my glasses on so I can see

8 what's going on. Boy, I hate to talk

9 earlier, I don't have nothing to plagiarize

10 so if I seem stupid tonight you know why.

11 You know, I wasn't coming to the past few

12 meetings I just -- it's just like beating

13 your head on a stone wall because you all

14 just, you know, I know you -- I have tried

15 to deal with this administration. Two weeks

16 ago I made 14 phone calls trying to get some

17 people and I got answering machines, 14

18 times. I'm not talking about the mayor's

19 office, I'm trying to get a couple of

20 people, 14 of them, you know? This is -- I

21 said before, this is an administration that

22 just lives on answering machines, it doesn't

23 make sense. One of them was the license

24 bureau, I was trying to Mike, no matter who

25 you I call I get answering machines no


1 matter what time it is, but I just lost

2 interest in these meetings. You're beating

3 your head on a stone wall coming down here.

4 I have had thousands of people tell me to

5 come see -- now you are listening to me when

6 I said that.

7 MS. GATELLI: I turned my phone off.

8 MS. FANUCCI: She turned her phone

9 off.

10 MS. ELMAN: I had a dozen, 15 people

11 ask me how come I quit coming to the

12 meetings and I talked about them and I

13 just -- I told them I just lost interest in

14 coming and since I came eight or ten months

15 ago I bet I pushed 100 people in coming, you

16 know, you people are normal looking when you

17 go somewhere, when I go to the grocery store

18 they say, "There's that clown that's always

19 badmouthing the mayor," I know what they

20 say, but I have had people just from all

21 sediments of society around here talking to

22 me. I'm down in Sawyersville and one of my

23 attorneys watches this and one of my

24 doctors. I was walking up the other day, my

25 basset hound, all of a sudden I was thinking


1 about one of the fellows and all of a sudden

2 it occurred to me I have had 75, 65 people

3 come to me and talk about this meeting and

4 it occurred it to me that's just the

5 ultimate compliment to you people up there

6 and these people out here and these men back

7 here that work this camera, all of these

8 people are watching this program and I never

9 dreamed that so many people watched this

10 program, you know? I have to eat my words,

11 you know, it's a compliment to the library

12 that sponsors it and even Mr. Doherty I know

13 he censures the program, but I had this one

14 fellow that really impressed me, he was the

15 nicest fellow, he drove a wrecker. When I

16 go to the grocery store by myself I park at

17 the end so people don't hit my car doors and

18 he parked this wrecker and got out and he is

19 all dirty, greasy from head to foot we

20 started to talking going up to where the

21 baskets were and very intelligent fellow,

22 you know, and he is talking about different

23 people in the audience and things that were

24 happening out there and he was wanting to

25 buy a house in Throop or someplace, he


1 didn't want to live in town, and when he was

2 finished he stuck out this big, dirty,

3 greasy hand to shake hands with me, you

4 know, of course I shook hands my hands, my

5 hand isn't dirty a lot, but I bet you our

6 mayor wouldn't shake hands with him. And I

7 bet a bunch of people would have avoided

8 him.

9 This is the people on the street

10 that you people don't have contact with,

11 that the mayor doesn't have contact with

12 that I keep telling you Todd O'Malley

13 doesn't know what's going on. I know he is

14 not president of the board I just -- but

15 when they gave away the KOZ he was.

16 These -- everybody is detached from the man

17 on the street in the city, you know, it's

18 terrible. Today's newspaper is defending

19 them and defending the mayor and all, the

20 newspaper just proves that the best man

21 always doesn't win an election. Anyway, I

22 was just going to say I just -- I found it

23 the ultimate compliment to you people and

24 these people out here that so many people

25 watch this program and I hope the library,


1 you know, continues their funding.

2 I just got a couple of things, one

3 thing that almost everybody that I talked to

4 said that council was so ineffective in

5 dealing with the Doherty administration. I

6 just heard that from person after person and

7 I don't know you can overcome it. I'm just

8 telling you a lot of people mentioned that.

9 And the next thing you think I'm down on the

10 school board you ought to heard the vile

11 remarks people told me about the school

12 board in the few seconds of talking. Nobody

13 likes the school board and what they are

14 doing and I don't know how you are supposed

15 to fight them. You know, you go to the

16 meetings they don't care what you say. And

17 the KOZ, the newspaper just has distortions

18 about the KOZ. When the money lost it's

19 lost. I have had two different real estate

20 lawyers tell me it is gone, one or two

21 houses paying taxes is better right now than

22 143 houses 15 years from now, you know, God

23 knows what's going to happen to the city.

24 These are the ones that the newspaper is so

25 worried about why they don't explain how


1 these guys are going to pay 400 and some

2 million dollars in a few years. You will be

3 voting and assuming responsibility, look at

4 what you got? Nobody has an idea. The

5 newspaper doesn't come out and say

6 Mr. Doherty has a plan for this or that or

7 something else. And the last thing I heard

8 complaints about was Scranton Housing they

9 have a lot of projects just to be crime

10 ridden drug infested ghettos and the

11 management it's just terrible in Scranton

12 Housing. I heard one complaint after

13 another about it and I think that something

14 ought to be done about getting some

15 management out of them. You know, good

16 decent people don't want to live in the

17 projects.

18 MS. GATELLI: Thank you, Mr. Elman.

19 MR. ELMAN: Thank you. Like I said,

20 I appreciate your time in letting me go

21 over. Thank you.

22 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

23 Mr. Spindler.

24 MR. SPINDLER: Good evening, council.

25 Les Spindler, Scranton resident. First off,


1 Mr. Courtrights, I have been meaning to

2 thank you for a couple of weeks now, there

3 is "no parking" signs on that block of

4 Mulberry Street now?

5 MR. COURTRIGHT: Yeah. I saw them up

6 there and that truck is not there anymore.

7 MR. SPINDLER: I haven't been up here

8 for a few weeks now.

9 MR. COURTRIGHT: You're welcome.

10 MR. SPINDLER: Something else, I

11 couldn't make it last week I heard you

12 mention that 500 block of North Rebecca, did

13 you find out anymore about that?

14 MR. COURTRIGHT: So, Mr. Parker said

15 he would have to go out and take a look at

16 it, but there was residents on that block

17 they e-mailed me, two of them.

18 MR. SPINDLER: I heard you say that.

19 MR. COURTRIGHT: They don't want that

20 changed, and they had their reasons, I

21 didn't want to --

22 MR. SPINDLER: I don't know why.

23 Like I said, it's a very -- two cars can't

24 go through. It's a very bad street and if

25 you going up in the hill in winter you are


1 stuck at the stop sign.

2 MR. COURTRIGHT: Mr. Parker said he

3 is going go out and take a look at it and

4 see why it's that way.

5 MR. SPINDLER: Okay. I can't see

6 how one block in the whole street is

7 two-ways and this is one-way.

8 MR. COURTRIGHT: Well, when he finds

9 out he will let us know.

10 MR. SPINDLER: All right. Next

11 thing, Mrs. Gatelli, a few weeks ago I

12 brought pictures in the front of my house,

13 the flooded sidewalks, did you find out

14 anything more about that?

15 MS. GATELLI: No, I did send Mr.

16 Parker a letter, but I haven't heard

17 anything yet. I'll call him again.

18 MR. SPINDLER: Back to

19 Mr. Courtright, a couple of weeks ago you

20 mentioned about the line painting about the

21 different paints they were trying, this and

22 that, the first block of Spruce Street

23 coming into the city a few weeks ago that

24 was repaved and two Fridays ago they were

25 relining it and it was a private company


1 that was doing it, it was a black truck and

2 they were putting things down resembling

3 decals. They weren't painting.

4 MR. COURTRIGHT: Yeah. I don't know

5 who the private company is, the city has

6 done them in the paste, they heat it on,

7 it's like a tape and they heat it on, I

8 wasn't aware of that.

9 MR. SPINDLER: Maybe that would be

10 better, I don't know.

11 MR. COURTRIGHT: Yeah, it certainly

12 lasts a lot longer, I think they were saying

13 it was expensive, but I think somebody was

14 saying it was slippery, but I'll find out.

15 Where was that.

16 MR. SPINDLER: It ws that first block

17 of Spruce, I don't know what block.

18 MR. COURTRIGHT: Coming into the

19 city.

20 MR. SPINDLER: Pardon me?

21 MR. COURTRIGHT: Coming into the

22 city. I'll check and see who was doing

23 that.

24 MR. SPINDLER: Next thing, I brought

25 this up two weeks ago, this has to do with a


1 company Wake going into Brikk's restaurant

2 building they still don't have a permit in

3 the front window. Isn't that against city

4 ordinance? I though --

5 MS. GATELLI: Yeah, they told me

6 they had one.

7 MS. FANUCCI: Yeah, I checked on

8 that.

9 MR. SPINDLER: I just walked by

10 before I came to the meeting.

11 MS. FANUCCI: Well, what happened --

12 MR. SPINDLER: Where is it, is it

13 hidden in the back somewhere?

