5 Held:

6 Thursday, February 23, 2006



9 Time:

10 6:30 p.m.



13 Location:

14 Council Chambers

15 Scranton City Hall

16 340 North Washington Avenue

17 Scranton, Pennsylvania






23 Lisa M. Graff, RMR

24 Court Reporter





























1 MS. GATELLI: Okay. Please stand for

2 the Pledge Of Allegiance. Please remain standing for a

3 moment of reflection. Roll call, Neil.

4 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans.

5 MS. EVANS: Here.

6 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci.

7 MS. FANUCCI: Here.

8 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McTiernan.


10 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright.


12 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli.

13 MS. GATELLI: Here.

14 Dispense with the reading of the minute.



17 2006.

18 MS. GATELLI: Are there any comments?

19 If not, received and filed.



22 2006.

23 MS. GATELLI: Are there any comments?

24 If not, received and filed.





3 MS. GATELLI: Are there any comments?

4 If not, received and filed.



7 JANUARY 25, 2006.

8 MS. GATELLI: Are there any comments?

9 If not, received and filed.



12 25, 2006.

13 MS. GATELLI: Any there any comments?

14 If not, received and filed.

15 MS. GARVEY: Clerk's notes. I have a

16 few things tonight. Mrs. Evans' request for no parking

17 signs to be replaced on Railroad Avenue, DPW has

18 reported that that's taken place on February 16.

19 We've also received a letter from OECD

20 regarding Mrs. Evans' questions about funds for the

21 clock for Providence Square.

22 They stated that the only funds they

23 have available are federal funds, and in order to

24 comply with the requirements of these funds, North

25 Scranton Neighborhood Association will need to enter


1 into a grant agreement with OECD, which is being

2 written by their attorneys at this time.

3 Also under this agreement, North

4 Scranton Neighborhood Association must submit to their

5 office a resolution to give a name of a person

6 authorized to sign the agreement.

7 It also states that if the clock is not

8 purchased and installed within two years, North

9 Scranton Neighborhood Association will be obligated top

10 return the grant money to OECD.

11 And, third, Mrs. Evans questioned about

12 funding for police cars through OECD, they said you

13 must keep in mind that police cars travel to different

14 sections of the city and may not always be in a low

15 mod. income area; therefore, it would not meet the

16 national objective under federal regulations for an

17 area benefit activity. And that's all I have.

18 MS. GATELLI: Thank you, Mrs. Garvey.

19 MS. EVANS: Mrs. Garvey, did she

20 clarify whether she was referring to CDBG or UDAG funds

21 for police cars?

22 MS. GARVEY: No, there was nothing

23 mentioned.

24 MS. EVANS: Thank you.

25 MS. GATELLI: Okay. Before we start


1 with citizens participation, we have some more Junior

2 Councilmen this evening. The numbers are growing in

3 leaps and bounds. It's really wonderful to see that

4 there are so many children involved in our government.

5 I'd like to introduce them all, and if

6 they'd like to say anything, they can step up to the

7 microphone.

8 The first one I'd like to make a motion

9 to appoint the following students, Ian Miller, Bishop

10 Hannon, Cory Jones, Scranton High, Jerome Singleton,

11 West Scranton High School, he brought his own fan club

12 tonight. Mr. Murray's class, history class, of West

13 Scranton High School is all upstairs with us tonight.

14 Thank you for coming.

15 Jackson Lockheed, Scranton High, Kevin

16 Jones, Scranton High, Michael Garzarella, Scranton

17 High, and James Piazza, Scranton High.

18 Would anyone of you like to make a

19 comment? Mr. Singleton?

20 MR. SINGLETON: I just prepared a

21 little something to say. My name is Jerome Singleon,

22 and I'm now a member of City Council.

23 Tonight I would like to thank the

24 people who helped me become a member. First I would

25 like to thank my American History teacher, Mr. Murray,


1 for helping me put together a letter to become a member

2 of City Council, and Ms. Donohue, also one of my

3 American history teachers for helping me in class.

4 And he actually invites the kids here

5 for extra credit, but, you know, I was like, why not

6 join City Council for extra credit?

7 And I would also like to thank

8 Mrs. Gatelli for helping me become a member of Scranton

9 City Council. Thank you.

10 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Anyone else

11 like to say anything?

12 MR. PIAZZA: My name's James Piazza,

13 and I'm a Junior at Scranton High. I just wanted to

14 tell you guys thank you for letting me be on this

15 council, because I really wanted to be on the Council

16 because I want to learn about local government, and I

17 like politics, and that's the first place where you

18 start off with. So, thank you for giving me this

19 opportunity. I appreciate that.

20 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Anyone else?

21 MR. GARZARELLA: As I was unaware of my

22 being appointed until just a few moments ago, I haven't

23 prepared anything to say; however, I would like to

24 thank everyone who supported me and who appointed me,

25 and I hope that our meetings will have a sense of


1 purpose and will be productive; in other words, I would

2 like to congratulate everyone else who was appointed

3 and I hope we have a good run here.

4 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Anyone else?

5 May we have a second to the motion?

6 MS. EVANS: Second.

7 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All in

8 favor.

9 MS. EVANS: Aye.




13 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Any opposed? The

14 ayes have it and so moved. Welcome to City Council.

15 Before we start with citizens

16 participation, I just have a few items. I received

17 some good news today, Channel 61 will be funded by the

18 library for one more year.

19 So, I know a lot of you were concerned

20 about that, but the board voted five to three to keep

21 Channel 61 at the library, so we're very happy about

22 that.

23 We're waiting for zoning to proceed on

24 the Caseuth avenue property. And from what I

25 understand from the zoning officer, he's waiting for a


1 check to file the charges at the magistrate's office.

2 I talked last week about possibly

3 amending the zoning ordinance, and Mr. King said

4 they're going to do it in house. They're going to try

5 to make some amendments. And as part of that planning

6 effort that they're doing, down the road there will be

7 a new zoning ordinance.

8 The 500 block of Lackawanna Avenue,

9 someone asked about that last week, I spoke to the

10 mayor, and he said that the appraisals have all been

11 done, the properties have been given offers and they've

12 been rejected.

13 So, now they're going to start to

14 proceed with eminent domain proceedings, and the

15 governor's office is also involved in that project.

16 The milling machine, which was called a

17 recycling machine in the ordinance last week, it's

18 actually a milling machine and it will be used for

19 allies, you know, to do small jobs in house by the DPW.

20 I also asked about the pothole machine,

21 and they said it is being cleaned and, you know, little

22 things repaired on it, and it will be ready for the

23 spring.

24 The Nay Aug comfort station, they're

25 opening the bids tomorrow morning to do the outside


1 work. The inside has been completed. There are three

2 handicap lavs, porta-lavs. The pool house is also

3 accessible. And there's a little office across the

4 street from the pool, and they're going to make that an

5 information center, and the signage is also being done.

6 I also spoke to the mayor about

7 everyone's concerns to keep Mulberry Street opened

8 totally when the University of Scranton does their

9 project, so we're going to hold his feet to the fire on

10 that one. We don't want another Southern

11 Union/Lackawanna Avenue debacle.

12 And for those of you that weren't here

13 earlier, we did talk about Southern Union and

14 Lackawanna Avenue being closed for such a long period,

15 and I've been assured it's going to be open by the

16 first week of March. And that's all I have. Anyone

17 else have anything right now?

18 Okay. The first speaker -- oh, I'm

19 sorry, Douglas. You want to speak? Go ahead.

20 MR. MILLER: Good evening, Council,

21 Doug Miller. I would like to congratulate all the

22 members being appointed tonight, and I'd also like to

23 thank Mr. Murray for helping those interested kids

24 write and submit letters to Council.

25 And tonight I would like to assign each


1 Junior Council to work with a City Councilperson over a

2 two-month period.

3 Ian Miller will work with Mrs. Evans;

4 Cory Jones with Mr. McTiernan, Jerome Singleton with

5 Mrs. Fanucci, Kevin Jones with Mrs. Evans, Michael

6 Garzarella with Mr. McTiernan, James Piazza with

7 Mr. Courtright, and I will work with Mrs. Gatelli, and

8 Jackson Lockheed with Mr. Courtright.

9 And these kids will have the

10 opportunity to work with you for a two-month period and

11 to be able to get informed with different issues in the

12 city, and I think this will help keep us informed.

13 Thank you.

14 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Les Spindler.

15 MR. SPINDLER: Good evening, Council,

16 Les Spindler, Scranton resident. First I want to

17 welcome the history class of West Scranton High School

18 and also all the new members of the Junior Council. I

19 wish them all the best of luck.

20 The next thing I have, Mrs. Gatelli,

21 each week you make your comments before we get up and

22 speak, with all due respect, I'm asking, would it be

23 possible for you to reserve that for fifth order,

24 because like myself tonight, I have to be out of here

25 by 7:30.


1 Some people come and sign in early and

2 they have to leave. A lot of stuff you say --

3 MS. GATELLI: Well, I make those

4 comments so that the people know that I addressed what

5 they talked about last week. Instead of them coming up

6 and saying it again, this way they know what happened.

7 And I only talk for five minutes, so I think Roberts

8 Rules allows the president to make comments.

9 MR. SPINDLER: Okay. I just asked.

10 Next, Mrs. Evans --

11 MS. GATELLI: But thank you for your

12 input, Mr. Spindler.

13 MR. SPINDLER: Mrs. Evans, did

14 Mr. Parker speak to the people on Hollow Avenue yet?

15 MS. EVANS: No. That meeting has not

16 yet occurred, however, I did speak to Mr. Parker very

17 recently about the issue, and I will be contacting some

18 of the residents of Hollow Avenue to make the proper

19 arrangements for that meeting, so it's forthcoming.

20 MR. SPINDLER: I'll believe that when I

21 see it. I think what was done there was illegal, and I

22 think it's Mr. Moran who brought the pictures

23 originally. If he would get the pictures to me, if

24 he's listening, I think the attorney general would be

25 happy to see those pictures.


1 On the first block of Mulberry Street

2 where you come off the Mulberry Street bridge into

3 downtown, about three, four days a week there's a truck

4 parked there, 1-800-GOT-JUNK. It's in a lane that

5 you're supposed to drive through.

6 It's illegally, but it's there now.

7 They park it there for advertisement. Like I said,

8 it's there three, four days a week.

9 Could we get in touch with the Scranton

10 Police and see -- I know that it's parked -- there's a

11 no parking sign on that block. And those trucks are

12 all over, and it's specifically on that block, and it's

13 in a lane.

14 The next thing, I've asked about this

15 for over a year now about lines being painted on

16 Spruce Street, the block between Penn and Franklin,

17 it's supposed to be three lanes there.

18 You have people going straight from the

19 turning lane, they're turning from the straight lane.

20 There's going to be an accident there one of these

21 days.

22 And also in front of the Steamtown

23 Mall, the entrance there, the entrance of the Steamtown

24 Mall, there's no lines there. People are turning from

25 the wrong lanes. I've asked this for over a year.


1 MS. GATELLI: There will be some lines

2 painted very shortly, Les, only they'll be green.

3 MR. SPINDLER: Yeah, I was going to

4 say, not the ones I'm thinking of.

5 Lastly, I was here for the caucus with

6 Mr. Namey and KOZ, and he said a municipality could

7 check in with the state, the monitoring department. I

8 think Council should do that as soon as possible and

9 check into the Southern Union, because I really don't

10 think they're meeting up to the stipulations of the

11 KOZ. That's all I have. Thank you.

12 MS. GATELLI: Thank you very much.

13 Andy Sbaraglia.

14 MR. SBARAGLIA: Andy Sbaraglia, citizen

15 of Scranton. Fellow Scrantonians, I'm glad to see all

16 the new faces here, too, from the students. I hope

17 they come every week.

18 Judy, you mentioned the 500 block of

19 Lackawanna Avenue, who's condemning the properties?

20 Who's spearheading it, OECD?

21 MS. GATELLI: Yes.

22 MR. SBARAGLIA: They're starting the

23 condemnation?

24 MS. GATELLI: Yeah, they're going to

25 start eminent domain, because everyone rejected the


1 offers.

2 MR. SBARAGLIA: And I don't blame them.

3 Now, the governor gave $10 million to that project.

4 Why wasn't the money divided among all the properties

5 owners, instead of to one individual and let them fix

6 their own buildings up? This is ridiculous.

7 Because now you're attacking my pizza

8 place, and that makes me mad. You can fight for a lot

9 of things, but they make good pizza, and I hate to see

10 it go because of a loft apartment.

11 Because if you read what he wanted to

12 do with them buildings after he put the fronts up, he

13 wants to change them into loft apartments, and not only

14 that, I believe there's a tax abatement, because when

15 he fixes them fronts up, they come under some kind of a

16 government -- well, government tax break, so, hence,

17 we're going to lose money on this whole project.