14 MS. FANUCCI: No, what happened was

15 there was something that had to be cleared

16 through us, the city, so they did not write

17 them the paper permit, but it was all clear

18 before and they do have it. I was told from

19 upstairs they do have.

20 MR. SPINDLER: Isn't it supposed to

21 be displayed for everybody to see? Well,

22 it's not. I just went by before I came to

23 the meeting. As of 6:20 tonight there is no

24 permit in the window. Lastly, I couldn't

25 believe my eyes in the articles in the paper


1 last week that the historic preservation is

2 holding up the Lackawanna County bridge

3 project, that's the most ridiculous thing I

4 have ever heard of. What is wrong with

5 these people? The bridge is falling apart.

6 I went by there two Fridays ago when a hole

7 opened up in the sidewalk. The city was

8 there putting a metal plate over it and if

9 somebody was walking by they would be

10 100 feet down into the railroad tracks.

11 What is historic about that bridge? It's an

12 eyesore and it's a safety hazard. Could the

13 city do something to try and get this

14 project going?

15 MR. COURTRIGHT: Les, I think that

16 bridge is -- only 5 percent of the money for

17 that bridge is coming from the city and I

18 think 20 or 25 percent from the state and

19 the rest from the federal government, so I

20 don't know who is going to try to --

21 MR. SPINDLER: But historic

22 preservation, what is historic about that

23 bridge? It's falling apart. There was a

24 letter to the editor yesterday, the

25 gentleman says he walks underneath it and he


1 says you can see it all the way from

2 underneath. What it's going to take,

3 somebody to fall for the sidewalk for them

4 to finally get it fixed? I mean, that

5 easily could have happened a few weeks ago

6 when that hole opened up on the sidewalk, so

7 I thought maybe could council like try to do

8 something about that. What is it going to

9 take a terrible accident for them to forget

10 about the historic preservation? I mean, I

11 could see if it was a beautiful building or

12 something, but it's a bridge that's falling

13 apart. I think --- have you seen it lately?

14 MS. GATELLI: I think it's those two

15 pillars.

16 MR. SPINDLER: There is four pillars.

17 MS. GATELLI: Four pillars.

18 MR. SPINDLER: I go over that bridge

19 every single day going back and forth to

20 work.

21 MS. GATELLI: They are what's

22 determined ---

23 MR. SPINDLER: It's ugly. I mean,

24 that's my opinion so -- a lot of people's

25 opinion I've spoken with, and, as I said,


1 it's falling apart, it's a safety hazard and

2 I think we should think safety first rather

3 than historic preservation. That's all I

4 have. Thank you.

5 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Stan

6 Narsavage.

7 MR. NARSAVAGE: Good evening, Stan

8 Narsavage, city resident. Thank you Mrs.

9 Gatelli and Mr. Courtright and anyone else

10 that had a part in getting a patrolman in

11 the Tripp Park. That section of the city

12 everyone there will be delighted I'm sure as

13 I am. Thank you again.

14 I'd like to make mention of an

15 editorial that was in the paper today, it

16 says "Making sure that kids hate politics."

17 I take exception to this because me

18 being a regular speaker here they lump me in

19 with people that are -- that come here and

20 speak falsely and if is anybody false they

21 ought to look at their own stories that they

22 put in the paper. They have more things

23 that aren't accurate than I don't know what.

24 The last sentence down at the bottom says:

25 "It's pathetic; it's childish; it should


1 stop."

2 And I agree with that, referring to

3 the editorial. It's pathetic; it's childish

4 and it should stop. That's for the Scranton

5 Times.

6 I have a couple of things here, I'm

7 not going to ask you to answer any

8 statements that sound like questions, if you

9 want to you can do it in the fifth or

10 whatever. I'd like to know, I'd like to

11 have an update on the June 2005 HUD audit.

12 I'd like to hear, and I haven't heard yet,

13 why Mr. Parker didn't appear here this week.

14 He was so adamant last week that he was

15 going to appear or I thought they were

16 adamant anyway, was he here?

17 MS. GATELLI: Are you asking me a

18 question?

19 MR. NARSAVAGE: No, I'm not asking.

20 A couple of days ago I distributed, in fact,

21 it was Monday, I distributed the flyers that

22 your daughter made, Mrs. Gatelli, and I

23 thank your daughter for doing that. I went

24 to many homes that were right on the edge of

25 the playground because they are the people


1 that can see what's going on and had many,

2 many comments. People can't sit in their

3 yards in the evening because of the language

4 that's being used, and I'm only going to

5 quote the people that I spoke to, they said

6 that the girls, unfortunately, have the

7 worst language than the boys do. They told

8 me about a group of young people that are

9 dressed in black pants, black shirts and

10 black bandanas, sounds like trouble to me,

11 and they are very defiant if they are

12 walking down the court when you come down

13 with a car, they won't move out of the way

14 so you would have to hit them or they are

15 defying you to hit them.

16 The people accepted the -- they are

17 very glad to see the flyer. They said that

18 they would surely call if they had any

19 problems. Another neighbor told me that

20 they see people out there at 2:00 or 3:00 in

21 the morning playing basketball. There is

22 cars parked in the adjoining parking lot of

23 the playground plus another group of cars

24 that park over in front of the community

25 house and I can't guess what's going on, but


1 anyway, and that's in violation of the

2 signs, Mr. Courtright, that were put up

3 there.

4 MR. COURTRIGHT: Can I just answer

5 something on that, this past Saturday --

6 MR. NARSAVAGE: Don't take my time.

7 MR. COURTRIGHT: Could you hold his

8 time maybe because I'd like to him

9 something. This past Saturday we did a

10 saturation in west side and I know for a

11 fact that at least four different occasions

12 the police went there, only at one of those

13 occasions were their children there and they

14 scattered when the police went there. They

15 have been checking, I looked at myself, I

16 believe they did away with some of the

17 graffiti; right?


19 MR. COURTRIGHT: Now I see it on the

20 sidewalk going into the -- but that looks

21 like gang writing on there to me, but

22 anyway, here's what I would ask, they

23 specifically went out to West Scranton

24 looking for certain violations and I know

25 they were looking for, you know, if they


1 could see individuals that would be

2 suspected of gangs causing any problems and

3 no luck this past Saturday in that respect,

4 but if those people are seeing those

5 individuals, and we can't send the police

6 just because they are dressed in a certain

7 way, but if they believe they are a nuisance

8 if they call right away they are aware, they

9 want to help. It's just, you know, they are

10 spread so thin and they are really trying

11 and they all know about the situation and

12 they are really trying, so if they see

13 something happening the quicker they call

14 the quicker maybe the police would get there

15 and hopefully something will happen. All

16 right?

17 MR. NARSAVAGE: All right. Well,

18 they promised be that they would be. The

19 balance of the fliers that I had left the

20 Tripp Park pizza shop was kind enough to

21 take them and put them on the counter where

22 the people who are coming in and I asked

23 them if they would do that and they said

24 they would and people come in for a pizza

25 and they give them a flyer to take home with


1 them.

2 One other gentleman that I spoke to

3 said that he would like to see, be

4 interested something done with the traffic

5 situation at the end of Faar Street and

6 Euclid Avenue. Sometimes have you to sit

7 there for quite awhile to get out of the

8 street because of the entrance of traffic.

9 He mentioned a traffic light but I know

10 that's very expensive, but one thing, and I

11 think Mr. Courtright you might have been

12 involved with asking the state to consider a

13 right-hand turn off of the expressway, that

14 was help tremendously if they could, it

15 would give you a chance to get out.

16 Sometimes you have to go between cars and

17 take a chance honestly to get out.

18 Mrs. Gatelli, I'm going to paraphrase

19 something you said last week during that

20 debate about Sloan, and I believe this is

21 pretty accurate, "I can't believe that the

22 people can't cooperate for all of the

23 children. We are talking about all children

24 and people can't cooperate. I can't

25 understand it."


1 Is that fairly accurate?

2 MS. GATELLI: Um-hum.

3 MR. NARSAVAGE: Okay, does that apply

4 then -- is that -- does your opinion apply

5 to the kids that can't swim in the

6 summertime because they can't afford it?

7 And, like I said before, most of those kids

8 are from -- a lot of those children are from

9 low income families and minorities, I'm

10 wondering if that would be your opinion if

11 you would use that same opinion that you use

12 for Sloan about the kids that can't swim or

13 don't have the money to swim.

14 MS. GATELLI: I'll answer you in

15 motions.

16 MR. NARSAVAGE: Thank you. And I

17 have to bring up the one thing that I

18 remember from when the fees first started,

19 someone from the administration made this

20 statement, I forget who it was, but I could

21 probably research it and find it out, he

22 said that the fee will keep the riff-raff

23 out of the pools. I hope that isn't what we

24 are working on this time, is it? But that's

25 a statement that was made, I'm sure other


1 people remember it. Thank you.

2 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr. Dudick.

3 MR. DUDICK: My name is Mike Dudick,

4 608 Depot Street in the plot. There is

5 basically two reasons why I'm here, this has

6 already been addressed quite a bit, in the

7 Times there is a rather unusual editorial

8 about student council here, I just don't --

9 unless I have been missing something in

10 these meetings I don't -- get any of you

11 young members think of anybody that really

12 said anything that was insulting towards

13 you? That's what I thought. That's what I

14 was wondering what was the man up in the

15 offices of the Times thinking about when he

16 wrote this. So you guys just answered my

17 question right there.

18 A few weeks ago I asked city council

19 to take a look at paving Olyphant Avenue

20 from the Throop border back towards Parker

21 Street and I'm going to ask you to see if

22 you could put a stop on that. Now, you had

23 informed me that that's been on the paving

24 list. When I made that request there was a

25 lot of activity in that area. There was a


1 lot of construction activity going on at the

2 time when I came here, but for some reason

3 all of the construction activity in this

4 area suddenly stopped and we have this ugly

5 moonscape exposed to the dry air and nobody

6 is doing anything about it and my fear is if

7 we repave this street and that construction

8 starts again we are going to have a wasted

9 paving program because the trucks will go

10 over that newly paved streets and simply

11 destroy it, so I would like to ask counsel

12 to please try to find out who is doing what

13 over there in terms of construction. I have

14 been told it was Mr. DeNaples, but I can't

15 believe it because when Mr. DeNaples starts

16 a project he finished it. There is no lag

17 at all when that man starts something. He

18 just sees it through and it gets done and

19 that's it. I'd like to see like what is

20 going on over there, why has it stopped

21 because there is no sense paving a road

22 that's going to get destroyed, so I thought

23 maybe, you know, put something forward onto

24 that.

25 And as to the lawsuit that I had


1 mentioned last week about the Scranton Times

2 that the times refuses to cover in Scranton,

3 that suit has been, I guess it's finished,

4 Judge Chivarella will give his decision in

5 60 days as to what's going to happen there

6 and it's going to be something worth

7 listening for. Either the Times is going to

8 get totally exonerated or they are going to

9 get cleaned out to the tune of almost $40

10 million dollars or it could be something

11 anywhere in-between. I'm waiting with bated

12 breath on this one. Thank you very much.

13 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Is there

14 anyone else that cares to speak before

15 council? Mr. Morgan?

16 MR. MORGAN: Yes, please. I'd like

17 to start off with just a few brief comments,

18 but I do have one question and I would like

19 to know, is council aware that a three judge

20 panel is going to hear the case in regards

21 to this South Side Sports Complex in the

22 middle of June? Are you aware of that? Is

23 anybody aware of that? Do you think that

24 maybe -- go ahead.

25 MS. EVANS: I believe Mr. Wayne Beck


1 had appeared before council recently when a

2 discussion was held concerning the South

3 Side Complex and at that time he indicated

4 exactly what you are saying.

5 MR. MORGAN: Well, I intend to take

6 that day off from work and go there and

7 hopefully get a chance to say something.

8 Whether I can or not that's another thing,

9 but I think it would be a good idea for some

10 members of council to go there and voice

11 their opposition to the sale of that

12 property and I think --

13 MS. GATELLI: Do you have the date?

14 MR. MORGAN: I think it's the 12th,

15 but I'm not absolutely certain, but I will

16 get back to you on that. The other thing is

17 I'm going to go off this for just one

18 second, I'd like to give a phone number,

19 558-1648 and I would like anybody who has

20 any information about Sloan field to call

21 me. There was a woman who stood here at the

22 podium that had a lot to say and I can't

23 seem to find out all of the information I'd

24 like to have on that and I have an interest

25 in that and I would like to have whatever


1 information is available.

2 And I'd like to go back down to this

3 junior council, you know, there has been

4 they have talked about this and from what I

5 understand most of the outcry against this

6 junior council is coming from the internet,

7 and I'm not really sure of that, but that's

8 what I have been lead to believe and I think

9 it's important for everybody to realize that

10 no one should take credit for this body

11 being seated and if we are going to give

12 credit to somebody then maybe we should give

13 to Leo Lynn or Jack Fawcett because they are

14 deceased, you know, because nobody should

15 take credit for any of this. I think the

16 important thing to know that this body is

17 that none of these young adults are

18 politicians and that's the one thing we need

19 to end here is politics. These children and

20 young adults have to become statesmen and

21 make smart decisions for this city and in my

22 own humble opinion I think that many times

23 council has been politically motivated to

24 make decisions not in the best interest of

25 the city itself and that's why we are in the


1 situation we are in. I have seen it spin

2 many times. I'm very troubled by it, and I

3 think when beam in the community have to go

4 after young adults who volunteer, they are

5 not paid, they come here to listen and to

6 learn and hopefully what they will learn is

7 to pay attention to both sides of this

8 aisle, there is good ideas running from both

9 sides, and learn not to let anybody

10 influence your decisions and some day you

11 will run this city and the only hope, real

12 hope we have in the city, is that these

13 young adults will grow up and make smart

14 choices because all we are leaving them is

15 ashes. The school district is out of

16 control. The county is out of the control.

17 The city is out of control. There is

18 nothing but debt. These children have

19 nothing to inherit except ashes and this is

20 going to be a phoenix that's going to rise

21 out of these ashes and these children

22 hopefully are going to lead the way for us,

23 okay? And what's important to us in my age

24 bracket is to support them as much as

25 possible and to educate them about the city,


1 this county and make them as informed as

2 possible so they can pay attention and learn

3 and the things they learn here will serve

4 them very well to make smart decisions to

5 always listen and never judge everything you

6 hear by the way you were raised and how you

7 grew up. You move out of your environment

8 and you make decisions and you look at every

9 decision in a circle and test it in every

10 single way you can test it and make smart

11 decisions and you are our future. These

12 people, myself, these people, we are the

13 past and we are not leaving you much because

14 this city is in terrible shape and like one

15 of the speakers here, this gentleman right

16 here spoke with the glasses on, about they

17 don't understand how Mr. Doherty does the

18 things he does. Well, my answer in regard

19 to that is, all you have to look at U.E.

20 Long and realize what he did and you will

21 see it's almost a mirror image of the mayor.

22 Thank you.

23 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

24 MR. DAVIS: Salaam alechum. I spoke

25 before to the city council three weeks ago


1 about Robert Rules and I have noticed since

2 then and listened to the television that,

3 Mrs. Gatelli, you keep violating them. You

4 can't make motions without passing down the

5 gavel. It's one of the most pertinent rules

6 of Roberts Rules and there is a reason for

7 it, because then you have a tendency to

8 override everyone else's motions. Motions,

9 not emotions, but motions and it's so

10 insulting to us who know something about

11 Parliamentary procedure and things like that

12 that we find it very difficult to listen to

13 you or to understand you or to adhere to

14 what you want to say. It's an insult to us.

15 We do know Parliamentary procedures. We

16 have been raised in it, we've been taught it

17 from our churches, from our high schools and

18 everywhere so, therefore, for you to think

19 that you can say things and do things

20 without repercussions whatsoever is to me

21 blatant. Dishonorable. I mean, you are not

22 -- you don't show us any respect, that's

23 what I'm trying to say and that's the reason

24 why we don't come back. I'm looking at the

25 audience now, I have seen guys here that


1 have been here for 20 years that have been

2 coming to city council over and above the

3 time you even have been here and yet they

4 sit and they respect you because they listen

5 to you week after week after week and I know

6 it must be gauling.

7 MS. GATELLI: Well, I'm very sorry if

8 I'm insulting anyone.

9 MR. DAVIS: Well, you are though.

10 MS. GATELLI: I don't mean to do

11 that.

12 MR. DAVIS: Well, go back and read

13 Roberts Rules.

14 MS. GATELLI: I'll have attorney

15 Minora do that.

16 MR. DAVIS: You told me three weeks

17 ago you were going to do that, you were

18 going to check it out, that's what you said

19 on television, I have a tape at home, where

20 you say, "Oh, I'll check it out," that was

21 three weeks ago you said that. We can't

22 respect you.

23 MS. GATELLI: Well, I'm sorry,

24 Mr. Davis --

25 MR. DAVIS: Really, the only reason


1 why I came here tonight is to ask you to

2 step down.

3 MS. GATELLI: Well, I'm not going to

4 do that. I'm not going to do that,

5 Mr. Davis.

6 MR. DAVIS: Well, I guess then --

7 MS. GATELLI: You have many

8 animosities from previous things that we

9 have had dealings with and, you know, I

10 can't go back and change that.

11 MR. DAVIS: I'm not going to try and

12 deal with the past, I'm dealing with the

13 present.

14 MS. GATELLI: You are carrying the

15 past.

16 MR. DAVIS: Oh, well.

17 MS. GATELLI: That's what you are

18 doing.

19 MR. DAVIS: This is your opinion.

20 MS. GATELLI: I never disrespected

21 you at that podium.

22 MR. DAVIS: And, hey, you know what

23 it's your --

24 MS. GATELLI: I never disrespected

25 any of the speakers at the podium.