18 Believe me, this is not the way to go.

19 This is not America. Why would you take one property

20 away from somebody, being that it's our money that's

21 feeding the other properties? This is ridiculous.

22 I mean, let's go forward with what we

23 got, but let's go forward equally amongst all the

24 citizens of Scranton.

25 I mean, if they got a building there,


1 why shouldn't they get a cut of that $10 million?

2 Okay. Let's go to a new subject.

3 Well, it's really old subjects. Where we are now, do

4 you believe that the city is financially stable? I

5 don't think any of you do.

6 Now, exactly how much money are we

7 going to be hit with that $5 million for the water

8 company? I didn't see that in the budget. Where is

9 that money supposed to come from?

10 MS. EVANS: That wasn't in the budget,

11 the 2006 budget, and at this point, there was really no

12 response to the questions I had posed as to whether the

13 mayor intended to appeal the arbitrator's decision or

14 whatever option besides that he might have, I really

15 don't know, but I had the same question back in

16 December, and to date, there's been no answer, whether

17 there's an appeal, whether there's negotiations,

18 whether it's going to be paid in installments, this

19 year, next year, it's still out there in neverland.

20 MR. SBARAGLIA: So, there's a good

21 possibility that we're going to be about $10 or $12

22 million in the hole at the end of this budget. Okay.

23 Does anybody know -- ask our

24 businessman, how much money are we getting on this

25 money that's laying in some of these banks?


1 We borrowed money, I believe, to pay

2 off an A and C loan that was due. Now that money is

3 sitting up there in a bank in Dunmore, but I've never

4 gotten how much interest we're getting on that money,

5 and it would be nice to know if we're getting a good

6 deal or a bad deal.

7 I know we're getting a very bad deal on

8 the money we got for the golf course. There's no

9 question in my mind that we've been sold out.

10 Now, this is the quirks, we've been

11 told many, many times that to get competent people, we

12 have to pay a competent salary, do you all agree?

13 Well, then --

14 MS. EVANS: Have we been told that?

15 MR. SBARAGLIA: Many, many times.

16 MS. EVANS: Oh, yes.

17 MR. SBARAGLIA: Now, the mayor's salary

18 is $50,000, that's ridiculous in this day and age. And

19 it just goes to show the way this city is going. I say

20 you should look into the possibility of raising the

21 mayor's salary at the end of his term and make sure we

22 get competent people in there, because we're willing to

23 pay for this money, and we're not willing to throw it

24 away.

25 We threw too much money away, and we're


1 constantly throwing it away. We're losing all of these

2 arbitration decisions. There's no question about it.

3 Either we are appointing bad lawyers, or we're going in

4 knowing we can't win anyway, but it looks good on

5 paper.

6 All we're doing is delaying the

7 inevitable. And the worst part about it, when this

8 inevitable comes, it's going to hurt, and it's going to

9 hurt bad for everybody in this city.

10 There's no reason for it. I mean, if

11 -- I mean, this arbitration has been going on with the

12 police and firemen all the way back to the Recovery

13 Plan and before that. And it still isn't settled.

14 Now, he claims that we can -- we're

15 going to make out a little on this deal, but we're not.

16 It's already lost. Everything we could have gained is

17 gone by the waist side.

18 Now we're hiring more police, and the

19 only person that could -- the only hit that could

20 really go is with the fire department, because they say

21 this way, we may get two fires in a week or so. So, I

22 thank you.

23 MS. GATELLI: Thank you very much.

24 MS. EVANS: Mr. Sbaraglia, I just want

25 to return to a point you made early in your


1 presentation about the golf course monies. As far as I

2 know, they still remain in C.D.s. at least one of

3 those rolled over. The interest rates are quite low,

4 in fact, so much so that the revenue realized from the

5 placement in C.D.s is nowhere near the amount of money

6 annually that the golf course generated.

7 And in addition to that, I'm sure

8 you're even better aware of the fact that the mayor had

9 promised to place that money in a trust for the support

10 and maintenance of the parks system, and to date, to my

11 knowledge, that has never occurred.

12 MR. SBARAGLIA: It's true. But like I

13 said, my five minutes is up.

14 MS. GATELLI: Thank you, Mike Dudek.

15 Thanks, Mr. Sbaraglia.

16 MR. DUDEK: Good evening, Council. My

17 name is Mike Dudek, 608 Depot Street, Scranton. Two

18 things I'd like to do, first of all, I'd like to

19 commend Mrs. Gatelli on her pursuit of the non-profits

20 for contributions to the city.

21 You've done your research, you've found

22 the city of Pittsburgh has been doing quite well with

23 it. Wonderful job. Keep it up.

24 If you want, divvy up some of that

25 approach, give it to some of the other council members


1 and get all of these charities involved. It would be a

2 great thing.

3 The second person I'd like to

4 congratulate is Mrs. Evans on a wonderful idea as far

5 as bringing in some of these charities into the

6 Southern Union building; in other words, take a charity

7 that has a space on Lackawanna Avenue or, say,

8 Jefferson Avenue, put them in these, you know, in this

9 building and have them sell the space they're in now

10 and put that back on the tax rolls, wonderful. I like

11 to see the brain cells work.

12 MS. EVANS: I should have asked

13 Mr. Namey how we could create an incentive to make that

14 happen.

15 MR. DUDEK: Well, at least now -- at

16 least -- and the idea is out there, now we could work

17 on it.

18 MS. EVANS: I like my idea, but I don't

19 know if it's ever going to see the light of day

20 unfortunately.

21 MR. DUDEK: Okay. I'm going to run an

22 idea by this Council, and my idea might even have some

23 use for this Council.

24 The idea is this, the University of

25 Scranton is going to build a $30 million student center


1 that will be far too large for its current needs. So,

2 obviously the University is anticipating some more

3 expansion.

4 Now, that makes people in the Hill

5 Section a little bit afraid, because they figure what

6 property is going to go. My suggestion is this, take

7 the University and have it expand from Ridge Row over

8 the gorge. Bridge across the south side if you have,

9 or build the way we build those oil drilling rigs in

10 the ocean, four posts.

11 The idea about drilling four posts into

12 the gorge is that the cost of the property to the

13 University of Scranton will be virtually zero.

14 Think about it.

15 You build the buildings on pylons,

16 connect them to Ridge Row. There will be no property

17 costs. You can build like this. The idea comes from

18 the middle ages in Belgium, in Holland, in Medieval

19 Germany, buildings were built across bridges.

20 If you look at the Brooklyn Bridge,

21 that building -- the Brooklyn Bridge was built to such

22 specifications that it could support the weight of the

23 Empire State Building.

24 You can build like that. Go over the

25 gorge and have the University expand that way. That


1 way we're not condemning people's properties. That way

2 The University can build anything they want to.

3 You can get a very creative architect

4 who would say, Oh, yeah, you can do this. All you need

5 are pylons, 20-by-20. They could be out of steel, out

6 of concrete, out of whatever and build a building any

7 way you want.

8 If you build bridge structures across,

9 you incorporate the bridge into the building, that way

10 you're still not stealing anything. The railroad

11 tracks would remain, Central City Expressway would

12 still remain. The University could build all they

13 want.

14 It is -- you can capably build a 15,000

15 seat athletic and convocation center like you have at

16 Notre dame over that gorge, and the taking of property

17 would be minimal.

18 I would say half City Council work with

19 some architects and see if you can come up with some

20 rough ideas to present to the University in terms of

21 building out that direction, rather than up the Hill

22 Section. Thank you.

23 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Bill

24 Jackowitz.

25 MR. JACKOWITZ: Good evening, City


1 Council. Bill Jackowitz, city resident, taxpayer,

2 registered independent voter, retired United States Air

3 Force.

4 I've been attending these meetings for

5 about six months, seven months now as a speaker, and my

6 theme or my agenda has always been elected officials,

7 city officials, working together.

8 Even before the election of the past

9 year, I made a challenge to Mr. Doherty, Mr. DiBileo

10 and Mr. Lynett to have a nice clean-run campaign.

11 Well, we all know what happened there, it didn't work.

12 Now we got another big election coming

13 up. I'm going to make that same appeal. To all the

14 candidates who are running, please, let's have a nice

15 clean campaign, no mud smearing, no name calling, so on

16 and so forth.

17 And I solicit The Scranton Times to do

18 the same thing. Let's keep it clean, and whoever the

19 best person is, let's have that person be elected and

20 work for the citizens of the city and of the State of

21 Pennsylvania.

22 Okay. Enough said on that. You know,

23 we got a lot of problems in this city. You know, I

24 feel sorry for you guys up there, because you guys are

25 the ones who were elected now, and you're the ones who


1 have to deal with this.

2 You know, this has been going on for

3 50, 60 years. This hasn't just happened, okay? Who do

4 we blame? We've got to blame all these people up here

5 on the wall, all the City Councils before you, because

6 they allowed this to happen. Now you guys got to deal

7 with it.

8 You know, and the only thing I'm asking

9 is, Hey, before you vote on something, know what you're

10 voting on. You know, this EMS tax, for example, now we

11 got problems with it.

12 All those problems should have been

13 talked about, discussed about and everything before

14 that was voted into law.

15 We should have made it permanent that

16 people who didn't make $12,000 or less, that they

17 weren't going to pay it. Look at the problems we're

18 having now. Whose fault is that? You guys right up

19 there and the mayor, because you are the ones who

20 allowed it. I don't mean you five right now, I'm

21 talking about the predecessors before you. You're the

22 ones who did it. Now who's paying for? People who are

23 working at McDonald's, people who are working at

24 Wendy's, they're the ones who have to go through all

25 the hassle to try to get the rebates, and it all could


1 have been prevented if our officials who we voted for

2 and put our confidence in did their job, researched it

3 and knew what they were voting for and why they were

4 voting for it. And that's all I got to say on that.

5 Hopefully this is all going change.

6 Hopefully now -- we've got these young kids here,

7 hopefully they're going to pay attention and put a

8 little bit more pressure on our elected officials and

9 our politicians, because this is ridiculous.

10 We've got our President of the United

11 States telling us that he didn't know about this thing

12 going on with, you know, it's a $6.5 billion dollar

13 project, and he was blind sided by it? Come on. I was

14 born at night, but not last night.

15 I mean, seriously. And it all rests on

16 you guys. You guys run for these officers. You

17 campaign for it, you collect money. You make campaign

18 promises. You say you're going to work for the people,

19 you say you're going to do this for the people, you get

20 elected, and all of a sudden now you're an elected

21 official, you become the most intelligent person in the

22 world, because you've been elected to an office.

23 You're not going to listen to anybody.

24 You're going to do what you can. Why? Because you

25 can. It's time for it to stop, and it needs to stop


1 right now.

2 The City of Scranton is going down the

3 tubes. You know, it's going there, and it's going

4 fast. And the only people right now who can stop that

5 are you five and the mayor. And you guys got to start

6 working together.

7 I had a meeting with the mayor. I was

8 one of the few people that had a meeting with him in

9 November right after the election. It didn't solve

10 nothing, because I didn't get any questions asked, but

11 I did ask them.

12 You know, some of you have an open door

13 policy to the mayor. Use that door. Get in there.

14 Get answers. Find out what is going on and why is it

15 going on. You know, let's get it straight.

16 To these kids right here, they're not

17 going to be living in Scranton, Pennsylvania, they're

18 going to be living somewhere else.

19 I was gone for 29 years. I came back

20 ten years ago. I came back for family reasons and

21 personal reasons. Those reasons are no longer there.

22 I'm scratching my head every day. Why am I still here,

23 you know? Maybe because I was born and raised here,

24 maybe because I was educated here.

25 I'll tell you what, I don't like what's


1 going on at all. And for those of you who are seeking

2 higher offices, let's pay attention to the people.

3 Just because you're elected to

4 something, like I've said before, respect is something

5 you earn. It's not something that's given to you

6 because of the office that you hold. Let's do

7 something about it. Let's start listening to the

8 people.

9 Believe it or not, sometimes a private

10 citizen has a good idea, you know? It's the same thing

11 like a manager or a new supervisor that takes over and

12 changes everything, you know? Usually it doesn't work.

13 So, all I'm going to say is, you know,

14 let's get together, let's have a nice clean campaign.

15 You know, let's hope we get some lines painted on the

16 streets, so on and so forth. Let's hope that this new

17 machine -- I still don't understand why we want to

18 share a machine with Lackawanna County and Carbondale.

19 How many days a week are we going to get it? How many

20 hours? What's it going to be used for? These are

21 questions you people need to ask before you vote yes on

22 it. You know, you really do. Thank you.

23 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Bob Bolus.

24 MR. BOLUS: Good evening, Council.

25 Bob Bolus, Scranton. It's nice to see the kids


1 tonight.

2 I think that's a sign that we're seeing

3 with this Council that we haven't seen with any other

4 Council in the past. It's taking the initiative to

5 make things happen and change.

6 This is the change. This is the future

7 right here. Mr. Murray is upstairs with his kids,

8 they're from West Side. I grew up in West Side, went

9 to West Side years ago.

10 But the future is right here, and I

11 think they should be applauded. The parents should be

12 applauded to bring their children here and let them

13 really see what the future holds for them, because they

14 will be the future.

15 And how we run this city is their

16 future. And hopefully the mayor is paying attention

17 tonight to see where the future is, it's right here.

18 And as we spend millions of dollars on

19 no-bid contracts and we let KOZs and non-profits -- and

20 The Times wrote a big story about, you know, how they

21 all have an input here.

22 Well, guess what? Didn't The Times pay

23 attention to all the businesses that put input here and

24 don't have KOZ protection and non-profits protection

25 but have to pay taxes, have to pay their people? So,


1 where's the fairness? There is none.

2 KOZs, non-profits, they all get

3 salaries. Nobody works for free. So, if you're making

4 money, you've got to pay your share. Don't take it

5 from those that can't compete with you.

6 Which brings up the issue,

7 Attorney Minora and I spoke last week, and I had

8 promised him I'd try and get together the information I

9 had, but I had to go out of town and I was away most of

10 the week, but that file that I have is similar to one

11 Councilwoman Evans has or Bill Courtright or Mr.

12 McTiernan all have that. I would ask if you would

13 share that, if you still have it, with Attorney Minora.

14 And that gave an outline of some of the

15 KOZs and non-profits. And in New Jersey, there's a

16 couple of the areas in New Jersey that have made

17 non-profits and KOZs now start paying.

18 So, there are ways and mechanisms to do

19 this, and we have to do it. I can't listen to the

20 stories, Oh, the University just paid $110,000. What

21 is that, one salary, a salary and a half of what they

22 pay in a year? They can build a $30 million facility,

23 they can take over a major portion of our real estate,

24 our roads and give us token dollars?

25 Well, let a corporation come in here


1 and try and do it or a private business, and they've

2 got to pay taxes. What's the difference? There is

3 none.

4 They need to pay. They need to pay

5 their fair share, and you need to do that. You can't

6 just sit here and get a token dollar. It's like

7 throwing a few peanuts to the monkeys.

8 And, you know, monkeys need more to eat

9 than peanuts. And we're the monkeys, we're the

10 taxpayers, we're the people that live in this city,

11 have to pay for them, our fire department, our police

12 department, with token responses and token fees.

13 We pay taxes for that. We have a

14 garbage fee. They're not part of it, so the garbage

15 fee is illegal, because you can't have just part of it

16 on the people without everybody paying. So, it should

17 be abolished.

18 You know, people come in and they keep

19 saying, Council this, council that. We all have a

20 right to debate here. If I don't like what you say or

21 you don't like what I say, we're going to debate the

22 issues. There's no question that's going to happen,

23 but we can do it in the format that this podium and

24 this government is established to do, whether it's here

25 or any other government, whether it's in a courtroom or


1 wherever it is. It's all part of debating.

2 And what people don't understand, we

3 have a Home Rule Charter. Each and every one of you,

4 including any other official in this city, is sworn to

5 uphold the Home Rule Charter. That's our Bible.

6 That's our law. That's our rule. And it speaks for

7 itself. It enforcement speaks for itself. It spoke to

8 the pension, it spoke to the things.

9 Those are what the things are in the

10 Home Rule Charter that people have to understand, and

11 you have to uphold it. And you can't change and say I

12 want to do something different, when the charter tells

13 you, this is what you must do. That's what you're

14 sworn to uphold. And I believe that will be done.

15 Now, we hear about the eminent domain

16 here on Lackawanna Avenue. When I was in Cleveland,

17 there's a lot of issues about eminent domain going on,

18 and quite frankly, a lot of areas are ruling against

19 eminent domain for private development as we have here.

20 You know, so some developer can come in

21 and build an oceanfront condominium somewhere and tear

22 someone's home down. I know what eminent domain is.

23 We went through it. We lost two of our businesses in

24 Dunmore to the eminent domain for the new road.

25 We lost over 100 jobs that I employed


1 people there when we lost our dealerships here.

2 So, it's not a fair process. We have

3 the foresight to buy property today for the future, and

4 some idiot in the state government decides to come in

5 and say we're going to take it and put you out of

6 business. But guess what, he still gets his paycheck

7 and you have to spend your money to fight it.

8 So, is there fairness there?

9 Absolutely not. All I can say is that I wouldn't count

10 it right now that eminent domain may proceed and

11 succeed in this community.

12 I think the people now are going to

13 stand back and hold people accountable, and that's

14 where it starts, accountability. And if we don't start

15 getting that, we're not going anywhere. Thank you.

16 MS. GATELLI: Thank you, Mr. Bolus.

17 Erik Johnson.

18 MR. JOHNSON: Good evening, City

19 Council and staff, Lisa. Erik Johnson, North Scranton

20 resident and taxpayer.

21 Tuesday, February the 21st, The Times

22 Tribune Scranton paper headlined an article in the

23 paper that an independent arbitration had floated a

24 draft proposal that would give Scranton police and

25 firefighters more than a million in bonuses and salary


1 increases totalling more than ten percent for this year

2 and next year, according to a union official.

3 Public safety director Ray Hayes said

4 there has been significant movement in this, and also

5 said there has been a lot of movement toward the

6 middle, and hopefully everybody will be able to finally

7 get a deal done for the 159 members of the police union

8 and 150 members of the fire union.

9 But last week the Mayor of Scranton

10 denied that a proposal was issued by the arbitration,

11 as also stated by The Scranton Times Tribune.

12 The Mayor has said he cannot legally

13 commit on the arbitration. I think as Mr. Hayes, the

14 public safety director's statement of a middle of a way

15 settlement, and as Mr. Gervasi stated that the plan is

16 a step in the right direction, I think all the

17 citizens, mainly the taxpayers, will be relieved when

18 all the city contracts are finalized in a formal

19 ruling.

20 Police and fire contracts have been

21 tide up since September 2004. We hope it will be a

22 fair contract for both unions and the city

23 administrations.

24 Now The Scranton Times Tribune stated

25 on Page A-3, Wednesday, February 22, that the contract


1 proposals is only for the police. City Attorney Rob

2 Farrell said the draft was intended for the police

3 union only, and said there has been no draft for the

4 fire department as of yet.

5 Scranton city lawyer Rob Farrell called

6 the draft proposals for a new police contract that

7 calls for a -- for union members to receive bonuses of

8 $1,000, $1200 and $1500 for the previous three years,

9 and plus raises of four percent in 2006, and as much as

10 six percent in 2007.

11 Attorney Farrell called the reporting

12 of these numbers accurate. As for the police proposal,

13 the Wednesday paper also stated Dave Gervasi,

14 vice-president of the city's firefighter's union said

15 he doesn't know what firefighters are going to get,

16 that there is no draft proposal for them, because they

17 have not seen a draft proposal.

18 Tuesday and Wednesday's report are two

19 conflicting reports from The Times Tribune. When

20 something like these two different conflicting reports

21 are outstanding, it's no wonder why we cannot always

22 rely on a very important issue that's printed in The

23 Times Tribune paper.

24 The first headline article of Tuesday

25 would have made everybody relieved to know that all


1 contracts will eventually be solved in the very near

2 future. A story needs to be straight and finished

3 before there's a lot of hoopla printed. Now tonight I

4 hear that this last report is a false report, also.

5 Since I do know that there is a Central

6 City Boys and Girls Club, correction, not for just

7 boys, but girls, also, and a Progressive Center and

8 field trips and so many more assets for all our kids,

9 Scranton is definitely doing a great job for all the

10 kids in a rainbow style without prejudice.

11 Also, this job tax is going to come

12 really in handy for our police and fire contracts,

13 along with the non-profits and KOZs volunteer proposals

14 that was set up by Judy Gatelli. I mean, she

15 instigated it this time.

16 But I think what's happening here, too,

17 also the administration is listening to you,

18 Mrs. Gatelli, you must be coming to them in a positive

19 attitude.

20 If you go to them in a negative way, I

21 think he -- you're not going to get anywhere with the

22 mayor. But if you go to him in a positive manner,

23 demeanor, I think you may get somewhere. Now, I may be

24 wrong, but I think this is the way it's going to go

25 from now on. Thank you for letting me speak.


1 MS. GATELLI: Thank you, Mr. Johnson.

2 Lee Morgan.

3 MR. MORGAN: Good evening, Council.

4 Mrs. Gatelli, I have a couple questions, and maybe you

5 can get some information for me.

6 I'd like to know what the apartment

7 vacancy rate is in the city. I'd like to know what

8 your opinion is of what causes blight. I'd like to

9 know how much have we paid the PEL to date for all

10 their services they've done for the city?

11 I came here about six o'clock, and

12 Mr. Namey was here. When, I believe, Mr. Murphy was

13 the President of Council and Mr. Mark Walsh was the

14 President of the School Board at the time when

15 Mr. Namey was here previously, and I think that myself

16 and Mr. Bolus were the only two people here that

17 discussed the PEL, not the PEL, but the KOZs.

18 As a matter of fact, I had a discussion

19 with Mr. Wash right here about what would happen to the

20 tax bases if we proceeded with a KOZ plan in this city.

21 And to be bluntly honest with you,

22 that's exactly what's happened. We've decimated our

23 tax base, we have shifted the burden of taxation to the

24 people and to borrowing.

25 Borrowing has reached a point where, to


1 be honest with you, there's only one answer for this

2 city's problems, and that's still bankruptcy.

3 There's no way this city could borrow

4 all the money it needs to pay all the people it needs

5 to pay.

6 As you know yourself, Mrs. Gatelli, we

7 listened to a presentation last night about

8 restructuring the tax base. It's absolutely

9 ridiculous. The government's going to come in and tell

10 you how much your property is worth.

11 It's not set by what you can sell your

12 property for, it's set by what they're going to tell

13 you it can be sold for.

14 So, if they tell you it's worth

15 $100,000, and you sell it for 25, and they tax it at

16 $100,000, that's not fair.

17 And, you know, people are standing here

18 talking about eminent domain, the City of Scranton is

19 going to do anything it wants on Lackawanna Avenue,

20 because the Supreme Court has already ruled that the

21 city can do anything it wants.

22 Any community can use eminent to take

23 any property. Because as everybody probably already

24 here knows, a member of the Supreme Court lost his

25 property to eminent domain.


1 So, I mean, you know, when we say that

2 it's not going to happen, I think that's ridiculous. I

3 think that what's happened here is people have lost

4 control of their government.

5 You know, just because government has

6 the ability to borrow money, doesn't mean it's the

7 right idea, okay? It reaches a point where you force

8 people to lose all their assets that they've acquired

9 throughout their whole life, and then somebody else

10 makes that decision for them.

11 You know, and people talk about, well,

12 as they've come to the podium and said, maybe we should

13 pay them more. No, you know what, maybe we shouldn't

14 pay them at all, maybe they should be volunteers.

15 I mean, you look at Maine and a couple

16 other states, their legislators don't make anywhere

17 near the kind of money ours make.

18 I mean, money doesn't actually

19 guarantee anything. There's lots of people who make

20 very little money and do an excellent job, and I think

21 that you we're too busy worrying about what we're

22 paying people, instead of worrying about what they're

23 doing with the authority that we've put in their hands,

24 because the crown that Council wears and the mayor

25 wears, we gave to you.


1 And I think the only way to solve the

2 problems in this city and throughout the state and even

3 the country, because it's all bankrupt.

4 If you look at the whole country, the

5 federal government is bankrupt, the state is bankrupt,

6 the county is bankrupt and the city is bankrupt, so

7 nobody is doing their job, okay?

8 And the only thing the people have to

9 learn is get up off your knees, pick your head up and

10 make a decision to go into the poles and vote every

11 single person out.

12 And, you know, we need to go back to

13 activism, because I think the people have lost the fact

14 that we're the government and you work for us, and if

15 we don't appreciate what you do, we should be able to

16 get rid of you.

17 But the one problem we have is we have

18 a corrupt judicial system, and that's my own opinion.

19 I find the Court of Common Pleas to be a circus, and

20 I'll be honest with you. And even the Supreme Court's

21 been politicized.

22 Even when you watch those hearings on

23 how they pick the justices, they find things that

24 aren't even in the Constitution.