1 MR. DAVIS: And, you know, you have

2 the right to have this opinion as we have

3 all have, as I have, also, even though I am

4 black. I have an opinion. Great. That

5 doesn't matter. These kids have an opinion

6 and I do love the idea that so many people

7 in our audience defend you in so many

8 different ways, but that's the name of the

9 game. If you put yourself out here as a

10 public person you are going to get arrows,

11 there is no warrior that goes out of battle

12 without an arrow. You've got to understand

13 that. Not everybody is going to love you

14 and everybody is going to agree with you and

15 perhaps I have been very, very harsh in my

16 assessment of your duties or of your

17 abilities at this point in time, but I

18 really don't think that you are capable of

19 carrying on as the president.

20 MS. GATELLI: Well, that's your

21 opinion, Mr. Doherty -- Mr. Doherty.

22 Freudian slip.

23 MR. DAVIS: You heard that; right?

24 MS. GATELLI: I didn't call you

25 Mr. Williams.


1 MR. DAVIS: It's okay. We are trying

2 to get Tech Central together, and I use the

3 old term Tech Central because I'm from that

4 area, I'm a neighbor of that area, and I'm

5 telling you like this, although, you have

6 not put a cent, you have not talked to the

7 school board about making sure that there is

8 a play area in that list for the kids and we

9 have as many kids in Tech Central as there

10 is in any section in the city. And there is

11 nothing being done over and over and over.

12 I have come to this pulpit more than enough

13 times asking for, begging for some sort of a

14 grant that would run appropriate like a CEDA

15 program, I think you have all heard that

16 before, haven't you, at least once or twice.

17 Even Mr. Courtright even knows that; right?

18 I talk about a CEDA program, but we are

19 letting our kids go. We are asking them to

20 go to jail. We are asking them to do wrong.

21 We are asking them to be disobedient to

22 their fathers and their mothers and our

23 teachers because we are not providing for

24 them. We are supposed to provide guidance

25 for our children, God says that, not me.


1 Excuse me. Thank you very much.

2 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Is there

3 anyone else that cares to speak before

4 council? Hi, Chrissy.

5 MR. SLEDENZSKI: Well, Judge, we lost

6 another one last week, but you remember

7 something guys, I'm proud of you. Everyone

8 of yous out there. Everyone I'm proud of.

9 Thank you.

10 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

11 MR. ANEZ: Good evening, council, my

12 name is Jeffrey Anez, I'm a Scranton

13 resident. I won't take up too much time.

14 As a student of West Side High School I

15 would like you to know that myself along

16 with my history teacher, Mr. Murray, I don't

17 know --

18 MS. GATELLI: He is hiding up there.

19 MR. ANEZ: Well, Mr. Murray, and the

20 rest of my our class, all of them up there,

21 waive, if you want, are here tonight to

22 observe the meeting and defend the Scranton

23 Junior Council from the rumors they have

24 been receiving. They find it disgraceful

25 and shame of members of being wrote council.


1 Thank you.

2 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else?

3 MR. WARD: Good evening, council.

4 I'm John Ward, I live at 1,000 South Pine

5 Street. Every time, Mr. Courtright, knows

6 that every time there's a stop sign, there

7 is two state troopers that live there, in

8 our area, they should have a stop sign on

9 the -- coming down the hill. There is too

10 many little kids, they are going to get

11 killed. They are flying off the hill over

12 there. They behave like a bunch of maniacs

13 when they come down the hill. When they

14 come off and what happens they go into

15 midair, I mean, it's really bad. They

16 should put a stop sign on Railroad Avenue

17 there and Mulberry and I won't say nothing.

18 There was a gentleman here talking

19 about playgrounds, where I live there is no

20 playground. They go up to a little park in

21 the Abingtons with their kids and I have a

22 great-granddaughter, and a lot of other kids

23 and that's where all our kids go to the

24 little, park there is no playground there.

25 Mr. Courtright was there for awhile, it's a


1 very good council, so nice talking to you.

2 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Anyone

3 else?

4 MS. KRAKE: Good evening, council.

5 My name is Nancy Krake. I have a few

6 questions that I'd like to ask Mrs. Gatelli

7 or whomever you would like to refer it to

8 about the article on 5-28 in the Times about

9 KOZ's. It seems that some of the remarks

10 they made how incredibly wonderful KOZ's are

11 doing just a little bit off and maybe they

12 need a few more facts to back them up. The

13 first one says they employee 25 managers in

14 the downtown buildings. I would like to

15 know where they got the number 25 from, if

16 that's accurate, and how many of these

17 people are residents because they would be

18 the only people paying the wage tax which

19 they are referring to here, it sounds like

20 they are all paying the wage tax, and we

21 really have no idea if that's true.

22 And something else they maybe you

23 are familiar with, Mrs. Gatelli, some of the

24 other things they refer to in here a company

25 leaves a KOZ within two years it must repay


1 66 percent of it's abatement. If it leaves

2 after three years it must repay 33 percent

3 of it's abatement. It seems curious to me

4 if anyone is policing this. Maybe there is

5 a report that HUD has available or something

6 on that order that would be able to tell us

7 if these things are being followed through

8 on. There is huge amounts of revenue out

9 there that we didn't -- probably should be

10 aware of where it's at if we are able to

11 collect them or monitor them in some form.

12 I believe even the Scranton Times reported

13 part of that is to meet the KOZ eligibility

14 they must increase their full-time

15 employment by at least 20 percent in their

16 first full year in a KOZ or make capital

17 investment equal to 10 percent of their

18 previous year's gross revenues.

19 This is another thing that should

20 definitely be policed. So, if you would

21 kindly look into that for us I would

22 appreciate that. Another thing that was

23 mentioned in this article is that there are

24 26 new businesses. I was wondering if we

25 could get a list of those businesses. In


1 fact, one of the names they mentioned Pizano

2 Vending that is not a new business. It was

3 granted a KOZ, however, but it is not a new

4 business. In fact, I believe he has the

5 vending machines in the police building

6 where they used to be union vending machines

7 and went back to nonprofits, now they go to

8 a profit making company.

9 I had some questions for

10 Mrs. Fanucci, even though she is not here

11 maybe they could become part of the record

12 anyway, I would like to ask her since she

13 said last week that we could have her bring

14 anything back to Powell since she is our

15 liaison to them. There is a potentially

16 huge source of revenue in the single tax

17 office. I would ask her to have Powell

18 investigate how the single tax office

19 collects mercantile and wage taxes

20 especially the delinquencies. Of particular

21 interest would be the fact that they may be

22 discriminating by selectively enforcing this

23 tax collection. This would not only benefit

24 the city but also the school districts since

25 they collect for both entities.


1 And I have something another remark

2 here to make, it's not personal against

3 Mrs. Fanucci, I made the same remark to

4 Mr. Murphy when he was on Councill, last

5 week Mrs. Fanucci told me that she was

6 employed by the state and the --

7 MS. FANUCCI: I'm just running in.

8 MS. KRAKE: There is a conflict of

9 interest as she is the city's liaison,

10 Governor Rendell is her boss whom ultimately

11 Powell is also responsible to. Truly the

12 situation is much graver than a conflict of

13 interest, however, federal law prohibits

14 state employees from holding an elected

15 office, so I hope she would kindly consider

16 this fact and decide which she would rather

17 be, employed by the state or on city

18 council. Thank you.

19 MS. FANUCCI: I could respond to this

20 now, my position with the state was second

21 compared to my position with council. I had

22 clarified all of that through the state

23 before I took the job which would have been

24 the smart thing to do, and I'm sure that you

25 have done your homework on that, and found


1 out that my position does not hold any water

2 when it comes to financial or any monies

3 that come into the city, it's pretty much

4 clerical and dealing with constituent

5 inquiries and things of that nature which is

6 not really something that would, you know,

7 benefit or lose the city anything, so that

8 has already been cleared through the state

9 and that is why I took the position.

10 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else care to

11 speak?

12 MR. GERVASI: Good evening, City

13 Council. My name is Dave Gervasi,

14 firefighter, taxpayer, homeowner. I'm just

15 very quick tonight. Again, Mrs. Fanucci, no

16 disrespect intended from the comments last

17 week, but last week my comments did have to

18 do with city business and you have to

19 understand I don't know if you have ever

20 been in a situation where the Scranton Times

21 have been totally biased against people that

22 you represent, but this is the only forum

23 that we have to actually bring accurate and

24 fair and truthful news and information to

25 the public. And the only comment I have


1 tonight is another editorial, if you want to

2 call it that, that we are berating this

3 council for even questioning appealing the

4 police and firefighters' arbitration awards.

5 I believe they said there is only two

6 choices to reduce services or raise taxes,

7 so the only choice would be to appeal it.

8 Well, again the Scranton Times, as they

9 always do, fails to realize that there are

10 other alternatives. We have talked about

11 alternatives for the past five years like

12 negotiating, like going after the

13 delinquencies, like Mr. Murphy said when he

14 was council president by tightening our

15 belts from the top down since the top is now

16 bloated, not the employees, which that may

17 have been the case 20 years ago it's no

18 longer the case, and as a gentleman said

19 when you call here you get answering

20 machines, we are lean and mean right now as

21 far as the workers, management has

22 ballooned, so our opinion is that we didn't

23 win this arbitration by any way, shape or

24 form. The mayor has a ton of management

25 rights. The mayor can close fire houses.