25 And the last thing I have here is this,


1 We have the money from the sale of the golf course.

2 $700,000 should be taken out of that fund and given to

3 the University of Scranton to take the lien they're

4 going to have on the South Side Sports Complex off it,

5 because that money is sitting there accomplishing

6 absolutely nothing.

7 And we discussed that when the golf

8 course was sold, but as it's been alleged, Mr.

9 Gilhooley stated at the sale that the right person got

10 the property, so I guess you got to pay to play, and

11 that's still in play. Thank you.

12 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

13 Robert Barron.

14 MR. BARRON: Good evening, Council. My

15 name is Robert Barron, city resident. Before I start,

16 I would like to thank Mrs. Evans for her help in my

17 problems I have around my home. I realize there's only

18 so much you can do.

19 Also, Mrs. Gatelli, long time, no see.

20 But you were helpful to me when you worked for the

21 city, and I know you will be an asset to the people of

22 Scranton.

23 I'm here today to ask your help on my

24 behalf to urge Mr. Parker to make Quincy Avenue and

25 Mulberry Street a three-way stop sign.


1 Since the beginning of this year alone,

2 just this year, there's been three accidents at that

3 intersection. There are no stop signs from

4 Webster Avenue all the way down to Jefferson Avenue.

5 That block -- that -- since they

6 repaved the streets, it's almost like a -- well, going

7 down a ski jump. I mean, it goes -- the cars go down

8 there so fast, it's almost ridiculous.

9 The one thing that really scares me,

10 though, is on the 900 block of Myrtle Street. There's

11 a lot of children living on that block, and they keep

12 running back and forth with their bicycles and

13 whatever.

14 And when you're coming down Myrtle

15 Street, you hit a blind spot when you hit -- almost hit

16 Quincy Avenue. You cannot see anybody walking across

17 that street.

18 In order to see what I mean, the best

19 thing, if you have time or someday, take a ride down

20 and see for yourself what I mean. I'd hate to see

21 anything happen down there. I just hope something is

22 done before there's a tragedy.

23 Also, last week there was a gentleman

24 that spoke here, and he was almost in tears when he

25 talked about his property and the devaluation of it


1 because of a home next to him that was ready to be torn

2 down and fallen down and an empty lot. Well, believe

3 me, I can understand it, because I have the same thing

4 happening to me.

5 And I don't care, you know, there just

6 seems to be nothing I can do about it. I've come

7 before the Council before about this. I know

8 Mrs. Evans tried to help me. But, as I said, there's

9 just so much you can do. Unless the city cooperates,

10 nothing will be done. Thank you.

11 MS. GATELLI: Thank you, Mr. Barron.

12 Julie Jones.

13 MS. JONES: Good evening, Council,

14 Julie Jones, city resident.

15 Let's go back in time for a minute.

16 Remember when you could go downtown and shop at the

17 Globe Store and have lunch at the Charlamont?

18 Remember when you could go and shop at

19 Woolworth's and sit and rest with a nice cold

20 milkshake, or maybe going to Nay Aug to see Tony the

21 elephant and ride the rides, maybe even having a picnic

22 or a party at the pavilion at Nay Aug on a hot summer

23 day enjoying a swim at the pool without worrying if you

24 had money to get in or not, having birthday parties at

25 the CYC or playing baseball or tennis at the South Side


1 Complex?

2 Remember when you could walk the

3 streets no matter what time of day it was and whether

4 you were alone or with someone, going to bed on a hot

5 summer night with your front door open because it was

6 just too hot outside?

7 Remember when you did not have to worry

8 about safety? If only we did not have to say remember

9 when and could enjoy our homes and neighborhoods.

10 Now it is all about crime, property

11 damages, not enough police officers or firefighters,

12 always looking over your shoulder to make sure you're

13 safe. I am glad I was able to take people back in time

14 for a moment.

15 Well, last week was the first night

16 that the Junior Caucus was here, and they were proud to

17 be here. They took some heat on the web, but think

18 about it, what I said in the beginning, would you

19 rather the kids here learning about the city and

20 politics and being able to bring other kids' concerns

21 to the podium? Isn't that better than having them

22 running the streets and worrying about where they are,

23 if they're okay or not?

24 As a parent, I like to make sure my

25 child is accounted for and that he is safe, no matter


1 where he is. Just think about it, it is our kids that

2 are going to suffer from the mistakes of the Doherty

3 Administration.

4 Last week I asked that a letter be sent

5 to Mr. Scopelliti. Do you know if that letter was

6 sent, and if so, may I have a copy of it?

7 MS. GARVEY: Are you waiting for me?

8 That letter wasn't sent this week, that letter was

9 sent, I believe, on, I don't know the exact date, it

10 was sent quite a while ago and it had to go to the Rec.

11 Authority, from what I was told FROM Attorney Paul, and

12 he said he was going to present it to them, and after

13 that he would get it back to me within a couple weeks

14 with a response.

15 MS. JONES: Okay.

16 MS. GATELLI: Mrs. Jones, I don't know

17 when the Rec. Authority meetings are, but I think Kay

18 probably would have a schedule, and you can go right to

19 them and ask the questions, also.

20 MS. JONES: Okay. Thank you. I agree

21 with the speaker last week that there was a lot of

22 pollution in the City of Scranton.

23 I do remember that plastic odor in

24 South Side. And take it from a household with

25 asthmatics, that plastic smell affected a lot of


1 people.

2 We all have these homes -- when all

3 these homes are condemned and considered blight, who is

4 responsible for the fee of tearing them down?

5 I think if they do not pay for what

6 they're responsible for, perhaps the city could take

7 them to court and possibly make them pay for it.

8 I know the paving list is probably

9 large, and most likely a lot of Green Ridge streets. I

10 was hoping the 700 of Genet Street and the 1700 block

11 of Gallagher Court be paved. We have lived there for

12 11 years, and it has never been touched.

13 I have a few school board issues, so I

14 was wondering if someone could tell me, Mrs. Evans,

15 Mrs. Gatelli or Mr. McTiernan, when the next school

16 board meeting is, what time and where it is at. Nobody

17 knows?

18 MS. GATELLI: I'm not sure, because

19 they're traveling now. Are any of you students go to

20 the school board meetings? No? I thought there was a

21 Mike -- a Butler.

22 MS. EVANS: I think you need to get

23 over there and tell them they need a junior school

24 board.

25 MS. GATELLI: They do. They have


1 representatives. And I thought one of them was --

2 MS. EVANS: They have one from each

3 high school, but I think they need to expand

4 themselves, broaden their horizons.

5 MS. JONES: So, nobody knows when it

6 is? So, how's the public supposed to find out when

7 these meetings are? Most meetings are either in the

8 newspaper or --

9 MS. GATELLI: They're at a set time,

10 but I don't know, because I don't --

11 MS. EVANS: I'm sure they have to be

12 advertised.

13 MS. GATELLI: Oh, yeah, they are, but,

14 I mean, they're a certain Monday, but I don't know

15 which one. If it's the --

16 MR. MCTIERNAN: First Monday of every

17 month.

18 MS. JONES: Where are they going to be

19 at, though? If it's not in the paper, how are you

20 supposed to know?

21 MS. GATELLI: It's in the paper. Do

22 you want me to find out for you?

23 MS. JONES: Yes, please.

24 MS. GATELLI: It's in the legal ads

25 where you don't normally look.


1 MS. JONES: Because I have several

2 issues from Scranton High that I really want to take up

3 with the school board.

4 MS. GATELLI: I'll find out. I'll call

5 you tomorrow.

6 MS. JONES: Thank you for your time.

7 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Tony

8 Sachetti.

9 MR. SACHETTI: Good evening, Council,

10 Tony Sachetti, city resident and taxpayer. I'm here

11 tonight, I have a petition on behalf of the neighbors

12 in my neighborhood.

13 We have potentially a serious problem

14 with some -- we need stop signs. You've got to excuse

15 me. I'm out of breath here.

16 At the corner of Marion and Gardner,

17 there is a two-way stop sign. We're looking to get it

18 changed to a four way, and at the corner of Marion and

19 Nay Aug, there's the two stop signs on Nay Aug, but we

20 need another one on Marion entering Nay Aug. People

21 are flying. They use it as a cut through to get over

22 to the plaza, and it's getting to be very dangerous for

23 the kids in the neighborhood. That's the first issue.

24 I have the petition here for your review.

25 MS. GATELLI: Give it to Mr. Coolican


1 and we'll take care of that for you.

2 MR. SACHETTI: The second issue

3 revolves around a catch basin at the corner of Marion

4 and Gardner opposite the street from me. That catch

5 basin has been sinking for quite a while, and I would

6 like that looked at and taken care of, also.

7 And then third, the last one, the

8 streetlight blinks on, blinks off. It comes on and off

9 whenever it feels like, you know? And I think that

10 adds to the problem at nighttime with that stop sign.

11 And that's all I have for tonight.

12 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Sachetti, the

13 streetlight that goes on and off, if you can get

14 someone to go over to that pole, there are two

15 aluminium plates on there, and if you call the number

16 in, then we will be able to file the complaint on that.

17 MR. SACHETTI: Okay.

18 MS. GATELLI: So, have someone call the

19 office with those numbers on those silver plates.

20 MR. SACHETTI: Thanks. I appreciate

21 that. What about the other issues? Is there anyway

22 you can get in contact?

23 MS. GATELLI: We'll do what we can for

24 you, absolutely.

25 MR. SACHETTI: Okay. I thank you for


1 your time. Good night.

2 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Ron Elman.

3 MR. ELMAN: Good evening. Ronny Elman

4 from North Scranton. I'd like to say before I start, I

5 have Direct TV, I've never seen this program, and I was

6 just -- I had 25, 30 people come up to me the last

7 couple weeks and say they watch it. Big surprise,

8 really, because I didn't think anybody would be

9 watching it, you know?

10 And I just wish somebody would clarify

11 something. Last week I heard you say something about

12 runoff in Tripp Park, there was 30 complaints or

13 something, did I hear that right?

14 MS. GATELLI: Yes, you did.

15 MR. ELMAN: Why? They don't pay no

16 taxes up there. I've been paying taxes, and I can't

17 get nothing done, and here 30 parasites up there with

18 kids in school and everything, and they're supposed to

19 be a big -- everybody is supposed to stop business and

20 worry about Tripp Park all of a sudden.

21 You know, I phoned the mayor's

22 secretary yesterday, I wanted to just talk to him, and

23 she said I'm rude. I'm irritable, because I've lost

24 $10,000 or $12,000, anybody out here would be and

25 wouldn't be sore about it. And then I have to listen


1 about Tripp Park. You know, that's just disgusting to

2 me.

3 This KOZ program is just an

4 abomination. It's just ruined the city. And these

5 people on the school board, Mr. O'Malley and the rest

6 of them ought to be horse whipped or something.

7 They've never stood up and just

8 objected to one KOZ program, because I used to go to

9 those meetings.

10 You know, tens of millions of dollars

11 went down the drain from the KOZ programs. One man,

12 the paper said he lost his business because of the

13 flood control, they let him take his KOZ program with

14 him. It's just asinine. But, you know, I know you

15 don't care about that.

16 Harry Truman's known for that adage

17 about the buck stops here, and that's an honorable

18 thing when you're the person that assumes all the

19 responsibility.

20 This administration, we're all

21 complaining to the mayor, and the buck stops with him.

22 You know, we shouldn't have to tell him that. He ought

23 to come down here instead of watching it on TV.

24 I said last week that one of the men on

25 -- has been in -- just told me a blatant lie. He


1 didn't come down here today and said he'd punch me in

2 the nose and I'm the one -- it's the truth.

3 I've had nothing from this

4 administration but just a bunch of lies and deceits and

5 promises, and it doesn't end.

6 You know, I've agitated about a dozen,

7 15 people in my neighborhood now, and I talked to an

8 attorney last week that told me municipalities are

9 liable for lawsuits in dire circumstances, and it seems

10 to me that a dozen, 15 people losing $10,000 or so

11 forth on a house because of one person that this

12 administration can't address, you know, it's senseless.

13 Everybody out here has got problems

14 with blight, and the administration is worried about

15 building a tree house out here, you know? That's the

16 first thing on our mayor's mind is a tree house, it

17 seems.

18 When I lived in California, to change

19 the subject real quick, I used to go to the bull fights

20 in Mexico. They got a sunny side with all the peons,

21 and then they have this little shady side, it'd be like

22 the field house or something. All of us out here would

23 be considered in the sunny side, and the mayor and his

24 administration would be up there in the field house

25 looking down. That's the same exact situation this


1 city has.

2 This is not an open door policy. I've

3 been trying for a year and a half to talk to somebody.

4 I hadn't gotten to nobody. You know, in a year and a

5 half you can't say it's an open door policy.

6 And I'd like to say one more about the

7 University of Scranton, they give a little token

8 payment, they are the biggest slum lord in the city.