1 The mayor can reduce the amount of

2 firefighters, it's not exactly a win on our

3 side, but to say that the only alternative

4 is to appeal this like they are going to win

5 something more than they already have won I

6 think it's kind ridiculous and I think the

7 newspaper if they wanted to be fair they

8 would actually look into alternatives that

9 we have all talked about, ways to raise

10 revenue without hurting our taxpayers, ways

11 to clean up the play to pay politics, way to

12 bid out contracts to get your best deal,

13 ways to not hire political contributors to

14 higher paying wages than lower paying

15 unionized women did in those positions.

16 This is nothing but pay to play and

17 patronage and if you see it any other way

18 you are fooling yourself and you are in

19 denial, so until the mayor is serious about

20 going after delinquencies, until he is

21 serious about not giving away no show jobs

22 at higher rates that people he laid off we

23 are not talking to him, we are not backing

24 up and he is not going to be able to fool a

25 judge. So if he is smart he would probably


1 sit down and negotiate something, but giving

2 is a two-way street and we are not going to

3 pay for his mistakes. He is the one who

4 trimmed our debt when the police and

5 firefighters have gotten nothing.

6 Absolutely nothing. So you could spin

7 anyway you want, the newspaper can spin it

8 anyway they want, we didn't get anything.

9 We didn't cause this debt and everything has

10 been status quo for the last five years so

11 however they want to spin it that's fine,

12 but it's not the truth, it's not accurate

13 and it's a bunch of baloney. Thank you very

14 much for letting me speak.

15 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else?

16 MR. ANCHERANI: Good evening,

17 council. I'm Nelson Ancherani, resident and

18 taxpayer, city employee, financial secretary

19 of the FOP. I, again, came here to exercise

20 my right to free speech under the First

21 Amendment. I really thought it was going to

22 be a quiet day for me that I wasn't going to

23 say anything at all tonight, but that all

24 changed when I saw the editorial from the

25 Times/Tribune on the Internet. I'm going to


1 quote from part of it and then I'll speak

2 about that, "Like the horde of barbarians on

3 those Capital One credit card commercials

4 the legion doom that appears regularly at

5 Scranton City Council meetings is far

6 noisier than it is effective."

7 It looks like the regulars at city

8 council got a new name, legion of doom, I

9 like it, I don't know, I don't know what

10 they think, but I like it. The legion of

11 doom tells the truth when they speak at the

12 podium. If the truth is noisy, so be it.

13 What is quite about a 240 million dollar

14 plus debt for the next 28 years that the

15 poor, quiet and meek taxpayers are going to

16 have to pay? As for effective, a number of

17 years ago there were a few regular speakers

18 at council meetings. Some names that come

19 back to my mind are Joe Clifford, I remember

20 Jack is back, but I can't remember his last

21 name and Dick Lasky, they told it like it

22 was and started getting some more people

23 interested in what was going on in the city

24 and how taxpayer money was being spent.

25 That feeling of interest has now grown to


1 much more people attending council meetings

2 and speaking out on subjects that concern

3 me. The legion of doom former council

4 crazies have been asking more and more

5 questions and from this council and the

6 former council are getting answers so why is

7 it not effective? People want to know what

8 is going on in their government. They don't

9 want to be in the dark ages with a horde of

10 barbarians on those Capital One credit card

11 commercials.

12 Another quote, I'll take another

13 part, "Armed with personal animosity, axes

14 to grind, blind partisanship and a total

15 disregard for inconvenient facts."

16 I see something different from these

17 editorials to hide behind Halloween masks

18 and don't have the courage to sign your

19 names to the editorials. I, along with

20 other speakers, come here with facts about

21 how they union has helped the city out in

22 years past when the city cried poverty. I

23 don't see the newspaper coming to our

24 defense so the editorials call it personal

25 animosity or axes to grind. No, I call it


1 getting the other side of the story. There

2 are two sides to every story.

3 Total disregard or inconvenient

4 facts. We tell the truth when we are at

5 this podium, so, yes, truth hurts, but who

6 does the truth hurt? It doesn't hurt the

7 people telling it. If the newspaper tells

8 one side of the story, example again, city

9 distressed, but doesn't tell the other side

10 of the union stories who have in the past

11 helped out and were willing to help out time

12 after time, I feel compelled to tell our

13 side. If the newspaper prints one side and

14 there is no rebuttal how are people supposed

15 to make a decision as to who is right or

16 wrong? What we speak are the facts so what

17 if they are inconvenient, who are they

18 inconvenient too?

19 "Regulars lineup at the microphone

20 to falsely and gleefully depict their city

21 as a latter-day Black Hole of Calcutta."

22 Again, we speakers are telling the

23 truth. You tell me -- they tell me we can't

24 depict our city of latter-day Black Hole of

25 Calcutta. We owe 240 million plus over the


1 next 28 years. Our grandchildren are going

2 to be paying off that debt. The next mayor

3 is going to be blamed for taxes that are

4 going to be raised to pay that off. There

5 will be substantial taxes, it's coming. So,

6 that is it where our money went into the

7 black hole of Scranton. This is just one of

8 the numerous examples, we could be here all

9 night if I was trying to list the rest of

10 them, but thank you.

11 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

12 MR. LIPTAI: Good evening, city

13 council. Jack Liptai, city resident, city

14 inspector. I'd like to refute a few

15 comments that were made last week by one of

16 the speakers. He said that DPW was picking

17 up garbage in the Hill Section from the

18 students. Well, the past two weeks myself

19 and several other inspectors along with

20 several county officers have gone up to the

21 Hill Section to notify the property owners

22 that their garbage had to be removed.

23 The speaker also had indicated that

24 he had called my office and left a message

25 for me to call him. I called him numerous


1 times and was unable to make contact with

2 him. He had said that we had -- or that I

3 had issued a citation. No. What I said in

4 the letter I left at his home was that if he

5 didn't comply with the removal of the

6 garbage a citation would be issued. I went

7 back to his residence today, the garbage is

8 still there and I'm going on record to say

9 right now that if it's not removed by the

10 end of the weekend I will be filing a

11 citation, so I just wanted to clarify those

12 few points. Thank you very much.

13 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Liptai, I just have

14 a question.

15 MR. LIPTAI: Yes.

16 MS. GATELLI: Is the stuff that's

17 there near the curb?

18 MR. LIPTAI: Yes, it's near the curb

19 line. It's a combination of couches, chairs

20 appliances, television sets, nothing that

21 most people leave out and on a weekly basis,

22 and we had a similar situation in East

23 Mountain, a complaint had come in about

24 somebody their aunt had passed away, they

25 needed to have the garbage removed, they had


1 piled it out and the garbage man did not

2 pick it up, we went up and notified the

3 owners they got a dumpster and they had to

4 remove it themselves, so that that's the

5 normal policy and procedures.

6 MS. GATELLI: What do we do in the

7 case if you person can't afford a dumpster?

8 I mean, I was under the impression that

9 maybe they wouldn't pick it up that much,

10 you know, if there an excess amount, but if

11 you put a chair out or, you know, couch out

12 that they would pick it up because there is

13 no spring cleanups anymore.

14 MR. LIPTAI: Right, but he literally

15 emptied his entire home and if it was just a

16 few items on a weekly basis, yes, I'm sure

17 DPW would have made arrangements to pick it

18 up.

19 MS. GATELLI: Okay. Thank you very

20 much. Anyone else?

21 MS. GARVEY: 5-A motions.

22 MS. GATELLI: Mrs. Evans?

23 MS. EVANS: First, good evening.

24 There is a very special gentleman at the

25 Dunmore Health Care Center who watches city


1 council devotedly each day and I just wanted

2 to say, "Hi, Cy," and thanks for watching as

3 you do.

4 Mrs. Krake, with regard to the

5 questions you posed earlier, I'm assuming

6 that you were specifically referring to

7 Southern Union? I do recall Mr. Namey

8 having addressed council at a public caucus

9 meeting and stating that each of the KOZ's

10 and's KOEZ's, of which there is no great

11 difference, are required to submit an

12 application form yearly, in other words, to

13 reapply for their status and that, of

14 course, is submitted to the state. The

15 state also employs a monitoring department

16 whose job it is to do just that, monitor the

17 KOZ's.

18 Now, when city council sent a letter

19 requesting that the monitoring department

20 visit Scranton and examine Southern Union

21 the response received was that it was the

22 city's responsibility first to determine all

23 of that information. Thereafter, a letter

24 was sent to a executive of Southern Union

25 posing precisely the questions that you


1 raised this evening and to date no response

2 has been received, so it seems very

3 difficult for the city to accurately monitor

4 the situation and the state appears to be

5 shirking it's responsibility.