9 You just ask somebody unfortunate enough to be next to

10 one of their pieces of property.

11 And I was told by an owner, they

12 complained about property, and no one even ever came to

13 see about it. There was, you know, Sheetrock torn off

14 and everything in the houses.

15 They're the biggest slum lord in the

16 city. They ought to be paying money just like I am,

17 and these people out here are. Thank you.

18 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Is there

19 anyone else who would like to address Council?

20 MR. DAVIS: Asssalaam Alaikum. I

21 missed the KOZ meeting. It was at 5:30. Was anything

22 conducted in such a way that we as citizens -- it

23 wasn't on television either, so, therefore, I assumed

24 it wasn't for public consumption.

25 MS. EVANS: Yes, it was. It was


1 conducted at this table and the audience was able to

2 not only to listen, but even participate.

3 MR. DAVIS: Excellent. Okay. I know

4 it wasn't on television, so I had missed it. Maybe

5 they will televise it at a later time, number one;

6 number two, thank you for coming. I appreciate you

7 being here.

8 I think that we are moving forward,

9 because you're going to be our forward step, and I said

10 this last week, and I say, Hang in there. It's not as

11 bad as all of this, and it's not as boring as all of

12 this either.

13 But there's a time when you have to

14 understand that we speak too much and you don't speak

15 enough. So, when you come, be prepared. Get yourself

16 in a time and mind at what's being said is going to

17 affect your future, because it will. But thank you for

18 being here, and I thank you for getting the

19 representation.

20 Because I asked kids if they wanted to

21 come, and they said, No, we don't want to have anything

22 to do with that. They're too boring down there. So,

23 it's a period of time that I have to acclimate them to

24 it. It's a job we have to do. It's not can we do it,

25 it's not when we do it, but it has to be done.


1 I have one major reason why I'm here

2 tonight, and I don't know if the home rule charter

3 allows me to speak about it, but it's about a political

4 -- I'm working for Lynn Swann at the present time, so I

5 don't know if I will be in -- because I'm going to

6 speak about him. I think he's the next best thing to

7 rice, but, you know.

8 If you find that we can speak about

9 candidates that we think are going to be a betterment

10 for our future, then I agree with it. If you said that

11 we cannot speak about political candidates because of

12 perhaps of your affiliation or whatever it might be,

13 because I changed my Republican -- I was independent

14 for years since Jessie Jackson, and I finally changed

15 it to Republican.

16 And the people down at the voter

17 registration said, You're going Republican? I said,

18 I've got to. So, what I'm saying, it's a great feeling

19 to know that you have the freedom to be of any party

20 that you want to by just your own signature.

21 You can change. You don't have to be a

22 Democrat, you don't have to be a Republican, you don't

23 have to be anything that you don't want to be, but

24 that's a freedom that we fought for, we fought for ion

25 the II World War, we fought for it in Korea, we fought


1 for it all they way along, and we bled and everything,

2 and I'm finally getting to the idea I can use that. I

3 can actually change when I want to. Nobody has to tell

4 me I have to stay a Democrat.

5 From the results of what I've seen as

6 Democrats, even though we have all Democrats on the

7 same party, and they're all being elected, they're

8 still not progressing.

9 I've been asking about a field over at

10 Tech High School -- over the old Tech High School, it's

11 called Northeast Intermediate, I've been asking the

12 Council to just go over there and look at that place.

13 They've got a fence around the

14 basketball court where some teacher had rammed into it,

15 and it has been crinkled in -- it looks horrible. And

16 we have all these groups that are meeting together with

17 the school board and with the county, but nobody ever

18 brings that up. Nobody has ever decided to put a

19 dollar or a cent to repair that field in the central

20 part of Central City, where our kids use it.

21 So, that tells me that you don't really

22 care about our kids. How many City Councilpersons have

23 gone over to even look at the field? They've come over

24 for funerals at Bethel AME, but nobody has come over to

25 look at the field.


1 These are where our kids are being

2 started from. This is where they play at. They cannot

3 even use the field to play in their intermediate -- in

4 their intermural games or anything because it's in such

5 bad shape.

6 MS. GATELLI: Is the field owned by the

7 school district?

8 MR. DAVIS: It's doesn't -- it's owned

9 by the city, isn't it?

10 MS. GATELLI: I don't think so. I

11 think it's school district property.

12 MR. DAVIS: It's owned by the school

13 board really. It's --

14 MS. GATELLI: The school district is

15 responsible for that property.

16 MR. DAVIS: That land was taken from us

17 in eminent domain, that's the truth. Now, SRA took it.

18 Now, how the school board got it, I don't know, except

19 for the fact they were going to use it for a playground

20 and for a parking lot. But our homes were taken

21 because of that.

22 And I'm saying to you, I want the City

23 Council in your meetings with the school board to ask

24 them what are they doing. We are your residents.

25 I've gone to the school board and I've


1 asked them, Are you going to do something about the

2 field? And they keep telling me the very same thing,

3 We don't have a budget that will allow us to.

4 Well, everybody is broke. But what

5 happened to the money that was put there originally for

6 the maintenance of that field? Who spent it? Where

7 did it go to? Is fraud being perpetrated upon the

8 citizens of Scranton? And will anybody stand up and

9 ask that question?

10 Would you please in your spare time, I

11 don't want to take any of your important time, because

12 I know everybody works very hard and they have very

13 little time to do anything, but if you would take your

14 time and go there as a group, you can go in fives,

15 nobody will see you, just go up there and look at that

16 field and take it to the school board on the telephone.

17 Make that -- Ms. Evans, you're in

18 alliance with them or something, aren't you on that

19 board?

20 MS. EVANS: It's a subcommittee rather

21 than a board.

22 MR. DAVIS: Would you please address

23 them on that for me?

24 MS. EVANS: Oh, certainly. I have no

25 problem presenting the issue to them, but I'm


1 expecting, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised, but I'm

2 expecting that very likely I'm going to receive the

3 same response as you, that cost constraints won't allow

4 them to renovate the property.

5 MR. DAVIS: I'm thinking of going over

6 their heads. I'm thinking of going to the Department

7 of Education, I really am.

8 MS. GATELLI: Thank you, Mr. Davis.

9 MR. DAVIS: You're welcome.

10 MS. GATELLI: Mr. Narsavage.

11 MR. NARSAVAGE: Stan Narsavage,

12 resident of Scranton, taxpayer. I'd like to welcome

13 the future taxpayers of the city. You are going to

14 have a good one coming up, guys.

15 I heard two comments tonight about the

16 non-profits, some people were inquiring about. I

17 worked this week off a list of 23 pages with 1,117

18 locations listed.

19 I've chosen a few off of there just to

20 give the people an idea of how much money is available

21 through the pilot and silot programs that are going on

22 in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. It's available.

23 I'm going to start off with the largest

24 one naturally, the University of Scranton has 106

25 locations totalling $18,729,907; Johnson School, two


1 locations, $946,100; Lackawanna College, six locations,

2 $1,608,250; Marywood College, $223,000, and Scranton

3 Prep, one location, $3,394.050.

4 In Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, they're

5 talking an avenue of 33 to 40 percent of the taxable

6 property tax in these pilot programs.

7 Chamberlain Corporation, $5,524,805;

8 Allied, seven locations, $1,982,751; Bell Telephone,

9 $1,306,300 for two locations; CMC Hospital, four

10 location, $9,098,650; Mercy Hospital, $232,136; Moses

11 Taylor, twelve locations, $200,702; Lackawanna

12 Performing Arts, two locations, $2,091,000.

13 I mentioned 64 locations in this list

14 of 1,117 locations that's on these 23 pages. Now, the

15 University of Scranton that amount that they have

16 represents is 17.2 percent of the total non-profits.

17 The total non-profits in this city are

18 $109,105,500. I'm ready for a pilot program and a

19 silot program. Thank you.

20 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Anyone else

21 care to speak before Council?

22 MS. KRAKE: Good evening, Council. My

23 name is Nancy Krake, and I'm a resident of the City of

24 Scranton.

25 Tonight I'm going to be talking about


1 two articles that recently appeared in The Scranton

2 Times, and because we've been coming here for so many

3 years trying to present the truth that we got from

4 facts that we obtained from city document, I don't know

5 that because it was such an injustice that I'll be able

6 to do it as well as I would like to, but I'm going to

7 try.

8 Unfortunately it was another chapter in

9 the continuing story of the inaccurate biased reporting

10 by The Scranton Times that occurred on February 21 and

11 22nd.

12 Shame on us for giving the new guy a

13 chance to do the right thing. Starting with the

14 heading, Labor leader arbitrator siding against city.

15 Totally untrue.

16 The labor leader that they're referring

17 to is Mr. Gervasi, and he absolutely did not say that,

18 in fact, he was having informal discussions with

19 Mr. Brown, and in the next statement, he had been

20 trying to tell Mr. Brown a little bit about the history

21 of what was going on in the arbitrations and who held

22 what position and who the certain people were.

23 Apparently he wasn't paying too close

24 attention, because he names Mr. Colflesh as an

25 arbitrator for police, not fire, and he has never put


1 on any drafts for firefighters.

2 He also says that the arbitration

3 hearings began 18 months ago, when, in fact, they ended

4 18 months ago.

5 The next statement names Tom Jennings

6 as the city lawyer, when, in fact, he is the union's

7 lawyer. It would be quite a surprise to Mayor Doherty,

8 I'm sure, to read that.

9 He names the union attorney as Tim

10 Riley. The gentleman's name is O' Reilly, which is

11 probably the reason in the next statement when you

12 couldn't reach them for comment. He probably couldn't

13 got the right spelling to find the phone number.

14 The next statement is in quotes, which

15 is, again, extremely sad. To read it, I am just going

16 to read parts of it. It says it's not official, but

17 the arbitrator has made it known that he's leaning

18 heavily toward the unions, and it goes on to say that

19 the city won't accept the arbitrator's draft and so on.

20 When someone uses quotation marks, the

21 person normally has to have spoken those words. He has

22 never spoken those words.

23 The Times, according to Mr. Brown, and

24 I heard this, uses quotation marks when they simply

25 assume that's what you said.


1 It sounds like they wanted to put words

2 into Mr. Gervasi's mouth. Thankfully with Channel 61

3 airing the weekly Council meetings, it's plain to see

4 and hear exactly what people are speaking about.

5 The next statement says that

6 Mr. Gervasi had been seeking a seven-year wage -- or

7 the city's been seeking a seven-year wage freeze for

8 its unions. That was shot down by the arbitrator.

9 Once again, no one has ever said that

10 there was a decision in either arbitration. This is

11 fiction, pure and simple.

12 He says, shockingly, I have to say

13 this, the next statement is accurate, We have one

14 rosebud here, The mayor still wants to cut staff, and

15 we're trying to work out our health care situation, and

16 that is in quotes, and that indeed is correct,

17 shockingly.

18 The next statement once again in

19 quotes, That's what the arbitrator is trying to avoid,

20 Mr. Gervasi said. It is my understanding that the

21 arbitrator want to give the city ample time to cut a

22 deal.

23 We do not know what the arbitrator's

24 ruling will be, but Mr. Gervasi and Ann Marie Stulgis

25 have said at this podium that the unions feel they have


1 a good case and that the city could appeal a win by the

2 workers and ultimately the cases would be decided in

3 court.

4 That part is true, and it has been said

5 here. It's not how it was represented in this article.

6 Then he says, Mr. Coldflesh has indicated he would

7 prefer to reach an agreement so he doesn't have to

8 impose a decision.

9 It's fascinating. If Mr. Brown did

10 reach Arbitrator Coldflesh, I find it unbelievable that

11 he would comment on a decision that has yet to be

12 handed down.

13 The day this article appeared, myself

14 and Mr. Gervasi confronted Mr. Brown with all the

15 misquotes and inaccuracies. He assured Mr. Gervasi he

16 would print a satisfactory retraction. Obviously that

17 didn't happen.

18 In the second story, the blatant false

19 reporting continues. This is the September 22 story.

20 The first statement is stated as a fact, and it should

21 really be one of the corrections. It says, A union

22 official indicated the proposal, which calls for police

23 officers to receive bonuses would extend to

24 firefighters, as well. That was never said.

25 This is not a retraction of any kind. I must ask


1 for a few more minutes. I've never done that before.

2 I hope I can have a slight extension. I've never done

3 that in the four years I've been here. So, I'll just

4 continue until you feel it's time, Mrs. Gatelli.

5 MS. GATELLI: Just wrap up your

6 thought.

7 MS. KRAKE: Okay. I need to say that

8 this was a backhanded retraction. Mr. Brown was the

9 one providing the inaccurate information, in fact,

10 Mr. Gervasi urged him to check his three sources before

11 he went to print, I witnessed that.