6 At last week's council meeting Mrs.

7 Gatelli made some statements that require my

8 clarification tonight. When I ran for

9 reelection to city council in 2005 I had a

10 few campaign parties, Sloan Little League

11 members attended one of those parties and

12 purchased six tickets at $25 each rather

13 than paying individually one check for six

14 tickets equalling $150 was written. Little

15 league members also attended this party in

16 the hope of discussing their field with

17 school directors who were also present at my

18 party as was Mr. Dibileo, Mr. Courtright and

19 very likely Mrs. Gatelli who was also

20 running for city council at this time. So

21 the campaign contribution Mrs. Gatelli

22 alluded to last Thursday was a $150

23 donation, not contribution, for six tickets.

24 Mrs. Gatelli also stated that Sloan

25 Little League would have an unfair advantage


1 over the school district if they were

2 granted a three-year lease. Now, can you

3 imagine maybe 100 hard-working average

4 people from West Scranton having an unfair

5 advantage over 100 million dollar school

6 district? If weren't so ludicrous it would

7 be laughable. Here is the bottom line, I'm

8 not running for relection to city council.

9 I was not bought with six party tickets. My

10 job as a councilwoman is to fight for the

11 people. I see a David versus Goliath

12 situation here and the little people, in

13 other words, versus the biggest, most

14 powerful governing and taxing body in

15 Scranton, the school district. Sloan needs

16 help and protection and I am making certain

17 that they get just that and that they get a

18 fair shake.

19 And if I may, here are the other

20 donations I have received from Sloan, two

21 baseballs. This one was thrown out by me as

22 the first pitch of the season in 2005 and

23 it's signed by all of the girls on one of

24 the Sloan Baseball Association softball

25 teams. This ball represents the first pitch


1 to be thrown out in the 2006 season which

2 was very recently, and I only have one

3 signature on this, but it's a little leaguer

4 Cameron Williams.

5 Now, I also have this week's citizen

6 requests, Wood Street and North Rebecca

7 Avenue there is a vacant lot which serves as

8 a dumping ground and it has become an

9 eyesore to neighbors. The owner died long

10 ago and the lot is owned by the estate.

11 However, the city has been unable to locate

12 any of the survivors. Could the city go to

13 Court to take it over and then sell the

14 property so that it might be maintained in

15 the proper fashion?

16 Across the street from 2904 Cedar

17 Avenue there is empty lot which is city

18 owned. It's extremely overgrown and

19 littered with bottles and rubbish, please

20 address ASAP.

21 1707 Lafayette Street neighbors

22 report that this rental property is littered

23 with garbage and that a tree still remains

24 down on the property. Please send an

25 inspector.


1 I read these requests weekly because

2 I want the work done and this system has

3 most often proved successful. I don't

4 publically report the completed work because

5 the residents e-mail or call me to report

6 that their problems have been solved and,

7 frankly, that's all I need. Thank you.

8 That's it.

9 MS. GATELLI: Mrs. Fanucci?

10 MS. FANUCCI: Yes. I only have two

11 things to report tonight, but before I start

12 I'm going to make a motion that we start

13 adhering to our rules. When someone is in

14 the middle of motions that they have the

15 time which we all deserve and we respect

16 each other during our motions so that we can

17 get across what we need to do, so I'm going

18 to do it the form of a motion and I'd like

19 to make a motion that during a motion other

20 council members respect when other people

21 are speaking and let them have the time that

22 they deserve which is in our rules.

23 MR. COURTRIGHT: I'll second that.

24 MS. FANUCCI: Thank you.

25 MS. GATELLI: On the question?


1 MS. EVANS: That is in our rules?

2 MS. FANUCCI: Yeah.

3 MS. EVANS: Well, if it's in our

4 rules that I don't think we need a motion.

5 MS. FANUCCI: Well, then we need to

6 adhere to it.

7 MS. EVANS: Oh, I agree.

8 MS. FANUCCI: I make a motion that we

9 should adhere to it.

10 MS. GATELLI: All in favor? Aye.

11 MS. EVANS: Aye.

12 MS. FANUCCI: Aye.



15 MS. GATELLI: Opposed? The ayes

16 have it and so moved.

17 MS. FANUCCI: And second I just want

18 to talk about the art in the park program,

19 and he always leave when I have something to

20 say. We are meeting with the director of

21 Art to Heart to try to come together to do

22 one program to see if we have something.

23 Now, I don't think that they are going to be

24 doing the laniards that they were talking

25 about earlier, but to do some type of


1 project that the children that could do

2 something in the park so that actually will

3 be theirs forever, some type of art that

4 will be there to say, "This is what we have

5 done," but they have not done anything

6 formally. Supposedly, from what I hard,

7 this is going to happen this week so we have

8 something concrete next week to report on

9 this whole project and that's really all I

10 have.

11 MS. GATELLI: Mr. McTiernan?

12 MR. MCTIERNAN: Thank you, Mrs.

13 Gatelli. Two weeks ago I made some comments

14 regarding the Scranton school districts and

15 the Sloan little league discussions

16 regarding their fields and I spent so much

17 time trying to make sure that I didn't

18 offend anybody my marks were almost

19 intelligible, I had a chance to read them

20 back, so I need clarify a few things. First

21 of all, I need to apologize to the folks who

22 volunteer at the Sloan Little League because

23 the little league field and the surrounding

24 buildings are in good shape. My remarks

25 were solely directed at the teener league


1 field which I still do believe is in need of

2 work.

3 Second of all, I probably need to

4 say that my position was and still remains a

5 mutually beneficial agreement between the

6 school district and the little league and

7 that is my hope that their continued

8 negotiations lead them in that direction and

9 that is all I have, Mrs. Gatelli.

10 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Courtright?

11 MR. COURTRIGHT: Yes. Last week I

12 heard Mr. Parker said there was a traffic

13 study in the intersection of Railroad and

14 Broadway and Mrs. Evans asked when was the

15 study done. I spoke with Mr. Parker the

16 next morning and he said it was done this

17 past winter, so it must have been a recent

18 study. Also, last week, and it's been

19 brought up in the past not just last week,

20 about the Sewer Authority and, obviously,

21 now we owe a lot of money because we didn't

22 follow through on a deal we had with the

23 water company and I think what I'm going to

24 do is, because this has been brought up, and

25 I don't know if it's a good idea or bad idea


1 but I'm going to call Mr. Barrett and ask

2 him would the sewer authority consider

3 putting it out for bid now and if you would

4 bring that before this board and see if it's

5 something they might want to do, does he

6 think it's a good idea, does he think it

7 would save the taxpayers' money? So he has

8 been there a long time, I'll ask for his

9 input on that and maybe that's what might

10 end up happening if it can benefit the city

11 then I'd be for it, so I'm going to give him

12 a call and ask him what he thinks about

13 that.

14 I got calls on the nine and ten

15 hundred block of South Ninth Avenue, cars

16 traveling in the wrong direction, the police

17 have been checking on it and they will

18 continue to check to know.

19 And I spoke to Lori Reed today from

20 OECD on a different matter, but I asked her

21 about something that I have been bringing up

22 quite a bit that was money from the south

23 side stealers field for irrigation and she

24 said she would forward that to who it needed

25 before I will get a call back from other


1 person there and Mr. Calson will follow-up

2 on that.

3 And one last thing, I think

4 everybody knows from day one my position on

5 paying for swimming. I wasn't in favor of

6 it, and it doesn't appear that's going to go

7 away, but what I would ask is because I have

8 been told this all along that no one will be

9 turned away. If your child and you get

10 turned away this summer I wish you would

11 call me or e-mail so we can rectify me

12 because it doesn't appear that this swimming

13 fee is going to go away so let's just make

14 sure no one does get turned away, so whether

15 you want to call me or e-mail me if you get

16 turned away and we'll see if we can't remedy

17 that situation because I don't believe

18 anybody should get turned away, and that's

19 all I have, thank you.

20 MS. GATELLI: I just have one thing,

21 I'd like to make a motion that we eliminate

22 the fee for swimming at the city pools.

23 MS. EVANS: I'll second that.

24 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

25 in favor?



2 MS. EVANS: Aye.


4 MS. GATELLI: Opposed?


6 MS. GATELLI: Could we have a roll

7 call, Neil, just to clarify?

8 MS. EVANS: Before we do though, do

9 you mean all including Nay Aug or just our

10 neighborhood --

11 MS. GATELLI: I don't think we can

12 include Nay Aug because I think that comes

13 under the Rec Authority, I don't think we

14 have jurisdiction there, so it would just be

15 at Reston.

16 MR. MCTIERNAN: I didn't understand

17 the motion.

18 MS. EVANS: The neighborhood pools

19 would no longer be charging.

20 MS. GATELLI: Would have free

21 swimming.

22 MS. FANUCCI: Neighborhood pools?

23 MS. GATELLI: Yes. Does everyone

24 understand that motion now?

25 MS. FANUCCI: Yes.


1 MS. GATELLI: Just the neighborhood

2 pools.

3 MS. EVANS: I would like to see Nay

4 Aug included as well, but Mrs. Gatelli

5 raises a valid point, that is controlled by

6 the Recreation Authority and so I think it's

7 a wonderful, wonderful first step to take to

8 eliminate the swimming fee throughout the

9 neighborhoods and I am going to vote in

10 favor of it.

11 MS. GATELLI: Roll call.

12 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

13 MS. EVANS: Yes.

14 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci?

15 MS. FANUCCI: Yes.

16 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McTiernan?


18 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?


20 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli?

21 MS. GATELLI: Yes. And I would just

22 like to say that I apologize for getting

23 into a conflict last week with Mrs. Evans.

24 I don't normally like to do that. I do

25 apologize. However, when someone questions


1 my integrity I get a little uptight about

2 it, so I think that if we all try to respect

3 each other up here as collegues, we are all

4 colleagues. Everybody up here is trying to

5 do the right thing, we may have a different

6 angle of getting at a solution, but we are

7 all here, I'm sure, for the right reasons,

8 and all of us may have little different

9 interests from one another and, you know,

10 sometimes that leads us to conflict, but I

11 think that as council people we need to set

12 the example for everyone else, for the

13 junior council, for the people that speak

14 here, we need to be the role models and I

15 think that if we have anything to say to

16 each other that maybe we can start a

17 dialogue with each other, calling each other

18 on the phone, discussing things before we

19 get out here on the days and maybe it would

20 stop some of the bickering that goes on

21 among each other. I respect all of my

22 colleagues up here and we all have the same

23 goal in mind. So, I do apologize for going

24 a little off the handle last week, but, like

25 I said, when I feel like I'm in a corner I


1 don't have anyway to respond but to try to

2 defend myself and my reputation. So, I do

3 apologize Mrs. Evans --

4 MS. EVANS: Thank you.

5 MS. GATELLI: -- for having that

6 little conflict with you and I hope that we

7 can see eye-to-eye with all of us up here

8 and we all have the same goal and let's

9 please try to work together and that's all I

10 have. Mrs. Garvey.










20 MS. GATELLI: At this time I'll

21 entertain a motion that item 5-B be

22 introduced.

23 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.

24 MS. FANUCCI: Second.

25 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All


1 those in favor? Aye.

2 MS. EVANS: Aye.




6 MS. GATELLI: Opposed? The ayes

7 have it and so moved.

8 MR. COURTRIGHT: Mrs. Garvey, before

9 you read 5-C I'd like to make a motion that

10 we table 5-C.

11 MR. MCTIERNAN: Second.

12 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

13 in favor? Aye.

14 MS. EVANS: Aye.

15 MS. FANUCCI: Aye.



18 MS. GATELLI: Opposed? The ayes

19 have it and so moved.

20 MS. GARVEY: Sixth order, no business

21 at this time.

22 Seventh order. FOR CONSIDERATION














10 MS. GATELLI: As chairperson for the

11 Committee on Rules I recommend final passage

12 of 7-A.

13 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

14 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll

15 call.

16 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

17 MS. EVANS: Yes.

18 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci?

19 MS. FANUCCI: Yes.

20 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McTiernan?

21 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?


23 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli?

24 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

25 7-A legally and lawfully adopted.









8 OF $800.

9 MS. GATELLI: What is the

10 recommendation of the Chairperson on

11 Finance?

12 MR. MCTIERNAN: I recommend final

13 passage of Item 7-B.

14 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

15 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll

16 call.

17 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

18 MS. EVANS: Yes.

19 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci?

20 MS. FANUCCI: Yes.

21 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McTiernan?

22 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?


24 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli?

25 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare


1 7-B legally and lawfully adopted.












13 MS. GATELLI: What is the

14 recommendation of the Chairperson on Public

15 Works?

16 MS. EVANS: As chair for the

17 Committee on Public Works I recommend final

18 passage of Item 7-C.

19 MR. MCTIERNAN: Second.

20 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll

21 call.

22 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

23 MS. EVANS: Yes.

24 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci?

25 MS. FANUCCI: Yes.


1 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McTiernan?


3 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?


5 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli?

6 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

7 7-C legally and lawfully adopted.









16 MS. GATELLI: As the chairperson for

17 the committee on rules I recommend final

18 passage of 7-D.

19 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

20 MS. GATELLI: On the question?

21 MS. FANUCCI: I have some issues with

22 this. I have struggled over even discussing

23 this because I just can't -- I don't know

24 exactly how to approach it, but I'm going to

25 say some things that I really can't believe


1 I'm going to say, this contract is extremely

2 important to us as taxpayers, we all know

3 that because we are the ones who are going

4 to have to bail the pension fund if this

5 goes through. I do not have a problem with

6 any of the participants, my problem is the

7 fact that Mrs. Evans is going to vote on

8 this and I can tell you why, do you feel

9 that you have promised your vote in support

10 of this before this vote has come down?

11 MS. EVANS: Have I promised my vote

12 to whom?

13 MS. FANUCCI: To the unions. To the

14 union representatives, this vote?

15 MS. EVANS: I'm sure they are aware

16 I'm in favor of this, yes.

17 MS. FANUCCI: How long ago have you

18 made this promise?

19 MS. EVANS: Oh, probably since, oh,

20 honestly I can't remember, but I think it

21 dates back to 2005.

22 MS. FANUCCI: Right. My problem is

23 that you made a promised for a vote in lieu

24 of support. You had asked for the union to

25 support you for your vote.


1 MS. EVANS: Support me in what?

2 MS. FANUCCI: In your election, in

3 your life and everything that you have been

4 doing. "My vote will be your vote for

5 choice of pension manager."

6 MS. EVANS: Can I see that?

7 MS. FANUCCI: Yeah, it's in your

8 campaign. It signed by your campaign in

9 black and white with the words, you know,

10 elected and approved by Janet Tomko-Evans.

11 MS. EVANS: Um --

12 MS. FANUCCI: Wait one second. You

13 said, "I will support your choice for

14 pension manager in March." The vote has

15 come down today and you said, "My vote is

16 your vote," so you are promising all of the

17 city unionized employees your vote. Now,

18 and you know I really don't have a problem

19 with accepting contributions and voting

20 because that's what they do, I have a

21 problem with a promise of your vote. I have

22 a problem with, you know, you being signed,

23 sealed and delivered. I have a problem that

24 every meeting I sit here and listen to paid

25 to play politics. I hear all the time, you


1 know, this is what we you are doing, you are

2 signed, sealed and delivered. You are paid

3 to play, your promise in exchange of. This

4 is what we do constantly and this is what

5 has been harped on since I started here,

6 every speaker does come up and that's what I

7 hear, you know, this is what we do, this is

8 who we are. I do, I have a major problem

9 with it and I'm going to ask you to abstain

10 from the vote and that's all. That's all I

11 have.

12 MS. EVANS: Well, if I could provide

13 the information that was significantly taken

14 out of context. This is an ad in the Union

15 News that says, "I am proud to be an active

16 union member," which, indeed, I am and I

17 have been one for 21 years and my son is a

18 union member, and my daughter is a union

19 member, and my father had been a union

20 member, unions represent the hard working

21 middle class people of America who are the

22 backbone of this country.

23 MS. FANUCCI: No doubt. No doubt.

24 Absolutely. No doubt.

25 MS. EVANS: Absolutely, and in the ad


1 I state that I have been an active union

2 member, exactly what I have said to you. I

3 also list the ways in which I supported

4 unions such as provided 55,000 to hire

5 additional neighborhood police officers --

6 MS. FANUCCI: It's not your resume

7 I'm worried about, it's the voting, "My vote

8 is your vote" that is my problem. It has

9 nothing to with -- I know all of the

10 wonderful things you have done for the

11 unions and I bet they appreciate all of the

12 things you have done for them. The problem

13 is your promise of your vote for this

14 legislation.

15 MS. EVANS: Are you finished?

16 MS. FANUCCI: Probably not, but, go

17 ahead.

18 MS. EVANS: Well, just so that you

19 won't interrupt again.

20 MS. FANUCCI: This is my motion.

21 MS. EVANS: Well, in addition to

22 that, fought for videocameras on Scranton

23 DPW trucks. Fought to fund purchases of

24 much needed Scranton police vehicles. I

25 think these are causes that directly benefit


1 the people of the City of Scranton because

2 we are talking about their public safety.

3 Now, in my final paragraph I do say, "I once

4 again seek your support and renew my pledge

5 that my vote will be your vote," and that

6 has been a campaign slogan of mine since

7 2003 when I first made the pledge to all of

8 the people of the City of Scranton and that

9 includes all of the union members who reside

10 in Scranton and pay Scranton taxes my vote

11 will be your vote and I proudly say that

12 again tonight, my vote will be your vote and

13 that represents thousands and thousands of

14 people rather than one person who makes

15 significant contributions to gain himself

16 close to a million dollars in business off

17 the backs of the taxpayers of this city.

18 Now, I have --

19 MS. FANUCCI: What does this have to

20 do with --

21 MS. EVANS: I am aware of the union's

22 choice of Mellon Bank since your being

23 seated on this council. I sat down with

24 that board and everyone involved and I

25 looked at the facts and figures and I was


1 convinced that the smartest thing to do was,

2 indeed, to hire the lowest responsible

3 pension manager. In other words, the lowest

4 responsible bidder and that company was well

5 represented at that day last week.