12 Apparently he didn't do it. The

13 reporter's speculation on all of these events was then

14 contributed to Mr. Gervasi. Very convenient.

15 One last statement. I think the

16 library will have to start shelving The Scranton Times

17 in the fiction section. My advice to all of you in

18 speaking to a Scranton Times reporter is to be very

19 careful. You may find statements with quotation marks

20 that, by the way, you've never made attributed to you.

21 As we have heard from Mrs. Gatelli,

22 Mrs. Evans, Mr. Courtright and numerous others, you

23 can't always believe what you read in the newspaper.

24 This is just another example of why all of you may just

25 be right. Thank you.


1 MR. COURTRIGHT: Mrs. Krake, could I

2 ask you a question?

3 MS. KRAKE: Sure.

4 MR. COURTRIGHT: I was out of town for

5 a little bit, and I think I've said here many times

6 before at Council, I don't read the newspaper that

7 often, but when I came back, I heard all of what was

8 going on.

9 And I know in this city, and I've said

10 this many times, this city has more rumors than we can

11 possibly imagine, and so I hear a lot of things about

12 the police and fire contracts, but I wasn't -- but I

13 haven't been able to find out, and that's what

14 everything seems to be all the time is a rumor.

15 What I haven't been able to find out

16 who would have -- and I do not think Mr. Gervasi, and

17 you can correct me if I'm wrong, does he have access?

18 Who has access, I would ask you that, to what goes on

19 in these arbitration hearings?

20 MS. KRAKE: Well, I would say the city

21 has access.

22 MR. COURTRIGHT: City being who, like

23 --

24 MS. KRAKE: The administration.

25 MR. COURTRIGHT: Does Mr. Gervasi?


1 MS. KRAKE: He would not have access to

2 that.

3 MR. COURTRIGHT: So, I think most of

4 the time it's rumor, and I was hoping it was true, that

5 we were moving ahead, but that doesn't appear to be the

6 case; am I correct?

7 MS. KRAKE: I really don't know that.

8 Obviously everyone would hope for a healthy outcome, a

9 good outcome from workers and the city, but if we don't

10 know, there's no reason to print something untrue in

11 the paper based on rumor.

12 MR. COURTRIGHT: Okay. So, just the

13 administration and possibly the union's lawyer would

14 have access to this information or --

15 MS. KRAKE: I'm sure those two people

16 -- those two groups would have access to that

17 information and their union heads.

18 MR. COURTRIGHT: Okay. All right.

19 Thank you.

20 MS. EVANS: Mrs. Krake, I just have a

21 few questions, as well. So, if I hear you correctly

22 then, you are saying the unions did not leak the draft

23 --

24 MS. KRAKE: No.

25 MS. EVANS: -- because the unions did


1 not have a draft.

2 MS. KRAKE: Correct.

3 MS. EVANS: And perhaps I can ask you

4 this, because I don't know what's fact and what's

5 fiction anymore myself. Is it true that the unions and

6 the city administration agreed in unison to ask the

7 arbitrator's to hold off on a decision for years?

8 I know typically in a 30-day period an

9 arbitration award is announced, and, as you said, we've

10 been going on for years, is that accurate?

11 MS. KRAKE: Well, I didn't really say

12 that, but --

13 MS. EVANS: No, no, you didn't say

14 that, I read that in the paper.

15 MS. KRAKE: Right. And I can't answer

16 for them. Our union is not in the process of that

17 arbitration, so I don't think it's fair for me to give

18 that answer. Even it would be my opinion, but I don't

19 think I should do that.

20 MS. EVANS: So, you wouldn't know

21 either if it's accurate to say that negotiations have

22 been ongoing with the police and fire?

23 MS. KRAKE: Yes, that is true, and

24 that's a good thing. That part is true, yes. But as

25 far as the specifics, I don't think I should state --


1 it would only be --

2 MS. EVANS: No, no, no, but just now

3 that obviously we're having difficulty separating what

4 is accurate from what is inaccurate --

5 MS. KRAKE: Yes.

6 MS. EVANS: -- and you see the truth,

7 so the negotiations have been ongoing?

8 MS. KRAKE: I would assume they are,

9 because no one has forced that decision just from my

10 point of view, not speaking on behalf of any of the

11 unions, I would interpret it as you're saying, that

12 since the decision was enforced to come down that

13 people are still talking, and I hope that is what's

14 going on, you know?

15 MS. EVANS: Okay. And just one last

16 thing I might add as an English teacher, it isn't

17 oftentimes these days that, particularly on my level,

18 we are teaching grammar and punctuation any longer, the

19 focus seems to be more on the elementary and

20 intermediate school grades, but having taught grammar

21 for more years than I care to admit in the past, I know

22 that I had always instructed my students that quotation

23 marks must be placed around the exact words of the

24 speaker. Anything else is a paraphrase of the words,

25 and, of course, would not require the use of quotation


1 marks.

2 MS. KRAKE: Thank you very much for

3 making that clear, Mrs. Evans. I hope that there are

4 people out there listening to that.

5 MS. EVANS: Well, I hope so, too.

6 Sometimes it's sunk in with my students, and other

7 times unfortunately it didn't, but, yes, it is

8 important to note that that indicates the exact words

9 of the speaker.

10 MS. KRAKE: Thank you.

11 MS. GATELLI: Thanks, Mrs. Krake. Are

12 there -- anybody else that would like to speak before

13 Council?

14 MS. GARVEY: 5-A, Motions.

15 MS. GATELLI: Mrs. Evans.

16 MS. EVANS: First I ask for your

17 prayers this evening for Mrs. Laske, who underwent

18 surgery today.

19 On Tuesday of this week, I met with

20 Mr. Santolli, former district forester and a member of

21 the Shade Tree Commission and Mary Chilipko, an officer

22 of the Pine Brook Neighborhood Association.

23 We examined overgrown trees in several

24 blocks of Capouse Avenue, Phelps Street and New Street.

25 According to Mr. Santolli, 200 very dangerous trees


1 have been cut down and 176 new trees were planted over

2 the last two years citywide. In addition, 27 memorial

3 trees were planted and paid for by private donors.

4 Mr. Santolli recognizes the needs of

5 the Pine Brook neighborhood and has generously

6 committed $1500 from The Shade Tree Commission budget

7 for trimming and shaping of trees on the aforementioned

8 streets, and these particular trees are growing into

9 homes and covering streetlights.

10 Both he and Ms. Chilipko noted how very

11 cooperative and generous Mr. Beasley of PP&L has been

12 to Scranton in the last several years; therefore, at

13 their recommendation, I'm requesting that a letter is

14 sent to Mr. Beasley from Scranton City Council

15 requesting either matching funds or $1,500 worth of

16 services from PP&L in order to assist in the tree

17 trimming and shaping project on Capouse Avenue, Phelps

18 Street and New Street.

19 Further, Mr. Santolli suggested that

20 the funding should be in place for this project and

21 ready to go with an announcement by Arbor Day in late

22 April.

23 In addition, Mrs. Chilipko is also

24 hoping to have the Pine Brook Neighborhood Association

25 donate to this worthy effort.


1 I also believe that the EMS tax has

2 created a heavy burden on the little guy; therefore, I

3 move that a resolution is drafted by Council to

4 instruct Mr. McDowell, city tax collector, to submit a

5 detailed refund plan for fiscal year 2006.

6 In addition, the resolution will direct

7 Mr. McDowell to draft a plan for 2007 and beyond that

8 enables Scranton employers to not collect the tax from

9 those who earn $20,000 and under.

10 MR. MCTIERNAN: Second.

11 MS. GATELLI: On the question?

12 MS. EVANS: Yes. As I'm sure at least

13 two of my colleagues are aware, throughout 2005,

14 Council heard numerous complaints from taxpayers whose

15 tax refunds took five, six months or more from

16 Mr. McDowell's office, in 2005, and I don't want to see

17 a repeat performance on EMS tax refunds, so this is why

18 I firmly and emphatically believe Mr. McDowell needs to

19 draft a plan A.S.A.P. that will provide for speedy

20 rebates, not oceans of red tape and mountains of

21 paperwork.

22 MR. MCTIERNAN: Mrs. Evans, would that

23 include a provision with regard to multiple employers

24 or could we include that where you have multiple

25 employers taking the $52?


1 MS. EVANS: I would be very happy to

2 include that.

3 MR. MCTIERNAN: Because I know with the

4 occupational privilege tax, that happened a little bit

5 later and it was also done in increments, so you had an

6 opportunity to prove to your employer you had already

7 paid it. And this happened so quickly, that I'm not so

8 sure that there's a mechanism in place, so maybe --

9 MS. EVANS: I don't believe there is.

10 You're right.

11 MR. MCTIERNAN: Maybe we need to

12 recognize that, as well.

13 MS. EVANS: Yes. Thank you.

14 MS. GATELLI: And just for the record,

15 Mrs. Evans, I know you've the got copies that I sent to

16 the state representatives, and Senator Mellow, who I

17 think it's incumbent upon them to change the law.

18 MS. EVANS: Yes, it is.

19 MS. GATELLI: I don't think it's

20 incumbent upon the local tax collector, although I

21 agree with you, and I'm going to, you know, agree to

22 send the letter, but where are they? They enacted the

23 thing, and it's a nightmare.

24 MS. EVANS: Well, it is, because of the

25 lack of payment schedule, yes.


1 MS. GATELLI: Yes. And they didn't

2 answer. None of them have answered as of tonight.

3 MS. EVANS: Right. It evidentially was

4 not a well-thought out bill. I think the good

5 intention was there to bring money into municipalities

6 for infrastructure and public safety, and I'm sure no

7 one argues with those intentions, but the manner in

8 which this is implemented is highly objectionable, and

9 the state needs to address that in 2006.

10 But in the meantime, I really don't

11 intend to let the citizens fall through the cracks, so

12 if we have to take the bull by the horns locally and

13 make sure that the tax collector does his job this time

14 without putting people on hold for months and months

15 and months, especially, you know, we're not talking

16 about people for whom $52 is peanuts, we're talking

17 about people for whom $52 is a sum of money that pays a

18 bill. So, anyway, that's it.

19 MS. GATELLI: And there's also many

20 that I heard from that have several part-time jobs, so

21 they paid the $52 more than once.

22 MS. EVANS: Oh, that's what you were

23 talking about.

24 MS. GATELLI: Okay. All in favor.

25 MS. EVANS: Aye.





4 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Any opposed? The

5 ayes have it and so moved.

6 MS. EVANS: Also, I move that City

7 Council send a letter to the state monitoring

8 department to request that Southern Union -- if they

9 would check into the status of Southern Union in terms

10 of their compliance with KOZ and KOEZ regulations.

11 MS. GATELLI: I second that. On the

12 question?

13 MR. COURTRIGHT: On the question. I'm

14 sorry, I was speaking with Mr. McTiernan. I'm

15 certainly going to vote in favor of that. I've been

16 conversing while somebody was talking earlier with Mr.

17 McTiernan, and I think maybe we can ask for the state

18 to send -- if they're monitoring all these KOZs, they

19 must have some type of reports that they're doing.

20 If we can ask them to send us the

21 reports on what's going on with these KOZs, if it's

22 somebody's job, I'm sure there has to be something

23 committed to writing. So, maybe we can ask if they can

24 also send us the reports so we can see, in fact, there

25 are. I would hope there would be reports on each.


1 MS. GATELLI: Would you include that in

2 your motion, Mrs. Evans?

3 MS. EVANS: Yes, certainly.


5 MS. EVANS: But I'm hoping that they're

6 going to come in and take a look at this.

7 MR. COURTRIGHT: Oh, yeah.

8 MS. EVANS: I'm not so much looking for

9 a long distance approach from Harrisburg, I'm hoping

10 that they are going to come and investigate personally,

11 and then, yes, provide everyone with a report.

12 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else on the

13 question? All in favor.

14 MS. EVANS: Aye.




18 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The ayes

19 have it and so moved.

20 MS. EVANS: Kay, I'd also like a second

21 letter sent to Mr. Wintermantle requesting a report on

22 the Casey Garage, both in terms of usage and profits

23 for January and February 2006, and this time I request

24 a response by March 16.

25 Also, a second letter to OECD


1 requesting a status report or explanation of failure to

2 pursue the Mulberry Corridor Project and available

3 funding, if any, for the sidewalk installation on

4 Rockwell Avenue, Charles Street and Welles Street in

5 North Scranton.

6 My first requests were dated January 30

7 and February 3, 2006, and this time I request a

8 response by March 9.

9 I also request, and I would ask that

10 this take priority, a copy of the proposals for the

11 solicitorship of the SRA and OECD and a copy of the

12 committee's evaluation of each proposal, if there is

13 indeed more than one.

14 Also, how many newspapers advertised

15 for proposals, list names, and I want this information

16 prior to a Council vote on any new contract for this

17 position.

18 A letter to the Scranton-Abington

19 Planning Commission, is it possible to include

20 Scranton's neighbors in this commission and

21 subsequently the plan?

22 Throop, Dunmore, Moosic, Taylor should

23 be invited to participate, as well. I do agree with

24 Mr. Sbaraglia, who initiated this idea last week. We

25 are undoubtedly missing the mark by excluding our


1 neighbors.

2 Also, I neglected last Thursday to

3 recognize a very significant and special group of

4 individuals, the Fraternal Order of Eagles, No. 314 of

5 Scranton and their ladies axillary.

6 Each Valentine's Day, The Eagles

7 sponsor or a program at the VA Hospital that involves

8 both Scranton High and West Scranton High School

9 students delivering balloons and Valentines to

10 Veterans.

11 The students visit with every Veteran,

12 trade anecdotes and learn about American History.

13 Afterwards, The Eagles treat us to a pizza party at

14 their lodge on Meridian Street.

15 It's been my privilege to participate

16 in this program for the past seven years, and I wish to

17 publicly thank Mr. Tony Bliss, Mr. Bob Hoover, Mr. John

18 Salko, Ms. Pat Straub, and all The Eagles who work so

19 tirelessly to sponsor this priceless day for our

20 Veterans and our high school students.

21 And, finally, I have a few requests for

22 the week. A letter to the IT department, please update

23 DPW information on the city web page.

24 Also, residents complain that they are

25 unable to E-mail the mayor's office via the website.


1 A letter to Mr. Fiorini, is 842 Capouse

2 on the current demolition list, and if so, when would

3 he anticipate that demolition will occur?

4 The 1700 block of Gallagher Court and

5 the 700 block of Genet Street, pave or repair potholes.

6 Then we have at 1620 Luzerne Street,

7 police send an inspector to examine debris, old tires,

8 rubbish, et cetera.

9 The 1100 block of Court Street,

10 speeding problems. Many drivers ignore stop signs.

11 Many children play on this street. Also, residents

12 request pothole repair or paving.

13 And then for the individuals who

14 addressed Council this evening regarding Marion Street

15 and Gardner Avenue, catch basin and stop signs, and

16 Marion Street and Nay Aug Avenue stop sign placements,

17 I've included those on my list, as well as

18 Quincy Avenue and Mulberry Street for Mr. Barron. And

19 I believe that's it.

20 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mrs. Fanucci.

21 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: I received a phone

22 call on some issues with property owners. Robert Flynn

23 that had some problems with trees on a city-owned

24 property. There was river beds falling, going through

25 the trees, and he was afraid they were going to fall on


1 his house. I had contacted Mark Seitzinger, who will

2 be there in a week to get photos of this and start the

3 DPW process. So, I just wanted him to know that and

4 update him for that.

5 Also, 212 Oak Street, tomorrow they

6 will be there to clean up. They said last week that

7 they would be there, but I guess the man was sick, but

8 tomorrow they said they will definitely be there, and

9 Mr. Seitziner said if not tomorrow, the next day

10 depending on this man's illness.

11 Also, 160 Gallary Street, there will

12 also be a cleanup there and they're going to start the

13 process rolling for the people in that area.

14 I do want to report on some

15 accomplishments of DPW. They had responded to me twice

16 with two trees quickly, very quickly, within, like, a

17 half hour. They actually asked me to stay there so

18 they can go look at them because they were really

19 afraid that they were going to fall on the people, so

20 that's a good thing.

21 Also, I want to give you a little bit

22 of a report about the OECD. They'd helped 23 families

23 so far with the neighborhood housing rehab program.

24 This program goes in and they help people who are in

25 violations and code violations.


1 You might have problems that we might

2 report here and then someone goes in and unfortunately

3 they have to condemn their house.

4 Well, OECD stepped in and had saved 23

5 families and got them back into their homes, and I want

6 to report on that.

7 Also, the neighborhood housing and

8 emergency repair program. They helped 16 families to

9 date, and this was with roof repairs, furnaces, things

10 that are very important this time of year.

11 So, I just want to thank them and say

12 that this is what we're about and keep up the good

13 work. And that's all I have at this time. Thank you.

14 MS. GATELLI: Thank you. Mr.

15 McTiernan.

16 MR. MCTIERNAN: Thank you, Mrs.

17 Gatelli. I want to thank for your efforts towards the

18 non-profits gaining payment in lieu of taxes from

19 those.

20 To that end, I would ask, Mrs. Garvey,

21 if you could do me a favor, could you contact the tax

22 collector's office, and can you ask if there are any

23 portions of their property that they are paying taxes

24 on, for example, the parking garages, the ancillary

25 buildings for some of the hospitals possibly, just so


1 that we know if there are any tax dollars coming in in

2 the first place and then we can go from there. It

3 would be in our best interest to know exactly what's

4 coming in. And any of the ancillary structures,

5 parking lots.

6 And last year Mr. Saunders gave me a

7 list about what Pennsylvania taxes can be levied, and

8 I'm wondering if we could revisit that list with regard

9 to taxing parking lots and what other taxes can be

10 levied and see if that is an option for us, as well.

11 There was a list that Mr. Saunders got

12 from the state about what Pennsylvania taxes could be

13 levied by a municipality.

14 And the last thing, I know you and I

15 spoke about, but I just want to put it on record, and

16 there's no time frame still, any information you can

17 get for me regarding KOZ impact fees, and I think it

18 might be -- - the easiest way would be to ask what

19 cities or municipalities are levying impact fees,

20 rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.

21 So, again, no time frame still. I just

22 want to be on record trying to see if that's an option

23 for the city. And that's all I have. Thank you,

24 Mrs. Gatelli.

25 MS. GATELLI: Thank you, Mr. McTiernan.


1 Mr. Courtright.

2 MR. COURTRIGHT: Yes. I, too, would

3 like to congratulate Mrs. Gatelli. This trying to get

4 the non-profits to pay is not an easy task, and a lot

5 of work, and so far she's put a lot of time in, and I

6 know I appreciate it, and I'm sure all the citizens of

7 Scranton appreciate your efforts.

8 MS. GATELLI: Thank you.

9 MR. COURTRIGHT: Kay, back in the

10 summertime Mr. DiBileo had visited a street, I believe

11 it was Gordon Street down near the river, down near The

12 Icebox, and I spoke to that gentleman today. Still

13 hasn't gotten any relief on the flooding down there.

14 So, he has been trying to contact

15 Mr. Parker, and I think I gave you his phone number.

16 Maybe Mr. Parker can call him and at least speak to him

17 and give him some kind of an update. He's been a

18 little frustrated.

19 And I spoke to Mr. Parker this week.

20 Pike Street, it's a street up off the Morgan Highway,

21 not all that many homes on it, but the street is in

22 very poor condition. I haven't been up there lately to

23 see it myself.

24 I did get three options that Mr. Parker

25 gave me could be done up there. Two are extremely


1 expensive, and one, I have to try to find the money

2 for, so I will speak with those residents up there and

3 see if there's not some way we can get them some help.

4 I know they're frustrated, and I'll do the best I

5 could. So, I'll contact those people from Pike Street

6 tomorrow. That's all I have. Thank you.

7 MS. GATELLI: Thank you very much. I

8 just have two things. I'd like to congratulate all the

9 students that are here. Very happy that you're here.

10 I think that maybe you can go back to

11 your respective schools and possibly put some of these

12 articles in your news letters so that all the teachers

13 and all the students know that you're here and they

14 know the topics that we're talking about.

15 I also talked to Mr. Miller at my

16 school and suggested maybe periodically doing surveys

17 to the student body with different things that they

18 would be interested in the community, particularly in

19 the area of recreation, because I don't think we have

20 enough recreation for the youth of our community.

21 So, that might be another idea for you

22 to try out in your schools. And if you have any

23 suggestions for us, you know, please don't hesitate.

24 We're here to help you. Go to

25 Mr. McTiernan, Mrs. Evans at Scranton High, Ian, you'll


1 have to just E-mail us, because there's nobody in your

2 building, and the two students from West Scranton can

3 certainly see me in the medical room, if they have any

4 problems with what's happening.

5 The second thing is the non-profits. I

6 have a list of all the non-profits. As Mr. Narsavage

7 told you, there's quite a bit here.

8 There are so many on here that have a

9 zero valuation. So, when you get the total of the tax

10 exempts of $58 million, that's only half, because the

11 rest of them have zero written down here.

12 I suggested that anyone who would like

13 to help on this project, to please give your name to

14 Mrs. Garvey. Anyone in the listening audience, if you

15 have any expertise in this area, we'd certainly welcome

16 all the help we can get. We're very serious about

17 this.

18 Council had agreed in caucus this

19 evening that we're going to be very, very firm on the

20 non-profits and take every avenue we can so that they

21 pay their fair share, and we all agree on that. And

22 Mr. Minora is doing his research, too.

23 I'd like to schedule the first meeting

24 of anyone interested in this, and please go on the

25 internet. A lot of you are retired and you have time


1 to research all these, and I think it's great that you

2 do that to help us out.

3 And I'd like to have the first meeting

4 on March the 9th at 4:30, right before the regular

5 Council meeting.

6 So, the first meeting of the

7 non-profits will be 4:30 on March 9. Thank you very

8 much.










18 MS. GATELLI: At this time, I'll

19 entertain a motion that 5-B be introduced into its

20 committee.

21 MR. COURTRIGHT: So moved.


23 MS. GATELLI: On the question?

24 MS. EVANS: Yes. When I examined the

25 attached maps this evening, I noticed that there's only


1 one handicapped parking space involved in all of these

2 spaces on Dix Court.

3 Since they are in -- or Dix Court is in

4 such close proximity to the handicapped ramp which

5 makes City Hall accessible to those with disabilities,

6 I would suggest that more than one space be provided,

7 because I don't think it's a real stretch of the

8 imagination to consider that we could have more than

9 one person with disabilities attending a Council

10 meeting at one time or more than one disabled

11 individual coming into City Hall during the daytime

12 hours for a purpose entirely different.

13 But I would suggest that maybe

14 something could be moved from that area and relocated

15 over to the garage area where there are additional

16 spots so that we could offer more than one parking

17 space.

18 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else on the

19 question? Did someone second it?

20 MS. EVANS: Yes, it was seconded and

21 that was on the question.

22 MS. GATELLI: Okay. All in favor?

23 MS. EVANS: Aye.





2 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The ayes

3 have it and so moved.







10 MS. GATELLI: You've heard reading by

11 title of 6-A, what is your pleasure?

12 MR. COURTRIGHT: I move that Item 6-A

13 pass reading by title.


15 MS. GATELLI: On the question?

16 MS. EVANS: Yes. Wait. Attorney

17 Minora, were you able to examine this legislation?

18 MR. MINORA: I read it over

19 procedurally.

20 MS. EVANS: I have a concern that it

21 could possibly be leading down the road to a sale of

22 the storm water system to the Sewer Authority, and I

23 also notice under Section 42, charges and fees, there

24 are quite a number of those involved, although no costs

25 are contained therein, just the fact that costs --


1 generally speaking costs and fees would be charged to,

2 let's see --

3 MR. MINORA: Can I?

4 MS. EVANS: Yes, please, if you would

5 comment.

6 MR. MINORA: Yeah, I did look at that,

7 and unless I'm reading it incorrectly, what those fees

8 and charges would be for and monitoring would be for

9 would be to -- if someone has both their sewer and

10 storm drains entering the sewer system, which, of

11 course, is illegal, I thought, at least from my

12 reading, and I still think, that those fees would be to

13 enforce against that homeowner, property owner, the

14 removal of the storm drain into the sewer.

15 MS. GATELLI: Yeah. That's a really

16 serious problem. Because when I was on the Sewer

17 Authority board, we had that same problem. And you're

18 cleaning water that doesn't have to be cleaned. You

19 know, you're supposed to be cleaning sanitary water,

20 rather than storm water.

21 MR. MINORA: Right. So, anyway, that's

22 how I read that --

23 MS. GATELLI: I don't think this is for

24 that, Mrs. Evans. I know what you're referring to, but

25 I don't think that's what it's for.


1 MS. EVANS: I was just concerned where

2 it stated, well, it's actually under all the charges.

3 MS. GATELLI: And they also have a

4 problem with people discharging harmful elements into

5 sewers.

6 MS. EVANS: But they're getting fees

7 for reimbursement of costs setting up and operating the

8 Sewer Authority's Downspout Enforcement Program, and

9 later on it says, These fees shall be payable by the

10 user within 45 days of notification or the user will be

11 subject to such enforcement action deemed necessary.