6 Now, there is an effort afoot to

7 give this business to companies that are not

8 the lowest responsible bidders and that,

9 once again, involves big campaign

10 contributions and politics in this City of

11 Scranton.


13 MS. EVANS: No? Because there isn't

14 any one person out there that can say, "He

15 gave me $500. She gave me a $1,000 to make

16 sure this was would happen.

17 We have a mayor, for example, who took

18 a million dollars in contributions. Now,

19 you tell me is he going to represent the

20 70,000 people and the union members of

21 Scranton on is he going to represent the

22 million dollars worth of contributors?

23 Now, I'm not going to allow you to

24 taint something like this because we are not

25 talking about one individual, we are talking


1 about all of the people of Scranton. Yes,

2 we are talking about all of the unions and,

3 in fact, we are talking about all of the

4 people of the City of Scranton who pay those

5 unions and I say, once again, unequivocally,

6 my vote is your vote and I will be voting.

7 MS. FANUCCI: Well, after all of

8 that, and I understand exactly what you are

9 saying about how you believe that this goes

10 down, you have promised in lieu of support.

11 You promised your vote, so whether or not

12 you think that that isn't something to take

13 light of and the unions, as wonderful as

14 they are, the city unions are not the 70,000

15 people in the. City, there are other people

16 to be considering and I don't see how you

17 can say to have a special interest group

18 already bought and paid for and you already

19 decided in March with the special interest

20 group --

21 MS. EVANS: No.

22 MS. FANUCCI: That you are still

23 representing the seniors and the children

24 and everyone else out there who deserves the

25 opportunity to also have your vote.


1 MS. EVANS: And they always have and

2 they know it and they know how I fight for

3 them, but, in fact --

4 MS. FANUCCI: I don't understand.

5 MS. EVANS: -- I'll correct you, I

6 pretty much had made that decision in 2005,

7 as I said, and when I cast this vote I am,

8 in fact, protecting all of the people of the

9 city. I'm saving them money by choosing the

10 lowest responsible bidder. Now, if you

11 would like the highest bidder and know that

12 you're costing everyone who sits out there

13 extra money be my guest.

14 MS. FANUCCI: My problem is not with

15 Mellon Bank. My problem is with you voting.

16 MS. EVANS: Well, I think you have

17 had a problem with this for weeks and weeks

18 and weeks.

19 MS. GATELLI: May I please interrupt?

20 MS. EVANS: Be my guest.

21 MS. GATELLI: It seems that we have

22 had several of these since we've got here

23 people saying, you know, you have a conflict

24 because you took a contribution, I said it

25 myself last week to Mrs. Evans so, Attorney


1 Minora, could you give us a legal opinion

2 next week written as to exactly what we have

3 to do abstain from?

4 MR. MINORA: Well, I can tell you

5 that obtaining a campaign contribution does

6 not disqualify you from voting on an issue

7 for that contributor. You have a conflict

8 when you have a direct financial interest in

9 the outcome, that's a conflict. There is

10 ethics rulings to that effect --

11 MS. EVANS: So, in other words, if I

12 work for Mellon.

13 MR. MINORA: Yeah, if you work for

14 Mellon Bank.

15 MS. EVANS: And I vote on this.

16 MR. MINORA: Yes.

17 MS. EVANS: That is a conflict of

18 interest?

19 MR. MINORA: Well, not necessarily if

20 you work for them --

21 MS. EVANS: Well, if I were a

22 shareholder?

23 MR. MINORA: If you have a direct

24 financial interest. Mellon is an awfully

25 big bank so I'm not sure having --being a


1 shareholder would be direct, but if it were

2 a small corporation and you were one of two

3 or three shareholders where you would

4 receive a direct financial benefit I think

5 that would be a different story.

6 MS. FANUCCI: How about the promise,

7 the promise of a vote in lieu of something

8 else? I mean, you are selling your vote.

9 My problem is not the contributions, we all

10 need contributions to get here, I said that

11 from day one, I mean, none of us would be

12 able to sit here if we didn't have

13 contributions, my problem is not the

14 contribution, my problem is the fact that

15 it's a promise of a vote for a contribution.

16 MR. MINORA: I don't believe that

17 that would be a conflict of interest. I

18 think promising your vote as a matter of

19 conscience is fine. I just don't see a

20 problem with that. It is the same as a

21 contribution from a contributor a supporter

22 unless you have a direct financial interest,

23 that's when a conflict always, always

24 arises.

25 MS. GATELLI: Thank you, Attorney


1 Minora.

2 MS. FANUCCI: You don't believe

3 ethically that this is a problem?

4 MR. MINORA: I do not.

5 MS. FANUCCI: Okay. All right.

6 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

7 MS. EVANS: And I'll be happy to

8 bring copies of other advertisements that

9 have appeared in the Scranton Times where I

10 have pledged by vote would be the vote of

11 all of the citizens of Scranton.

12 MS. FANUCCI: Well, Mrs. Evans, I

13 just took your lead on this, you know? I

14 mean, this is how we started off and I had

15 said from day one I have never promised

16 anything for anything, but to promise

17 something I would feel is wrong and I'm

18 going to feel it's wrong always because to

19 me you need to look at everything in a whole

20 and to already say, yes, is definitely a

21 problem to me. Do I not support the unions?

22 Absolutely not. That has nothing to do with

23 it. It's not a union issue. It was not

24 supposed to not be an issue from what I

25 remember saying from day one that the Union


1 Pension Board was not an issue, it was for

2 everyone, but when I looked at this I

3 thought it must be a union issue, it has to

4 be only a union issue even though there were

5 other people involved. That was a special

6 interest group to me. That was offensive to

7 me and that that's all -- that was the only

8 reason that triggered this off. I thought,

9 you know, I don't know how anyone can sit

10 here and say when you are promising

11 something that was my problem. But, I mean,

12 that's your decision to make, that is your,

13 you know, you are the one that has to do

14 that just like I had to do it when it was

15 me.

16 MS. GATELLI: We have a legal opinion

17 now.

18 MS. FANUCCI: And we have a legal

19 opinion now, that's fine. It did bother me

20 and whether or not, I mean, the vote is not

21 changing, so --

22 MS. EVANS: I, frankly, have to tell

23 you I found it very offensive to take

24 sizable contributions from an individual and

25 then give him a $100,000 contract.


1 MS. FANUCCI: Right, there is an 80

2 million dollar contact with contributions

3 from people who are directly, AFSCME, and

4 all of the other unions up there this is

5 directly from them and they even said --

6 MS. EVANS: It's their money.

7 MS. FANUCCI: They contribute to

8 your campaign, too.

9 MS. EVANS: Yes.

10 MS. FANUCCI: It's only the same so

11 it is 80 million, so, yeah, you are right it

12 is a few hundred thousand as opposed to 80

13 million so --

14 MS. EVANS: I know, it's only one man

15 getting a million dollars versus, I don't

16 know how many thousands with their pension

17 fund.

18 MS. FANUCCI: Okay.

19 MS. EVANS: And, you know, it was

20 handed out on a silver platter and continued

21 to remain that way even without the approval

22 of city council.

23 MS. FANUCCI: And yet he wasn't

24 promised a vote, isn't that amazing?

25 MS. EVANS: I don't know.


1 MS. FANUCCI: It wasn't.

2 MS. EVANS: I don't think he

3 contributed to too many people sitting here.

4 MS. FANUCCI: Well, the unions didn't

5 contribute to me and I'm still voting on

6 their stuff, you know? I didn't make a

7 promise, I'm still voting, but --

8 MS. GATELLI: They gave to me. I

9 don't have to abstain, do I?

10 MS. FANUCCI: Did you promise?

11 MS. GATELLI: No. All right, can we

12 move on? Thank you. I forget where we were

13 at now. Call the question?

14 MR. MINORA: Call the question.

15 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else on the

16 question? Roll call?

17 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

18 MS. EVANS: Yes.

19 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci?


21 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McTiernan?


23 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?


25 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli?


1 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby 7-D

2 legally and unlawfully adopted.














16 MS. GATELLI: What is the

17 recommendation of the chair on public works?

18 MS. EVANS: As chair for the

19 Committee on Public Works I recommend final

20 passage of Item 7-E.

21 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

22 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll

23 call?

24 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans?

25 MS. EVANS: Yes.


1 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci?


3 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McTiernan?


5 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright?


7 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli?

8 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

9 7-E legally and lawfully adopted. Do I have

10 a motion to adjourn?

11 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved?

12 MS. GATELLI: Second it? All in

13 favor?

14 MS. EVANS: Aye.

15 MS. FANUCCI: Aye.



18 MS. GATELLI: Adjourned.










2 C E R T I F I C A T E


4 I hereby certify that the proceedings and

5 evidence are contained fully and accurately in the

6 notes of testimony taken by me at the hearing of the

7 above-captioned matter and that the foregoing is a true

8 and correct transcript of the same to the best of my

9 ability.