12 Is the user a private citizen? Is it

13 the City of Scranton? I mean --

14 MR. MINORA: I assume that to be

15 somebody who's got a property.

16 MS. GATELLI: Yes.

17 MR. MINORA: They own a property that

18 has storm drains going into the sewer system.

19 MR. MCTIERNAN: On Item 5 under

20 definitions, it defines a user as any person who

21 contributes, causes or permits the contribution of

22 waste water into the sewer system, and that's on

23 Section 2, definitions.

24 MS. EVANS: I see. Thank you.

25 MS. GATELLI: I think they recently had


1 a case where the downspouts caused one of the

2 neighbors' houses to flood, and they were trying to

3 blame the Sewer Authority. So, maybe that's part of

4 what this is about, too. Anybody else on the question?

5 All those in favor, signify by saying aye.

6 MS. EVANS: Aye.




10 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The ayes

11 have it and so moved.







18 MS. GATELLI: You've heard reading by

19 title of Item 6-B, what is your pleasure?

20 MR. COURTRIGHT: I move that Item 6-B

21 pass reading by title.

22 MR. MCTIERNAN: Second.

23 MS. GATELLI: On the question?

24 MS. EVANS: Yes. Before we take a

25 seventh order vote on this piece of legislation, can we


1 please determine how much money -- how much of the

2 $577,000 is allocated to each of the categories of

3 public facilities, public services and blight

4 elimination, and also if we could please receive a

5 specific enumeration of the projects?

6 It's quite general as it's listed, for

7 example, infrastructure improvements, parks and rec

8 facilities improvements. What parks and what

9 recreational facilities?

10 Public safety citywide. In terms of

11 what? Additional officers, police vehicles, computers,

12 what? And the elimination of blight citywide, if we

13 can get -- I'm very interested in getting a number on

14 that, too, of available funds, because I know they are

15 in desperate need, as well.

16 MS. GATELLI: From what I'm aware of

17 from the mayor, this is just a list of what the money

18 can be used for. There is no - -

19 MS. EVANS: Oh, so he has no intended

20 purpose?


22 MS. EVANS: He's listing these --

23 MS. GATELLI: We are going to be able

24 to have input if we have a certain project that we're

25 interested in. There is one project that he wants to


1 do, and it escapes me right now.

2 MR. MCTIERNAN: The tree house.

3 MS. GATELLI: Yeah, you're right. It

4 is the tree house. And, you know, I hope he gets all

5 of the money for that. And then the rest, if --

6 MS. EVANS: Well, that would be parks

7 and recreation. But they do list, if you look at the

8 ordinance, File of Council No. 20, Now, therefore, be

9 it ordained that the mayor and other appropriate city

10 officials are hereby authorized to designate $577,000

11 from Account 91-400, UDAG repayments to the following

12 newly created projects.

13 MS. GATELLI: But there is no project.

14 It can go in any one of these categories, because

15 that's where you can spend UDAG money.

16 MS. NEALON FANUCCI: Yeah, that's the

17 list.

18 MS. GATELLI: Yeah, that's the list.

19 Where, you can spend it all in one spot, if you want.

20 There's no regulation.

21 MS. EVANS: So, in other words, he only

22 has the tree house as a designated project?

23 MS. GATELLI: That he's interested in,

24 yes. So, if there's any projects that any of this

25 Council is interested in, he certainly is willing to


1 hear our -- what we'd like. So, if anybody has a

2 project --

3 MS. EVANS: So, in other words, the

4 sidewalks for North Scranton, where none have ever

5 existed --

6 MS. GATELLI: Yes, you can request

7 that, yes.

8 MS. EVANS: -- that could come under

9 infrastructure improvements?

10 MS. GATELLI: I'll try to get from him

11 -- I'm sure it's just the $150,000, the North Scranton

12 sidewalks, I think through Barry Minora. Okay?

13 MS. EVANS: Now, not the Main Street

14 project, I'm talking about --

15 MS. GATELLI: Down further?

16 MS. EVANS: Rockwell Avenue and --

17 MS. GATELLI: Oh, okay. I know where

18 you're talking about. Providence Square --

19 MS. EVANS: No, no, no.

20 MS. GATELLI: Okay.

21 MS. EVANS: This is where there are no

22 sidewalks.

23 MS. GATELLI: That could be a request.

24 You know, we'll get together and see what kind of money

25 is left and what each one of us would be interested in.


1 I mean, I'm interested in Kane Street.

2 MS. EVANS: That's a good project, as

3 well.

4 MS. GATELLI: So, if anybody has any

5 ides, you know, think of them for next time, and we'll

6 see how much -- I'm sure we won't have enough money to

7 do them all, but that was the way that was supposed to

8 be. He's going to use the $150,000 for the tree house.

9 MS. EVANS: Kane Street should only

10 take $10,000.

11 MS. GATELLI: You think? Oh, I don't

12 think so. Not if you do it right. It needs storm

13 water.

14 MS. EVANS: How many blocks do you want

15 to do?

16 MS. GATELLI: From Pittston to

17 Stafford.

18 MS. EVANS: Well, that's a bit more.

19 MS. GATELLI: I need the whole $577.

20 You guys should take your turn next time. I'm just

21 kidding.

22 MS. EVANS: I've never had a turn since

23 I've been sitting here.

24 MS. GATELLI: I'm just kidding. We

25 didn't have our laugh for tonight. Now, we have to


1 laugh a little. Anybody else on the question?

2 All in favor?

3 MS. EVANS: Aye.




7 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The ayes

8 have it and so moved.















23 MS. GATELLI: You've heard reading of

24 title 6-C, what is your pleasure?

25 MR. COURTRIGHT: I move that Item 6-C


1 pass reading by title.


3 MS. GATELLI: On the question? All

4 those in favor, signify by saying aye.

5 MS. EVANS: Aye.




9 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Opposed? The ayes

10 have it and so moved.










20 MS. GATELLI: As chairperson for the

21 committee on rules, I recommend final passage of Item

22 7-A.

23 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

24 MS. GATELLI: On the question? Roll

25 call.


1 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans.

2 MS. EVANS: Yes.

3 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci.


5 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McTiernan.


7 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright.


9 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli.

10 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

11 Item 7-A legally and lawfully adopted. And I just want

12 to add a comment here that this was put out to a phone

13 bids and they had to put in sealed bids for this

14 particular project. So, I would like to thank the

15 mayor for doing the right thing.

16 MS. GARVEY: 7-B --

17 MS. EVANS: Kay, before you read that,

18 I'd like to make a motion to table 7-B.

19 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

20 MS. GATELLI: On the question?

21 All in favor?

22 MS. EVANS: Aye.





1 MS. GATELLI: Aye. Any opposed? The

2 ayes have it and so moved. And just to let the public

3 know why we're tabling that particular piece of

4 legislation, it's for the Tripp Park Phase Three.

5 We are still waiting for completion of

6 Phases One and Two. There are numerous complaints from

7 the citizens that live in that particular area, and

8 we'd like to see at least most of them addressed before

9 we can continue into another phase.









18 MS. GATELLI: As chairman for the

19 committee on rules, I recommend final passage of Item

20 7-C.

21 MR. COURTRIGHT: Second.

22 MS. GATELLI: On the question?

23 MR. COURTRIGHT: On the question. Does

24 anybody know how we're going to be sharing this

25 machine? I haven't -- I wasn't around much this week,


1 so I couldn't ask that question, but I'm a little

2 curious to how this is going to work.

3 MS. EVANS: It seems the county is

4 responsible for its maintenance, so I'm assuming that

5 it will be in the county's possession, and it might

6 very well be a matter of first come, first serve. It

7 didn't seem to indicate any particular rank order.

8 MR. COURTRIGHT: I'm all in favor of

9 the machine, I would just like to know how and when we

10 are going to be able to use it.

11 MR. MCTIERNAN: I can speak to an issue

12 similar to that, not this particular issue, but the

13 Scranton High School and the school district went in

14 partnership with the City of Scranton regarding a top

15 dresser machine, and it's just an agreeable

16 relationship, whoever needs it. It's not the time of

17 machine you use regularly.

18 And oftentimes some of the labor was

19 shared, where our fields were done, some of the city's

20 fields were done, and the cost of the machine, the

21 material and the labor was also shared, so it seems to

22 be more of a gentleman's agreement, rather than a

23 strict structure, and that's just --

24 MS. GATELLI: And I saw the mayor of

25 Carbondale today, and I told him we're a lot bigger


1 than him, so he's not going to get it very often.

2 MR. MCTIERNAN: That doesn't help us

3 out, I'm afraid.

4 MS. EVANS: Well, is this -- I believe

5 you mentioned very early on tonight that this has the

6 capabilities of paving allies?


8 MS. EVANS: I know there are numerous

9 courts and allies throughout the city that residents

10 have been begging.

11 MS. EVANS: Milling. But does it sort

12 of recycle?

13 MS. GATELLI: Yes.

14 MR. COURTRIGHT: What they have to do

15 is, and I know at the teener league in West Scranton,

16 when they were milling the streets in green ridge,

17 really wanted the millings, because what they do is

18 they spread that down, and after cars run over it and

19 run over it, it's like having a paved parking lot. So,

20 I hope we get to keep the millings.

21 MS. EVANS: It sounds like a good

22 thing, but I'll tell you, I always have this question

23 mark because of the pothole truck, which is, you know,

24 which I don't believe has ever been put to good use.

25 MR. COURTRIGHT: I just hope that in


1 the future they could give us a little bit more

2 specifics. I guess I shouldn't have waited until

3 seventh order.

4 MS. EVANS: Maybe we can request that

5 Council would receive a list of all of the courts and

6 allies, et cetera, where the asphalt machine has been

7 used, and then we can go out and take a look at those.

8 MR. COURTRIGHT: That's fine. Again, I

9 probably should have brought it up before seventh

10 order, but I got a little tied up. I trust that the

11 other municipalities will be fair with this.

12 MS. GATELLI: And I think if we have

13 any requests for paving, we should start compiling our

14 own list, you know, a list of Council so that we could

15 get it down to Mr. Parker if any streets or courts that

16 we're interested in.

17 MS. EVANS: Uh-huh.

18 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else?

19 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans.

20 MS. EVANS: Yes.

21 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci.


23 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McTiernan.


25 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright.



2 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli.

3 MS. GATELLI: I hereby declare 7-C

4 legally and lawfully adopted.








12 MS. GATELLI: As chairman for the

13 committee on rules, I recommend final passage of 7-D.


15 MS. GATELLI: On the question?

16 MS. EVANS: Now, Mrs. Gatelli, this

17 simply indicates Council's intention to relocate four

18 regular Council meetings to four different

19 neighborhoods of the city per year?

20 MS. GATELLI: Yes, correct.

21 MS. EVANS: Nothing else has changed?

22 MS. GATELLI: Nothing else has changed.

23 The cameras will be there. I already talked to

24 Jack Finnerty.

25 MS. EVANS: Well, it seems like you


1 might need the cameras more than ever now after what we

2 heard tonight.

3 MS. GATELLI: Anyone else on the

4 question? Roll call.

5 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Evans.

6 MS. EVANS: Yes.

7 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Fanucci.


9 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. McTiernan.


11 MR. COOLICAN: Mr. Courtright.


13 MR. COOLICAN: Mrs. Gatelli.

14 MS. GATELLI: Yes. I hereby declare

15 Item 7-D legally and lawfully adopted. And before we

16 adjourn, I would like to announce that the first

17 neighborhood meeting, surprise, surprise, will be in

18 South Scranton. Now, aren't you shocked?

19 It will be on March 23, and it will be

20 held at the Renaissance Center, 705 Pittston Avenue.

21 We will have our CommD police officer there for anyone

22 that has to, you know, park far away or whatever. The

23 officer will certainly walk you to your car, and I'm

24 sure you'll enjoy the meeting. Thank you very much. A

25 motion to adjourn --


1 MS. GARVEY: Mrs. Gatelli, we have a

2 public hearing already scheduled. As a matter of fact,

3 I believe we have two for that night.

4 MS. GATELLI: On the 23rd?

5 MS. GATELLI: Well, we will have to

6 move it to the 30th then.

7 MR. COURTRIGHT: Already a problem.

8 MS. GATELLI: What are those public

9 hearings?

10 MS. GATELLI: They were scheduled quite

11 some time ago with other legislation that has come

12 before that requires public hearings. That was the

13 date set, so I --

14 MS. GATELLI: All right. We will have

15 it on the 30. Adjourned.









24 C E R T I F I C A T E



1 I hereby certify that the proceedings and

2 evidence are contained fully and accurately in the

3 notes taken by me on the hearing of the above cause and

4 that this copy is a correct transcript of the same

5 to the best of my ability.



9 Official Court Reporter